Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 17, 1892, Image 6

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, ictdenlc School for Girls,
UtMli, ... Nebraska,
All Hrauchr of
MmIc, Art, Elocution,
Literature, and Language,
Tawajfct by a Paeatty or Hlxteen Instructors.
Kach Teacher an
Tt only OimifrVRlorT west of llotlon own-
gl lu own bulltllitK anil furnlshlnc. Arc
ih! home for Intly iiul(nM. Tullloa from
Mlo.i000pririiioi iOwiok.
rtta for Catalogue ami fenorat Informatloa
O. B. HOWRl.t, Dlrtetor.
Has nt khmiI ex
ih'Iiki" replnrcd Iil
Old) liiKtruiiii'iiiK
Willi 11 iimtf llalt...
tnycr, direct from London, nnd Is now bettor
rroimriMl than ever In tin Mini work, fnilii n
locket up to life iilrc. Open from ion. in. to
ft. in.Humlays,
Studio, iai4 O atreet.
Lincoln, : Nebraska
Officers a ml Dirrttorat
Joan II. Wright, Pith. T. K. Handera, V.. I-
J. II. M'Clny, Cashier.
FK Johnson, II I' Thos Cochran. K
UHlser, TW bowery, w" I. Dayton
General llnnklng Hindoos Trausnctcd
Collection a Specialty.
(Huocouor to Dr. Charles Sunrise.)
Cures Cancers Tumors
Wen and Fistula without Hie lino of Knl
Chloroform or Kllior.
OBcelSCT O Street
Ladies' and Children's
Hair Cutting and Shampooing
t Specialty,
Santa Fe Route 1
ltcMsonJopekaft Santa FeRR
Tk Povalar Route to the Pacific
Through Pullman and Tourist
Between Kama City and SAN DIEGO,
CISCO. Short Line Ratet to
Double Dally Train Service Between
The Direct Texas Route
Train Between Kna City ant)
, Gahreeten. The Short Line Between
W Kana City and Gainesville, Ft.
Worth, Dalit, Austin, Temple,
., San Antonio, Houston, and
P all Principal Point
In Texas.
The Only Line Running Through the
wtfewnnvrtitf v. v w .i a s . ti
Only Direct Line to theTexa
Pah-Handle. For Map and
Time Table and Interac
tion Regarding Rate
and Route Call on
or Addrc
B. L. PALMER, Passenger Agent,
13Hrrntm Street,
The "Too tinny Mnllier" Hit. Hot An
other Fait- Woman anil Her Watch.
Admit Women's I'rrt Many Thins;
of Interest tii Wives nml Mother.
The physical training of women ha re
ceived nverj great Impetus of lata years,
anil w may sue the result In their notably
Increased stature and beauty. That women
am much tiilk'Utml heller ilevelopeil than
they used to In) Is an Incontestable fact,
nml this I undoubtedly owing to the
r renter amount of exercise anil open air
ifu that nro now the fashion for the (In tie
Meclo lualilvu.
A girl tit the period Isdonga to her gyn
liaslum, which I lllteil up with all
the J
luxury of appointments In thu way or
baths, dressing rooms, etc., that uro found
In the athletic club to which her brothers
leloug, Bho has her fencing lessons, her
Delsnrtcan retitortlotis, her ballet dancing
lesson nml ot her fads of the day, which are
all nevertheless decided aids to tlio devel
opment of her physique. Moreover, she
spend n good part of her tlmu out ot ib..irn
a n matter of course, and nil thin, despite
tier latu liourM and thu excitement of fash
lonnhlo life, ban produced It effect.
It In constantly remarked as each new
bevy of debutni.te arc Introduced to their
world, "How tall and largo tho girls are
nowadaysl" And If It la true, an physl
claiiH assure un, that healthy, phyidcnl dc
velopment and thu consequent, tanking of
good blood assist mental development,
what may wu not hopu for In thu future In
thu way of raeii development r
Unfortunately, however, while thin phys
leal training mid open air life have become
fashionable nmnng thu fuw thu Kreat inn
jorlty ot American women nro till Indoor
creatures, their only exercise, for week In
and week out, being the dally routine o(
household task In thu pent up nlr i
kitchen and bedroom. Whllo many flu !
tlmu for 11 greater or less degree of lutt I
Icctttnl culturo they almost Invariably
ueglcct their physical trulnlug, the result
being that it n rule thu American woman
(represented by thu majority) I alill a
delicate, frugllo creature, becoming pre
maturely nged and broken down almost
without uu effort, ttnablu to bear the strain
on nerve and brain that It In the lot ol
most women to endure.
Men should look to thU; the remedy He
In their liamlH more even than lu those
thoSvomeu. Let thu fanuerH reallcu tlur
the majority of thu Inmates of thu Iiihuih
asylums uro women from thu farms; lc'
them see to It that their wives and dnu'
ter have tlmu for more outdoor life, tuii
recreation, and know that It Is better t
pay thu wnKc of u "hired UlrP'thaualou'
doctor's bill, or to huvu a lirokeu down in
valid for u wife. In these- days of cheap
Hood, ready uiadu clothing let the women
glvu up their dressmaking and eterua,
atltchcry, and learn to feel thu physical
pleasure and exhilaration of oxerctsu In tin
ilellcloua nlr which tlio "city folks" jjo
far to enjoy, and which to them l almos;
an unknown quantity.
"You Yorkers seem mighty fond of tlit
beach," aald un old woman who live.'
barely a quarter of a mile from tho oce id
to 0110 of her summer Itoanlers. "I don't
keer imtcL for It myself; In fact I hain't
aeen It for forty years, I guess not alncu I
was n girl, when I went down to see a bit:
whale brought In. Father was one ot the
life aavltm men, and he. promised mo anew
dress If they caught It, and naturally I
felt Interested." New York Tribune.
Tin. "Too lliuy" Mother.
The "too busy" mother maybe la put
tilt of culture. A conspicuous example ni
this sort was n woman noted fur and wldt
for her brilliant intellectual attainments,
tudles and writing filled her day, llu
only child was a beautiful boy, who verj
early lu life learned thu aad lesson tlu.t
mother wiu alwaya too busy to partlcipati
In his Joys Mid sorrow. He was traitie-1
by hla nurse till big enough to run about
and tyrannize over her, when he took up
the society of tils mother's stubleiimn. tie
pent hours m:d mouths aud years Imbili
ing the seuumeuts, thu language, tlu
tastes of Ids t.mtructor. When tho bin-,
mother paused long enough lu her studios
to reflect that tier sou oughtto gotofcchoni
behold ho hd been nt school for year '
Shu sent htm to be taught; hu ran awi
from his teachers, Shu hired tutors; I
bullied aud drove them oil. Hu boldly u .
nounccd Ida opposition to Instructors of i.
oris mid threatened to run away froi
home. Not to follow hla career step!
tep, It is enough to say that he utterly re
fused education, la-came a spendthrift nit
a vagabond of the lowest tastes, and i'
last brought hla mother iu sorrow to lm
Tho mother who Is "too busy" may Is
overfond of society, and for thu (lectin
pleasures of social success may thn
away the deepest and purest happiness I, ,
can possibly glvu bur, leaving thu dellgl I
Bo less than the il titles of motherhood to
hired servant. Society iu moderation is i.l
great value to every mother, not only as a
Heeded change from home earns, to keep
her bright and In touch with the nctiw
world alout her, but oh a school of mun
ners for her children aud a proper place ti
introduce them when grown.
To such a mother little elbows on her
knees are an Interruption, and littlu eyts
ooii learn to look to others than mother
for help, advice, and love. Oh, thu pity of
Itt-Ollve Thome Miller In Washington
8k Got Another I'tOr.
Some women aru brighter than others.
Here's an act ot ouu of thu some.
It was iu a big Fourteenth street dr)
goods stow one of those places where
women push and struggle and light to get
near tho counters to save tho extra cent,
while the wear and tear on their clothes
aud temper cost many a dollar.
The store had advertised a sale ot black
kid gloves of standard make at u big re
duction. The space lu front of tho glove
counter was packed with women, strug
gling to see tliosu gloves, liy dint of pa
tient waiting one woman with bright
brown eyes and clear cut features got to
the counter. She told tho saleswoman her
size, paid foi the gloves, waited n quarter
of an hour for thu chaugu and then retired
to the edge of the crowd to try on her new
She wiut Just getting the last few pulls
on the urst glove, when "crack," and the
whole palm split ooen. Forcing her way
to the counter again the wumuu showed
the split glou to the salesgirl.
"Can't do anything for you," was htr
trite answer. "Wu ueverexchnugegluvcs."
The woman with thu brown eyes didn't
lose her temper. Shu looked for a floor
walker inMeiul She spied onu iu the
thickest of the trowd nt the glove counter.
"This glove has split," she said. "I
waut another pair." She said It loud
euough tor all the would be buyers to hear.
The r.ioHil sinpi l I tiylug, honio began
to talk "What a haine," and "It'n a
twiddle," nnd "I guexs I won't take then
Kloves" were some of the remarks.
Thu lloorwalker was quick to grasp thu
"(Jlvu this lady another pair of gloves,"
he said to thu saleswoman, New York
Wnmnti nml llrf Witteh.
For the porwnii wlm Invents n safo sort of
pocket for women's watches n large for
tulle and the gratitude of thousands are
Women ate brglnulng to Krow tired ol
having their slender chains Jerked In n
crowd mid finding thi-mselvea wntchless,
They don't enjoy even hunting vainly
for tho tlmeiMiv which was buttoned lu o
tho front of their Issllee, but which has
slipped lu and Is finally discovered two
Inches alsivii their waistbands and far on
onu side. Thu nrettv tors aro continually
being lost, as theysllp down under bodices
and belts and drop onto the ground,
Tlicrtfilnfi"few precautions whlclnnlght
betaken, lu the first place one of these
dainty watch pockets high on thu leftside
of n tailor made bodice, is thu very worst
possible plncu In which to carry n watch.
There Is absolutely nothing to hinder a
man from Jerking It out by thu chain. It
Is even less safe than the ordinary fashion
of thrusting It Insldu thu waist and trust
ing to a button or to a hook.
Men who nru popularly supHx(sl to
have much moru strength wherewith to
defend themselves against sudden attacks
of this sort do not givuhnlf tho tempta
tion. Their chains aro firmly caught lu
their buttonholes with n slender little bar
or swivel, which holds It safu against Jerk
ing, and their watches are In n distant
and secure pocket. Cincinnati Commer
cial Gazette.
A hunt thn 1'ri't of Women.
Thu Frenchwoman's foot Is not nntu
rally smnller or prettier than thu Kuglish
woman's foot, but her shoes aro of the
Hottest kid and cut to perfection. They fit
daintily and comfortably and do nil they
can not to bo felt, heard or seen. The
lighter nml thinner thu shoo thu more
grace, lis me 001 mm wa.K. ino nee.-
'i .. . . '. V ""i"";"' "' "V" '
or mi; u is ns u no nnoo at nu wcru on me
Unfortunately modern requirements
make It necessary to wear heavy shm-s
with thick soles lu which thu feet aru tor
tured almost, ik .cruelly as In the Chlnee i
foot cage. No foot can have natural, elas.
tlu play lu a heavy, thick soled mid thick
leather shoe. And ns thick, heavy soles
ate the chief attributes of F.ngllsh shoes,
so the preeut generation of English women
nro noted for their clumsy feet; whereas,
lu reality, their feel would bo as small,
dainty and elastic as Parisian and Andn
luslnn feet were they equally lightly shod,
Iu Holland, Germany mid other northern
countries tho women uru equally noted for
their big feet, not because their feu t aro
bigger than other feet, but becausu they
are shod badly. In Poland mid lu Itussla,
where the women shoo daintily, their feet
aro dainty. New York Advertiser.
. ., . .....
Tint Vllll of 1 lllank Gnu II.
The experience of n professional lcauty,
Mrs. I.auutry, In regard to black gowns Ih
worth recording. Thu first season that the
Jersey Lily spent lu London found her the
posessorof one evening gown, and that a
very simple black. Immediately after her
picture appeared she becmnu thu rage, mid
duchesses themselves did not hesitate to
stand on chairs to get a glimpse of Iter as
she passed. Kverywlieru she wore the
black gown. Onu night it was turned lu
so that her beautiful throat showed; an
other night It was drawn up close to her
neck and ti bunch or whltu lilies against it
brought out Its blackness mid her fairness.
It was mended, It was pressed, but ut re
ceptlou or ball all that season thu Is-autlf ul
woman wore the black gown, hater on,
when evening dressea were very ordinary
things to her, she said most positively:
"Never tell mu that it woman emi't dress
well who has u stuglu frock. I know that
hIiu cannot only look well, but always be
distinguished; and 1 know it through the
best teacher of all experience." And so
It Is that tlio black evening gown Is coin
mended not only to the woman who has a
greatdeal of money, but to her who, though
hu may bu bent on pleasure, yet has a
frugal mind. Philadelphia Times.
Tim rmprr Way to Teach Children.
Most people go through the world with
closed eyes. For this incalculable waste
of values mid of opportunities unquestion.
ably the usual methods pursued In our
schools, nnd constituting what we call
"popular education," uru largely nccouui
aide. Wu nru tauul.t nothing but what Is
found lu books. The work that Is done I
all indoors. Thu result Is that wu leave
our schoolrooms unacquainted with thou
sands of things that would bu of dally use
and Interest to us if we had been tauuht
anything about them. Wu may hu famll
Inr with Greek mm Latin, know all about
higher mathematics mid speculative Vhl
lonopliy and ancient history, mid yet l
profoundly Ignorant of the common thhr
that meet us at every turn, mid which ma
almost bu claused with thu rudiments ol
practical kunwledge.
Kvery teacher of children should tnie
his or her pupils regularly Into thu flehU
and glvu them object lessons lnnatuud
history and science. Primary iustruc.lo.
should bu largely in thu open air. Other
wise there can be uo thorough education
Belford's Magazine.
I'rouiptnvHS ut Mealtime
Mothers, Instill thu habit of promptm
In thu children growing up about n
Teach them that when a meal is placed
upon the table that no excuse savu sick
Bess will bu taken for their nonappearance
at the same time. This habit goes far to
ward establishing those pleasant memories
that cluster about thu meeting ot Hit
family around thu festal board when in
after years the members have been scat
tered to the four corners of the globe. Tin
meal enjoyed by nil is far moru sutlsfat
lory than when laggards comu straying in
at intervals anil petitions for hot food are
sent out every few minutes to tho long
suffering domestic In the kitchen.
Promptness is a virtue wherever you fii.t,
It, but never more to be commended thai
when it causes each ami every memb.-n
tho household to feel that they must bu on
baud at meals Instead of regarding t.t
dinner bell as tlio sigual togoupstalrsnim
commence ti ph-cu of work, that will l;i .
them nwal lioiu the table until thu food l
cold, the dishes disarranged and the cjo
fretty and iip-tt. Exchange.
Two Well l)rel New York Women.
Mrs. Edward Cooper, of Washlngtii
square, is one of thu notably beautllu1
women who ornament the handsome pai
lors of the New York Yacht club 011 it
ceptlou days, Mrs. Cooper, though not at
young nor as blithe perhaps as the nmjor
Ity of the yacht clubmen's wives, is lur
nwku ultriwt lti lit iiiunv trmVU fttia Iiiim I.
dainty, delicate, sweet, woman y way
conversing on yachting subject and relat
Ing witty Incidents of her many yachtlnit
trips. Mrs, Cooper'a daughter, Mrs. Llojd
Uryce, Is equally ns attractive as her
mother, with all tho youthful beauty ami
nerve whloh marked her mother's early so
cial career.
Mrs. Ilryce has a hobby of dressing In un
eccentric milliner. She has an oriental ej e
for combining nml blending colors, and
shows the finesse of mi enthusiastic l'nil
alan academic student lu tho graceful de
signing of her own costumes. She Isbless.-d
with a clear, delightful complexion, it.. I
can afford to wear those (sld colors vtlth
outsacrillclng her natural charms to t lie
calls of Dame Fashion. New York Com
merclal Advertiser.
Glycerin for ARVrtlmu of the akin.
Glycerin Is very extensively used lu the
treatment of affections of thu skin, lu
many of these, more particularly In nut It
as are characterized by dryness and harsh
ness of thu cuticle, glycerin of list II
effect a speedy Improvement, while it,
others, again, it serves a valuable purpose
In bringing other remedies Into direct ie
latlou with the diseased structures.
Iu affections of tho eye glycerin alone
or In combination plays an Important part
In the local tieattueut, while lu certain
lormit of deafness, arising from n deficiency
of thu waxy secretion In thu outer meatus
ot the ear, It works often llku a chat in
when dropped Into the meatus, so as to
lubricate that passage and thu external
iitrfacu of thu mumbramt tympanl, com
tiiouly known ns thu drum of thu ear.
Glycerin when rubbed upon the surface
of thu skin cffcctunlly protects It from the
result of exposure to the air. A small
quantity applied to thu skin will pruvi ut
It from becoming chapped or chilled In
winter or from being burned and lullaimi
lu the summer. Hygiene.
Thu Nplrlt of Kellnruteiit.
Thricu blessed thu mortal who hath that
onu familiar ever near thu spirit of refine
ment. Her absence, her presence In w
easily uru either discerned! How
do thu habits, speech, manners, dress nml
surrounding provu our possession or link
of this sweet spirit. Itlches cannot show
thu Kent,u KUP!a, m.ther can poverty hh.t
her whereabouts.
Shu dwells not with
luxury, although luxury would glvu her
rntest gems to entertain nnd mako the
graces of this guest her own.
And luxury, conscious of her lack, strhes
, wl'h t ' ,mtWar.l exhibit to
,lootiwl,lk lhe world uml lllllko n believe
...1,1. ...1. ..,.11.1 i,i. I..IIU,,.,,
that under Iter gilded dome dwells sweet
refinement. Vain nru her efforts. The
great world smiles, for beneath thu glitter
ing panes above, whencu luxury looks in
feigned content, hero among thu onlooker,
close besldu onu shabbily clad, In faithful
attendance, walks tho supernal visitor.
Detroit Free Press.
(liinrdlng Secret of tlio Home.
Perhaps there Is no surer revelation of
character than thu manner In which a wife
I uses her husband's namu lu conversation.
We huvu some respect for Mr. Fnwcett's
heroine, who closed her eyes when her bus-
nand staggered Into sight, and declined
.,,, ..v,.,.!...,,..,, I....1 ,nf 1,1- Ii..,i.W1ii.
for ho IluVur dmiik." It Is hard, however.
to pardon the woman who confides to every
ono she meets the shortcomings of tho mini
whoso honor Is lu her keeping. Reticence
requires more culture ami brain powei
than criticism.
There are wives who argue, with sharp
tongued Mrs. Poyser, that "God mado thr
women silly to match thu men," and with
her aro ready to slay n sister making the
same statement.
Wu question If women aru quite fitted to
occupy positions of public trust until they
have learned to guard more zealously the
ecrets of tho home, Helen Jay In Har
per's llazar.
A Ouro for Frontal Headaches.
Nlne-K'Uths of tho nervous headaches
nru situated over tho brow, and they are
aconipmiied by languor and chilliness. If
the headnchu continues dull aud heavy for
any length of time, the patient has a dls
taste for food, becomes nauseous nnd has
a general feeling ot uticomfortableness. To
cure such a headache rapidly and quietly
two grains of potasslo suit should bu tils
solved in a wineglass of water. When
It Is dissolved sip the mixture slowly, tak
ing thu whole dose In iilu.... ten minutes.
Tho lodtdu acta Immediately, uiJJ lu half
an hour utter thu medicine has been taken
the unplcosuut symptoms will have dis
appeared. The dosu can be repeated lu
small quantities later if the headache is
not relieved. These smnll doses appear to
bu moru effective than larger ones, and
ouu should not lose faith In them on ac
count of thu smallness of thu doso until
they have been fairly tested. Yan!.k-e
Entering auil I.viivlng a Carriage.
Retain n pitting position till ono foot,
preferably thu left. Is on tho step; then with
the other step easily down. This is simple
and natural In n victoria or brougham;
more difficult In n higher hung cart or road
wagon. To mount a coach or drag U
worse than either. A woman should
touch the vehicle with one hand only while
thu other rests on the shoulder of the
groom or gentleman who is assisting her.
And thu woman who Ih accorded the lith
privilege of tho box seat should be careful
of her ribbons mid parasol. There should
bo no loosu wids of thu one, mid the second
should bu carefully kept away from tin
driver. Exchange.
A tcospoouful of borax udded to the
tnrch In tho laundry will givo that
peculiar glo:w to collars, cuffs and bhitt
bosoms which Ih the characteristic of the
professional laundry, though much ot this
gloss is undoubtedly duu to tho skillful use
which the worker makes of her polishing
Sarah llernhanlt keel iu largo scrap
books thu press trUl'itiuibOJ her acting,
Thohcvero as thu favorable- wu ull pre
served In theso volume. 7)o portrait nf
thu great actiess nppcfi'.s as thu front Is
piece, with her favorlto hkyo terrier and
Danish blood hoi nd standing on either slue
Kind words are benedictions. They are
Bot only Instruments ot power, but of
benevolence nml courtesy, blessings both
to the speaker nml hearer of them. Fre 1
rick Saunders.
Uloouiingtou, Ills., has had for elghten.
years a woman superintendent of schoolr,
MIssS. E. Raymond. During her regime
the school facilities huvu been greatly en
You can tell If u bed Is damp by lnylu,
your handglass between the sheets for 1
tow moments, If thu sheets nru not prop
erly dried thu glass will bu clouded.
Mrs. Langtry has performed tbecbarnc
tent of some s-.-veuty-elgbt dl He rent person
ages during her dramatic career.
The empress of Germany Is a champion
TV" i .
of . 1? worn sue noes,
inner mm uses large woouen noodles 101
Now's the Time to Buy I
c vl Xf' w II yurl if
jj C01-SNO.C0 Jr
Manufacturers Agent!
I have just received nt my repository, direct from tlio factory, n Inrje line of FlItST
CLASS M'0f A nnd ntn offering the n nt prices that positively dis
tance nil competitors. See inv Hue of
And nil the lntest Novelties In the Carriage line. Ilelng manufacturer's agent
oihc of the greatest factories, I am in n position to offer goods nt closer
figures than retailers. It will pny you to call nnd sec my
iVA'IK LINE before making purchases.
Our Parlors are the handsomest and coolest in the city. Fine line of Confection
ery nnd Bakery Goods always fresh.
Sunday Orders Promptly Delivered.
Telephone 501.
RAVING justassumcil personal control of my handsome new stnbles, It will be
my aim to conduct n first-cla..s establishment, giving best of enre nnd attention to
horses entrusted to our keeping.
Single or double, nnd a fine line of
M. R. STANLEY, Foreman.
Stables 1639 and 1641 0 Street.
:sJwfc!'s35 -r
Lincoln, Neb
An Old School ina New Location.
Ninth Year. 25 Departments. 30 Teachers
Beautiful, health v locution, magnificent building, fine equipments, superior accom
modntlons, strong faculty, comprehensive curriculum, thorough w oik, high moral nnd
christian Influences nnd low expenses mnkc this
A practical education without needless waste of '.line or meney Is fin nlsbcd by the
Western Normal Collegu
You can Enter any Time and Choose Tour Studies
Tills grent tchool Is lornted In llnwthorne, three miles southwest of the post office an
will be connected by electric street car line, YOUR CAR FARE PAID. In ordo
that all may see our many advantages lu the way ot bulldlnirs, equipments faculty, etc
we will pay your car fare from your home to Lincoln provided ym are present on the
opening day of the fait term, Sept. 1892, Write for particulars.
Hemt nnmenni addresses. of ?S ynunir people and wo will send you oholonorfliio tS-lnch
WESTBRH KORMAL COLLEGE, Lincoln, Hen. ' K?(andTreas,er.
- 1540
1307 O Street.
Finest in the City
well-trained horses for liver)
tiny or night.
use, fur
Telephone 550