Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 26, 1891, Page 3, Image 3

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    WEEKLY HERALl: PLTrSW)Ura W33. $K M ,. H 23. 1 )
omw No. ma. Main -t.
Telephone V
Jtflildeiici? 1 VlfplionM IV. l.lvliiK'tiili, 4:.
ItexliliMiC 'I-lt'lii'iit: IT. ruiiiniiui.
IVIL KN'JIN KKli aii'l M.'KVKYoll
E E. hilton.
btlmati'ii and i '1. 11 m ii all wik furnished aim
tUeoitls kt-kt.
OHice in Martin Block.
County Surveyor
V -A NO-
A.11 orders left with County Clerk wil
mccive ij ii t utti itt ion.
Personal aUcniiou to itll hustius milrusted
to iuy care
si r v i i I
Titles ch iitnieil. t.sii:i. '-o-inpilcil, Iiiiur
tncu written, real estate fold.
Better facilities for making l':i'" 1 " tl:aii
Attorney at-Law. Win kv-- t" met aitei.tloi,
to h!1 hii-ini'- entni-te I t.i him. ihce in
Union block. Ka.-t Side. I'liHtr-moitl h. Nth.
ot;ci 1'ultltc
Notary l'ut'lu
ntlice over Hank ofCa-s County.
Plattsmouth .... Nehraslui
:xalxof CiissCcmtity
Cor Main
Paid up cai'ital . . .
0. II. I';ini".e
Fred inir.K'i'
J. M. Patterson
alnl Flit Ii si i t--1 .
Good S!ews!
Ho out), who Is willing to udopt the right
course, need be long atllieted witii boils, cox
hunclcs, punples, or oliicr cutaneous erup
tion. These, are the, re.iuJLb of Nature's ef
loiU to expel poi.suuous ami t lli-lu matter
frum the blood, and show plainly liiat iLt)
s is ridding itself through the akin ot
inipuiili'-.s wliicli It was the legitimate, work
ol Un liver and kidneys to leinove. To re
store these organs to Uieir proper functions,
Ayer's Sarsanarilla i.i the medicine required.
That no oilier blood-pin iher can compare
Willi it, Uiouaanda testily who have gained
from the tyranny of depraved blood by tho
use of this medicine.
" For nine years I was afflifted with a skin
Ul.stmse Uiat did not yield to any remedy
until a friend advised ine to try Ayer's Sartta
parill.i. With tlie use of thm medicine llio
complaint disappeared. It is my belief Hint
no other blood medieine 'il have ( fT'-ctcd
no rapid and complete a cure." Andres
I). Careia, C. Victoria. Tnmaiilipas, Mexico.
"My tai-e. for years, was covered with pin
and humors, tor which 1 could linct no
remedy till I bean to take Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla. Three Lollies of this retit blood medi
cine effected a thorough cure. I confidently
reeommeud It to all suffering from similar
troubles." M. Parker, Concord, VU
I'linrAHfin r.Y
DR. J. C. AYEE & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by I)rne-'i-' .-'-'- Vorth $ a ottle.
A strictly tirsr e!.--- fnai'lii-ie. fullv warraiiT
d. M.-n:e rem tlie eiy best 'j'a'enal t
kil'ei! w t kuieii, and l! ii the best tools I :at
Live ever bee'i 'evi -e l tor t lie pn yo ,s-'. War-
ranteii t' do all tliat can be rea"-in,allv ex-
!e( ti'
the v e i y
w . r 1 1 - I r
r-tMie t : h
st typewriter
v ; i - er ; ii 1 1 1 : : t
ahili'y of the opera'
'in-' i v-. t:
Vice Presid.ii
Ast Ca-lm
X. M.attt
H. l mele. .1. M Patterson. Fi'-.l Corde
A. K. Smith. II. II. W liidliaiu. 15. s. i;am-e anu
T. 31. Patterson
). -"n..i solicited. Interest allowed nr. time
and prompt atteiit ioniven to all tius-
ruated to its care.
The Citizens
Jiar rLATiSMui 1 11 - .r.tiiAsiA
VJayital stwck paid in S51 ( r
Authorized Capital, $100,000.
President. Vt-e-Presi iei
W. U. CUSHINf. Cashier.
Frank Carruth J. A. Connor, V. li. (Jiithfr.iiii
J. W. Johnoon, Heury Bo-ck, John O'Keefe
W. V. Mi-rriam, Win. Wetencamp, W.
H. Cushuis:.
sues cratlfleates of depo-its bearing intereft
Buys and sells exchange, county and
city sureties.
First National
Patl tin eaoital S.Vi.OjO.OO
Oilers the verv best facilities for the promp
transaction of Ultimate
Eiinkinij: Business
Stock", bonds, fjold. Kovi'rnincnt and local se
I eurities bought and sold. Deposits received
I and interest allowed en the certificates
1 Drafts drawn, available in any part of the
I United State and all the principal tovviif of
. I Highest markrt price puf.i for County War-
i rants. State an County bonds.
John Fitzswrald n. iiawhwortn
f 8am Waugh. K. K. White
.y -ST ' - J. '
' "suA.i... . -,;:"
hGiK 8100.
Iftliere is no airetit in vmir town address the
Mu.iiiilactur. s.
At:t nts wanted Parish N, V.
f. ii. SEEL'r:.Mi::i:, amh.
Linoolu, Xeb,
Seir Artlng Pper Cutter.
A Calc utta nfvsp;ipr n latos ;in inri
tlent which illustrates the- iiianifio.-iit
w.i' in which the rajahs of India or at
h-ast thosH of them who remain opulent
ami powerful repay a Finall debt. Not
loti a-?o the Rajah Ilolkar, d" Iti h-re, in
paying a visit to the viceroy, the Mar
quis of L.msilijwiie. at Calcutta, was
f-liown hy the marquis several of tlie
London illustrated newspajHTH. In cut
ting the leaves of these journals. Lord
L.insilowne used an ivory paper cutter.
Tlie rajah had never seen a paper
ctfter liefore and was much intere.s!;-d
i;i lie- little illstt llilH lit.
"If your excellency will make me a
pi-v-.-nt of it," In- said, "I will n-ml you
avol her in exch.iii'.'e."
'I he vie. Toy p: ,i o! !y fave hi.s jLru--.t
ihe p r i Titter, and the rajah I'-turneil
. : t -i i i t o !i is own I .m in ion-.
I- :! L i,; .;-lov, 'in- I. ; I ahno. I forgotten
i" lil'-nn-nt Vv'lien i;,. received notice
; Ve
a pap
.. ;.:.i.-.!.'s re! was on the
I i. was pre.-ently a.-l mi.siied tu
drou'ht to hiin a youtii and h.ind
e.'eph.-i.nt , e;ich of whos(tu l:s h:; I
:::!.'! idly wrought into lie shape of
T CUT ter.
;'.:ir:t l fei : : c 1 1 1 some ; 1 1 u.-t i';;t ed
. ,st whi.-h fie- J. s.el;:.-.l
Heart disease i iisua!! supposed
to he iiicurall-, lint vvie-.i ;npi-! y
treated a larc portion ol -,:seri can
I e cured. Thus .M r.-. lilnni.i 1 1 ,nc. ..
ol Kllilinrt. 1 1 1 I., and 'A: - M :. i.
Maker, of ) id, Mich.. wie . i L- i
alter .sulferino; "Ju years.. C. !.i:i-
lurer, (Iniee'ist at Sa:i Jose, ill.,
sa.s tluit Dr. .lilc.s' New i .w . C';;ie
which curcil the forme.-. ".vo,-ke.
wonders for his wife." I. ' l.
of Muchatiati, Mich., who had
a w.
I i seae for '.V) yea rs, . -a ! w i liuiih--made
him "feel like a new ui.i:i.'
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure i - . ol l
and guaranteed hy I-', it. h'ric.eA;
( 'o. Mook of wo.n ler f ll l t e.-,l i mo.u.i is
free. I
nucKien s Arnica b.iivu.
Tin: IIkst Sai.vk in tii. , i i, Ci,;
liriline-. Sell s. L'le. ls, Sill Ito i:n. F V
Sores, Tetter, Cliftj ie,J H no I -. 'Ii 1 1 o . In
Corns, anil all Skin !iniitiiin-. m I
1 1 v I y -nrs l'lies, or ;i pix i...i;ei
It is tcu-iranteed to eivi- i.i.i. o
money refunded. I 'i i. e 'J.ri m - ( . i ,.,
K'or sale hv F. (! Friekc .V ('.
A l liri,
Tl y r !:!. t, r. i from II. n! nr
?.Ier, in IVa. .('. a re:n:;i-k:;hh i;ii :!'ut
of iLIelity A D ii.i .'i princes.0, ae i
t ( f or l -au: i.-.i f tic north . Kt
hi-iii toi.-...- t heir pecul la r cliariu fr'.tu
thei;;: j.; ,( iiesi-1 :i lor i" t liei el l : ' i ',
one of t lios" 0; el,.i vvil'i hlllpi 1 e e
as t'.i bin: .'i of the -a.i li'i.n lan
1 i' s. ha i a friend, 1'ai: i':;l, devot. .1,
lovin g, p it ii'iit . whom he ei-1el
in a 1110 n
f u 1 !e;i',y,
till 1 e ti,
friend. It
In r voiit a
bea:.":ir.ll .
tine- 1 ,e
I -1-.
:.t of for ,'etf;-! i
v. livti asc -li.ii.
tiie steamer, s!n
li: i-t faithful c
. a i-pleii- h i hi ic '
I ::!: shining h.ii.
po r animal, t.
t In
fo: ii i
v, : . a t v..
In e.ii.
!v trimmed
1 In this ;. -,,
: :!i's order-;.
' ii villi; p.-:;;;-r c
is .-.till in Lord
ii. i'.it it is not '
: I ! II-.-.'S ( ,f the vie-
e-:.':iiary opeja
' ipers lie keeps
nt. Yout h"s (,'oiin
1 p:-.,-llli
lU.-ks. lie
ei ili.lili
--. -i v. ry
wiih Lis
h.ld 1..- I!
lit under
Uter, it is
i j.i'l L iWt'e's
! of t lie i -Pi
r iv's lihrarv.
of 1 .,.,';s
a li ss bulky
S J ll IS-
1- or
o ,
V, h v 2tossi:i I
The principal fc-round.-
ii- -i:i ."iustiiieii t ne t'c
I h-iire'.v hri .-t h-.-r are as
- -rts: Fit:-- That the J.
J. iei tts and too sucee
ni.-n'".- and j.roperty a-.v
r ;!!! 1'l.i-; Chrisi ians. Seei
! oi l t!i mselves, as a cl i
of I 111.' Colli: !1 III i ; V
th-.-y i'urui.-.h many of t.h..
ls ..; l :,i:--e!i2.-f mak -r .
vi: -y v:: . service in the
n i -o-iie patri- ic Riv -T.e--lirst
.-iccusa; io!i mi
u, : no o;H simtiiy t o s.-l
1 :-w is shrewder and mi
-h.m h' ; n-k
.!. vV r, !
. a his le i
r. i.l o; !a r Wi if-. ;. : ;. .
T pi:! " i. di. i i: can it b.
.' -t recei vi 1 .-my v
;: : '.) .my.'.::'!-; i.f , '
IT'S i- -l! ca.-S-.el I iole a
1 now !..- :
io.-S Hoi lile: his pefsei-u
rhbnrs of ( i !;
'usal to in:!.
lli-S (in .Jews.
up on which the
secu;iou of his
ollov.-s. II,. as
vs are too ra--fal
in ;'etti ii
iy fi'l t he siir
i ;:d -Tint they
;s. ap-irt irom
. Third That
I -a lia- niliil-Foiir!h-Th-it
army and dc
y be ignored,
i r i r that the
re intelligent
races. As t.
Siullp' yeais ;i,o ( 'hamO. I I 'III iV to, ol
I)esi Mollies, IoWa, c lillie nrni n,- in iii
iltaciuie ol a coiih syrup. Ii ll vine ii i..
he the most prouijit n 1 reli'ilde jt ,, ,i i
tioil ye' (endue- d i.ii eoliths, i-oM- .on;
eoilj); t(l t! the public apjinci ; in
niei it, ami ill time it was c i t nn to h.-
eillle popillir. I'lieir most sin.'iiiie
h' jw s have ln-i-n mole I h ill re-ihz .1.
Over three lnmdii ii thousand hot'. is ot
( Mi tuiberl iin's (Jmih K -im il v nn- now
- ohl e,ich year, and it is reeooni.'d
b st made," wherever knouii. I'
will cure a severe cold in less tune tint
hi y other treatment. For sale hv F.
Fr'icke it Co.
L -a viui
,,'ot. lier
ii ill of
lie,-, with
If mi tiiat
l:.rr erect
" of tin mob-, i, irks fn;i-
r the waves, juaipin j, j ) iuii,ly
can be H-reive.l the
siial! of a steamer, which he
inks will I ri ii o- back a.iiioro nw
bee iVeil i Tier.
He is alvvays waitint;, hopeful and
above all true and faithful, thoi:.;! con
solate,! and p -lle 1 by tin- jl v, d hand of
lie- I ), -a a ; i ful end romaaiie I!:!.,'hsh
iiiirn-s wiio i ve him swei-t n i'in-s. call
in;; him " ).i, ya dear, faithful Itii-nd.
Svv. ! boy." An 1 over there, afar, afar
ia lite itonh, lite fairy Scaudi.iavi'Ui
fells some i Ie:; ; I le;i) ile wallt. .'iii.lie-
thine- is mis '-in ' to her; she does. iiot
lot l .1. ,1
I. 1 ly , Ji.i i
ill. ST
1 , r 1 i i net
. ie.t ol i;
I'I'.Vll ..S .
, , il a.'KT :
. -
i . ,
o i r t '
ou;.ly at.
as s.ii .a
; noiiilie;
:;i va s 1 1
le! .
II I lie
ilT t in
.Id I
! L
; i -
Were Mr. .'..!
l':--ol.l , ly
W t-:i tie- . .
11. .1-1 -t
11 T.i
-ae i ;
t in
t h.t i
a f.-w mot!
-liers. TI
' it
- a.
' y
- .4.S
4 . o r
. i th
tiif I ut
It - r
i . ; I i i aei.I
i !. . :i.-reiit
.1 e sat J.I ee.
.'. ll I t he or
ul s t o si 1 1 I V -V
I e'ire flit
I .'.I ;
i!li iW V
hat it i.-; it i
le;;l'eT. of 1 in- fait 1 1 fill
ed afar. 1-k.him
the UneoIi-.cioUS
oil: Ii.lli toll de.sel't-
re America
VI .- !
' i
, "In iw 1 1 ii . r t ln
j;e s up there to
A National Event.
The holditio- of the World's
in a city scarcely fifty years
will be n remarkable event,
whether it will real I v benefit
e .nor.
I 'i'el . z
. i.aiia:
w i ! . I
:;t he
nation iis much as the discovery
the kVstornt i ve Nervine by Dr.
Franklin I i Ii-s is doubtful. This is
just what 1 he American people need
to cure their excessive nervousness,
dyspepsia. headache. dizziness,
sleeplessness neu ra 1 1; ia. nervous de
bility , d u 1 1 ness. con fusion of mind,
etc. It acts like a charm. Trial
bottle and line book on "Nervous
and Heart Diseases," with une-
iialed testimonials free at F. (i
h ticke it Co. It is warranted to con
tain 1 1 i i 1 1 1 n . i norpi l ii ie o r da :i r
ous druo.-s. - 1
;! -y
;i v
and Syrup.
Low ntices ou-iteil on iarre or small lots
Strictly Pure.
Adirondack Maple Sugar Co
1'JoV. Monroe st., Chicago. 111.
WT-stern Areuts.
The 5th St.
Merchant Tail::
I- p.
i;-;!-.:-' of nihi:
to tlie extent that
urn.tsii t Heir propori innate ipi.jt.-i to
Icontents who have the courage
Dut that the Jews anions the
s exceed their proper piMportion
whole pooulatiini is. (leai.-il hv
::! m
T i ) net
:.i tiili.-
Jt the w!
. ....... . il 1 - -T, T
.ii.iii, 1 1 usi worm v wriiers. i tie cuari;e
iliot tin' Jew evade? army service is dis
proved by official statistics. P. G.
Hubert, Jr., in Forum.
lier rcoyitl Sweetness.
To be called Her Royal is
th destiny of every woman born to
wear a crown, but it remains for one
woman amour; all the royal families to
have the endearing title of Her Royal
.Sweetness ;iven to her, and that honor
helonprs to Alexandra. Princess of Wale;,.
She has that marvelous art of making
goodness seem attractive: of makim;
the rii;it act the pleasant one and of im
pressini; upon all who know her the
knowledge that to do youil is to have a
pleasant time, and not to do it is to miss
sume of the pleasure of life.
Many princesses have been written
about as having been beautiful, as hav
ing caused great wars, as having done
;;reat deeds of valor, of having made
men die for them and kingdoms quarrel
over the:.-, but of none of them can it
be said, as it is of this gracious lad-,
that the whole world hows down before
sv.-o tness and goodness, that, peace has
been the watchword of her life; audi
not only does she value peace, but those
loving sifters, Faith. Hope and Charity,
abide with her. Lady Elizabeth Hilary
in Ladies' Home Journal.
I'ronotmec. I H . ; j . I - s; , ypi SuvH.
From a letter written by Mis. Ada
IC. i i 1 1 nl o f ( i to n . S. I .. we no! :
"Was iiiki-n with a had cold, which
-el t i-d on my ltiii:;, coul;!: sei in
.r:d finally terminated in consump
tion. Foil!- doe I ( i j: i v, . ; . i e III) 1 1 -i
1 1 g I coil 1-1 ;iv I ..if .: - Port tiiiie. I
;.; :i ve m sel ! u t 1 o m de
'.e'liiiued if ! could not siav with
my I neiids on earth. I would meet
my aoser.t inns above. Mv bus
band was advised to gel Dr. King'.-
.ew uiscovory lor consumption.
coiiglis anil colds. I gave it a trial
took in all eigbf bottles; it has cured
me and thank Cod I am now a well
and hearty woman." Trial bottles
Ireeat K J. Fricko t Co.'s dru
store, ri-giilm- six.'. oOc. and sl.ln).
S ii 1 si-ri ln-l r ll )-1 or l'i !el
Many ale lie- pitfalls which lie i 'he
patii of t he man vim sits down to i il.e
hi.s will. In a ase rei-i-n i 1 v I ii 1 i . i . he
probate court the witiie.s.-es were stated
in t In- n-tii.l words to have "hereunto
Fuhserihe 1 their names," but ithappciifil
that these witnesses' signatures were
written in tlie margin and somewhat
hiifhi-r than these attesting words.
Hence .arose the grave question. Could a
hill nat lire be said l be subscribed when,
strictly speaking, it was superscribed?
It is easy to conceive a judge of rigid ly
logical tendencies who would have de
cide I that ti'.-re had l-en in this case no
proper attestation.
Fortunately .sir C. Parker IJutt, forti
fied by a decision of Lord Campbell, de
cided that, thoivh it seem a
strange interpretation to put. upon tlie
word "subscribe." to hold that writing
names above the testator's
margins was a eom-
let, vet ill the eve of
tin- law the word subscribe" "simply
means signing the name without any
reference t iis podtiou on the docu- ,
int-iii." London NVws. !
Is -Alien
!1 .
". ' iiii'f wiriT?" a 'j-l Ii'Tmoi.
"Why, them cnndl'-s; they're ro high
Tiie yoiirc; man did not. an-w, r,
Tii-old lady again g.ix.e.l at tii chan
deliers ivf! (! i ve! y. "Tln-y ain'i no m-i-L
I' a'l that !;giil,"s!ie said. "M i.-,' Alien
in a po werfr. I wa-b-fiil woman. "
Her son was a pjia rent ly a man of fevw
words. Ih-r eri! ieisni w as unaol ii-i-d.
l'n ut ly t he waiter hroiiglii t lie oread
ami tie- plates, and what I In old lady
lit was a i 'ii
fork's. Si.e
evid"iit ly t lion
of knives a,;.;
ph-asaii' ! . " i Ta. 1; a-r ein.
"you'ri- j.rei t v quick. 1;,:
added to In r son, "you
thin' more than br a 1. ,
"It will be h- ! I !:!!
waher, with a iioiite bow.
the wit lies.
f-igtiature in tie
I ii iance wit h t lie
gave him a sweet, smile,
hungry." sh fai !.
Several of tin- 1 i ip-im ba.'
her observations. Some of
hard faced bir-iii'-s- i.u.-n.
laugh at h--r. They .:dy re
With lively ililere-!. -;
the taUiTloll, carefully, a:
ihe.' eviii'-ntly with no;
Tiie wai ' r i ought t 'c ;. .
tile. l'i l;ul Y eh r.i- :. i I I -nl ion . . .
la r in:: !-. : v. S;e- : :. ! .! .
a ke. a! I. r In- la a i ii i ui
r.i I hi ii la !ic
;reeted hint
.-he .said;.
i. Hor.l.-e." Shf
i .r. i r 1 .1 uiifN
i n't. y hi''"
1 v." 7 1 1 in llui
old l.nly
"I'm pretty
Kpeps a Full Line of
i rr
OonsulT Vour luttre?f by (Jlvu.; iilrn a Call
E3 I tli-tmcnitl ;
ie egg l
in FitZK" I Ud.
S. Waiih.
s ir
19, 221 and 223 Main St.,
nouth, - Nebraska.
. M, BONS, Proprietor.
kine has been thoroughly
from top to lxtfuiii ud ;
f the best hotels in the etate
ill be taken by the week at
1 up.
1 ia om rwliu. Tustirnonials from all
vti ut ta nlobe. Propcti POST
n mm lul An amJIfiAlkia to VfaC
A. UnMtM, tn Xiiiu At. Aw York.
-1 si ' 'S.
Bridge workand tine gold work a
DK. STEIN A US LOCAL as well at other iaie
estheticsiven for the painless extractiou of
C. X. MARSHALL. - Fitzgerald P-
Btit, Prompts Poartrvfc
Cur for Impolitic, lota
of Manhood, 8tmlnal
Cmitllon. Spermatorrhea,
Ntrvonittt. 8lf Dlrtrutt.
Lot of Mimory, At. WiH
mtake yom a SXR0N9. Vigor
out Man Prfe $7.00, 9
Bor3. 95 00.
Sntriul OtreiTtfomi Malltit
with uacit Bo. Aitdres
'.itrA6s8T Ialraitet COt
tmo Luca Ave
8T. LOUMS. - Uf
I;aslT lsjs.
the sign of the resurrection.
tst'T festival Co-?) ne 'iiii mites.
The Jews place it on the Passu rer table,
ti.ereby imlicating th;it their race is
to be resurrected. The Persians and
Drr.ids both used it in their religious
ceremonies, ari l not only the Russian,
but the Mohammedan, on the early
Easter morning gives the greeting,
"Christ is risen," and the reply. "Christ
is risen indeed," is followed by an ex
change of eggs, and the egg is as well a
feature in all the old Eastern legends
many of which are too improbable to
even bear the semblance of truth; others
might be true, inasmuch as truth i
oftentimes stranger than fiction. Enima
J. (Jiay in Good Housekeeping.
J tist Like a Girl.
Agnes, aged 4, called at an uptown
grocerv store the other dav. "I want, a
tick of gum," she announced. After get
ting the desired article she remarked
that she hadn't "any penny." "How dc
you expect to pay for j-our gum!" queried
the vender of delicacies. "Well," an
nounced the youthful philosopher, "I
will give you a kiss." The kiss was
taken, but Agnes ftaid, and finally,
flushed with success, she made another
offer: "My cousin Ethel would like a
tick, and I'll give you another kiss for
it." Uoth girls chewed that afternoon.
Burlington (Vt.) Independent.
Hard to ChooiMt.
Mrs. Bargain What are you worrying
aHut this morning?
Mr. Bargain I need some new clothes
and a new watch, and I can't make up
my mind whether to get the cloth-s at a
shop where they give away watches, or
to buy the watch at a shop where they
give away clothes. London Tit-Bits.
The following adve: tisement, pub
us'Hiu ny a prominent western patent
medicine house, would indicate that ttiey
ragaid disease as a punishment for sin:
"Do you wish to know the quickest
way to curea severe cold? We wi.l tell
you. To cure a cold quickly, it must be
treated before the cold has become, set
tled iu the system. This can always be
done if you choose to, as nature in her
kindness to man gives timely warning
and plainly tells you in nature's way,
that as a punishment for some indiscre--tion,
you are to be afflicted with a cc ld
unless you choose to ward it off by
prompt action. The first symptoms of a
cold, in most cases, is a tlrj-, loud cough
and sneezing. The cough is soon fol
lowed by a profuse watery expectoration
and the sneezing hv a profuse wafer?
discharge from the nose. In severe
cases there is a tiun white coating on the
tocgue. What to do? It is onlv neces
sary to take Chamberlain's Cough; Rem-
edv in double doses every hour. That
will geatly lessen the severity of thy
cold and in most cases will effect ualle
counteract it, and cure what would have
been a severe cold in one or two days'
time. Try it and be convinced." Q
cent bottles for sile by F. G. Fricke &
Co.. druggists.
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, you must have it. to fullv en
joy life. Thousands are searching;
for it daily, and mourning because
they find it not. Thousands upon
thousands of dollars art spent an
nually by our people in the hope
that they may attain this boon.
And yet it may be bad by all. We
guarantee that Electric Hitters, if
used according- f() directions and
the use persisted in, will bring you
good digestion and oust the demon
tlispepsia and install instead eupep
sy. We recommend Klectric Hitters
for dyspepsia and all diseases of
liver, stomach and kidneys. Sold at
.0c. and jd.OO per bottle by F. G.
Fricke A: Co.'s drug store.
lite, fo
Speed wi
p. iwer i f
l ust o it i ii"; l'i earlier.
e l and fol ly words a min
d . e ery seconil, is a rate of
ist beyond the
that was the
st Oil H
nr w
ie'n seems almos
art icul.ii i- pti, vet
measure of tne torrent ot eloquent ex
position and appeal poured forth in St.
Paul's church Monday by the Rev. Dr.
Phillips Brooks. Try to equal it read
ing from a printed page in a conversa
tional tone, and then imagine the im
mensely increased difficulty of the task
in a large church, before a great congre
gation, and without the guidance even
of a written note. The business men,
for whom the service was especially de
signed, had been assured that the dis
course would be short, and so it was in
time, for it was finished in twenty-five
minutes, hut the report made by two
stenographic reporters covered G,00)
worths and gave the extraordinary aver
ages with which this paragraph opens.
Boston Journal.
She I'n e I i
"Tell .Mi
l-e -o y for
a hurrv."
Tin- v: . :
t ii.a 1 1: w
ia ly jias.e
diners rai .
old 1-iM--Letter.
ill i 1 i
A ! 1
w p
o i rhea nl
tii -iii were
I'. e-y didn't
iar led her
1 " I ' . e d Ollt
I i 1 1 -1 r -etetl
i J i I gave,
.! ;;-ed
!. : i.i and As
: ! i I . i 1 1 1 :
e le-r
I'm ia
ler 1 owed a
n:id do so.
1 out of tie:
d a glin s and
( bid bless h
i Mill
' the
w Vork
vori I fl:it.
v e;u b ot iier very
Nfivel ISird Story
When Mr. Andrew Young returned
from Alaska last fall he went out to hi.s
ranch on Young's river to dig his pota
toes. Passing a hollow tree he noticed
several bushels already gathered. He
looked around the patch, but saw no
signs of anyone having disturbed the
ground, and to solve the mystery watched
the tree. He was soon rewarded by see
ing a flock of blue jays alight on the tree,
ami each bird had a potato in its bill,
which was drojijied into an opening in a
limb and passed on down to the ground.
He procured sacks, and a,s fast as one
was filled another was jut at the place,
and in this way the birds harvested fifty
bushels of jiotatoes for him from various
patches around the country. Astoria
(Ore.) Express.
A Fatal Mistaxe.
Physicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist,
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free of F. G. Fricke & Co..
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy- in the world. Itcures
nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, fluttering", pain or ten
derness in the side, arm or shoulder,
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits. etc.
A Mtiskrat Trap.
Jim Candee, an old Lyme trapjvr, has
caughi an unprecedented number of
muskrats this year. He sinks a half barrel
near the runs of the rats to the level of
the ground, half fills it with water, and
then on floating pieces of boards in the
tub pine; .-s small faeces of carrots. When
the inuskrat jumps in after the bait he
can't get out, and he leaves the trap set
for another victim. Mr. Candee has
caught as many as six rats in a single
barrel in one night. Hartford Times.
ITs;:: i i:-l Iinrt.i of :i
The fact, that we l:no
Well is the reason oi i he charm ol a cer
tain American club. It gives an idea of
this place to say that jn-ojile find them
selves neglecting their bu.-.iness in order
to get there in time for luncheon. Jt if.
not that the company is so unusual.
There are, no doubt, attractive men, foil
of interesting knowledge; tin-re is plenty
of good talk. But it is not enough that
tie- talk should be good; the men must
ie- seen and heard through an at
of friendship. Some of tiie nicest inert
choose to say very little; but thews am
men in whom, in the course of daily ac
quaintance, you learn to discover ve.rj
charming qualities and friendly dispd
tions. Possibly everybody is not charming:.
Perhaps there is even a bore or two; but
bores are very human, and, to my think
ing, rather cozy. There is a gentleman
who tells over the same story, but. iioIkmIj
minds it ;is much as he would if he knevr
and he doesn't. Even the gentleman who
is always talking about his heal' h jht
forms a Ixmeficicnt office: he insinnaties
into the minds of his auditors an im
pression that lifeis valuable. E. S. N axial
iu Scrihner's.
l:irgin Counter Krjuirtt-t'.
An earlv morning customer in
a hi;
retad dry goods shop is
it to le-ar some
Hair Work.
Of all kinds to order. Hair chains,
pins, rings, crapes, etc., a specialty.
Orders left at Dovey's store or Mesdames
Wise & Root, wiil be promptly attended
to, or postal card to
Mrs. A. Knek,
VTk-I from His Winter' Sleep.
A Ledyard boy on Monday discovered
a wooucnucK in a neap or leaves in an
old tree and pulled him out. He was
curled up, with both forepawa pressed
closely over his eyes. When hi.s paws
were pulled off his eyes he did not open
them, but yawned and gaped as a heavy
sleeper might be expected to do. The
animal could not be aroused from his
dormant condition until he had been in
a warm room for eeveral hours. New
London Telegrapk.
All the latest styles of wall paper
found at Wilduaan & Fuller.
A Housekeeping Youth.
Mr. David -Hembree, Jr., son of Mr.
David R. Hembree, of Crossville Dis
trict, Millen county, is IS years old, and
has lived idl his life within four miles of
the Chattahoochie, but has never st?n the
river. He is the best working Ixjv in the
district, and has all his life staid at
home and worked. Alpharetta (Ga.)
Free Press.
In Rome the Easter eggs are taken to
the parish priest, who blesses and sprink
les thme with holy water, and the nun
afterward paint and Bell them. They
taust be placed on the table with the
flowers and other decorations, and H&ten
u the first course fox th Ka&tr iivAt
quaint talk among the .-l -ri:.s. who uirnm
the:u.-el ves hv chaffing on - anot her while
waiting for tie; active- trade of the day
to begin. In an nj town shop tlie other
l.iori iug a customer heard the follow
ing dial' igue:
"Say. fanny?"' from the ribbon counter.
"What is, it, ribbons?"' from the fan
"Why is it that y on are so imjiopular
with the ladies?"
"Give it uj."
"Because in cold weather they don't
fan see, you?"
"Say, ribbons, why is your trade like
that of a granger?"
"Why is it?"
"Because so much of it is gro-; grain."
New York Times.
He T&Jif'rt the. Cake for Kronomy.
There is a fanuer in Wrightown town
ship why will perhaps in time get rich,
as he is economy and watchfulness per
sonified. He engaged a girl to assist in
the house at fctated wages per w?efc.
When they agreed to settle, nearly-
year later, he had a bill against her of
little more than $3 for loss of time for
"gaping" at the cars as they went to and
fro. It seems that after the construction,
train got to running she would go every
time it passed to the door, look at itr
throw up her hands and ajirou and laugh,
so j-ileased at the sight. This loss of time
was charged against her in their settle
ment. Long headed man, that. Doyk
town Democrat.
Kept His Appointment.
Mrs. Blifkins (time midnight) Hor
rors: utisiiana: husband: 1 hear tsotoe
one burrowing through the wall.
Mr. Blifkins Well, w-ell: It must In
that Ixiok agent. I knew we'd all be in
bed by 1 1 o'clock, and I told hiin to calL
at half -past. Good News.