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$1.50 A YEA P
icr. 1,7
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The carpenters have begun operations
on the Wettencamp building.
Thirty-five tickets were hold this morn
ing for Omaha and western po:nts.
Cal Walton Jr. informs a curious pub
lic that there's "a new coon in town."
i- John Leach, the pointer, has moved in
to oik ofCapt. Palmers new houses n
Pearl street.
'V' Work on the great Kearney cotton mill
"re. that is to employ one thousand hands
c'' will begin soon.
r-i Regular meeting of the W. C. T. U.
Thursday, March-27ih, at three oVl ck
ic fo? p. m., at the Y. M. C. A. hall,
idica--' . jff A car load of lime was one of the ar-
t&mou.ii t, -rf?jh$ worthy of mention this morning
.ppooite ltC,,vyj0i,n Cummins was the consignee.
er's Magazinf ,
her' a Weekly ;4 Twenty car loads of steel rails came in
iir'a Bazar,' this nirning from the east and will be
per's Youm, Bent on west to the B. & M. extensions.
' '" yiS ' John Denson is congratulating himself
ago Inter ' - a
t York ' on the n tu ii of hi" former cook, that
gave such good satisfaction when he was
with him before.
The b ys are enjoying a good cigar
with Doc. Wheeler this morning, all on
account of the advent of a ten pound boy
at thu Wheeler mansion.
J. M. Johns. J. P. Antill. W. P
Jim Shoemaker made up a hunting
party yesterday and brought in twelve
ducks and on.; gOi: last night.
The Lincoln Call facetiously remarks
that there is a paper in Wyoming called
the Platte Valley Lyre and th3 hardest
part of it is that a woman is its editor.
You can buy 2,500 wooden tooth
pi a at J. P, Youngs for 5 cents, also
the best l -x of papetries for 25 cents
shewing machine oil, etc. 151 tf
Billy O'Brinn has just turned out ;
some very handsome cherry desks for J
the citiz-ns batik. Harry Miller,
p.tinter, put on the finishing touches.
Col James Fitzgerald arrived hale and
hearty from the wooly west yebterday.
Jim says he heard while he was away
ttat we had a county spat contest and
eittbef syas anxious to know the result of it.
Frank Dixon, the
four forenu.j. .
H '.lic-J't U'-defvUy county rler
" loi'king for a hoi
k, was out
ouse yesterday.
The repoj.t that
keep housi; for him
his sister would
ii not generally
Twenty-one east hound cars were
billed out of Plattsmouth yest- rday, and
we are fn formed tint thu is not a large
number for busy times on the road. Two
railroads would certainly do a hand
some business here.
S. L. Wickersham, Plattsmouth's lead
ing jeweler, his just opened a neat
branch store at G ret n wood, with his
father in chnrge. The evidence ot a
growing trade, and desire to spread out
is gladly mentioned.
Mjor Kilfoil had a stroke of paralysis
about six o'cl -ck this morning at the
Pacific House. This is the second stroke
and Mr. Kilfoil is very uneasy, though
his physician says be thinks he may re
cover. From the draft and s- ecification we
larn that th residence f Julius Pepper
berg, to be rected on the old Gordon
lots, east of Frank E. White, will proba
bly be the finest in thf city. The inside
finish is especially elaborate and stylish.
Owing to the sand having banked up
aainst the mouth of the supply pipe at
thf river, the water is hard to get and
very searce, a Are j st now might be very
disastrous. Everything is being done
that can be done to clear away the ob
structions. Sam. Archer found a ladies pocket
book in the west part of the city this
morning, containing an old one cent
piece, a silver bangle, a thr. e cent piece,
a crochet hook, a five cent piece, a false
tooth, a cake receipt and some po try.
j'Tlie owner can get the same by calling on
Sam Archer.
The shipment of corn over the M. P.
during the past week has been heavier
than at any time during the past six
months. The average number of cars
per day was about one hundred. The
corn came in on the Elkhorn and w-ts
transferred to the M. P. , and the bulk
was shipped to Toledo, O.
The U lio'i P-tcifi; system, which now
stops in the Pacific Northwest at Port
land, ha engineers in the fi -Id surveying
an xtensioii frem Portland to a point on
Pnget Sound. This extension is made!
ne essary owing to the difficulties which
th Noithern Pacific, which owns m1 the'
ril lines from Portland t' Pug' t Sound, i
puts in the way of the Union Pacific in
delivering businrss to Puget Sound points
or teeming traffic from tuit territory.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Elson entertained
very pleasantly, a party of friends at
High Five last evening, at their commo
dious residence on South Sixth street.
Those present were Mrs Pepperberg, Mr.
and Mrs. Oehring, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Conner. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Summers,
Mr. and Mrs. Dr Siggins, Mr. Henry
Ilerold and the Misses Ed i, Mia and
Barbara Oehring.
A notice is posted at the Burlington
depot announcing the fact that the rate
to Denver and Colorado springs will be
reduced to $7.50, the redurt'on to go in
to effect tomorrow. The U. P. will prob
ably make the same red uc ion.
Mrs. Fred Murphy of Ceeder Creek is
visiting relatives here today.
Henry Waterman was a passengT on
N t. this morning for Nw Castle.
Dr. C-ok is happy, Mrs. Cook having
returned from her visit to Burlington.
"Mine Host" Vanaranam is in Omaha
today arranging for the grand banquet.
Oust Werkbach of Omaha cam down
yesterday to visit his Brother's J. V. and
H'-nry for a few day's.
Lizzie Ker", the Utile neice of Mr. and
Mrs. Thoa. Pollock, returned to her home
in Omaha this morning.
) w. D Jones went east last night, after
a fine draft stallion that will he kept out
at the fair grounds with heir other fine
M C. Frank, Esq , the able edUor of
; the York Republican, was in the citv a
few hours yesterday Mfternoon and made
the Herald a very pleasant call.
Miss Florence Richardson and brother.
Frank, came up from the state normal
to spend vacation with their father, S
Itichardson Lsq., of flit Pleasant pre
Miss Anna Gorder returned this morn-
j in from a five month's visit with her
uncle in Watertown Wis. Mr Gorder is
Prest. and Manager of a big boot and
shoe factory in that city, one was ac-
ccmpanied by her Cousin Miss Ida.
We clip the following railway items
from the Lincoln Journal:
No. 2 on the Builingfon carried a large
number of passengers east yesterday,
having an extra coach in add tion to the
regular number. A majority of the
passengers were bound for Chicago.
Four young men, two of them
Snipley boys, and two the sons of a well
to do farmer, started out in a boat Sun
day to go to Calhoun, with the intention
of spendingthe day shootingdurks. This
morning the boat was found upside down
in shallow water on the west side of the
Missouri, where it had evideutly drifted.
After tins discovery became Known a
careful search was made up and down
the river, but nothing could be found
except two hats, which were id-mtified as
belonging to the boys. Their families
are. of course, very much exercisea over
the disappearance and sem to think tbe
have been downed in the river. Up to a
late hour this afternoon reports from
Florence stated that no further traces of
the niis.-ing lads had been discovered.
Mr. J. W. Cutrigtit has just closed a
years engagement with the Call as its
citv editor and he leaves for Oaiaha to-
mortow to iicc pt a place in joui nalUtic
work in that city. Mr. Cutright ha no
superior in the state as a newspaper man
as his splendid work upon the Cll the
past year bears testimony. Although
only a i oident of Lincoln a year, Mr.
Cutright has made a very large number
of friends, who have appreciated his
thorough, conscientious and always reli
able work, and tliey will witness h.s de
parture with sincere regrets. The Call
realizes the loss its staff sustains in the
departure of Mr. Cutright, but it has
the very b-st wishes for him in his new
work, which will always be successful
because he is a suecessful newspaper man
wht. can fill any portion in any field
with credit to himself a- d with every
satisfaction to the. paper that lists bun
on its pay roll. Liuroln Call.
List of Letters
Remaining unclaimed, in the post office
at Plattsmouth. Neb.. March 26. 1890,
for the week end'ng March 10, 1890:
Bailor. " m
ltni'or. Mr Nanry M
Pun ell. vr L zzie
Befhue. Julia
siiMdr. nenirich
S rtth l).n
Yi-edry. 5eorj;e
:irr ek ;eori;e
aiiTiiaum. .lonn
Va'erioie, MrsJu'ia
Brisklev Mrs Edwin O w olf Mry
v..i v. K
v lia'ii". Ma ion
(n,.r. Mr Ella
rhrismv , Mr - :dlio
i; rher'o harley
Han-hek .1 J
Kn wlacw. Prank 2
i.H'h'im. Mr
Mar en. Mr- Have
Pnrter Mrs O H
Ky en.Gustaf '
Werich Emil
aiker. Mr- Eva
Hi.hhf II. Mis Lelha
Hcii'-v, J-'lin
.1 irenK Nt
l.aiit. K
I. vvtinskv. "arolitia
itHHu. Miss Kiiaheth
Rvrtn. Miss Mat held
Stein. M
Persons calling ftr any of the above
letters will pi ase say "advertised."
Hesky J. Stbeiobt, P.
The onlv ONE PRICE CLOTHIER in Plattsmouth, and look through his large and beautiful Stock of
Furnishing Goods, Hats, etc.
JOE will show you more and better made Clothing lor less money than you will find in Plattsmouth.
You ought to see JOES' line, more styles to select from than all his Competitors dare show you, and from the cheapest Cotton to the best
Flannel and JSilk Shirts made.
Look out for change of Ad.
District Court Proceedings.
The petit jury was discharged this
morning for the terra. Williams, charged
with rape, was found guilty by the jury.
The following are the names of the
grand jury just empaneled: Wm. Mor
row, Lee Oldham. Levi ltusterholtz, A
B. Todd, Sam'l Richardson. Geo. D. Am-
ick, Joshua Murray, Edward Tighe,
Michael K -nnedy. G. V. Young. Z. W.
Shrader, M. V. Wood, Jmaes M. Cole, J.
A. Whitcman, C. K. White and Edward
Applicatiou for the appointment of J.
P. Burdickas guardian of W. C. Dent-
ler, insane, filed in county court.
Judgments were taken today in the
county court xn the case of Frank Car-
ruth & Son against E. Opperman for
$54, and Mrs. C-trrie M. Dodge for $65
against the same party.
Polk Bros, filed a suit involving $350
in the county court: John E. Leesley,
plaintiff and J. W. McCroskey, defend
Edward Wenzel was yesterday ap
pointed administrator of the estate of
Frederick Schuelke deceasd.
Jesse Campbell was yesterday appoint
ed administrator of the estate of Eliza
beth Hathaway deceased.
Twenty Probate cases have been filed
in the county court since January Dth
this year.
Hotel Arrivals.
Hotel Riley: Thoa. Price, Bennetr,
George R. Murray, Murray; Phil Slaugh
ter, Tekamah; J. Kerr, J P. Lillis, Chi-
cago; J. P. Schuster, J. Hockstrasser.G,
S. Smitn. J, u. onea, 11. a. weuer, uma-
ha; J M. Hammond, Hamburg, Iowa;
James R. Walsh, Lincoln; L. Angine,
Foitoria, O. Chas. Piegelman, Des
A Slight Turn of the Wrist.
Nebraska City, Neb., March 25.
Sptciitl to World-Herald. 'The Hon.
cUiurch lluwe passed through this city
Saturday on bis way home from Omaha.
fbe Nemaha statesman, in an interview
published in last evening's News, said
lie was not at all surprised at the btaud
taken by ex-Senator Vn Wyck, and he
was glad to see it. Mr. Howe eaid he
was a farmer and Van Wyck was a great
man, an aid and friend to the farmer,
and was therefore helping him (Howe).
He thought Van Wyck would bo the
winning candidate for governor. Mr.
Howe said that while he was not a mem-
r of the farmer's alliance, he was with
them heart and soul. The cause of the
alliance was his, and a noble one. and
every move made by the organization
was aid to him as a farmer."
The foregoing is rich, racy and sug
gestive. It puts us in mind of a famous
saying of the late lamented SHas A
Strickland. U- S. District Attorney, dur
ing Andy Johnson's turbulent adminis
tration. On day a prominent politician
reminded "Strick,'' in a jocnlar manner.
that the sudden change of policy by
Johnson's administration, rendered his
'(StiickV)-term of rffice uncertain
Oh ."exclaimed "Snick." "if this
administration can make a shorter turn
than I can, let 'em try it." Church
Howe has a record as a granger, and
while he sterns to be able to do anything
in polities in Nemaha county, it is safe
to say that his acrobacy ends in Nemaha.
Fire at Wabash.
A second d-structive fire at Wabash
occurred yesterday morni-g, and con
sumed D. C Hayes' implement store, P.
J. Johnson's blacksmith shop, and the
building and outfit of the Weekly News.
Hayes' loss is $1,200, insured in the
Phoinix of Brooklyn for $750, Weekly
News' loss, $700. insured in the German
of Freeport, 111., for $500; Johnson held
no insurance. Tue origin of the fire is
Drop fifty cents in the blot and get the
Herald thirty days.
At least you will
The latest Styles
Important to Young Men.
A conference of the Young men?
Christian Associations of the second di
trict, including the counties of Cass, Ot
and Lancaster, will be held at Nebrak
City April 18 20. The opening sessioi
will be Friday evening, wh n an addies
of special interest will be delivered by
well known speaker. The session Satur
day will be devoted to the consideration
of methods of Association work, each
topic I)eing presented in a short paper by
an experienced worker. The Sunday
aervii -s in all the churches will be of un
u; uat .nterest; and on Sunday evening
a grand union meeting will be held. A
cordial ijvitation is extended to all
young men, especially the christian
young men in the smaller towns where
there are no associations, to attend this
conference. All delegates will be enter
tained free by the Nebraska City Associ
ation. A rate of one fare and a third
will be granted by the railroads provided
there be 1Q0 de'egates from abroad
by rail. For further particulars and
program, address.
Secretary Y. M. C. AT,
Nebraska City.
Peak. Sisters Coming.
Keep yourself in readiness for the
"Peak Sisters" entertainment, in connec
tion with the promenade concert for the
benefit of the Presbyterian church pipe
organ at the opera house next Wedne's
day. April 2nd. Refreshments will be
seryed interspersed with vocal and instnv
mental selections, after the concert prop
er. Admission 35 cents to all parts of
the house, including the gallery.
Yesterday, at the residence of the
bride's parents at York, Nebraska, Mr.
Charles N. Carpen er to Miss Maud
Miss Barnes is a daughter of Hon.
John W. Barnes, an old time and highly
respected resident of this city. The
Herald in common with hosts of warm
friends here, extends heartiest congrat
The Tickets.
The democratic ticket, to be nominated
Fiiday night, will probably result in the
Joseph A. Connor, for mayor; P. J.
Hansen or D. C. McEntee for treasurer;
Kelly Fox. for city clerk; Judge Clifford
for police judge.
The council nominations: First ward,
Fred Gorder; second ward, Sol. Osborn;
third ward, J. R. Vallery; fourth ward.
Wm. Gutdche; fiftl. ward. J. L. Minor and
Baxter Smith.
Today it looks as though the republi
can ticket would be for mayor, F. M.
Richey; treasurer, Robr. Donnelly; clerk.
Will Streight; police judge, L C. Stilea.
City council, first ward, A Salisbury;
.second ward, Peter B ites or Wm. Wb
br; thi d ward, W H. Pickens or Mike
Murphy; fourth ward, Geo. Palmeter
and Lew Newcomer.
A concert under
the Presbyterian
will of
De given
at W aterman's opera house
The program be varied
taining music fun
ments. Admission cents.
a c omplete notice later.
April 2
Look for
The B. & M. is building a new depot
at Hoag, and as the county commission
ers intend building a wagon bridge across
the Blue river at this point, it is probable
the little town will become a traping
The Herald is doing some fine work
on "Horse Bills." Those needing any
thing in that. line should call at once.
think so if you go to
of Hats and Caps
PiwMpnf Cleveland rrize Tor tins throe best br.Lles nt hc Aurora f'ountr Keir, to w;, wt
;.nv'ii t- thesu triplets. Myiii-j, Jt:i, and K.iy, children .I" Mr. V K. U.-irt. It iijiLnr-Tii. N. V.
bh'. v ritt-ji : "I.uot Aii-rijst the lit t iu ones liK uuie very nick, iiml I -mll c I no u' IVxhI
t'.int tvou.u atrrei; with thuin, I eoniiuexiecti the of I-uctul l iuul. u !: I :, lu
iialei)'. aMtl thoy were .-e:i us well ever, ::ud I isiimiUt it erv ?.ir-- !y hiu ' . :': Fi;1
:li-t tucy aro now so v.-e5!." Im tai.;-! I-'ikhI U the tx.-st l'o,I for l"ii ! -!.. i ,-.: r.-x. Jt k. i
iln-i:; well, ami ij fiot:--r than rnurik-ine when thev net sicit. T!ir;-i- si. . '. . . l H
At dr.igiibsts. CMbinel jilioto. of thve lriplels ..wit lrt:c to thu muthcr ! uy i,nhy bon: t'-L- x.-r
v.Mross V.'ELLS. RICHARDSON ft, CO.. Burlington. Vt.
Eiffht Mile GroTe.
March 24. 1890.
Sam Persell has anew boy at Lis house.
The nice weather is giving our farmers
the spring fever.
w Ernest Jtfftr has gone back to Kansas
to live.
Will A. Lewis has gone west to v;ew
the land and location of .he country.
Dr. S. Miller is very sick again with
his old malady.
Colonel Jenkins killed
goose last Saturday,
an old grey
Lewis Crabtree will start to Montana
in a few days.
Troy Davis will ride in a new top bug
gy in the future.
Mrs. G. S. Ruby is visiting her sister
living near Ashland.
Our fanners are cutting or raking up
and burning their corn stalks getting
ready to put in their springcrops.
Miss Orie Price will open our summer
school 'he first Monday in April.
Edward Stokes has moved onto the
Morg-in farm to till the soil this year.
Major Hall has gone to Omaha where
he and a partner are running a butcher-
Our winter term of school closed laBt
Friday week. Mr. Sweeney gave ytry
good satisfaction as teacher.
Will Minford sold his farm here and
bought another near El mwood, where he
has gone to make his future home.
Walter Perry and John Hall have gone
west to hold down their claims.
Miss Nannie Price closed her term of
school and returned to Winterset, Iowa,
to visit at home.
Miss Mary Stokes is very 6ick, Dr.
Bren tall, of Murray, is her attending
Jack Crawford bought a nice riding
horse and say3 he has quit tramping as it
is much easier riding.
Elder Jas Mullen and Peter Crabtree
of Sunlight, calhd on W. Jenkins on
Frank S. White has engaged to teacl
a summer term of school near Three
Grove where he will go now soon.
Sam Piggott, of Howard county, spent
last week visiting among old friends at
this place as the guest of his cousin, W.
E Jenkins.
Will Sikes.of Lilly Seiota county.Ohio
spent a fw days visiting at the home of
W. JenKins and other old fiienus living
near here. He 'ook the trin to Omaha
on Friday to visit a couvin in the city
from there he will go -n to Denver, Col.,
to engage in business.
Mrs. Elizabeth M.ijuey has se'tled up
and paid off h.r husband. William
Magney, and started him again; he in re
turn gave her a divorce and took bis
gripsack and started on his way rejoic
ing. He thinks the next time h- puts on
the matrimonial yoke it will not be with
an old. worn in with a ho'.ise full of
grown up children.
All groceries fresh and aow at Kraus'.
d 146 3m w-13t
art's Triplets.
Rock Blufls.
John Churchill moved to Plattsmourth
last week.
I. S. White dehorned ninety-two head
of cattle last week.
Our winter term of school closes next
week on Thursday.
Tapley Faught cloaca his winter term
of school at Rock Creek next Saturday.
I Jefferson Lewis is building for himself
! a dwelling house on the block east of
where the old grist mill stood.
The internal arrangement of our post
office has bet n chuged. The barber shop
has been moved out and the partition
taken down and the two rooms made
into one.
M e have got about through with the
mumps, for there are very few if any
more, to haye them; there has been about
ninty casts of mumps in this school
Farming has begun in earnest this
week, cutting corn stalks and sowing
small grain is now in order,
Joseph Shi ra has got his store well
filled up with groceries and dry goods,
aud is gelling thern as cheap as anyone
we know of.
Three Plattsmouth hunters were
down here hunting last week, and they
succeeded in getting a food supply of
ducks. And Ambros Case tells a good
one on the young Doctor that wore the
gum boots. He says that the Doctor
was standing in the water watching for
game, aud app. rantly got tired and sat
down on a thin cake of ice to rest, and
the ice settled and those big gum boots
run full of water.
Tim Suaveo.
For Every Ctrl to Remember.
I have seen mothers who have sacrificed
youth, appearance, health nd comfort in
the effort to save money t( ducate and
dresa their daughters, browbeaten, crush
ed and virtually ignored by their daugh
ters in return for it all.
The American girl !s taught that she is
a young princess Irom tli cradle to th
altar. It is a great misfortune when she
forgets that he mother of a princess must
be a or queen regent, and bhould
be so treated Ella Whkeler Wilcox,
iu Ladies Home Journal.
To Nervous Deb.litated Men.
If you will send us your address, we
will mail you our illustrated phamphlet
xplaining all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated
Electro-Voltaic Belt and Appliances and
beir charming effects upon the nervous
debilitated system, and how they will
quickly restore you to vigor and man
hood. Patrphlet free. If you are thus
fflirted, we will send you a Belt and
Appliances on a trial.
voltaic Belt Co.,
Marshall. Mich.
Sherwin Williams', and Heath &
Milligans' mixed paints; the best in the
world, at F. G Fri"k & Co. wtf
Sweet cider, at Buult & Tutt
1 .