Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 30, 1890, Image 1

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V Pcl'dlftft IPER ol A9PKRN -TIMES u
Vofc. 5 No 38
Lincoln. 'Nbhuaska, Satuwuav, August mo, 180O.
Fnicic livic Oicntm
Willi, !: waiting for ii triiln
nt the 11. & M. depot the
other day, my attention
was directed to mi old
liuly, whoso earthly exig
ence, judging by lier
, shrunken features, amis
fust drawing to n close.
Kvorythlng :ilout her lie-
tokened extreme ago mill
With tllO OVldollCeS of the
lUVIIgCH Of tlllll', Well)
couphsl unmistakable In
dication of present pov
eity nml a life In which
there liiul been, n'iliaw,
mi unusual men sine of
sorrow nml sniveling In Iiit liony ImmN,
drown nml freckled from constant cxs-surc,
mis vliiic(l n paHTCoveied liook, nml I no
ticed tlmt for over thirty minutes, or us long
ns I wns present, Iiit eyes never left Its pages.
Mary rending Iter llrst letter from dear John
could not Imvu bestowed closer attention on
the epistle than did the old lady on her hook.
Kho seemed, mid prohnhly wns, utterly un
conscious of everything nhout her. .Surely
the book must have lieen u fascinating one to
so absorb the attention of njnTsoir whoesco
oml foot was fast following the tlmt into the
grove Minno would think. The Itihle it could
hardly he. More likely "Pilgrims Piogress,"
or Gelko's "Life of Christ, "or Fox's "Hook of
Martyrs" or something nkln to these some
thing comforting to a soul soon to seek I(h
milker. Curiosity nt Inst drew me to her
side mid there nt the top of the page I fa v
the name of the book "Madeline's Iovers!"
Could anything he mure incongruous than
n person rounding the Inst corner in life,
wasting precious hours in leading Idle tales
of youthful ronmnce of love'N young dream
Cupid's first sting) Novels, particularly
the modern vnrlety, nro for the most pnrt.
vain, foolish things, nml the time sient In
their ienisal is worso'lhatrthrOwn iiuny;hut
in the cncj of the dear young girl, fresh from
school, with, alas' too many visions of love
und too little learning, in her pretty head,
there is some excuse for the unconquerable
desire for these frivolous tnles of impossible
loves we cull novels, To her, life Is just be
ginning, and in the Mower lestrewii vista
beyond everything is bright and charming;
little cupids fill the air and the very earth Is
fragrant-of love. In the novel she Hints a
partial fulllllment of her dream of life, nml
she cannot lie seriously blamed for her vorii
clous appetite for pnper covered literature.
It lsnnturnl.'
And the carumel chewing nml cigaiette
smoking youth has also some excuse for his
inordinate longing for these trashy yarns.
The exuberance of youthful spirits must
trend in some direction und this Is doubtless
the. most Innocent. Mun nml maiden are
both too young to give their whole attention
to material tilings nml the "light" novel
furnishes (to them) a delightful seasoning.
Hut when a person reaches the age of three
score and ten no or shu is supposed to have
left romance mid youthful folly (I don't say
thnt ronmnce Is folly, mind) fnr Ixdilnd. Their
concern is for the future their own future,
with cherubim mid seruphin, rather thairtho
decollete cuplil and his ipieer pranks. The
book of life Is, for them, nearly closed, nml
the joys of youth aro no more. The old lady
at the station must have tteeu nearly ninety.
Cnn any render of Tiik Couhikh conceive of
any jwsslble enjoyment such a xtoii could
obtain from reading a hook of "Madeline's
Lovers'," ridiculous sentiinentnllsiiif Just
nbout as sensible or llttlng for n boy of eight
to become cnriipt with Chancer or Dante.
Theie Is n time for everything and the age of
ninety Is not the time for sensational liter
ature. An eastern uewbpner sis-king to enlighten
its readers on the question, "How it feels to
lie struck by n bullet," Interviewed among
others, our own Senator Mnnderson, on his
experience in the war. He said. "1 was on
horseback when 1 was struck at Lovejoy's
station, and for some minutes it felt as if u
charge of red-hot coals had been shot into me,
for it struck the vital centre, the spine.
Presently I Iwgan to feel teiiumbcd In my
extremities and the men curried me olT on
their guns. Hut one of my men hud n linger
shot oir mid didn't know it. Ho was lying in
his tent pointing up at something when a
comrade said: 'Look at your linger, Jo,
what's the matter!'
" 'Hello!' suddenly exclaimed the late own
er of the member, 'somebody mutt have shot
it oir."
"Little Annie Hooney" after a successful
career on the stage has gone up higher. The
tune is now being used by the salvation army
to save sinners. This is the refrain:
"He's my Jesus, He's my Lord;
He's my Saviour, He's my Uod,"
John L. Sullivan, the erstwhile pugilist, is
soon to achieve fume in u new role. He is
now lu New York rehearsing his part in
"Honest Hearts mid Willing Hands,' Dun
can Harrison's new play, soon to lx put on at
Niblo's theatre. John will personate the hero
mid his Interpretation of the part is said to
be thrilling in the extreme. When he scaks
his dulcet tones am heard at the back end of
the cellar, and the echo reverberates among
the rafters in the loft; but when he slugs he
is n "hummer." A gentleman who attended
one of the rehearsals remarked that John's
leuditlon of the song "Nornh Duly" re-1
sembleil the rumbling rrelght coming down
the Allegheny mountains. As I'limeas T.
would say, "Walt for Sullivan."
Steaking of theatrical matters, u fearful
misfortune has overtaken trisky Fay Tem
pletou, now playing to crowded houses In
dotlimu In "Heudrik Hudson," und whose
y yvovsi
coming engagement nt the Fuiiko was i.u
uouiiced In last week's CouillKH. Frolicsome
Fay has long had an ardent iidmlier in u
young Howell Osltcrne, u wealthy bachelor.
When the two were in I'm Is during the sum
mer they quarreled and Fay left for America
without oven n farewell klsR. Of course 0
borne was disconsolate, and to placate-her
awful wrath, he purchased &!0,000 worth Jf
diamonds and sent them on to New York by
his valet. And hero is the harrdwlng purl-ilT
the story. The valet tried to evade ihdciis.
tom house imqiector, was caught, hikI tlitf
diamonds were coullscntcd by tho govern
ment. Fay was ready to cry when shc"henid
of it. Only four of the packages wcieoHned.
They contained the following article': A
gold watch about the sl.e of a ulcke! set with
sixteen diamonds, n crown-shaped bieust pin
set with fifty diamonds and having n large
pearl in each of the spikes of the ciown, n
brooch in the shape of a blown line, contain
ing thirty-live diamonds, a pair of solitaire
diamond sleeve buttoiiN, a chatelaine with a
great number of diamonds, a beautiful wint
lace fan with mother of pearl sides set with
seven large diamondds, two i ubles nml a
sapphlie mid a moonstone brooch set with
twenty diamonds. A sploy letter was found
In one of the bundles but tlie otllceis won d
let tho reH)rters see but oiie sentence "Dear
Fny; when I get over there nil the Johnnies
must go." Custom house olllcials never lie,
and this tale Is piohably true, to) ti lie
III the preparation for w inter (uptimes the
young eoplo of Lincoln might do well to
make arrangements to sandwich in a little
literature with the multitude of entertain
ments und amusements. Outside of the
Chautauqua circles and the colleges there-i
no literary society for young people lit the
city, so far us I am informed, mid therosceius
to bo plenty of room mid material for a Hot
rate dramatic and lliernry club. Musical
culture Is comparatively well advanced In
Lincoln; but too little attention is given to
literature. Certainly there aro enough H'o
pie to support a club of this kind. Why not
start one I
Congressman Watson, cf Pcuiisylvuuiii,
whosodefttlr wns rejiortell-ill WodncsduVs
papers, sacrillced his life for the sake of his
wirty. He left a IhxI of sickness three times
to vote on important party lueasuies, In the
face of his physician's prohibition and lie
died. And yet wo ure told uitrlotism is d) lug
out, thnt tho only tie which binds in modern
polities is tlie almighty dollar. Tho uunzrou,
liiau from the Keystone statd knew ho w is
sucrlllclug his life, mid the sacrifice wns made
because ho thought his party was in danger.
Surely, his was a wit riot's death.
Olio of tlie bright young ladies in the Crete
camping party, elsewhere refened to, has
found a now term to apply to u hammock- a
The Couhikh'8 prlncljal illustration this
w o presents a striking stu ly in negro life.
The delineation of the features Is usueir pei
feetion as an engraving will p.Miilt, ami th"
expression (in the face of the tnlfir tutiatt
dm key is eloquent of tin sutrerltr.; caused by
the dean lug of an ugly splinter.
Among the men who have liecomo prom
inent Inifdre the public by reason of the
labor troubles on the- New York Central
railway, the' most conspicuous position,
naturally, is held by tho third vice presi
dent of the road, Mr II Walter Webb,
who, so far, has noted as the authorized
representative of the corporation's Inter
e.sts. Mr. Webb Is n man not yet 40 years
of age. lie is an attorney by profession,
nnd began his railway ex porience lu I8M1.
On the other side of the big quarrel
lenders In the opposing nrmy, they may Ins
tunned two prominent figures are those
of Frank I Sargent, who is chief of tho
Hrotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, and
Kngene V. Dehs, who Is grand secretary and
treasurer of the same brotherhood, and
who also publishes the olllclnl magazine at
Terre Haute. Ind. Sargent has tho repu
tation of Mun ii natural bom diplomat,
and Mr. Toucey, of tho Central, declares
that he is a remarkably able man. Mr.
Debs is reported to enjoy In a large degree
tho confidence of his associates, and on oc
casion has shown notable executive ability
and lorcu.
Whj It U Popular.
Hecause It has proven It alisolute inert'
over and over again. Iiecnuse it hasanuii
eipnlled record of com so, Im e-iue its Iiiimh,.,,
Is conducted lu a thoitmghly honest manner,
and because It combine economy mid strength
being the only meillciuo of which 'HH) Doses
One Dollar" is true- these strong points have
made Hood's Sars-ip-irllla the most miccessful
medicine of the day.
ImproveiUhower for Tuikish Uithsat 101
0 street, basement Union block,
Daneeis a re In demand nowadays
Hum they have been In years, lVemleres
like Coiiinllia, OunllU and Paris command
smiietlllllC like I.VI a wistk. run. ii-nelln
J "ho Is the mitroMilltan hit atKoster&Hlal's
rrKiy iiikcs ii. mn) simoieoiiH. Dancers like
Ida Heath. Ivate Seymour, Lillian Itmnsden,
Kinlly Vivian Imvu salaries ranging from f 75
to turn a week Slacelone, tho skirt dancer,
who will trip nroimil "Tlie Hustler" this sen
son, passes the hundred limit, (lood sh-c.
laity ihmcei sure very scarce. Harney Fngln.
one of the U-st authorities on the subject,
s:i)s tliat most women haveiiptitudefor danc
ing but mo la.y. Toto De Crow, nnother
until it It;-, snjs that women confine them
selves to one dunce, and never learn a new
dauie moie than once in live years Jennie
Williams, who according to reort, is to wed
Ixuil I'etle, notoriously dancisl one dance
and that let her out. Tho advent last year of
Sylvia (liny and l.etty Liuil among us, and
I their terpslchoriuu success, wns productive
of a shoal of iiultiitois. Florence Miller, Vlo-
lette Mnscatte ami Mario Cnhlll nro among
l these imitatoiy skirt dancers. Tho preval
ence or hlack skill dancing has given rise to
a lot of male parody sklitdancliig. Mnrtln
ettl ami Collier, John Kemell and Mux Ar
nold, Donnelly ami Oiimil, Kvnns and Hocy
ate adapts in the Inn lesipie of this style of
female sUitMlaiicing, and their antics on tho
stage me aluio-d ceitalu to be voeifeioiisly
Clever song wiiteis like Sidney Hosellleld,
theever (IimhIwIu, Kdgar Smith, Armory
Knox and IM Kidder command very neat
prlciM lor their elliiHlons. Checvcr (lomlwln
got fKHIfor the "Little Pig" song he wrote
for De Wolf Hopper. Hewitt got 100 for
"It's F.nglMi You Know," writttn by him
for Dlxey. Sidney Hosenfeld is a linguist
nnd heme very clever at cn'chlng the spirit
of the else in foreign llluetlos. Nadaud,
the gnat Flench topical songster, had u
coutiti) house near Pulls on which he had
painted this inscription 'Tills is tho result
of songs." Most ot oiii song writers do not
.wn houses, slid tlie pi ices they get for their
piodlictinns lender the piospects for houso-
iwueishlp exceedingly slim.
We often lend of how K-opo miss "it" in
one way or another
A good Illustration is told nlsnit Ccoigo r.
St a ley, ihetieiiumi comedian, who is winning
lame ami foi tune lu "A Itojal Pass. The
season at the (Irtiud in 'Fiisco had elos.
(iold had Just Ih-oii discovertsl nt SMkane
Falls, crowds were rushing thither In their
wild desire tor itches, and among the crowd
wein two joiing men "made up" in the most
nppiovisl "old loity lliller" stjle. IllglxxiU,
Ihiliuel shiits, slouch hats, und knives und
pistols galore. One was a little fellow with
twinkling eyes mid biilliaut auburn hair, the
o. iter nig ami lluely fotnii.l with an nuns,
irilly attlaitlve faee.wliotoonUvauieknown
among te mliieis as "llandsomii (leorge."
'I hey staked their claim mid set to work like
Iicmh's, mid like t'oloni'l Sellers, they saw
nilllloiis In it. Hut mining Is hard work, ami
Ilia few da st heir ardor had (lame
wan plentiful nml the si reams full of llsh.nud
theb jsgnvo themselves up to enjoynelit.
Soon the time enme for them to get back to
'Fi Imii to n henwils, nnd they sold the claim
for l few dollats, nml depailisl well satisfied
with ii Miiuinei'K sHiit. Now coiuin the se
quel: lu six months a half Inleiest lu that
claim was sold forlh),0(i0 Slalov often tells
of the sixty thousand dollars' win Hi of game
und lUli hegot ut SHikane.
Follo-vlng is this week's theatrical menu
lu New Yoik. Haiilou Volter coiupuiiy,
".Merry Monarch," "The Canuck," Sol Smith
Hiissell, Coin TaiiiiiTlu "One Krror," Fay
Teuipleton, "Prlvale Secretary," K. II . Soth
em, llichard Manslleld, Strmiss Orchestra,
Kajanku, "Hul lluiwir," tho llalloou," "Tlie
Paymaster," "The lllue and the Orny."
lu the Inmost circles of dramatic goslp It
Is whispered that Corlline Is not Corlnno ut
all, but that theSliiiou pme, original Corlnno
died live yems ago from doses of brandy to
keep her tho diminutive cieatuie she as, and
tlmt tliopieneul Corlnno is another Coiliiue
"The Crystal Slipper" will lenvo St. 1iuls
Sept. II on IIvckcIiiI cms for San Francisco,
wliciu they open at the llaldwiu Sept IK
Senorlta I'Vasetiela, the wife of tho famous
Spanish bull lighter, ami Semulta Aella,tho
Flying Dalictr, have jollied tho company
Lewis Moirlsoii has iH'gmi rehearsing hi.s
cniupuii). It Is pel haps unnecessary to re
iterate what has so often I -cell said, that tho
lotthcoiuhig production of "Futisl" will be
one of the gliiliilestrepieseiitiitlouslii the his
lory of tho Ameilcuu stage.
Charles Coghluu will suppoit Mrs. I-nngtry
dm lug her bunion season, which begins In
November appeal lug in "Antony ami Cleo
patra." Sardoii has a Hanged to w rite n piny for
Stuart ltobsou which will Imi ready for pro
duction a year hence.
Ami now it Is said that Postmaster (leneral
John Wuniiiiinkur objects to being burlesqued
ill tlie "II. S. Mall,"
ICilwlu Hooth has enruisl a quaiter of a
million of (IoIIiiik by his iictlug during the
last three years.
at tin: I'r.NKK
John Dillon, the eminent comedian, will
open a live night's engagement nt tho Piiukc,
Friday, Sept. 6 Ho will lie seen lu "Wanted
the Km th," and a select icicitolr of light
comedy. Dillon needs no Introduction to
Lincoln theatre goers. Ho isnlready a favor
ite here, and large audiences aro assurislencli
night during the engagement. Ills support
Is said to I m unusually strong this season. Fol
lowing Dillon Comptou's minstrels, an able
orgauiJitioii, will bo tho next attraction.
Tho Kilen Musee, under entliuly new man
agement, mid with many lniortnnt Improve
ments, will 0n'II at 1 o'clock Monday after
noon for the season of Pt'.HMH. Mr. Jules K.
Oirner, tho new manager, has given particu
lar attention to the owning attractions and
arlch store of good things await the Museo
patrons this wis'k. In the Curio hall there
will ho life like wax figures of tho crowned
heads of Knroie, a realistic depletion of the
Pliiuoy Farm murder, Omaha's awful trag
edy, etc., etc. Professor .au.ic, tho famous
wizard, will give some staitllng exhlliltlons
In the Ilijou theatre, ami Inthegrmid theato
riiiui, (leorge Ivlwards, a prlnc of fun,
will I mi seen lu Ethiopian characters, (leorge
Catliu, In Mongolian eccentricities, Hilly
White, in HilsTiiiau wit, Professor (Jleasou's
wonderful canine p'iradox, mi I tho popular
play, "Fun in a Chinese Laundry." Satin day
af leriioous during the season, school children
will I m given admission mid a seat for 10
cents. A feature of the coming season will
lie mi entile change of bill twice each week.
Tho same care will tie taken by tlie Incoming
management to exclude everything objec
tionable from tlie HM'foriii'iuco that has
chaiacteil.ed this house since its Initial ht
formaniv. at Lincoln's hlmmkii iiksoiit
Ciishmaii paik was well filled with pisiplo
Wislnesday to see the wonderful exhibition of
Paul Iloynton and his company of acquatlc
eiM-rts. A kjIo game on tlie water, rather
a novel scene, was mi Interesting sH.-ctncle
und much ojoyed. Tho wat-r slus-s worn me
made of coik with a nihlicr coveilug ami lui
llleiise In sle, measuring nlKiut two feet wide
mid four feet lu length. Tlie places for the
feet are such that when the player IomsIiI
balance tlie shm-s flee the feet. The game
was Is-tweeu Wallace Itoss and nun of the
company, and several times during the play,
"a man went oveilsiard" but soon got Into
I place again Paul Hoyutou's exhibition was
practically the s'line assccu with thrfciiciises
He gave exhlliltlons of making a raft out of
stray tlmlter, prewiring a meal on tlieiaft,
llshlug lid hunting, life saving, signals of
various scriptlous, etc The program con
cluded with a realistic naval duel between
twoships, each Mug about twelve feet long,
one of which was blown to pieces
The ImiIIooii ascension on Saturday nml
Sunday Inst was not so well attended owing
to the inclement weather However, u fair
sl'd crowd was present and it prettier nscen
slim never wns seen. Pi of. Ten Hrocck's
iMiaiitiful lialliMiu, "Tim City of Imdoii,"
made a grand showing nml the parachute
leap was a gieat success. The professor wtll
res-at last Sunday's piogram again tumor
I low
I Manager Amlrus litis another Mun attraction
I foi tomoriow in the shao of u novel musical
pOlg'iliiJitiou It is thece'ebriitcd llabj Hrass
I Hand iviupoMil of little youngsters, none of
them uiii than twelve jears of age. They
pin) exist llently and will give a few selec-
tions at the desit tomorrow nt 'J p. in iiefnr
the train leaves foi tlinpark For time table
' see ad'irtvuient on page lour A very ttt-
trnctiie piogram has Invnarrangnl for Mou
ilii) , "IjiIkii Day " (iocsl sieukers and mu
sic nil day In the afternoon theie will b a
basket picnic ami in the evening a grand twill
, and mh'IiiI will be given. Theie will also lie
I racing and otlni athletic sjKiits during the
1 1,"''
I lliueral water uwl lor Imthlng, 1010 O kt.
Hpeclnl Coltlitr.lU'orreipomlenco.l
Nkw YiHlK, August 'J7, ISiH). Tim attempt
of two young women to glnlln tho globe last
winter, limldoof eighty days, and the stilmo
qiletlt iichlovemelit of the eccentric (leorge
Francis Ti alii lu tho same line, has causisl a
prominent society woman of Now York to
mnkiia wager that she will not only make tho
same trip but "-ill licat Train's iwoiil, Ah
mi luillsH'iisnblo prelluiluary, she has ordered
Here it Is, Illustrated It is a medium
weight, Hue cheviot, lu ii somewhat largo
eloiidisl plaid, and though extremely simple
in design, is wonderfully chic and becoming.
As sin) Is by tho terms of her wager, restrlct
isl to a merit hand-bug by way of luggage,
lledfcrii Iiiih contrived fur her, to meet tho
colder weather, u supplementary skirt which
buttons on Just liolow tho waist-lino, uu
unique, featuro which may bo Imitated with
advantage by other travelers who do not
euro to bo liurdeiiisl with tho usual amount
of Impedimenta. A large, all-eiive'oplng
wrap, of tlie ulster variety, compleU-s hor
equipment. Tlie little Hiik cup, with enr
lhiM tied on top, Is made of tho dress mater
ial. This other pretty costume Is marked
It consists of a petticoat, high K)iutcil cur
set girdle, und sleeve of pale, ton-colored
cashmere, iqiou which are 1 Minds of gold
braiding The upwrpnrt of the corsage, tho
pulls on the shoulders, mid the skirt ilraKry,
are of a deep old-rosy smith w Idch contrasts
well with the other puler tint Tlie high col-
lar and narrow, NiiuUil plastron, are a mass
! of gold braid, but it is applied In it light,
I sketchy design, and therefore Is not too heavy
' lu elTect, for a summer gown. The oddly
' sliaisl chip hat Is of tea-colored straw, and
1 has it vniulykiil-trriui, while tlie trimming Is
rose antique satin ribbon and an algiette ar
ranged at tho Imck of the crown.
Style, tit mid durability aro all essentials
in a good shoe. Itriscoe, the shoe man, lias a
wide reputation for footwear, embracing
these qualities His shoos Invariably tit the
foot, satisfy the eye and give sttitaction gen
ally. Ladies' mid geutUine;.' shoes in all
the latest shtqies and styles at Hrisciv's Tlie
largest and finest stock in the city is his.
Heavy shoes for winter wear in great variety
and a complete assortment of everything in
theshoo line. Shoes uro mi important nt
of a persons dress, and wo can not U tisi
careful in their selection. Visit a store wheie
you can see the best workmanship mid the
largest stock Hiiscucsistho pl.ioo. lu the