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VOL. XXVI. NO. 23.
l..r( A YEAR
' plftf teni0iifft
til di
111 .. II . 111 Ml III III III
Highest of all in Leanrening Power. U. S. Govt Report, Aug. 17, 1SS9.
Everybody Reads the Daily Hera 14
ght Qhttemouth $gcek1tt Zjcrald
Dr. A. Salisbury ha the exeluMTt right to u
Dr. Stainau'ii Loral Anmtheti for the Painlrf k
Extraction of Teeth In thlncKr. (i.T.ce Hot ti t. - 1
Iowa buy were
From Wednesdays DaIy.
Several loads of
brought in today.
Ben Elsonis opening up acer load of
fine clothing todij which he has just re
ceived from Chicago.
The sidewalk on Vine 6treet between
Third and Fourth streets ought to be
fixed up at once. It is in bad shape.
The canning factory :s overwhe'med
with orders for canned goods at good
prices, but they havn't got the goods.
A pair of boots were found yesterday
near where the box of Bhoc were found,
but no clue to the thieves has been un
earthed. The illustrious John Brown, the man
with the surplus of medals, is removing
over into the southern part of the city
Chairman Jones aad h;s muscular as
sistant col. Pat O'Lei are f -""g up
ome bad places on the Ma:n street pave
ment today.
The old corner at 6th and Vine has
new been cleaned up and we learn that
C. W. Holmes talks of erect-'ng thereon
a first class livery stable. j
The prohibition state convention meets
in Lincoln today. P. P. Gass, Noah
demons, H. M. Gault and Edwin Davie,
of this city.'ar5 in attendance as delegatee.
Mrs. DeBpain, whos Feriov.3 illness
we mentioned yesterday, wr.s no bet ter
this morning. Her daughter, M . Lev.
Myers of Cedar Creek, came in today to
be at her bedside.
By all odds the handsomest premium
list that has reached tb;s office s the one
for the Seward Agricultural Society and
reflects great credit on the office of the
Seward Reporter, where it was printed.
After a four hours soaking rain and a
sun bath of a few hour the othe- d.y
Fred Stadieman got 1 ; fu.n'ture into
the dry. It did not look a3 though the
rain had improved it very much.
Miss Verna Leonard fell from a saddle
horse last eyening wh'rh she was ridirg,
owing to the breaking f the girth and
was shook up pretty badly but did net
appear to be much the worse for the fall.
Down at Auburn they ere rying 'o
disbar their County Attorney Cornell,
for extorting money from a prosecuting
witness while Berying the cc-vnty in tn
official capac ty, and for t2 conduct
unbecoming an attorney.
Our neighbor will probably blow him
self in today on the iron ore busiuess at
Mt. Pleasant. We will wait to see if it
Droves to be of any value before itc
A -
give it too much space, as its existence
has been known since 1850. The incor
porators of the town of Mt. Pleasant
made much capital out of their ore beds
but they faiied to make any irou.
For the benefit of the ladies the Her
ald will herewith give a receipt for jelly
that ia new and is splendid. Cral ap
ples are cheap and make a beautiful jelly
but the flavor is poor, this is the way to
improve it as we are informed by one of
the nicest ladies in the city: Take aix
cups of crab apple juice, four cuts of
granulated sugar and six cups ef juice
made ifrom stewing nice fresh cherry
leaves and boiled until done. You will
bedelighted with the result.
The Electric Lamp Companyjhaye been
hipping to the Southern Electric Supply
Company St Louis quite a quantity lamps
ever since they began operation. Yester
day they received a telegram from this
house saying: "Express us 50t sixteen
candle power lamps and 100 ten volt
lamps. Must have them at once. Rush
them." That's the kind of a report that
comes from using the new lamp. They
are now making 300 per day, but will
have to increase their force very soon j
Father Kearney is in Lincoln todayjjj
Hilton Wccott Esq. is seeing Omaha
Elias Sage and wife are in the met-op
olis today .
A. j. uass and wife were in the city
The Festive Roberts
Andrew Fase and wife, residing near
Papillion, are in the city today looking
for J. O. Roberts. The old lady said
Roberts had been coming to see their
Tillie for some time and that they were
to be married after a while, that she
kept putting Roberts off on account of
Tillie's being too young. That Roberts
was very familiar and called them pa
and ma; one day he was out at the burn
with the old gentleman when he said,
"pa, if I had about $300 more than what
I have I could buy the lot next to mine
at Lincoln and it would make us a fine
building site." The old man reckoned
he could get it down at Omaha. And
to make a long story short Roberta got
the money of him, giving him a mortgage
on his household goods and horse and
buggy. He claimed a copy of the mort
gage was filed at Plattsmouth so that the
security was good. On examination to
day the old gentleman finds that
there lies been no copy filed
but on the contrary another
mortgage reposes quietly on the property
B. & M. Time Table.
Noi :20 a. m
" 3 5:4. p. m
" i 9 :15 a. in.
" 7 7:15 a. in.
" 8 6 :15 p.m.
" 11 5 :25 p. in.
" 19 11 :O0 h. in.
No 2, S :05 p. in.
"4 io ;x a. m
"6 7 ;44 p. io
" 10 10 :00 a. m
" 12 10 :16 a. in
"10 8 :25 a- in
D. H. Hawksworth went to Denyir for all that it is worth, and what is still
last night. wnrsn t.h( nM larlv finds that he ia en-
Win. Waybright went to South Omaha guged to ether ladies and that her poor"
Tillie would have stood a poor show any
how. The old gentleman grew quite
this morning.
Miss Bowen left for her home in Lin
coln last night,
Mrs. Errett was among the Lincoln
contingent today.
Wm. Neville and Frank Carruth went
to Omana this morning.
Willie and Helen Greusel visit inLin
oln today with Grandpa Fa,:iton.
Mrs. C II. Parmele,.Mr. I. Baker and
D. II. Baker were Omaha passengers this
W. N. McClaren, of Louisville, and
confidential with the county clerk and
said that his wife had always watched
Roberts a little too close, but that now
he was awful glad of it. What the out
come will be can only be surmised.
Today t the Baptist church in Union,
by the Rev. Dillon of Weeping Water,
3Ir. H. M. Frans to Miss Nelly Jones,
both of Union. The groom is the son of
Wm. Frans, "Union's pioneer merchant,
and is highly 6poken of as a steady, hon-
Jacob Schneider, camci'i on the Schuyler est, industrious young man. The bride
is the handsome and amiable niece of W.
D. Jones of this city. ner father and
mother are not living though they were
old residents of the county. The happy
couple will take a trip to Lincoln this
evening and on their return will begin
housekeeping. The Herald extends its
heartiest and best wishes.
School- books at Wildman &
this morning.
Mrs. J. Langston and son, Master
x imip, ien .? 1j ncom ti"s moicni; ru
visit friends.
Miss Ruth Daj is ud Miss Bessie Gyger
are yisiting their arut, Mrs. Dr. Emmons.
at Omaha today
J. C. 3ikenbary was in the city last
night and will return home to South
Omaha this evening.
M'ss Jennie Ritchie went to Lincoln I The great barbecue and celebration on
this merning t join her mother, who is the completion of the Louisville wagon
visiting m that city. bridge at that city, has been fixed for
Miss Myrtle Purdy went to Hastings September the 24th. and not the 23rd. as
o put i:;iiie balance of thti snare time stated in the Journal last night. The
. 4
before school begins. good people of that village are making
Fred Gorder went to Weepin Water preprrations for the biggest time on
today to discipline Fred Jr. and see how "com. ineuam nana oi mis cuy
1 l's ee':' Taloa?- as &lrea7 been engaged for the occas-
Mrs. Surlock went to L'ncoln this
morning where 6he is a delegate to the I Fathers and mothers, you should call on
Prohibition Srtate Convention.
Trie Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Shrout, pastor United
Breiheren church, Blue Mound, Kae.,
says: "I feel it my duty to tell what
wonders Dr. King's New Discovery has
done lor me. My lungs were badly dis
eased and my parishioners thought I
could live only a few weeks. I took five
bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery and
am sound and well, gaining 2G pounds
in weight."
Arthur Love, 31anager Love's Funny
roiKs vomuinaiion, writes: "Alter a
thorough trial and convincing evidence.
I am confident Dr. Kings New Discovery
tor consumption, beats 'cm all, and cures
when everything else fails. The greatest
kindness I can do my many thousand
friends is to urge tlieni to try it.'' Free
Subscribe for the Daily Hekald, de
livered to all parts of the city for 15
cents per week
That hacking cough can be so quickly
cured by Nhilolfs cure. We guarantee
it. For sale by F. G. Fric ke an. I (). II.
Snyder i
R E A D !
I have left ah my property with
Messrs. Windham & Daies for sule
call on them for prices aDd terms.
dtf W. S. Wise.
Mrs. Kate Simpson, teacher of piano,
organ, and primary harmony; address
20!) corner of Washington Ave. fc 7th.
Street. tf.
And Then Euy A Home in
South Park.
Joe, the lead'ng one price clolhier, left
for the et t where he ex pec to buy the
larg -tt and most complete line ever
brought to the city. Wavh the date for
Joe's grand opening which wl'l surpass
all others. dJtwtf.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and powi-
trial bottles at F. G. Fricke &Co's.,drug tively cun Piles, or no pay required It
store. Regular sizes 50 cents and $1.
Mrs . Baley, after two weeks' visit with
her daughter Mrs. E. S. Greusel, returned
to her home at Has'-ins this morning.
Mrs. George Nile.- and daughter Jessie
sianea ior dioux Uity tnis morning
where they may remain for some time.
Miss Anna Ru:neli returned to her
home at Weeping Water this morning
titer an exctedicg.y pleasant visit here
Frank Guthman and wife left
Wildman & Fuller before you buy school
t books. d&wtf.
The W. R. C. picnic at Will Morrows
grove yesterday is said to hevebeen a very
pleasant social affair. The occasion wes
the celebration of the anniversary of the
organization of the relief corps, sev
entyfive or eighty good natured people
with baskets replete with the best the
land affords helped to, and succeeded in
royally entertaining each other. The
yester- I martial band furnished the music.
aay over ana ior Stevens Creek, near
Liucolu, to visit with relatiyes for a few
Mrs. Morris started for her home at
Fan Antonio, Texas, today. Her sister,
r.-. Esom, acconoeried her as far as
v Udeman iruller are the leaders in
school supplies. d&wtf.
Ausrust Relnhacklo.
Mention ot whose deatn was made id
yesterday's Hekald was born in Saxony
and came to this country in 1850, first
settling in Albany, New York where
George Edson and J. C. Smith of Rock hej was married in 1854. He and
Aiiults procmct went to Omaha th's morn- his wife came to Plattsmouth in 185T
mg. Mr. Edson has a vast body of iron I making them among the very first settlers
ore on his place which he is going to of this city that was only laid out the
hae investigated to learn as to its value. I year before. The deceased was 65 years
Luther Be::son delivered an elegant a2e and wa3 a steady, industrious cit-
lecture at Rockwood Hall to an appreci- lzen laTing worked at his trade, that of
ative audience Monday night. He went harness malting, all tnese years until a
to Lincoln yesterday where he will join ew months ago. The deceased leaves a
his wife and little ones, end rest up
a week.
for I tvue ana eignt children, the yougest be
ing about fourteen years of age. The child
ren are Mrs . Ed Stamm, Mrs. S. F. Eaton
and Katie of this city and Mrs. W. P.
Keeler, of Spokane Falls. The sons are
The county fair promises to be much
better this year than ever before. One
thing is certain, nothing will be spared Louis, Awgust, Jr, William and Albert,
by the management to make it a grand residents of this city. The funeral will
success. The premiums are liberal and take place at 2 o'clock tomorrow after-
ought to excite some rivalry that would I noon-
bring out a fine show. I John Brewn was fined ?5 and costs for
The Women's Christion Temperance being drunk and disorderly yesterday,
Union meets at the home of Mrs. 8. A.
Davis, en Pearl street, Thursday, Aug
2Sth at 3 o'clock. All members are ear
nestly requested to be present. By order
of the President.
Members ef the Presbyterian church
Taken up.
I have taken up two heifer calves, one
a roan and one a jersey. The owner can
have the same by calling at my place
one and one half miles south of Platts
mouth and paying damages.
Geo. Lxrrz.
Grandma Weckbach, mother of J. V
and congregation will please remember nd Henry Weckbach.of this city, is ly-
the adjourned business metting to be held Mng Tery low at the home of her son,
at the church this evening at 8 o'clock. Gust Weckbach, in Oaiaha.
Those present on Monday evening will Jim Banning, one f Nehawka's most
understand that a full attendance is ne- prominent citizens is in the county seat
cessary. toda.
The B. & M. has 17 miles of railroad
in this county, the M. P. jhas 52 miles
which, with the Union line added will
make 08 miles for hat company; the
Rock Island will have 20 miles before
snow flies, which would make a total
mileage of over 125 miles for Cass coun
ty. This is a splendid showing with the
Milwaukee & St. Paul yet to henr freirj.
Cottonwood Clipping's.
We had a good soaking rain Saturday.
Hie farmers are kept very busy these
timc3 fall plowing ind making hay.
Emory Murray has returned from
Pender, Nebraska.
Albert Wettenkamp is sporting a new
top buggy,
Mr. Draper has been very sick wiih ty
phoid fever but is some better now.
Mr. Miller's child died Saturday and
was buried Sunday.
John V ns has been building Tan ad
dition to his house.
Mr. Barker has lately purchased 250
head of hogs to feed.
It is reported that John Fight, Jr.,
wp its to rent a farm. We hope he sue
Frank Hackenberg had a thrilling ex
perience with a bucking branchocne day
Joshua Murray lia9 been very sick late
ly but is much improved at present.
The school house at this place has been
overhauled and put m good condition
for the winter term of school.
C. H. Vallery has purchased another
corn sheller. By the way the judge is
kept very busy thrashing these times.
Corn looks well in this vicinity
consiriei 'ig thi xtreme dry weather.
Whea and oats ue -i fair crop.
Joe Cotton.
Superior, Neb., had a f5,000 fire last
night in the coal sheds and lumber yard
near the railroad track
The !ead that Wildman & Fuller ad
vertised 'o :c-tuin.-d, "P as returned all
right and n. q lest'oi s asked.
McVioker's tbeaer was burned yester
day in Chic .;., tb : loss reaching nearly
a quart-r of a million
The democrats swallowed the alliance
combination in the 2nd. dibttict and en
dorsed "VTcKei'ihan yesterday for con
The marriage of Nellie Jones today
Do not be caught in the delusion of
many thousands in postponing a home
until they can lmve an expensive one
This idea is the devil' trap that catches
men and women inuuiiieialde, who will
neyer have any at all. The laborer may
have, at the clone of tin.- da, to walk or
ride farther than i.s desirable to ronrh it,
but when he gets to hi destiimt;ci. ;n
the eventide he will find aomething
worthy of being called by that glorionn
Farm for Sale. j and impassioned, and heaven di-scwidcd
240 acres of fine land, with all modern 1
inmrnvprnpnta TnKm nn m!U xc... wuru "Ome.
" w 'JJ II ivlll i VUVy Ulll Vt A. XT A LA I
is guiwuu:uu iu give sausiaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box
ror sale bv jr. u. i ricke X Co.
ray. Will sell all or part of the same.
Prices reasonable and terms easy: for
further particulars address or call on
E. Bkiigek,
Murray, Cass Co., Nebraska.
City Bread Delivery.
umce cos jer bixth and Pearl street,
wagon w; ! make daily dehyeiv of the
celebra?d snow-flake, graham, horn
made a ad rye bread. Leave orders at
o.Ilce or M. B. Murphy &Co.
J. D. Simpsoh.
We want an A No. 1 agent in thi
ci'imiy at, once, io taKe charge oi our
business, and conduct the sale of one o
the very best, most meritorious, and fast
est selling inventions ever offered to the
American people. To the right person
we wiu pay a liberal salary or allow
largo commission. For full particulars
address Voltaic Belt Co., No. 218. Mar
shall, Mich. tf
Dress making, cutting, fitting at 521
South Twelfth street, Mrs. C. S. Twiss
and daughter. d4t
"For summer complaint," says Ben L
Bear, a prominent druggist of Los Ange
les, Ca'., I know of no remedy so sure
and sate to use as Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy." Mr,
Bear is not alone in entertaining that
opinion, p?, wherever known, the remedy
is praised by all who use it. For sale by
r . li. rnckeJCUo.
Summer Complaint. A druggist at
Britt, Hancock county, Ia., relates his ex
perience with tb's disease as follows
Dunu-; t f i summer of 1882, my little
girl, two ears of age, was taken serious
ly ill with summer complaint, 60 common
to children of that age, and after being
treated by a physician and getting no
better, I took from my shelves a bottle of
Chamberla'n's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy. She felt relieved after
th'-. first dose, and in three days was en-
t rvly well. AlexMoik.
The Buccess of Mrs . Annie M. Beam,
of .McKeesport, Pa., in the treatment of
diPThoea in her children will undoubt
edly be of interest to many mothers.
She says: "I spent several weeks in
Johnstown, Pa., a. ter the great flood, on
account of my husband being employed
there. We had several children with
us, two of whom took the diarrhoee very
vacates her position as administratrix of badly. I got some of Chamberlain's
her mother's estate although she is the Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
only heir. The county judge under the from 1ev iIr- GhapmaL. It cured both
law is compelled to appoint another. I of their. 1 know of several other cases
, . , . j I wnere it was eqnaiiy successiui. i think
Jacob Tiietsch today rcenved from it ct be excelled and cheerfully rec-
commena. it." ana cent bottles
for Bale b F. G. Fricke & Co. tf
Public Notice.
Notice is hereby given that bids for
building a sidewalk as hereinafter de
scribed will be received at the office of
the city clerk on the 1st day of Sept.
1890. Bids will be received for
building a Bidewalk of 170 feet long, 4
feet wide, upon three (3) continuous
Breckenfeldt & Veidman a 600 pound
bell made at the celebrated Buckeye
foundry in Ohio, at a cost of $145. It
will be erected in the spire of the Ger
man Luthern church n George Ham'
farm near the Shafer-Goodwm cornel
eight miles west of thie city.
Vanity Fair is the name of a new pa
per to begin publication at Lincoln. Sep
tember 6th. It will be delivered all over
the state for Sunday reading, and wants I sleepers not less than two (2) by four (4)
a correspondaut and Sales Agent in ev- inches in size out of lumber not less than
ery town. Persons desiring to act in that
capacity should write at once to Vanity
Fair, Lincoln, JNeb.
For Rent.
The very desirable residence owned
and recently occupied by Henry Water
man, Corner of 7th and Main stieets.
For terms apply at Wescott's Clothing
Store. dtf
Plattsmouth, Neb., June 20, 1890.
All persons are hereby warned that we
shall in no case be responsible for any
bills contracted by any sub contractors
foremen, or other employees, unless the
same be upon our written order.
tf E. P. Reynolds & Co,
Contractors Omaha & Southern Ry.
one (1) inch in thickness, in front of lots
six (6), seven (7) and eight (8), in block
23, loung & Hayes addition to the city
of Plattsmouth.
Engineers estimate for building said
walk, f34.00
The committee reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
D 31. JoES,
Chairman of com, streets, alleys and
bridges. d2"3-10t.
Young married mim, as boon as you
can buy 6uch a place, even if you have
to put on it a mortgage reaching from
base to capstone. The mucli abused
mortgage which is ruin to the recklecs
man. to one prudent and provident is
the beginning of a competency va1 a
fortune, for the reason he will not be 6at
sfied until he has paid it off, and all the
household are pat on strictest economy
until then. Deny yourself all eupcrflui
ties and all luxuries until you can say:
"Everything in this house is mine thank
God! every timber, cyery brick every
foot of plumbing, every doorsill." Do
not have children born in a boardii-g
house, and do not y?7!.-r!f be buried
fromjone. Have a place where your
children can shout and eing and romp
and not be overh" ul d ( r tt racket.
Ilaye a kitchen where ycu can do feomt
thing toward the reformation of eil
cookery and the i. sserini; of this nation
of despeplics. As Napoleon lost one of
his great battles by an attacked of indi
gestion, so many men have such a duily
wrestle with the food swallowed that
they have no strength 1- ft for the batt'.
of life; and though your vif .- may kno-,.
how to play all music I instruments and
rival a prin.a dona, sh'- is not well edu
cated unleghe can boil ai. Ir s potatoe
and broil a mutton chr n, inr the die
sometimes decides the fate cf familid
and nations.
nave a setting room with at ieaet on;
easy chair, even though you have to take
turns at sitti. r in it. and books o it of
the public library, or of your own pur
chase for the m'kiag of your faaidy in
telligent, aad checker boards and gue's
injf matches, with as occa.T.i( nal blind
man's bluff, which is of all gaLits ijy
favorite. Rouse up your homes with all
tyles of innocent amusement, rd gath
er up in your children's lives a reservoir
of exuberance thct will pour down re
freshing etreaas when lif e gets parched
and the dark day 3 come and the lights
go out and the laughter is f inoth. rt 1 in
to a sob. T. De Witt Talmase.
Physicians and Sirpois
Office NO. 612, Main 8t.
Telephone 50
Residence Telephone Dr. Livingston, 49,
For South Park Lots
Oyer Bank ot Cmi County