Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 12, 1889, Page 2, Image 2

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An AtlncU on Tort Moultrie lrttilrnt!y
Described -Tlio Ainu Wlui IkI III lint
ami Wliy llo Uwt It-Tlin Miunor Who
1 m iiiini in on uiii or.
1 Iiooso tn Virginia, nlong tlio Inttor purl of
this onon, shortly provloii to llio writing of
tlioso llno, I visited Montlevllo, llio former
homo of Tliomna JolTi'mm, nlso Ills grnvo,
Montleello I about nil hour's rlilo fmm Clinr
lottesvllli', by diligence, Ono rides over 11
road const rurlrl of rl-rns nnd broken stone.
It I called n mncndntnlrcd road, nml twenty
tnllesot It will mnka tlio pelvis of n long
wnlstcit mnn olmfo ngnlnst III ears. I hnvo
docltlctl that tlio lto for no1 n'"0 linll be
it tlio cm! of n trunk lino somewhere, nml I
trill endow n dnwiUii to curry passengers to
ami from said grnva.
Whatever my llfo may Imvo lieen, nml
howover slim 1 1 mny hnvo fnllon tn my great
truggln for a Reiiomui recognition of tlio
American HopU', I prowso to place my grave
within rvneli of nil.
I Motitlcvllo li ivnclictl by n circuitous routo
to tlio top of n bcnutlful hill, on tlio crest of
which rvsta tlio brick liotim whom Mr. JclTer
on lived. Wo enter n lodgu gnto In chnrgo
of n voncrnblo negro, to whom wo pay two
bits nploco nploeo for This sum
goes townnl repairing the nmil, according
to tlio ticket which wo got. It Just root to
wnnl It, however; It don't ijnlto get thoro, 1
Judge, for tlio romls nro still npjionllng for
aid. Up through n neglected thlckot of Vir
ginia shrubs nml III kempt tree wo ilrlvo to
tbo housa It I n houso which would readily
comnmml ft."0 If mild this fall, with queer
pnrchew to It nml largo, nlry windows. The
top of tlio wholo hill wm r rail ed level, or
terraced, nnl umit hnvo required nil cnor
moui ipmutlty of work to do It, but JelToraon
did not cure, llo did not enro for rntlgiin.
With SMXJ slaves of hit own nml n dowry of
800 more, which wnt Hnircd Into hit colTers
by hit mnrrlngo, JvIT did not euro how much
toll It took to k)IUIi off tlio top of n bluff or
how much tlio sweat stood out on tho brow of
n hill.
JolTerson wroto tho Declaration of liulo-
Iioudoiico, llo scut It toonoof thomngnilncs,
ut It wns returned n not nvnllnblo, mi ho
used It in Congress and got It afterward
printed in tho liccord.
ti rt'UfJW'f
I sssspg
1 taw the ohalr ho wroto it In. It Is a
plain, old foihloned woodon chair, with a
kind of bosom board on tho right, upon
which Jefferson used to rett hi Declaration
of independence whonaver ho wanted to
wrltJ It,
llo also haa an old gig stored there. In tho
houso. In thin gig be mod to rlilo from
Montleello to Washington In a day Thiilt
a lie, but It goes with tho place. It takes
from B.U0 A it. to noon to into this distance
on a fast train, and in a much moro direct
line than tho old wagon rood ran.
Mr. JolTonion wax tho futher of tho Uni
versity or Virginia, ono of tho most historic
pllos I hnvo ever clappod eye on. It U now
under tho management of n clnsslrnl Janitor,
who has n tingoof negro blood In his reins,
mixed with tho rlob Castlllan blood of somo
bodyolso. He has been nt the head of tho university
of Virginia for over forty years, bringing In
tho coaU and exercising n genorul oversight
over tho curriculum, llo Is n modest inati,
with a tendency toward tho classical In his
researches, llo tonkin upon tho roof, showed
us tho outlying country, mid Jarred our car
drums with tho big bell. Mr. fctcs, who has
charge of Moutlcello cullod Montechello
said that Mr, Joffersou usod to sit
oa hU front orch with a powerful
glass, aiul watch tho progress of tho
work on the university, and If tho workmen
undertook to smuggle lu a soft brick Mr.
JYersou, live or sis miles away, detected it
it, and bounding lightly into his saddle, ho
rode down thoro to Cbartotteavlllo nnd
dubbed tho bricklayers till they voro glad to
pull down the wall to that brick and take It
out again.
Tbts story Is what mado mo speak of that
section a few minute ago at an outlying
Charles L Rclgel told us the other dny.of
an attack on Fort Moultrto during tho early
days of tbo war, which has never been
printed. Mr Belgel wnsn German Confeder
ate during tho war, and rnrly In tho fight
was quartered, lu company with others, at
tbo Moultrie bouse, a seaside hotel, tho guests
having desertod tho houso.
Although largo soft lcd with curled hair
ntattrraci were in each room, the department
Issued ticks or sacks to bo Oiled with straw
for tho use of the soldiers, so that they ould
not forget that war us u serious matter.
Nobody ued tbem, but they were tbcro all
tbo same.
Attached to tho Moultrie hnue,and wander
lug uUmt the buck yard, thero a nkinall
orphan J.ickass, u sorrowful little light blue
mammal, with u Unco of bitter melancholy
lu his voice. Housed to dwell on tho utn
good deal, and at night ho would refer to It
lu n voice that was choked witli emotion.
The hoy caught him ono evening as tho
gloaming began to nrrungj itself, uud then
threw him down on tho green grass. They
then pulled n straw bed over his head,
and Inserted him In It completely, cutting
boles lu it for til legs. Then they tied a
string of sleigh tielU to hi tall, and hit him
a smart, ktiuglug blow with a blacksnnUo,
Probably that wa hat it was thut tug.
geslod to him the hlea of strolling down the
lioach, pnt tln'guniil. nnd on townr I th" fort.
mcrlin. Tho tocsin sounded, nlo th I
slogin. Thnculverln, uknse, nnd door Under I
woroiill (lrrd. Huge iiMtims or rat pine wnro
llghteil nil lilting the bench. Tho wholu slum
bering IiokI Mprnng to iirms, nml tho ciuck of
the musket was luvml through tho IiiIuumi
lu the morning tho oiiemy wns found In
trenched lu n mud hole, south of the fort,
with his now rlu in straw tick spntlornd with
clny nml n wildly dlnheveled lull.
On Ixiiinl tho lllrliinond train Inxt nrok, as
pulled out of I'liUTMburg, n mini Im his lint,
nnd It fell by tho side of the tiuck. Tho
train wn Just movlnjj slowly out of the sta
tion, mid so he hnd nchnnco to JumpolT nml
run hnek nfler IL llo got the lint, no doubt,
but not till no hnd placed seven or eight
mlios between in mid him Wo iiiulil not
help feeling sorry for him, becnuxn very
likely his hut hnd nil cmtu-oliluretl hat baud
in It, pri'KCulnl by ouu dearer thnu life ItM-lf,
nnd so m unrkiM up ipilte n fiHillug fir him,
though, of iiiurxi, It was very foolish for
him to live his train Jul for n hut, even If It
did hnvo the needlework of his soul's Idol
Yesterday I wn surprised to seo tho samo
mnn In Cnlumbln, H 0., and ho thou told mo
this snd story i
"I stalled out a month ngo tn take n little
trip of n few weeks, mid the first tiny wn.
vary, very hniipy scrutinizing untiiro nml
sciimilug the luces of thoM) I saw Un tho
second day out I ran ncross n joiing tnnn
whom I had known slightly Ixiforo, ami who
Is engaged In tho busluessof being n com
panionable fellow nml life of tho party That
Is about nil tho business he hns. llo knows a
great many ieople, nml his circle of nctpinlut-nnci-s
is gelling larger nil tho Ulna llo Is
proud of tho enormous tpiantl:y of friendship
ho has nctpilretl. llo says ho can't get on n
train or visit any town lu tho Union thnt he
don't find n friend.
"llo Is full of stories nml witticism, nml
explains tho plays tn theatro parties, llo has
seen n great ileal of life nml Is n keen critic,
llo would have enjojed criticising tho
Axstlo Paul nnd his elocutionary stjlo If ho
hnd lioen ono of tho Kphcslan. llo would
have criticised Paul's gestures, nml said,
Pmil, I like your epistles a heap better thnu
I doyournppenniiicoou tho platform. You
express yourself well enough with your cn,
but when you spoko for tho Rpbcslnu Y. M.
0. A., wo wero illinpixiluted In you nnd wt
lost money on you.'
"Well, ho Joined mo, nml limlltigout wLoro
I was going, ho decided to go also, llo went
along to explain things to mo, nnd talk to mo
when I wanted to sleep or read tho news
imiior llo Introduced mo to largo numbers
I of people whom I did not wnut to meet, took
I ...A .. A.. t.l.. I .l(.tt. ,klft ... a.u. .Art.1
I1IU fc I.1-U tlllUga ill,,!. ..unto v,f w, vuva
things to mo that I didn't want to hear, and
Introduced me ti eoplo who didn't want to
meet mo. llo multiplied misery by throwing
uncongenial eopla together and then said,
'Wusu't it lucky that I could go along with
you ami make It pleasant for you t
"livery where ho met moro now people with
whom ha had nu ncquaiiiuiiii-o. llo shook
hands with them, and culled them by their
first mimes, ami fell lu their pockets for
cigars. Ho was Just bubbling over with
mirth and laughed nil tho time, being so of
fensively Joyous, In fact, ihul when ho wont
into a car he nltruncd the general intention,
which suited hlm llrl rale, lie regarded
himself as u geuunil fuvorllo uud nil around
"When wo got to Washington ho took mo up
to seo tho president, llo know tho president
woll clulmed to know lots of tilings about
tho president that mado hlm moro or less
foil rod by tho administration, knew u thou
sand little vices of nil our public men, which
virtunlly placed them In bis Kncr llo
know how tho president couihictcd himself lit
home, and wns 'on to everything' in public
"Woll, ho shook hnmls with tho president
and Introduced me, I could too that tho
president was thinking about something else,
though, uud so 1 camo away without really
feollug that 1 know hlm very well.
"Then wo visited tho departments, nnd 1
can seo now that 1 burl myself by b lug
towed urouml by this man. llo wns so free
and so Joyous and so bubbling that wherever
wo went I could hear tho koy grate lu tho
lock after wo wont out of tho door.
"llo started south with mo. Ho wns going
to show mo nil tho battlefields, uud Intro
duce me Into society 1 bought some strych
nine in Washington ami put It lu his bucU
wheat rnke, but they pt cold, nml ho sent
them back. I did not' know what todo, nnd
was nlmo.'.t wild, for I wus travollng entirely
for pleasure, uud nut especially f:r bis pleas
ure either.
"At Potoi-bburg 1 was told that tho train
going tho other wuy would meet us. As wo
started out 1 dropped my hat from tho win
dow whllo looking at something. It was a
dcsorato move, but 1 did It Then 1 Jumped
off tho train and went back after it. As
soon as I got uround tho curve I ran for
Petersburg, whoro 1 took tho other train. 1
presume jou nil fell sorry for mo, but if
you'd mvi) mo fold myolf in a long, (Mission
ato embrace after I had climbed on tho other
trutu you would have changed your miuils."
llo then paired gently Crum my sight. 11111
Nyo lu Ouco a WceU.
Tli Slorj of
llm IVnui
llm Man with
ii ml Position.
Tho car was qultn full, nnd I snt down In
n seat with n nilher Intelligent looking man
who had o unwspnpnr In his lap llo was
iiltitsant unit roil.arked that "It looked soino
ilko snow," which wns n fnrt. Then ho
nhuscd thn railroad couipiuy for not provid.
lug ts'lter car ami making tmtter liliic,
ami wn wore soon very friendly It Is
always n great pleasure to meet n mall on
the Iraln who will iiIhiho tho rompauy with
you nnd net us If he en rod to inuko It pleas
nut for his fellow travellers Wo found
fault with the company until wo were tired,
nnd then he s ml ho was going to Allegheny.
He was going to settle down there, ho said,
and stop i naming around. He'd traveled n
good deal In his lime, but ho'd concluded it
didn't p'iy nml horenfter Allegheny was his
homo. He'd struck something thcro that ho
thought was sure to bo n steady thing for sev
eral )ears at least, nml- ho didn't boo why ho
might mil us well stay right there. In fact,
ho'd llrmly made up his mind to It, and no
consideration would Induce him to move,
lie said If I ever liuonod lu Allegheny to
hunt hlm up, uud I promised to do so. Ho
would bo glad to see me, ho explained,
nny day I wnsn't going to bo out
done, so I told him if ho was lu Now
York ul any tlmo to como lu nnd see mo.
Ho looked nt tho water cooler vnguely, and
said ho probably wouldn't bo thnt wuy much,
ns his duties In Allegheny would keep him
pretty clo-mly ronllued. Wo chatted somo
tlmo very pleasantly nml found fault with
Mil) I1!llll.lliy tHIIIIU null r, nui'll I1U iuiai-1- iiiu .
cheerfully if I wouldn't pi on so tnln oil his ,
hat nud place It III tho rack above, ns It was .
frnttiiiif rutlinr warm ill tho car I
I looked nt him ns Inquiringly ns I know spoko." Tho U)och.
Iiow, but not learning anything tiiut wuy, I
nuked hlm gently why ho didn't tnko off his
own lint, llo wriggled tils anus around a
little, uud tho uowsucr sllped off his lap,
and I saw ho was weuring n pair of adjust
able stoti hnmlcuffs. Ho ulso hud shacklos
on his ankles. A man lu the sent behind rose
nud took off my companion's hat uud put it
in the ruck, explaining us hoillil so that no
was tho county sheriff, nud that ho was tak
ing my friend to Allegheny to servo a
twenty jour term (u tho penitentiary for
iKHiuding bis brother over tho head with a
brick. I then went back and snt with a fat
woman who was currying n baskot of eggs in
hor lap. Now York Tribune,
Making It CwfuL
Ilnllwny Huperlntendont (to car Inspector)
Any of the cars out of order!
"Ye, number 412 Is unfit for service,"
"Well, iiiw It only for excursions titer
tals." Nebmskn Hlnto JournnL
Uol on tn II Flfinlljr.
Sm .m7s,v
W7F. MA itteXfriMs
rto.M m-xza- Cf"'f . j
Thoy woro nt tho theatre nnd sho had
thoughtlessly en ton nt diunor soma soup with
tho flavor of onion lu It,
"Oh, Mr Howlltigswcll."shc said, ndroltly,
nutting n morsel of perfumed Inco nnd cam
brie to her face, "do you notice thnt somo
one near us has had tho bad taste to cat
onions beforo coming to tho theatre to-ulghtP
"Why, no, Miss Clara, 1 hadn't until you
New Garland,
To Call and Examine the Large and Elegant Stock of IM
Just Received by ihc
American Tailors,
I.JU Farnatn St., Faxton Hotel Bldg.
Naught llio lover's ardor damps
Wlieu bis girl has got tho tlauipa.
Lay figures tlio prlco of eggs.
They're harlnK now their breathing tlms,
Hut tliey'iv ileicrmluod, all.
Whatever the reniilt may Ih
Next year tliey 111 piny ball.
They are Leaders,
by none.
Do not fail to give them a trial,
A Villi n B Wife's AnVrllim.
atLI,i wrv-
"MUsui sends you somo of
Cor your lunch."
own cake
Old Roue,
Why WRMi't lie a ComrtT
Young Mr titaylate was sitting In the
dimly llghteil pirlor the other night watch
ing n 17-year-old girl trying to keep nwako
long enough to hco tho morning star riso.
Thoy talked astronomy.
"1 wish I was n star," ho said, smiling nt
his own poetic fancy.
"1 would rathor you wero a comet," sho
said, dreamily
His heart beat 'umulttioiuly.
"And why" ho nsked, tenderly, nt tbo
samo tlmo taking her uuroiUlIng hnmls tn
his own. "Ami why J" ho repeated, lnierl
ously. "Oh," sho replied, with a brooding earnest
lies that fell on his soul liko a baro fool on a
cold oilcloth, "because thou you would only
como around ouco lu every 1,100 years."
Ho didn't say u.iytlilng until ho was half
way to the front gato, when ho turned around
nnd shook his list at tho houso ami muttered
between his teetht "Uy tho gotls, it'll bo a
thundering sight longer than thut beforo I
come nrouud again."
Uut by that tlmo tho poor girl was lu bed
and fast asleep. Now ork World.
Tt ilarkneta of tho ulght, tho rat lo of th
,; ' 9t th rw1, tbo failure to give the counter-
,, Jps.tlw harp volley of tn sentinels, and
, th ) U4 try "w arras," followed lu rapid
Secii on u I'iMir .Mini.
Woman ito trampi Are you n man of
Trump Yes, I'vo got n wife nnd soven
;hildrcn, hut I left them It's hard enough
for me to make my own llviu', let alone such
i family ns thnt.
Woman Well, I can't jrlve you nothln' to
at nor drink, nor old clothes nor hoes, nor
nothln'. so bo off with you.
Tramp idly turning logo)- You're pretty
bard on a man, madam, w ho has a wifo and
wren children. Now York Huh.
liar Apology
A little girl who had a foolish habit of
plain speaking was taken to tho sewing circle
with her mother On entering tho room,
nftcr exchanging greetings with soveral
matrons of her acquaintance, Miss Truthful
wal kill up to another lady, ami In tho eon II-1
dent tone of ono who gives utleruucu to a
self evident fact, sho said, loudly enough for
ovcry ono prcotit to hear' I
"Why, Mrs. Hatulley. how homely you
are I" !
Whllo tho victim was hiding her confusion
as best sho might, nud llio rest wero trying
hard to conceal their umiiNemcnt, tho young
lady herself was hastily uueu from tho
Once In tbo hall, the was dealt with some
what severely, and made to feel the enormity
of her unintentional rudcuetts Thou sho wus
taken back to uKligize,
Walking straight up to Mm. Hundley,
while all tho ladies held their ITtuth to listen,
shosjid, with trembling tones uud with the
tears still iihiii her cheeks
"Mr Hundley, I'm sorry you're so
homely I"- Yuuiu' Coiupcnuii ,
A Wonderful Chll.l.
Mr Oldboy (admiring tho baby)- Can ho
talk, my dear madam I
Fond Mother No, he can't talk yet, but
he's a wonderful child, he understands every
thing one says to hlm, don't no, you darling
'ittla pinksy wluksy, tootsy poctsy dicksy
plcksy dotf
Mr. Oldboy Docs ho understand all' that I
Fond Mother Oh yos."
Mr. Oldboy Well, bs Is a wonderful child.
-Harper's Uazar.
I'i'i-hoiico of .11 Iml.
A Mount Unity young man had a strange
exjieriemx w hen ho spent the evening with
I Ins best girl ou rtuturday About II) o'clock
the girl went- to the collar for npplcs, and
soon ufiei thoro were scioams .or help Tho
oung man ruhcd to the icm-uh, uud saw a
puir of feet xtlcUiii,', out of upplc larrol
and gestlculaliiu wildly Thegu I had fallen
in head Urst, IK wusulmut lo go lu her us
slstauiv lieu she IiouUm to hlm to put out
the light llm This be dul, uud under the
shelter ot dnrkiiiiM pnilitMil her liy the feet
and pulled hor out. - I'luluue pma lUntiid.
When n man, who greatly admires n bcnu
tlful womnn, makes her n profound bow, Is
ho, ns one might say, courting her on tho
"Is marriage a failure?" tho tiaehelor cried.
And llio youth who Is courtinK a Klrl replied:
"I've uotor Ixrn uiarrleit, ami cannot gums,
Dut courtship, I know, is a big nuocoss."
There Is usually n good deal of back talk
when women got togother to discuss tho
Whether the play Is bright or flat.
To hlm It Is never Ictionti
Wlio Ktarvw at the back of a lady's bat
And Kwoanv as the acts go ou.
When a woman wants tho earth, It Is with
tho vlow of giving It to some mail.
liOre Is stronger than frlcDilnhhi. so
Tho xH'UdiH.lannud erhaps they know;
Yet we II ml. a the world wotravrl throiiRb,
That lovers un plenty and friends ara few.
Good looks should not bo despised. Thoro
bavo boon few heroes with turn up noses and
bow legs.
Hon wise are OT hen the chanco has nod,
And a glanc wo backward cast I
Wo know Jiidt thst bhu that wo should bare said
When the tlmo fir saying it's post.
Tho man who Is In tho habit of getting
"pretty woll on" losseus his chanco of gottlug
to be "pretty well off."
The coal Is now put In tho bin
And the coal man rake tho shekels In;
Cut the wind blows keenly o'er tho world.
And the world Is cold, the world U cold I
A paper devote! to plumbors Is called Tho
Hasp. Tho craft will probably keep It on fllo.
Not, "Is It cold enough for you?"
The phrase of which nil have grown weary
Dut have you read Itobert Ulsincr
U now the popular query
A female lawyer may boa spinster nnd bavo
objections to uurrlago, but whou sho accepts ,
a retaining loo sno tacitly sunnw tuai sue is
In black Decnmlier, raw itavs. fog days
follow close each other
Dut it I only In the "do, days"
Thut we bsvH "bnastly weather,"
"Tho samo" is said to bo tho most popular
drluk In tho market.
We strive and strive lo reach a place abovo;
We're not content ilh what we mcu uud know;
Tho man who n his a loving oman's love
Has got a glluiMC of buavou bum below I
"Tho Fishery Question" 8ny, bavo you
got auy bait (
This is about tho time when tho farmor
fishes through tho ico und catches a twenty
two pound pickerel.
Sign painters s'tould bo comprohonded
under tho denomination of "Men of lottors,"
nnd, by the way, so should letter carriers.
Brown Qrecn Is a very Intellectual man,
what they call u man of largo grasp.
IMuck A man of largo grasp 1 should
think bo was. Why, whou ho dances in a
waltz ho cm put his arms around "the
Young Wifo My lovo, 1 bavo a delightful
surprise m more ior youi xoucamioi guess
what It Is.
Young Husband (full of plca&aut anticipa
tions) What is it, durliugf
Y W I'vo Invited mother to spend tho
holidays with us.
Young Wifo How tho world moves)
There's llesslo Urav, an old chum of mlno, a
graduate of tbo normal school, has Just en
tered n medical college. Hho will soon bo
able to write M. 0 after her iiamo. Women
nro coming to tho front, I tell you For
merly girls woro taught nothing but houso
keeplug. Young Husband Yes, ant," uow they're
taught ever) thing hut housekeeping.
When are you koIdr lo. my prutty maid?
I'm goiiil! tollii-dr) kihkU store, she said.
I May I go nltli you my pretty urn Id?
I You muy If you II wuit uiitslde. she said,
How loug shall I ult foi )m. my pretty raald?
Uutll I luuk out the samples, she said.
And how many samples, my pretty maid!
Komo of calico, some of sIlU, somoof pique,
somo of linen, Mime of lawn, somo of velvet
ribbons, trimmings, buttons, gloves, laces,
I cannot uo with you, he gloomily said.
' - llostou Courier.
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It umlinilileuly coiitslns tlio flnort KiMlloN I)B
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Published by W. JENNINGS DEMOREST, New Yomc.
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John McWhinnie's
The Old Reliable Tailor.
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