Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 16, 1892, Image 6

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Mrs. Graham's
Cucumber and
Elder Flower Cream
Ii not u eiwnella In the xoitio which tlm
(rm In popularly mietl, but pornmnenil.
feeauMfli. It create n soil, smooth, cIi.iii
valvoty aln, mul hy tliillv, tine, urmiuitll;
make tlio complexion novornl similes whiter
It U a oomtnnl protection from tno ernicl u
wn Mini vrlml mul provcnU miulmrii mu
fruoklna, ml uliicklivmU will never omiii
wltll you lira II. It oleaiwca tlm fnco far be I
tor than nnn nml wnior, nnurlidif mul liullil
p the kln llmiio unit thin prevent tlm fur
mattonnf wrinkle. It gives Iho rroHlini'M
elearnon nml smoothness ol skin Unit vui
kMlwhaiinlitllnRlri. ICvnry lady, you n no
old ought to win II, it It Hive iiinra youtli
nil appearance to any Imfy, nnd that l"iiii
nently. It contain no it o 1 I , vilcr. or nlkiill
uillnihnrmloMniti)wniiil it niiurlAlilnii
M (low In to tlio iluwor. Price. I.OO. Aftl
jruur ilriiKKUt for II.
MAMTI.K IIOTTI.K umlli'il mi to tiny I id
on receipt of 10 cunts In Mnmp to puy fin
pOKtiiRa mul iiitukliur. LiulyAwmt wanted.
Mrs. UorviiWo (Iniliniii, "lloiiuty Doctor,"
IW Post Hlivol, nu Kraui'lco.
All tlio leading Iitiirolu tlntUt" mill It.
H. T. Clarke Drug Co., Lincoln.
loam to Jo
imirato Joh MKiiArruK, IT. T. A. 0.. R. I.
k oFranl jrou vrr hanrtUHirTttN UltNTS
tlefcrrt atwk or csnb you f vrr
pack, poataga tamM, for una or many.
JtemntilH't- that thv
btmt route to Chlrayo from Lincoln
(tht'oiifh Omaha) in
via the "Itock Irtatttl."
The DhttHH L'ai'H are all
new and elegant the
Mirrice ewryhorty known
1n the heft in
the United Statin.
Have newer and better Steepen,
hHndnome Jiay Coachcn,
bett llecltniny Chair earn,
and the train i new and the
httntteotneat that run from
Lincoln to Chicago (via Omah)k
If you want to bo
convinced of thin fact,
compare it uttth other
oo-coUed firnt-daim linen.
Ticket for tale by
City ratmenyer Ayent,
In the Hotel "Lincoln."
tMo Jowi byunuR, O. V. A. 0-, RJ.
MkofcSrai you r hkadUd. TEJlCjbiW
HM'W Hunp. for on or may.
Ladies' and Children's
'Blir Gittiog and Shampooing
a Specialty s
UiIm Um Dr. La Duo' Parlotlleiil
HammParte.Prr.UM. '1'lint poiltlvoly ro,
i wppwlon. monthly derangement
Irreculmrltle cueU by cold, wvakncus,
, mbii or general nervoui ueuuiiy.
ihm aroBartlon of til to which ladle
I mtaw arc liable I the direct remit or a
tinriiria or trrexuiar menitruation. riup
matoM continued result In blood iralionlnc
ad quick contumptlon. $i piicko or3 for
fa. flnt direct on rocolpl or prliso. Sold
IB unooin by it. w. iirowii, druuxut.
v UIM O U4IHH Ibr MU mtn uui
, fJ Mf H HIU 9m pclUMUfc.
nrr mb m wtuamm
iutt; u rmf at.
. tknteU Iihun. Huttl
rrv. Mtt4 &! (. w
na to riaricr hialth aai
tfcf Mill TtfAMTt 1 TB0
ii, a rric rr t um.
w ciim or yean oi praciire 07
r eieiuti Bietnoda a uuiform
MtaorOLT r avoeaM" In lrav-
rail sum, WMiMaBii
UtUuctktM. Tesllmonlala
from im state and Territorial.
I1P.1 .llfir. ww
?.lf.tyjrtif?4.irl?,'lt- Aruata
at-1 atr7E. lL CtUcaso. and ne.. txMtaaTt) Mid
ataaaaal lililal Wnlw fn In am inaiiin d "P a.
mmvm v. Miua juu vvvry iCMUVtA
- - .. jr. j
9 wmw wmmm vut ur utmnj
a taamuTB or ruaMHHir.
rw lor umihwi hi nam s 10 1
famMjr. Knoaal HiHructloa,
1.HJIMHW1 A BOOMC tteaeto. Web.
"ifiii ln'sweswwn' 1 imi'i
Ia . ar llm
I 1 I oui
II 11
" LH
" T I
I'rmrnt II r U H lllnrkmillth In
Hludou'ir IkIiiiiiI l'nlliiitliiry.
li'll (iirrf"inili,inn.
Nkw Yiiiik, Inn II. Ili'ir lolmnii
Moat, tint Nt'v York itiiiirclilt mill wl
Uorof Tln l'i-iliit'it.lHiit prpsoiitHorvliiK
out IiIh Ioiiii of iiiiiriHotiinunt in the
poiiltimtiitry on IJliickwDllV lidnnd. lie
la uiiiiiloycd In tlio liliicl8ii)ltli nhop, liin
duty liolng. with thu aid of ii Clilnonu
hulpor, to imiiioIi lioles in iron plntoa
Ho liiix ntlll ulKHit hIx niontlm of IiIm
Huutciici1 to hoi'vo. HIn tiiiHnranco Iim
Ktoitlly (.'liiiiicd, forhlH Imlr Iiiim lHcotiiu
atiiioit hiiiiw while. I'tiilor tlio iiiIoh ol
tlio ininoii lit uliuiilil hIiiivu dean, but nn
it Ik cxtri'iiioly painful to him to nliavu
IiIh upper lip Um nilcxaru not uuforcuJ
in full, ami lie ioIiiIiih his inuntacli(i.
TIiIh Im Kniy In color, and will protmtily
bo wlillo, ax Im IiIh Imlr, before long.
Ovur IiIh IiIiki uytm thix whito Imlr kIvom
lilui a wonderfully Kontlo and bonlKii
1 elmll iiuvor foruot tlio llrnt timo I
mtw Ilorr .lolmim Aiont. 1 Inmrdud the
Htoaiiivr at ipiarantiuo and found him in
tlio MtooriiKC I nw a man of uiodluui
height, with blown hair and beard, lilue
vyo, a kindly IimiIc on IiIh typical Cler
limit face. I Introduced inynolf to him,
and wo had a Ioiik talk, pauliiff up and
down tlio dock by ournolv(w. 1 roinoni
bor tho little children woro vory fond of
him, mid ono little tot would limlHt on
boiiiK carried In his aruiH. 1 found
ilorr Most hpoko excellent HngllRh ami,
if I may ho oxpruHH uiyrndf. IiIh talk was
educated, Hut what queer talk it was!
I had never neon an anarchist lie to re nor
had I over read any of their platforms.
It therefore coomed wonderful to hear a
man nay, with the Kroatont earuostuess,
that all men elected by tho HulTrageH of
their fellows to otlleo were, by the uu
ceptanco of the ponltlous, crimiualsi
that tho piiwideut. seuatorH, uovoruorn,
mayors, ajl members of thu uatiuiial,
tatu or municipal Koverniiionts should
lie. shot; that IT or two men ono had a
fow dollars more than tho other, the
(HKirer had a right to tako them from
the richer, ami If resisted to kill; that
all government should bo abolished,
that the proierty of all corporal loin
should be conlNcaled: that society as
wo know it, that is, tho social organiza
tion under which wo live, should be ti
rooted, iiuulhilateil, destroyed; that all
Iiiwh should be detled; that all men who
execute (hose laws, froi.i the judges In
tho police, should bo killed.
If you will Imagine thesu astounding
proposition, astounding to one with the
American reverence for tho law, to
oomo from a man shaking in tho gen
tlest of voices, with an educated choice
of words, i, ml who. as he spoke, played
with a little child, you may perhaps un
derstand my amazement. Yet tho man's
tununer, and still more his record,
proved to mo ho liolioved these things to
bo right. l'r Ilorr Most, when I met
him in IHtt'J, had spent tho greater part
of his manhood years in prison for his
I was unable to get from ilorr Most
any outline of the organization of soci
ety which should succeed tho present,
woro nil thesu things to Imj accomplished,
nor have I ever seen such an outline
from him. .Since his arrival in this coun
try ho hns succeeded in getting himself
imprisoned several times by his extraor
dinary talk. Still, while I do not for a
moment liolicvo in his ideas to me they
aro worse than impossible I shall al
ways associate in my mind the name
of Jolianu Most with the little blue eyed
Gorman baby he petted as ho talked.
Inter lew with Hut Mhii Who
etliiL'il KiukIm'i I'rUoiiK.
SmcIiiI CorreiK)iiiluiii e.
Nkw Yokk. Jan. 14. Tho unfavor
able reports regarding tho health of Mr.
Uoorgu Koiitmu, the distinguished writer
and traveler, upp.'.ir to have boen gtvat-
ly exaggerated. Upon his arrival in this
city from California tho other day ho
appeared to be in most excellent health.
but this was due in a measure to the
month's voyage from San Francisco by
tho way or Panama. His faco and hands
were well browned, and thorow.'uwtvluor
in his stop and a cheor in his voice that
gave 110 hint of a victim of sleeplessness
ami nervous prostration.
It is well known among Mr. Keunan's
friends that ho has novor wholly recov
ered from the hardship and oxposure to
which ho was subjected in Siberia, lie'
is a rugged, wiry man, capablo of great
and prolonged onduranco, but tho norv'
otts h tral n cansed by thosighta of cruelty
and woo that came under his oyos at
evory stop, the lack of proper food,
and tho fierceness of a Siberian winter
were too much for his strength. Sleep
lessness came upon him with its ex
biuistiug tax. Instead of taking the
long iwriod of rest that ho needed. Iw
began to write bis Century articles and
to lecture iti every part or tno country
Tho preparation of his book on "Tin
Russian Exile System" also contributed
to tho breakdown that was bo much ex
aggerated, "But 1 am (iiiito well now
after my sea voyago," ho said, speaking
of his health,
In conversation Mr. Kcnnun Is very
rapid, but very Interesting. His dis
course is simple, direct and somewhat
unfinished. No ono would think (o hear
him talk that ho was the muster of tho
charming stylo to bo found in all that
ho writes. His put subject is of conn;
Russia. On this he can speak by tho
hour, and to tho listener tho last word
Is as absorbing as tho tirst. It Is curious,
however, that his language dlxclosivt
none of tho fooling that the recital 2
his stories of Russian rascality and luir
barlHiii invariably arouses. I do not re
member a single adjective or explotivo
of indignation or denunciation during a
conversation of nearly an hour on thesu
subjects. My blood, however, was boll,
lug with rage. I MipHu that his luu
boou boiled m much that it has loM tho
power of ebullition, It has the calm
that hit noticed with amazement in tho
wretched victims of Russian dc-iotism.
They always spoku of- their suffering:!
without emotion, Uu. has come in tlitt
aaiue way to do tho same thing.
4 Smith.
Or How a Itiirklhii C'lmlr Uint Har
lliitim Hold,
.Mrs. IIIIIiihihi 1 111 ult 11 rv sioro-lf yon
nadu't iieh n liirge'lisk I think I could
iihvc iinuleH M'leellim an hour ago. Hut
then Mr lllllii" l t particular. What
.ilil you say viii the price of this onof
MAlrsnmn iwlio Iiiim Imtii eugngisl all the
morning In trying Insult m rocking ulmlr
to Mrs Hllliisl-Twcnty five dollam
Mrs. Illllus (making up her mind at IhMi
-Well, I think III- Why how iln you
do, Mrs. McHwut' I am trying to buy seme
Ihlngas a xiirprN' for Mr. Illllus, and I
have hIniiii ilt-elilnl to lake this chair. Il
will picitm' I1I111 a well iiMaiiythlng I cull
inliik ol ami
Mr. AlcHwal (who has iibI lutppeiKsl to
come 1 11 What l I he price of It?
.Mr MIII11 Only twenty live dollar.
It M-riii like a high price, hut when you
.iMik at the Irliiiinlugs, uud the way lt'
.Mrs. McHwut Twenty live dollars' My
.unit, Why, tlmt would
.Mrs. Illllus (to salesman) la thai Iln
ery IisimI you'll take for llf
Salexiuan-ll Is, ma'am, ami that's a ills
count of 10 per cent.
Mrs. Illllus (Irresolutely) I hardly kniivr
what do you Ililuk of It. Mrs. McSwatr
Mrs. McSwat My huslianil likiwa wide,
old fiistilonisl chair, with a cane seat ami
loim rockers one that leans away hack,
yon know '
Mm Illllus Doesn't he complain thai
he Is always getting Hut oil the hack of his
coat from the tidy? That's the way with
Why, good morning, Mrs. 'Whacksterl
Mrs Whacktei (happening Inl-Umsl
morning, Min MIIIiih' How 1I0 you iln
Mrn MrSnnl' Mnkliiua purcluixef
Mrs 1111111- Vcm I nm alHiiit to lniv a
roekliiu chilli
Mrs Whaekstor
Mr Illllus T Yes.
.Mix Wlmeksier
im it r
For vour IiiihIuiikU
How do you like Mil
What do they mK
Airs Illllus Twenty live Hollars.
Ililuk ll's worth II Do you?
Mrs Whackslei I ilou'l know Mi
Whaekslcr likes a Milliei covered chali
with a low seal one of these stutlcuarv
rockers, von know with e,iMtirs 011 the lint
Mrs Illllus Ho sjiIi'siiiiiiii Ihtvi you IIIIV
ol Dial Klnilv
Siiesin.iu ileiiuhm uearlly against n Im
ream W' ma 11111 I shnwisl you one ol
thtne mini Miu lllr-l lame III
.Mrs McSwal Why ilou'l you get one ol
these lolillug chnirsr (To sjilcsmnii 1
What'- the price of thlsoiicr
Salesiiuiii -Thlny llveilollars
Mrs McSwal Tliat'sloo 111111I1 iiiouevini
(Hit 111 a chair If I were in your place
.Mrs. Illllus, I should IIixmI morning
.Mrs. ShaillMilt' Dlil von see us tlnoiigli
the front wiuilow?
.Mrs. Hhaillsilt- Ves, riiat's why I
dropped in IIiivIiik soiiieihiug?
.Mrs. .MuSwil .Mrs Illllus Is liuylim a
rocking chair tor her hiisluiml Shcthliik
this one here
.Mrs SlmillMilt-l don't like that one at
all. Wlml Is the price or it?
Mrs, Illllus They ask twenty llveilollars
lor It.
Mrs. Slmilliolt-II I were inlying one loi
my hiisKind I should ma H of uutlipteoak
with a curved imck, an emlirolderisl eiish
Ion, uptiiisi.rcil arms, mid
Mrs. Illllus (toKitlcsnmu) -Have you any
of that kind
Sali-Miiau ilieuoiulug very tired) Yes
ma'am. Sell ou one like that for tv ro
Mrs. Itlllus- l itou't know I expected
to spend alsuit lltlis'ii dollars for one
Haven't vou souiethhig different from any
ol these?
Salesnmu- Yes. ma'am we have a line ol
chairs lilt he other end of the room that
wegot at a liankriipt Nile, lean sell vou
thels-st In the ml lor llfttvn dollars II
wax marked twenty llveilollars.
Mrs. Illllus Then I'll take a look ut
Hul Imi t It ilaumueil?
SaleiuiHti N'ol a lilt, .lust as good as
Mrs. McSwal There's something wronu
with It, 01 else they wouldn't
Mrs.ShadlMilt I like that lull, straight
hacked chali ovei here What's It worth
Salesuuiii 1I11 a hollow voice) Sell thai
one lor Ihlrlreii dollars, It cum. Ilfteeudol
Mrs. WhackMer (decld(slly)-Tlien If.
out of style. .Mrs. Illllus, if I were you I'd
lake tlmt leather covered rocker he showed
you awhile ago.
Mrs. Illllus. What did you say was tin
price ol Unit leather covered rocker?
Salesman (shifting his weight on die
other loot) SI.Mccii dollars.
Mrs. Minus-Well, I think I'll- Hut
siipposfltshiiulilii'lsult Mr. Illllus. Would
you take It hack?
Salesman- We'd allow you to exchange
It for another one of course.
Mm. W huckster-Yes, and when you
came to look for another one you would
find the stock all picked over and nothing
here that would suit.
Mr. Illllus (after some moments spent
In reflection)-1 don't sis.' anything that
suits me better than the one I picked out a
little while Hgn Can't you take less than
twenty live dollars for it?
Salesman Ulesperalely) Yes. ma'am
I'll let you have It for Vii.M.
Mrs. Illllus put the result of a whispered
conference with the other ladles) I don't
think I'll make any purchase this morn
Kxlt Mrs. Illllus, followed by Mrs. Mu
Swat, Mrs. Whacksteraud MrH.SIiadholl.
-Chicago Tribune.
A Maine woman sent to the house of her
nearest neighbor ami requested the loan of
a new pair of scissors. The neighbor was
using them and sent Imck wnnl according
Ir. The would lie Imrrower was not te lie
rebuffed so easily, mid presently her Utile
ulrl apiM-artsI the second lime to says
"Mother wauls to know If you will lend
her n quarter to buy a pair of aclHXir"
with" lwiston .louriml.
llKnlet I'srt ol II.
Friend of Playwright -Tell me, now
what do , miu consider yum greatest woik?
IMaywrlidii (Jetting my plays ucccptvd
after they are written lloslou Trail
llutti tho Same.
She Whal i writer's cramp anyway!
Me A a neiienu thing I mdl
liiiuiilshxiile Irniinuiat lhevll lie pain."
,i llUIIUfl- I, III
Msr.t'jf .' i-iim
How In .tliikn 11 lire I.ouk tVi Ahvnjm.
Ho sure it Ills well; that doesn't moan
that it should be too tight for comfort.
Bee that it hangs exactly right.
When taking It off hang it up Instead
of throwing it in a heap to get crumpled.
Never omit sleovo protectors If you
need them at all,
Make war against all spots and press
plaltlngs that heed it.
Mend any rent on tho right side witli
raveling of goods and press carefully.
Replace braid as soon ns worn and
brush whenever tho dress needs it.
Have as liandnoino buttons as you can
afford; they give stylo to a plain suit and
aro necessary on an elegant ono.
How tit Trent m Froien Part.
Rub with snow and tho bare hand al
ternately, gradually increasing tho fric
tion until tho sensation returns. The
person frozen should by no means bu
taken into a warm room until tho sensa
tion is restored. It is nearly always best
to begin in a toleralily cold room and lut
tho air grow warmer very gradually.
In short, tho frozen part should bo
thawed by a gradual extension of tlio
patient's own circulation and never by
outside heat, as In tho latter thoro is
danger of mortillcation.
How In Ticiit it Newspuper Itepurter.
Don't tell a nowstiapor reixirter, when'
ho calls on you on business, thing
which you do not wisli him to print. He
does not call for information for tho fun
of it. Ho is there on business. When
you meet a reporter socially don't say to
hlin every timu you open your mouth.
"Thif is not for publication." The
chances are that reporters know the
proprieties of lifu quite as well as men
in other callings. If you really have
information to give either give it cheer
fully and frankly or refuse with linn
ness. but don't try to ho clever and at i
tempt any "funny business." If you
give the information frankly you will in i
nliiety-iiine discs out of a hundred be I
accurately teported and respectfully
treated. If you refusu on any other than
trivial grounds your reticence will lie
respected. If you try to outwit the ro
potter by an effort to mislead him or In
direct niisicpreseiitatioii you aro stiro to j
maku a mess of it and wish that you had
been better advised. Disabnso your
mind of any foolish impression that
newspaper leporter.s aro maliguant per
sons trying to stir up strife in tlio world
they aro as a rule tho opposite of this
and have as high an idea as other men
of that mosMi','0 of glad tidings, "Peace
on earth and good will among all good
llnw lit Clierk Vomiting.
An obstinate case of vomiting (that is,
when the vomiting continues simply by
convulsive retching after tho orlglmil
cause has ceased) may often bo cured by
drinking lively of water as hot as can be
done. Seni-k'kucss in some people is
greatly relieved by tlio same method.
llnw til Slutve Kittlly.
The moment you get out of bed is the
best time. Your beard will nover be so
pliable after you aru around awhile.
First wash your beard well with soup
and cold water. Rain water is better,
of course. Thou apply lather plentifully
and cold as a rule. But if your razor is
cold, close it and placo it in your pocket
or under your arm till it gets warm.
Like other edged tools, tho razor is only
a very lino saw, and therefore it is better
to move itu little euiTways as you shave
rather than with a straight, broad
sweep. If you always shave in one ill
rection around your faco tho beard will
soon get a permanent "cant" in that di
rection, the effect of which is well, a
matter of taste.
How to l.iiiineii (Hum Htoppart.
Sometimes a ground glass stopper guts
fixed bo tight in tho neck of tho bottle
that it cannot bo loosened without dan
ger of breaking. In that caso dip a rag
in hot water and wrap it around tho neck.
Try tno stopper soon, bo as to selzo tho
instant when thu heat has expanded the
bottle neck and has not yet affected the
stopper. A drop or two of caraphiue
around tho stopper so that it will soak
in between it and tho neck will often
servo. The surfaces of polished glass,
stopper and neck often adhere with
wonderful tenacity.
How to Serve Muviirniil for h CIiiiiiki'.
Doil it until tender, putting it into it
vegetable dish. Then prepare lino bread
crumbs by tossing them in hot butter in
a spider until they aro crisp. Spread
these over tho macaroni. This is bor
rowed from tho German way of serving
How to Clean Shell.
Make a strong lyo from ashes ind al
low It to bettlo thoroughly, then boil the
sheila iu it six or seven hours. Soak
them in fresh water and rinso.
How to Make a llaruineter.
Tako a long narrow bottle and put in
it S drams of camphor and eleven
drams of spirits of wine. As soon as
thecamphor is dissolved add a mixture
composed of water nine drams, salt
peter thirty-eight grains and muriate of
ammonia (sal ammoniac) thirty-eight
grains. Dissolvu thesu thoroughly in
water before adding them to tho othei
mixture. Shako tho wholu well together,
Cork tho bottle and wix iu tho cork
tightly. Then maku a luluuto aperture
iu tho cork with a hot needle. Hang up
thu bottle and the many changes in tlu.
appearance of tlio fluid will soon teach
you by experience thu impendiiigchnngU''
flow tit Sfcti. wi. l,AL. !....iii.fci Hunt.
In washing, place thu glass in cold 01
tepid wuter llrst and add tho hot water
without pouring any on tholass. Wheu it
cold lamp chimney is placed on a lamp
turn up thu light slowly, giving tho glum
timu to heat equally.
M E5SA I fpcaxdxo " ""yj m 111 1x1.1 1 iijjjam-'JUXbj,w Q
(V Hrr-rVT' 1 I Pf ajl II 5-all-sJVrT3 7
aI&82" '-rii
Formerly of HUFFMAN & R1CHTER, 1039 0 STREET.
Sutton & Hollowbush,
Caterers pf Confectioners
We make all kinds of Fancy Creams and lees.
Parties and Receptions Supplied on Short Notice.
Wc Have all Kinds of Fancy China for Rent.
1 Telephone 6S 1 .
l.'oi'. lOlll ami
I'lKlll.. 71(1.
( Mtn.
llll.i nml Y
riiium 707.
Fret Work, Screens and Panels
Fall Line of
IT TIKES 5EyEN houres
Keep YOUR BUSINESS, and, Incidentally,
YOURSELF, Before the Public.
Don't Dptnd on Thorn to Discovor Yon !
Has the New Books soon as issued. A choice line o
Perfumes and Fancy Goods.
127 tSoiatti Eleventh street.
We are especially well prepared to hoard n limited number of liorn-s and having
the bugct and linen equipped stable In the city, can take beet of enre of nil horses ei
trusted to tu. Our stnhle 1 light nnd loomy with cntllatlon. All
vehicle nnd hnmem iccclvc dally cletnlng and nlwnjs leave the btnble In neat, clenu
stvllsli appearance.
Telephone 518. Stables 1639-1641 O St
No. 206 So. nth St
Canon City Coal
Also Host Grade, of
Hard Coal
I'leanc t'o not be deceived In Initiations of our
famous Canon City Coal. Salif voun.clf as to
the (5IJNUINE before ordcilng.
Always in Stock,
W. J. I'ltATT, Proprietor.
First ClassLiveryRigs
At nil Ilourb Day or Night.
Family Carriages,
Gentlemen's Driving Rigs, Etc.
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