Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 30, 1889, Image 1

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    TfcVJ 1 tVi"
Vol. 4. No. 10
Whut I Ifcnrili Seen, I.cnrnrit mill Perti
nently Suggested to tho Multitude.
AVhllo I do not think tlmt The CouitlKli
ling Uio largest cli dilution of any palter In
thoclty nor oven the smnllest, jet It finds
Its way to tho center tnb'e of nearly every re
fined homo In Lincoln n fact which Is more
appreciated by tho Judicious advertiser, and
tho public over that of tho soenllod "largest
circulation" vi)er8. Tho steady Increase in
our Mibscrlptlou department is cei titlnly very
gratifying nnd coming as tho favors do, from
among our very best circles, It Is clearly ovl
dont that our aim to plnco for our constitu
ent a clean, (.ploy jiaiier, devoid of all sensa
tional or scandalous matter, is dully appro,
elated by tho refined clashes. Fathers read
tho paor weekly, welcoming it after reading
tho Mush of politics, murders, scandals etc.,
thoy read every day In tho dally press, nnd
find t-ollef on Sunday to read matters of gen
eral interest nnd food for thought in these
columns. I do not say this with egotism nnd
it takes but tho moments thought of n fair
inlndod person to agree with mo. After per
using tho paper tho head of tho family lays
The Couiukii on tho center tnblo for tho
gentle wlfo nnd innocent young ones to lead,
knowing that no harm can comu from such
pastime but much good, as no indecent mat
ter of nny sort will thero bo seen to deseaso
tho mind of thoso near nnd dear Look on
tho other sldo nnd tako up tho dally jwijier.
It is full of news regarding vlco, debauchery,
crimo etc. Tho sensations and scandals of tho
day nro brought beforo tha eyo in liircii and
glaring letters. Can such reading bo conduc
ive to tho welfare of tho tender and Miccppt
nblo minds of tho much loved fnmlly clrelo?
Certainly not, Tho young mind Is ready to
grasp nt anything now nnd fiom a continu
ous rending of tho dally patters of todav.
many a bright child receives IU first Ideas of
wrong. Thoy nro certlonly worts) thnu tho
yellow iinck novo, in as much us thoy only
treat, as a rule, of daring adventure, while
combined with this tho dally press takes up
and polntu In glaring colors, every unsavory
scandal it hears of and very often much that
it imagines It hoars. Fathers and mother do
generally do not think seriously enough on
mis sutiiect and yet It is one of tho most I in
porumt. Parent should watch this matter
and If thoy will but stop to think of nil the
slush in the press of today, I nm Biiro they
wlllngreo with nil thnt I havoMild.
A few nights ago n bald-headed man led
mnn who lives In East Lincoln was urottsed
from a deep slumlier by the aggrceslvo nudg
ing or the wlfo nt his elbow. Bhosnld, "Histr
nnd told him sho heard tho cries of n baby
which, sho thought, had been left on their
front steps. The sleepy husband attuned his
drowsy ear nnd confessed tlmthodld heor tho
wailing of nil Infant Then ho sneaked out
of the wnrni bed nnd paddled across tho cold
floor in his bare feet, raised tho front window
nnd projected tho upper half of his person
out Into the night. When ho brought it buck
Into tho room ho said ho could seo no baby on
tholr steps, but saw somothlng white on tho
stei across tho way. Ho thought tho found
ling was over thoro. His wlfo bogged him
for tho sake of humnnlly to don his trousers
nnd go over to tho child's rescue. "I will" lo
said, starting for his clothes, "If you will
promise fnlthfully not to adopt tho kid." The
promise was given. Tim bald-headed man
went over tho wny and hunted high nnd low
for tho llttel stranger. No joungstor could
be found. As soon as ho 8tepcd outside of
Ills door tho crying stopped. No trnco of n
wailing child was upiwirent. Ho wont back
to his wlfo and snid ho thought it was a cat.
She to him that she know n child's
cry when sho heard it, and now the couple
think thei els n ghostly kid haunting their
precinct of the Sixth ward.
Hero Is a truo story of a lucky Chicago girl.
She is employed as tho motive jxwer of a
tyjiowrlter In n State steer ofllco, nnd early
last month shu and ono of her fellow girls
chlpiHxi Inn half-dollar each and Invested in
c lottery ticket. Typewriter No. 1 liee.ime
tho custodian of the ticket nnd carefully Hied
It away in one of tho Imieitnost iccess of her
purse. A fewdas befoiotho drawing sho
accidentally uropiicii tins purse, it contain
ed something like eight dollars in cash, ami,
as sho vvotked for n small salary, she mourn
ed the loss deeply. She advertised for It, but
without result. Tho loss of the lottery ticket
in the Inueimoat recess did not worry hor Un
til a few days after the drawing. Then her
pattnor, who Imdmudon noUiof tho ticket's
numlwr, obtained n list of the prizes nnd dis
covered that tho ticket had draw $ 15,000. As
boon ns sho learned this tyew liter No. 1 went
to the central police station and lepoitcd her
loss. Tho lottery jieople hero wei e ad vised of
the circumstances and they Immediately tolo
graphed to stop imyincnt on tho number.
Some da a later a detective detailed on thu
caso turned up the pockotbook and ticket. A
mnn who had attempted to cash it was unb
bod, but as ho declared ho hud found tho
ticket ho Mas not detained after he had given
it up. The two tyjiowrlter gli Is have l delv
ed $7,500 each. Tho detective wusotfeied a
reward, but ho refused to Uike anything ex
cepting a $10 gold piece as a souvenir.
Cleriuuii HIiikIiir lllrils.
In Oermnny uud other countries of Kuroe
thero nro many singing birds, beautiful in
plumage and musical In song, that ai e not
native to Amotion. Among these lire the
nightingale, song thrush, bullfinch, skyliuk
and others. A year ago a movement was
tnado by citizens of Portland to import u
thousand Of tllMHl, llll-ils lllll nniimn villi, tl,.,
expectation that thoy would rapidly (unease
in numbers and soon become its plentiful us
the native bit ds. They will arrive in Muy,
and will lie turned loese in nnd near tho city,
Tho mocking bird, bob-o-lluk ami led hi id
are ulho to be taken to Oregon from the
.southern stuUs. The mild climate of Oregon
will to doubt be appreciated by what The
Wert Shove Magazine calls "Our Fenthetcd
Immigrants," which is the title of a Iiuku art
supplement accompanying the magazine for
.March, mis is an oloirant pleco of artlstta
printing in colors, nnd shows these birds, six
teen distinct kinds, In their natural ilom.
Kver lover of birds will lie charmed vlth ii.ij
Itcnutlful engraving. Tho tiutiiW riso con
tains ft description of them, as well us ougritv
lugs nnd descriptions of North Yakima,
Wash., mid llalnlur nnd Ht. Helens, Oregon,
and much other Interesting nnd vahmblo In
forniotlon nbout tho Pnclflo northwest, l'rlco
$2.50 ti year, 25 cents a copy. Addles L.
Samuel, Publishers, Portland, Oregon.
Peterson's New JJfl rent Merles.
Mrs. Soutliworth's The Discarded Daught
er. Ti led for Her Life. Cruel as tho Uru e.
The Maiden Widow and Family Doom, by
Mrs. Kniiiui D. K. N. Southwortli. Tho Old
Homestead. Tho Old Countess and Lord
Hope's Choice, by Ann 8 Stephens. Hena;
or tho Snowbird nnd Marcus Norland, by
Mrs. Caroline Leo Hontz. My Son's Wlfo.
My Hero. Zola's 1m Terre. Nana. Loltovo
The Olrl In Scarlet. Alblne. Nairn's Hroth
or. L'AssotnnioIr and Nairn's daughter, by
EmlloZoln. Theo. 1'ietty Tolly l'emberton
and Kathleen, by Mrs. Iliirnott. Indiana, by
George Hand and Run Down, by Dr. Cox.
Price 20 ccttU ench. Never liororo published
or sold under 1.60 each. Abovo nt o the best
tho most jiopulnr, and tho fastest soiling liooks
over pi Intud, nnd nro all now ready and for
sale by nil now s agents overywhero and by
tho publishers T. II. Peterson & Hrothers, 300
Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Copies of any
one, or more or nil, w 111 be sent to nny one,
per mail, iost jmld, on receipt of pneo 25 cent
"The Co.nkebhio.vh ok an Aimn," Is tho
new liook by 1nils Ulbach, tho great French
author, Just deceased, uud which I in tho
press of T. II. Peterson & Hrothers, Philadel
phia, for immedlato publication. Tho Paris
paje!sseukof It in the highest Utius, and
say that It is cei tainly In conception tho bold
est, In plot the most Intensely dramatic nnd
stlrr'ng, in execution tho most delicate, nnd
In Intel est nnd fascination almost without an
equal. In It tho plague hixUh of society nro
exposed In a manner so skillful ns not to
cnuso tno slightest reeling or dfcgust or scan
dal. It will bo published In Peterson's series
of new twenty-live cent liooks, o us to put It
In the hands of the multitude, and le for sale
by all news ogonU and booksellers nnd on all
railroad trains everywhere.
Commencing .Monday April 1st.
Wo invite spcinl attention Ui our novelty
dress goals nnd combination suits. Silks,
fancy and plain "Penu do Solo" tho now black
silk, for handsome costumes nothing excels
It, Wo place on sale next week 10 pieces of
10 In. Henrietta cloth at 4Sc. yard, choice
spring Bhuiles. Two bargiu lots of corset
covers 8 do. at 33c. each, tegular price from
45 to 75c. 10 dor. at 05c., regular price front
75c. to $1.00. 1,000 yards of Egyptian loco
nt la ft yard, worth front 5 to 10c. 25 doz.
ladies ribbed vests, just tho weight for early
spt lug wear, reduced from 50 to 39c. to close
a ra-o burgln, Theso ui e prices for ono week
only beglnlng Monday, April 1st.
A Notulilo i:ent.
For tho coming week, nothing will lntorost
tho ladles of Lincoln ns much as tho opening
of tho new Uoston dry goods house, which
will niako its initial liow on Thursday next.
The store is ono of tho largest in tho city, o--
cupylng two full fronts on Tenth street, and
tho goods that w ill bo soon, comprise the Int
est from tho finest mills of the world. Fino
dress goods will be a g)ouialty. .Messrs A. U.
Richardson & Co., are from Connecticut, are
thoroughly experienced in tholr calling, and
being posted as to values, styles etc., will bo
able to do much toward elovatlug the stylo
and dress of Lincoln society. Ludloi should
not forgot the opening. Remember Thurs
d ty next is the day and 143-1-1 south Tenth
street, is the location. Turn out en tntuse
and givo tho new concern a rnyol welcome.
Help Wanted.
For tho benefit of the ladles who tuny havo
tc pass through the common sttuggloof se
curing help, the Couiueii will twelve want
advertisements for publication in tho Dally
Call want columns. Patties desiring help
situations, boatders, or to rent rooms or rent
houses can leave their advertisement at this
ofllco nnd they will bo promptly delivered to
tho Call for publication. One cent n wonl
per day Is the extwnso.
The II. Art), himI the InitiiKiirutlini,
Iletw ecu midnight March flrd nnd noon
March 4tn, the I). & O. It. II. curried into
Washington sixty thousand excursion pas
sengers, in addition to Its regular local nnd
through travel. Ft om three o'clock, nttur
noon of tho 4th until midnight of the 5th, mi
espial number was cat rled from Washington.
iiuumuit mi uYL'iuKu oi ou (.uKsengers ui the
car, including Sleeping nnd Passenger cats,
It required 1,200 caw to accommodate the
multitudes. Adding to this the necessary
number of bnggago cars to take care of the
baggago of passengers nnd the supplies and
paraphernalia of millUtry companies, bands
and inarching clubs, It will ho seen that the
J I. & O. hauled atriiln of tl cars Into Wash
iugton every fifteen minutes from midnight
March ilrd, until noon March 4th, and cut of
Washington every flfu-eu minutes from it p
m. of the 4th until midnight of the 5th.
In handling this lmmemese volume of busi
ness lit so short a time, not n slnglo accident
occurred and not u tssenger wns Injured;
not a car was derailed ami not an eiigluo fail
ed to pi rfonii 1U allotted task. During nil
this time theto was an Incessant full of rain
and all outdoor wotk was lnesUd with very
depressing conditions.
The satisfactory manner In which this treat
movement was conducted reflects the highest
ctedltiijwu the operating dep.iitmout of the
li, u. uompany ami ludlcut-s the nroiiint-
ness and Intelligence with which ench ineiu
lier pet foi med his assigned share of the labor
John Varcoe, book-keeer for tho San Jom
Cala. Times, wns troubled with a severe cold
ami eseclally nt night had bud coughing
spells. A few dot of Cuumocrlalii's Cough
Remedy completely cured him. Sold by A, I
Sunder, Druggist,
Telephone at the Coukikh ottlce is 253,
sga7gaggai!VVg,TTr.r.y..-v,Tr-tt ?ty-r,
Lincoln, Nuhiuska, Satuhday, Makoii ao, 1880.
A Health uud Plenum o Itemirt.
Hy n days rido fiom Lincoln over tho Fre
tttont Klkhoi n nnd Mo. Vnlley H. II, and n
Urn or twelve tulle Jaunt lit n stago esjMjelully
ndnptisl to tho coiutoi t of the pawiiger, one
can tvach the nlrendy famous Hot Springs of
DnkoUi, Without doubt tho equal nnd er
l'npsthosuiH'tiorof nny medical springs in
tli's or nny other country. You may say this
is exaggeration. It is not however but tho
plain tt nth, ns many eoplu tostlfy. The
waters of those springs, unlike nny oilier
known spt lugs in tho w oi Id, issue front the
ground nt from !H1 to OS degteos, or blood heat
just tho right temperature for the human
body. This Is a pattlculaily valuable fenttno
its tho medicinal piojiertles me thus presev
ed Intact and give to tho bather or ill Inker
tho highest jtosslblo lieneflt. Tho location of
the Dakota Hot Spi lugs challenges compnr
risou with others hit espect to lienlthfuliiiM
and climatic condition. At their ultltiido of
3,200 feet nboiu the sea level n clear diy uud
bracing ntuiospheriyibsohitely frco fiom init
ial la, Is Insuicd. The pictuusquo surround
lugs, the hills, mountains and the wondetful
fossils nnd s)trIfactlons found adjacent to
tho spi lugs, Interest nil tho senses or the Ihv
holder while the dally baths nro doing their
wonderful work. An to what they will cine
H H. Piatt, M. D.,L U D, of Chicago, sajs,
"So far as my Hrsoiiul observation goes these
springs nro leiuaikahly elllcatlous in the cuio
of rheumutlsiu (particularly sclntlca) nerous
prosttation, insomnia, iwwel nnd bladder
troubles and various kinds of skin ttoubles,
nnd all kinds of female ttoubles."
A f 10,000 inodoru hotel nnd other places of
less pi otension, afford nccoinmodations suit
able to all. The Klkhoi n line has made a low
round it ip into direct to tho spi lugs nnd pro
vide sleeping car service to mid from Huirulo
Onp, tho nearest station. Pumphlebi and
other matter giving full patticulnrs can bo
hud by calling on or nddiesslng Oco. N,
Foresmati 115 south 10th street, Lincoln, Neb,
Chinch .Nutli'cH u-u I'rcii,
It may not begeueiully kmmn, but ita u
iacineennciess mill tho UOUlilKll never
charges jr never has charuisl. itnv chinch
in llie city lor notices or meetings, soclablis
etc., when given solely for the benefit of tho
church, uud wo take plensuio in announcing
to nil, that wo will accept and publish all
Items or notices for the city chinches
gratis. Notice of sermons will also find n
welcome rpace. Hi lug lit j our notices.
A New Tl am.
Tho connecting link Itetween Nebrnskn and
Knnsas has just been placed in service by tho
Union Pacific railway. This train leaves
Council Uluirs duily tit 4:45 a. in.: Omaha nt
5:05 a. in.; Valley at 0:20 a. in,; and ruin-
through without chango to .Manhattan. Kan
sas, making ilhect connections thero with the
Knnsas division of tho Union Pacific railway
for nil points In Kansas and Coloiado, west
bound, nnd for, Law i euro, Kansas
City and ioliitH?nst and south via Kansas
Returning, trulii leaves Manhattan nt 2:2.5
p. in,, nrilvlng at llentrlco at 0:25 p. m.
i.iiRoiu ui, t" ii. ui , vniiey ut :.v p. m..
Omaha nt 11:20 p. in., and Council ltluirs nt
11:40 p. in., milking dliect connection with
Kansas division tialiis fiom Knnsas City,
Uiw renco, ToiK-ka and the east, uud front
Denver, Stllna, Abilene nnd nil points wet,
enabling pnssenners to visit tho principal
MInt in Kansnsand Nebraska in the shot test
K)hslblo tluto. These tialus have first-class
equipment, consisting of smoking cms nnd
Hist class day co iches of tho latest pattern
Tho now tialu will fill a long-felt want and is
bound to be popular fiom tho start.
Tho lliirlliiKtou I.fHiU iho Vim.
Notwithstanding reiiorlH to the contrary.
tho "UuiIIngtoii" Is still the quietest mid by
all odds tho lest touto to Chicago uud the
Our "ller" leaving Lincoln at 1:40, p. m
dully, reaches Chicago at 8 o'clock tho next
morning in nmple tlmo for wisUtii connec
tions. llnotlKli Pullman palatial sleeiHim
Urst-class smoking cars, sumptuous dinners
and free inclining chair cars, comprising
through solid Mstibulwl train, such us no
oilier line pretend to run, they ain't built
that way. When you haveoccuslons to travel
bo sure nnd got the worth of your money.
Tho "Huillngton" alone can give it to you.
A. U. .IKMKll,
Citv Pass, and Ticket Agent.
How riMtlhiiHterlllllorTcxiisriot A, film.
The telegram of tho drawing of tho Loulsi
ana State Lottery, anuotiticisl that Manor,
Tex., had fallen heir Ion Hjrliou of the fflOO,
OOOpilze. The luckj holder of jwit of the
ticket wiis Postmaster John H. Hill, n tloxei v
fug man. Although a staunch deiiKK-int (his
father having U-eu klllisl while servinir in tli
confisleintonriny,) Mr. Hill hus the unanim
ous eiidoisi'inent of the cltlz-ns of Manor for
re-npsiliitment. With hii t of tho money he
diew lost mouth he has bought a farm of 400
aciesfor 10,000 l imttn (Tex.,) Stnteiman,
Jan. 17.
C'lilriiKo, Slllnuiilifii .V ht. 1'hiiI ltnllui.j
Short Line to Chicago mid t.ioiaxt.
Finest dinning cars in tho world.
Tlinitili sleeping cars to Chicago,
The i onto of tho (ltt "flolden Gate
Rest line to Washington for tho Inaugeiu
tlon of Piesldent llnirlsou.
Only dliect louto to the U. A R. rncaini
meiit ut Milwaukee.
Rveij thing III st -class.
Flist-chuwiH-opluitronUi llit-clnss lines.
Tlckit agents eeiywhere In tho west sell
tickets oier thoClucin,o, Milwnukisj & St
raul iUiiwny.
llvoiKii T ltiiM nT lint I tilt ! hii Heir.
J II. Ditkeirtonu telegiiipher, and Uootgo
T. Davis ot Detroit, Mill., inch diew $15,000
onoiio-twentiitlilkkitsof No. 5.S82, which
diew in the Jnntiaiy, (bH)) diluting of the
1Olllxlaiia Stute Uittei tlinirUoof itOOlHX),
Mr. Davis HselMtd f 16 000 hy the Southern
KxpiessCo, HeUlliti-tvo years of uge,
and Is tnuisfer line unit or thu Wnliush riwid
This was his thiul ilolliir iiiustinent in tho
lottery, iintl hi) feeU tniicli elated. Thieo le
latlMs dksl dining the ast year leaving him
nil iiggtegnte of 1 1.IHXI so that now he Is rich
IMrutt (Miili ) SitHihiv .Vim, Feb, !!.
For lent, two elegant stoiu tootns on
street enipilro ut the i.tllce CapiUil liotel.
"-, ,f?jgBKaa..'r-vy. ., mmm'-zw-wnmm'-r m'j.-,.
A ttevlew or Mm Past, a Wonl rir IIih
Present and Trouper! rur l"nlurii
Theiv may have Imsiii a "A Hole In tho
Oiound"attho Fitnko Wislnestlny eienlng
but tltetu certainly wns not a hole hi thelloor
nseery seat from the stago to the door wits
lined Willi u delighted ntiillenisi who gnvo
way to tho Inevltahlo nnd neatly laughed
themselves Into convulsions. People who
had seen tho show last wasou laughed ns
hem ty as those who were first introduced loj
It, on this its set nnd visit to Lincoln It Is
what Mr. llojt claims for it, nothing mote,
nothing less, Tho nlllclous rnllroad man,
ilomlneoiing over the iiufoitmintM stranger
who Is waiting font train four hours late, is
a happy dig at Iho railroads uud tho thouxutid
nnd one nnnoinnees with which tho jsior
station agent has lo contend is grnphicly do
wtilied and show the other side of tho story;
n slap ut tlio traveling public who cannot np
picolato what the railroad Is trying to do lor
them. It Is a good show uud tho company Is
thobist wohnvosisjit In Hoyt's plnyK since
thoihijsof Riigllahy in fact soveial pioplo
who were with that coinxiny nro now with
this show, Mls Fniiiilo llatehelder, us n tailor
mado girl recalling the faces of tho Rag Unity
Co, Mr. (leo Rlchaids as thostinnger Is In
lmltnbl(t;Mr Frank Lawton.thostntlonngent
tinnppronchnblo and in fact lo make monition
of nil the good ones wo would have to repilut
the cast. The phenomenal business they ntu
doing Is only u just reward of ti no moi It.
All of this wisik the Chicago Comedy Co,
has lieen doing phoiionihi'il buslnesN at the
Peoples thvntru. They have prixeuted it new
bill oach evening nnd every ono put on seem
ed to suit the audiences present who gi.vo
ample evidence or tholr uppriclatlon Tha
cotiiiinuy Itself is good nnd tholr reiiertolto
coiiiniussomereniiygoisi plays such as oro
seldom sisjii at tho exceedingly low pi Ices
they charge; 10, 20 mid !10 cents, no higher.
Another feature of the show nnd by no
means nsmnll ono is thu giving away of a set
of ii lor furniture to the lucky ticket holder
at tho close of the iKjiformanco tonight. Hy
n spjclnl arrangement Manager Rrowuo has
made with company they will stay hero nit
other week. To do this thoy were compelled
to cancel xoveral other engagements but the
managers of tho company preferred iniotliur
week In Lincoln to good business, than uncer
tain houses ut one night stands. Among tho
couiimny thoMt who ptrtlculinly attract nt
teittlon nro Miss Minnie Pinker a little lady
has delighted the audiences till week, Mrs.
Graves and Mrs Keinpton nlxo fill their parts
In giont sIiiijm) while nearly every male mem
ber of thu cast is "all tiht " Hear In mind
they stay another week commencing Monday
In "The Phoenix" and for this week will oiler
ns u premium a magnificent bod room set.
Hy the way go Uinlght and see who draws
the parlor sot that was offered this week. J
"WKl.t. IT'H AM. OVKIl NOW'."
Aftar waiting patiently for some time for
the Llk's tiilnlstrels to como off, tha large
tnulienceliiiitteiidanco nt tho oiwra house
night left for their homes perfectly satisfied
thnt thoy had got their tnonoy's worth. To
eniiiiiBiatothefeatiirosnnd iinmo nil
who took part would bo lniMs.sfblo nnd to
critlslzu would lie unkind hut tnkon nil to
gether the show went off ory smoothly nnd
was an achelieineiit the order may well fin-l
proud of. The singing In tho Hist part wns
gol but n little solemn for a minstrel show,
the jokes weiorovnrnlshed und touched up
hud weie well told and thu Intro Jtictloti of
Miverul professional people livened up the
scene. The sharp shooting ''fake" of Capt.
Ooburdus who well put on nnd so was tho
Prohibition Hand. Th Wert. Hrothers guu
ft neat exhibition of ground nnd lofty tumbl
ing that mei itcd much uppluuso while "Doc"
Ware tho "Klnof CnriU" kept tho vast aii
illenco guessing. Mr. (Iixslnll of tho Omiihii
cmftf llllisl n Nirtlou of the bill in good
slmiKi and Ills little daughter Kvu made u dis
tinctive hltln her chutaeUir song "Aim you
theioMoiiarlty." Tim bill was a good one
with the exception of the length foriiotwitli
itniidlng tho fact that u lot of it wns cut out
tho cm tain did not fall on the last act until
long after eleven o'clock. Financially also
the show win a success and the bos dcui usl
it as they have sieut moio money enlei talu
Ing their riiends ut the so sessions than
one would think uud the box olllce its elms
will go n long way towards replenishing then
'tonight closes another sucessriil wisik ut
the llden Musis'. Ijiigo cioi,.is have been
ill ntttiidauce ueui ly all week and the success
or thueliteipitse is assure! 1 Tonight thiMO-
pie who ua
their last is'
K.,fo,,, mnces und muke loo.i, for
niTrn,.nri,,ui i ...i..
the following arnij of Uilont, who will take
their pint iw.
Ill the Cuilo hall Miss Stuiuism will lie fol
lowed hy Mens Huls'i' 'I'lie Cutaway painter'
n iiiaii without nuns or liiuids but still . iccom-
pushes his everi deslio with his feet, Mile.
Helen , the the queen, u lady whom the toi-
tuienof heat or llaino do not effect. Coin.
the HiudiMi magician In iiinuslnir It-ats ut
dextetity ami skill, also CIiiin. liuthett the
musical nun el.
Fiiday Is iilwnjs ladles soiienu na.- and
on Fililuy April 5'h null lad piesoul will
icniveusastuiveuii'ii Imudstimc ha d wilut
til siiotel fiom Mom. HiiIs-i. llesiiU the
;ma,;p;;:;;,;u;eVor im'uiuZgo : u''Sr.rr.rifr ",x"v rh
nice, the Z.uuis ,,!,,, ,K uikii, S..ltein, a r,,w ' ''' "! 1'rtnw Apply nt
lilllslciil iusti lliiiriit iimsI i the Peiuviinis ' , '
long $ ears ago, Rouuldo the king ot grout,. Tin n horses nut in it good a,ture for a few
quo urtists, in Ins fiiuiou. ivuimi "u weeks, when they get lu Uid condition, ir
.Mains (It oU-wuis." llukur uud est intisl- "t can not Ui done iimi Ur. Cadi's Condi
cul mokes they produio from v.vvy Uo" lowdei-s; thej will put tt horse in eirect
thing and every whole. MUs Kangooii, 'itio ''wilth. A will Iioi-m, don't need iiiediilim.
Jiis.iiesolK-aitii, inn h-iiioiis and u,.irvi-l ""' grain nnd gsl ciro is better. Dr.
Uu s'iloiiniiiiOj umi iiiitdtr ol r.iwir etlgisl ' Cnd's Condition Powders are n tutu horse
rWiMU, uli Ciiiis. Sully luu iiunu isnk coin- tntvllclne,(ui.i n dos.) they aid digestion, cute
tvlhiu in 111. KieatsKvi.iiiyMlslil." coiiitlMitloii. kidney disorder ,,d dlstt v
I In the lll;,,tb,i, down .tali they WOrtns. Sold by A. L. Hinder, 1 1,,, gj?',.
utKiut llt theio will the (larciaV Mm uel uud
havo Ilalleii and Hint's llrst prlro Ideals, a
givat company of twenty sjopht, nil sluis, In
nn linmensit sHs'lalty bill. This is without
a doubt one or the strongest sieeHy com
panies now pitying on a museum circuit.
Also, the !) K. Hans', Cat iillnn and IMwatd
antlKslean wonders on the tuuiiliig revolv-'
Ingglolm, thoH'rfoinmiicii to coneludo with
tho Com uds Fred uud Hairy tho champion
club swingers. All of the iiIkimi iittrnetlons
beside many olhets not mentioned will jkis.
tlvely nppear mid will thus tin in onu of the
strongest bills ever put on by tho Museo Co.,ut
any of their houses. The price temalns Iho
same one dliite, ten cents, teservisl seats bii
ten cents extiu.
Tuesilny oteiilng, the only two man show
on Mirth that can hold an nuillonw, Hill Nyo
uud.liimesWhltcoinb Riley, will be seen ut
the Fiinke Their progiuiti consists of short
catchy sketches, stm les etc, uud pot n long
tiresome hatuiiguo nbout some foielgu
country that wo do not kiiownnythlhgnhtiut.
Tim follow lug Is only one of the litany com
plhueiitnry notices they have loeolved
throughout tho county: "Thero was tt largu
aiidiipiuecliitivu atiilleiico at the Chestnut
nueubiipeiii house jesteniav nffernojii to
hear Hill Nye, tho world I enow ml funny man,
Insoiuenf his huiiioi ous sketches, of which
ho Is tho parent, and his sldo partner, .rallies
Whitcomb Riley, the Indiana pwt, In selec
tions from his dialect poetry. Holh gentle
men were enthusiastically received, ninl there
wns continual laughter mid applause front the
lieglnnlng lo the close of the enUrtniiiiiient.
Mr. Nje, lit pUIn wot king clothes, nnd with
ft luxuriant growth ot hair, such us would 1st
found on a mock ot tinge, upM-unsl first. His
"hah less iliimu of thought," us he calls the
top of his head, glistcutsl like a cat buiiclu be
hind thu footlights lie relatnl some funny
exiM-i lences In his money iiiaklng tour, nnd
then Mr, Riley emtio umiii thoscanouinl stop
jhsI him with some ersoiiul nneulote.
Mr, Riley Is it niuinith t,il,,ni,wi ii,.
lo, uud his dialect t ccitnl Ions w ei o exceedingly
clever, His illustiutloii of uu old, illlteuito
furiner wns put ticului ly K(Mn, ns wus also his
recltutlon of "(loml ,yo, Jim; Take Care
ourhe." The closing humorous sketch.
"I ho Lilucntor," wns received wllh vnelfoi--
ous applause." Philadelphia IWxii.
L. R. Showell's affis-tlng coiuisly dniinu,
"Shadows of iiGieatCIti" will lm put on nt
the Funko Wislnesduy o oiling. The play is n llfo of which tho
American public know nothing, nor is It a
now play to Lincoln theutro goers, having
Usui seen hero twice beforo by crowded
Iioiiwm. It is lii many tesH-cts siiKTlnr to
nny woik of n similar kind over produced In
this city. It strong Hilnt, aside from tho
fact that IU story is lnUiestlu nnd progres
ses iititurnlly, m o It clever construction nnd
the compleU-nes of lis chiitncler iluiwlng,
The dialogue Is clearcut nnd to tho jkiIiiU
Hnnllya woidlswastisl, thenction is rapid
and tho climaxes effestlvo. ThoMirpilscs ore
many nnd genuine, nnd Interest Incieuses us
thostoiy IsdoNeloiHsl.niid the last net is by
far the strongest of the ilrnina a thing not
often found now ndu s nnd is a miistei piece
of iiiclodrumutlu coiistructioii,
Tlio character nnil cuieful sttidh-s, clenrly
and forcibly doplcusl. Tho heio is n man of
norm uud will and the heroine u gltl of gilt
nnd action, nnd thewi two, contrnry U) cus
tom of modern iiiolodiuum, uet with spltlt,
btuliis nnd muscle in bringhig nbout the do
Mietl (lenouoincnt, The conusl element Is
ptnu nnd healthy and Is mlxisl with thu pn
Ihetle in oxi client probations.
It Ivldly lllustrntes nil phuses of life In
New York city, and depicts their worst and
best foi ins in the vices uud vli tiles of its nut
uiiilly mid iireclhel.i dinwu characters.
1 1.0 plot is powel fill and louiplete, the
iiiiiions inriii'iig, the uctlon btisk mid the
ci isp ;i noun i plentifully supplied with hlch
lyeujti) utile litintoi us well us touching xi.
thus. Thu play will !i siis-iblv uiuiiuUsI,
tho scenery being of temai kale beuuly uud
the inechiinicul effis'ts n, e uud realistic.
A car load of scenor,) nnd it great contNiiiy
will give the show uu elegant supiort nnd
theie Is no doubt but tho house, will ho puck
ed, Nw Tniln horvli'r nn thti Nortliueiteiii
Uy the liewaiiiingeinent Lincoln patronsof
this route have the only pallor cjis In service
In the west ut their fits) dlsjiosal lwtweon Lin
coin uud Missouri Valley, Iown, the Junction
IKiiut of tho Kll.hotii lino with tho Noithwest
ern R It. projstr. These cars nro the same ns
unci hy tills eoiiiniiy between Chicngn ut.d
Milwaukee and nro tliu icme of lallnuul lux-
my and siristlon in their iiHit nioiitx
which i (insists or smoking, toilet uud curd
compartments In audition to thu main saloon,
to sin nothing or the imilci in limine, all of
whnhuieliiiiiUhtsI with beiiutlliilli uuhol-
steml mid i-oiuroi table ,iiat iitm clmirsand
isiiiehei. exts pt ihep lloi whtoit fllinUldng Is
III genuine elmuy.
leaving Lincoln on tho afternoon tialu in
one of tleMi tins the passenger arrives it)
Mlraotiil Vallei ut 4:4.5. p. in. A wait or lir-
f LV S.h LT'1,1'1 K'"U '" "'"
' '"'tttioucluslii the I ullroud sitv lie or si-cure
tho iiieomii.islntions ii'strvnl lit the slw.iii.r
tillotltsl to Lincoln put inns. Slatting again
at 5 p. m , thu imssonger finds hint or herself
hi uu elegant car, a pint of the Noithwestern
Llmitul, a solid cstlhuled tniln iff couchtsi.
shvplngiind dinning cars. Right hero we will
i eiiiat I; that Hie isisseiiger is now li the finest
imiii, tunning over the best lincL, und gitidtsl
li thu Inst h-i vlie in theisxiutry. After n
delightful tun the tniln tuns into Chicago on
time ut h 25, u in , In time lo muke the morn
ing comiM lions noi th, east and south. Don't
Uike our word f i this hut try this line the
next time on go east. s
ruinUlieil ItiMHim
iijf -. ,. t.
Fwioic Kivic Cicnts
I.orul uud l'emoniil,
Mrs. K Ireland left for Denver, Sunday.
Mr. and Mis. John Wiley left Wednesday
for Pot timid, Oro.
Miss Kntln Kluetch Is visiting her friend
Hrownlu Hnimi In Omalia,
Miss Daisy Keir of KiiII'h City is spomllng
this wk with friends In tho city.
Hadyn Myer Is In Fremont having loft for
that beautiful city Thursday noon,
Mrs, Smith Wlsoond MIm Nellie Wiso hor
daughter left Monday for Mlunesotn.
Col. Flunk I), Hoed of tho Hhellon CUpjtrr
was it Lincoln visitor tho first of the wAk.
Charley Hendry now mixing drugs at
Syinoiiso wns seen In tho city Wednesilny,
Miss Minnie I). Cochran Is entertaining her
friend Mrs, S. Kngllsh of IllooiiilngUm, III,
Mr. F. V. Krug of tho regular army Is in
tho city visiting hi brother Harry It. Krug,
Mr. 11, W, Ih own who accomimnliit Ida
duughlor Chic to llosion nrrUed home Ttie
(leo. Chrlstophere, for it long tlmo clerk at
the Treinont. left Inst Sunday for Halt Laid,
Mrs. I). L. ICtttr nccutunanliHl hv hnr
daughter left for Richmond, Vn., Tuesday
Miss Fiinulo Hlniit tins gone to Hennett U)
nttentl the fiinerul of her grandmother who
dltsl theio Thtirsthty,
C. O. llurr, J. II. Hurley and J. W. Mc
Donahl nro n trio of LlnchlnlteH now on ti
visit to Hot Springs, Ark.
(1 II. Teislrick, traveling passenger agent
of the Pennsylvania lines was a vWtor to the
railroad cenU-r of thu state Tuesday.
Mm MiieDonld of Iillnburg, Scotland loft
for her homo Wislnesduy. Sho has licen vis
iting her daughter .Mrs. II. C. Hartley.
MlMsKlllnMcIntyio formally of Lincoln
now living In Hustings spent tho llrst tt t of
the week with Dr. mid Mm. J. O. Cutter.
Messrs A. M. Davis & Son havo nn now ad
veitiseinent in Ushty's issue. Thoy offer
soiiie extiuonllimry biirglnsin laco curtains.
Look it up,
Tho family of Col, AI. Kwnii, of tho Omaha
if, has been materially Inereused bv thunr-
rlvnlofa bright bnby kIiI. weltthlnir ulirht
mid onu half k)iiiii1s.
Mr, Alfnsl (laytoti, a cousin of Mrs. A. O.
Colmor, left Sunday for Denver. Ho had
l,eoii visiting here a short while mid was
greatly pleased with Lincoln.
Miss II. II. Wnldhrook who has been visit
ing her uncle J. L. Rynns of this city has ro
ttit nisi to her homo in Ontario. Tho sudden
Illness of her mother undo her stay hero a
lit ief onu.
Mr. W. W. RolHirtsoii for some tlmo con
necUsl witli the .oiinuti has resigned to no
cept tho'postlon of edlUtr of the Sideny Tele,
tiruph, the Couiiieh wlshet him success lit his
new field of lnlior.
Mr. W. J. Lntnb nnd Will Oreeii nnd wlf
leave Lincoln niiotit tiilddlo of Juno on their
trip Ut Kngliind etu., leaving New York Juno
22nd via the Ctinnrdor "Rtruila" Zletnur has
ticketed them ultendy for thu round trip.
John Fitzgerald, n relative of our capitalist
lef t Tuesday In eompuny with Dr. O'Uonimn
for Qiieemtowii via tho Hurllngton and tho
Ciintinler "Ktrtirla" front Now York hnviiiB
left (Mitt this morning ut :'M and nro now on
thu briny deep.
Mrs. S. Heischler nnd daughter, fntnlly of
our now clothing man Mr. Snut Herschior of
the Globe, will nrrlvo hi Lincoln to locnto
pennnneiitly. Sain will now feci tnoro "nt
homo" und life will be plensanter to hint than
since his llrst arrival heiu.
MlssChlo Hrnwn who Is now in Lowell,
Muss,, with her Aunt w i lies home that sho
ii.hsdowii to "Hosting" twlcon week to tako
j her iiiiihIc lessons and is progresslmg flnelv.
nnu iu io joimst suortiy oy Mrs. tunny
Kellogg Huchtitnnd will then remain in Bos
ton until she has completed her course.
Mr. and Mrs. K. P Rwlng woro called upon
Wednesday U perforin the sad ceremony of
burying their infant son I). Mil nny. Tho
little fellow had Just l cached tho ago whore
he was the ot of everyone mid .Mr uud Mrs.
Rwlng have tho syinpethy or hosts of friends.
A novelty wnntecelvwl at this olllce, this
week, in the sliiiie of a copy of the Now York
Win Id of the 18th Inst., prltitid on green jiup
er in honor of St, Patrick's day, on which wo
discovered wtltteit III n bold hand the name of
J. I Hopkins, the genial fx-ttiieriuteiidwit
of the Lincoln olllce of tho Well's, Fargo Ex
press Co.
Thero Is nothing that improves the looks of
a room like tasty t-iitg nnd (minting.
This is Jut the llinu ol ieai whin the Ltiy
housewife Is preisiilng for thusiirlinrcleaiiliii?
nnd you should hulp her by having the houtoi
Mieiisi mill paintisl, uud 1st sure to get J. A.
imiiey, tho pioneer, to do your wotk us he
novel ilNnpulntH vou elthei In qiiahtj or pi Ice.
and his vvoiktituhshipis unexcelled,
Dojouuvei piny liillliinUf Theie Is h
nlcei phuelii the city In which to Indulge hi
tills fusclimtlng giinio than the Capital hotel
lilliuiil purloin isinducUsl by Mr. W. A. Ab-botliiiiox-tuivellng
limit uud ono who teck
ons his friends by the score. Drop in (m hint
uud he will se that J on get the Ust of It.
0kjii till ntltliiiglituvei eve lug,
Wohxitt, tho Kloveuth sttisit lunlwaft
ineixhant wants to Inrorni you th it he hand
les the eelebiiitul"Tropli" gaoll io stove,
mid as ho has the exclusive silu of It in Lin
coln, Invito ymt to call and see it.
L ncolu Shoe Store m Jui ucehisl thu
celebiuted Ludlow lino slns lot Initio m Hu
tho new st les. The couilihiu solid i-oittfuit
uud eviiuuiiij. Reiueiiitvi the t'lai-u pijS O
U't. I'Jlll CC lth
Tho griiiul sit Aitss Wens' iiimmvry wtlois
aremisjtlng with Is slu.wu t.y ilw fg0 ami
apprectativu crowd ol ladles that tue lu dall.v
Kxeribodyeiiu uffoul touit i.t the hading
tesot t in the ctt now. The pi ice or 21 tick
u no v ul Odfli's is only i -reduced Irom
You't iiiiHt it by iiuylug the "Tiopio"
iliisolliio stove. Cad and ssi it at Wolentt's,
VUmiiiiIi lhi stiivt.
Call uud sco H, t(,
i epartinoiil.
.tlwle; ,V Oo ciirH)t.
. rsSAMW rf,,l f i ,1&S& . 1.