Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 28, 1888, Image 6

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Dealer In
Drugs and Medicines
Books, Stationery, etc.
117 S. Kleventhst.
Help Wanted!
Wanted nt onro n responsible party of
good nddics to represent
IlyHON. THOS. H. MILL, author of
Hill's Manual nt Social and Hutl
nc Forms. In
An excellent opportunity to secure n good
position and mnkc money. Sales enn be
nindcon the Initnlltucnt plnn when dcslr
ctl. Address for term nnd particular,
103 Stnte St., CHICAGO, ILL.
ItulMltiK completed or In courw of erection
from April I,
ittinlitem block
do 1I0 I. W Illll
Ilemaurant tOilells) 0 K
Itonlilnee, J J Iiiihofr, J niul Kth,
0 K onliroiiiery
Illll Mill N.
N near
u , minimi., u n u i,,,.
tto J I) Maufarlanti, g niul Mill.
no joiiii ft'iirung, 11 Mia inn.
1I0 Albert Watkln. I) bet Ptli niul IO1I1
ilo Win M Lennant. K Ivt Pill ami 10th.
do K It (Intlirie, nth niul N.
ilo J K KihiI, M I), K brt 10th ami mil
do Ii (I M llalilwln, U liet tKlli niul lHth.
Sanitarium building nt Mllfonl. Noli,
Ftrrl IlnptlKt chunm, lltli nnd K street,
ortuary out lul nnil recoh ln tonili nt Wyuka
New nit Pretty Men About Framing
Mirror nnd rirtitrrs nt lttnie.
Painted frame with designs extending
over tho mirror nro law fashionable tlinu
formerly, according to Decorator nnd Fur
nlsher, which glveu now nnd protty designs
an follow!
Tho foundation ihould lo of ooino rather
soft, finegrained wood; holly Is brat of nil,
but cherry, or oven boss wood, will answer.
The wood ihould 1 very smooth nnd mny
thou bo coated with shellac, nllowcd to dry,
Mnd papered and varnished again. It mny
then haven coat of spirit vnrulsh, or, Ifn
dark ihnda In desired, of tho finest coach vnr
nlh. If not perfectly smooth wliou dry,
Mod paper and varnish ngaln.
Figure are made with fnnoy brnM headol
tack of various sort. In order to lusura
regularity tho linen whero the tnoks are to ba
driven must bo marked out with the greaUwt
care. A plcnslng vnrloty will bo produced
by tho tiso of buttons or heads of leather In
stead of tacks. These coma In nil sires,
shape and color. A beautiful design can
be mode by obonlxlng the wood ami using
tacks of gold nnd bronco.
A frame of wood covered with rich black
velvet with silver tacks Is a recent order by
a Herman family for tho portrait or tlio into
For Landsocr engravings nro advised
frames of Hllhed chestnut or oak, bended
on tho Inner sldo with mnnllla ropo, to which
i coat of gilt paint can bo given If liked.
For flower pieces In colors, hnvo frame of
pollihod whlto wood, draped from corner to
corner across tho top with n scarf of bolting
gnute, upon which you can pniut or em
broider n flornl design to correspond In a
measure with tho picture, securing tho scarf
at each comer with n bow of ribbon or run
nlng it through gilt slides, tho omls being
fringed or bordored with Oriental or flno
torchon laec, 1'loco Ineo of delicate chnrao.
tor, edged with liorderlng lace, make a
tasteful draery for ploturo frames, with
finish of ribbon bows, especially for the dec
oration of young ladies' bedrooms.
A lltlrf Description of the a real Catlie
ilrat of Notre name M Antwerp What
Charles V smt Napoleon tlia Great
Hold About It.
Tho Cathedral of NotroDamo, nt Antwerp,
tho chief commercial city of Belgium, Is one
of the largest a well as most beautiful
structures 1 1 Europe, It was erected be
tween l!V3nnd 1411, nnd is of surpassing in
terest to the architect and art lover.
Rooms X nnd HI
Monarch oftlie Dailies!
Omaha Bee!
Delivered to any part of the
city for 20 cents a week, every
day in the year Leave sub
scriptions at Lincoln bureau,
I027 P street.
ilfVkVi m m !. Mr Of )l v xS-vti
.jJL U IVI d t IOW.t,
Atchison, Leavcnuorth, St. Joseph, Kansas
City, St. Louts nnd nil points South,
East nnd West.
The direct line to Ft, Scott, Parsons,
Wichita, Hutchinson and nil principal
points In Kansas.
The on)v road to the Great Hot Springs
of Arkanw. Pullman Slebpkks and
Fr'aib Reclinino Ciiaik Caks an all
City Tkt 'Agent, Gcn'l Agent.
Cor. O and latli St.
ItKit .
Two Ooml Creams.
Most peoplo like well nioilo crenmt of any
kind, but oftou they lenvo much to bo de
sired, being concocted of milk nnd n llttlo
flavoring. If cream nlono Is used they nro
Strawberry cream is vory easy to make.
Pom about half a jiot of strnwltorry Jam
or ono pound of fresh strawberries through
ilovo, whip up a pint of cream, add tho
strawberry juice, sweeten if neeoiwnry, ills
sol voouo-hnlf ounce of isinglnsR In a llttlo
milk, mix with It, stir well togethor, turn
into n mold nnd let It set. In warm woathor
It will requlro lea
Itleo cream Is particularly good. Holt a
tAblespoouful of rico in rather more than a
half pint of milk until quite soft, turn it Into
n mortnr nnd ikhuhI It so that no whole ernlns
nro visible; put It In n lxu In, whip half n pint
of cream, sneoten nnd flavor with van 1 11a,
add oue-qunrter of nn ounce of IslnghiM dis
solved In n toncup of milk, bent up with tho
rico and pour into n mold. Homo whipped
cream, slightly colored with coehlnoal anil
placed In tiny heaps round it when turned
out of the mold, mnkes n pretty dish.
To mako succotash in perfection requires
tender corn, says a Ynukeo housewife; but If
not qulto as tondcr as you would like, do not
cut too clono to the coo. Uso u sharp lull fa
Limn bonus should bo used it possible,
though sometimes string benus nro used for
tho purpose. When this is tho enso string
them nnd cut in small pieces. When Limn
beans nro ufd they should bo boiled somo
tlmo first, as tlioy requlro longer time to
cook than corn. Uoll till both are qulto
tender, tl-oii cover closely and add a pleco of
butter, n teaspoon ful of salt and somo cp
pcr. It cream Is plenty n half pint added
tho last thing will Improve it. Tho quantity
of com should bo twice that of beans.
Owus and operates 8,500 miles of thornuglily
Quipped road In Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Missouri. MIllUMtnLiL niul Mnlintjl.
iv is ine nesi Direct Koute ix'iMijnau ino
-"rUielpni Points In tho Northwest, Southwest
Bd Far Went
For maps, time table, rates of passage and
freight, etc., apply to nooreU station agent ol
Ghioauo, Milwaiikkk A HT. l'AUI. 1UIL
JTAV.ortoany Hull road Aitent anywhere lis
tke world.
,tl?Snil.R.l.Rf' Qan'l I'aM.iT'ktAgU
Asrt. aon'l Mgr. At. 0. 1 AT. Agt.
Milwaukee, W1m.-oiiIh.
The Cnrpet Hurtle.
Of ordinary ways to kill tho carpet beetle,
ironing wot cloths over tho ntTected jmrt has
mot with much favor nmoug practical house
wives. Place two or tlirvo thlcknwsoH of
common toweling, wr'ung out of wntcr Just ro
It will not drip, on tho carpet nnd Iron till
dry. Tho Iron must bo very hot, ns tho ob
ject is to nmko steam enough to thoroughly
penctrnto tho carjiet nnd kill tho moths.
Woolen garments not In uso nro best pro
tcctcd by tying up in paper bags or putting
awny in perfectly clone boxes. Every crevice,
even that whoro tho cover meets tho box,
must bo pasted over with paper, as those
mall Injects will cuter tho tiniest cracks.
I'lnnn Hack Decoration.
A handsomo drapery or ornamented back
Is now qulto tho thing for tho piano, as this
article is no longer necessarily placed rigidly
against tho wall or across a comer, but mny
bo set out in tho room in such position ns
suits the owner's fnnoy or convenience. Tho
drapery conceals tho plain wood nnd adds to
the elegant decoration of n room.
For Information In reference to Ijmda
'owns owiiml hv tliA Chloflfrn. Mllwnu.
kM A &t. Paul Hullwuy Compuuy,wrlto to II.
si, HACBAX.Ijina OommUstuner. Milwaukee
ItlsoOOfeet In length by&IO in breadth,
with a root supported by 125 pillars and n
vory lofty spire. In tho cut hero presented
Is given n good vlow of this spire, which dates
from tho Fifteenth century, nnd is of world
wide celobrity for Ita marvelous beauty. Of
tho tower's and stccpIo'H elaborate Qothlo
workmanship, Charles V snld it deserved to
bo kept In n com; nnd NaKleou cornered it
to a structure of Mechlin laco. Tho Interior
of thisrcmarknblo cathedral is enriched by
two of tho greatest of nil Ilubens' pictures,
"Tho Elovatlon of nnd tho Descent from the
An Interesting Chnpter tin Ants.
8lr John Lublwck Iioh nddod much to our
kuowledgo of. uuU by many curious expert
incuts. Ho foupd that nlthough thoy mny
not 1m denf to tho sounds mndo by them
selves, tho loudest nolso mndo by htm did not
nlTect them in tho least, l)ut thoy w ere nioro
sonsltlvo to smell. A camel's hair brush
dlpiod In nuy odorous liquid nnd held nlxive
them caused tho insects to hurry on tholr
wny, or ovon to turn back ngaln.
It appeaix Hint auto, nlthough of n vory
bloodytlilrsty disposition townrd tholr eno
mlifl, do not show nuy euro for companions
who may bo In trouble. If twoor throo wero
burled out of Bight of their comiwintons tho
rest walked over tholr grave without any
ellort to rolon-so thorn.
U'hou sotuo nuts worn put into n small Ixil
tlo, with tho mouth closod with thin muslin,
tho others from tho nest close by did not try
to set thorn free. Hut no sooner wero somo
from another nost placed near them iu n simi
lar bottle than they began bltlug olT tho
muslin to got nt tholr enomles. Ono of tho
strangers hpcnod to put out a leg, mid it
was soon seized. After somo tlmo n liolo was
mndo in tho muslin nud all tho strangers woro
A New Kind of Stousu Trap.
Ono of Bt. Nicholas' young peoplo, In n
letter to Jack, tells nil nbout n new kind of
mouso trap. Ho writes;
Dear Jack I want to tell you about n now
kind of mouso trap. It Is the turtle. I never
enw ono catch n mouso, but my cousin told
mo aliout it, Sho snld they oiled Its Ixick nud
put It In tho cellnr whero thero woro a groat
many mice. After n few days thero did not
Kcom to ln many mlcu around; hut as sho did
not think tho slow tin tlo could havo caught
thom, sho asked her boys to watch.
Bo ono day thoy put n mouso iu tho room,
nnd thuy wit uou n table. Pretty soon tho
mouso enmo up and ran upon tho turtle's
luick, nnd, whon It wns near tho head, the
turtle's head camo out in n hurry nud caught
tho mouso. Hut I don't bollovo tho turtle
really nto tho mouso; I think It only wiuecrcd
tho body liotwoon IU sho) Is. Thoy oiled its
back bo that tho mouso would bo attracted
by tho odor.
The Domino Oracle.
Arrango twelvo of tho dominoes as shown
In tho Illustration, nnd inform any ono pres
ent that if ho will think of one of tho domi
noes and remember it, you will point it out
to htm.
The looped up drapery represented in the
cut la in art serge, Itomon sheeting or plush,
lined with twill silk in n contrasting color,
and edged with a fluffy ball fringe, in either
chenille or flaw silk, recalling tho two tlnU
of tho drapery, and matching tho thick cord.
Panel slightly draped In bright colored sheet
ing or velvet, adorned with wreath of ap
plique embroidery, or lustra painting.
Trade Recipe for h Silver Cleaner.
The following "silver cloanor" U said to be
aeeordtng to tho formula of one of tho boat
sliver manufacturing companies of tho coun
try: Dissolve one pound bt Spanish whiting
la water nnd let it settle ; then pour off the
top so the grit will lie freed. Let tho residue
settle again and pour off the top, thus ob
taining the pure whiting; add one ounce of
borax dissolved in as llttlo water as neces
sary; add one-half pint spirits of camphor
and ono pint aqua ammonia; put in a bottle
and cork tightly.
To mention tho word lording is to discon
cert the nvenxgo cook, and Its presence in a
recipe kills that rcclpo for most housewives.
Nevertheless, larding greatly Improves tur
keys, chickens, cutlets, birds, etc. Cut very
firm bacou fat with a sharp knlfo Into strips
of equal size. Put one end into tho lordJpg
ueedlo and draw through the skin nnd a little
of tho meat or fowl of tho article to bo lard
ed, leaving tho strip of pork In the meat,
with the two exposed ends of equal length.
x s
EZ3 rwi
" i i i
a trick.
Now, supposing the doublo dcuco is tht
domino selected, you toll the person who hai
chosen it that you will count around tb
circle, and whon you havo counted twonty.
including tho uumbor of spoU on tho selected
domino, bo must tell you to stop, and that
your flngor will then rest on tho domino
chosen. The secret is simply this: You
count carelessly around, 1, 9, U, 4, 0, 0, 7, or
any of tho dominoes; but at tho eighth count
you always manage to point to tho doubl
six, and after that you contlnuo counting
around regularly to tho right.
Do suro and remember this, for it Is thi
koy of tho trick. For example, as wo have
before said, wo will suppose tho doublo deucs
to bo the selected domino. We follow th
abovo instructions, and count and point at
tho dominoea promiscuously tho first sovon
counts; but at the eighth count wo point ttt
tho doublo six, and contlnuo to the right on
the six-five, doublo flvo, and so on In succes
sion until wo arrive at tho double deuce,
when wo will ba told to stop, becauso by that
tlmo Wo will havo counted sixteen, to which,
if wo add the fciwts on tho domino chosen, we
will hnvo twenty. This rulo holds good, no
matter what domino happens to bo solocted.
It U porhaps useless to Inform our reader
that bo must not count out loud, or appear to
couut mentally, but lot It soom as if ho were
only jxjlnting at tho dominoes by clianco.
You must let tho person who selects thodom
ino appear to do all tho counting.
Personal Item anil Pamgrnptis Clipped
from the Newspaper of the Land.
Tho Thnkoro snhlb of Uohdom has Just
married his fifty-first wife.
James Hussell Lowell and Joseph ChnmlieT
lain nro recovering from tho gout In London.
Dr. Oliver Wondell Holmes is to furnlth
the chnpter on tho Massachusetts dialect In n
forthcoming IkjoU on Amorlcanisms.
Mr. Wluans, who hires so many deer for
ests Iu Bcutlaud, has lieen sued by tho trus
tee of Lord Lovnt for 0,500 for rent due,
nnd condemned to pay.
Tho lato Dr. K, It. Lofflngwell, of New
Haven, had a fine collection of autographs,
estimated to bo worth nearly $100,000.
Tho Into James Freeman Clarke left nn au
tographic will giving his entire estate to bis
wife, from whom he say he roceived it.
Tho Into Knlser Frits, over after his msjv
ringo with tho English princess royal, kept
tho anniversary of AVaterloo as a foto day.
Walter Desant, tho well known English
novelist, Is In xxr health nud has gone to
tho continent to recuperate. Ho is suffering
from overwork and writer's crump.
The vcnorablo Hnunlbnl Hamlin has a
pump, not ns voncrnblo as ho himself, but
even lietter preserved. It was set up in his
back yard over forty years ago and is as
good as over.
Joaquin Miller is living thooxUtenco of
a hermit In tho mounta ns near Oakland,
Cat. Ho Is engaged upon a poem of somo
length, entitled "Legends of Christ," em
bodying quaint stories picked up by Miller
when ho lived iu tho Levant
Joe JclTerson Is tho only actor possessing a
sepnndo summer nnd winter estate. When
tho icy winds nro howling about our heads
hero tho veteran plajer is in Louisiana
among his (loners. His summer homo is iu
Now Jersey, nnd In both places ho is a free
handed entertainer
Lnurcnco Ollphnnt, the author of "Irene
Macglllicuddy," has lieen interviewed on tho
subject of novels, nud has confessed that "of
all tho older writers of fiction Charles Hemic
stands nt tho head." Ho prefers tho w ritlngs
of Dickens to Thackeray, but of tho men ho
cared most for tho latter.
Col. Lamar Fontnlno, of Canton, Miss.,
drives n pair of pet bears to n buggy. Ho
has trained tho animals himself, and mny bo
seen out behind his novel team every lino
afternoon. Tho beam run a sort of nwkwnrd
trot nud seem to tnko their position with the
liest possible good nature. Thoy are, of
course, muzzled.
Tho sksfh of Persia has requested Charles
A. Ashhurner, of tho United States geologi
cal survey, to tako chargo of tho Persian en
gineering corps. The Shah Is of tho opinion
that valuable deposits of coal, iron, wtro
leum nnd (icrhaps tho precious metals nro to
lo found In Persia, Hitherto nothing but
turquols hns beou mined In that country.
Mlk Chu Pnk, Corean minister nt Wash
ington, wears a most rcmaikablo costume
when ho goes for n walk Iu these days. His
droa Is whlto, nud on his head towers tho
steoplo shaped Corean lint. Over his whlto
coctumo ho wenrs u long coat of bluo nnis
qulto netting, with tails that iech tho
ground. In Ills hand Pnk carries u cheap
gingham umbrella. Thus nttlred he stalks
solemnly along, ncoompnnlod by his secre
taries. John Rrlght, tho English stntesmnn,
learned how to woik before ho began to
iipcnk fur nnd represent worklngmen, and his
throo sons wero taught trades. His father,
old Jacob, was n poor man, with nearly as
many chlldien as ho had shillings a week for
his work as n weaver. At tho present day
tho I) right mills nro scarcely to bo surpassed
in tho country. Over 2,000 linuds nro em
ployed In them.
Sidney Boo'th, tho 15-yoar-old son of Agnes
Booth Bchoctfcl, hns n passion for collecting
eggs. Ho has three large cabinets in his
room filled with nil sorts nud conditions of
eggs, from tho humming bird to that of tho
ostrich, nnd his library in largely conqiosed
of books on tho subject of his hobby, Young
Booth will probably follow in tho footsteps
of his brother, Junius Brutus, nnd go upon
tho stugo nfter ho has finished with his school
Oliver P. Ilnhm, inventor of tho self
scratching match, is living quietly in Boone
vllie, N. Y, Ho Is now nn old man, nud his
fortune, estimated at (250,000, gives him
ovcry comfort nnd successfully Weeps the
wolf from tho door. His famous match wns
an Inspiration which camo to htm In bleep.
On lotiring ho hud attempted to light his gas
with nn ordinary match nud had burned his
fingers. Ho had a dream which suggested
tho dovlco by which ho mado a fortune.
Mr. Herbert Ward, tho explorer of whom
much is now hoard in connection w 1th Mr,
Stanley, is n nophew of Mr. Rowland Wnrd,
tho naturalist. It Is told that ono morning,
when Mr. Btanloy wns preparing for his ex
pedition, Mr. Wnrd called at tho explorer's
rooms nud nskod to bcu him. Ho wus lucky
and obtained an audience. "What is your
business!" asked Mr. Stanley, looking tho
young fellow down with his penetrating eye.
"I want a billet. Can you givo moonef"
"Whnt, to nccomjwuiy mer' "Certainly."
"Whoro nro your crodent'als!" "Well, I
havo Just corno back from British Borneo,
whero I was exploring." Mr. Stanley spoke
a fow words in Malay, and Mr. Ward re
plied iu tho samo language. Pleased with
tho young fellow's readiness, and liking his
looks, Mr. Stanley gave him his chance and
engaged him.
rittlng Up Hotel Itoofs.
Thero is n movement on foot to fit up gar
dens oil tho roofs of the different hotels some
what after tho stylo of tho roof garden on tho
Casino. If tho idea is carried out it will, no
doubt, keep n greut many people in tho city
during tho summer who w ould otherwise go
to tho country or beashoru. A greut many
private dwellings in town are fitted up with
these beautiful gardens, where, during tho
warm summer evenings, tho tenants sit nud
enjoy thomselvca iu an atmosphere fcoverul
degrees: cooler than in tho street.
If tho movement becomes genoral, as it is
thought, this city in a short time will resent
bio tho city of Babylon, with tho famous
hanging gardens. Then tlio w orkers on their
way to their dally toll will walk through av
enues of flowers and nn atmosphere laden
with sweet perfumes. New York Star.
Finest Production.
Ilogus Pictures at High Irlces.
Tho now cntaloguo of tho Dretdon gallery
issued by tho director, Dr. Wocrmanu, de
clares that a careful examination of tho
pictures recently purchased at comparative
ly high pi ices sho rvs that thoy nro not tho
gcnuluo work of tho artiste to whom they
hnvo been attributed. Soma nro only copies;
somo, tho works of other less dlstluguUbed
artists; some, forgeries. In 1874 and 1875
eighteen pictures, said to bo by old masters,
wero purchased out of tho money paid to
Saxony as tier share of tho French wur In
demnity, Too of them aro impostures, three
only copies, two not by tho painter to whom
thoy aro assigned, but by somo of his pupils,
ono U a hastily fluted uud unfinished work
of tho artist, one isdoultful, and three by
different urtlsU than those unmed as their
painter Chicago Herald.
, i
- (-'
t i 1
w p)
Jarvis' California Pear Cider.
This delicious summer beverage is made in California, from very ripe mellow
Dartlett Pears. In the height of the ripening 6cnion many tons of penrs become too
ripe for flipping or canning purposes, (hey can then be utallzcd by pressing them Into
elder. The fresh juice Is boiled down two gallons Into one, and is then strained through
pulverized chnr coal. This hcutlng, condensing nnd straining completely destroys fer-'
mcntntlon.nnd the elder ever afterwards remains sweet and good and is n most healthy
nnd nutritious article for family use.
Knowing there are many spurious ciders sold In this market we offer the abov
explanation with the eminent testimonial of Prof. J. II. Long. Very Respectfully,
THE G. M. JARVIS CO., Sole Proprietors,
San Jose, California. 39 N. State Stieet Chlcag.
TUB G. M. JARVIS CO., Gentlemen: ChlCaS' jHV 7thl
I hnve mode made n chemical examination of the sample of Jnrvls' Pear Cider
submitted to ine n few days ago, and would report these points among others noted.
1 he liquid Is noiwilcohollc and has n specific gravity of 10.65. The total extrac
tive matter amounts to 10.35 per cent., containing only .025 per cent of free acid. The
tests show this ncld to be malic acid as usually found In fruit juices. I find no other
ncld or foreign substnnce added for color or flavor.
I believe It, therefore, to consist simply of the juice of the Pear as represented.
Yours truly,
J. II. LONG, Analytical Chemist,
Chicago Medical College.
San Jose, Cal. 39 N. State St. Chicago.
W. B. HOWARD, Traveling Salesman.
Druggist and Leading Wine Merchants.
iWi Iri-iWliAna m fr.i uln
.-. ...