Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 01, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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II filtfif
! n-i,rt
Own nnd opcriitrNft..Vio miles of thnrni(hly
quipped rival In Illinois, Wucowdli, Jown(
Attsnuirl, Minnesota and IluUotn. ,
It Is the llol Direct Itnulo betwuimll tlio
Principal Points In tlio Northwest, Bouihwet
and Far West
For maps, tlinn table, rules or passimo nnd
frchtht, etc., apply to nearest station agent ol
OltlCAIlo, Mll.WAUKKK A HT. I'Atlt. IIAII.
way, or to nny Railroad Agent anywhere I"
the world.
flencrnl MVr. """'I J'i. ATkt Agt.
mmioh' Mer. Ast. (. J. AT. AkI.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
T-Kor lumrmittlor. In reference to ! .anils
atulTowns owned by tlio Chicago, Milwau
kee A HI. l'mil Rnllwny Compnny.wrtn to II.
O. IlAVnAN.Umd Cmuiiil'Hloner.Mlllwuultee
AtchUon, Leavenworth, St. Joseph, Kansas
City, St. Louis nnd nil Points South.
Cast and West.
The direct line to Ft. Scott, Parsons
Wichita, Hutchinson nnd nil pdnclpal
point in Kansas.
The only road to the Great Hot Springs
ol Arkansas. Pullman Sleepers and Free
Reclining Chair Cars on nil trains.
City Ticket Agt. Gen'l Agent
Cor. O and 12th Street.
Principal Points
1044 O STREET.
City Passenger Agent
c '-'
Mil '"' ' ii 11 wt'imu " 1 " -
B s
. .1 r - hwp.i
"W '"'I1
Tom Cooko, superintendent of opiums, is
quoted as making tlio following rule for enu
merator! "Tlio work of taking tlio census
it ill Ik commenced 011 Juno I nnd mint I mi
iiimplatod by July I, nnd In cltlm of over !,
(XX) Inhabitant enumerator will I mi exited
to complete their work during thn first f Uvu
day of June. I Intend IomiImIIvMoOio First
district into enumerator' district, nnd each
enumerator will have fioin a,fi()0 to.'l,(XX) peo
pip. Tim districts will Ihi divided so as to
comply ns nearly ni IMo with tlio wnrdor
voting precinct line. Iuthncuiintry district
I proKo to nppoltit uno enumerator for each
voting precinct, In npimlutlhg enumerator
I don't iI-omho to uiniiMiihi'r nny vmbal up
plications, and those it lindenlm to Iri appoint
11I enumerator mint innko written uppllni
Hon containing tlio applicant's imino, jkhIoN
lien address nud tlio vtiird or precinct In
wlileh I10 1 esldin. Tlio coniiK'Hiintlon of mill
monitor will ho n follow: Two colitis for
cncli living 'nhnbltant, 'J rent for each death,
lfiecnl forenell fnrtu,!.Occntforcuch estab
lishment uf productive Indimtry, ft cent for
eiu'li surviving Mildler, sailor or marine, or
the widow of each Nildler, sailor or marine.
It 1 iliwlrcd Hint persons wlioniaylicitcndoiod
npiolutmcut n ruuuicrutor should hglvcu
to uudm-dnnd distinctly Hint If tlmy accept
such iipMiiitiueiitN nnd ipmllfy iin euumcru
torx, tiny cannot without JuMllliililociiuim ru
fuse or neglect to iierform tlm dutle of tlio
position I In vlntr nuuud tlio olllco tliuy
cniiuot letlro from It nl tholr own pleasure,"
Mr C T. Unworn, for tlm past two year
with the Miitntil Life lusuiuuciicompany, has
arcepted a imIIIoii with J. M, IIiiilxton as
AsUtant Htatn Agent of tlio Union Central
Iilfolu'iii'iUHocoiuiMiiiyof Ulnulniintl, Ohio,
Mi lloiMim Inn hud fourteen yivir' oximtI-
enee In tlm liiilii''iv mid will lm 11 vnlunblu
ngeiit for tlio Union Ontnil,
U. II. l(,nlrlleM,Jr.1ofUrniidllnplds,Mleli,,
IihsIki'ii In thiM-lty thin Kk vlHltlng Mm,
Jiidso FIcIiIh mid John Fnlrlleld, I1I1 sister
mid luother. I'Mward Fnlrlleld of tlio ftpilt
nhlo loan mid triiiteoiupiiuy of Oiiinlm, an
other liri.ther, wiihiIowu Mouduy,
Tlio nils, of Dennln, tlm hnttor, now innko
tlio linn 11111110 1 onl H. DoiiiiUit (Jo. Mr.
Di'iinU, tlio W now In ICmiHiuiClty niniiaging
hU tno uiw stores, may reiunlii soiuo time, as
liH put turr Iin not yut m)M out tholr Michi
gan Atook
Mr. Kusononuil MIm Kdnii lluiton enter
tnlnnl n largo couinny of friendi most on
Joynhly nt a Wnhlngton jmrly on Friday
uruniug of hint week. High IIvowim a foat
mix', nud Mr. Clmrle Wtviilmrli won tlio
U. V. Melvlmion, a teacher In the Klllott
tK'hool, luft tlio othor day for Hot HpiiugH,
Ark., anil was pi wonted with a box of llow
er. A military hall nml Imnquot wns given nt
Juulntn this wivk In honor of Adjutnnt Oen
enil Cole. (Invei nor Thayer nttendwi.
J.T. HtohliHof the WlilU'hruut coal com
pnny Ih kerioiiKly III mid has Ikhii cHinllueil to
tlio hoiisi) for K01114 time.
0. O. Whltinoro of Lincoln ImH lccn np
polntiMl u mull cluik on tlio ruulotwteuOiun
lm and Ogden.
V. F. Kelloy Iiiih lieen up In north Nehrng-.
ku this week taking deiKmltlous in mi linnort-
Ijwls Frlnr of C lny county buccmxIs David
Donignnluer in tlio olllcoof tlio necrotnry of
Hov. nnd Mm. llrndt entertained tlio form.
er's Huntlay chool clnni Tuewlny ovenlng.
Mm. Otto Hnuermnu entertnlnwl tlio east
Lincoln O. L. 8. 0. Wmhuitdny ovoiiiug.
I Other Social News on PngoS.
Another Arhloreinent In Mitlitlngltereiit.
ly Introduced by it Ititllrond.
TIlO IWlSt lleOlldo lllia luwui mm nt nn) !....
evolution (n Knlnnn.. m.,1 !,.. .....i..-
Hpliores, and not tlio lonst 1ms tho rnilrunil
nniiiimiuuxi nuenuon nv HUh rwioct. Bel
iloni a day pnsws but that some now In -en-tion
or Improvement is hennl of, nnd thus
constantly tho world works wonders for lU
Inhnhltniits Klectrlcltv hits ncenmiilUlini
phenoinbiml clmngeH, nud the Intuit hcnnl or
on thu rnlt linH uhmi niiiimnifx,bi 1... "i.nt .....
lar westorn lino, tho Chicago, Milwaukee &
Ufc "" ii"ny. ims 11110 lias introduced
tho eleetrio llcht svRtom mi hi imdw ..,
HOW tllft taut l.Tlinwa liivl.. n.....i
ovculngnt slx.nrrlvlug in Chicago next morn.
Ing nt nlno, is brilllnutly lllumlnntwl through
nut with tho noft mellow light shed by tho In
candescent, This Is n great nchlovoinent for
n rnllwny train, butn single Improvement for
such a lino as tho spirited Mllwnukeo Is not
sufllciont for tho untiring mnnngement. Thoy
Imvo gouo one step further, nnd now, when
night falls nnd you retire, it Is no longer
necosnry to enter n durk berth. Each lins
ihju provmeti wnn n small electric lump nr-
rniiced in tho lllllmr enrnor n, ,. ),.. ...I. ..!...
Oft times the iMiengor, weary of sitting nil
il ty enroute, Is glad to retire early nnd enjoy n.i.t ...l.l. .1.1. ..''.
v,rv.-, ...... mm una couvemcuco can lie In
IhiI, If ileslml, nil night nnd rend, tho light
shining from the back, thus not interim? tlm
eyes. It nW) proves n blessItiK to the Individ.
unit hat riss enrly, boforo tho sun, nffordlug
light for di sslng nnd for finding tho vnriou
in tides of uppnrel.
It is not, however, necessary that you goto
lietl to enjoy this convenience, for during tt)
Bvoning It nmy alo bo uuxl while senUxl in
your apartment. At times tho chnndelier
gives InsuUlf lent HghJ, then ngan this llttlo
comforter is tlio moro appreciated. At times
when notuseil. itls rnvtrnwi . .,....
ttntloimry sllvvrplnted ens,., which opens
mill fd.l iVA.tla . til. .. a .
,. ... v..,o ..,, niumraicii, i ins train Is
a so provided with stonm heat from tho en
Kino, thereby affording safety from tho hor
rible Area that occur from stoves. Then asldo
from these great Improvement the Milwau
kee fast tmln offers nil tho Inducements given
by Ihe other trunk linen. Tho dining cam
magnificent and largo, furnMi a menu equal
to Hint fcet at any of tho flumt hotels of the
country, while the service is ir excollence.
The chair cam aro comfortnblo nnd easy
riding nnd to two thenvoruge traveler loung
ing and enjf ylng a book, or to noto the com
placent features of others while nappliiir. it
would be uinicult to believe that they did not
appreciate the efforts of a liberal manage
merit. A uniformed jwrter is nlwnyson hand
to administer to tho wanta of patrons nnd no
comfort Is ovoi looked that would tend to en
hance tho plenuio of the traveler. In fact
this train on tho Mllwnukeo tins no equal ami
Is todsy tho wonder of western rallwnyequip
moot. Surely with such sped, comfort nnd
luxury, what moro can mankind akl It'a
iuq very iu In tho gift of noleiieo to man
nnd the best is uunlly poo.1 enough for Nt
lbrknn, conwpiently the eirorts of this
' givnt line me bring appreciated by Lincoln.
lies nnd wehtrrn jn'Ople gonerully.
i The Mllwnukeo iIeeom for thu fnst train
; Iwvo the Union Pacific deiwt in Omaha every
evening ti,ix o'clock, giving ample time to
jL,Ubm' ,'
makn connections with all trains from thn
west and tuiuthwcst. I'M HIosmiii, tho Union
Pacific ngent at this Hlnt, ieKirta it henvy
deinntiii tor tickets vin tins ravorito route,
nud all Information as to time, rati and con
tirctlotis enn li ncertnlnrd nt his olllco or by
application to J. K, Mci'lure, ttnvellug ms
senger ngent, Omaha, Neb. llerthi In sleeih-
em will lm rifierviMl freo by lelrgrnpli nt tlio
U. I". city ticket onico. Try this lino when
you go enst.
School children will learn much faster If
tlioy are inadu comforliililn ond kept In kt
feet health. Very fow rwaMi severe coughs
and colds during tho winter months. It In an
easy mutter to avoid the illcoinfoi Ik nnd tils
tress of coughs and colds by lining Chamber
Iain's Cough Hemixly. It is by far tho lit
treatment over brought Into gounntl usn for
cougliH, coldt'nnd lioarwueHM, Wheiilho'.flmt
NymplouiN of cold npHvir, uso Chamberlain's
Cough Itciiicdy nud the cold can be broken
up at ouco. Hold by A. L. Hlirader.
llow Uh Could Avoid It.
"I havo olserved," rcmnrked u inenti old
bachelor, trying to funny, "that when ona
has fortune nnd ndds MIkm to it, he lias mlv
fortuuo thereafter,"
"Then ou ought to marry a widow," quick
ly roponded it lady ill black, and tho fumry
man went Inlo his shell. Wnsliliigtou Star.
i?-5f?fes-. .. T-iiJ
-. s -
Doctor Cutts Pretty ImuI lip you'vo got
lliero, my boy; but I think wo enn fix It,
Patient 'Tnln't th' lip, doc. I play n fifo
In th' Ninth wnrd drum corjis. I cnllod to
00 about n cough. Judgo.
"Hello," mild tho quail, ns thocouin. throw
him in, "you're n hard looking cose, did you
know itr
"No wonder," grunted tho case, "Pvo been
on tho rack w long."
"You Weill to Im out of form, too," ro
inarket a thin shico, from Its box,
"Whntlf I nml Iend monlonel" snnrled
tho quad,
"You're getting fnucy," put In a hyphen us
itcntnenlong. "Thinking of tho gulloy left
bohlnd him, I supjiosot" nt which tho other
tyiw kIrrIwI.
"I'll Ihi dnshedC'cried tho unlucky quad.
"If you'd been locked upns longns I linvo"
"I wiw Just going to -uk quud tho mutter
was,"' Interrupted the -le'lod, "I thought
perliapH you neotleil qur In."
"Stopl" said tho oxnsiorated qund, "I've
comma long way, nnd) won't lie Insultoil thu
Things began to loot rqunlly, when the
conioltor shook up the case, nud mnde them
all lwhavo. Lawrence American,
IIU Sucgcuilmi,
A colonel In tho French army who had a
great eyo for iioatncvi but not much of an
ear for tuuilo tewk occasion one day to com
pliment his baud master 011 tho apjiearance
of his men, "Their uniforms aro neat," wild
the colonel, "and their Instrument aro nice
ly itollshixl mid kept In order, but thero isono
Improvement that I must Insist upon."
"Whnt U It, colonelf
"You must trnln your men, when thoy per
form, to lift their lingers nil nt exactly the
snmo time nnd nt rcgulnr Intervals on their
instruments, so one, two! ono, twol" Ar
gonnut. Not Twins.
Mm. M met frequently two charming
llttlo girls going to kcIioo! who looked each
very much like the other.
One morning sho risked ono of themi "Aro
you twins, my dear I"
With nu Indignant shake of her curls she
"No'mol Vo'm Iwfo girls." Toxas Sift
hiR. Thiol! Ilu Can l)u Without Iu
"Pujia," said Mnbcl, "were you over In an
Ico ivtlucel"
"No," bald the old gentleman, "but I've
had to got up at 0 o'clock In tho morning In
January to soe w hat w ns the matter with the
heating apparatus, and I guess I'll try and
worry along without nn Ico jmlace." Wash
ington Post,
Iin Wiu Wuumlrd ICarly.
Pension Examlnor In what battlo woro
you wounded I
Applicant for Fen-Jon I wns wounded nt
Shlloli Church.
Examiner At Shlloh Church!
Applicant Yes, I bolonged to tho choir,
nnd got my bond mashed with tho organ stool
at tho beginning of hostilities. Areola Rec
ord. Promptness is n good motto. It is hard to
find uny thing more prompt than St. Pntrick's
PUN. They aro 11 pleasant cathartlo and a
good medicine. Sold hir A. L. Shrader.
Dr. C. D. Mnnnlng, onico room-, OO-OTJg
Ilurr block. Telephone 330. Itosldenee Cor.
30th and F. Telephone 330.
The nobblost turnouts that nro soon on ou
thoroughfnres nro from tho Pnlaco stables.
Telephone No. 435. Stables on M street op-
Rook ordera ahead far Sunday livery in
ordor to get n rig at the Police Stables,
If you wnnt lino coi respendenco stationery
remember that tho Couuiek olllco carriea a
largo line, Including novelties.
The beat place hi the city of Lincoln to get
good lionrd Is nt Urown's cafe. You have a
great vnricty to select from and the prices aro
Ladles may order anything in tho grocery
line by telophono (108) of the Oullck Bakery
and depend on getting the Itest at reasonable
prices delivered at their door.
Oystem nro served at Drown' cafe In
every style. Orders filled on short notice.
8hakcjearo complete nnd a year's sufc-orlp-tlon
to tho CoimiKU for only 3.60. For par
ticulars sco advei tlwment on page eight.
Tho attention of our readers Is directed to
the advertisement 011 page eight, announc
ing the greatest nnd most lilwrnl premium
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think of it for fci.oO wo gito you a year's
subscription to tho Coimikh ami Ihecompleto
works of 8linkeear, W.'O jwigea liouud In ono
volume, of cardinal cloth unit gilt lettering.
The book alone telli readily nud U cheap at, inn iuui tee 11,
"ymMinii turnip mm,
'Hie lilTei't of I'riictlro,
No. 43. Dinililn Aenisllc.
Without mo what Is Href
Tn win urn shun no strife
Chosen land of my first from nu to mo,
Italxe the loud chant of lllx-rty
Cruw wonts.
I. OlitcMt of states Hint In our Union stand.
8. Shot thus UlrecU-d prove nn III trained luuiit.
1 A laknnuil railroad I have now becoiiio
4. Without my nld siiccem will seMom cinn.
6. In India once n royal town I rUxA
0. This embrocation Is for swellings Rood
f limy. lalHirloiis, hut to this world given.
Her nolil hl.icp rained hernyen to heaveiL
No. 4.1. KiiIciiiii.
1 selo my nuiMer by his foot,
I clutch nnd hold him by his hoot
Until ho pulls nwny
And then ho kicks mo out of Right
Ami ended Is my llttlo light
Until nny other day
Hut when ho sltH In sllpjictvil cuw,
And all around Is homo likucaco,
I um n friend Indeed .
For then should sereuadem grim
Mnko tuuilo qtiltudlHtrncliiig him,
lie sends mo forth with sstil,
Nogiowling watch dog equals mo,
1 couio tiK)u them noiselessly,
While uono susiect mo near,
And fiercely nt their honih i My,
And greet them nil ho suddenly
They rush wny In fear
Nu. II. Numerical Knlfinu.
My whole Is couqiosod of ten letters and Is
a largo Inland.
My ft, 1, 10 Is to destroy
My 7,'.', I) Is a meadow.
My :),, Ills thin.
My 4 Is u letter.
Nu, 4ft. Dliicoiml.
1. A foreign country 'J. A nntlvo city.
3. To oxclto ndmiration, I. Something you
try. ft. Variegated. 0. To fondle or pot
DlngounU give n word that is suggested by
what you see before you.
No. 40. I'lctorliil Helms.
The rebus represents tho fli-t lluoof A
poem, often familiarly quoted.
No. 47. A I-etter Helms,
0. Y.
My rebus solved
Will bring to mind
Whnt dellghta tho heart
Of youthful kind.
No. 48. A Clinrnde,
yulck, trnv'lersl onward onwnnl tread
O'er mountains clad In white;
The lowering, luulrn clouds o'erhead
llctokeu comliiK iilhL
Then onward kpeed, with might utul malu.
O'er crnjj nnd mountain llool.
For second, Joined with wind and rnin.
Comes shrieking through tint vood
And first Iu blinding bIiow cm hides
Tho tillage Inn; Its light It lokt;
And howling down the mountain tldcn
Tlio tenqiest team with furious blast
Delated travelers nru lost
Upon thn mountain bleak;
Of previous life how great tho cost
Who total's dangers seel; I
No. 40. Kiddle,
Tho beginning of eternity,
Tlio end of thno nnd spaco;
Tho beginning of every end,
And end of overy plnco.
Tlio Gamo of "No reus."
This Is a good gnmo to pnss off tho time
with, for everybody, youug nnd old, can play
tu It.
Tho leader must put tho question to each
ono In succession: "My cook likes ho peas;
what shall 1 glvo her to oatl" If a player
answers "potatoes," "parsley," etc., ho pays
a forfolt, but If ho answers "veal," "ham,"
"onions," etc., ho pays no forfeit. Tho trick
is that tho letter "p" must be avoided iu an
swering. Fortune Was Too Kind.
"I would 1 were a bird," warbled the mu
sical boro iu tho hotel parlor.
"I will glvo you a suirt," said tho landlord,
and presented him with his llttlo b)ll.
Key to the Purilor.
No. 34. Dehendlngs: S-tag, l-bls, It-ace,
W-add, A-bet, L-nnd, T-act, E-den, It-aft,
S-aga, C-go. O-bey. T-aco. T-nil; Sir Wal
ter Scott.
No. 35. Cut Up Puzzloi
No. 8a Charadoi Yel-low.
Na 37. An Enigmatical Quartet! MILD.
No. 33. A Pretty Purrlei 1. All covet, all
lce. SJ. You dig your grave with your teeth.
0. Wo hate delay, yet it makes us wise. 4.
Better half a loaf than no bread, ft. Penny
wise, pound foolish, u. A drowning man will
catch at a straw. 7. Two ill meals make the
third n glutton. 8. llouoy In tho mouth
eaves the purso, 0, Spare to tpoak, sparo to
speed. 10. Haste makes waste, Valeutlnosi
co Vet, grAve, deLay, brEnd, poNny, caTch,
third, hoNey, spEak, haSte,
No. 811. A Stan 1-3 - Margins. 1-3
Masters. 2-3 Satires. 4-ft Peruses. 4-C
Printed, ft-0 Spoared.
No, 40. Word Squares:
C L E A It
A V E It T
R E 8 T S
Oecauto they are
E 8 E K
No. -.Conundrums
tho bearers of Idle tails.
Because It Is done
with tho pou. It has a bead and a tall and
two sides. When it's dr Ipplug.
ii...Oy.'.i." ij'f' 'Kiir-
$w$M vMlWL si?
Complete Works of Shakespeare
ComprlBlng hi Plays, Sonnota and Pooms, with tho noted
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" 8 ml! itl,ot tnk0 m,ne ma '" lnl" ,5cvcl Plat0 mirrors, rich Carpets, nnd nrtUtlc
decorations, coup'cd with the polite services of a
colored attendant, render our reclining chair cars
the exemplification of case and comfort.
"Hpeed, say you?
Aye, In motion of no less celerity
tliau thntot thought."
"In truth, a noble company.
What aro their pleasures?"
"Thero tho huge sirloin reeked, hard by
Plum puddlnghtood,andL'lirlstmas pie
Nor failed old rlcotliiud to produce
At sucli high tide, her savory goose,"
"Come, friends,
Let's havo a social smoke."
"Come, sleep,
And with thy sweet deceiving, lock
me In delight awhile "
Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent,
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fl' . , .,,
Christ Collogo, Cambridge England
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vi-hiinuiL-h insuring gaiety against telescoping, im
pervious to the weather, nnd overcome the sway
ing motion incident to ordinary trains.
The Burlington's Flyers are provided with a
library of carefully selected hooks for the free
ne of pntions, while card tables, congenial
Mends, nnd "High Five" conduce to "drive dull
care away."
Quietly, and at ease, the traveller partakes of
viands that tempt the epicure, and amid tasteful
and elegant surroundings, the pleasures of the
tnnnl nm n It .1 1... I. .. .t f.. . 1
i. ...... ..iu uy me unarming nnu pic
turesque panorama continuously gliding by.
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ite with first clats passengers, for whom they are
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woous, nmi carpets ot Kojal llton, combine In
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" We sigh to think our wondrous Journey done."
A.C. ZIi:.MKH.
City Pnss. ami Tlckol Agent,
Resort in the City.
. n, ,,.,i tymlmft
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