Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, January 27, 1894, Image 2

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A Mind niHii could wo h nullcHl
change in tho supremo court since tlio
crahltcd old ninn, Maxwell, was Jarred
loose from tho bench, much to tho ro
Hot of tho tench, mid correspondingly,
to tho dlscomMturo of tho Judgo, who
hasbecomo mi hojiolessly uddlcled to
tho offlco holding habit that ho has, It
In reported, leon more or loss hysterical,
over alneo ho linil to step down and out
to make room for Judge T. 0. C. Harris
son. For somo reason not clear to any.
laxly but himself, Judgo Mnxwoll waa
llrmlylmbuod with tho Idea that ho,
Maxwell, waa a person of Immonso Con
wjuouco, and ho sat In bin chief Jus.
tlco'a chair a hoary doapot. Tho aaao.
clatojuatlceawere, In Ida opinion, uioro
clerks, and tho oftlcora of tho court and
attondanta and audi attorneys and eitl
sons aa happened to have business with
tho court, wore ao many noliodles to bo
trampled on regardlosuly by his mighty,
nesa, tho Chief Justice Maxwell la tho
Incarnation of egotism, and it la no ao
orot that ho lod his associates a vory
sorry llfo. Now mattora havs asaumod a
mora natural and rational aspect. Judgo
Harrison Is a wolcomo addition to tho
lcnch and tho chief Justice, Norval, la n
very reasonablo gentloman. Tho Max.
well reglmo la outiroly over, and ovory
body around tho court breathes easier.
Business la dono in a business like man.
iter. There la no foldorol, and tho rav
inga of tho old man are a thing
of the put. It la said, and wo
havo reason to think with much
truth, that Judges Norval and Post ap
pear fully ton years younger alnco Max
well waa ushered out of office. Caaes
will be expedited in the aupretno court
Newspaper men have sometimes com
plained that the Stata Journal is pain
fully alow in recognising and placing a
proper value on merit, and that paper
is noted for Its conservatism both aa re
gards editorial and business iwlloy.
Hence the important change In tho bus
iness department, of which announce
ment ia now made, by which F. C. Sea
crest become business manager, Is a
very decided compliment to that gentle
bum. Those who are cognlsaat of Mr.
Beacreat'a work on the Journal in the
last two or three yearn know that he
deserves the recognition which he now
receives, and newspaper men in this city
are plsamd to observe hla success. The
phenomenal development ot the aemi
weekljr edition of the Journal la the last
two yean haa been due to a very large
extent to Mr. Beacrest, who haa given
the greater share ot hla attention to this
particular field, lie haa been singularly
successful and haa accomplished a great,
work. Now that he la given new powers
and greater responsibility he may, be
expected to achieve even greater things,
Mr. Beacrest la a young man to under
take such responsibility aa the position
ot business manager ot a concern of the
Journal'! magnitude carries with it, but
he is admirably qualified, and he will be
' '
A dollar of the kind described below
would fill a loag felt want with moat
people. It would probably be accepta
ble to the New and Call. An exchange
saya: "What we want ia a dollar easy
to get sad hard to let go; a dollar that
will pay four dollars worth ot debts and
then come-back by means ot a string at
tachmentj a dollar that snuggles easy In
the sock ot John Smith, but withers
like the manna ot old in a safe ot a rail
road president; a dollar that will buy
sons our and neat while it buys much
whisky ad tabasco; a1 dollar above
drawing interest and yet will doable
itselt while the owner site'la the shade
and spits at a crack In the pavement;
will buy shoes for baby while it buys
fun a man in places where he can't take
hla wits; a dollar that will surely repair
the waste ot sloth, appetite and bad
judgmeat; a dollar that cornea to the lap
ot Indolence like worms to the craw of a
fatherless robin; , a dollar that will re
move the eeatence pronounced upon
Adam ana reduce the order ot men."
Lincoln haa a considerable colony ot
Russians, and it some George Kennan
would penetrate lato the Inner life of
these people he might discover a num
ber .ot things ot more or leas interest.
The Russian peasant doesn't know very
muck about Ibsen or Tolstoi, and poetry
doesn't till hk seul. Ilia ideas are in
tensely practical. He la iu the business
ot living for what he can get out ot it,
la a mask more eminent degree than the
Aaaerioaa, and his practical ideas of
money-getting sometimes assume very
peculiar, and at tlmesstartling forms.
We haven't a particularly clear idea
of the inner consciousness ot the Rus
sia saaie'peasant as we see him In this
country, and we do not know
what he thinks; but, It out.
ward r and ' 'visible signs are
. to be accepted aa a true representation,
It would seem that he regards his wife
or daughter In much the same manner
tkat we (those of u who have them) re.
gard oar horses. He certainly has the
greatest soaMenee la their strength, for
hedMsa'tkealtatstoput say kind rl a
asiidsa osi taetr shoulders. And when
U osssa to matrimony he exemplifies his
practical Ideas In a manner that mtiat
uptenr most striking to the American
Women, like horses, have it value, and
ho valuea thorn by ths amount ot work
they can do unci If you want hla duugh
tor you havo got to buy hor JuHt aa you
would his horse, at leant In somo In
stances. In onocaso that has recently
come undor our observation a young
man asked a Russian laborer for his
daughter's hand and waa told he could
havo hor for 1100- that was tho amount
sho would earn tho coming aiinuiior
picking boots at Grand Island. Tho
young mini objocted to buying a Wife,
and there waa a secret marriage. After
tho ceremony tho father said ho would
take fiO for hor. Ho didn't take any,
for tho young man commanded tho situ
atlon. It is said to bo a fact that it la
a common practice among tho Russian
Inhabitants of this city to dispose of
their daughters In this manner. Whoro
tho awaln is of tho namo nationality ho
has to moot tho father's terms.
Wo obsorvo that tho Call haa taken
down Its standing editorial card address,
od to Prcsidont Cleveland. In a fow
daya a brand now one addressed to Mr.
Gladstone will appear. Tho Call will
tako this method of informing Mr. Glad-
atone that his Ideas ulout government
and homo rtilo, otc, are soggy. Tho Cull
Is a great paper.
Prof. Hicks is ono of tho fow mon who
are nblo to hold n political office without
becoming a politician in tho common
accoption ot tho .term. It cannot bo
said that ho Icavoa politics to bocomo a
missionary, bocauso ho waa not in poli
tics. If he exhibits tho samo efficiency
in hla missionary labors and wo boliovo
ho will that ho has shown aa chairman
of tho board of public worka, ho will bo
a moat valuable nddition to tho mis
sionary corps.
If Mayor Wolr would only follow
Hicks' example and depart for foreign
landa to engago in similar work it would
bo a good thing not necessarily tor
the heathen, but for the city of Lincoln.
The editor of tho "Que Way of Put
ting It" department of tho State Jour'
ml, had the tomority to attack that
taost formidable aggregation ot color
and monstrosity, tho Lansing drop cur
tain, laat Sunday, and the curtain came
out second beat. It waa a very clevor
piece ot work tho criticism, not the
Tuesday of this week waa the tint an
niversary of the collapse of the Capital
National bank, the worst calamity that
ever visited Lincoln. If the Capital
National had not closed its doors when
It did, and under such circumstances,
the wave ot hard times that rolled over
the country would have had vory little
effect in thia city. Whatevor of business
embarrassment there haa boon may bo
attributed almost wholly to the bank
wrecker, Mosher. And yet, with the
closing of the bank and tho prevailing
business stagnation, it is wonderful how
little' damage waa done in the past
year. It haa boena trying period; but
Lincoln haa como out of it with Hying
If Garneau had only saved tho money
that he blew in on Lillian Russell in
Chicago during the world'a fair, he could
have maae her a very handsome present
when she married the other fellow. It
ia understood that, for a considerable
period, it waa a nip and tuck race be
tween Sandow, tie strong man' and our
own Garneau. The contest coat tho
people ot Nebraaka a good deal, to-wit:
the ruination of the atate exhibit,
Half Kstoa U Tessa.
January 0,Foburary 13, March 13, April
10,4 May 8, MM,the B k M will sell excur
slon tickets from Nebraaka and Kansas
stations to points in Texas at one fare
for tho round trip. For tickets and full
information regarding limits, stop-overs,
etc, call at B. & M. depot or city office,
corner O and Tenth streets.'
G. W. Bonnkix, C. P. k T. A.
For tine family groceries and moats
Hotaling k Son stand at tho head ot
the list; their prices cannot be beat for
the aame class ot goods. Telephono 010,
store 1495 O street.
Superior Train service to Pittsburgh.
The Baltimore k Ohio railroad offers
the public the most convenient train
service between Chicago and Pittsburgh.
The route is via Akron, Ravenna, War
ren and Youngstown, 0. Two solid
trains are run every day, both carrying
day coaches and new vestibuled sleeping
cars through without change.
The Pittsburgh express leaves Chicago
at 3:00 p. m., and arrives at Pittsburgh
the next morning at 7KK. The vestibule
limited leaves Chicago at 7:30 p. ro., and
arrives at Pittsburgh the next morning
at 11;10. The vestibule limited also
carries a Pullman sleeper to Cleveland
via Akron, arriving at Cleveland at
8:0 a. m.
All B. k O. traina depart from the
Grand Central passenger station, corner
5th avenue and Harrison street, Chi
cago, the fiaest and most commodious
station in America.
(Wrltti'ii for llm CounihR.)
Wahiiinoton, D.O., Jan. 21, 181V1.
Tho practical effect of tho iidtulnlstru
tlon's Hawaiian lxilloy tion the Ameri
can people always, lovers of fair piny,
can bent bo shown by two pictures ob
served and commented upon by tho xl
itlcliius, Ono, that of a seemingly soli
tary indivjdttal, of somewhat distingu
ished appearance, neon frequently at
I tho capltol and whom ovoryltody nconin
to know. Ho always receives u more or
less friendly greeting, but is ununlly left
severely to himself by his old nssoclatos
In congress, even of his own ixdltlcnl
persuasion now in tho majority In taith
houses. If ho is ovortaken in tho corri
dors, or If found in tho neuato restau
rant alone, ho is nlwnys pointed nut an a
connplououn porsonago; oven tho ubi
quitous Washington guide haa caught
tho infection and informs his country
friends that "thorn goes Paramount
Tho other picture Is that of Ex-Min-istor
Stevens, who although well along
In years, seems to bo in groat domnnd
ovorywhoro, Tho newspapers are mix
ions to interview him; ho has by invita
tion dolivored lectures upon Hawaii in
Boston, at tho Acadomy of Music In
Philadelphia, and other places, and in
now to 1)0 tho guest at tho ro-union of
tho republican clubs of Michigan In tho
near future. Ho, with Senator Allison,
another invited guest, will go from this
city with tho Michigan delegation to
Detroit in a Bpeclal car. At tho Yalo
Hawaiian dinner tho other day given by
tho Hawaiian atudonts in colobration of
tho ovonts ot lust January, Dean Way
land ot the Yalo law school Bald: "I
understand that Mr. Cleveland used to
scratch hla head this way.' Tho dean
went through tho motion of scratching
his hoad by placing hla fingers in his
hair and moving thorn up and down.
Continuing ho said, "Now I understand
that Mr. Cleveland scratches his head
this way," lifting his hand an far above
hla head as possible, tho dean clawed
tho air and then his hair for a moment,
and sat down amidst a burst of applauso.
Several of the young Hawaiians shouted
"Clevoland has aawollod hoad." Tho
Yalo law faculty has always been sup
posed to bo composed entirely of Clevo
land men.
The tariff seems to havo tho right of
way over everything elso at present.
Protests against tho Wilson bill are be
ing poured in from every part of tho
country at tho rato of 100 per day. 'No
body aeema able to guess what tho out
come will be; a tariff reform measure
will undoubtedly pass both houses, but
the opinion is held ia many quarters
that tho present bill will havo to bo "re
formed" before it can become a law.
Tho story is told of tho discussion by
a rural debating society ot the question
as to where is tho best placo to havo a
boil, and tho conclusion after a heated
argument, "On tho othor follow" This
to a certain extent seems to bo tho un
derlying theory ot the present bill the
mojorjty of its exponents coming from
the south and west. Witness somo of
provisions: The orange growers, rioe
farmers and peanut raisers are accorded
practically undiminished protection,
while coal and wood are put on the free
list. Canada imposes a duty of 40 cents
per barrel on our apples; 00 cents a ton
on our coal; 20 per cent duty on our
lumber and shingles, while wo propose
to admit these articles free. She requires
a duty of 18 percent on our sole leather,
while wo aak her to pay only 5 per cent.
Mr. Carlisle's bond proposition waa
received with instant favor, the offerings
the flrstay aggregating iao0,000,000just
four times the amount to be issued.
Some of the offers wore at 120 and 122.
The proposed bond issue haa not had
much effect upon tho stock markets; in
deed with a surplus bank reserve In
New York of 1102,754,400 last weok
something must be wrong, not in tho
financial, but tho business world, when
Dun reports.thirty-seven business con
cerns as being resumed during the week,
while twenty-one stopped at reduced
force. The concorns starting up did so
at a reduction of 1.1 to 15 per cent in
wages. The salon ot wool were 3,189,500
pounds against 0,08200 pounds a year
ago. The domestic price of wool-waa so
low that it was exported tho first time
slace 1857.
As a result of the hard times tho so
cial functions of the official families in
Washington are attended with much
less splendor, than formerly. They are
fewer in number, and the lalies of the
cabinet by agreement omit refreshments
at the afternoon receptions. Therefore
a reception without refreshments is
quite the thing now.
Some comment has been provoked at
the failure to Invite the charge d'affairs
ot the Hawaiian legation to tho diploma
tion dinner at the white house last
week, in the absence ot Mr. Tours
toa. Every other legation waa repre.
The members of the diplomatic corps
have taken umbrage at the treatment
accorded tbero by Mr, Cleveland at the
dinner. It appears that the annual
state dinner Is alxiut tho only occasion
on which thoy can chat Informally with
tho president of the United States, but
on this occasion after tho dinner, tho
ladies retired to tho cunt room while tho
gentlemon remained in tho ntnto dining,
room. Cigars were brought In, and Mr.
Cleveland at onco entered Uku an ear.
nest conversation with Senator Morgan,
chairman of tho nenate committee on
foreign nffalrs and for an hour and a
half left his guests to entertain thorn
selves. Secretary of State Groshani wan
similarly absorbed with Senator Sher
man, It is stld that Mr. Cleveland An
ally noticed some uneasiness whoroutton
ho BiiggcBtod that they join tho ladies in
tho eimt room. Nixon.
Also a full lino of
Holiday Perfumes
Prom the Laboratories of
WRIGHT, LUNDBORG and others.
FOR 1894.
Wilt cuntntn, among other attractions,
Till; U undoubtedly tho most Iniiiortnnt work
of tho author of "John Wsnl, rronciior," In-
.oi.iuH uiiiu jii mo lending prooiems in
modern social life, studied vory thoroughly,
nml treated with ndmirnblo skill nnd grace.
Hr Miss .Towctt, Mm. Cstliorwood, Joel
Olinnillor Harris, Mrs. Wltfgln and othors.
Will bp Tory efTectlroly roprosontoil by import
from C'apt. Mahan, I'rofcssor McMnstor, the
historian, Hon. J. 0. llnncroft I)htI, Profes
sor Mondenhall and others.
Will bo rnjdo attrsctWo by lottors of Cols
rlutre and Thoroati, nnd by paporson engag
tng thomos from Hlr Edward Btraehoy, lrro?.
Kittredgo of Harrnrd, Professor Tyrrell of
Dublin, and othor very competent writers.
Delightful skotclica on tho seasons and tho
nipoctn of naturo In Florida, Utah and Can
ada aro tiromlsod by Miss Thomas, Hrndford
Torroy, Frank Hollos nndOllvoThornn Miller.
Will bo trontod with caro and thought duo to
Hiolr Importance. This Is regardodas ono of
tho most useful jiart of tho work of the
Atlnutlc. Artlclos aro assured from Professor
oiinior. iioraco .. Dcuuuor ana ot tiers who
aro nblo to speak with authority.
Spoclal attention will bo glron to drnmatio
criticism ami to tho dorolopmont of tho
theatro In Amorlca, with reminiscences of
famous actors and nctressos,
TERM8: $4.00 a your In adranco, postago
froo 135 coots a number. With now llfo-slio
portrait of Wlilttlor, Lowoll, Hawthorno,
Postal notes and money aro at tho risk of tho
render, and thoroforo remittances should bo
mado by money order, draft or registered letter.
Houghton, Mifflin & Company,
4 Park St., Boston, Mass.
The first of American Newspapers
The American Conttitution, the
American Idea, the American Spirit.
These first, last, and all the time, for
ever I
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by mall, ....
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This Is a very fine estableshmont probably better than anything of the kind
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Capacity, 1.500 baths daily.
Artesian mineral water ia used. t
Separate accommodations aro provided for both sexes.
Txxg Great Plunize
Holds about a quarter of a million gallons of Sea Green Suit Watnr
And is near
ly 100 feot Jong, 20 feet wido
a crystal, too.
Its clear as a crystal, too,
There are some spring boards, trapeze
Tli3 Bed Rooms
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Patients taking treatment uso thorn also. '
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