Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 15, 1890, Page 3, Image 3

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I!' (1
A I'liiTi'iTuI Sermon Drawn lrom Hid
Omit llllilu llnuim of the llmi on the
t Willi Wo Mint Oo to Owl for Salt,
DnooKLYN, Fob. 0. Tlio Rov. T. Do Witt
Tnlmngo, D. D., rmutnoilpivAcliliiRin Brook'
lyn this morning, after his visit to tlio Holy
Land, mid tlio Aciulomy of Mmlo wim
crowded. Thousands of jwoplo wero not
ablo to get Into tlio building. Tlio subjct of
his i1Imxhiio was "Tlio IIoumi ou tlio Wall."
Dr. Talnmgo took for his Uixt Joshua vl,
23: "And tho young mun that woro uplos
went In and brought out Knliab, mid hor
father, and her mother, and her brothrou, and
all that xhu had." Ho said:
When, only n fow woolen ago, I vlnltoil Jort
clio I said, inn It bo pomlblo that this dilapi
dated plnco U tho Jericho that Mark Antony
gavo as a wedding present to CloopatrnJ
Wlicro nro tho groves of palm trwsl Whom
nro Herod's pulncoH which onco sUxkI horol
Where is tho great theatro from tlio stngo of
which Salome told tho pooplo that Herod was
doom Whoro Is tho sycamoro treo on tho
limb of which Kacchous sat when Josus pas-sod
this plnco ( Whoro is tho wreck of tho walls
that fell at tlio blowing of tho rams' horns I
But tho fact that nil theso have dlxnpiwarod
did not hinder mo from soolng in Imagination
tho smash of ovory thing on tho fatod day,
savo 0110 houso on tho wall. That scono cen
turies ago comes back to mo as though it wero
Thero Is n very sick and sad houso In tlio
city of Jericho. What Is tho matter I Is It
povortyf No. Worso thnn that. Is It lep
rosy I No. Worso than that. Is it death I
No. Worso than that. A daughter has for
saken hor homo. Jiy what infernal plot sho
was induced to leavo I know not; but thoy
look In vnln for her roturu. Sometimes thoy
hoar a footstep very much llko hers, and thoy
start up and say: "Sho comes I" but only to
sink back again into disapolntmeut. Alasl
Alas! Tho father sits by tho hour, with his
faco In lib hands, Raying not ono word. Tho
mother's hair is becoming gray too fast, nnd
sho begins to stoop so that thoso who saw her
only a little whilo ago in tho street know hor
not now as she passes. Tho brothers clench
tlioir fists, swearing vengeance against tho
dcspoilcr of tholr homo, Alas! will tho
poor soul novor como back I Thero Is
a long, deep shadow over all tho
household. Added to this thero is an in
vading army six miles away, just over tho
river, coming on to destroy tho city; and
what with tho loss of tholr child and tho co til
ing on of that destructive army, I think tho
old pooplo wished that they could dlo. That
is tho first scono in this drama of tho Ulblo.
In a houso ou tho wall of tho city is that
daughter. That is her homo now. Two splos
havo como from tho invading army to look
around through Jericho and wo how lost It
may bo taken. Yonder is tho lost child, in
that dwelling on tho wall of tho city. Tho
polico hoar of it, and soon thero Is tho shuf
fling of foot all around about tho door, and
tho city government demands tho turreuder
Of thoso two spies. First, llnhnb for time
wasthonamoof tho lost child ilrst, Rahali
secretes tho two spies and gets their pursuers
off tho truck; but after awhile sho says to
them! "I will nmko a bargain with you. I
will wive your bfo if you will savo my llfo,
and tho llfo of my father and my mother, ami
-my brothers, and my sisters, w hen tho vic
torious army comes upon tho city." O, sho
had not forgotten her homo yet, you seo. Tho
wanderer never forgets homo. Her heart
brouks now us sho thinks of bow sho has mal
treated hor parents, and sho wishes sho wero
back with them again, and sho wishes sho
could get away from her sinful enthrallment;
and sometimes sho looks up in tho fnco of tho
midnight, bursting into ngoulzlng tours. No
sooner have theso two spies promised to savo
her llfo, and tho llfo of her father, and
mother, and brothers, ami sisters, than
Italian takos a scarlet cord ami ties it
around tho body of ono of tho splos, brings
him to tho window, and as ho clambers out
nervous lest sho have not strength to hold
him with muscular arms such as woman
seldom has, sho lets him down, hand over
band, in bafotyto tho ground. Not being ox
bausted, sho ties tho cord around tho other
spy, brings him to tho window, mid just as
successfully lots him down to tho ground. No
sooner havo theso men uutied tho scarlet
cord from their bodies than they look up,
and thoy say: "You had bolter get all your
friends in this houso your father, your mo
ther, your brothers and your sisters; you
bad hotter gut thorn in this house. And then,
after you havo thorn here, toko this rod cord
which you havo put around our bodies and
tlo it across tho window; and when our vic
torious army comes up, and sees that scarlet
thread in tho window, thoy will spare this
houso nnl all who aro in it. Shall it bo so"
cried tho splos, "Aye, nyo," said Ilahab,
from tho window, "it shall lo so," That
is tho second scono in this Ulblo drama.
Thero is a knock at tho door of
tho old man. Ho looks up and says; "Como
in," audio! there is Kabul), tho lost child;
but sho has 110 time to tall;. Thoy gather in
excitement around her, aud sho says to thom:
"(Jot ready quickly, and go with mo to my
houso. Tlio army is coming! Tho trumpet!
Mako Inutol Klyl Tho enotnyl" That is
tho third scene in this Ulblo drama. Tho
hosts of Israel aro all around about tho
doomed city of Jericho. Crash I goes tho
great metropolis, heaps on heus. Tho air
suirocatfng with tho dust, nnd horrible with
tho screams of it dying city. All tho houses
flat down. All tho pooplo dead. Ah no, no.
On a crag of the wall tho only pleco of tho
wall left Btandlng there Is a houso which
wo must enter. Thero is a family thero
that havo loou spared. Who nro thoy I
Lot us go and soo. Iluliuh, her fa
ther, her mother, hor brothers, her sisters,
all safe, nnd tho only houso left standing
in all tho city. What saved thorn I Was tho
houso more llrmly bulltf Oh, no; it was built
in tho most perilous place ou tho wall; and
tho wall was tho ilrst thing that fell. Was
it bocauso her cliuructur was any better than
any of tho other imputation of tlio city I O,
no. Why, then, was sho spared and all her
household Can you tell mo why) O, it
was tho scarlet lino hi tho window. That Is
tho fourth scono in this Ulblo drama. When
tho destroying angel went through Kgjptit
was tho blood of tho lamb ou tho door M-.ta
that sa vod tho Israelites; and now that ver
geiiuco has como upon Jericho it is tho same
color that assures tho safety of Ilahab and
all her household. .My friends tluro are
foes coming iihii us, more deadly aud
more tremendous, to overthrow our immortal
Interests. Thuy will trample us down and
crush us out tul'ovur, unless there bo some
skillful mode or ruirf'Uo upiu. Tho police ot
death uhead) Ihjiii to clamor for our sur
render; but, blessed lo Clod, theio is a way
out. It is through tliowunlow, and by a iojmj
so saturated with tlio Mood of tho cross that
It Is as red as that with which tho spies wero
lowered; aud if once our souls Mull ho do
liveied, then, thosculletcord sliolchod across
tho window of our iouk, wo may defy nil
bomhurdmeut, euithly and S.itaule.
Ill tho ilrst place, ivirryiug out the ld"a of
my text, wo must stretch this scarlet cord
ncross tho window of our rvscue. There
coinos a tlmo when n man is surrounded.
What (s that In tho frontdoor of bis soul It
Is tho threatening of tho future. What Is
that In tho back door of thesoull It Is tho
sins of tho Nit. Ho cannot get out of either
of those doorways. If ho attempt It ho will
lw cut to plow. What slinll ho dot Kseuo
through tho window of God's mercy. That
sunshine has been pouring In for many it
day, God's Inviting mercy. God's par
dotting tnorcy. Godl nil conquering
mercy. Owl's ovorlosting mercy. Hut
you say tho window is so high. Ah,
thero Is n rojio, tlio very ono with
which tho cns and Its victim wero
lifted, That was strong enough to hold
ClirlH, and It is strong enough to hold you.
Hear all your weight ukii It, all your hopes
for this life, all your Iioch for tho llfo that Is
to come. Kmiim now through tho window,
"Hut," you saj, "that cord Is too small to
savo mo; that salvation will never do ot all
for such n sinner as I havo been." I supioso
that tho rojw with which Ilahab let tho two
spies to tho ground was not thick enough;
but thoy took that or nothing, And, my
dear brother, that is your alternative, Thero
Is only ono scarlet lino that can snvo you.
Thero havo Ixsm hundreds nnd thousands
who havo lioen borne away in safoty by
that icarlot line, aud it will boar you away
in safoty. Do you notice what n vory
narrow iwcnM those ples liadl I suppose
inoy camo Willi uustcrvtl clieek ami with ex
cited heart. Thoy had a vory narrow es
cuw. Thoy wont in tho broad door of sin ;
but how did thoy como out! Thoy como out
of tho window. Thoy wont up by tho stoirs
of stone; thoy camodown on a slender thread.
And so, my friends, wo go easily and tin
nbashedly Into sin, aud nil tho doors aro
open; but if wo got out at all it will bo by
being let down over precipices, wriggling
nnd helpless, tho strong grip above keeping
us from lielng dashed on tho rocks benoath.
It Is oasy to got Into sin, young man. It is
not so easy to get out of it.
A young man goes to tho marblo counter
of n hotel. Ho asks for n brandy smash
called so, I suppose, because it smashes tho
man that takes it. There is no intoxication
in It, As tho young man receives it ho does
not scorn to bo at all axcitod. It does not
glvo nny glossiness to tho oyo. Ho walks
homo In Iwautlful apparel, mid nil his pros
jiocts nro brilliant. That drink is not going
to dostroy him, but It Is tho ilrst step ou ft
bad road. Years havo passed on, nnd I seo
that young man after he has gone tho whole
length of dissipation. It Is midnight, and ho
Is in a hotel erhups tho vory one whore ho
took tho ilrst drink. A delirium Is ou him.
Ho rises from the bed utid comes to tho
window, mid it is easily lifted; so he lifts
it. Then Un pushes back the blinds and puts
his foot on tho wludow sill. Then ho gives
ono spring, nnd tho watchman ilnds his disllg
urod body, unrecognizable, ou tho pavuinent.
O, if ho had only watted n little it ho had
como down on tho scarlet ladder that Josus
holds from tho wall for him, aud for you, nnd
for mo; but no, ho made one jump, aud was
gono. A minister of Christ was not long ago
dismissed from his dloceso for intoxication,
and in a public meeting he gavo this account
of his sorrow. Ho said: "I had a beautiful
homo onco: but strong drink shattered It. I
had beautiful children; but this (lend of rum
took their dimpled hands in his and led thom
to tho grave. I had a wlfo to know her
was to love hor; but sho sits in wretchedness
to-night, whilo I wundor over tho earth. I
hud a mother, and tho pride of her life was I ;
but tho thunderbolt struck her. I now havo
scarcely a friend in tho world. Taste
of the bitter cup I havo tasted, aud
then answer mo ns to whether I
have nny hatred for tho agency of my ruin.
Hate itl I hate the whole damning "traillc.
I would to God to-night that ovory distillery
was in flames, for then in tho glowing sky I
would write in tho smoko of tho ruin: 'Woo
to him that putteth tho bottle to his neigh
bor's lips!'" That minister of tho Gospel wont
in through tho broad door of temptation; ho
camo out of tho wludow. And when I see
the temptations that are about us in alt coun
tries, and when I know tho proclivities to sin
in ovcry muii's heart, I see that if any of us
escuixi it will be a very narrow escape. O, If
wo havo, my friouds, got oir from our sin,
lot us tlo tho ocurlot thread by which
wo have been Hived across tho win
dow. Let us do it in praiso of him
whoso blood dyed it that color. Let it bo
in announcement of tho fact that wo
ihall no more bo fatally assaulted, "There
Is now no condemnation to them that nro in
Christ Jesus.'' Then lot all tho forces of this
world como up in cavalry charge, and lot
spirits of darkness come on nn infernal
storming party attempting to tako our soul
this rojw twisted from these words, "Tho
blood of Jesus Christ clouiisoth from all sin,"
will hurl them back defeated forover.
Still further, wo must take this led cord of
tho text mid stretch it across the window of
our households. When tho Israolltlsh army
camo upugaiiLst Jericho, thoy said: "What
is 'that in tho window" Some one said:
"That Is a scarlet lino." "Oh," said somo ono
else, "that must be tho house that was to lie
spared. Don't touch it," That lino wus thick
enough, and long enough, and conspicuous
enough to save Ilahab, her father, her mo
ther, her brothers nnd her sisters the entire
family. Have our households as good pro
tection) You havo bolts 011 tho front door
and 011 tho back, and fastenings to tho win
dow, and perhaps burglar ulnrms, aud per
haps an especial watchman blowing his
whistle at midnight before your dwell
ing; but nil that cannot protect your
household. Is there on our houses the
sign of a Saviour's sacrifice and mercy)
Is thero a scarlet lino in tho window)
Havo your children been consecrated to
Christ) Havo you been washed in the blood
of tho atonement) In what room do you have
family prayers) Show me where it is you
aro accustomed to kneel, Tho sky is black
with tho coming deluge. Is your family in
sldi or outside of tho urkf It is u sad thing
for a man to t eject Christ; but to Ho down ill
tho night of sin, across tho path to heaven, so
that his family como up nnd trip over him -that
Is terrillc. It is it sad thing for a mother
to reject Christ; but to gather her family
U'ouud her, aud then lul.o them by tlio hand
and lead them out into paths of worldliuess,
uwuy from Clod auu heaeu, alasl alasl There
may lie geranium ai d cactus In that family
mudu, and upholstery hoverlug over it,
and childish faces lool.iug out of it, hut
there is no wurlot thread stretched across
it. Although that house may seem to bo
on the lior.t licet hi all tho town or
city, it is really ou tho edge of a marsh,
ui'ioss which sweep most poisonous malarias,
nnd it has a sandy foundation, and its splen
dor will como (low 11, and gi cat w ill bo the lull
of it. A home without Ciodl A prnurle.-s
lather I An uiulotoiit mother I Awful!
i.wful! Isihul)otif Will i mi kcepuu,iuy
brother, 011 the wrong road, aud take juur
loved ones witli you) Time is so short that
tru cannot waste any of it ouupologio, or In
directions, or circumlocutions. Vou owo to
your children, 0 father, O mother, more
than food, more than clothing, mute than
shelter you owe them tho oxmuplo of u
prayerful, consecrated, pronounced, out aud
cut Christian life. You cannot alford to
kicn It u way Iro u them.
Now, as I stand hero, you do not soo any
hands i-itstrotchcd towards mo, nnd yet thero
nro hni ds ou my brow nnd hands on both
my shoulder. Tlioy nro hnnds of parental
benediction, It Is cptlto n good many yejirs
ngo now Mneo wo folded those hands im thoy
began tho Inst tloop ou tho liauks of tho Rati
tan, In tho village cemetery; but thoxo hands
are stretched out towards mo today, mid thoy
are Just as warm and they aro Just ns gentle
as when I salon hr knoont flvo years of aga
And I shall novor shako o(T thoso hands. I
do not want to. Thoy hnvo holcd mo so
much n thousand times already, nnd I do not
oxjioct to havo n troublo or a trial between
this and my grave whoro those hands
will not help mo. It was not n very splen
did home, ns Mm world culls it; but
wo had n family Ulblo there, well worn by
tender perusal: nml there wns a family altar
there, where wo knelt morning nnd night;
and there was a holy Hubbuth there; nnd
sit etched In n straight lino or hung In looi or
festoons there was a scarlet lino hi the win
dow. O, the tender, precious, bhwsed mem
ory of a Christian homo! Is that the Im
pression you are making uxm your childrvnl
When you are dead audit will not 1st long
licforo you nro w hen you nro dead, w ill your
child sayt "If there over was a good Chris
tian father, mine was ono. If there over wns
n good Christian mother, mine was oner'
Still further! Wowoutthls scarlet Iluoof
tho text drnwn across tho window of our pro
H-ct. I seo Ilahab and her father, and her
mother, nnd her brothers, nnd sisters looking
out over Jericho, tho city of nhn trees, and
ncrosH thu river, nnd over nt tho nrmy Invad
ing, and then up to tho mountains and tho
sky. Mind you, this houso was ou the wall,
and I supjHwe tho prosjs-ct from tho window
must havo boon very w Ida besides that, I
do not think that tho scarlet Hue at all inter
fered with tho view of tlio landscape. Tho
assurance it gavo of safety must have added
to the beauty of tho country. Today, my
friends, wo sit In tho wludow of earthly pros
Mta, and wo look oh towards the hills of
heaven and the lundscaio of eternal lioauty.
God has opened tho w Indow for us, nnd wo
lookout. Wo now only got n dim outllnoof
tho Inhabitants. Wo now only hero and
there catch a note of the exquisite harmony,
Hut blessed Ihj God for this scarlet lino in
the window Thnt tells mo that thu blood
of Christ liought that homo for my soul, and
I shall go thero when my work Is done. Anil
us I put my hand ou that scarlet lino, every
thing In tho future brightens. My eyesight
gets iwtter, and tho relies of tho victors nro
more lustrous, and our loved ones who wont
away somo time ago they do not stand any
more with their backs to us, but tin ' faces
nro this wny nnd their voices drop luiough
this Sabbath nlr, saying with all tenderness
nnd sweetness, "Como! Comol Come!" And
the child that you think of only ns buried
why, there sho Is, nnd It Is May day In
heaven; nnd they gather tho amaranth, nnd
thoy pluck tho lilies, and thoy twist thom
into a garland for her brow, and she is ono
of tho May queens of heaven. O, do you
think they could see our waving today)
It Is quite a pleasant day, pretty clear, anil
not many clouds in tho sky. I wonder If thoy
can soo us from that good land! I think thoy
cun. If from this window of earthly pros
pects wo can almost seo them, then from their
towers of light 1 think they can fully seo us.
And so I wave them tho glory, nnd I wave
them tho Joy, nnd I say: "Huvo you got
through with all your troubles)" nnd their
voices answer: "God hath wlptsl a wny nil
tears from our oyos." I say: "Is it us grand
up there ns you thought It would lief" and
tho voices answer: "Eye hath not seen nor
our hoard, neither hath it entered Into tin
heart of man, tho things which God hath pre
pared for those thnt lovo him." I say: "Do
you havo any more, struggle for broadt"
and thoy answer: "Wo hunger no more,
wo thirst no more" And I say: "Havo
you liecn out to the cemetery of tho
golden city!" and they answer: "There is
no death hero." And I look out through tho
heavens, nnd I say: "Where do you got your
light from nights, nnd what do you burn In
tho temple)" and thoy answer: "There is no
night here, and wo havo no need of cuudlo or
of star." And I say: "Wluit book do you
sing out of)" nnd they unswer: "The Hnllolu
jah Chorus." And I say: "In tho splendor
nnd mnguillccnco of the city, don't you over
got lost"nnd thoy answer: "Tho Lamb which
is in tho midst of thu thronu Icndcth us to
living fountains of water," O how near
thoy seem. Their wings do you not feel thom I
Their harps-do you not hear them) And
nil that through tho window of our earthly
prospects, across which stretchcth thoHcurlot
lino. Bo that my cholco color forover. Is It
too glaring for you) Do you llko the blue be
cause It reminds you of tho sky, or tho green
because it makes jou think of thu foliage,
or tho black liecausti it has In It tho shadows
of tho night) I take tho scarlet because it
shall make mo think of the price that was
paid for my soul. O thu blood I tho blood I
the blood of tho Lamb of God thnt taketh
away tho sin of tho world, I see whoro you
nro. You nro at tho cross roails. Tho next
step decides everything. Pause before you
tako it; but do not jiuusotoo long. I hear
tho blast of the triniict that wakes the dead.
Look out! I)ok out ! For hi that duy, mid
in our closing moment on earth, better than
any other defense or barricade, however high
rr broad or stujienilous, will bo one little,
thlu, scarlet thread hi tho wludow.
What it llllnd Man Accomplished.
Tho Berkshire County (Mass.) Knglo gives
nn interesting account of tho achievements
of Dr. ICdwnnl L. I'lunliett, who died nt his
residence hi Now York city ou tho 10th tilt.
Ho wns a native of Pitthfleld, his father, who
died ninny years since, having boon a wealthy
nnd influential citizen, While at Lafuyotte
college, Hasten, Pa., in lbT'J, tho son liecumo
blind. He was 1 years old. Instead of fall
ing back ou tho abundant means of tho fam
ily, ho resolved to study medicine. Tho un
dertaking doubtless seemed to many to be
preposterous, but ho wus admitted to tho
Collego of Physicians and Surgeons in Now
York, went through tho course and took the
degree of M. D.
His success was duo to tho assistance of ht
devoted mother, a lady of suorior intelli
gence und uttulnments, who followed up the
son's attendance on tho lectures w lth reading
to him by duy and by night tho necessary
books, Witli determined purjioso ho memo
rized what ho heald, nnd his delicate sense of
touch enabled him to become familiar with
tho various parts of tho body as they were
placed in Ins hands after dissection. Ho 1k
enmo n private Instructor of medical students
who wero at tho sumo time going through
tho college com ses. In ttio last year no less
than thirty students wim had been his pupiU
hi this collateral way weio graduated from
tlio college.
There is a species of acacia whioh Is com
monly culled the ungr) tioe. It reuehes tho
hfllfl of luht feet utter a rapid growth,
and somewhat rerumliles tho century plant,
(hie ot ttioMi cuuuus plants was brought from
Australia ami set out m Virginia, Nov.,
where it has lieen seen by many )ersons.
When the sun sots tho leaves fold up and the
tender l n is coil tightly, llko a little pig's
lull. If tlio hoots aiu handled the leaves
i ustle anil move uuuusiiy fur a time. If this
queer plant is removal from one spot to an
it hor it bcems angry, mid tlio leave stand
nut in all directions like quills ou u porcu-Ji.ue.
Hy tho now route via Ilrltlsh America it
will lw possible to go from l-ondmi to Yoko
hama In t wen ty-tlirisi days.
A lens hold proorty In Woreiwtcrshlro
wns sold a fow dnys ago which Is held for n
term of 'J.tXO ymrs f rom KM) A. D., so that
tho lease still lias 1,711 years to run.
It is claimed that phosphate Is found In only
three places throughout tho UnlUsI Stales
South Carolina, Now Mexico and Florida,
In Now Mexico It is nlmilt oxhniisUsl, while
in Florida it Is more extensive than In South
Carolina and assays W ht cent more.
A pancake machine has Isvtt Invented tube
placed on tho table. Turning it handle
grinds out a batter between metal rollers
that aro kept hot by n lamp nod doMmlts tho
enkes, brown nnd warm, us they nro tussled.
A squirrel was killed recently on Its way
from n grain field liiHnn Joaquin valley, Oil.,
nnd ou examination of Its touchot they wero
found to contain HIO grains of wheat, which
goes to show how much damage n fow of these
animals can do,
A Cincinnati man who has proHcrvod a rec
ord of SA) railroad accidents Impelling In this
country In the past your, ilnds thnt only thlr
tisui out of tho lot occurred from can) lie
yond human control.
In the Iloyal alncont Athens u triumvi
rate of chefs relgu In the culluury legions,
Ono of thom, a mnster of tho Danish cuisine,
cooks specially for King George; tho mvoikI,
equally up In Kussluu cookery, cooks for
Queen Olgn; whilst tho third, a Parisian cor
don bleu, cook u In Frnnculso for those state
dinners at which Isith king nnd queen nro
priso'iit us to) ul hosts,
Olllclal notice has lioen sent to nil the for
eign legations In Constantinople, warning
tourists in Turkey In Asia not to tako nny rl
lies, revolvers, wearing uppurcl, sliver coins,
plcttitos, liooks or mauuwrlpts In tholr ptw
Mission, ns nil such things will I hi i-onflscntisl
by the custom houses. All Mlltlcnl mutter
will lw taken nwny on the plea that It may
refer to tho religious or political jysteni of
An absent minded German professor wus
ono clay observed walking down the street
with ono foot continually In tho gutter, tho
other on the pavement. A pupil imsitlug him
saluted him with: "Good evening, herr pro
fessor. Howuroyoui" "I wns very well, I
thought," unsworcd the professor, "but now
I don't, know what's the matter with me.
For the last half hour Pvo lieen limping,"
A largo class of nppllcauts for teachers' k
sitlons assembled lu tho rooms of the Santa
Clara (Oil.) school suMTluteudeut last woe It.
Thoy were set to work on tho examination
luors, nnd all wont smoothly until this ques
tion cropsl up In thu history division: "What
wns tho name of the head steward of Stan
ley's exploring arty, and wns ho any rein
tlon to the nuns-T of Swntf" The wholo class
silently left the room, nnd walked out In tlio
drizzling rain to cool oh.
Tlio co-oj)erutlvo hukcrioti created by tho
Belgian lalior party aro extraordinary evi
dences of tho siwor of organization. At
Ghent the workmen have built, for it cost of
7,UX), the most jierfect liakery of Belgium,
where W,()00 quartern loaves are turned out
every wcck.nud outof tho i:il,(XX) inhabitants
of Ghent lM,txrj belong to this institution. At
Brussels the Maison ilu People bakes ito.OtK)
st week, and nt Jollmcnt 8,000 loaves per
There are probably more flowers sold In
Franco on Now Year's day than ou uny other
day hi tho year, for gifts of flowers nro al
most do rlgueur among nil those who aspire
to a place lu "high life." But there Is a
general complaint this year that the "whiter
flower" nro leeoml!ig more cxHiuivo than
over, nnd that even hi tho sunny south, where
most of them nro said to huvo their homo,
natural violets nru sold nt ten times tlio price
Mild for tho crystallized violets which are n
n favorite bonbon.
Springvlllo, Utah, Is on joying it genuine sen
sation over it wonderful musical clock owned
by Mrs. Martha Stevenson, of that place, ac
counts of which have appeared In the Prove
papers. Mrs. Stevenson says: Tho whole
thing Is uusccountablu to me. I havo had
tho clock for seventeen years, and novor sus
pected It had any muscicil tendencies until
Nov. 1. Ou thnt day mi enlarged ortrultof
my son Charles, w ho was killed hy Indian
in Arizona, was hung lu tho room where tho
clock wns. Shortly afterward the clock be
gun playing of its own volition, mid bus con
tinued to do bo over since. It has Iksjii care
fully examined by several persons, and the
question ns to how the muslo is produced still
remains a mystery.
I'chImkI)- Iloinr In rails.
Workmen's dwellings on tho I'eulxxly prin
ciple have lieen opened hi Paris under tho au
spices of tho Prince d'Aronburg and tho
memlH'rs of thu Philanthropic society. The
funds for the purpose como from a legacy of
i'ii.tXX) licquoathed to tho "kk)- of Paris" by
the banker M. Arinuud Heine, who died it
few jcurs ngo. Tho Philanthropic society has
already built a house with tho moiioy lu tli
Ituo Jeanne d'Arc, nnd tho dwellings ojien s
tho other duy nro on the Boulevard doG-o-nelle,
thounrtmeutsor "rooms" lielng rented
nt 10 to 11 a year, whereas some hi the
other tenements may lie had at a rental of u
llttlo over iMk Tho sanitary arrangements lu
these cites ouvrieres are much Isjtter than in
other parts of Paris, where tho working
classes mid tho utterly Indigent live almost
side hy vide, and in this Important matter
hints havo Imuii borrowed from the Iiudon
dwellings erected under thu terms of tho Pea
lsly trust ft. is, in tho meantime, devoutly
to lie hoied thut the Societe Fhilanthroplquo
will extend itsojieratlous to other mulodoroui
iuetro)olituu districts liesldes Grenello, for
such places us tho Heights of Moutmurtre,
Belleville mid Menilmoutnut uudoubtly
would derive much hygienic benefit hy the
destruction of tho "Jerry built" and fever
huuuted tenements which nro numerous in
llieso localities and by tho erection of more
olid nnd salubrious dwellings lu their stead.
Purls Cor. Loudon Telegraph.
It is said that 010 inches of ral fell in one
your nl I'herriiisingeo, tropical Asia. Twi
hiiuilusludd lift) -four iiH-hosof rulnfall ha
Us'ii recorded in ono eur nt Miihnbuleswher,
in the western GhuuU of India At Vera
( i uf. Mexico, 'J7S Inehui of ruin has fallen.
I i Mutoiiln Uuiidcloiinc, West Indies, Wl
i'.c ics have fnllun. At Kan IMiisde Maruu
haul, lii'.ail, n) inches Imve lieen lecordisl
t Sierra 1.00110, tropical Africa, iil'J niches
utv lieen noted ri,,. annual rainfall m the
llri'iU Islands, iinmug th mountains, U -II, ou tlio plain. '.Jl luciie.. f. inches ,,f
ruin fall-on tue j,t suhxif Kn;laud. 'J7 ou
the sisi idi. Higtit -two Inches of inui
fl l .in pil'U of tho West side of the Scnildi
i UN. hi mountains, and only 'Jl inches at
Mo-1, hoi m, on tho oust sido. Tho amount of
ran fall nt Boston is .T.I inches; Hunow-r, N
II , Ms inches; Now York, I'M inches.
.Vow Monrulnc .lewelrj.
Black onyx with a dead IhiUh is used for
mourning. It upiienr. lu tho double violets,
pansles nnd buttercups that are so erfecty
reproduced in enamels, Diamond center
and (Iowdrow are used In tho same manner on
the black Jewelry ns ou tho colored.
AwmlriMk TrHVolsrs,
Acinlous phenomenon of nature was wit
iicsmvI near here Inst ulp,ht by the wtctigcrs
on tho not lb hound passenger train ou the
llouslo'i mid Texas Central, which muses
this xihit ut 1'ii'in, in, It was In the form of
a luminous arch of phosphoric or olcctrlcnt
character. Such phenomena nro of frispirnt
occurrence nt sm, but are almost unheard of
on Iniul, The luminous mist was Ilrst ob
served by the engineer, when It was still sev
eral hundred yards ahead of the train, nnd
thinking It n prulrlo lire, ho slowed up, thus
urousltig thnpiLSMitiKors, who, with tho crew,
crowded to the windows nnd on to the plat
form to look nt the vast, IiuoIcm rainbow
iniilng the heavens. As tlio nrch was more
closely npprouchtsl Its dim, white radiance
was sis'ii to lie clearly defined against tho sky
us though nilntsl there by the sweep of a
brush dlpsl lu white fire, Tho stars could
Is) seen shining close ngnluit the rim of It,
nnd nil around nnd under the arch. Tlio
hnHi, us near as could I hi gmwod at, was
half n mile In diameter, though It wsmiisl
urndimlly widening nnd wns lu form tho half
of n crfcol circle, one leg resting on tho
earth, while the other nponred to hnvo lieen
broken olT near the base.
The nrch rose directly over the track, and
us the train npprouchisl It seemed to gather a
quicker tincture of luster, as of tho diamond
or some clear, glittering stnr, though it threw
no gleam Umiu tho nlr Isiyoml II own Irrlda
tlon, us could bo sismi by Ihiislais shining In
close proximity to It, When the train wimsI
directly under tho bridge of light, the sur
rounding country snnnisl by It Wumo
plainly visible, npourlug to lm hat Ins 1 In mlo
A curious feature of thu liimlnimlty wns
thnt while It gave all object a weird, unreal
aiqiccl, tho shadows which Itculistsl them to
throw weio black nnd us clearly defined as
silhouettes, lu it fow minutes after thu train
paswsl under the arch It seemed to fade
uwuy, melting gradually Into tlio starlit sky.
The night, us will U) remembered, wns fair
nud fogless. There was no moon, so tlio arch
must have been self luminous. Hourno (Tux,)
Dlsiutch In Atlanta Constitution.
Three Parallel Ktorle.
Julius Ciesur, when landing on tho coast of
Africa, stumbled ns he leiissl from his boat
nud fell. To disabuse the minds of his sol
diers of the siqicrstltlouN Impression tho acci
dent might otherwise hnvo produced, ho Im
mediately exclaimed! "Thus, land of Africa,
I tako possession of thee I" Words almost
oxactly similar have Iran put by the chroni
clers into the mouths of two of our medhuval
When William the Conqueror, disembark
ing in the Buy of Pevensey, descended from
his grent galley, tho Morn, ho missed his
footing, nud fell forward with both hands on
the ground, luninsllately his soldiers sent
up n despairing cry of "(lod help as I God
preserve list This is a fatal sign," But Will
iam, with his usual prenonco of mind, ex
claimed a ho sprang to his feat: "Par In
I'esplendur Del By tho splendor of G(l,
what nils you) I hnvo token seisin of this
land with my two hands, and so much ns
there Is of it shall bo yours." Tho ready
teply greatly cheered his soldiers, ono of
w horn, rushing forward, plucked some thatch
from acoltuge roof and placed II, lu theduke's
hands ns seisin of Ktiglaud aud nil within Its
Isirders. "1 accept it," said William, "nnd
may 01 lie with us I"
In IIUOKdwurd III landed atSulnto Vaste,
ou the const of Normandy, to undertake tho
cauqxilgii which culminated In the great vic
tory of Cressy, and drew from it similar acci
dent an equally prosorous augury. "When
the licet of the king of Kngluiid," said Frols
sart, "took ground lu the Bay of Li Hogue,
ami was nil anchored on tho smids, the king
sprang from his ship, and ns ho put his foot
to earth fell so rudely thnt the blood Mowed
from his nose. Then hi knights, who weie
close at hand, surrounded him and said.
'Dear sir, return to jour shlpaud do not lund
yet awhile, for this to u bud sign for you
Whereupon tlio king replied: 'Nay, hut It it
a very good sign, for tho earth desires me,'
At this answer nil wore rojolcod." Montreal
He lilt Too Hard.
I was taking my usual afternoon plunge
In the salt witter baths at the Produce Kx
change the other day, said a broker friend
yesterday, mid was amusing nnsolf watch
lug the antics of it couple of small boys who
were Indulging lu n spurring exhibition, ol
which their father wns the lustlgutor nud
referee. Thoy weio sturdy little fellows,
aged uliout 8 mid 10 rosiectlvel.v, uuil were
typlcnl representatives of the Now York loy
of toduy. Among tho other onlookers wns n
muguKlceiit specimen of physical develop
ment, who, nfter applauding a particularly
clover "counter" on tho purt of ono of the
Inds, asked If ho could not como Into the
game. His challenge Isdng promptly ac
cepted by tho smaller of tho laughing pugll
ists, he plumiKsl down on his kness and the
combat began.
Tho giant seemed to enjoy the fun, as he
entered Into tho sxrtwith the enthusiasm
of n schoollKiy. "Ohf" he cried, "you hit
too hard," us tho llttlo fellow landed ou hit
jaw. L'ucouragod by thu plaudits of the fow
onlookers, nud gaining additional coiifldenct
from tho evidently craven character of lib
antagonist, tho young athlete went In for n
knockout. A moment later, nud nil wiu
over. The big fellow lay on his back crying
for mercy, nud the victor was rewarded with
After a flnul plunge over) body drcssis!
and ns the rivals again met nt tho cashier')
desk ono of the nttuchos camo over to the
father of the boys ami said, in an uwisl wins
pur, "Do you know who that Ug man Is, sir''
"No," answered tho gentleman, with a broud
smile, "Who is hof"
"Why, that's John L. Sulli-nn."-Now
York Star.
llii)liiC Women' Shoe.
Tho most tedious customer for a salesman
to como lu contact with is a husband Iiiimuk
sho -h for his wlfo. Ho comes Into I he stor.
baldly and makes known his wants, hut wuen
it comes to picking out n pair of shoes that
would suit ho is unable to make a decl-.Mii
Ho asks numerous foolish question uIhuii t1
stylo, lit, price, etc., and in nrmy wns si.. ,
Ills Ignorance of what his wife wear u-i I i s
Incapacity for the task of but in,; w n
shoes, lu neurit ewry Instance nf . i i
stock Is pulled down mid thorwii , , ,,
iucd, and a brief tr told uliout e.
the huslKiuiI-biiying-liis-wife'k-h ,
back with u sigh, u)iug: ' w j
know better thmi I, and suppose . ijuikiie
out a nice pair." This 1. i-uil .1 mil the
shoes lire st-ut out, but the s .hn i. i . tuin
t.) Jts them ngalii U'oiioi..i. i.liiui
please, and not mam dins w.,,,1
til" Hlfj is Ijuik t" I i inline I I
the I'rst trouble Is iiii.i i.f t.
Shot DeuhrinSl. Ljiii-UIoU ! ., r
TVs Catholic population in tois. un'
"stlmuied at 5,:J0I...; aud t i u ,,
priest is placed nt It!? '.',1 Jo i u I
0.U37 mviiIuiv The alien i 7,l'.'Ui . .
'J, 71s st itloii and !..)'. ciiajs'ls. Ti.-re ur.
'.Hj jrphan asylums, imij for, It I est.
Minted. ','H orphun. There nro IHJ tins
logical seuiin iries, with'll students ','5
collides uuil (kl'J ncndcmies. Mid ii.'JOO
lul schools, with u'd.tsib pils.
Everybody to examine the
plans and standing of the Un
ion Central Life Insurance
Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio,
before insuring. It has the
lowest continuous death rate
of any company. Realizes the
highest rate of interest on in
vested assets which enables it
to pay large dividends.
Policies incontcstibo and
non-forfoilnbfo after third vear.
The Union Central issues
endowment policies at ordi
ary life rates; these policies
are now maturing and being
paid in from one to two years
earlier than time estimated by
the company. They protect
the family and estate during
the younger years of life, and
the insured in old agejit regu
lar life rates. Other desirable
policies issued. Call on us or
write for plans.
J. M. KDMIHrON, titntt Aytnt.
(I. T. CD" JS'elfclior.
Hoom a Burr Block,
Palace Bath Shaving
Ladies and Children's - Hair - Cutting
COR 13 & (I .VIS., NliW 11UUR HL'K
Roberts & Co,
212 North i ith Street,
Undertakers andEmbaliners.
Telephones. Ollice i.f 5. Residence t 56
Open Duy nnd Nlgnt.
E. T. ROBERTS, Manager.
Funeral Director.
121 S- 12th St. Lincoln, Neb,
IlftttftNollfl I
'Onl.1 Walrbl
t north fl I OO.OO. ti I
Inttrtiln lh world I'trfMl
tlntfr Warririi4l.MF7,
i4fiti nuiuinir rata.
llluiU Udi (tali .(.
'wlih work ml cun r
frOU) Villi ()MK t-IKIOMln
ra r Vxalllf can attur on
11 1'l. tofftlltrr Mflh our litfi
tiimnli'ft, TbrM MttittUi. wall
, tlipwanli ' fir" All Ilia work you
v 1mI it I 1 yd tii iu rail vour
frlniia k . .1 ut to. itiata.Maiartaulta
In fa .bl. fr i-1 . li ih ( ftir rar t-tiurlartl,
u Hi m .a -ur riai 1 W'inl 'iiu frvirbl tlr Altar
f uki w 1 1 ul 1 ilk '1 l in h rk rr ui u run
ttrn" m JO MIlO . a a ' u, ward. Ulri.i,
Hllnauii .V 4 o , H.ix lJ I'm ilmitl, Muliic,
m 1 if i njny'fyirT
niL.0.. CDCCafC
inmnnw s. 3 r
.miTrs.i0 1 jc ft I'." jr i
, t; sx-umjr r
ur?-jermarjriirjr .e.
""iliH -Mfr-
R I t LI I ,