Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 06, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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Full Line of Summer
Corsets, Silk Mitts, y
and Gauze yy J
Underwear at r
a?jT Styles
Handles in
Th CoimiKii will not tw resmslblo for
amy debt tnnri by nny one In It nnuic, un-
a written order nccoiuiniilcs thn mine,
School Hats
and upwards nt the
Cor. O and tatli Sts. Opcrn Home Corner
The Courier Cin be round At
Motel Lincoln News Mtnnd.
Windsor Hotel News Htnnd.
Capital Hotel Newi Htand.
Red Dude Clfar Htore. 10UO O Htreet
fed. Young, Vtn O Htreet.
ClMon, rietoher & Co.. 1120 O Htreet.
Moore's News Btanil.lltl Houth lltu Htreet.
Cailno Clir Htore, llrace lllook, lfitli A O
$Uo$4. Suits!
Ladies1 Suits to Order
$3,50 to $9,50.
O Street
' Lacal and Pertonal.
Whltebreast Coal aud Lime Company.
Mann & Hairs new pharmacy 1300 O street.
New location, L. Barr, jeweler, 1133 O St.
MIm C. J. Qullmetto, modiste, Utta Block
over Miller & Paine. Take elevator.
' K C Baking Powder, S3 ounces S3 cent.
Absolutely Pure. Have you tried Itl
Call up phone 457 and order vour Sunday
ice cream of the new Bon Ton bakery.
Mm Anna Dick, Modiste, cor. 11th & Psta.
over Lincoln Havings bank, entrance on Pst
Mann & Hall's pharmaoy make a specialty
otprMcriptioa work. Call at 1300 O street.
Telephone 500.
For gents' furnishings at right prices, call
at the Y. M. C. A. Haberdashery, corner
13th and N streets.
The VVhltabreast Coal and Lime company
is always at the front supplying the finest
grade of all kinds of coal
Wild cherry wine is the most popular sum
mer drink in Lincoln. Ask for It. Made by
Lincoln Bottling Works. Telephone 440.
When you want flrst-class, pure and whol
eome summer drinks for family use call up
telephone 449, the IJncoln Bottling Works.
Orders for piano tuning left wiUt Young
and Elder, 308 south Eleventh street, will
receive prompt attention by 8. C. Quick.
Sportsmen can now buy all kinds of rub
ber and canvas goods at and below cost at
the closing out mm- of the Lincoln Rubber
Co., 1230 O stmt.
Coal of every tit from the best mine
in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois. Missouri, Co'ora
do and Wyoming for sal by Geo. A.Ray
saer, Telephone 900. Office 1134 O street.
If you want anything in rubber goods you
have now the greatest chance of your life to
aecura tbea at mm than manufacturer's
price at the closing out sale of the Lincoln
Rubber Company.
If you will make It a point never to get a
picture framed uatU you have seen the Lin
coln Krame & Art Company' goods, you
will always get the latest style. Prices are
always the lowest.
Fountain syringe of all kinds, ladles' gos
samers and everything In tb rubber good
line, is being sacrUtced in order to close up
tb business of tb Uncoln ttubber Co., 1330
O street. Now1 your chase.
Lawn sprwktor that woa't break at first
service, rust and gat out of order easily, Is
what tb publlo want. Dean & Horton, as
of yore, keep a line of tbem that they can
fully recommend and will be glad to show
them to you at 1340 O street.
K C Baking Powder, S3 ouoe S3 cents.
Absolutely Pure. Have you tried Itl
Or. rarnbass Cures
cfcronlo diseases. Consultation free Medi
4m furelalstd at office. Office hours 10 to 12
.! 8 to 5 p. is,, and 7 to Up, in. Sunday
4 tot p. sa.
Silk Sun
.ind Wash Goods on Sale
Mls Anna Outlier loft Monday for Den
ver. Mr. J, M. McClusky went to Chicago .Mon
day, Mrs. li. Anthony Is visiting nt Crcston,
Mrs. Thos. Denton Is homo from Hot
Mr. J. I). Mooro Is enjoying a brief visit at
Salt Lake, Utah.
The camp incctlrg nt IVok's grove, came to
a clow Monday ovrnlng.
The coal men have, met nnd the result Is
that "coal Is cash" hereafter.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H.French are visiting In
tho World's Fair wlndy(clty.
Mi's Maggie English has returned from
her visit to Hot Springs, H. 1).
Harry McConlga has returned from n ten
weeks visit to Iindoii and Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Campbell nro exjtected
home from Now Yoik next weok.
Itov, 0. W. Isham of Orace M. K. church
Is enjoying it vacation nt Denver.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Olenn Smith nre entertain
ing n new girl baby at their homo.
Mrs. Hutli M. Wood, M. ., nnd Mrs'
Mnry Caullcld left for Denver Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. W. Onroutto after sum
mering In Ohio nro once more nt home.
Miss Altuenn Parker Is visiting Chicago
friends, for which place sho left Tuesday.
Itev. Dr. Hewitt entertained Hev. Dr.
Qulun of Fremont several days this week.
Mrs. M, Ackcrman nnd sister, Miss Franck,
returned from Hot Springs, S. I),, Tuesday.
Mrs. C. H, Thompson enjoyed a visit with
Ohio friends for n mouth nnd returned home
Mrs W. W. Holmes left for Colorado
Spring Sunday to spend n few weeks in tho
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Selllck returned from
Minneapolis Tuesday where they spent about
three weeks.
Miss Maggie Tnietiout loft Thursday for
Leavenworth for a month's visit with friends
and relatives.
Winnie Hyde, after n ten days visit In
Lincoln, left for Sidney Friday, accompanied
by Mrs. Ynpllti.
Mrs. J. K. Honeywell, After a pleasant
sojourn at the old home In New Jersey, re
turned Sunday.
Tho municipal gallants, the blue coats of
Lincoln, will do tho outing idea at Lincoln
park Wednesday.
Mr. J. T. Knight nnd family departed
Monday for Koiiin, Georgia, where they ex
pect to reside hereafter.
Mrs. Dr. Wlunett and her mother left
Tuesday for St. John, Michigan, where they
will visit several weeks.
Mrs. J. C. Johnson has returned from
Kearney where the spent a pleasant vaca
tion of nearly two mouths.
Miss Ida Gorum ha returned home to
Friend after a most pleasant visit with Mr.
Frank Clyce In East Lincoln.
Mr. C. A. Broad anticipate a trip to
Denver and expect to leave today for a
brief sojourn In the mountains.
Mrs. Rachel Brock and Mrs. Will Rehlaen-
der are summering at Manatou Springs for
which place they left Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cohn are exected
home today after a months visit with Keo
kuk relatives, the home of the latter.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Lane left Wednesday
for a two weeks tilp among the lakes of Min
nesota. Mr. Lane will be absent until Sep
tember 1st.
Mr. Myron Wheeler entertained his father,
Major Dan Wheeler of Omaha, this week.
Tb major came down as a delegate to the
Dr. F. W. Chase, of the Copeland Medical
institute, ha moved hi family to Lincoln
and now occupy a coy home at Fourteenth
and F street.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stewart have gone to
Chicago, which city they will make their
future home. They will be misted by a wide
circle of friends.
Mr. J. Ingerman and family are visiting
friends aud relatives in Wisconsin during
which time the lake region will receive due
attention at their hands.
Mr. T. E. Lewis, lormeriy an Omaha Re
publican representative in Lincoln but lat
terly a boomer of western commercial cen
ters, Is visiting here for a few days.
Mr. J. W. Johnson and Mr. F. A. Pyle
together with their families returned Tues
day from Curtis Lake where they have been
enjoying ten day of rustic tent life.
Mr. Edward Wessel, the haberdasher of
Omaha, otherwise and more familiarly
known to hit Lincoln friends as ''slivers,"
was a Sunday visitor at his brother's home.
Messrs. Frank DuTtll and Foster Beach
after cycling to Chicago and back are at
home once mor In Lincoln and speak of the
adventure as a romantic and very successful
Mr. Sewell Sandersen returned Saturday
from a two wetki tri .to Minnesota. The
rest of the party of which Mr. Sandersen was
one, will return today by the "prairie schoon
er" route.
'fbe member of the Boston Opera company
visited the insane asylum Tuesday afternoon
and rendered a delightful concert before the
unfortunates that seemed to be thoroughly
enjoyed by all.
Hon. M. B. Reese locked up bouse and
home Thursday and together with hi family
hied themselves to a more congenial clime.
They ar uow enjoying mountain air at Den
ver and vicinity.
. P. H. R. Patton ha been visiting friends
la the city for tb past two week and left
yesterday for Denver wher be Will extend
hi vacation a week longer before returning
to hit home In Chicago,
noM Baking
Uwd in lffflioni f HomM-40 Yi tht SUndtri
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Ilertlg, of Parngotild,
Ark., arrived In the city Thursday nnd until
lnt evening wero the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
J,oil Vesel, 1847 L street. The two ladles
weie chums nnd schoolmates In early girl
hood 111) s
A number of Lincoln horsemen and others
that enjoy the sight of Hying horses around
a track, attendel tho races at Friend thin
week. Several well known Lincoln homes
were In tho race ami some of them distill
gulihed themselves by cnrrylug off prlrc.
Tho fact that thn Boston Opern company
has been engaged to remain another week nt
Lincoln (Mirk Is good news to tho hundreds or
xople who have been going out ench even
lug to witness their clever productions. They
furnish an enjoyable performance nnd Lin
colnltrs are not slow to appreciate n good
Miss Fannie Newman left Monday tor Chi
cago from which place affr a fowdays visit
sho will deart for New York to visit with
tier brother and family, Mr and Mrs, Henry
Newman. Miss Newman will visit Mrs.
Judge Dundy nnd dnughter, Miss May, nt
NewHrt for a month and after re-vlslttng tho
metropolis expects to bo home about Octo
ber 1st.
A very plensant gathering of friends had
a merry time nt the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. A. T. Lemliig, illHU II street, tho occas
ion Mug the wedding imptlnls of their
daughter, Miss Carrie L. Nice to Edwin M,
Coflln. Only a few near friends mid rela
tives wero Invited, nnd tho presents were
Iwth elegant mid numerous. Excellent
imislo was discoursed and a general good time
A party of merry picnickers, inemlwrs of
tho Pnlladlnii Society of tho State Unlverssty,
enjoyed themselves at Lincoln park Thurs
day livening, The party consisted of Mlsss
Getner, Lewis, Yates, Collin, ltosu, Mais
Ian, Ilullock, Trester and Hammond. Tho
lucky gentlemen, for it was a leap year
picnic, were Menrs. Pollard, W. D. Heed,
Summers, Bnbcock, Ciillen, Marlay, Fisher,
H. E, Johnson and Tucker.
Mrs. P. V. M. llnymond, accompanied by
her sister, Miss Stella Rice, left Monday for
n two weeks sojourn In the Black Hills, dur
ing which time Sioux Falls, Dell Rapids nnd
Hot Springs will lie visited, On her return,
Mrs. Raymond will go to the Atlantic sea
shore and Join Mrs. I. M. Raymond who Is
summering there, and will remain about n
month. Certainly no one deserves so delight
ful a vacation more.
Mr. S. Oberfelder, late of Omahn, has be
come u full-tledged citizen of the capital city
nnd opened extensively in the wholesale
liquor business on P street opposite tho Kt-
olllce. Mr. Oberfelder is a gentleman of
means, n brother of I, Oberfelder, tho well
known wholesale milliner of Omaha, and
will doubtless do a thriving and succcssfu
business in n Held that Is as yet but partially
occupied. He will move his family to Liu-
coin about September 1st.
Mrs. Jennie Marine Sanderson, Lincoln'
opular supervisor of musio in the city
schools, left Monday for Highland Park, III.,
a suburb of Chicago, to improve her already
excellent musical ability. Mrs. Sanderson
will receive expert instruction in chorus
training for her Lincoln school work at
Highland and to further her own voice cul
ture she will take a thorough course under
the noted Prof. B. B. Young at the Chicago
Auditorium conservatory, expecting to di
vide her time between the two places.
There will be a big time at Cushman park
tomorrow, the occasion being the second an
nual picnic of the Lincoln social club. A big
program comprising baseball, dancing, mu
sic, boating, bathing, etc., has been arranged
and a general good time awaits all. A
matched game of ball lietween the Lincoln
Diamonds and a picked nine from Hickman
will be one of the feature, and a grand con
cert by the Lincoln Military band will be an
other great card. Refreshments of nil kinds
will be supplied and the day given up In gen
eral to liberal outdoor amusements. Trains
leave B. & M. depot at 2:30 and3:!!0p. m.
and return at 0 and 0 p. m. Boating will be
but 10 cents per hour and admission to park
also but 10 cent.
Mr, George A. Savage of Oil City, Pa.,
was Installed as steward aud assistant man
ager of the Llndell hotel Monday. Mr. Sav
age ha had an extended experience in the
hotel busineM, having been connected with
the Arlington at Oil City for the post five
years and previously with the Revere House
at Boston, the Weddell at Cleveland, Ohio,
and other lending hotels. Messrs. Hoover
and Sou are displaying commendable enter
prise in remodeling and enlarging the Lin
dell, and wheu all the Improvements in pro
gress have been completed they will have one
of the finest hotels in the west. On Tuesday
they occupied for the first time their spacious
and elegantly fitted new dining room. Mr.
Steve Hoover, since his father's Illness, has
had entire charge, and that hi management
is popular with the hotel's large patronage
I evinced by the favor in which he is held
and the increase in business which the new
Llndell continues to enjoy. With the en
largement of the hotel nnd the increase in
busineM an assistant became necessary, and
the service of one with Mr. Savage's exper
ience will gieatly relieve the management.
The leading feature of society this weeL
was tne weuaing wuicn iook piare ai mo
home of Mr. and Mrs. James Altken, 1017
F street Wednesday evening, on which oc
casion their daughter, Mrs. Jean A. Hard
was united in holy bonds of matrimony with
Mr. Ferdinand Hellwig. At eight o'clock
after the large number of guettu had arrived
the happy couple wended their way Into the
parlor where Rev. E. H. Chapln delivered
an interesting service which made the mat
rimonial candidates duly elected man and
wife. After the ceremony the bridal party
repaired to the new home of Mr. and Mrs.
Hellwig, 1325 F street, where a reception
was In progress from nine until eleven. Re
freshments were handsomely served and the
time intervening pleasantly posted in social
converts, extending congratulations and hav
Ing an enjoyable time generally. The list of
presents was large, many of them being both
elegant and valuable. The bride is a well
known Lincoln lady, whose presence in society
has always been a charm, and, having all the
accomplishment of modern woman, will be
most amiable help to her companion in life.
Mr. Hellwig is one of our prosperous business
men, proprietor of the Lincoln glove factory
nnd n gentlemen of excellent busineM iunll
Mentions. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hellwig nre now
quartet d in their newly furnished home,
which Is their own fig tree, where they will
be pleased to see their friends, nt 152.1 F
Nome Good .Hpelllnv.
Editoh Couiiir.n: Aunt Hamnnthn doe
not profess to ho either a crltlo or n scholar,
but ns sho read quite an Interesting article
In last week's CouillKIt entitled "Our
Ijiugungo" with your ermlslou would like
to correct a few words. In shaking of the
buoy they should have stK-lletl "Son'1 Sun
and "fair" should lw fare, and overybody
noso that awl spells "all" and that "not is
spelled knot, and "him" by awl miens should
lieu hymn, with these few corrections Eye
think tbee pence Is alout rfect ns far At
polling Is consured. uyo would Advise nwl
who have not red thee nrtfele refered too
nliove, too look It up and reed It for It Is
very Interesting. Hoping this may meto
with your nprrovAl, eye nm yoor's truly,
Aunt Samastiia.
Why Will Ye HweltrrT
Yes, "swelter" is the word the only term
to express the condition of humanity wilt
ing unibr the scorching city heat. Why do
you endure it, while tho plno-clad peaks of
tho White Mountains rear aloft into clear,
cool, Invigorating atmosphere! Why doyju
suffer In the heated, dusty city, when the
cool, spirkllug waters nestlo In the shadows
of tho Adlroudacks nnd Invito you to re
freshment! Think of the swirling, iwishlng
waters of the rushing St. Lawrence, with the
xlmdo of tho Thousand Islet. Think of tho
bold bluff of licnutlf ill Mackinac Island with
the cooling breezes from thn Icy waters of
tho lake. Think of the lovely Islets of Les
Cheuentix mid thu toothsome IIhIi darting
through the rnpld wnters. Think of the rest
nnd the comforts nod the pleasures, and tly
Ily from the torrid cltyl You hnvn't your
wings, perhnps.but you h.nvo that old friend,
the Michigan Central, the famous old stand
by of the tourist, and it will Hy for you, car
rying you swiftly to regions of cool delight
and unalloyed comfort. The hot weather Is
here to stay. Toko the Michigan Central
ml tly from It. 8-0 2t
Cheap money for home builders can be ob
tallied by. Investing in some shares of the
Lincoln Loan and Building association
which entitle the holder to borrow one hun
dred dollars on each share held, gives him a
pro rata shnro of nil the earnings of the cor
liorntlon and enables him to pay on the loan
In easy monthly Installments, but little In
excess of rent. This is n purely mutual nud
home Institution. Olllce in rear room, First
National bank.
Notice to Hoys or Others.
Any person found bathing in Salt lake
without first obtaining permission at the
office, will be subject to arrest nnd line. A
seclal oillcer hns been employed to patrol
the lake and.borders to Iguanl against disobey
ing this order. Geo. A. Spk.ncbk,
lllg Kvents at Kansas City, Mo., August,
1 80S. One Fare fur the Itouuil Trip.
Kansas City will don a holiday attlro dur
ing the latter part of August. Two import
ant meetings will bo held within her gates.
Supreme Lodge, Knight of Pythias, August
23d, and German Veteran Association, Au
gust 20th to 24th. To encourage travel the
Missouri Pacific railway will sell tickets
from all points on it lines at one fare for the
round trip. For further information in re
gard to dates of sale, limit of tickets, etc. ,
call on or address nearest ticket agent.
Eye it ml .Ear Surgeon.
Dr. W. L. Dayton, oculist and aurist, 1203
O street, telephone 375, Lincoln, Nebr.
Ik Barr, jeweler, removed to 11330 street
Upright l'lano Wanted.
Have a Yost typewriter and desk, good as
new, and some bran new furniture that I will
trade for a good upright piano. Address for
particulars, "Wlnslow," caro post-olllco
drawer 1535, city.
Wantbo, To rent, ntout Septemqer 1st,
by a young couple, a residence of about seven
or eight rooms with all modern conveniences
and reasonable rent. Address "Wlnslow,"
P. O. drawer 1535, city.
It I a noticeable fact that Cook-Bailey
Grocery Co. is daily becoming headquarters
for fine teas, coffees and spices.
Carpet Laylns;, Cleaning, Etc. ,
Heury Taylor, with ten year experienca
In Lincoln with the leading carpet houses, is
now prepared to do all kinds of carpet lay
ing and repairing, and general house-cleaning,
sweeping and renovating office and
private residence. Leave order at A. M.
Davis & Son's. 1113 O street, or Capital City
Carpet Co., 234 South Utb street, either of
whom be gives as reference.
What is the World Coming To ?
suit r 1 BHL1 iparea omt
This Suit for Twelve-Fifty
And the only place this Bargain can be secured is at
For the Week commencing August 8th and ending 14th,
Broads Great Dep't Store
Strictly Cash. 1124 O Street.
Tinware Department.
quart Tin Pail,
2 quart handled
quart handled
No. 8 Tea Kettle, copper bottom, 32c.
No. 8 Tea Kettle, all copper, $1.60.
No. 8 Wash Boiler, copper bottom, 79c.
2 quart Measure, 8c.
All the goods un our 5c Counter go for 3c for one week.
Goods on roc Counter for 7c.
Tin top Jelly Tumblers, 29c dozen.
Big lineDinner, Tea and Toilet Ware.
Millinery Department.
Any Trimmed Hat in the House, $1.85.
Here is where
Price to All."
your Dollar goes
We have just placed on sale a lot of
nan '
Paper x x x
either Ruled or Plain, with latest shape Envelopes,
Also 200 boxes of
in Plain or Ruled, with Envelopes same style as LaBellc France Linen.
These are offered
now at
, the
just ns
S- E.Cor. 1 1th and P Streets
Boxes to Rent in Safe Deposit Vaults.
HENRY E. LEWIS, President A. I. S. STEWART, Vlce-Pres. R.WELCH, Teller.
wmmmgj22$i ) iKjn
i. ih 1 1 Mn HBr
ts ippsl EKHHH lllfH O j
& Pitcher's,
211 South 11th Street.
covered, 9c.
" . 1 6c.
1 9c
" 26c.
Stew Pan, 8c
Stew Pan, with cover, 10c
the furthest. "One
Comprising 300 Boxes of
I labelle
Box contains a full quire of Paper, and
same number of Envelopes, nnd they are
good ns what you usually pay 50 cents for.
This Is n bargain worth looking into.
Wessel-Stevens Printing Co.,
Courier Office, 1134NSt.