Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 26, 1890, Image 1

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$1.50 A YEAR.
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Dry wood for Ml..-. W. S. Wis-. tf.
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has no equal.
Wm. Hayes is at Lincoln today '.fund
ing the Nebraska Veteran Association.
Wonderful Wild Grape- S...1.I Wit.-r .t
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' Great inducement in Wall Paper at
Wildman & Fuller. tf
h The business houses of the city are
nearly all closed this afternoon.
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The Grand Sec'y of the Rebecca.-, M.-s.
Uttdy of O'Neil will attend the regular
meeting of the Rebeccas tomorrow
The success of the La R sa is wonder
ful, sold only by Gering & Co, manu
factured by Julius Pepperburg. dot
J. D. Graves, attorney at Benkleinan,
who has been attending commencement
of the Peru Normal, came this way en
route to Hillsdale and Malvern, Iowa, to
visit friend9 and relatives.
The success of La Rosa 5 cent, depends
on its wonderful smoking qualities sold
only by Gering & Co. cl,st
Wanted: A girl for general house
work. Inquire at 709 Oak street.
4t Mits Geo. Dovey.
.For Sale. A cook stove, refrigerator
and household goods for sale cheap at
the residence of P. L. Wise. d3t
Judge Chapman adjourned court yes
' ferday till Friday morning, and went up
,,p Lincoln this morning to pass on some
motions and will return tomorrow morn
ing. Considering the large number of
people in the city the police so far has
done well in preventing disorder, as
nothing of a very serious nature uas yet
Yesterday Peter Perry of Eight Mile
Grove came to the city with his family
to see the sights, in the way of attending
the firemen's tournament and looking at
the circus. He hitched his team on Vine
street in front of J. M. Schnellbacher's
residence and at noon when he came to
get his dinner he found some one had
appropriated his dinner and box which
contained it, so Mr. Perry and his folks
had to go hungry.
The closing entertainment of St. John's
school will take place in the opera house
this evening.. It will be a grand treat
for those who will avail themselves of
the opportunity to see those well trained
children going through the different
numbers of a beautiful program. Re
served seats are only 35 cts. unreserved
5 cts. All are most respectfully invited
Entertainment commences at 8 o'clock,
The Great Show.
The street parade given in this city
yesterday by the Sells Brothers and Bir
rett show was witnessed by as many peo
ple as ever gathered here before on any
occasion. Everything was in the parade
that would contribute to make it brilliant
and attractive.
They gave two exhibitions, one in the
forenoon and one in the evening, both
of which were largely patronized by
both city and country people, and all
were loud in pronouncing it the grandest
success they ever saw in the way of a
show. Under one large canvas were two
large rings and a large elevated platform
all of which were occupied constantly
with the most brilliant performances
over given in this city. It was, indeed,
the small boys' paradise, and some of the
large one's too, for it was observed that
the attractions did not fail to draw from
all classes. It will be many a day before
the people of Cass county will have the
opportunity to w itness such an aggrega
tion of wonders as were produced by this
show . v?str
An Editor's Grandchildren.
J. R. Dodd, editor of the daily and
weekly Arbor State, of Wymore, Neb,
says: "I have seen the magic effect of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in cases of
coup and colds among My grandchil
dren. We would not think of going to
bed at Dight without a bottle of his rem
edy in the house." For Sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Anyone buying 25 cents worth of Tan
sill's Punch cigars at Wildman & Fuller's
and guessing the exact number of people
that will attend the World's Fair in '93,
will receive the snug sum of $5,000. 6t
. The G. F. Corcorans of York
Win First and the Nevilles
: Second Money.
i A Very Small Crowd in Attendance
i on the First Day Good Races
I The Parade Today.
The first day of the Nebraska State
Firemen's tournament was a su cess a?
far as the races were concerned, but the
attendance was miserably poor, owing
largely to the fact that the ciirus held a
lare crowd from attending, but today
the management expects better patro
n ig'-. The track was in the pink of
condition, as also were the different
In the Green Hook an l Ladder race
there were two entries, the Nebraska City
team and Plattsmouth team. The Ne
braska City team whs the first to start
It stitrted and the harness broke, causing
a little delay, but the break was soon
mended and they came down the track
in 51 i. The Plattsmouth team then
made the run in 50 seconds. When Geo.
Scott, the man that climbs the ladder,
reached the top and had started down,
the men lost control of the ladder and
let it fall with Scott, he lighting on his
side, but fortunately he escaped unhurt.
In the chiefs' race there were five en
tries A. Rothman, of York, winning
the 25 bidge in 11 seconds, and George
Melvin, of W.ihoo, the leath'-r meda), for
the slowest time.
In the forty two class, hose race, purse
200, the Nevilles were the first to run
in-lli. The B. & M. hose team came
next and made a good run hut failed on
the coupling and no time was allowed
them. The York team came third and
covered the space in 40 seconds and
winning the first prize of $150. The
Grand Island team was the next to run
and made it in 43J and the Aurora in 45,
;vnd was hotly contested by the different
At 10:30 occured the firemen's parade
with Hon. Wm. Neville as commander-
in-chief, and the first, division under W.
H. Pickens, formed on Third Street, the
second diyision, under Hon, F. E, White,
formed on Fourth Street, and the third
division,' under Hon. R. W. Hyers, on
Fifth. The line of march was from Third
to Seventh, from Seventh to Vine, from
Vine to Third, and from Third to Main,
from Main to Sixth and broke ranks.
The following is the order of march:
Ancient Order of Iliberneans, band of
Omaha, of sixteen pieces, four abreast.
The Omaha Veteran Fire Department of
OmaTia. four abreast.
.Union Pacific band of Omaha.
The Durants of Omaha.
Crete hose team.
Ashland Hose team.
Boys' Hook and Ladder company of this
Bohemian band.
The Neville running team.
The York running team.
The F. E. White hose team.
The F. M. Richey hose team.
The B. & M. band.
The B. & M. running team.
The Grand Island running team.
The Plattsmouth Hook and Ladder.
The Wide Awake hose team.
The Nebraska City running team.
City council in carriages.
Board cf control in carriages.
This morning the veteran firemen's as
sociation came in on a special train that
left Omaha at 8:30. The fare was re
duced to 90 cents the round trip. The"
Durant company with theU. P. band and
the veterans of Omaha with the A. O. II.
band. The veterans were fifty strong.
After the parade the veterans of Omaha
were drawn up in line, and in a neat
speech by Mr. Sherman presented to the
company the elegant banner, bearing the
inscription, "The Srate Firemen's Tourn
ament, Plattsmouth, June 25, 1890." for
the best appearing company. Mr. But
tery, on behalf of Omaha, responded,
thanking the young lady judges for the
judgment they used.
The following is the program for today
and tomorrow:
2:00 p. m. Green hose race. Purse,
150. First prize, f 100; second prize,
3:00 p. m. State hook and ladder
race. Purse, $350. First prize and
championship belt, $200; second prize,
$100; third prize, 50.
4:00 p. m. State hose race. Purse,
$350. First prize $200 and champion
ship cart; second prize, $100; third prize
$50. !
4.30 p. in. Ladder climbing. Con
test to rules. Prize. 25 bidge.
10;00 a. ru. Pompeir Corps Contest.
Purse, $75. Fiit prize 50: second prize
11:00 a. m. Grand free-for-all water
test. HandM me $25 badge.
1:30 a, in. Hose nee, free for-all.
Purse $400. First prize, $3o0; second
piize $100.
2:30 p. m. Hook and Ladder race,
free for all. Purse $400. First prize,
$300; Second prize, $100
3:50 p. in. Couplers contest to rules,
prizes, two $25 badge?.
The Omaha veteran firemen made a
fine uppHHrnnce in th"ir new uniforms.
They walked four abreast aud eah one
carried an umbrella.
A protest I) ts liven entered against the
Nebraska hook and ladder team, because
time was not called when the top of the
ladder was reached, but a s yet ' the
judges have not decided.
The Geo. F. Corcoran hose company
rubbed the 4iO!d Vets" awful close for
the prize for the best appearing company
The Nevilles are in for blood this
afternoon and Plattsmouth will have the
state cart this year.
A big crowd w ill be in attendance
Kearney, York and Plattsmouth are
fOin to run close ror nrst aou rue state
The Nebraska firemen made a fine ap
pearance in the parade this morning.
Tomorrow at 11 a. m the free-for all
wet race on Main street.
The York counb rs made a fine coup
ling yesterday.
Thestreet car will run from IIciseFs
mill to the tournament ground.
The veteran firemen of Omaha added j
much to the splendid appearance of the j
parade this forenoon.
Oregon Letter.
Portland. Oregou, June 17, 1890.
Editor Herald: In my last letter 1
promised to tell you some things about
Portland, the largest and most important
city in the state of Oregon. It is beauti
fully situated on a plateau which grad
ually increases in height till a range of
hills are formed in the western part of
the city, and is also on the west bank of
the Willamette riyer, fifteen miles from
its mouth, fifty miles northeast of Salem
and 120 miles from the mouth of the
Columbia river. The city is well built,
the houses being mostly made of wood.
It is a large commercial town, both
wholesale and retail, and the prices dif
fer but little from the prices in Omaha.
From the range of hills west of the
city a magnificent view is obtained of
the snow-cappeil mountains in the dist
ance, Hood, Jefferson and St. Helen
and the range of the Cascade mountains.
The windings of the Columbia and Wil
lamette rivers is, indeed, a beautiful
Portland has a population ef about
25,000; is at the head of ship navigation
on the Willamette and is the center of a
large growing trade with the north and
west of it . A line of steamships connects
the city with San Francisco, also to the
Sounds, up North Arab road from Seattle
and Taconia, thence Portland to San
Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sandiego
bay. With all these advantages in its
favor it will soon become one of the
largest cities on the western coast and in
point of wealth I suppose few cities com
pare with it. If I was to select a place
on the western coast as a home it would
be here but I think when I get home old
Cass will be good enough for me as I
have failed to find a place as yet that
sec-m3 like home. The first rain since
last March is faliing now. The very dry
weather has occasion hard times to some
extent as this is the third year of drouth
and crops have been short. The valleys,
this year will yield only about two-thirds
of a crop.
I will now stop for the present and as
ray next stop will be at Seattle and Ta-
coma on the Sounds, you may hear from
mo again in the near future.
Robert Metteer.
Catarrh cured, health and sweet breath
secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
Price 50 cents. Nausol Injector free. 2
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer is
guaranteed to cure you. For sale by F.
G. Fricke and O. II. Snyder. 1
La Rosa 5 cent cigars at Gering & Co
is without a rival. dGt
Cotton ra"0
ted at this office.
CifCo. Soda Fountain is famous
for its elegant Nectar Soda. d6t
I have stated in my notes before that
I believe the officers of a state the best
judges of its laws aud their influence on
the state. So I cive a letter from m
Larrabe written when he was the high
est officer in the state. Please read what
the governor says:
Des Moines, la., Feb. 10, 189.
Rev. Fuller. Aberdeen: Your com
munication of recent date at hand ant;
noted. In reply I desire to say that the
prohibitory law in Iowa has much moie
than answered the best expectations o
its former most hopeful advocates. As
regards the assertion that prohibition has
driven people.ont of the state, I think
not a person has left the state on account
of prohibition whom it is desirable to
have return. Many of those engaged in
the saloon and liquor business and such
persons as are usually attracted by these
in-erests have left, and the state is large
ly the gainer thereby. The cheap lands
of the states and territories west of us
have induced a greac many enterprising
j aud yaluable citizens to emigrate, inde-
dependent of any influence of prohibition.
: There has been a steady growth in our
population, and the census of 1890 will
probably show in Iowa at lbast 2,000.000
I inhabitants. The yote at the last elect-
ion shows an increase of 65,320 over the
caiucuuw ui xo-x acw.c u-
j crease than the election of 1884 showed
j over that of 1880
j As to the depreciation of real estate
( occasioned by prohibition, it is the sheer
est nonsense. Values have, I believe,
been sustained in Iowa as well as in the
adjoining states where prohibition is not
the rule. The same causes that have
effected values elsewhere have undoubt-
eai-v i,aa t,le,r eUeot nere- Crol)S 2row
,,trds multiply, and the markets of the
world continue open to us me same as
before, and why should business suffer?
Money is now spent for the necessaries
of life and legitimate uses instead of
being spent at the saloon.
The banking business of a state is per
haps as fair a barometer of business as
can be found. The number of banks in
the state has been increased from 180 in
1883 to 244 in 18S8; deposits have in
creased from $27,231,719.74 to $39,985
362.08 in 1888.
I think more than half of the jails in
the state are entirely empty at the pres
ent time. There are 98 less convicts in
our penitentiaries than there were three
years ago, notwithstanding- the growth
of population. Expenses in criminal
courts have decreased very largly during
the last few years. I send you with this
a copy of a collection of letters from the
district judges of our state, which will
show you that the testimony is over
whelmingly in favor of the law. More
recent statements from them would no
doubt show still more favorable results.
Tramps are very scarce in Iowa.
There are evidently very few attractions
for them here. Probably more than
3,000 of their recruting stations have
been closed during the last five years.
The wives and mothers of the state, es
pecially those of small means, are almost
unanimously in favor of the law. The
families of laboring men now receive
the benefits of the earnings that formerly
went to the saloons. There is no quest
ion in my mind but what the law is
doing good for the people.
My views heretofore advanced in
favor of the law are strengthened end
confirmed by added experience. Our
people are more determined than eyer to
make no compromise with the saloons.
The lawr has more friends in the .state
than it eyer had before, and I am satis
fied that no state can show results more
William larkabee.
about taxes
Union Worker.
If you carry the prohibitory amend
ment, say the whiskey men, you will in
crease the burden of taxation, which is
now almost heavier than the people can
bear. A comparison of the rate of tax
ation for state purposes in Kansas and
Nebraska for the years 1880 to 1889, in
clusive, will show how utterly groundless
this argument is . It will be remembered
that Nebraska adopted high license jnst
about the same time that Kansas adopted
prohibition. After a nine years' trial of
the two systems, how do they compare
as to thtir effect on taxation?
In 1880 the rate of taxation in Ne
braska was 39 cent3 and 5 mills on one
hundred dollars. Ia Kansas it was 55
cents, or 15 cents and 5 mills more than
in Nebraska. The followsn? table will
show the steady increase in the rate
under high license in Nebraska and de
crease under prohibition in Kansas, We
hope our readers will study this table
very carefully:
Thus, while Kansas began the period
with a rate of 15 cents aud 5 mills on
the hundred dollars higher tlmn Ne
braska, it has steadily decreased, and
our 6tate has steadily increased, until now
our state taxes are not only 23 cents and
3 mills higher than in Kansas, but are
23 cents and 8 mills higher than when
If 0 39-5 V
lHl 61 5 'M
lfcS2 C7 45
1HC3 78-1 S
lt81 7C-9
1S-5 77-2 3:
1R80 76-2 40
187 83 2
7.5 -SI
nm 63 3 4o
the state adopted prohibition.
In other words, while prohibition has
reduced taxation in Kansas S8 cents and
8 mills, high license has increased it in
Nebraska 23 cents and 8 mills. So
much for the argument that prohibition
increases taxation. In the next issue we
shall compare the two systems as to their
effect on crime.
They Will Hereafter Remain Motion
less In Omaha While Thunder
The trolley wire for the Harney street
motor line has arrived, and the work of
stringing it will be begun at once.
The loss sustained by the company
during the Sunday night storm is not so
great as was nt first supposed, and it is
thought that $ GOO will repair all dam
Hereafter, the company proposes to see
that no damage will result on such occa
sions. uue tuj srorm is raging, me
machinery will be stopped, all connect
ions thrown off, and the cars allowed to
stand till the storm shall have stopped.
This they think will be more satisfactory
to all parties.
During dry weather, the olficials state,
the motor wires are absolutely harmless,
and are continually handled by the line
men without inconvenience; but, during
a storm, there is no knowing what volt
age they are carrying, nor what damage
may result.
Bought the Box.
Yesterday as farmer Rusterholtz, who
lives about eight miles southwest of the
city, was on his way to see the show and
tournament he was met some distance
out on the road by two youns: men, who
topped and engaged Mr. Rusterholtz in
conversation, exhibiting to him a small
paper box containing $G0 in glittering
gold, in plain view of course, and of
fered to sell it to him for 30. The
fa mcr saw a golden opportunity to
make his three gold eagles and could
not withstand the temptation to buy
that little box; so reaching for his replete-
wallet he closed the deal by handing
over to the smooth young man the $30
and took his box, full of gold as he sup
posed, and the interview was at an end,
for the slippery pair had business else
where. It is hardly necessary to say that
this box, like most other little paper
boxes lying around loose, was empty
when its owner came to open it. It
seems unnecessary to warn people against
such swindlers, for the papers all over
the country are full of such tricks, and
have been since the mind of man runneth
not to the contrary. Yet men of reason
able intelligence and judgment pfirsist in
takinf hold of such schemes and as often
gtt fleeced with no one to blame but
Police Court.
Complaint was filed yesterday against
James Smith for being elrunk and die-
orderly for which luxury Judge Archer
taxed him $G.S0.
Edgar Carrell wus charged with dis
turbing the peace, plead guiity and paid
5 and costs of G.C5.
Today complaint was filed against
lobert Piersoll for carrying concealed
weapons, plead guilty and paid a fine of
f 5 with costs of $4.80.
Ducklen's Arnica Satve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
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is guaranteeel to give satisfaction, or
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Elson the one price clothier. 6t
Burglarized O.vel!in.o.
The dwelling li r Mi-urn. ilc
Lenau, McC'r. a ind i.'u k i, udjicent
to end i th.-r .n.t in 1'nrk, were
broken inf.i vi r-!Tii.iy i''innf tin: hIiow
hour. At M i".'. li.t .i r h burntcd
open an 1 iioiiH. IioM fj. i - ; n tty badly
torn ar 1 1 1 I. ,! n . t ii i r - of va'iio it
missing. At McL-iiun's the thieves got
in their work more etf 'Ctually. They
unlocked tin- doors of t ie dwi iliiii; Hnd
secured $20 in iimney. mid two gold
rings.. At Rinkrfu they hU' nmde their
cntraiue by ; ; , i c inn t - t'ooi , but were
not nucc -t 'ii in i4-t i i it vj i. If wiiti much
booty, bjt ..j, .Jf ,ut turned
things upside down. s-Hi-rliitii.r f,)r valu
ables tint M..v mi-; lit o,rry off.
Lock Breeders.
We l.'aye it lrom h n-li'il ! source that
a number of iioy., or ir-j nu n have re
peat! dly l.rok- r; locki-.a' tin- Hiyh School
builoing. during the las'. i-w months Hnd
entered the lnil !intf tin I In-ld hiuh times
there. This is a matter that diserves the
attention of the Board of Education, and
if a stop ran i t c put to ueh busincsH
in any otli r wiy, an ex u i ; I . should be
made by ;irrest and fine ol any person re
peating the ofl'vni".
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