Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 19, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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Ka.Ui Mailrra llrcllallene. A lerie l wIImi r lk
anal r-ral.r mllatloee, In iaa aal aeiee, lll tar rotu
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Na. in. Maltaa'a ItcitrRfr. A Ne-el. 11 II. lllDla
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Ke?el, It, M. T. rjinoa. ... ... . , .
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Heael, It Maeeer lli",
Ne.111. TwaKleer. A Naat Pj lha aatliar l ' Data
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Na. in A Vaiatiaml Ilrrala. A Kaaal. ff Un,
Aaata Kaaraait. . ...
Ha, III CUuda an J Hvaahla. A Hani. n;Caiitil
Na."ii. Taa ltpm Wamaa. A Haral. t Wut
Ha M llraraa t'aallrM' Jaaraar. A Nartl.
MUaM K , Itainaaa. . . . . ..
Na.iai Marr MariwIaU'a Itlral. A Nat.U Vfrf,
taut Waa.
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lioon donlod by noverid Bontlomon of lltornry
Ai.tiiouoii lcnp yur hns gono thundorlng
down tho nge:, thoro nro sovornl Lincoln
Indlitt who might iiroiono nmrrlngo nnd nt 111
coiiio out nhond.
Lincoln ns nu nrt eontnr 1 notolng of jhs
cullnr dNtliictlon, yot thoo who fnll to noo
nrt In tho tneinlicni of loglnlnturo could not
dlstlnguWi nn nrt plcturufroinn Job of wltlto
wnthlng. Tiik wlw mid lonrnod senntors mDrwontlng
tho ntnto In leglnlntivo lmlls, know wlmt
inaVra lioino hnppy. nnd ncconllngly thoy
MilMcrllMxl for Homo LHJOcoploHof tho Couuiku
for tho sosilon.
1'koi'I.k ink about clmrlty. Thoy oxplnln
In nuMnpniK'ni nnd from tho rostrum, tlmt
clmrlty i ono of tho dlvlno grucos nnd Isely
insist tlmt It should bo nnuunlly Indulgod In.
A MibHorlptlon wmr to rnlso fund for boiiio
unfortuimto nnd distressed human lxlng U
stnrtid; It issues nround tho swim mid n fow
dollnni nro rnlnod though goncrnlly thoy nro
glvon untlor protest. Men who tnlk clmrlty
by tho ynnl sulwcrlbo inonoy by tho monsuro
of n ImlrV brtdth. It somo nrlstix;rnt givo
n '"Hell blow out," lot somo favored child of
fortuno iinnounco n bwpII wedding or colo
bnitlon of n innrringonuiilvoni iry, ntul dray
loads of contributions nro cnril m rim ,,,,,..
slon, whllo tho mendicant nnd wuHr sit In
tholr llreloM ntul tlesolato hovels shivering
with cold and Buffering with the jianga of
And tho world wnirs on ntul nn itarrtitt.,
nnd IU splendor bocomo brlghtor still, whllo
its huunts ot poverty nnd wont mVi ni
scurely clouded. And why U all thlsf Is It
noi oocnuso mo ileitis ana changing thing
called Popularity is in tho mvl.,, .i
tho inoro deserving and nooily thing called
unarity, i in lite soup.
Charity is not more alms otvinrr t. i-
tearing nway tho falso fabric of convention
ality and doing uuto others ra wo would hnvo
others do unto u. and of tlm thm.. n-,..,..
says tho good book, greater oven than Kidth
or iiopo utiarity. Don ttlout of fond words
cost the donors nothing. Kind deeds oro not
marketletM commodities. To glvo to fho
noooy wno Hungers ami wlioyo lanler is einp.
ty ; who shivers nnd his grato Is cold ; who I
naked and his warkrobo Is not IIicm aro the
thlugsover which tho mantle of charity
spreads Itself like n benediction, alusl so
mroly in this grasping nvornclons, greedy
iiiuuii nuriu ui ours.
Thero Is to bo, according to our observer's
remarks, n crnml charltv luill tlm ,....i . ,
which go to tho deserving poor of Lincoln.
Tho CoimiBH hoKs sincerely that thoso who
havo undertaken tho worthy project will
push It to a successful consiimimtlon, nntl
that Lincoln's people from their plenty will
attend nnd give their mite.
ANceri:itliiK Tulool I'ortune,
A usual tho occasional oxtrtionl'iimry
UiuudBeml-AnnutilDniwiiigof the laouis'.
nun State Lottery ennm nfm, 'p.,..i. .. ..'
cember 18. Ticket Na OU.Tol tlrow the cupl-
..i.ivlt,, uniMtom in fortieths
at fl, Bent to M. A. Dauphin, Now Oi leans
iA.onotoKugonoUrnekett, &in Knuiclaco
CaLionotoSuinhnelder, IVtalunui, Cnl.
one to Geo W. Bpawfoith, Denver, Col -one
toT 8 O. HntcMcO,vRor,Tei.; ono "
Louise . Kochler & lira. 17U K. l!omlnl
Bt. Unit more, Md.; ono to debitor Union
Nnt oiml Hank. Nmv n.i,.,.... t .. "... ."".'"
Hll, Sinner, Tex.; the rest went else where to
"''""amosnro withheld. Ticket
fiS,. drew thotecond capital piizo of u00,.
.alsoBoldlnfoitiethsatfl.ono to J. R
Melotly & P. Darcomb, Chicago, III one to
Geo. Columbia Ht,,Ne.v VolkCU "
ono to a depositor Uermanla Sutlngs U,i,V
Now Orleans, La.; ono to Wanner & U.-.I.'
I'urt-ell.Ind.Ter.i'ono to It. A JolnS a
Garden St. Arch, llobton, Muss.; ono to Fit'-ht
National Hank, Sulphur Apiings, Tex 'o iwio
Doulllot & Snyd.r, Dank' Ave, Phni uL "
one to Chas. lilwanls, North 1'latte, Neb'.';
nntl the remainder elsowhero to other win
nors Ticket No. 4X083 tlrow the thlrll ...
Ital prlre of $100,000'. .,, soltHn foStl s of
eioach.onotoj, O.Tolson, Gadsduu Al, .
one to A. Hoblnson, Ihdtlnioro, Ma 'on V,
Vlcksburg Dank, Vlekshurg, W,' two o
D. L. Collins Augusta, On.: two to Allen
Bros., through Oennan Ttust and (iwiiiKs
Itaiik, Dubuque, fa., etc, etc, The ,Sxt !
casion of a grond UUtribution will take place
on Tuesday, Feb. la, of which all inlorn
tion to M. A. Dauphin, New Orleans, La"
haj Also QItos Young Wives Little AaV
tire, Una of the Chief Warnings of
Which lit "Never Make Tour llusbaad
(Bpeclal Cormpondeoce.
Nnw Yoiik, Jan. 17. It ncems rnthor
trango, but It Is novcrthcloBs tnio, that
men do hnvo fashions nnd tlicy follow
them with qulto na much blind docility
ni women Imvc nlways had tho natno of
Bhowlng for llielre. Wo hnvo always Blip
posed tlmt fashion somehow really was a
fomlnluo deity, nnd that men wcro too
noble, grnnd and bravo to deign to follow
anybody's dictates or to occupy their
massive bruins with any such frivolous
matter; but recently it has been borno in
upon 1110 that "llsh do havo feelings,"
nnd tlmt, men do hnvo n realizing eenso
of tho eternal fitness of things, par
ticularly trousers nnd coats yes, and
shirt collars. COAT, CAP AND GI.OVES.
Tills last fact, howovcr, will not sur
prlso any married lady who over under
took to mak,o her dearest Tom, Dick oi
Harry "n dozen shirts for his Christmas,
bless him." only to weep n briny, scald
ing tear for ovnry Btitch sho set when ho
triod them on, nnd then let looso his
flood of elonucnco ns ho nrrnyed each
separate portion of tho gnrinont for a
distinct nnd Individual sin from collar
togUBset, from button holes to tho hem
on tho bottom. And nftcr having brought
theso sins forth ho gives them tho benefit
of a criminal trial, with himsolf as the
prosecuting nttornoy nnd his wlfo the
capital offcMdcr; and then ho turns to the
stern judge, nnd condemns tho wholi
thing gcncrnlly and collectively, nnrf
only ends when ho is out of breath an if
tho dreadful criminal in tears. Ho would
go to 11 store, tell tho number of Inches
it takes to go nround his pimply, hairy,
old AtlnniH npnloy neck, and pay all
6orts of prices tor tho garmonts In ques
tion, una tnko what tho etoro keeper
sent him, only saying nn Impatient
big D nil to himself when ho found
them not half ns good as thoso hit
adoring llttlo angel or n wifo mndo for
him, and if ho over mentioned them to
hor at nil it would bo. to mako Invidious
comparisons. It may possibly bo that I
havo mentioned this subject beforo, but
it Is n subject that is always repeating
Itself In real life, and every brido always
has longings that way. So, dear young
wives, let ono who has passed through
that flro twlco in her lifo warn you.
Novcr try to mako your husband a sfnglo
shirt. iJclcgato that duty to baso hire
lings, nnd if you must do something,
why let it bo something ornamental, not
useful. Thero was never yet man tarn
of woman who could bo mado to beliovo
that his wdfo knowB how to mnko n shirt,
atter sho has nearly killed herself trying.
Why, I havo seen loving couples seek
divorces Well, I will say no inoro, for
it is llko getting married. All women
look upon a dozon homo mndo shirtb as
their duty.
To thoso women who wish to glvo their
husbands n really usoful present ono
that will probably not bo required of tenor
than once in II vo years, and when It Is the
occasion Is such that tho wearer is too ex
cited to caro whether it fits or not I sug
gest tho heavy twcod shooting coat, cap
and gloves. All of theso can bo mado by
tho wifo's fair fingers, by tho nld of a
pattern, tho material and patience That
additional pocket in tho back to hold
lunch and dead birds is excellent. Tho
front ones aro for mcdlclno in caso of
snako bites. Tho gloves aro excellent
protection against musquitocs, though
rather warm for summer. Now, that
coat, cap and gloves can bo mndo by any
lady, and only requires a tiny or two of
labor, whllo U10 sldrts need n fortnight.
Tills will plcaso any man, for If ho hunts
110 win like it, ana
if ho don't ho will
bo glad It Isn't
shl rts. Thoso
pretty llttlo fancy
things aro nlso
good for
w I v o s to
mnko for
hubbies, for
thoy work
Oil tllO llttlo attSTAJ. tWiUvt-W you UUSBi.ND3.
wlfo'a unxious pnergy aod cJso glvo tho
husband enough to tf.'cupy his super
tloua mind ir. studyir. out n uso for
them. 1 belluvo thev Aro for scarf pins,
collar button:!, lmiHikr,Vsv.:hlefa and to
I-'roni the bok uuthoririutt I glesn that
tho styles for spang for gentlemen will
vary materially, u'jd tho eyo ghiss will
hereafter bo worn lifUio other eye. Tho
coat lapels havo a soTWofslmwl.roll
from neck to waist when tho coat Is
open, and it can button nearly up to tho
ton when It Is closed. Tho skirts to I'rinco
Albert coats nro cut so that tho bottom
Is n trifle full.
Tho doublo breasted frock coat is cor
rect stylo for day dress, particularly for
Etald and respectable men, though tho
sack coat and cutaway aro suitable and
much worn. Thoro aro bumo binglo
breasted frock coats with II vo buttons and
very peaked lapels, which otclIIU laceU.
vests for ilnv
Zests for day can bo of lUarseillcd or
cashmere, cloth or cheviots. Tho collur
Is straight, creased or notched, with tlvo
outtons, ana opens about mieen ir.cnes.
Dress coots aro black cloth, tiuu ccrgo
or diagonal materials, nnd tho Frinc
Albert of tho saino material, though they
aro frequently seen In dark brown or
uran. RomeumM
oven In dark wins
color. Tho dress
suit for tlio An
glomanlaohas tho addition of a
pair of drab cloth
gal tore and a
crush hat. Theso
colters belong to
tho eyo glass and
thodudo bolongs:
to them both. Tho
ono button cuta
way Is tho favor
Ito of tho portly,
jolly, handsome
tnon, and tho
thrco or four but
ton coats of tho
" . samo kind nro fa
Tin: a:'oj.omaniao. voml by Hnllllucr
gentlemen. Theso all huvonll tin1 outsido
pockets (lnlshed with flaps, which go in
or out. Straight front sack coats will
also bo'worn by young and qulto middlo
aged gentlemen.
Tho trousers for tho early spring will
bo from 20J to 214 Inches at tho kneoand
from 18 to 10 nt tho bottom. Tho scams
down tho outsido will bo welted. Tho
trousers In general nro neither too looso
nor too snug, nnd nro a happy medium
lctweoii spring bottoms nnd twg tops. I
bono tho men will know wlmt this means;
I don't.
Tho highest stylo of overcoat la tho
Chcstcrllcld, nnd Is about 07 to 40 Inches
long. This is mado of black or dark bluo
beaver, though light weight cloth will
bo worn In eight or ten weeks, according
to tho weather. As it is just now tho
stylo in tho illustration is In vogue. This
is tho stylo of overcoat worn uy a Hus
sion prfneo who has como over to this
country to get n rich wifo. Tho ovor
cont is of Rcalskin with sablo cuffs nnd
collar.and ho had much troublo in getting
tho coat, as it appears he had no
monoy to pay for it with and ordered It
on tho strength of his engagement to a
rich widow, who heard of tho promiso to
pay for it ns soon ns thoy wcro married,
and, llko tho impulsivo American sho Is,
at onco destroyed his holies by breaking
off tho engagement. Ilo retaliated by
saying that ho had been on tho point of
sacrificing himself, nnd tlmt anyhow his
ma objected to his mnrrylng anybody
who would not sottlo moro than ten thou
sand dollars n year on him. And so now
ho is looking for somo foolish lady
who will scttlo upon him a good round
income, in return for what? Tho tltlo
or princess of no
whero nnd noth
ing, nttached to
an Insignificant
fellow who con
fesses to a lovo
for lino horsos
and a luxurious
' I shouldn't havo
given this gosBlp
place it It wcro
not that just such
folly comes under
tho head of fash
Ion, for it unfor
tunately Is got
ting to bo tho
fashion for our
American girls to
hanker nftcr ti
tles, although tho
unhappy desti
nies of many of
their compatriots
nltntilil ilittnr
them. 1 havo no" ,I"J'-E'fl ovkhcoat.
doubt that tho man who could not nay
for his overcoat will And somo foolish
naronts who will buy him mid his titlo
tor their girl. Anyhow, ho has set tho
fashion for handsomo overcoats.
Thoro aro soveral other styles of over
coats, tho ulster shapes and Inverness
capes being tho favorites with tho gilded
youth. Tho Inverness is lined with satin,
which makes them go on and off easily.
Theso havo capes and aro considered
very swell. Tho skirts reach to tho
auklo and tho capes to tho waist, which
gives tho slim youths much tho appear
ance of a half opened umbrella.
Collars aro Been in every shape and
width, and cravats aro as various. I
saw somo pretty China cropo tics, with
gold colored silk worked figures, which
wcro very pretty in wldto nnd light
tints. Plain whlto satin, cream colored
satin, gros grain silk and colored satins
and silks aro all mado In tho four-ln-lmnd
styles, which can bo tied in any way tho
poor martyr wishes.
G loves for gentlemen for ordinary
wear aro dark brown, tan and leather
color with wido black stitching on tho
backs, and white linen hemstitched
handkerchiefs aro preferred to tho whlto
silk or colored bordered ones.
Dres3 shirts havo embroidered dots or
small detached sprigd of flowers all over
tho bosom, though somo aro seen whero
thero is blmply n lino lino of cmbroldory
along tho button holes. Whlto linen
crochet and pearl buttons aro used in
preference to gold or jeweled studs, and
very llttlo jewelry is worn.
Another now and nniisoworthy fashion
has como to tho surfaco for general uso,
and that Is for each head of a housohola
to 6ct apart a certain sum of monoy for
tho uso of tho women, to bo paid
monthly or quarterly, as Is preferred.
This is an excellent fashion and ono to
bo greatly commended. It Is called pin
money, nnd though thero Is u general
belief that this fashion has obtained for
many hundieds of years it has never
been general hero. It ought to bo, for no
woman can respect her husbund nor her
self who is obliged to beg or coax for
money of him.
1 am sure that everybody ought to be
pleased with tho Impartial manner in
which I tell them tho newest fashions.
UUVU HAltl'lClt.
Dakota's tiieut l'hououienuu.
Thoro U now no doubt that tho great
phenomenon In Churles Mix county is
not caused by burning coal ulono. There
Is n great volume of hteam constantly is
suing from tho cruvlcu, ueeompuuied bv
a Etroug sulphurous odor and a lielit
colored biuoku. Tho eurlh for many feet
about Is warm. It is also phosphorescent
aud can bo teen nt night tor many miles.
At frequent Interval. a deep rumbling
sound is heard for a long distance. Tho
phenomenon Is situated 011 the portion of
tho Iluudull military reservation which
was lately thrown open totettlement.
Now York Woild.
Miss Adulo Aus derOho Is bald to havo
played on.tho piano with both hands nt
tho tender ugeof U. Sho liuui! eomo ono
playing "II llaclo," nnd batting herself
at tho Instrument, bhu rattled otf that
brilliant waltz in n manner that made
every ono who heard her ttond agape
with wonder.
aTfcaajav" -X ""
Clooil Thing In our ArtUtlo Kxehnngcs,
Hooka Ht Until! nrnt Other
Literary Notes.
Tlio story of Louisiana. Uy Maurice
Thoiiiiwon. Uoing tho third volume of tho
now Borles. tho "Story of tho States'' edited
by Kllbrldgo S. Drooks, ono voluino 8vo, ful
ly Illustrated. fl.CO.
Of all tho states of tho union LoulMnnn Is
moit dowered with tho gifts of roinniico and
nssoclntlons. It varying fortunes as n col
ony now of Krnnco and now of Spain, lt
attraction to adventurers from tho north, Its
pIcturcrMitieiiPM of scenery ami imputation,
It's wealth of loiimnco, It's Isolation during
so ninny eventful years and IU tm ns an In
strument of diplomacy by tho politicians of
four niitloim, rentiers Its story 0110 of tho
iiioatnttractlvo and oxcltlng In tho list of th
stories of tho state. Mr. Thomson Is recog
nized as ono of America's foremost prone
loeU; his tcii Is csitocinlly gifted in tho do
main of description nntl ho has entered upon
tho telling of Louisiana' story w lilt an inter
est born from a long study ot tho stato ami
her pcoplonnd with nil tho nnlor of a lover
and n student of poiithcrn scenery nnd tur
roumlliigs. Tho information of tho American people
should bo national nnd not sectional. Thoy
should know and And Interest In nil part of
tho broad union aud hi tho history of all Its
cointxmont part. Heretofore our load his
torles have been far too locd in color nnd In
tho public to whom thoy have been addressed.
Tho cltirens of Maine and Oregon should find
delight ami Interest In tho story of Kentucky,
of Delaware, nntl of Louisiana, nnd such
Itookr ns this of Mr. Thomson's nITord tho
best iNjsxIblo means of fostering this national
knowledge. It is not a statistical compilation
for tho itolitlclnn, nor n dull historical narra
tUotor tho studont or economist. It Is a
striking and picturesque, but faithful and re
liable, sketch of ono of tho oldest sections of
tho union tho lovely Pelican state.
Mr. Dridgeman'H illustrations nro strong
ami characteristic. His frontispiece, 'Pack
enhnm's charge," Is remarkably strong ami Is
a lit accompaniment to tho strongest chapter
in tho book Sir. Thomson's realistic nnd
spirited description of tho famous "Uattln of
Now Orleans" in tho war 1812.
Among our most vnltiod exchanges Is Home
Decoration. In has becomo a most Interest
ing visitor and each number is looked for
ward to with pleasant anticipations, which
nro never dlsapttolntcd. Tho tyttogrnphlcnl
apitearanco Is very attractive, tho general
makeup unlque,niid lost but not least,tho ably
written nrticle aro always n source of great
oiitcrUiiimient nnd learning. Tho Illustrations
nro Miperb and In overy wny the palter Is n
model Journnl f jr tho homo of tho refined
classes. Lmlles fond of art work, such as
painting, (not tho face) needlo woik, fancy
work, etc., will Mini Home Decoration a most
delightful companion. It treat on tho nrtislo
furnishing of tho homo uud tlecorntlon work
generally and woro moioof our ladles to reatl
this excellent Instructor wo oplno their homes
would npttear moro attractive nnd beautiful.
Home Decoration Is published by tho Art
Interchange Co., .19 West 22nd street, Now
Of tho various art Journals wo receive 110110
nro moro welcomotliiintliolrf Itnafeitr, tho
Safe Deposit Company,
Will open for buslncis nt tho bank room on tho cornor of Pand 11th Stwots,
Wednesday, January 2d, '89
Capital Stock $250,000.00.
IIKNllY K. T.UU'in
President nnd Manager.
The Only Authorized Agent in Lincoln.
January number having Just put In an np
itearanco. It Is, as usual, replete with mat
ters pertaining to tho twpular subje't which
It natno Implies and, beliovo tho Coumkr,
much 1 to bo learned of tho beautiful in art.
Tho frontlspleco Is a delightful vision of win
ter outdoor life in tho country nnd two
decorated nanol show snlotulid effect after
Angelica. Kauffman's work, Tho center
pleco of tho book, covering two pages, shows
a flno decorntlvo design entitled "Magpies
nntl Fly Catchers," by C. M. Jenekes, after
Shller. Tho supplement contains lot of
goal things and tho two beautiful colored
plates aro certainly magnificent pieces ef art.
Theso olono aro worth moro than the price of
this excellent Journal. Tho Art Amateur
atlde from tho illustrations contalus readablo
matter Otl VArtmia hrnilnlina tu.rfjitrilnr in
tho subject In which It Is most Interested.
Montaguo Mntks, puhHshcr.33 Union Square
Sold ut nil lending notvs stands.
'ltalclgh Rivers, n tnlo of tho now south,"
by O. O'JJ. Strayer is at hand, Hand, Mc
Nally & Co., publishers, Chicago., III.
"Tho Uiiopular Public," by "LItoro." au
thor of '-For Her Dally Uroad," Is n now book
just received from Hand, McNally A- Co.,
Chicago, ami tins Just been Issued in tho Qlobo
Library series.
Our Cliiblilng U,
lly consulting our announcement In anoth
er iortloii of this Issuo, readers will find that
by clubbing tho Couuiku with foreign per
lotllcnls nntl ningiuhien they can securo two
at nbout tho prlco of ono. For instance, tho
price of The Century is $4.00 per year, nnd
together with tho Couuiku both may bo had
for $5.00, making tho prlco of tho latter only
0110 half It regular rate. This Is nbout tho
samo on nil other papers. If on consulting
tho list you tlo not find tho twttor therein that
you want, wo can nevertheless supply tho
same at similar rates. Howovcr in subscrib
ing ns above, old subscribers aro obliged to
pay up all arrears and pay a year's Bubscrlp
ln advance for tho patters ordered. This is a
cheap way to get two or moro pajtors.
l'osltlon Wanted hy a I.titl)-.
A young lady who writes a plain hand do
slres employment as copyist or other office
work, or woultl accept other sultablo work,
on modernto wages. Address for further
imrtlculars, M. M., caro of Couiuei. ofllco.
Hteniiuhlp Agoney.
If you contemplate 0 trip to any European
point or intend brlnclnc frlnmla from mtv
such point to America apply for rates and
Information to Geo. A. Forcsman, Ag't, 115
o. jutast.
Attend tho rod mark solo at Ashby & Mills
paugh's. RACE
Bohanans' Hall,
Commencing Monday Next, Jan. 21.
Af75tAlf. ll-i.ln n . aA. .
.... "-." .u.w ... in. uruuv n uotir, . uours
per night Professional Hlcyclo Contest.
ElJtr.KNAI,p'0vlnner of Omaha
ARMANIDO, and others. Great one
hour amateur contest from 7:30 to 8f?o
Admission - - ... - . 2e rt
Reserved Enclosure - - - . e0 cts.
Vice 1'rcsldont.
a 'i