Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 03, 1890, Page 7, Image 7

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cj. ll nr
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Bright. Jor'Mi ' A pi ll cn.en to us today.
Laden It hn w er-bell -i. bursts of uougs and
SllUWel'H ;
A violet fragrance hover o' r the way,
while children fro Ic in h r gddiii hour ;
Brooks, too. ulaiice hy. all spark li v. In tiie nun.
Glad thul ice etteis to the u'dk are flung.
The vl'-let love her and th Moodront white
W ith ink aiunttiH om will be atilow.
Then youth ;mt mai-lem in IntMine delight.
ill linger 'ueath the moonlight's wltelilng
Clow ;
Wliil. Hireas -! Inl: -a way, with ullen Igh,
As love y, ilower-cruwnetl A p II passes by.
Indies Home Journal.
W'.i i' April f.ioled tonight?
A farewell surprise party wiib jivin
Miss iiirtli link-r, daughter f W . L,
11 iker, List ''Veiling by her many little in t f iiA city.
Oeuer A Alger, commander-in chi- f f
the (. A. It., will speik in Onudia, April
!., mixI spcrit rat8 will be made on all
roads entering Ouiah.
In flic fourth every thing is quiet.
Gutsche's friends think they arc to num
erous for Peter Ilnnrahm who was nom
imil.d to late ti give him a fair show.
The trinnyulur fiah' for police tre
p-cn Stephen CTfTord, L C. Sti 1 s
Net Michsu I Arch, r bills fair ti re.-ult in
.ii electii n of Stiles, the regu'ar repub
lican nominee.
Tiii dependent pension bill vetoed by
(-level md two years ago, passed t tie
nitiiintl s-iiite 3-esterday. Tie demo
cratic b-adi-rs kicked vigorously but they
wc."e in the minority.
G nernl Maniger S . John, of the It irk
Island, 1ms issued a circular inforuiinu
em ; doyen that th'-y will be discharged
and not re-finployed if found intoxicated
either on or off duty.
A $-2,000,000 irlass pi at factory is to
bestirtd at EI wood Indiana. That
community should not kick i gainst pro
tective tariff, for without it no ruch plant
would ever exist in th- United St hcb.
Tli 1 8 con. I ward in charge of c tn-inittei-in
in. D. K. Bu r, is making things
lively fur th enemy. McMn' n and
Archer haw joined hands to elect W. L.
Brown, rt'id if th.y don't, do it, lively
rustling don't count.
Tin First Ward, the democratic strong
hold of th city, is as usual one sided;
but the friends of Dr. Salisbury are mak
ing a va.ient fijzht and at three o'cloc k
appeared to be ahead of McVey, the
democratic nomiuee.
Tiie third ward is the hottest polling
place in the city; the restless cohorts of
M B. Murphy are making vigoious
charges on the active ranks of L. G. Lars-
on whose forces .ire nbly commanded by
Coion.-l W'm. II. Pickens.
The Fifth is a hummer, the democrats
nre trying to down their own nominee
J. L. Minor, bv voting for Baxter Smith,
and Frank Ilmar; as a- result sultry
weather has enveloped th- polling place
and the indications at 3 o'clock was for
high wind followed hy sev ;re storms.
"The last of the predicted destructive
rtorms is looked for from the 3rd to 6th
of April." So says the weather prophet
of the Omaha Republican, and we must
say that lie has been right on every storm
period so far this winter; we therefore
hail his List, storm period with unalloyed
John Wilson, the famous California
Colored pugilist, became obstreperous at
the Perkins house last night; he made a
few passes at the genial proprietor of that
hostlery and as a result was knocked
down with a poker and as i further re
sult was landed in the coler. He was
discharged this morning and will try to
knock a Plattsmouth man out of the ring
tonight iu the most approved style of the
District Court
The Connecticut Mutual Life, etc., vs
Marrieita C. Unions et al. Ainu B e
eon appointed guardian ad lit. m for Ivan
W. Holmes, a minor.
State of NVhiska vs II nry W il 1 i in ,
pii-on. r, into court ask-d if h
had any t.-iniftosay why s- n'cnt '.-shouM
it if Iv ;i onounced. utter hearing Ids
iU;n ;i!s th
court si tit- net
,1 !.;
ill re-: i'l tie p- nit. :.!i ry cf the
j-t tt :,t h-i.-t ;::!.: 'ii:d t ! i .. (.klVii-lar.t to
. iV tt:e i .Is.
L- .i . t -t a: vs L --it i t al h as !. i ti
n tr'n! : I iv and yof uI'V. A liroe
liUi.tber of wi'tic-..- s h-ive be-n ixamio- d
urifl liMltV ill 'It' ;.!t '; ex -.ini:i T li
is an ! t n iiiouht t. s-.-t aside died,
m ule in 187S. -n the ground of incapac
ity to in ik ' a deed.
Wis and FooiV
Miiiin-ry iiij.o. iom w-.-ttir.-ng d witn
viitors ii-.d purcii 48--TS I nt F.i-l.ty aid
S.iturdy at tliiir great Eisd-r o;.;uiug.
Tlu ir several departtn tits seem :d l t led
with fine goods, we noticed, the mourn
ing department, pattern hats, baby bon
nets, lac s ostrich tips and the nices'. stock
of tine rii!ions t b foun I in th-i citv.
Th- firm ilo a l irg- business at their com
mo lious parlor in the Union Block; not
only in the city, but with thu smaller deal
ers in the adjoining towns as well. Yoa
will find them attentive and careful to
please cv-ry taste; opposite the Hotel
KiUy, oa iiiu tfit.
The question has been asked frequent
ly, who ia thear.cicot of whom we heat
o niucn in Thk IleitAi.o in tin. ast few
issuet i He in the one who prevented
the raven from returning to Noah's Ark
as he sailed in a cockle bio 11 over tie
inynty deep in the vicinity of Mt. Aria
rat. It is he who 'ii vented the building
of the tower .f Babel before the b;i -gtmg-
of men were multiplied. He was
Convenient to Abraham when the Angel
ofGD prevented him from offeriiiL
Isaac in Sicrifiee. and he wis t!i owner
of the run that wis usd as a Siciili
on that occasion. A ft.-r that In went t
Egypt and built the tht pyramid for
H-mi st s the H'-coud li cli can be sc-ii
even to the present day. He helped to
superintend the building; ,,f the twelve
underground pdaccs id' Egypt in which
tin re were three thousmd looms, he con
structed tip halls and hanging gani n
of Bablon The walls of which were
350 feet high, HI feet thick and 00 miles
in circumference. He was with the Men
of J u da wh'-n they took fie 1-ad of Saul
from t' e walls ef Bethsan. He it was
that tied Achor before the walls of Jeru
sali-iii by the orders of IIoluftrn"s. lb
it whs that founded the ruins of
which can be s-en nt the present day. II
was with Dioinede", King of Thrace, when
h f d his horses wi'h tin flesh of his
subjects. He kri"w Cadmus who intro
duced the alphabet into Greece 1402
yeais li C. He remi nibei s the rise ami
f.ill ol the liur great empires Spoken ot
ty Daniel. He was looking at that gen
tleiu in mixing the pitch that choked the
dragou. 11 - saihd with Cleopatra down
the Nile to me-1 Antnony. He was the e
vil gi-niu- ot B.utu-. who conqu--red liim
at Phillippi. He was Well iu quaint it
with At ila, the king ot the Huns, ami
with all th.- popes I li uue from Peter to
L (. For more information of him in
quire of Z -ke.''
The Ajcciest.
H. E. Whiting w. ut to O naha this
Mrs John L. Minor is seeing friends
in ). italia today.
Miss Ly.lia Pattesron is a visitor today
in the metropolis.
Chief Engineer Lewis, of the M P.,
went to Onmha today.
C. D. Clapp. E-q , the Elm wood mer
chant, is in the city today.
Dr. Emmons is moving to Omaha
where he will open up an iilliee.
Mrs Dodds. mother of Ed. Dodds
went to Iowa this morning for a three
wicks visit with relatives.
Col. Antill. the veteran sport, is out
hunting geese today just as though there
w -s no election in progress.
Switch engine No. J) 5 came out of the
back bIiojis this morning and started for
Denver, where it will I e located.
Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, mother of Meek
Davis came in from h- r Iowa home this
morning to see her C:iss county friends.
How They Curo Rhaumatlsm In
Mr. J. F. Meighan, a Pittsburgh, Pa.,
cigar dealer, woke up one morning wiih
an attack of rheumatism in his arm,
working around the store during the
morning made it worse so that bv noon
it was so painful h. could not raise his
arm to his head and had to car' V it in a
sling. A traveling man on learning his
condition went across the stree to Mr.
Heck's drugstore and at his own xpense
procured a bottle of Chawberlian's Pain
BihnforMr. Meighan who says: "Afti r
one nights bathing with this excellent
m dicine the pain, swelling and soreness
had nearly all disappeared and by the
second morning I was entirely well,
thanks to this valuable remedy. " He is
confident that it sf ved him a long seige
of the rheumatism and was so much
pleased that he rilled the traveling man's
pockets with his lest cigar3. For sale
by F G Fricke & Co.
Make Room for Miss Wyoming.
riiic -go Tiibutie.
Now room for Mis Wyoming, for
she's looming thriig!i the lunming.
and li.-r iiei ks mp- btightly blooming
in a mot b'Coiiiing limner.
Wen-, .! h rloiolv i oninin g. soft ly hnni
i:m :g ii" i- ni :r ' Ii' r wty to
ni-'ki. :i ' Si'Mn"ne" 'neaih t'i; .s:ar-
(ill St
At W c'-l' -It's Mi'ii.urvd ; a, r
: 1 1 1 T . hi oi;;iii i V i'i i 1 iCsil:i V M.if.
:ini i-oii'iiMl-'v tit-. leilancr- !'
tii tV, v.iv- t' t' Ivi-tcT.
W'l luive wirlnmt exrepiiuti tin;
1 trgest a-id musr comi;1oc line ol
eve - h vn in lite (iiy. it c.oni-pri-on
ail th. ;at'-r .-h:u!es iiiicl
tht. 1 n -li Noviliit-t. 1 H.-t rti
IJiHitiets. F'owfi-;. Uiiiixms. or nn
y thin in the Millinery line that
the New York und Parisian
market c;in sujply vold sit oir
sdrea-'y jiopular jirices. Everyone
J. V. Wkckdacii & Sox.
J. P. Antill, tin enndy msker, is now
making a tine lin of candies He
mik-s stick, tiffy. peanut, carstnels,
chocolates nnd all kinds of tin' crenis.
it Whiting's old stand, opposite opera ,
The Dependent Pension Bill
Passes the Senate.
The R-tutll-ttn Tariff 11111 Agreed L'n
Urn Uutler'a A tuteouUt (ioes lo Jail
-The l ull Text of the l)i-lH-u.lent I ill
an l'uitpl.
WMMMiioN. April 1. The principal
business traiinucted by the senate was
the passage of the dependent ension
bill. The house amendment to toe sen
aU bill lor a .'U.lic i.uildpig at Atchi
M)ti. Kan . was Uiaag. eed to and aeon
fereiice oi d. r d.
Sen.. tor Keagan made a set sjieech on
the I ill for the issue of treasury notea on
the dt-osit of silver. He regarded the
bill as a hopeful sign that the existence
of a great wrong, the suspension of sil
ver coinage, had at labt been admitted,
and thai a remedy might lo hoped for.
lie t . ought the Lill might give temo
liiiy relief, but he regretted that a bill
h.ol n. t teen rejiotted for tin? unlimited
t oitiaue ol tiiiver as well as gold. The
demon ti.atioii o silver had added o
nation I, t-t ite, rai.road. and all other
iioiebieuiiess, and lui.l reulu ed all values
ii per cent. It had been the cause ot
the s.ieritii e of thou ands of homes, by
making money hcaree and dear, and
hums, lactones, an i all olher kinds ot
proi ei ty cheap, lb suggested as rem
edies the a ment of the bonded indebt
edness of the government in silver as
well as go.d; ihe is ue of coin certilieates
receivable for all uolie dues and taxes,
iiii'i legal tender for all debts, public
and pnvaie: and the retirement Irom
. iii illation o all leeal tender and na
tional t auk notes of denomination under
-iu and the substitution of coin certiti-
iite therefor.
'liu ilepenUent pension bill was taken
up. 'Ihe hrsi ameiulnieiit (that of iMr.
1'iunio, r. moving the arrears uf liniita
lKo; was defeated 40 to 9.
Senator Call offered an amendment to
include those who served ill ludiau wars
prior lo lbTO. liejected yeas, U;
nays, y.
senator Vest offered an amendment
providing the money necessary to
meet the appropriation under the bill
shad be raised by an iti'-onie tax of 5 er
cent on incomes between $'.',0K) and
i.oOil. 7.J per cent, between $.,000 and
10,iO0, and 10 per cent over !il00,o00.
La U on the table by a party vote.
Senator Piunib ottered an amendment
to p y a pension of $M a month to all
w ho seved ninety days in the late war,
who are Gi years of age, or as they at
tain that age. Itejected 19; nays,
;W. The bit! was then passed yeas, 4-i;
niya, 12.
The house passed the following bills:
Hou.-.e bill directing the sale ot United
states property n the city of Pittsburg;
Louse bill granting iermiasion to the
City of lloston to improve ajid beautify
CVstle Island in Boston harbor; for the
.-aie of Fort Eilis mil tary reservation
in Montana; a resolution calling on the
secretary of htat for information as to
duties iniposeu by foreign countries on
brtadsiulfs, and what laws have been
enacted or regulations made in such
coun ries since lb79; senate bill (with
amendments) providing that oaths may
be administered by the justices, judges,
clerks or commissioners of the United
Slates courts; a bill depriving United
States judges of the authority to give an
opinion on a piestion of fact; a bill
granting the rigiit of way through the
Indian Territory to the Pitiaburg,
Columbus and tort Smith railr ad; a
bill providing that the regular terms of
the circuit and district court for the
sou t Ik rn district of Alabama shall be
held at Mobile and shall legiti on the
fourth Monday in Novenilier and tiie
first M nday in May. A bill was passed
providing that when, in a ease pending
befoie a circuit court involving less than
$3, 000, it shall appear to ti e satisfaction
of the court that the decision of the
court w ill set a precedent in a similar
class of cases, an appeal may le allow ed
to the supreme court on behalf of the
plain ti If, without regard to the amount
involved; also a bill requiring circuit
and district judges to instruct the jury
in writing when requested by either
party lo a cause.
The house then went into committee
of the whole, Mr. Allen of Michigan in
the chair, on the army appropriation
bill. Alter discussion the senate rose
and reported the bill to the house.
The action of the committee adopting
an amendment providing that no intox
icating lkpuors shall be sold to enlisted
men at any canteen, was reversed by
the house and the amendment was de
feated -yeaa, 52; nays, 136. The bill
was passed.
Mr. Sp inger of Illinois introduced a
joint resolut.on authorizing the presi
dent to retire N. P. Banks, with the
rank of major general, lief erred.
Samuel Strong Goes to Jail.
Washinoton, April 1. The grand
jury of the District brought in two in
dictments against Samuel Strong, who
for a number of years has been in litiga
tio i with Gen. B. 1. Butler, who
brought suit against btrcng to enforce
the payment of counsel fees. One of
the in lictments charges Strong with of
fering m evidence a false and forged
paper, and the oiher with rnlavvfully
taking from Judge Montgomery a paper
fi.ed in the case. Mr. Strong is Ho years
old and verv feeble, but when arrested
he declined to lurnish bail and was
taken to jail.
Senate In Secret Session.
V."AMiAiiT(, Apri l.-Th senate
confirmed the nomination of Jjhn F.
S ltjy. attorney for th- district of North i
Dakota. The enate was in secret ses- i
sion for nearly two hours, almost all of ;
the time being devoted to the consider- j
aiioii of the Florida nom nations. ;
Shortly lief ore G o'clock an adjournment
wns moved, and as there was evidently
rot a voting quorum objec
tion was laired, and the cases went
Nolle'n Iriv:te Secretary.
Washinoton. April 1 Horton Pope, '
private secrr tary to the secretary of the
interior, who lias handed in his resigna
tion to take effect May l.Ieft Washington
for his home in St. L uis. Before he
depaitej ho ' as entertained at a dinner
given in his honor at the Ai iiutrju try e
I IU H i V i I
A I'oD'irani from the Orand Old Man
Head in New York.
New York, April 1. The phonogram
sent by Mr. Gladstone to the American
Co-operative Building and Ian asso
ciations, which avi iv - ! ti. !.. ti'.
heard at the recent convention of those
associations in the Cooper union, was
heard by a distinguished company who
had assembled for that purpose at the
law library in the Equitable building.
Gen. W. T. Sherman presided. The
message is as follows:
1) EAit Slits: The purpose of the meeting on
the lltli, may, I summed up in
two words self-help and thrift and 1 can
not. although much occupied, refuse to send
to it a few words of congratulation and good
will. H is self-help that makes the man, and
man-makiug is the aim the Almighty ha-s ev
erywhere impressed upon creation. It U thrift
by which self-help for t he masses i epetident
up. in labor, is principally made effective. For
them thrift is tne symliol. an. I the instrument
of independence and of liberty, indispensable
conditions of all permanent koikI. Hut thrift
Is als i the niotherof wealth, and here con. e?
a danger into view, for w alth is the mother
of temptation, and leads many of its posses
sors into a new form of slavery more stibt.e
and not. less debasing than the ol 1. From
this slavery may all lands, and especially all
lands of the Eng.ish tongue, hold themselves
forever free. 1 remain, diiar sirs, your very
faithful and obedient servant,
w. E. Gladstone.
After th message had befn heard,
resolutions were adopted exprej-sing ad
miration for Mr. Gladstone and pleasure
in having leen perm tted to hear his
voice and his encouragiug words.
The Anti-Trust Kill Passed by the llousi
The Senate's Work.
Dis Moines. Ia., April 1. The hous.
passed the anti-trust bill, after consider
able discussion. The senate bill length
ening the present term of pres nt e ountv
amiitors, in order to make auditors am
treasure! s alternate in election, wa
passed: also the senate bill allowing
cilie to levy 6iecial taxes lor toe put
pose i changing naturl water couroe.
into sc-'.vcrs.
Tin house passed the senate bill ap
preprinting o,000 for the care of his
tori:al records; also a joint res luiioi
providing for the printing of the mes
sages of Governors Larrabee and Boie.
in foreign languages.
Attcr some uiscussion i the senate oi
the l.-ili lo compel private banks to conn
under the provisions of tie banking
law, it was referred to the banksaud bank
ing committee without action. The bi
for ti relief of certain unregistered
pharmacists was passed.
Tiie senate passed the house bill a
propriating 4, W00 to pay the expenses
tne university investigation. A bill wa
passtni grjintin railroa Is two years e.
tension of time for puttintr up fences.
hill listina: the capital stocks f bank:
for taxation was amen led aud referre
tj the judicial coininittee.
Cluis. Kmory Smitli's end-Off.
I'niLADEl.l'HiA, April I. C'has. Emory
Smith, editor of the Press, and ministe
to liu sia was banqueted by a Lout eight)
newspaper men of this city at thj Hotei
Bellevue in honor of his entrance tnu
diplomacy. Wm. V. McKean of th.
ledger presiiled and (Jeorge V. C'hilds
Col. Cockrell, of U e New lork Woi Id,
nnd many other lights of journalism
were present. Letters of regret wen
received from Secretary Blaine, White
law Ueid. Ceo. Wm. Curtis. Hon. A. C.
Cur tin, and others.
Sho mill l.eatlier .Men Protest.
Boston, April 1. The executive com
mittee ol the New Enghind Shoe ate
Leather associatii voted that they wert
opjxised to any increase in the duty or
flax or linen thread, and th it a Btrou:
petition should lie prepare J and circu
lated for s;-.rn tures, to le forward-d l
ihe wiivs siiui means comm. ttee in Wash
lngtoti tit
Pi ' D.ivh - li rt ened.
Hvi.iVAX". N'. S , Ajuil 1. The reja :
of th.-- !'; iii iarioti for n n
i-ir L";r th. preaent drfy's ia' r.
v.-;-'.;! by every Ixis-t printer..;
tili- 'U." '' ill CI-a-.' tlltf i lilie! ;
v. ii! tv..i k .-.-Mie iii-:e t i of ! Im;,.- r.
v .: i-.i'i re, ei ve tiie sa.uv v a,. a
u i li.r i-: -iiour ?y teni.
W.t: '.''..! k N'iiit- H'.tir
B. ki:-. . A ril I. The tigita-
tiou coi.-if :!;.. . hus reported to the t ;.r
peniers' d tiat councd that the ui ion
carpenters in MarbieheatL Uaveriil.!
Ljnn, Whitman, Kevere. ilarlixiro" ani
Loweil vvid ,uit work at 5 p. in. a ; i
will not woik tii reafter mure than mm
hours pc r Uay.
'sirlirov v. L'.iiicenetUer.
NE'.vfuUT. II. I., April I. Argument
was hear 1 in the supreme court on a de
murrer in the suit of Roliei t Cari,rey
against Executive Officer Longenecker,
of the naval training siation. lor 1,000
damages for imprisonment after plain
tiff had been uncharged. lJexi-.ion waa
Lawyer Collier's Insanity.
Chicago. April 1. Frank Collier, the
well known lawyer, who was seat to the
Kankakee insane asylum lst December
.and discharged a short time ago as
cured, has been adjudged insane in the
eountv court and recommitted to the
.hospital tor the insane at. Kan -okce,
i mil ii ii i 'hp nil ii m in... an. in.
d l i n I
Star Listers. Mi lhum Wngonns and Uuiruies. Molim S'tei 1 Ilnirows
Little Jokir Cultivator. Pimm Stc. I Harvester and Bindc-H
The Dimly Hiding Cultivators, mid
X fiii iisie uS' u;::I;Io iaui sinl Iiarnoss.
Our Goods are all new with tlic latest and Ix'st improve-
vVe have .something new in a -p' iiiLrfn .il' i iii w ."n. it
will pay y.di t: see ii.
xth Stre.r, ear i ,: 1 l.'i;. y
$500 00
(liven to hiihsei iliers of the Wi.kki.y 1 'lai i mhh i n 11ikau and
the Omaha World-1 It raid
The Pi.attsmoitii IIjkai.I) idler.- oO lo the f'anm r u lio litit-et- tiie
nost corn on an acre ot ground. i his. is in addition to the Worlil
llirald'.s jirize ot $o0, thus ji v i tier the hiicco.-.-tnl Ca.-s co'inty tanner
a prize of 55n for an acre of corn. Let every farmer try. J, cad the
lolloviiir rejrulatiuns and
Governing the Plattsmotii IIki:am and the World-Ilerahrs corn con
tent tor ls'JO.
Fiust Each contestant lnnt he or hecome a j.aid tip fiihf-crihcr
to the Weekly World-Herald and IYattsmoutii Ui:kau lor one year.
Skcoxu All such Fiihscriners whose land i in Nthrat-kn, South
Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansti.s, Colorado or Wyotnin tuny compete
tor the World-Jlerald nze, hut those w!io.-e land is in Ca c only
nly can compete tor the I'i. ttsmoi tii 11 j:i:ai.i jirize and lliey mutt
he paid one yvar in advance from May 1, lb'JU.
Third A new euhscriler when lie remits should notify the
World-Herald in he desires to enter the contest, and a conti t-tant's
ticket will he sent hini hy the World-IIerald which will he evidence
that his name has een entered as a competitor. Or if the new Hih
scriher to the World-Herald, instead ot .-ending the money direct to
the World-Herald pays it to the editor of the in which this is
printed, the said new enhscriher will within ten days he furnished
with a contestants ticket hy the Vorld-Ireiald as this paper is author
ized to act as agent lor the World Herald in taking subscriptions.
Fourth Tiie ground devoted to this content mut be one con
tiguous acre of 43 500 square feet.
Fifth The acre of ground must be measured and staked by a
surveyor or other compet nc and lisint'-rested person, within thirty
days prior to the date ot harvesting, and di.-connected at this time
from all other corn crop by a space ot at least dx leet.
Sixth The harvestinf must be d ne in the presence ot three
witnesses, who will test the mea-ur-ment ot the ground and satisfy
themselves that it is the original acre These wi'tte-s-js will abo su
pervise the measuri! g of the ctoo and under oath -itt'. &t t he correctness
of the report then made by the eonU'r-tant on our blank. Tiie witness
es selected must !- a- proved by the World-i ! raid, uid in ' 'h coun
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