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ltKV. I. M. I'l KM K
From Tui s 1 i.t ly
The two iiini'iKlimnts tliut will
votcl ot lliis Novi-tnlM-r iiri- wnrlhv
the o;inili(l ooiisi.ltTntiini of i-vi-rr voter,
sin i.l every oit who will he nliVrU-d hy
tbu results t tlm election.
One vinviKlirient. in to s j t-h-in t lie
Conr-titution of our state, that it will close
every tmloon in the slute. The other
auiemliDi tit. is to so change the i-ouhti- menl at Hf'sV mill, tf
tutiou of our stuff that the M.-tloon will j yj,.. itsSiseil valuation of Nebraska
continue in our suite itn'l can be plumed j rjjty ,)n.cinct, figures up a total of $1,104,
any where f)!s.
In those towns win-re tliev h ive not i
bail a saloon tor y ars and where the
majority do not wmit om ; this license
amendment makes it possibly to open n
saloon in every city, town, vll 'e, pre
cinct, and neighborhood, evin if every
inan, woman and child say they do not
want it. This lict-ns.- amendment makes
the law of the Mate such, tnat a man can
open a saloon in the face of all opposition
when he has paid the license.
The vote is to be for the saloon or
against it. Is the saloon a good institu
tion, and do I want it to remain ? Do I
want more saloons in our state? Will
they make the people better and richer? ; this afternoon for the arrest of Alva
It seems to me that eyery msn w ho is Kelley and Frank Sitztnan upon the com
opposed to the prohibitory amendment plaint of John Flynn for breaking and
is in favor of tlie s iloon . : injuring three cars, the property of the
Now this may not be true, but it looks ; B. & M. railroad,
so to us on this side. If the prohibitory i Thp C()lored mftn Joriloilj styled the
amendment is a law that closes the saloon j TeXi9 Cyclonev delivered two lectures
and I am opposed to that law, then 1 am . Triav an. t.ipSW niid.ts
opposed to the saloon being closed. If
I believe we are better off with the sa
loon then I will favoi tt.-at law which
continues it. How would it look to a
saloon keeper, for a man to say he be
lieved the saloon was a good Ihinc; tht
he believed that it added wealth and
oSn,ritv. strength and excellence, vir-
tue and glory, to our city aud state, and
in the face of all these declarations vote
for the prohibitory amendment that
abolishes the saloon?
Do you believe the saloon keeper would
understand the logic of such a course?
Of course the man is honest and is true to
his convictions, and talks and votes as
he believes. v
But what bothers the saloon keeper is
i 1 . - .- - i
to harmonize the talk and vote II
never questions the man's honesty for a
moment; he knew when he said all those
things in favor of a saloon that he be
lieved them, and he had a tiik with him
Eince he voted and he said he had not
rhanced his mind one iota. Aud the
problem is to be solved how a man who
believes a saloon is such a good institu
tion and does so much good for the
state can vote for a law to destroy it.
How would it look to a minister, for a
man to say he believed the saloon was a
very bad institution; that it produced
poverty, want, vice, crime, drunkards,
sorrow, misery and woe; that any city,
town or village or state or people would
be better off without it, and in the face
of all these declarations vote for that
amendment which provides for the per
petuity and increase of the saloon? How
could the minister harmonize the talk
.and vote? Therefore it seem9 to me that
any man who is opposed to a law to close
the saloon is in favor of keeping them
open. If I don't want them shut I want
them ODen. If I don't want them de-
stroved I want them to exist. If I believe
they are bad institutions and do much
harm I don't believe they are good in
stitutions and do much good. I can not
believe two things which are diametric
ally opposed to each other.
Thos. W. Shryock, of Louisville, came
down this morning.
The county commissioners are sitting
as a board of equalization.
lion. John Fitzgerald, of Lincoln,
arrived on No. 2 last eyening.
Oswald Guthman, of Louisville, came
in this morning on the Schuyler.
Mr. Silas Long left this morning for
Des Moines, Iowa, on a short visit.
A. Hoskins, of Weeping Water, is an
attendant upon district court this week.
Mrs. Dr. Emmons of Omaha, sister
to Mrs. B. Spurlock, is visiting in the
S. C. Patterson, the South Bend mer
chant came down this morning on the
Mrs. M. J. Knotts, of Murray, Iowa,
who has been visiting relatives in this !
state left for her home this morning.
Mrs. Maxwell, who has been visiting
her daughter Mrs. Geo O' NeiL returned
to her home in Omaha this morning.
Miss Almina Winterstein, a sister of
Dr. Winterstem of this city, departed for
her home at Lexington, Ohio, yesterday
Mr. J. .M. I'ifrcr-i m nci-in-l tli sail
in'i llitj.-in'i' tli's (('uin-iii' ft' tli wiioiw
ill'K-vs of licr r i1 'f.-r ut l.i- horn- nt ''nt-
tcrson's Mi!!-, W;i-hintoii county, I'tun
ami ch-piirti d oi. No. 4 for that place.
M- r.i. -oryK 1'oinill anil I). M. Jones
Went, as tournament tl-ly;at"s t: Mar
sha; Ito wii,' 1 1 . , this iiiorniii to atlverti.-e
the tinji n uiMMit an I t iul-iivor to inert-., he
t tie sit t lii'ilH-e.
I'lenty of tt-i-ii.. Hour, tiraluun ami
i That hacking counh can be so quickly
cur :d by Shiloh's cure. We uuarantee
it. For'stde by F
G. Fricke and O. II.
Will you sutler with Dyepepsia and
Liver complaint? Sliiloh's Vitalizer is
guaranteed to cure you. For sale by F.
G. Trick and O. II. Snyder. 1
Go to Philip'Kraus for your groceries,
quet-nsware, and glassware, also for fresh
vegetables and fruits. All orders
promptly tilled and delivered to any part
of the city. tf
Polics Judsre Archer issued a warrant
j to the great satisfaction of the ameud
j ment people, and will address the peo
ple of Hock Bluffs and vicinity tonight.
The ninth annual commencement exer
cises of the high school will be given at
the opera house next Friday evening.
t . . . . .hi
An interesting program win oe ren-
dered. Tickets for the entertainment
are on sale at J. P. Young's store.
An Omaha paper is frank enough to
say that Monday night was the regular
meeting night of the board of trade of
that city, but that "Judge" Julius
Cooley captured the town in his latest
efforts upon the boards, and that in con
sequence a quorum could not be secured.
Following is a partial list of Bellevue
visitors toilay to attend Commencement
exercises of the Belleyue College: Mrs.
W. D. Jones, Mrs. D. A. Campbell, Mrs.
Chas. Parmele, Mrs. A Patterson, Miss
Mav Patterson. Mrs. J. D. Simpson, Miss
Lou Simpson, Messrs. Sam Patterson and
Thos. Parmele.
The Murphy meetings at Rockwood
hall opened last night a little after 8
o'clock with a large audience. The
speaker made some good hits for total
abstinence and righteous living, paying
a high tribute of respect to the mothers
who are charged with the early training
of the children. The audience was fre
quently convulsed with laughter, yet the
speaker turned all he said to good ac
count. At the close an earnest invitation
was given to all to sign the pledge and
don the blue ribbon, to which quite a
number responded. No admission was
charged at the door but a collection was
taken to meet the expenses of the meet
ings, rne kockwooci iiau proying in
sufficient, the management haye con
cluded to secure the opera house for the
remainder of the week.
What Everybody Says Must be True.
Every man, woman and child knows
that the Sells Brothers' circus upon its
last visit to this place was by far the
best circus organization that ever came
this way. This year these enterprising
managers have formed a corner on the
show business by consolidating Barrett's
World's Fair with their enormous exhi
bition, and after this season it will be
hard for the average show to satisfy the
public with a moderate exhibition. The
people when once educated to expect
big things, are not satisfied with com
monplace or little ones. After this seas
on a circus to attract the attention of our
citizens will have to be of a high order,
because it must come into comparison
with the show that preceded it, and as
Sells Brothers and Barrett's United
Shows are so much larger than any other
in this country, there will be no room
for the small fry. These two shows will
spread their huge tents in Plattsmouth
on Tuesday, June 24th.
the Zacatecas State Lottery.. I.oteria de la
Beneticencia Tublica is chartered by the Gov
ernment and operated under Its supervision.
Capital prize, $150,000.00. Draw ings on the 27th
ot each-month. Tickets, $10; halves, $5;
tenths, $1. New York draft. Juan Fiedad,
Mgr., Box 43. Zacatecas. Mexico.
Great inducement in Wall Paper at
Wildman & Fuller. tf
Shepherd, the Condemned Fre
mont Murderer, Holds a
Touching Interview With
Bishoo O'Connor's Will Filed for
ProbatePolitics at Harrison--A
$50,000 Building for Colo
rado Springs.
From Wednesdays' la,!ly.
Fremont, Nel., Juue 10. The mother
anil sister of Chas. Shepherd, the young
man condemned to hang on Friday of
this week, came down from Scribner this
morning and were this eyening granted a
sad interview with their son and brother
Shepherd's case was & few days since ap
pea'ed to the supreme court. No stay o
execution has been received by Sheriff
Mallon from the supreme cou t, but one
is confidently expected tomorrow. With
the understanding that this would be
forthcoming in proper time the sheriff
has made no arrangements for the hang
ing. Shepherd and his partner, Furst,
who is also uuder sentence, are at' pres
ent under the spiritual guidance of Rev.
Fife, pastor of the Presbyterian church
but they haye not yet evinced much in
terest in their soul's salvacion.
Waterworks forWinslde.
Wixside, Neb., June 10. The water
works have just been tested and proved
satisfactory in every particular, throwing
a good, strong stream oyer the highest
building in town. Everybody is jubilant
over Winside and proud of her havin
the best system of waterworks in Wayne
The Dead Bishop's Will.
Omaiia, Neb., June 10. The last wil
and testament of the late Bishop O'Con
nor was filed for probate today. After
the usual provisions for the payment of
the indebtedness of the deceased, he
leaves $50 to each of his servants, 'iOO
to A. M. Colaneri, his private secretary,
and $-j,000 to Woodstock College in
Baltimore county. Maryland. lue re
mainder he bequeaths in trust to Bishop
Cosgrove of Davenport, la., to be held
for his successor. The will is witnessed
by M. A. Kennedy of Lincoln, and J,
Glander, of Omaha, and is dated Febru
ary S. 18S7.
Politics at Harrisou.
Harrison, Neb., June 10.- -The action
of the state central committee in placing
the representation on the basis of the
vote polled in 1S8S is not approved in
northwest Nebraska, w here the popula
tion has materially increased the past two
years, and a less number of delegates to
the state convention is thereby allowed
this part of the state than if based on
the vote for regents a year ago.
. It is quite probable that the rival fac
tions in the republican ranks in Sioux
countv will this vear be united. The
"half and half" representation at the
state convention last year is not wanted
There is some talk to the effect that
the next legislature should contain a rep
resentative froni among the Sioux. Re
publicans in this county want some of
the honors as well as the work attached
to alecting legislators.
Printers at Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga., June 10. At today's
session of the International Typographi
cal union the special committee appointed
to constder the proposed home at Colo
rado Springs reported favoring the use
of the Childs-Drexel fund. The conven
tion was unanimous concerning the gen
e-raljplan. A 30,000 home will un
doubtedly be built at Colorado Springs.
Blair, Neb., June 10. A woman has
been the bone of contention between
some of the men working on the new
court house and the collar factory. The
collar factory cause was backed by one
Morgan and the court house gang by
Compton. After a war of words both
parties decided to settle the controversy
by a pugilistic encounter. Both parties
retired beyond the city limits, followed
by a large crowd. Upon arriving at the
grounds Morgan had but two or three
backers, while Compton had a large
crowd drawn up in battle array. Mor
gan, seeing that his chances were slim
and the odds were greatly against him,
suddenly pulled a 44-calibre reyolver
and told his opponents to disperse.
This they did in fine style, and in the
haste to get out of range one official's
buggy was nearly upset in the scramble
and retreat.
Took the Whole Vinyard.
Under the above heading the World
Herald special from Hastings June lUth,
says, 11. J. Faulkiu-r and Miss Zula Vin-
! yard were married this morning. Mr.
Faulkner is cshir at the Burlington and
Missouri depot, and Miss Vinyard has for
several years held the same position at
Wolbach it Uracil's dry goods establish
ment. Mr. Faulkner will be remembered
by many of the citizens of Plattsmouth
H3 the cashier for the B. & M. at this
place some years ago and is the nephew
of agent F. Latham of this city.
District Court.
In the case of Tidball fc Fuller tried
to a jury yesterday, a verdict was re
turned for the plaintiff in the sum of
In the case of John Smith vs. the city
of Weeping Water, the jury after being
out twenty-four hours and failing to
agree upon a verdict was discharged at 4
o'clock last evening and the case will
stand for trial at the next term of court.
The case of Daniel S. Draper vs. Joseph
A. Conner, is ou trial to a jury today.
W. W. Moore, of the Grand Opera
House, Des Moines, is an early settler in
that part of Iowa, and has had a great
deal of experience in his time. He
says: '"At various times I have had
acute attacks of bilious colic and violent
pains in the stomach, and found nothing
that gave me relief like Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Every person," he says, "should have a
ottle." For sale by F. G. Fricke
Prof. Beck went to Council Bluffs
Wm. Fraus, the Union merchant, is in
the city on business today,
Attorney Jesse Root made a business
trip to the metropolis today.
Mr. L. G. Knotts, of Council Bluffs,
was yisiting the Herald folks today.
II. M. Bons and little daughter, Neva,
were Omaha passengers this morning.
Mr. Chas. Eads and wife were passen
gers yesterday for Burlington for a visit
with relatives in that city.
John Donelau, one of the messenger
boys, was a passenger to the Bellevue
commencement, this morning.
Owen McGlynn, who has been a faith
ful clerk in the grocery store of A. Clark
for several yeais, now takes a position in
the B. & M. shops.
W. S. Wise had the misfortune to lose
his fine nag, '"Kittie," last night. This
was a valuable animal and had shown
some good points for speed.
C. II. Petersen, the ferryman, called on
the Herald this morning, and reports
travel still impeded by reason of the high
water on the Missouri bottoms.
J. D. Patterson, county surveyor of
Sarpy county, came down last evening,
and returned to La Platte this morning
where he is doing surveyor's work.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson arrived
on No. 5 this morning, from Keokuk, la.,
bearing with them the remains of tHeir
little girl babe that died there the 23th.
List of Letters
Remaining unclaimed, in the postoffice
at Plattsmouth, Neb., June 11, 1890,
for the week ending June 4, 1890:
Blnegan, G
Clark, Fiuma
Edson, G B
Bafkstrom, Emma
Chilson, Mrs Alice
Gough S.
Hoffman, Frank
Smith, Mrs Mary
Thomas, Mrs Francis
"Wedworth, Ester
Wiley, Josie
Gilliam, William
Jay, Miss J L
SDyder, Joseph
AValliege, Miss Edna
"Wiilison, Elizabeth
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say "advertised."
IIesry J. Streight, P. M.
This is what you ought to have, in fact
you must have ft to fully enjoy life.
Thousands upon thousands of dollars
are spent annually by our people in the
hope that they may attain this boon.
And yet it may be had by all. "We guar
antee that Electric Eitters if used ac
cording to directions and the use persist
ed in, will bring you good digestion
and oust the demon dpspepsia and in-
tall instead eupepsy. We reccomend
Electric Bitters for dyspepsia and all di
seases of the liver, stomach and kidneys.
Sold at 50 1.00 a bottle by F. G.
Fricke & Cu. 4
L S. Doten, Jutice of the Peace and
merchant of Bristol, III., says he can rec
conimend Sf. Patrick's Pills. "I have
used them," he says, "and know whereof
I speak." Any one troubled with con
stipation or biliousness will find them a
friend. They are prompt and certain in
their action and produce a pleasant ca
thartic effect. For sale by F. G. Fricke
& Co tf
Full upper or lower set ofteelli lor . fiUiirnnleCMl
lo he t lie same us those lor v liirh ,;,,
dentists charge K
1 Satisfaction Guaranteed or 2Icner refunded.
The only perfect and reliable w.ty
Gold, Silver, and Ho;?e Filling a. i i i. .l IU f
DR. WITHERS f nion H o'k Dentist
't Saved my Child'. Life.
When my child was born,
il'.x-tor onli-red one of the
r Fo'U. Hhe ate that un
,. -h- ne:.r!y died. Ihadthn
:-tors, rho caiil the trouble
s Iri'lij.'wtion, mil ordered
!bi- focd cli.'iiitrud to Lai-tstod
i". cut. It saved n:y child's life,
il l I owe yoM vmuy ti;;i::l:
'it it. I regard your Fo-i! as
iii -siuabie, ana tmjx rior : !')
.r ariiGcinl foil fVrL;.'; -.
Me -. A. -T. I;i:ti.i.ii.
Tost- manv Important Advaiitir-B
vur all other pn-pared 1-'oh1m.
r?':V.rt;y HourieheE a 2nby with
j cv v. '. r.OL : t15 a Jair-on or m:lk.
Isl Menoiii File
This file is a record, where all suspense items can he recorded and
each item, as consecutively dated, will take its "place a he tront" and
stare you in the face, until such stem shall have attention.
Especially adapted to recording for future attention t-uch mat
ters as appointments, Payment of Life Insurance I'reiniini!-, Renewal
of Fire Insurance, Tpecial collections, Promise to pay, Dr. or (Jr.,
Payment of taxes, Dates set lor suits, Expiration of time ioi appeal,
Business men who see these tiles, as a rule, buy them. f
Price, with ink wells and full supply of memorar lum cards
complete. $2.50
H EARL, General Agent. 4
135 Burr Block, Lincoln, Neb., Agents Wanted
Insure your property against fire, lightning and
-. Tornado in tlie
Of Cmcinnatti, Ohio.
Commcacect Business October 1S71
Stockholders individually liahle ,
of Ohio waich together with the present net surplus is a net
ouarantee of about $700,000,00 to policy holder.
Losses paid in nineteen years, (since
Wm. L. BROWNE, Resident
The 5th St. Merchant Tailor
Keeps a Fall Line of
Foreign & Domestic Good 5,
Consult Your Interee' by Giving Hla a . -il
Plattsm.01 xtli - TO-.
A pocket match safe free to smokers of
- It
i etiaeti:i te-
illioiit jiain
"We are uin in oir D'ir.
iw-ry (coiitaiiiijr forty InfantoJ
your Laetated Fo-id, tnd find
it far nuiH-rior to r II rtlier food
which ua Lx-rn i.h 1 during
the jt t.m ; tin-. t!mt I have
beu viMitm pl.YMriaii. The
t-ittim of th.-irit), who liavo
cl-tr.f if .!.- ii t.ti.tion. ay
it hu ii" p',.!."
"'. V.. 1 ! ".. V. D..
'ufvh -1 .i;itir..y!i:jii,
: . I : i (
S3oo, 000.00
under the constitution of the Stnte
organization) nearly tour million
Agent, Plattsmouth Nebraska
Y. A. Humphrey, 31. 1).,
Physician and Surgeon,
Cai!s In City orC juatrv Pr omptly Answere i
Estimates and of all work furnished and
ii-cords kekt.
Office in Martin Block.
Plattsmocth - Nebraska
fJSf jfytl 1 W, It Has No EQul.
f if
ofl V