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    pjtaiteti$0tiij) iflpeelita
W 11
) nfil!' ' fill
$2.00 L'EH ANNUM.
r -.
Absolutely Pure.
Tli is powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, ft.reiiiri li and wholesoiiicness. More eco
nomical than the ordinary kimls.iiiul cannot be
Kolilin competition with the multitude of low
tent, short weight alum or phosphate powders.
Sold omIv In c u,s. Koval liAKIJOS l'OWUKK
Co.. lot; V':ill St. New York.
Police .Judge,
V K Kox
- .Jam its 1 at r k liso n, jk.
A Makoi.k
W II Mai.ick
Couucilincii, 1st ward, ' , xai.ishuky
t D M Junes
M li Mciu-hy
I Cov (I't'osNOK.
I P McCallks, PltKS
I J W Joi
Hoard Pill). Works- KHKU (
( D 11 llA
W .Johns in.chaihman
Deoury lieASiirer, -
lepuly Clerk,
Ueconler of Deeds
lrtuty lt.'curder
Clerk of District Co-irt,
Siipt. of Pub. School.
County J udjse.
1. a. campbell
Thos. Pollock
W. II. Pool
John M. Lkyda
allen 15keson
Mavxahd Spink
A. B. Toni). Ch'm., - - Plattsmouth
Lor is KoLTZ,
Weeuiii;; Water
A. P. Dl-KSOX,
fiASS ,ODUB No. 110, 1 O. O. P. -Meets
Vevery Tuesday evening of each week. All
transient brothers are respectfully invited to
U. P.. meets every alternate l'rhlay in
each month in the Masonic Hall. Visiting
Krothers are invited to attend.
rglwiO I.O.-lili NO. 1. A. O. U. W. Meets
- every alternat Friday evening at K. of P.
hall. Transient brothers arfi respectfully in
vited to a' tend. K..J. Morgan. Master Workman ;
E. 8. liars-tow. Foreman ; Frank Brown. Over
seer ; 1. lijwen, Ouide; (Jeaigo Houswortll.
Keoorder ; II. J. Johnson. Financier; Wash.
Smith. Receiver ; M. Maybrij-ht. Past M. W. ;
Jack luuherty, Inside Guard.
1ASS CAMP ;o.3a2. MOHKltX woodmkx
of i Jeets second and fourth Mou
lt ayeveiiii! at 1C. of P. hall. All transient
b.ut'aej-s are requested to meet with us. 1. A.
Jiewno ner. Venerable Consul ; 'i. K, Xiles,
Woriliy Ailvifcf ; C. Wilde, Jianker ; W. A.
Uoetk, Cieik.
- Meet everv alternate Friday evening at
Kock wood hall at 8 o'clock . All transient broth
ers are respectfully inited to attend. I. S.
Larson, M. W. ; F. P.oyd, Fore:nau : S. C.
Wilde, Kecorder ; Leonard A ndersou. Overseer.
SL.- iTS.MOlJill LODflK NO. C, A. F. & A.M.
Jt Meets on the llrst and third Mondays of
each month at their hall. All transient broth
ers are cordially imited to meet with us.
J. U. liU'HEV, W. M.
Wm, H ays. Seereiary.
i' Meets-second and fourth Tuesday of each
mouth at Mason's Hall. Transcitist brothers
are invited to meet with us.
F, K White, II. P.
Wm. Hav, Sr-r.yetavy. .
ii r ZION COMMA v DAIIV. NO. 5. K. T.
Meets first and third Wednesday niirht ol
eaeh monfh at Maso i's hall. Visiting brothers
are cordially invited to meet wiih us.
WM. Hays. Itec. F. K. White. E. C.
McCOillHiS: POST 45 C. A. R.
HOST E it.
.T. V. Johnson Commander.
6! S. Twiss Senior Vice
F j. Bta; Junior " "
i : km. XI I v :s Adjutant
J.Iai.on Dixon Oii'uerof the iay.
Cha::lk4 Fouo " ' Cuard
Andhson Fiiv ?ergt Major.
.lAf'or. lioiii!' 'A.. ..Quarter Master isergf.
L. C. Cuir . Post Cliapliiin
- rd.iy evening
J AS. S. MVTIIKvVS. Attorney at Law. ofllee
over Peter Merge store, north side ol
M ln uetwesi Mh au nth streets?.
f A. HAUThJAX, Lawyer. Fitzgerald's
ill BlocV, Plattsjnoulh, Nebraska. Prompt
and careful atlent ion to a genenil law in aetlee
V' N. SULLIVAN. Attorney at Law. Will
give prompt Attention to ail business in
trusted to !:in. Oftice in Union Block, East
side. Plattsmouth. Neb.
Personal attention to all Business Entrust
to my care.
Tltleo Evamlned. bstatcts Compiled, In
surayee Written, Real Estate Sold.
BeUT Facilities for making Farm Loans than
IlattiaioutIi, - XelJ- ilia
General Manager Stone Swears
Out Warrants Against Them.
Tho'Q" Conspiracy.
C'mcAdo., July 11. Oeuural Manager
Stone f the Chicago, Uurlinton &, Quin
cy railroad niglit swore out a warrant
for the arrest of Stewart 11 lloge, chair
man of the grievance committee of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
and John Murphy, charmau of the Fire
men's Brotherhood. The warrant was
placed in Inspector Iionfield's hands and
early this morning the arrests were made
and the prisoners lodged in the central
station. Subsequently, at the request of
the road, a continuance was taken until
Saturday, and the two men were admitt
ed to bail in the sum of $1,1 500 each. The
charges made against them is conspiracy
in writing and sending out the following
"Chicago, April 18, 1838. To C. E.
and F. A. E. Division, No. : The
Chicago. Burlington & Quincy have only
about one-half of the men they had prior
to the strike. They want about four hun
dred or five hundred more engineers. We
have decided to call on you to furnish
one or two men from your division. We
will ask the same of all divisions through
out the country to come and apply for
situations on the 'Q' under assumed
names, and, as soon as they go to work,
to correspond with John Sowers, Nation
al hotel, Chicago, for instructions. The
object is to disable engines in every way
they can, and on a given day to quit work
in a body after receiving instructions from
us. The company is on one leg and by
this means we propose to take the other.
We don't want any of them to come here,
but to make applications at the following
points: Aurora, Galesburg, Burlington,
Creston. Plattsmouth, Lincoln and Mc
Cook. Be careful whom you select to
come. We want men that don't talk too
much, and who are not in the habit of
drinking. Supply them with plenty of
salsoda and emery. Have them get leave
of absence for thirty or more days.
"P. S. Please don't let this outside
except with yourselves and the men you
selcft to come. Please answer on receipt
of this. Yours fraternally,
S. B. Hoge,
"Chairman G. C. Room 31, Grand Pa
cific hotel, Chicago."
Loul sville.
A. L. Timblin of South Bend, was in
town Thursday and was taken severely
ill; he is however, much better and has
gone home.
J. W. Berge of Greenwood, who is now
working in Mr. Day's store at Weeping
Water, was iu town Monday.
The school board engaged three ' of
their teachers for the ensuing year today.
Prof. J. A. Sutton will remain another
year; Miss Agatha Tucker of Plattas
mouth, was engaged to teach the 1st in
termediate; and lietta Powell of Iowa, to
teach the primary. One more teacher yet
to be hired.
Miss M. Peterson has purchased the
property of Mr. Thos. Lillis, Mr- Lillis
is going to move his family to Portland,
Oregon. wlierJ he says he can get some
work for himself and his boys.
Mr. Therdore Kennon, better known
as "Big Alex," was arrested by the city
marshrtll Wednesday for beating his wife
and after lying in the cooler for two or
three days received bail to the amount
of SoOO for his appearance in court.
The 4tli passed off very quietly and no
body has any complaints to offer. The
B. & M. band did great credit to them
selves; so also did Messrs. Keister and
Root. The Glee Club furnished the best
vocal music we have been permitted to
hear for some time, it was simply im
mense. The declaration was read in a
very pleasing manner by Prof. Sutton.
John Ossenkop ships a car load of hogs
There will be meeting on Thursday
night in Fitzgerald's hall for the purpose
of organising a Republican club. Alex
Mcintosh will be present, and we hope
Mr. Wooley of Weeping Water. Every
republican is requested to be present.
Miss Mary Dewitt is at Ashland this
week visiting Prof. King's family.
II. P. Loucks is greatly improving the
appearance of his barber shop by putting
in a new front.
Engineer Holiday who was one of the
B. & M. strikers went to New Mexico
and run an engine there for a short time
but has returned. lie says it is too hot
down there for him.
Miss Floranoe Qlover is the guest of
Miss Helen Stander.
Miss Minnie Angel is visiting her rela
tives in towu for.a few weeks.
Mr. Wm. Bruigenan was at Omaha
Let every rcad?r of the Herald re
member that the uniformity of text book
will be discussed at Louisville Ji:ly 28,
every one should be interested in this
great question. Work for uniformity.
Improvements will be begun on the
school house this week. A partition is
to be put through the upper room and
the north side seated.
The house of Mr. Brodene, near the B.
& M. depot, caught fire last week and
only by judicious means was it saved
from being totally consumed.
Mrs. Hall of the Pacific hotel is very
Mrs. W. Cutforth is now visiting
friends at Weeping Water.
Mr. II. Pankenin has sold over twenty
five Deering binders this summer.
Council Meeting.
The council met Monday evening in
regular session, the following members
being present: Mayor Richey, Clerk Fox,
Shipman, Jones, Salitbury, Murphy, Mc
Callau, Dutton, O'Connor.
The following claims were allowed:
Peter Merges, rent 10 00
Skinner & Ritchie, abstracting.. 5 00
I. Peailman 9 00
Bvron Clark, services 02 50
Henry Boeck, desk 18 00
J. W. Johnson, salary 1 50 00
W. K. Fox, salary 73 00
J. S. McCoy, police service 50 00
J. J. Cain, same. 28 00
James Grace, same 22 00
G. II. Poisall.same 3 00
L. E. Skinner, same 3 00
J. C. Coffman, same 14 00
Gas Company, gas 100 00
W. II. Malick, salary for June. . 50 00
John Fitzpatrick, same 45 00
Henry Cooper, burying dog.... 50
W. II. Malick, kiliingand bury
ing dog 1 50
Richcv Bros., lumber 217 20
E. II. Lambson V 00
R. Johnson, labor 10 50
M. W. Morgan, labor 32 50
O. W. Poisall, labor 19 50
J. Hock, labor on streets 11 25
State Journal Co., printing 5 00
The claim of the Plattsmouth Water
company, which amounted to $1 10.74,
for drinking fountains erected pa the
streets, was not allowed, the claim not
being in accordance with the city ordi
nance, the water company haying agreed
to furnisi the water if the city would
erect the fountains.
A petition which was signed by sixteen
tax-payers of the Second Ward was read
as follows :
To the Hon. "Mayor and City Council :
Gentlemen : We, the undersigned res
idents and free-holders, do petition your
honorable body to have the water main
on Elm street extended west from its
present terminus three blocks, then south
one block, then west one block. It is
greatly needed and would reacji a pnuv
bcr of consuni,er:
The fire and water co" t.
. , ..suttee, to whom
was rcfoi-i''- '.
. petition, examined the
same and recommended the prayer of the
petition to be granted. The petition was
allowed by the council, the Mayor voting
to decide.
It was moved by Mr. Murphy tha-- the
water main on Main street be extended
three blocks. The motioD was put and
carried by the vote of the Mayor.
The chairman of the streets, alleys and
bridges committee was instructed to look
after a sidewalk on the east side of Rock
street, which is at present in bad repair.
I. II. Dunn was appointed by the May
or as chief of police, but as n two-thirds
vote of tho council in his favor was not
made, he could not be appointed. The
following was the vote :
Yeas Salisbury, Shipman, Dutton,
Nays Jones, McCallan, O'Connor.
McCoy was tLen appointed by the
Mayor, and the following is the vote:
Yeas Murphy, Salisbury.
Nays Shipman, Dutton, Jones, Mc
Callan, iTConnor.
On motion the council adjourned.
Blatxe will be here in a day or so and
then how the virtuous donioeracy will
squirm and how the English press will
It is wonderful what a grin the aver
age Indianian wears over his countenance
these days. It is like unto a hoosier
sun beam Hurrah for Harrison! is what
it means.
The Journal last evening resorted to a
flat lie touching Col. P. Hepburn and
backed it up by the word of a man that
is not worth a Iastjyears bird's nest with
bottom knocked out of it. Be careful
Charles, or Col. Hepburn may tell the
people here what your record was in
low a.
When Cleveland Coes Marching
(Tuue,"When Johnny comes marching b ome.")
When (Jrover goes marching home again,
Hurrah, hurrah :
We'll give him a hearty good-by then.
Hurrah, hurrah
The East will cheer, the We-t will shout,
when free trade rulers are all turned out.
And we'll down free traile
When Orovtr goes marching home.
We'll ring the bells and shout with glee.
Hurrah, hurrah :
When from his Surplus" we are free.
Hurrah, hurrah
Then loyal men and soldiers say.
They'll oounce him on (-lection day.
And we'll down free trade
When Crovergoes marching home.
Get ready for the jubilee.
Hurrah, hurrah :
We'll sweep the 'and from sea to sea.
Hurrah, hurrah
Proteetion ranks will never yield.
They'll meet the foe on every field,
And we'll down free trade
When Grover goes inarching home.
Mugwump may dance to Cleveland's bray.
Hurrah, hinrah :
For bogus reform has had its day.
Hurrah, hurrah
And when the voters all turn out.
The tariff tinkers we'll put to rout.
And we'll down free trade
When Grover goes marching home.
ON THE SHORE., O stormy wind, thy walllnj!
Cea-'-e thy roarlnp, restless seal
All night long thy billows beating,
I Jko strong souls In agony.
On tha tempest, landward sweeping.
Sailor voices como to me.
And I see a close reefed vessel
Tossing on an angry sea.
Long I watched her In the offlng.
Till the nl-ht shut down the day
Sleepless watchers still are waiting
For their kindred long away:
Peering through the stormy darkness,
With their weary, anxious eyes.
Watching, waiting, hoping, fearing,
While the waters higher riao.
Cease, O cease, thou roaring ocean I
Hear you not my bitter cry?
O'er my loved your waters rolling.
In your sunless caves they lie.
And my eyes o'erflow with weeping
When 1 hear those billows moan.
Oh, the hearts that thou hast broken.
Only to their God are known.
A. E. Porter.
How She Found II tin Out.
"I say, old fellow," said Blakely, meeting
his friend Harry D. on tho street, "I saw you
and Edith pass each other yestenliv wirhtvit
a sign of recoiitiuu. 1 tvji.,1. ou nao
engaged P
"I thought so, too," said Harry with a
deep sigh; "but that's oft."
"How's thatf
"Well, it's all owing to these infernal
fashions some of tho women wear now hat,
coat, vest, collar and shirt front, for all the
world like thoso worn by tho male sex.
They'll mako a raid on our pantaloons next."
"I don't quite understand explain."
"Well, you see, I quietly entered Bob
Greenbag's law office about dusk ouo evening
last week, and saw Bob sitting behind a desk
with his back toward ma I stealthily ap
proached, gave him a vigorous and familiar
slap on the shoulder and cried: '1 have come
for you, old man! You must go with me
down to Hatchloy's. Lot of gay girls wi". La
there that pretty little blon,d& you were
mashed on in the ballet at the Blank theatre
ni;4 J'lu going for tho plump variety singer
tho one 1 had out to lunch tho othor night,
when wo all got a little uproarious, you kuow.
Como, what d'ye say? Is it n go? and I tilted
his hat down ovpr his eyes, and that set
tled ifc.''
VHow settled itf Did Bob givo you. away
to his cousin Edith?"
"Naw. It waan t Boh at aiL 1 "
charming Edith herself. - "as tu0
made, masouiims - ' - ---I in a tailor
toija en- - -uit: aud tho Arctic look
. o me as sho swept out of the oflice
without a word told me that my matrimonial
hopes in that quarter were everlastingly
blasted. Well, so long." Drake's Magazine.
Mine. I: is tori's Stage Face.
Another great artist who devoted much
time to disguising her faca was Mmo. Ris
tori, whose singular features allowed her
to assume, with extraordinary success, an
idealized likeness of tho heroic and historical
personages whose parts sha generally acted.
Nothing could exceed tho minute euro and
delicacy with which she worked to make
herself strikingly like Mary Stuart, for in
stance. 8eated in front of a looking glass, with all
her boxes of powders and pastes and her
brushes systematically arranged on tho toilet
table, she would literally copy upon her own
face all the lines which she saw in a fine pic
ture of Mary Stuart which was placed close
by her.
Her most striking "make up," however,
wa3 that of Elizabeth. Sho had purchased
at great expense, when in England, several
excellent original pictures of Queen Bess,
taken at various periods of her life, and also
a great number of engravings, and when she
played Giacometti's tragedy sho had all her
pictures with her, and between tho acts, with
surprisine rapidity, painted according to
them, so that the spectators saw her grow
old from act to act, and in the last scene, in
which she died, her reproduction on her own
faco and figure of the ravages of remorsi
was quito appalling. New York Journal.
t .il'SIK Ml
.:-. It.:
I"! li-v
vr c:.; !' t .-
ully .;;:! i t-;:;t'M.r.".- l.citt : :,:!.;!
Tho vie! a:v ;. .i- ' i -i - v- '
iii(-;'iihf ii(j'.:u:-s to e : v.-'n-.i i.wo ovc.
'.oad'-d tli'i st-:-.:cua v.-.iU . jr i"o..
H-'i'A. of Mi:i.-.-i'-'ko '.o ..-.:. w:.fti tii
HZ lias not hi.
thi. LiWS of heal-.'.!. It, is v.-t-ii, ti;. i- fdiv, 1' :
everv oae to take proper pnw.u. ioa-; a:ini.-t
all l islis.
Tho elotliiHg t-houMbi! light, and tlint worn
lif-xt t'..e b-xty should bo t-f s-O'si. inaU rial
capabl-s of readily absorb: i he pe:-s; ra tion.
Wool is probably to b: piviVrwi. ujm
it should bo pare that is, u.iiii;x---tl v.-ii.'a
cotton. For tho head duriu;; very warm
woaihcr nothing is bolter than a straw hat,
for not only is it of light w..-!;;!ir, b:;f, if prop
erly made, free passage of air romid the Lead
takes place. Tho so called ranama liars,
which are so closely voveu that they will
hold water, aiv tho worso pos-.ib!u coverings
for tho head i:i summer.
It is a remarkable fact that sunstrokes are
very seldom met with among pers- m who ex
pose themselves to tho full heat of tho sun
in the country or outaide of the limits of
large cities. They wcro very infrequent in
the army during the late civil war, although
tho men were often subjected for many days
at a time to the most inte-we solar heat, aud
this, too, while engaged in lighting, or in
making long marches, or in field work of
various kinds. Although often serving be
fore tho war with troops on the plains, where
the rays of the sun fall upon t he body unob
structed by even a tree or a bui.h, I do not
recollect to have seen a siugla case of sun
stroke. Dr. William A. Hammond iu New
York World.
The Young Husband's .Share.
"Oh, yes," remarked Ketchlj-, in a self
satisfied way, "Lulu and I will start out in
married life under very favorable circum
stances. Her mother gives us a neat little
home, her father furnishes it and her Uncle
De Long has stocked one of the neatest stables
in the cit-. Besides Lulu has a snug income
in her own name." "What part do you fur
nishT "Well, principally the naine prin
tipally the name." Tid Bits.
The unhappiest Americans in all Europe
are those who cannot come borne.
In order to carve out a fortune, one must
be sharp. The Epoch.
"Will make the f-eauon
Mondays and Tuesdays at Homo,
one mile cast of
WcdxiGcdo.y to Saturday in Plattsmouth.
At Louis Khroeirn stuhlo at the loot of .Main Strict.
s a k
Is a Dark-liar Pacer, 15 hands hih, weighing 1,200 pounds. His
close, compact lorm and noted reputation for endurance and speedy
proginy have justly earned for him the reputation, and encomium irom
the Editor of the "Spirit of the Turf" that he is one of the Uest Sires
ot the age. His record is 2:2;, and has paced trial miles in 2:16.
His colts, Little JJaby, 2:27 h, and J. huvy, 2:21 , with more to
follow in the charmed circle this summer, is ct rtalnlv ..rfe.t
and atiords the public, in this vicinity a or,iml opportunity to get
....i....... ,. ... ... j ' . v i .-. iii M'tvice tit JiIo.UU, wit li 2. (JO added
if not paid till after foaling, or S20 to insure colt to stand, is only the
price of a good ordinary iiote. while horses of Siiakmc Hoy's blood
lines receive $109.00 to .Jo0.0o in other localities. Horses of
this kind, if not wanted for sportino purposes, can do more general
work on a farm, on account of their extra nerve power, than unwealdy
draft horses, and can go to town or to meeting in one-hall the time,
and time is money. Owners of fine mares have a rare chance now for
one of the cheapest horses in the United States. Embrace the onpor
nnity. 11
Will keep constantly on hand
Drugs and ledicies, Paints, Oils
HI2 M E?i b U El 1 B II St
- iiu'onTEi.
Pure-bred French Draft (Percheron or Norman)
Visitors alwais wl-Il-uiuii. Call unJ see our horses or tvni for catalotru
Why aiut yon in fayor of the rcjiubli
can national platform which declare!
against the internal revenue tax on tobac
co and alcliohol used in the arts and
manufactures; It sccmo to the IIkkai.ij
you ought to stand with us on this plank.
It is a war tax and your party from
Grand-Pa Thurman to baby bouncer
Grover, opposed it as unconstitutional at
the time it was enacted. The republican
party justified it only as a war measure.
It is a burden on cyery farmer who "rows
a bushel of corn, wheat, barley or tobac
co. Free alchohol in the arts and manu
factures would, vastly, benefit our chemi
cal industries and cheapen almost every
artical in which alcohol goes. Don't yon
know that more than half of the spirits
manufactured are used in the art.? and
manufactures '. Or do you think that
alchohol is manufactured solely for a
beverage i If you take the latter view of
the question, then, why aint you in favor
of the republican plank ? Put this co
nundrum to some of the small born politi
cans of your party who are harping on
this so-called free whisky plank in the
republican platform wont you '. Gentle
men as familiar with the article, as some
of these embryo statesmen seem to be,
can perhaps giva a reason why this plank
in the straight out platform made at
Chicago by the party of progress is not
all rijrht.
Notary Public.
John a. Ha vik.-i.
Notary Public.
attorneys - at - Hi aw.
Office over Ili.k ef Ca-s County.
Plattsmouth, - - .Nebraska.
Eight Mile (J rove.
r n o
J. M. KOl'.KUl S.)
a full and complete Hock of j.iiie
- ;
In the District feurt of Cass County. Ne
braska, Willis K. Whitney, .'laii.t in, vh. Alary
K Whitney, Defendant.
Mary K. "Whitney, defendant, will takenotife
t!iat ou tile '2i)'U flay of Mared, !, Hie Tlain
tifT herein, Wil'is K. Whitney. Iil-il i pr-tiliou
iu the District Court of Cu County. Nebraska,
a.'aiust the xaiil Mary K. Whitney, the object
and prayer of which" are to oblain a divoiee
from you on the ground that you luivn wilfully
abandoned plain i itf. and been uilfuly absent
from bin berl and hourd for mote than two years
next iircceeding the -'Oth day of March, A. If.,
You are leiiuiied to answer s;iil petition on
or before the -)h dav of Auunst, A . i.. 1KS8.
Wilms i: Whitnkv.
By II. I . Tit a vi s, his Atlormy. 4-17
July li', lss.
Sheriff's Sale.
l;v ii tue of an order of sale icijed by W. C
Miouiiltcr, e!erk of th" district court, within
and for Can County, Neiiraka, and to me.
directed, I will o i the.lM h day of August A. If.
l-s. at 2 o'clock . m . of --aid day at 'he south
door of the court house iu I'ia! Isinoiitli. Cass
County, Nebraska, in said co-mtv, sell at public
auction, the follow iuur real estate to wit : Lot
No. thn-e :u and No. four (i in bl ek No. thirty-nine
f.-r) in Youii-i .v.- Hays' addition to th
city of rialtmiouth, Cass County. Nebraska as
the ain are decribed on the recorded plat of
aid addition to caid city together with the
prvliepies and a;iiurtences thereunto belong
ing or in anywise appertaining. The same b
inil levied upon and taken as the property of
Annie K. Ilerobl. Christaiii ;. Hero'.d and
Isaac Weil : Co .defendant" ; t. satisfv a judg-
i s of said court recovered bv W. "s. Peek.
liior. & Co., plain! ills, soraiust said defendants.
1'lattMiiouth, Neb., July t:th. A. I. l,W.
sheriil Cass County, Neb,
By David Miller, Deputy.
Xo Lunch IJctween mai
A prominent physician nml surgeon oneo
said to me of his three chiMrea v. ho wero
then well grown youths, ami the picture of
health: "We never allo-ved our children to
lunch lxit'.vee:i meals, and they are all good
eaters; v. e never allowed them tea and colfee,
and they are all good i-k-cpers." All thosa
same chil Iron have since graduated from col
leges ami are holding high positions today in
the professional world, robust and of excel
lent habits, though inheriting a frail consti
tution from a mother who dioj young. Good
Neither freckles nor tan are destroyers ol
beauty, and so no girl need worrj much
aliout them.
rniA r o fin