Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 14, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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Special Prices
Wo will not 1k undersold hy nuyoiic.
flood clonks for II. regular 12 Kood.
Nleo cloaks f r II. V) rciiiilnr f.1 grade.
KloKimt cloaks for .', rcitiilnr f I.INl grade
Other grades utjusi iiliont hnlr price.
Hoys' suits t ro wurlh l-'uo.
Hoy.' suits II..V) worth $.H0.
Hoy' hiiIIh 2.(M worth
IMiik, la 11 paper.
Needles, lo u paper.
Agllltl lllltlOIINllO 11 gross.
Iluhber tipped lend cnclls lOo dor..
Curling lions Oc,
10c wimiI hose only '.Tw
Kimt liliick corsets ftv. worth 75c.
Turkish towels lu moll.
llM sheets writing paper Vie.
licntNiUlj l.lsie thread hose only 2aC.
Special prices In nutlet wi'iir.
Hpoclnl prices In lucn curtains.
Special prices In rlliliotiHj llnost stock In
Lincoln. , , . , , ,
Hpcclnl prices In linens of nil kliuli.
Hpecliil prices In quilts.
Special barnnln-t In tinware and hardware.
rY-nthcrs and llpsnt hair price.
A0.0UO cards Ihmikh nml eyes, nil tilzes, Ic 11
Hllk twist, lo n Hponl.
Hllk thread 4c 11 spool.
No trouble lo show uonds. Wo urn hero for
Unit purKse. Wo will not ho undersold by
llomomber tlio place.
The Leader,
The Great Cheap Store.
Before you gather round thr.
annual banquet board you
should read our
It will have appropriate origi
nal stories, poetry and humoi
and will be profusely illus
trated. Order Extra Copies Now.
The story of how Artemus
Ward passed his last
Thanksgiving Day
in London will be told by his
cousin, Harriet Maxwell-Converse,
in our Thanksgiving
Edition. There will also be
a Thanksgiving story by
E. J. Edwards and some ap
propriate poetry, all of which
will be
Splendidly Illustrated!
Two llypoerltee.
She Mt In her cozy chamber.
With the curtains nil drawn light.
Curled tip In n great big looker,
Fair and awoet In the soft lamp Unlit.
A bonbon Imix on tlio tnblo
With choicest of swets uis tilled,
Which shu dalnllly nibbled while writing
The words that her loier thrllledi
"Oh, 1 long for yon now, my ilnrlliivj
Without you my llfo sooins drear,
There la novor a bit of comfort
For mo unless you arc near!"
Ami her lover read the. loiter
As ho snt lu his bachelor's don,
With his feet cocked up on tlio mantel,
In tlio iisunl way of men,
With a bo of clKars at his elbow
Ami n plpo anil a glass near by,
And tlio smoke clouds wreathed above hli
As ho echoed her lonely cryt
"Oh, 1 long for you now, my darlliiKt
Without you my llfo seems drear;
Theru Is never n bit of comfort
For mo unless j mi tiro near."
Somen lllo Journal.
Fair anil Yt Uuralr.
Redo nil other girls transcended,
Uivollest creiituro of her kpiius,
Never charms more nicely blunded
To suggest n perfect Venus.
Wlntilngest of liOVo's sweet tcnchorsl
Kyes she hnd with depths entrancing,
Exittlsltety chiseled fentures,
I.lps her siren spell enhancing.
Fascination's rapt enchnlncrl
Kvery glntico of hers enthused met
Yet una never woman plainer
Than was Hello when alio refused me.
Huston Courier.
Queen of tlio Hoarding School.
Bho was the queen of tlio (startling school,
Hnd every icirl for a chum.
For she hnd surreptitiously
Procured a box of gum.
Now York Herald.
Bho has h cunning habit,
That of calling people "Jlgijerss"
She know sever) thing ns "Jlguers"
Mnry Jones, cats, canes unci toddy,
Everything nnd ovcryliody;
Trousers, horses, dot; and niggers
Aro by her trnuslntcd "Jiggers."
When she feels Inclined to Bay,
In her unless, elfllko way,
"Papa's socks will soon lit Wllllo,"
Bho could never bo so sUly
Ab to rashly mention thoso
Useful garments known ns hose;
Hut of speech rings lu some llguros
And for "socks" alio uses "Jiggers."
How to Btop It 1 have (Inured,
Hut must glvo It up Pin Jiggered.
Wllllam II. T. Shndo lu Now Vork Clipper.
A Cheerful Old Suit.
'Neath troplo suns and arctto skies
Ho Kiiyly sailed n whaler;
And when ho wished for cxcrclso
Ho uay ly whaled n sailor.
Indianapolis Journal.
llreacli of Ktliinette.
Continual fnun Hth page
Tlio Initial jMirty of the Henrietta club
occuril Krlilny evening "t Masonic- Temple
nml was n mnrkod success In every pni tlc-u-lnr.
The music wns furnished by llrown's
orvhcstrn nml Mr. J. C, Miller ulllclnled ns
master of ceremonies. Tlio club Is eomosed
of ii Nipulnr set of young jieoplo who hnvo
handed themselves together for n moiisoii of
plvnsnut gatherings where the terpslcoro
will predominate and Miclnl intereouiso will
make the affair one of mutual advantage to
ill. The liillllnnt oonlug was n most
iMlftlitful nlTnlr nml It Is lo be IiomI Is only
thu forruntier of tunny sliull ir events In
the clubs cxlstanco. Tin) pill tlclinuta were ;
Messrs nud Mcsdnmcs Hcott, Hinlth Htewnrl,
Cliirksou, Uivo; Missis Tnlliot, I.oug,
Klrker, Kremiin, Htoeti, Knsey, Lornier,
(.'nrmody, Knnpp, Hlo), Aliilth of Ht
Joseph, Weaver, llnmmonl, Heck t, Dol'm i
Messrs Miller, McUosh, Wnlsh, VW'klmch,
(Irnhiiiu, Howie, Klcmktiur, (lillllth,
I'lillllps, Kvuns, Mltsner, HelTloy, Painter,
ComstiK'k, Professor 11(11. Dnnlel WIiik,
Mullen, Phil WluK, Charles Chirk, Will
Clink, Kliuliiill, Hrown, Wnllou.
Wediiiwliiy nfteriuKin nt the beautiful
home of the bride's parents 'JIM P street, oc
curred one of this prettiest wmMIiikm ever so
lemtilred In Lincoln. The contiiictliiK imic
tles were Miss Kiln Mue Mellck. youngest
ilHtiKhter of Hon. nud Mrs. H. M. Mellck nml
Mr. Ivret A. McCnnilles of this city. The
Interior of lu house prewutisl n brilliant
and lienutlfiil npKnrnnco Ih-Iiik elnbointely
tlecoriited with cut llowefa and tree ferns.
Piomptly nt live o'clock the niN)lutisl hour,
Miss Mnml Hnmmouil playisl the wedding
march fiom Iihennilu nml Mr. McCiiihIIchs
with his liest tmiu, Mr. John (liiilwini up
t Mired, followisl by the brldoiiud her father.
They took positions in the window bower
which was heavily bunked with smllax and
cryKMiitlienninis, ubovo this beltiK suspendisl
n lienutlfiil loveis knot of unriiittlous. Hev.
K. H. rStiliiorrJt.Pnurschuicli delivered nil
utile Kcrmnu. The KUests formo I n
H4'inlclrele nrouuil tlio hiiudsomo youiiK cou
ple during the Impressivo ceremony, nud the
scene presented wus u very striking one.
The In idu worn n IiiiiiiIkoiiio brocaded satin
dress ti limned with chiltono lnuo nud rose
IiiiiIh, white sllpiiein un I cloven nud diamond
oinnmeulH. After tliu relntlves nml frlendi
hnd liestowisl conrntulntlotM up. m
the joiiiik couple ami hud seen the IhviiiU
fill wrdillni; Klfts, u light luncheon wus serv
tsl and Mr.niid JIih. McCaudless depnrte!
oil the ;) train for CIiIchko, Pittsburg, Ph.,
and other point. They will return in about
thii'o weeks nud will bo ut hoiuont the resl
denco of Iho brides paientH, 'JI44 P stieet
'I hoso pieM.'iit were: Messrs and MesilameH,
E. M. Hubbiird, A.I). McCnmlless, J. C.
Biilhhtiry, Kdwnid lli;mill, Kdwnrd H.,
A. Hurlbut, T. ii. Denton, John Mc.MmiiIkmI,
ti. J. Tuttle, II. M. Hlce, Hum. E. McCluy,
John MuCluy, ThoimiM Cochran, Uiuii hu
hikii, F. K. EiisIkii, Edwuid Holmes, It. I).
Stearns, .IiiiIko Field, Jud(;e Htewatt, A. C.
I.nnndon, 11. 11. Oraliiiin, H. Parker of
Hannibal, Mo., William Prod of CuIciiko, II.
Hunterof Omnhii, John Uindoii of Howard,
Milliliter, W. Ij. Dayton, lxmlo Meyer,
DoukIum KIiIIIIiik, J. H. Iaoiiiuv: or Uewltt,
Neb., A. C. Hill of Mluduu, Neb,, C. N. Crim
dull, Edwnrd E. Melick of Davey, Neb., II.
K. HnstliiBs, iind Dr. mid Mm. Holyoko,
Mk-s Kute McClny, Nellie Cochnin, Helen
Tuttle, Daisy Tuttle, Kutle Mellck, Currlo
Mellck, Hubbard, Kuto Damrow, Clurklu
Puce, Delhi Armstioue;, Miiud Hammond,
Urnham, Messrs Tliomns Hall, Elmer Htopli
enson, W. U- Hyer, W. M. Comstock, Halt
HelllliiK, O. W. Ciandall, Nelson Ituiulnos,
F. A. Alllti, Horbert Lalnl, Will JMcClny of
C had ion, L. E. Guns of CIiIciiko, Flunk
Puttinof CIiIciiko, OeoiKo Toustlot, Dr. F.
A. (Jrahuiii nud Dr. II. K. Keruian.
The Outiiry's rriiRritiiiine In I8IU A
New "Life nf Columbus" Articles
for Kiirmers, ete.
That gient Amei lean Mrlodlcnl, The Cen
tury, Is koIiik lo outdo lis own unrivaled
record lu lis proKiiiui for iHlfJ, nml us umny
of Its new tenturei IwhIii with tlio November
number, new readers should coiutuotico with
that issue.
In this numlicritro the opiuluK ehnpters of
n novel by Hudynrd lvlpllnn, (ho fa
mous author of "Plain Tales from
the Hills," written lu colnl unit Ion with
un American w titer, Wolcott llnl
i slier. It Is the story of n youtiK mnn nud n
young woman from n "booming" Colorado
town, who go to India, he Is lu search of n
wonderful Jeweled necklace, culled "Iho Null
luhhii" ((rout which thustoiy takes It name)
ntid file Is a physician to women. Tlio novel
dcsctlhos their rcmiirknblh iiihentillis at the
court of mi Indian innhiirajiili, lleslilesthls,
The Century will print thiini other novels
during the yinr, and n great, number of shot t
stoiles by lliu best American story wrltois.
The welhhnown humorist Edgar W, Nye
("Hill Nye") Is to wt lie u series or nllltlslug
sketches which ho calls his "autolilogni
lililcs'tlmlli'st one of which, "The Alttobi
oginphy or a Justice or tho Pence," U in No
vcmhor. Tills number nlso contains n vulii
nblu nml sungestlvo mliclo on "Tliu 1'iHid
Hupply of tlm l'llturc," which every fiinner
should lend, lo Imi followed by n liiliiitior of
othei a
tieiiting ess-cliilly of the ivlntlons of tha
(loveruiiieut lo the fanner, what It Is doing
mid w hut It should do. This seilca will In
clude oonti Ibutlous from ollleors of tlio Do
iiiirtinetit of Atirlculturc. and other well-
known men will illscu "The Farmer's Ills
content," "CooH'niliou," etc., etc.
A celohinted Hpanlsh writer Is lo furnish
ii "Mlo or Columbus," which will be brllll
atitly lllilstiated, and the publishers or the
(Viiftirjlinvi) arranged with Iho managers
or tho World's Fair to print articles on tho
buildings, etc
One of tho novels to appear In IMC! Is
of Tlio Anglomanlacs," and tliu magazine
'will contain ii great deal about tho inetiopo
lis during tho year, -nmoiig other things ti
M-rles of IllustriiUsl articles on "Tliu Ji-ws In
New York." In November Is mi lllustrnted
description of "The Players' Club," founded
by Edwin llooth,mid one of tho fentures of
tho Kilendidly lllustrnted Christinas (Decem
ber) number is an in liclu on "Tho llowery,"
To get the Century send the yearly sub
scription pi Ice ($4.00) to tliu Century Co.,
Union Himaro, Naw York, N. Y.
The Kilpatrick-Koch
Dry Goods Co.
Wish to Call Your Attention to a Few Special
8 o. California Giuv
Flannel, njc. Usual
Price, 50c.
Special Extra Quality
tiicy llliitikct,7so per
() lb. (iruy llliinkct,
if 1 00 per l'nlr.
Pillsbury's Best XXXX
1.56 PER 8AOK
nnnmit ' I" needless to
SPKliI A 1 1 Mcak of the ipiab
OrUUinUn'yorthls Flour.
A Ilcnvy Hcnrlct Finn
ncl, nt ujc, Till
tntul be seen to be ap
preciated. One Case
lloitble Width Twill
Dies Goods In Plain
Plaids nud Stripes, c a
Ynnl. Sold nil over
the country nt 15c.
jfi, 28, 30, Vests and Pants
8c 30c the same Price.
(soainless) Double Heels and
Winter Weight Children's Merino Underwear note Prices:
Sizes 16, 18, 20, 22,
7c ioc i.jc 17c
Ladies all Wool Hose,
Toes, 25c a pair, worth 35c.
Our $1.25 Kid Gloves ("Foster Hook") the ladies tell us
would be cheap at $1.50. ' livery pair guaranteed.
We will put our 50c Men's Underwear alongside any
75c garment in the city.
We arc really too busy to quote further. Your inspec
tion of our store and priccA is respectfully requested.
Kilpatrick-Koch Dry Goods Co.
1518-1520 0 Street. Telephone 448.
Prompt Attention Paid to the Delivery of
Orders Received by Telephone.
Miss Lurkbctter Ain' dat Ruble Gom
pen Htnn'in ngin d' lum'
Miss Furey Ymis, da's him; but we
doan' speak no mo'.
Miss Lurklxittur WhuiTerf
MUs Furey He done escohted mo inter
Ctipoy'a rest'rator lust night, 'u .vhnt yo'
Mlsi Lurklietter HtiHtettf
Miss Furey Wnss 'n dnt. I ketched
lilin entln fried oyesters wlv Iich rnzzer.
Once u Week.
Knnw What He Wanted.
Btrnnger Do you know where Sidney
place isf
Policeman That isn't what yoti want to
Stranger That's whut I nsked you.
Policeman But is that what you want
to know?
Stranger It In.
Policeman I do.
Stranger Thank you. Life.
An Impolitic Thing.
"YoiinR IeKilcnp Is a smart fellow,"
s.ild tho malinger of the col'.. .Ion depart
ment to the great lawyer.
"Yen? Wlint'n he been dolug uowP'
asked tho great lawyer.
"Why, he wns in the office alone yester
day when he heard that Silk & Satin were
financially embarrassed. We were holding
one or two claims against them, and ho
rushed out and slapped on un attachment
just fifteen minutes liefore they closed
their doors."
''Got In ahead of every one, did her"
"IJeat every other creditor," said the
Tho great lawyer looked pleased.
"It was a good piece of work," he said.
"I llko to Nee u young man with some en
terprise and brains. What did you do?"
"I told hi in it was a good piece of work."
"Wlmtl" The grent lawyer looked
"Why, I complimented him for his
promptness nud busluesH sense."
''Merciful heavens, man, that will never
dol" cried tho great lawyer. "He'll bo
asking for more salary, (Jo out and tell
him that if he hadn't been here tho olllua
boy could have done It just as well." Chi
cago Tribune.
The Missing "llutrher."
"hook a-lierel" said an old fellow who
got on at Hrightou to the conductor of a
train t day or two ago, "I'vu bin wnltln
half an hour for that boy to come around."
"What boyf"
"Why, tho follor with pri.o packages."
"They aro not allowed on this road now."
"They hiiln'tr What's tho matter that
they hiiln'tr"
"Because passengers found so much fault
with them."
"You don't sayl I'd llko to know who
raised any rumpus about it."
"It was a general complaint; the public
claimed that It was u swindle."
"Wall! wall! The public must bo a cu
rious sort o' critter. Why, sir, I paid
tw'cuty-livu cents for a prize package on
this roud two years ago and got 'nuir pens,
pencils, paper and envelopes to last mo llf
teeu years, and on top of that I driiwcd a
locket which the hull family have bin
tiikln turns weariu to meet In cvei since!
Swindle! Why, sir, I calkerlate I robbed
that poor, Innocent boy of jest about ten
dollars, and I was expectln to see him to
day and oiler III 111 II vo dollars to git tho
blamed thing oil my conscience!" Detroit
Free Press.
Wanted It Ended.
A Methodist preacher of a, colored church
made an interminable call on one of the
sisters of his flock. Her pickaninny daugh
ter grew weary of his conversation nud
whispered In an audible tone, "Mamma,
has he done fergot to bring his amen wid
htiur" Texas Sittings.
Enough to Keep Him Ilusjr.
Wife I've got to go to a dress reform
meeting tonlgfit. You won't be lonesome,
will you, deurf
Husband Oh, no Indeed. I have several
buttons to sew on. Cloak Review.
Unisons for n Naval Mllltln.
Yachting, the highest typo of pastime,
has fortunately In this country become
tho most popular amusement. Kvery city
on our seaboard, every town upon our
lakes, has Its club and Its licet. Tho dlacl
pllno Is above thu average, tho system ex
cellent, the mnjorltyof tho crew Ameri
can nud handy with oars and sails, the
owners Inllucntlnl and ready to fraternl.o
and learn from the academy graduates,
and yet the navy, prior to the last twelve
mouths, has done little to turn this pas
time of the people into tlio channel of pa
triotic duty.
Several abortive attempts have been
made, hut have failed because leading
yachtsmen were more Intent on obtaining
iiuifoitn and title for themselves than men
or gunners for ships, whllu tho navy was
naturally Jealous of thesu cabin seeking
gentlemen, when what It needed was fore
cast lu IiiiikIk.
During the last year, however, 11 great
change Is noticeable lu tho relation Ikv
tweeii the sci vice nml thu country at large.
Iteceut naval literature deals less with for
eign molels for cruisers, and more with
methods to American!! our personnel.
Coincident with this awakened interest Is
congressional action tending toward an en
lurged navy mid a revived merchant ma
rine. To far-seeing minds, the times arc
therefore ripe for some organization look
ing toward tho advancement of our ocean
Wlillo there is no nation which theoret
icnlly cares more for Its seafaring men than
ours, It, Is doubtful if there is any people,
that has practically dono so little for its
sailors. Unlike England, thu United
States Isnf continental magnitude, nnd the
citizens of the west, while rivaling the in
habitants of the hc almai-d In their honor of
tho navy of tho past, are totally Ignorant
of the details of a niau-of-war or the life
of Us officers and crew. If the army nud
tho mllitiaaru mutually helpful, how much
more does the navy need an intermediary
to keep Its record liefore thu people! J. W
Miller in Forum.
Jtye Tost Important luept of 1891
-OF Til It NKW-
KD. A. OIIDKOII, Bfaaarrer.
for)day, )foveT)ber 23d.
in di
All He I Expected to Know.
Mrs. Fnngle (to Professor Grubbe) So
you are a government cbemlstf
Professor Urubbs Yes, madam.
"Do tell me; what Is the latect in baking
powders." Detroit Free Press.
The Only Way.
"I wonder if a man could see Europe on
two dollars u dnyf "
"Ho could if he had a rich wife." Llf.
Willing to Fallow Directions,
Photographer liaise tho chin a
Victim Am I all right otherwise?
"Just want tho chin a little higher?"
"Yes. That's all."
"Anything to accommodate you."
(Takes out his false teeth, closes his
mouth uiul his chin comes up to his uoso.
Chicago Tribune
"They say
"Where did ho get Itf"
''What tho waterl"
Jlo-the braln."-Llfb,
Koine Doiihl.
ltohliison has water on tho
Where Ills Help Whs Needed.
A timid ttni 11 from down east was out
with a party blackberryiug It fell to his
lot to liulp ti lady, whose weight w is near
JC0 pounds, over into a neighbor! g Held
"MUs Mary," said ho to her. "shu . I help
you oier the fencer"
"No," said hhe; help the fence."
Ami went nml left him to adjust
thu top rails at his leisure. Texas Sittings
The opening of this beautiful temple of amusement characterizes a new era
Interests In Nebraska's fair capital city. It Is a
I And only Complete Ground Floor Theatrel
Company of Legitimate and Refined Actaril
Dramatic Star in Lincoln. Mlt Lillian Lewiil
Play of Absorbing Interest and Thrilling Situation!
Orchestra ol Ability and Acknowledged Excellence!
Sounding Board Possessing Marvelous Accustlc Properties!
Seatlne Arrangement of Unquestionable Comfort and
And Charming Effect in Draperies, Metal and Stucco Warkl
System of Decoration In Fresco Adornment!
And in fact the New Lansing will be the Model Theatre of the United State.
Wake Up.
The age Is ono of rapid progress -and we
aro in it. Our patrons are among tho most
progressive of the nation. Thoy nro quick to
Uke advantage of a good offer. We make a
great ninny; but when wo recently offered n
set of memoirs, either of tirant, Hherldan,
Khermnn, McClellnu, or I.oe, in their resec
tive original editions, for oO cents a set, in
connection with a year's subscription to
thlspner, t'i 15 Willi nil wo fairly outdid
ourselves. Thousands of orders have already
been received by the publishers, so that if
our friends wish tonvall themselves of this
extrn'Milliinry opportunity, they must wnko
up. No such offer has everlieforo Iteen made
to the reading public, mid it is doubtful If it
will ever Ui duplicate!. Asalu wo say
"Wuko upl"
Cheap Hates to lleuxr.
Thoso desiring to visit Denver will soon
have a splendid opiiortuulty. Tliu Mining
Congiess will beheld lu thu "Queen City"
November 1Mb and lUth, and It is expected
a gieat many will visit Denver mid other
Colorado cities ntiout this time. Fir tho es
lieclal accommodation of theso visitors tlio
riilon Pacific has made a rate or ono nud
one third fare the loiuid trip. Tickets will
bo on sale Nov. Kith, and will l) good for re
turn passage until and Including Dei-emlter
titli. For further information regarding
time or trains, etc., apply to K. II. Slossou,
Agent Union Pacific System, Lincoln.
Miss Lillian Lewis
Will preeeot as the opening attraction, Mr. Martaon'i Great French Play, entitle
la which she baa met with eminent snooeee, the pram of the country baring the
following unanlmoua opinion.
No play ever possessed stronger situations. It Is exciting- from beginning to end. It
demands rare dramatic force, whloh Miss Iewls certainly possesses. She Is lntea In trafte
passages of her role, tender In her love making, and strong la her hatred, which cnlsalnatee
In the scene, of the assasslnstion.
Her costumos in "CrttlU. )rti(ii" are exqutslt and were made by Worth of Paris. As
Lenora, MUs Ixswls lias a part that draws out her greatest powers. Hhe sustains a character
In which she loves and hates with oipjal eaao. Him Is a eourl beauty In tne time of Lewie
Nepoleon and Is assisting the French .Minister of Police to entrap a young Republican, bat
Call In love with tier victim and tlnds her affections returned. Theyouug Itepablloan,
Rameau, Is entrapped butshooouruals her true character and Involve ber entire fortune
torescuohlm after having piraunded him to Invest In "Credit &rauie" worthless stock.
Miss lcwis Is surrounded oy the strongest company which lias ever supported her, la-
1011, Ainureu nan, wauer nyunn,
g Kdinnnd uoiuer, i-onue romoroy, Ariuur kiiioii, Miiureii nan, waiter jcyun
lieu, and others, and suo is 10 im oongruiutaled on a production, wnien u
and aa complete as has over been staged
Tuesday Evening Miss Lewis will appear in "ARTICLE 47," aad
Wednesday Evening will be produced her great success, entitled "AS IN A
Hlgh-ctuu entertainments will fotlownl seasonable Intervals, and the pobllo aaa
rest assured that no "fuko" shows or Inferior organizations will appear at this house.
The house will be kept open an hour one night after the performance In the open
ing wnok for Inspection.
There has been aroused a deereo of expectation and Interest that bus rarely manifested
ttaelf in overwhelming number oflctters requesting tents for tho opculug. They have been
eenilnit In from all parts of tho stnto for tho hist six week, and there seems lo bo no way out
of It but to follow the. old established custom, and that Is, on the dedication of a new theatre.
to o3xXj "rzxx: ciioics or ar.Ta -a.t vctioit.
will hnvo first choice, and No. 2 second choloe, and soon until all are supplied la
ueiu at uie otnoo or tne unptuii uotei, ilt
Wondeis nf Science.
Illinks If you hnvo so much trouble
with jour teeth, why don't you get artl
llclal onesr Thu Idea of being bothered
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See what IlerpoNheliner tc Co.,
cloaks, dress goods and millinery,
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Prices I
Henry Iiiiipham, harness, saddlery and
turf goods, ll'.'noitli Eleventh street, ophite
pltal II tel
Tho Hazar, W O street, has received
another lot of stylish cloaks. They will lo
placed on sale about the middle, of next
Miss M. II. Chiipiu will ivopou her nit
studio, fourth lloor Mc.Murtry block next
week and will lie ptepated to teach crayon
iind charcoal drawing, oil, water color
nnd chlnu painting. HKclitl chit ivu's
classes every Saturday. Order work
promptly executed. Take elevator.
a like manner Tim auction sale will
evening, November fill, nt 8 o'clock
The regular prices of seats, after the first ulg-ht will be 33c, SOo, 70e aad
1,00, and Mat limes will be UAo., 60c. anil 78c.
ArrHUgementa have Isvn m tdn with all coniaiiles for rates during the open
ing wessk. For further Information, address
ED. A. CHURCH, Manager.
Artists' Materials up Novels
Glvo its n Trial Order.