Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 26, 1891, Image 6

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    TT A otr
, . - . . -
. WiWl 11
The C. O. T'h
An Intrrr.tmt O,.lnion. P A CV WTTTT A "f A M T? TDD I M... ..........V .,,.1.
. A lady-we shall not MI hsr name- n ai ujin V. ' ' "
. . v.. i .... , mrtlnhiv ;imi vcrswry wiis npiuo
GHOSTLY CEREMONY WITNESSED IN 1 ,ZX1 nTT 7 I"-" 'v vUmU.l Tlnn-v eve-
i tahl'e work, an.jVv.-r ,.. anon sh- lenU THE SAMOAN ISLANDS. I i m io St i h s. I'r.mlvi." Mitc. Mny
A t'onr Itsy' IVast for I.f..i(ry S,.lril. ! h.-rs-lf to Hi- d i.--;jrei-ahl.. ti-l: of ho I I '; 1 1 1 . I '.- 1 1 . l . I I ) : 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . M ; 1 1 1 . 1 V i i . I'l .
liarylng 41 round KM-liljr ..,! . x , . , 1 i. -J I i : I',' In ,:) V C lt.n hil t ifM to Ml'il Willi KnJ.iylns; Plank,-. on the J.HI" M: i 1 1 ; 1 1 in . M.I ISucK.. I.ia'.-
oiiHly !,.., rat.-.! with irM.l .! 1 WrtJiy can.-. -.1 ;e nil.- may lr:'.o-ri to ,, Nr tl.. Kh.r r ..,i.... ... Mill, i- 15. i tlm V..- M:il)i.. M. ..I.-
'lmtiiK Viand.
Dr. (i. II. Col ton Hnlh-r, who f..r many
yearn was United States consul in Jari.ui
and afterward entered the Chinese nv
eminent service, a.t-d thoughtfully into
the lowint? cmhers in the ki;iU- ;i ri J
after a short pause told the following
The many storien puMi died aliont
Indian host dances and the M.--i.ih
craze remind me of one of tin most, re
Iiiarkahle incidents I haveever v: iiesned
during my loti career in the ();.nt,
and I am Nitre there an- hut few Ane-r-cans
or I aa; p.;n -a us who li.ave had 'he
opp.rtnr:it y '...- the sights of uaii ii I
am 'oiicr to id!.
The n;i I r. r ! i L,'i ) of t h" ;rm is,
an you k:; ".v. ;;:idd i-ni. arid i :i-r.- i eo
creed Wh.rlt i as i" .'. of s.;.. it ..rj.
Soiri" oft!)'- anci.-M; Ii.dii-fsof i!i.. Ie:l
dii. ; s ate i a icnlit d to fright -'t : fa i t h
1'nl anil '. i vi ' '. .; ' i ay i hoi ;; : ., jkiii
isl.iiienl, i h it awai's I !ie -infiil man after
lie cIom-; his i-arl i,iy care. -. Ill I - oi !,.-r(,
with ch.i n f i re: . i : . : ; i : , . . i i hi I the
j.rn-ale.-,t aim of '.w ilmdoo rdi.irioii is
t ( i !-i"" - l'r-i i". i-1 e:ic".
. i lit. of ! .i 1 . :e-mv . ' ion of
ot,N a a !: i'- a lt-;ior i in ;i
tw i..- a. ..! ; .-: ! : ',: foil 'at
hav--in h u. d. ThiM i , rat le-r iiii'Ti atefn
mi;i:ient, hut this la ly a; ;;. .) ;
velf ( '. i' : 1 y to i: . f ,r .she r c ) . i
a a part of h- i- '.iris: i.m duty. It 1
fell that this wo-t!jy woma-i ii : 1 t : :
: ion to ar;r '. i Mr. II ue'ii.i ; i '
oih.-r arc--! .hi, a id . h- ' 1 ; o i i t
VUitor Nurrowly i:-ui-l a s,u.i;u . r 1 1 1 : i ('idmail ;illl Katie I inns, who
Sluirk - Oiifir Sport .mil l:r.;:.n
Sjiea.'nn;; of adventures." said mi
comjianiori, who had heeri Ii r :
numlter of stones told m tli old
house. ! can r date on- t!r t . ; i 1 at
.-piri: of charmin;; '.rood T. tlnre, whi "t tlie t line seemed exci 1 1 n em u , a I had
.-t onsj-l u-hi j
li'ii: m iv-r
' : 1 reside. i I
' f -r the ; ;.!
' .dah. or i.. .
1 1. i li:ion. ( :
i. isionariejj and I
many ears.
id f. -li . ".. !,..:: !
n... the f. . . : oi
: , i th .. .. : . r
: : . .read
. perhaps, h
:; -n. : !c.
.Vow "r. J I . r - -! :!;-oii i- a v.;: 1 :;u
and i Id. ;.i it ; iliat he i cai; ;
corner hv afivhody. But th; ;
!.:' was ,.) M ejition;di v ; ::.
esn'.etai.t t hat liie crafty ! . . a. . a '. :
C.n e up a risji s.'U .- 1 1 : i . -1 i.e
lore lie was aware of i: Andtiien
v. e ' t :;. .'. ,' MlppoM', he I .e;a;i i o re;;r.
it. Onhir the foii-i;,,,-
id' ra'dy surpri-.-.; sh had he.n-
thai Ii.. was a hanl, enfeei v-' t..a:i, yet oinular I:. .:..).
iiad I.e .,ot le.-p cded and hill toj I .J
'.'enerou-lv to ii.-r appeal? :':! 'as so beach, uj ii '.;. . !
iriaieinl that siie i 1 1 i -1 1 oa siril.i': have i-v.t a '; ..
Ieen travel in-j; around the wo:-!!.:
the fashion of K:i;!i-'i!.! ;
8top-d at the SaiMo in i ! and
wav up from Austrvn t . ; ; i ; M
and tjaiti r.ome m f . ,t . ,
the natives, ineir v.: .. i . , .i
M a re-. alt I I ! v.;-.,
place. . : ite I ; !v.
tliel e n a : V ;. e
I : : i -: ? i ; t:.;,: i; .... I
Tami ir . i v.-. : , ,. a ,u 1
the e;), , ; . I ! I ! 1:; p.-
i -! i : i !
hands with the old m ;:i. a :
sa-- i .- ;.,!, fee!..: d .
I' . --We do not ' dl:'!!iH.-. la- .-it,
a! vv.;ys . our re.vard i--r: '. r. Hutch- live Tin- in -a
i!!-..,i!, i.ut we .-lion' 1 r. iia-m i .. r t hat, t lie ! befori ran . i . -1 i
Lor i 1. .v -th a dieer!'ul .;iver." aw In- .1 l:.lti :.i ;
"V'v. i've often lie, i d I '!.":: lis wered
.''r. hinsoii dryly, "i.ui i"m inmv
i.o-re..,.-. in fiiidin' :.', tiie Lord's
opirooii of a. (di.-erful ln-;,':.;;ir.'' ( 'hicao
1 I ail . o ;
poi: 'I. !. ;
1 be f. -1
l ad I-.-, n
Who!-- C
' ho t:. - ! ,
." was
; v t h-
oi Christianity in .i n-' 1. 1 ":v of the
n-1 ,'ious fetes ace r- . . !
s rved, and the o;. .. .. , i .. .1 about
t" p -a!: had its la-! . ' ivd I. inalloii in
1- .;. ju-t before I left Vaira--aid.
1 .K oiiA'II i ;i: W r.VAkD.s.
, 1.-. .iiii'ti the ."daisii ..ri and was held
d;: : :'.ie last week in August or the
fi: . in Septer.:i er. contimnn;;' f . iii-
da '! cdavs .ei er et a.-i.i - 1 ; r i
re - in 1 tiie spi.'its of the who,
ae I'll.,,, to a 1- . 11 r:ry b.-Iief, return
1 a ; -. r to ; ' ;) 1 Id ho. : '.
:r - v. eeks pi-e i,,is o ii.,- :'. ... d
fa iiv.i i. .11- had b 'I i" ; r. v . 'I:---
ia -s of the bei-ev.-'-f:.::
. swept, ch a"- -1
' : . Wile ai I r S. -.. a
Hie '-y liat i e ii
r:- a:,d r '
!i 1 u'
.-id 1 --d it ii t: ;
I'.- r p-ire,' a-.-d i
cioi I'd i'l le diday a : t
t... the n : :.i .
d.-a,, were i ec-i . wit h mucii ct re noa ,
in tl e e-.-aveyard. wh; h i- in a 'h.-.t. ,;;f'ol
rove. Jvich mound was pr.d n. dec
orated with lighted la .trMs aa d uar
land ; i f many colore.: per Lrlol-ea hunLr
I'lci.i tree to tree. t he to f every
LCrave food of lie- daintiesr lii '.d wa.s
spread in a tempt inn i' and in ijuan
tities snllicient to appease the appetites
of an army of the hungriest kind oi
i;hosrs. On mats sj.tead about: the
graves sat all the livinr tlescenilants of
the person who had been buried in that
part icular spot . Not a single tomb was
n"xl crel. If in the course of years the
family of any one of the silent sleepers
had eoinjiletely died out his jrrave had
b.-.-n uibelhslied and supplied by slran
T: spiri . r supjiosed to arri vcat."'
d -pa: by water from the sea, and for
f.c.i;- days and nights tiie livimc -ommcu'!
with their dead and were with them iu
.spir;'". The souls of the departed were
sr.pi osed fo hover around the? tombs like
s;. ;.- ant-.,! visible beings, and they were
treated with every attention due to sacred
and distinguished visitors from the other
wo:' 1.
T'.e niprht of the second day was de
vct ed to a 'raml tersiclioi-ean entertain
nit'ut or -pirit dance, and tin-.ijrav -yard
was transformed for once into a ball
room, where ghostly dancers were sup
posed to hold revelry.
Tiie sce-nes made a strong and ever
astinj,' impression on me. The niht
vas perfect, the moon was at its full and
M:e ;';r was fragrant with the perfumes
uf 'ia.usands of (towers. Mria Is of
U. jchts were fiickeiine; ,n the hillsides
whi. ii surround the city, and the colored
Ian . r is s waved if.-ntly to and fro. keep
yiu 1 :ae to tiie cliiup's ,,f the silvery
b.-l. iu the temple tower, which fur
r.isl. . the music for tiie mystic enter-L.ii-
.-nt. Around an artificial l ike in
the .ierof the i ard the Jieople
kra i m siic;.'. d.evo'ion, wor--hij-i i; on
Mi - murine of lJiiiLma, wliose emblem,
the iet ns t'ower, rose from the middle of
the la ii.-.
. y one of the four days and nights
bi .u.u new surprises and ceremonies,
m.;.. ol' the latter hein held in the
tel ; '. the ii. or-i of Wiiich were closed
i:; ' -,a;ard -d against the entrance of
i:;t". '. is. On the last niht or the night
or 1 . rs. as ir was calh-d a grand pro-re.--
.. f::.i-h-- i '.he loiival. The people
marc. ied in p.-ira-l" t escort their spirit
vi.-; o.s to the water front, where they
w . t. depart.
I . ! men carried on their shoulders a
gig...'." craft built of wood and .-'.raw,
in v. ! :. li the dead were supposed to he
seaT ".. and wh.ich was to convey them
back to spirit land and to Ohata. the
great lather leyoud the sea. This boat,
which is called Fukny. was master
piece of Japanese carpentry. It was
ninety feet long and had a stately mast
with a huge sail which ore in native
charai iers the inscription. "Naidinama
wiui," a word which is symbolic of
Gaul.. ma's greatness.
Thi; boat, artistically and richly deco
rated, was launched with much cere
moi'.v after the last spirit had been em
braced and, figuratively speaking, had
taken his seat 011 Ixiard. It was then
pushed out into the sea, and drifting
a wav was finally carried out of sight by
the tide. And so ended the last festival
of Iatsidri ever held, publicly in Na
gasaki, and the moat Eplendid religious
celebration I ever wifcaesaed. San frau
cieco Chronicle
Twine from ;r..-.
A St. I'ar.l (Mln.i.) ial says that
tliroiem the 1 1'fort-; of an invi ulor
of Iowa articles which can be manu
factured from co.'um :i .-l-.K-.-l! -grass are
atlraci ;.:g con-iderable attention. The
t'a.riae! s of the north vVest have been pay
ing large prices for binding twine, .and
it is tin's fact pro'oab-y which started
l ; .'1 I. id .-on
i -:."i In s. i t.
v ' !v-:-i to . -i ,v
- ; :): :: - II'; . .i.l
ipiiclrly initiated
LMlsh . a ;. Ii I ! .. .
Ccaled ..n a to :a , -llie
' '.'e- v.'. I! . a I
me 1 : . -.. ia. -.t . -.
able. ;:n I I v. . as rv
into it
1 s ! ati Mi sfo::r.
"Tile 1:1 u li::v,.- n.i what i;Mie clo'h
ing tln-y wor.- Then eacli s. iz.d :i pla;:.
and atl'-mpTed to launch it '.'"his we--easier
said than d...,e. and many were
the up-ets that en-ue.l as the big rollers
came in. but finally all of t hem ot be
yond tie shore and beyond the point
wnere me waves nroice, -m.i ttn-n 1 saw 1
wiiere tiie fp.)tt came in lurning m
! shore the men thi-ew tliems -Iv.--, utiori
are the members f ;m rvrlnsivr
" a 11 i.a t i 01 called the ( '. ( . T.
h'e 1 1 csl ! 11 lc 1 1 1 s were icl and
cnjoycl l. tie lair :., 1 1 .--1 s, while
the Imys were left out in the cd..
Thi was tie- seciiiid m.-.-tiii d the
('.. 1". cl 1 1 1 1 and as lu.i- - I a
great success we mav cc t 1 it 1 iers
to I d I 1 w .
Fit S,,,!...
A ... .. I t , 1 1 1 1 oie t 1: 1 1 i. 1 1 1 : ! - 1 ( .11 1 t he
ovmi ol M 1.1 1 ay, . 11 t in- .M I. I.'. K.
l'ent o 'i;n'i 1 ,111 u a- r. bio.
well u.i. Kail I..- iiiua tr. . 11 . t-:a.-utli.
. b.. I ' !.., :- h. 1 - ! wl f
i:. w. 11 i i ns.
When von arc in Lincoln, call on
. ('. Ail-tin .Vt'n.iu Melt: h!e Mock
corner o 1 f t w 1 I I 1 1 ;ir. 1' S;a .l loc
llavt'lo. k ;iuil I 'ni a-r.-ity property.
Net lib s. o i .-..:! p . 1 ! - i o 1 1 i k 111 us ot
ii.u-liila s ,n be found it' the Sineer o 1
tie., coin. a ot ot Main airi Six h -tree's
.ill II. ai V 1 i e ,. . w 1 1
m iIf-s' Norvoarxi LlvorPillo
Act on a r."v ; . : t .- oh--r i-e u I 'it in
the liver, -loniai Ii and lioVe- tlooegli
The l:eies. A le- lii-eovei v. Dr. .Miles'"
I'ills sp. citliy cure Iwlioiwic s-, bnt t:e-te.
tiwpi.l liei', pil-s. e...r oati-.n.. I'm-.piah-d
tor null. wan-ii, chlldnn.
Mieilhst., surest! a" do-es, 'gac
Sinipla free k' V. (i. Fi 'uk.- A' ( "o's.
-- - - '
U 1 L c''
4 m'- f
W fi
' J
"Wa? fcver
Okv barken, Arji 1ovy-
N.K.FairbankCo. sahtacuw., ctoo.
(i.-org:- Lourvto inv.-aligate th-- uses I where the i-jK,rt came m Turning i'j ' ''"ln" h-alMiyt-'id imply by
t( k Wl iTi'll CO I ' I 111 I ill ll I ! V, 'l f l i 1 lot I t i 1 1 to I 1 . .1 f . I
, i ""'""'"'. '. ' : shore the men t hn-w t hems elves upon tiie pn-c ..t de.-nn.
,. ie- ...ts ,. n-. itliei,li,,;K1m,l,w:ltl-!ii.,-,Mhr!r,,I,,r11.
which are an as-nr.-l sl!e..,.ss. Tin-bind- : nitv ivvvvd t,K., s that .v h(.1(1 SWINE RAISERS
ing twine made by his j-,e,h.l is strong. I 1KKitio on the crest of th.- roller j , . .
durable, ami. ahovf.ill. ch-ap. While Aud c.une it witn t. (),K.(. UI,.r u.,v ' 'e i' to thcn,selv.-s ami M,c,,-.y t.
the mai'-rial fr.-;ii wh .-ii -.rdiu.-u-v bind- ' i ..i.;in-ii : .. i ... ... ,. " I r rfrn a -sr.? " i" r
W. D. JUNES, Proprietor.
inriaiics lor Pleasure iinil Miorl I)rivk Alwajh
"or. lt!t .-itid '
1 IK-
I'latt.-nioiitli, Ncluiink
ing Iwirie is made costs from st-.'M t.
pU ol I ll'-ll.r.
. their feet, and so stan.iii!'r unri-'-hr cam.' ' -In swin- i.-d-in
' . . ' - ;"-" '-' - '"' -. ' rushing 1.1. Some wen- tossed other.-
t o l. i a t Oil Ill'.l 1 ! '" c I-I iif 1 1 . -1 1.- i it:..1 . . .
; ...v. rt-i-; caugnt in tin- nreait-ing wave
twine a, eitner m-il -rial is th,- u-hli,.tlu. most skillful and intn-md re- ! 5? - 3
same. A company has b-en organised ; ..tUt.ti standing position until th,-v j g ij'
ftlr t ... li.'IIMlhirtll.-.. ... ::i In n... i ..
........ . , were Uierailv ::ei:g u:..:i tin
J he company wilt a!-" ma1.- e,,v,j
. i- .. n ' -: ; i ... . ; - . j ..
"'" '' ' 1 ' ' "" ; am now. ;;;al soon con v meed m - It that
maisfi gi'.-.s-. .oar.-'! g..a-.- i.-:;i;..
. lfilo -,.'ia;. ti.,Tiv-..w -.1, 1 r .. .a.... . i
...a. . : w- " I ' ""
luiii.' il can n-;i.ii; i n f- o en ! , . e. .,i I -
Cleth of
' 1
"I was voi'.ngi-r m i i
' 1 siiould enjoy this spot t as Well ;
I' '. e,i
a v.- t hari I
.I' I- 'I.e
..' I. b-.
" f.
( WW(tW c (lo
A !'"nll a d Coinph-te Jim of
rope in uuv -ie. ;.;id ! .;
'Uslie.l out from t'e- sho,-,- 'J he hr-.-t
u si ri 'i. wee e can oe v,-.,,-.. tl,-.t , ,.).. a... i
put to a variety of u.-e. Til- cotton , m but 1 dived i'lo'the next an my
planters of the I n-te.J S: at, . annually ! r)ia,,!: b.-at me in abta-.t two mb.ico.s
. . i
During that visit I did not attain
y - .'
raise about 7,00i).ouu bales of cotton
which require about t.o.uoo.iniij yards of
bagging. 'I he jute bagging costs about
eight cents," yard. Tu-.grass t wine bag
ging can I.e ri-;.!". a: a.' one cent a
yard less. New York Tribune.
Why Not Try tcimois?
'"I clean my eye.ri.; -s these days
with a ten dollar note." said a well
known citizen the other day, with a
smile, as he began to rub his spectacles
with a bill, '-it cleans the glass and
doesn't hurt the mo.;-y. A one dollar
bill would a"-;wer the purpose as well
as a note for a hundred, but in this case
I happened to have th- ten and ns-d it.
I have been clea ;.;.; j;:y glasses for
years with bank no. s. ,-.nd I have never
found an:;.i:a; ti.a. makes them as
clear. If you use a handkerchief it leaves
the lint behind, arid ten to one the glass
js hlunvd. Th money i-( -,iioves all the
dirt and and leaves no trace of
5tself. Am 1 afraid of contracting some
di.-'ease of the eyes? Well. I never
thought of that, and I know that some
physicians claim that diseases are trans-
mi; led by money, since it pa.-.-es through
so many hands. No. I am not afraid:
and I will continue to use the hank
no; . f, .i- tnis purpose. Tiie texture is
so!' . and it ce rtainly removes dirt. lu
ll.. :. there is nothing hla paper money
ior polishing tine glassware." Albai'-"
j;N-4-t rieity 'atoi's Klephants.
A novel ap; li-'.-.t ! :i of electricity- ha
recetitly be.-n made in ae !i i:n calching.
A. t .a recent capture of for: y of these ar.i
ma's, who.'! the last of their unwieldy
1 ....: passed tiie entrance into th
M,. ...a. tiie signal for barring tueirexit
w:..- give:i. instantaneously and without
a w i . i.-.lcen. by in -aiis of an el-etric
wire. It is only a . -la .-'t time since p--T m- j
! -;! .-e i.-d ?;ati-."e veg. table oils !
S'or lightii.g throughout the bazars and I
v!!i::--res of India. .Electricity is now
r .i-.iu:. t lie place loth of petroleum or
i ..'! t in tin' great spinning factories,
fo.- v. aic.i ii is peculiarly suited in a hot
climate, owing r. it- coolness and ab
sence of :-ni'-n. ! 'hiladt-iphia L-dg.-r.
A S:i . -I .lelnl.
For downright .-.ircasm :ia i-j tlieiiierits
t ;i l.. ., recotrmeml ns to the worthy
j -;:: who off-' red a little advice to a
drher of a pirate "bus. one of whose
hor-es tumbled down t he other day in
he Strand.
Tie- n ;. ; : it -t '-.'nuous effort s. had
been got on its feel , when immediately
it fell over again on its side.
T say, old 'tin," cried the rival driver,
"you must 'ave got "im out o' b"d too
early tiiis tnornin". llun round to our
stable and they'll lend yer a pitchfork
to turn "im over with." London Tit-Uits.
-'ld'iicient skill to enable me to take the
r;d standing, but en subsequent oc ca
.-lewis 1 became faulv proiiejeut. and
then the sport for a ii ;ie became" a veri
table craze wi.k m,- u.t. rested a
number of Englishmen ami Americana
in it, and we really fell into the habit of
getting up wave riding parties 1 had
become so skillful that I rarely missed a
wave, and could make my way out with
ease and come, riding in with H-rfect
equipoise. I became .so daring that I
often swam out bey wid the rest that 1
might obt ain the full force and exhilara
tion of the ride, and one day when the
eea was particularly high and rolling
very heavily I met with my adventure
"There were six of us enjoying the
sport, with as many natives. 1 had a
plank especially made for the purpose,
wide and btout enough to hear my en
tire weight, and by lying upon it I soon
forci-d my way over the incoming rollers
and floated in the comparatively smooth
water beyond. Here I turned my plank
shoreward and waited for a good roller.
Ever- third one was, as a rule, large,
and finally a big, green bodied one came
whirling in, shutting out the horizon.
As it came I caught it, and as I felt the
transferred motion lightly sprang to my
feet and steadied myself on the monster
that extended up and down the shore
and was rushing to its own destruction
"On 1 went, (shouting gayly to my
companions on the beach Then I sud-
Tin only ii li tbh- medicine l,.r -win.-.
lcd suce-s-fully for fourteen v.-ur.
Prevents eisoaso,
Arrests Diseii;,e, stops Cough,
Hastens tiaturitv.
Destroys Worms,
increases the Flesh.
For sale by F. (;. Fricke cc Cu
I'lattsmouth, Ni b.
I'lUCKS; j.-,liM cms, 12..l. $2.-
f in I .(. per o ick ige. Tin; large
are ru ; .-ii m ;st. Write ror testhu mial
"! log dogy," a f p ig.- p.-iiiiphh-t on
swine will be mailed for a 2 -cent stHinps
Orders l.iy mail reieive prompt attention.
JO. HAAS fnai tiMpolis
It it- "L j '
Tr?dld'nGS, Paints, and Oils.
xw x vrijilioi's fseivfssii.v Com piiiiiKlcd Hours
Lwmiiar Yard ! fet m
HKA'I'T V. U 'asliinirtoti. N. .1.
A;KTS make !'; IV r rent net en inv
t oi 5.-ts. I. cits 111 aishes, ( 'ui Im -. and ni.'il-H-uif.s.
Saniplfx live. Write n..v. Dr. Iliiil
man, art Ili'.ia.l'.vay . V.
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors, Blind
I. I
IO"i S r; t J i st., I.'nioii JJlock, formcrij
1 l.j .Mtin ntreet.
I . Splendid Market, when. K
kept is First Class. We aim to
"n-i"":, rum so j nil me i atron
. . . . i . ii-
i ge oi lie; i-urilic.
niE choicest steaks,
1 i A M K. FlSlt A N I O l lll tt JKI.ICACIK.S
Dffl r'--'N Ati l HKAI NOP-KS CURKIl lv
Cli4r ,',pl ks J N'VISIH l.t: a-.iJ!J"r ear
('iao;i. u'!iiiit-:- eai-.i cnin
leiTal.te. sui-e --liil wneiv all rein-dins litl!.
Sal. i tiy V. HIS' ()...iilv. s li e.-ai u ay N.
York. l ite for ef ui..ifs t ULE.
i e ; i !
Iv became awttre tliat s nn-;!:ii
hcslde me. I gave ;i sj.;,. tdal.c a a id the
reality ;.Ir:rst made ;a . i,isn:y to.-tiiold
up..;! tiie rushiii-;' ; i..r:a ia-;t i
v. as tno s : ia : p do'.' -a I i.a - -i a i.a.m oa'i;:--.
s'K -..t;.r.j ai.:: ..i. n '..! .:.i.-t
' ' a k i i . .: i lie .-: -. a ; . : r; :
"m ' ' -' : '. - : '.- y ; r. .y '.'.".
:!. .. ' . -.''..',.. j; t lie will i--, i
.-I: mv
That o-ener;illy tiicm.-' tmiii
iiii'I suffering-. Hut wby sufferr
I r. (irosvenor's !iell-c;iir-sic
jiorotis I'l.ister will relieve
ott in m' riio-ht, sure. Scud
:i -ii ii st a i ii i to ( i n )s-ei n r
A: K' iclin r I s, Costoii. ;iss.,
and learn li.o.v to remove a
porous plaster si-icnt ifn-nliy
it will pay you ;iih! dnn't
forget tint tin- best in rolls
plaster in the world has the
picture of ;i In ll on the !;ick
clotii. ami is called
Dk CiK' )SVK.N lv"'S
'an 3tip)ly everw demand ot the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera house.
Hv fair mid henest d a!inf I expect to
merit a fdiarc of tiie trade.
The Leading
J. H. VALLEKY, I'rop
j, J -".'V,'VC. !' ' A .' '.',. si
'.'unstHnt! v keeps (,n hand .-verything
you need to furnish your house.
I '.'. .-..a.t
: t. ir
r i: ; -.. . i.aind t!:.;r p . i i ,y i .
n.i.-. i ... :'. i ra ; - i .. i . ,;
not i.;.".!.. an ;.t:;-ck i:nle.-s i did. t i.
will'.' u;i,evo..;, ; w;:y I v.--- ; , .'.!.
to retain I :; -ai' p' - .-s-! I ; !"..'
end I v. as u.i!.;:. :; . -very s.-eoi;-! : a
the ti-r wave i.taf-;- the i.-each . . ,
Was oti UK '.i'l':.'f oi bre'.iwii ..
bharic mai:;i ained its position . a i
heard the weicouie ror above m--. a-ei
down it came like an avahiuciie. .- a :.:
I.atitig and gleaming, until wit a
mighty burst the .inatie: m .u. :,- or..::.
For a siiiglt-second 1 stood, in the- ;.:i "am
ing m;tss, and then was .-i-ii-.-d upo;. th
beach safe and sound.
'The shark did not me in. winch
iSitlinK Hull's ITopbetic Drni. eioence lo me mat n h.w "ol ueen
One Bull, a nephew of the dead chief- I overcome by tiie rusti or me water, dui
tain, related an interesting incident that ! waa M'-PO' following me wun uue re
hapiened just the dav lefore Sitting I 8d to its cuisine. I need hardly say
linll . killed. He said Sitting Hull that this was ruy last exiK-rieuce wding
that dav climbed to the top of one of the breakers there. Upon inquiry 1 learned
hi diest" neighboring buttes. where he that natives had been attacked by sharks
fell a-sleep. and dreamed of the startling j during the sport on several occasions,
tragedy that would hapien the next day. I vvht'u 1 ok back upon it and recall th
He came down and told his people that sensation of rushing onward high on the
their great medicine man would he killed crest of a blS wav 1 almost wish I could
on the morrow. How true his words indulge in the sport again, thouga with
were was attested by developments the out shark aocompammeaf Phila
&Mt morning. Cr. Sk Paul GU)be. dpbia Times.
P is-
5 tj
A. .'' li H
. j J i4
l t ED 1.2 LB. TINS ONLY.
Flattsmout - Neb
Waon aud IJiacksiiit Ii sliop
'Vagon, Buggy, Machine and
plow Iiepairiqv done
j. .s
Clcnfe and bantifirf tne 1
lrom,,tn a lnxuriunt (a-uvnh.
Never Fails to Hf-Btore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cures uraip d.iraea St hair taking.
SV. and 1 .' al rTOCVit
I o Parker's O-incer Ionic, i: cur.-s u,,ri c.u-..,
Wrak l.unjr. IVl.iliry.;ion, Pain,Take iu t:me. 50,i.
HINPERCORNS. The onhr rurc cur for Curni.
Su.pi a. a-u. Zj. at Intuitu, or UISCOX CO., N- Y.
He UAe tiie
Which is the host horseshoe for the
ttirmer, or for fast driving, or for city
purposes ever invented. It is so made
chat anyone C-n put on sharp or flat
corks, as needed for wet and slippery
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
his shop and examine the neversmp
nd you will use no other.
1 12 North Fifth St. Plattsmouth
Diamond Brano
X THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. Tli vnly Safe. Hir aal Pill tor V..
irrj a2 iV5 iJIdlro. lit Omniat for CTlc'n- iiflut DvuM uranjt in Ha ana m-viaie
I 1.1 .... . n..Kr. T.L.a.AikLI.H. ALuss Suoitmtions JrtvtUtcnM.
I ts fcvK All pUI ia paitebaard boxes, pini wra(pra art uDrroH roan terfrl ta. At Unjgiu or wrrA as
I m. (V 4-. in Karawi tor canicaiars. uauiaaaiais, and "Kiter for 11." m Utter, bi mmrm Mail.
If 10.OOO Tratimociala. A rp-r. . CHICMCSTCR CHtatlCAL Co ., slidlw iti
Thoicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
VWH.Y3 in stock. Nov. 26, 1HHH.
. j. umn
Floor U Feefl a Specialty
Patronacre ot the Puble Solicited.