Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 07, 1888, Image 2

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What ttts Neirswiper Ray of Tliom Per
sons! Oosslp.
I Lord Salisbury Is an expert golf player,
i M. Jules Ferry, of Prince, enjoys betnp
Boforo Pnrnoll entered politic lie nm
pretty well known n n crlckoter.
' Hublnsteln will recelro 1100,000 for twonty
performances In tbo United Btnte.
Archduke Joseph, ol llungnry, It deeply
Interested In tho success of n gypsy ,or
M. Pcrrotln, a French n.tronotner, says lie
has teen giant building canals on tlio plnnct
Charles O. Inland (Hntu ilrottmnn) li nink.
ins n "Dictionary of American Words ntu'
Bonntor Fnlr, desplto the reverses ho hw
root with In recent years, U estimated tobavt
a fortune of 100,000,000 left.
The fate ICiiroiio Klnimal, tho fnniout Ion
don perfumer, loft n porsonnl estate vnluod
at 1100,000, nml nmilo Inquests to nil porsons
who hnvo luon In hi employ for ton year
Tho king of Portugal ordited In I-ondon
thirty toni of flruworki nml fifty tom of
mortars, nnd other pyrotechnic mnclilnery,
for use nl Lisbon In the roynl reception to
thoklngof Bwedon.
Adrlnn C. Anton, tho fnmom Iwscbnllcan
toll), I CO years old, nnd has been n ball
plnycr since ho wm 10. In tho twelve
years thnt ho hns lieen with tho Chicago club
It has won tho championship six time.
Bonntor Qimy, of Pennsylvania, never eats
In n rcstnurnnt. It li notthovictimls but tho
clntter thnt nnnoyi him. I.vcn tho sennto
restaurant Is not secluded enough for lilm,
nn J ho rati hit modest luncheon In n com
mlttoo room.
Matthew W. Bcdmn, nn eccentric old man
who died nt Tcrro Haute, Ind., Inst week,
wo burled Inn collln nhlcli for twenty dive
yonr ho hnd kept In hi bedroom. Tlio mon
ument over hit grnve was erected according
to hli order fully thirty year ago.
Admlrnl llcwctt, of tho llrltlth unvy, who
wn drowned ilia other dny, wns n very suo
censfut blocknda ninncr during our war. Bo
were llobnrt Pathn and Cant, llurgoyuo, who
commanded tho ship Cnptain, which capsized
About ten yum nga
Mntthow Arnold' will It otto of tho short
est over put on rcoird. Ham It 1 vcrbntlm
ct lltcmtlim "I h-oro everything of which I
dlo poMoflMxl to my wlfo, Prances Lucy Ar
Jtold." But, then, ho only toft 13,000 all told.
Hcrola treatment caved tho emperor of
'Brnr.ll from dentil. Oxygon gns and hypo
dertnlo lujoctlons of cnlTolue were used to
proservo tho patient from syncope. On ono
occasion ha took tlilrty-ono grain of caffeine
la twouty-oue hour.
M. Daniel Wilton docs not dnro to enter
the chamber of dcputlos, but ho holdi on to
hli scat for Touralne nnd ockots tho talary
attached thoreto; and under the present law
there U no way of gvttlug rid of him.
To n Chicago reporter who wm Intervlow
lng him not long ngo, Hobert lnils Btevcn
on taldi "Don't ntk menuything about 'Dr.
Jekyll nnd Mr Hyde,' I'm tick and tired of
It Ask mo anything about my other booki,
but I'vo henrtl 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'
until It mnkct mo tick."
Tho ion of Bonntor Butler, of South Cnro
dlna, hat Jutt been graduated at West Point
At tho foot of hit clan. But ho mny mnko n.
successful ofllccr for nil thnt. l.lout. Clark,
Mho wm graduated somo years ngo with the
lowest avcragoorcr madont tho ncademy,
wm tho only ofllccr In Ucn. Miles' last enm
palgu who was mentioned In general orders.
Dlshop Matthew Bltnpson, It It said, never
refused to too n caller, no matter how trivial
his butlueti might bo. lie nmdo tho ttudy of
mon hi specialty, and to profound was hit
knowlotlge of the subject that ho was eon
ttantly consulted by proplo outsldo ns well ns
lnsldo the church, and no ono sought his ad
vlco mora eagerly than Abraham Lincoln.
Potter Palmer, tho millionaire hotel keeper
of Chicago, lives In nn Immense green
ttono turrcted and towered cnstlo on tho lake
shoro, near Lincoln park. Ills wife U called
tho most beautiful w oninn In Chicago. Ho Is
about 20 yours tier elder. Ho owns flvoml)
Hon dollars' worth of real estate, and his big
hotel Is said to bring hint In (400,000 a year.
Ttonias Hardy, tlio English novelist, lives
At Uax Hill, noar Dorchester, his house being
perched bl,;h on a hill thnt overlooks many
of the real scenes of his Wcsscjc storlos. Ho
preters the quiet of tho country for literary
work, but Is by no means secluded front Lon
don life, for bo can reach tho metropolis by
rail within four hour.
' One of tho greatest men Georgia ever pro
duced, say The Baltimore American, wm
Governor John Clark. Ills portrait adonis
the wall of the state house, and yet perhaps
soi a hundred of the present generation
know anything of bis history, while hogs
wallow and ohickoas scratch above his neg
lected grave. A century hence who will ro
aember anything of tbo local celebrities who
aow strut vainly oa the ttago of, Ufol
Chief Superintendent Wlllllam, of the Liv
erpool detective police, recently bad bis
house robbed. The rear of bis bouse Is
guarded by a bloodhound, and tho thieves,
probably aware of this, entered In tho front
kitchen window and completely stripped the
drawing room and sitting room of all tbet
wm valuable, such as Jowelry, plate nnd
wearing apparel, without Interrupting the
sleep of tho Liverpool bead detective.
1 A Trlbuto to Dr. Mackenzie.
On Ascension day, last, several hundred
German workmen from Charlottenburg nnd
Totsdam wcut on an excursion to tho Gmuo
vald. No open nlr meeting U allowed -tvlthln
twenty miles of Berlin, but thero is a lnko In
tbo Qrunowald, and tho workmen put out In
a flotilla of boats, nnd tho following resolu
tion wm put nnd unanimously carried i "To
Dr. Morcll Mackenzie, Scbtoss Chnrlottcn
burg! Tho German Frelslnnigo workmen of
Cbarlottcuburg and Potsdam, assontblcd on
an excursion to tho Qrunowald, thank you
or tho loving devotion nnd lldolity which
you maintain by the sick bod of tho cm-oror.
wo assure you that tbo valuo of yourscrvicc
In tho eyes of every bravo aud honorable
German cannot bo dlmtnlthod byanytbamo
kss persecution." (Signed), eta, etc. This
resolution wm forthwith telegraphed to tho
castle. Dr. Mackenzie prluss It highly. New
York Tribune.
A ttcautlful Anaglyph FouiuL
From Athens, Greece, comes tbo Informa
tion that Gen. Epbor bos iraunced upon the
Most lovely anaglyph heretofore discovered
in Greece. It consltts of oeven pieces, two of
which were found In a box in a yard. The
other five were ttowod away In n bouse. The
workmanship U of exquisite lieanty, and ovl
4eutly belongs In the rourtb or Fifth century
lieforo Christ Tbo anaglyph Is nearly seven
feet In height and represents two women
greeting one another. Hoar them Is a
aiau wearing a beard and behind tho group
tend a llttlo girl, probably a slave. Not
'withstanding vigorous protests on tho part of
the owner of the anaglyph, Gon. Epbor car
ried It oft and dcpoclted It In tho National
museum. Cblcaco Herald.
Gent. Miprnmn nnd fitierlitun.
When you hear of tho Impending death of
o.iy ptTsott, especially of n clbrlty, your
mind recurs nl ouco to tho tnl tluta you saw
hint. Therefore, tho writer IhliAs, of Oen.
Blicrldin is ho appeared at n small social
gathering In l-'lflli nvuuuo ono ovenlng hist
winter It nt In urt an nMoinblnge of
Ohio men, with toino connection or other
with the formation of tho Ohio club, with
which Ucn. Sheridan and other sons of Ohio
were luterextrd. Of courv Bhermnn nnd
Bherldnu wvvo Hit lloui of tho night, and
they ncto ndmlivd nnd cttpl n givnt deal
by the Indies, tni:lnlly by n half tlocn RlrU
from Madam HimiI's schcxil ho lustltutlo.;
from which Hove Llluibcth Cleveland has
Jutt retired ns nn Instruct re. Bhermnn Is
famous for klwlng glrli at every proper op
iKirtuntty, anil, although there mny hnto
ieen soiuo exaggerated it ccouuts of his doings
In thnt line, It It n fncl th'it hli fatherly
klvw aro apt to be lMHtoneil tiion good prov
ocntlon. Tho school girl did not dissoluble
tholr Interest In tho two warrior, but gated
on them nftor tho manner of tho ait little
maidens at Urosvonor In "Pntleiice," Bhvr
man boro It with ndnmantlno fortitude, mid
oven soemetl to enjoy It, but Bherldin seemed
dllTerout nnd rnthor III nt onto under the
ordeal of ndiilntlon. After n whllu n matron
proentetl her dntighter to Bhermnn. Ho
took her baud and said, "1 mi) tcry glad to
know you."
"Oh, tbo gladness Is nil on tho part of my
dnughtor, I nm in ro," said the olTuilvo dniiio.
"Now, general, If you would give her ono of
thoso colcbrnted klfM-t"
Bhermnn needed no further Invitation,
lie klucd tho not iiuwllllng gli I w 1 1 It n loud
tmnck on tho cheek. Thero wns koino laugh
ter nml well brvl oxclamntlons at this, and
Bhermnn turned to Bhcridun, Introducing
tho very pretty recipient of his kiss.
"Now, Gen. Blierldnn," snld n gcutloinnn,
"yon surely won't let Bhcrmnii get nn ud mi
tagoof you."
Bhciidatt had to kiss tho girl or run
Thero wns no nlterimtlva Bho stood do
uiurely it-ady for the contncU . He reddened
visibly, nnd then, Instead of kissing tho girl
on tho cheek as Bhurumu had done, he lifted
her liana to liu lips it wns something or n
dlvippoliitment to tho tiectiitors, If not to
tho girl, but It was dignllled mid liaiultoma
Now York Bun.
Tlio I to) ill I'limlly of Spain.
Tho queen rcKcnt nml tho Imhy king of
Hpalnnnd tho two llttlo girls hnvo been to
tho front recontly ns topics of interest In tho
world of Journalism. They were charmingly
received nt Barcelona becnuvi Christina,
whon put upon her mettle by l'rovldouco.
surmounted her trials nobly nnd hns douu nil
that sho should have dono In n situation of
the greatest diniculty, Btrength has been
mnulfofctcd In her wcnknovi. Although Bar
celona Is tho most republican city in HjxiIii,
its iKipulrttlon could not lie Insoiullilo to tho
compliment paid It by tho regent In coming
there with her three children. As n family
group sho nnd tho baby king in her nmn and
tho two InfnntM beside her were inoit touch
lng. Sho Is not pretty. But sho has n stately
manner on statu occasions, nnd goes well
through all that is ivqulnxl ot her ut u great
public ceremonial.
Though gcnorully of n cold manner, her
emotions on this occiulon warmed her up.
Her heart ovcrllowvd with thnnkftiluoKH. It
"as the second birthday of the baby king.
How she must luivo felt when sho found joy
and festivity rolgulug In Barcelona, mid tho
fullest recognition from tho copto nml the
potters who had come to the exhibition, of
virtues sho has dovolopcd. 1 saw her hero, u
raw girl, going, not many years ngo, to Spain
to bo married, and enn hardly renllzu that
tho widow of King Alpbonso, who has so
plctulldly borno tho discipline of korrow,
gnvernwl with so much wisdom, nnd boon
linn In not shedding blood In defense of her
ton's crow ii, Is tho young priucess w horn I re
uiomber. Foreign Cor. Now York
BtutUtlrs of "Gtmritiitea Coiiipunlr."
"Wo succeed 111 Getting together some In
teresting statistics In our busluctd. Wo keep
n record of the crccntngcs of loss to premi
ums, w blch show tho average of defalcations
In various classes of business. When tho
ieivontngo is under .4 of 1 per cent, wo re
gard the risk ns fair. In banks the percent'
agolt.:i7of t per cent.; employes of tele
graph companies hnvo averaged ..'35 of t er
wilt, with us so far, but there Is nu Improve
ment due, as t believe, to the bonding of
w hole companies, and the consequent weed
ing out through our investigations of tho
employes with bad records and looso habits.
Cashiers and bookkeepers hnvo usually been
eoutldered a bad risk, but with us they hnvo
shown a loss of only .H of 1 er cent., which
make Cbcin a very Rood risk.
"With state and municipal otucers, not
withstanding tbo cry of corruption, wo have
not yet met with a tingle loss. Officers of
corporations nro perhaps the best risk on tho
wholo, because they aro best paid nnd can af
ford to bo honest. After all, that Is a groat
thing. Wo find that collectors and drivers
aro not an acceptable risk, for tho reason that
they are so miserably paid In proportion to
tho amount of money which they handle.
Our loss with them wm 1.12 per cent It
Isnt fair to put 115,000 or $30,000 a day Into
tbo bands of a man with a wlfo and four
children who Is drawing a salary of S00 a
year. Wo consider that question very care
fully, and wbero a man's incomo seems mani
festly smaller than hi needs we dccllno to
boud. In many cases our refusal on tbese
grounds has shamed employers Into paying
fairer wages," Now York Mall nnd Express.
The Peculiarities of Statues.
Tho personal peculiarities and (utsslng
preferences of Boston statues, considered
qulto apart from their pennanent nspoct,
make a subject that the Listener mny take
up when bo has nothing else to do but float
about and look at things. Just at this mo
ment ha can only refer to tho ovident distress
which Sam Adams, ul ways so bumptiously
erect on bis pedestal In Adnnis square, fools
whenever It rnlnsor mows. With bis ex
quisitely dressed hair, qulto uncovered and
hanging In a superb qucuo down bis back,
and his general nlr of recent ncqualntanco
with tho Interior of a pro-rovolutlounry bund
box, Mr, Adams looks very comfortablo In
pleasant weather, but paJufully bareheaded
and awfully wet In a rain storm; and when
bo appears in winter, with his fiercely folded
arms laden down with snow and an Icicle
banging from either elbow, his aspect Is posi
tively pathetic.
Tho Listener may Just notlco In passing
a personal peculiarity or another Boston
statue, to wit, tbo appearance which the
stony Aloxandor Humllton, In Common
wealth avenue, has of dragging tho pavo
nr.eut along with blm whenever the snow
covers bis (mmenso trailing mantto. It wm
necessary, It seems, to provide tbo statuo with
a trailing mautlo in order to give additional
support for the figure, in good weather
Hamilton merely has thoappearanco of lean
ing on his tuanllo, but when tho wholo struc
ture Is covered with snow, as It often Is In
winter, bo teems to bo marching along and
tearing up tho sidewalk after blm m bo goes.
Boston Transcript "Listener."
A western editor refers to Col Robert G
Ingcrsoll c- ''ths great antl-iheoUan."
Tlio Hloty of Itiiu- I'llMy AkIiiiiUIk-iI w
Slotilio.Vi wild u .Mont Ion of Homo of
tlio C'lniriirtrrMlo IViiIiiivn of Itolh
Cntsnro verytlmld creitturiN In spltunf
llielr "nine live'," nnd iiionU-yH, though not
very cmiuigeotis, nro extivmely inischluvntM,
nnd tnkodcllKht In te.tslti other nutmnls, If
thoy (.in do nn with impunity.
I know n rnt Hint 11 veil In u Iioiiao where n
monkey wns kept nn n iiet, nnd iillhough she
wan us largo ns tho moiiI:oy nnd coulil hnvo
deiiiollshcd him with her sharp teeth nnd
clitw, sho lived III c(nitjint terror of hint.
Ho wiih nlivnys wntcliing for mi opportunity
to K)ttiiccoit licritHfiho imKK-il upthognr
den, nnd she would Hnuiier for her life to
get out of hli tvncli,
Hut ono ilny, iw jKwr pussy wiih quietly
ilo.lng on the window nlll, her ulmlilo tor
mentor caught sight of her nnd spiling with
ono liotind onto tlio hIII. llntJiHt ns ho wns
Rtrctcliing outlils little hnnd to nmkun clutch
ut her fur, putsy Mnrted tip. Thciq wns no
retreat, for sho wns In tho ooiitcr of tho sill.
Counigu mounted with tho occasion, nnd
ivnrliiglicrM'lf up like u knugiiroo. Mlw Puts
dealt Mr. Jocko such it box on the car with '
ll'lll I1IU ll.lll, OIF IIKU l.lllllllin, iiiiv, j. ii-n i
her sharp claws, that clapping his band to
tho side of his bend, ho ttnivd nt her wllh
0K'ii inoutli. While he was thus oIT bin
gunrd, him dropiKsl down Into tho gnrdcii
upd nimlo good her i-cnpo liofoiis ho ti'id
time to it-cover from his nutonUhmcnt.
A Itciiiurknlitn It I II f I'nn-.
Tho description of it Imiiquet U Fcnrwly
completo nowadays without it bill of fare.
Travelers nro following tho fashion of send
ing homo such mentis us htriko their fancy or
seem for nny reason worthy of record, nml
wo nro thus gutting n very fair knowledge of
the gastronomic tastes of nil nation. Fol
low lug Is u Congo bill of fare, which Ilonde,
tho explorer, lwtvt-s on nvonl for tho nniiim?
incut of tho curious: "Then followed guxcllo
cutlets it la iNipillote; two sninll monkcyx,
nerved cross legged nnd with liver siiueo on
toast; hfl-wod Igumiii, which wns much mi
ni I red; a dish of rousted crocodile's eggs,
some slices of smoked elephant (from tho In
terior); n few iigivcnhlo plates of fried lo
custs, land crabs mid other crustacn; somo
boiled alligator nud touio hippopotamus
Tho Mirer Uule.
You know tho Golden Iltito "Do unto
others ns you would thnt other Hliottld do
unto you." Hero Is undo which Is part of
thn Golden Rule, but which to will put by
Itself, hecnuso It U of vulue, nnfl call it tho
Silver Utile: "Thlnlc nnd nay nil you enn of
the good qualities of others; forget nud keep
sllont concerning their Ixid qualities," Did
you ever think nny more of u, loy or girl 1
cnuso ho or tho fouiul fault with others If
your schoolmates or playmates nro ugly or
stingy orcniMi, It docs not mnko them liotter
to talk or think ubout It. P-ntlicr tell nil tho
good J ou can, nud try to think of some good
quality. Thnt Is the Kllver Utile, snys Golden
llenentH St. I'lit-J's.
Although It Is only n tradition thnt thn
Houinus had n templo to Diana In Loudon
where Bt. Paul's cathedral now stands, yet it
scents clear that they used It m a burial
place, or for somo sacred purpose. When
tho iircMMit cathedral wns In building, many
llomnii fmienvl vases nnd similar article
wero found under tho surface. Alovo theso
lay ninny skeletons of nncietit Britons; nbovo
thifo ngaln wero tho cofllns nud graves of
tho Baxous.
Italian rrnstiuts.
A hnndsomo and plcturesiiio raco tbo Ital
ians have Ikxmi from immemorial times, with
the impretM of n mighty ancestry, n genial
cllmnto and of lovely surroundings in nrt
nnd nature upon them. Expressive featurvs,
glittering eyes, dark hair, nud swarthy com
plexions n combination peculiarly attractive
ton northern eye aro to bo found every
where nud among all classes, but perhaps
mora frequently in central mid southern Italy
than lu tho plains of Lombanly.
All these characteristics appear to the best
advantage in loth wsw whtlo young, grown
up women losing their bloom ntnnenrlv- age,
and men withering npaco under the influence
ot tho climate, hard work, nnd their own
fiery 'Missions, lleally hnndsomo faces, w Ith
regular, lineaments, aro .tho prerogative of
girls and boys, and especially nmong tio
latter clinrmlii;.' specimens of humanity nro
met with, models for chcnibsns well as for
picturesque ragnmutlliu. Tho great imlntcrs
of tho Italian renaissance loved to depict tho
hnndsomo pages, who nt that time wero an
indlspeiiftnblo nppendago to tho households of
the nobles.
Artists of tho modem Italian school havo
rovived tho tradition by selecting casaiit
boys nud girls of tho present day for their
models. In tho cut is represented ono of tho
merry, ragged urchins to Ixi met now In
Italian towns ou market days, and tho vil
lages swarm with them. Their dilapidated
nttlro does not interfcro In tho least with
their high spirits and boisterous play nud
impish mlscliier. Arrant mm persistent
beggars a plaguo to tourists as they nro
one cannot lieln admiring their handsome
faces, their cubtle agility uud natural grace.
Sinn Net r.-ullj Dlitnrl-cl.
I OJtco knew n mnn whoso name wns Com
fort Israel Black. Ho .tm an oxnet conn
terpnrt of hli tin mo. It was not to much his
oddity that puzzled mo, but how His parent
knoi Jnit what to nninc him. Thoy ccr
taluly did not, unions on general principles,
sollmi I hnvo boeii driven to the conviction
that n gloat many fiecullnrltlef are the result
of the nnmes given to children. What o-jght
Comfoit Israel Blnck to hnvo beeul Blnck
enough, to Insure, easy, unrulllod, slow, do
dellbcrnto, never qulto up to lime, iinambl
tlout but ho should bo pious, comforting,
geutlo nud goody good. All this ho was. He
was too slack to halloo when In Imminent
Inngcrof drowning, nnd tho result m ho
was only rescued hynccldent, "Boys," ho said,
"I think innyl-o tho wntorlstoo too deep,
nnd I guess" nnd then n gtirglo, and down
ho wont. Borne of us dragged lilm out and
tlipKd the II fo Into lilm JuU In time. A
hoiiM being on tire. Comfort wns tent to
route tho neighbors. Ho wont to one door,
rapped, ami waited u rcnsonnblo tlmo; rapped
again, nnd In half an hour roused them. Ho
thon bognnt "I nm sorry totroublo you nt this
tlmo of night, but Mr. Bristol's houto Is ou
What shall) no do with such fellows!
They wenvo Into tho wnrp of society as looso
' yarn, mid death has no trotiblo In pulling
1 them out. They generally die of Inanition.
Huttbo chann of them Is thero Is no such
I thing ns friction In their makeup. They can
not Iw provoked cannot Iw Irritated. We
nro n nervous raco, getting more nervous.
I hut tho Comfort Israels look up surprised
I and wonder nt tho osslblllty of an Insult
disturbing you. M. Mnurlce, 11. D.
nlplitlii-rlu Cnustit from ttuhlills.
Two children of M. J Ilogers, of Toronto,
ucro during tho Inst winter stricken with
malignant diphtheria. Ono succumbed to
tht dread disease, nnd tho other, nftor tho
most skillful nud careful treatment, recov
ered. Mr. Rogers had at tho time on his
! premises a largo number of Kngllsh rabbits.
I When the disease broho out In the household
they ono by ono by got sick nud died. Tho
owner never dreamed of tho animals being
aircctcd by tho miiio dlsenso from which M
children were sufTcrlng, nud ho nns In s
much trotiblo that ho did not dovoto tlmo to
luvi-stlgnto tho cauo of their death, llut njniu . VltU I..SI. IHUUliO ttlLI .
uli.ll bililA ft fl g tncf nl.lilta Hb.1 "IIm
ilogers nmdo nn examination, nnd on open
lng their mouths found their throats soro, the
toncuo thickly furred nnd tho roofs covered
with the Miuo membrnno us that In the
mo'iths of tho children who hud bu (
with diphtheria. Ho mentioned tho fact to
Dr. Tyrill, who was attending tho children
nt the time, nnd the physician, on looking
Into tho enso mid examining tho rabbits, nf
firmed thnt they had dltd of diphtheria.
Toronto Globo.
A Crltlml Surclrol Opcrntlnu.
Dr. P.nist Flelschl, professor of physiol
ogy In tbo University of Vionnn, who wns
ono of tho Austrian commissioners nt the
Philadelphia exhibition, recently submitted
to ono of tho most curious surgical opera
tions on record. In consequence of blood
poisoning from n dissection, ho had been for
years nsullcror from excruciating neimilglc
pains, uccoinpniilod by swellings. Tho emi
nent surgeon, ProK or Billroth, hnd failed
to give ponnnneii: iof by repeated opera
tions, mid (Vinlly g, f r up tho case. Ilcccntly
Blllroth's assistant Dr. Gersuny, calldl his
nttentlon to n similar caso on record lu which
n euro bad been uchlovod by n resection of
tho diseased ncrvo nnd tho substitution of
tho corresponding uervo of n rabbit Pro
feiwor Billroth urged Dr. I'lclschl to nssent
to u liko oeration, which Dr. Gersuny
performed with completo success. Bostou
rrngress. ti tit Dark Continent.
Nows from Stanley locates hint near Lake
Mvntan nnd nil right But thonctunlknowl
odgo of his movements Is nearly six mouths
old. Blow and unsatisfactory as this is, one
lmouly to compare n recent mnp of Africa
with ono published thirty years ngo to se
how amazing has been tho opening of tho
dark continent. Wo now havo a fairly no-
curate topographical knowledge of
fourth. of wlutt was then "unknown
That It is a rich, fertile, well watered coat!
uent vtm know with no tnoro Irreclaimable
desert than nny of tho other continents. It
Is not a too sangutuo forecast that s?os
Africa, 100 yenrs from now, belted with mil
roads nnd telephones, and tho home of high
clvlllmtlon. Wo shall probably soon hear
from Stanley ns nil right, and communica
tion established with Hmln Boy. Globe
ifemocrat BtitMtltuto for a N'urrst
A Bangor young woman ono Saturday
evening went Intoa book store and Mkcd tho
clerk, whom slio know well, to pick her out n
good novel to read next day. Tbo novel wm
selected, ami tlio clork deftly substituted for
It n Now Testament, tnado a neat package
and thought thnt bo bad played a good joke
on tho glrL On Monday morning ho heard
from tbo joke. Tbo young woman entered
tbo store very white in tho faco and banged
tho Testament down on tie counter. "I'd
have thrown that in the fire," sho said, "if
thero had been any way la which I could
have made you pay for it I'll nover buy n
cent's worth of you again, so thero. Give
mo the book I bought on Saturday," aud
then sho flounced out Now York Sun.
Science Imposed Upon.
On All Fools' day a Now Orleans nowspa
per printed n detailed and Interesting no
count of a rcmarkablo pocket telcphono that
had been Invented by a young oloctrlclan In
thnt city. Tlio nrtlclo, nlthough written en
tirely as a joke, found Its way m a serious
matter In tho columns of soveral highly ro
spectable scientific Journals, and n number
of wealthy corporations wrote to ngonts In
tho city authorizing thorn to begin negotia
tions for tho purchaso of tho Invoutlou. De
troit Freo Pros..
An Old Prayer Hook.
Ono of tbo valttnblo curiosities which Min
ister Anderson brought with him from Den
mark on lib return to this country la nn old
Danish prayer book that was beautifully
printed by band long before tho days of
Gutcnburg. Tho vellum pages nro hand
somely Illuminated by gold aud colors nnd a
number of excollout Illustrations adorn It
Tho book is supposed to date from tho Four
teenth century. Brooklyn Eagle,
Stent Justice In England.
English magistrates have sent to jail for
thirteen days an old man who wm convicted
of having trundled on empty barrel along a
gravel footpath of a country road where ha
would havo Interfered with foot passengers
if thero bad boon any nnywboro about to be
Interfered with, which tho evidence showed
thero were not The regular roadway bod
ust been laid with broken rock. Chicago
A Ilaro Slcht.
A ram avis, in tho sbapo of nn Intoxicated
Chinaman, wm seen on Broadway tho other
Sunday night Ho stalked along, singing a
Chinese song at tho top of his lungs. A fow
feet ahead of lilm wm a companion, who
looked ashamed at his countryman's conduct
New York Evening World.
Ifa Coiirlnilril, tlotrevur, Thnt Connectlcnl
Wus Oood UiioiibIi tnt Stint.
At n certain fnr wvi railroad station wo
got Into conversation with n man who wns
sitting on tho depot platform waiting for tho
"I camo out to this country n fow days
ngo," ho s.ild nftor talking somo tlmo, "for
my health, but 1 mn going back to Connect!
cut on tho next train."
"Doesn't tho cllmato agree with yottf
asked Briar.
"Yea, I think tho cllmnto would ngreo with
mo nil right, but tho pcoplo don't Incut
up hero n fow miles. A friend of mlno had
spent n summer near thero on Big Noso
George's ranch, nnd ho recommended tho
place to mo.
"I simply went thero for my health, In
tending to iKwnl during tho fall and return
homo lieforo cold weather. As 1 got ofT tho
train when it nrrlved I noticed qulto a crowd
of men on tho platform, nil wearing big flnt
bats nnd spurs nnd walking very Iww
legged. I stnrtcd down tho steps townnl tho
hotel when ono of them approached mo con
fidentially nnd said: 'Bo you goln' to open a
bank, partner!' 'A whatr I asked. 'A
bank,' ho said 'Why, no,' said I, 'what you think I was going to cngago In tbo
banking buslncssf 'Oh, I thought you looked
n llttlo thnt wny,' ho replied. 'Mo V tho
bojs 'lowed you had your outfit nil exeep' tho
tables In your grip tho Ikjtcs, nn' l.eerds,
nn' chins, nn' layout irpnerallv.' 'You
nro mistaken,' 1 replied, n itood deal '
bewildered, and went on over to tho hotel.
Whllo I wns registering tho clerk leaned
over nnd said: "Ooln' to deal farof 'No,
sir,' I replied, light beginning to dawn on mo
n llttlo. 'ICeno or hnzard, tlieup bo went on.
'Nothing of thoklndr 1 snld warmly. 'Jess
straight draw poker, I s'poHor ho continued.
'No gnmo nt all,' 1 replied. 'Alnt goln' to
try to work tho lioys on nothlmblorlg, I
hopol ho snld nnxioiisly, 'Thoy dropped n
roll on that last week mid they nro n llttlo
cross nlwut It' 'No, sir: I hnvo no gnmbling
apparatus nt nil,' I said. '1 simply camo out
hero for my health,' nnd I wcut mid stt down
by tho door.
"1 saw him looking nt mo pretty hard, and
after a whllo tho crowd I had seen nt tho sta
tion us well n others began to drop In nud
whisper to tho cleric mid talk low nmong
themselves mid look at mo. Pretty soon ono
of them, who wore such n big hat that it
mado him stoop shouldered, enmo over nml
said: 'Stranger my mwno U Peto Doyle
thoy call mo Wobfoot, but my right nnmois
I'eto Doylo.' 'I nut pleased to meet you, Mr.
Doyle,' I said, slinking hands with blm. Ho
started n llttlenud thon said: 'I reckon you
better call mo Wcbfoot I'm more onto- It I i
am one of tlroclty aldermen ami checrmnti of I
tho council commit too otv strnugcrs. Tlio
commit too directed mo to ask. you a ques
tion.' 'Go nhcod,' 1 replied. 'Wo- wanted
to- ask you' nnd ho lowered Ids- voice
nlmost to- n whisper 'what you hud to
fatvo tho states forf 'I didn't liavo
to-IeavotheeMt for anything 1 replied; 'I
camo out hero for my health.' Wobfoot
looked nt mo very hard nnd stnrtcd to ro-
treat, when I heard somo ono behind mo say
In n loud whisper: 'Ask him how fur
nlicad o1 tho sheriff ho wast' Wcbfoot
looked nt mo n minuto nnd said: 'I toko It
thero wn'n't no sheriff T 'No,! I rcpllexL
"A lot of others wero staudlng-outsldo and
looking gloomy mid depressed, nnd polishing
up their revolvers with their pocket handker
chief. "Ono man was talking very loud nil tho
tlmo-about this Idea of trying to mnko tho
town a corral for tho escaped criminals from
tho states being about played out I nftcr
wnnl learned that ho was tho xstmnstcr.
And about this tlmo tho mayor of tho town
begun to walk up nnd down tho middle of tho
street with n shotgun on his shoulder,. nil tho
tlmo lookins: off ncross tho nrnlrlo. E heard
'blm explaining to tho probato judgo that
tliero might bo moro of 'cm coming and that
ho 'lowed to glvo It to 'cm 'foro they cot Into
town and got a footlinld liko this rooster hail
"Then nnother man mndo mo roll up my
trousers to show that
I didn't havo n striped
patron underneath. Ho went out nnd told
tho mayor that I probably bail time to
chnngo them. Tlio mayor said ho noticed
my hair had grown out somo too.
"I wns now thinking of Connecticut most
of tho time. And nil tho while- thoso fellow
wero discussing- the- probable- amount of tlio
reward for my capture. Anil nuother began
to-spcculato as to whether I had tho money I
had stolen nbout my iicrson or in my sachet
"And nil tlio tlmo the county sheriff wns
riding up and down tho sidewalks-, with his
horso on tho nm, shouting: -All members of
vigilance commit teo moot at Maverick houso
in thirty minutest Ihrsincs of importance
with small man from Connecticut f
"I gnvo tho subject o good deal of careful
study and concluded that Connecticut wm n
pretty good ptaco after ntL I couldn't too
why I should havo ever tliought my health
wm poor thero.
"Tho coroner dropped In nnd looked mo
over, nnd I heard him promUo a doeoti dif
ferent men to boo that each wm on tho in
quest "About this tlmo my old friend Wcbfoot
camo down tho street, dragging n long ropo
behind him, with n hangmnn's nooso on tho
end of it Ho looked in nnd said I wm tho
man who refused to shako hands with him or
call hint by bis last namo. Ho said nny roan
who wm too proud to shako hands with old
Wcbfoot, councilman from tbo Second ward,
bad got to hang. Then ho throw tho ropo
over tho limb of a tree in front of tho door so
I could look off across tho prairie through tho
nooso and enjoy tho scenery.
"Tbo shcrltf was now nnnottnclng that tho
vigilanco committee would meet in flvo
minutes. I got a gleam of bono just then,
when I saw tho city marshal coming, wearing
his star. 1 appealed to hint for protection,
but ho looked mo all over and then snld ho
reckoned it was best for the civil authorities
to tako tholr own courso. and ho waved his
baud so m to Include every cutthroat fit j
sight The proprietor of tho hotel enmo in i
mid presented n bill for f 3, for occupying his I
uouso two hours, aud snld l better pay bctoro
tho exercises; nud 1 heard tho county judgo
yclllug Hint tho tlmo wns up.
"I then started out tho back door for Con
necticut 1 found that tuy health was first
rato for running. Whon I loft Connecticut I
thought I needed a chnugo of climate, but I
concluded that I still needed ono mors
change. Thero's moro health in Connecticut
than I over gave it credit for. Good-by."
Fred II. Carruth in Now York Tribune
Of riscatorUl Interest.
Customer (In restaurant) What kind
fish havo you got, waiterl
Walter All kinds, everything, can glvo
you what yon liko.
"Well, bring mo somo fried whalo."
"Er I'm very sorry about tho whales,
mister, they'ro Jest out. Tho dealer dlsap-
!o!utod us this morning an' only sent two.'
Toxas Sittings.
Makes It I'laln.
Tho kcoper of a Detroit confectionery shop
and restaurant is evidently determined to
mako hU calling sure, as tho sign upon his
vrindnv reads; "P-estaurant, lunch nud coffoo
It Is tlioniiiy line riiuntnif itlr.-clly tlirouuli
Denver ami Halt l.nko CHy, eunnllo to San
KratiFlsco and oilier California point, nml Is
known ns tho "iconic Line" lo the I'nelllu
const. The llurlliiKtou Itoule runs over Its
own Irnek ocry duy In the year. Complete
trains of l'lillmnn I'lilnco Cars mi llU-uant
Day CoiiclicH between
Denver and Chicago,
Denver and Kan. City,
Denver and Omaha,
Kansas City and Peoria,
Kansas City and Chicago,
Lincoln and Chicago,
Lincoln and St. Louis,
Lincoln and Peoria,
Lincoln and Kan. City,
MukliiK direct connections In Union Deimt
rornll iHilnts North. Hunt, South mid West.
It Is tho I'lnncr Dlnlnjj Car Lluo between
Mlsoiirl river nml ChleiiK. McmIk iiiiIv 7.V.
The Hurllugt-Mi IMiituir Curs wen- built ox-pro-sly
for the service ami mu unlimited en
llrely In tho Interest ofour patronx.
Via tho Aslilaiiil Cut-orr. ttiiiKlng direct con
nections with trains for Hl.l'aul, MlniienwIH
C'lilciiKOiiiul all points l-'nst nml N"ortliont.
The illnurniiiN of I he Lliieolii-Uhlenso sleep
ers via this iMipulnrnnit nroiitClly Ultlrccor
O mid 10th kIn., whore berths may be secured
ninny time.
A HiH-clnlly Is iiuule of Ocean Hli-niiiohln Tick-
etx, and pnrtli-HiMiiteinphitinira lilp to tli- old
country or iU-hI ring to wild flirtlivlrf i lends hIioiiM
not mil to vtirn-stwiiii with up. our rnli-Mnre tli
luucNt, nnd our fiiollllloi uuequaled, aim repre
sent each nud eeiy lliicero-wliijjllin Atlaiitle.
a.c. 'ir..Mi:it,
Clly Pnw-i. Aut.. Lincoln.
P H. i-'ltANCIS, w. W. IIOI DltEOi:,
Gen. Past, nnd T'kt Agt., General -d'gvr.
Omiihii. Oiniha
The West Shoro is tbo only lllucttstcd tnazv
Ado tmbllslied on tho raeltle coast, and asiilo
from Its excellent lltersry features, lis object Is
to convey Information, by both pen and pencil,
of tho great resources of this rrcton, and the
progress oi mur development.
Siicclat illnstnted articles appear In each
Issuo ; aim, several pages of notes of the pro
rros being made In every section. Orecon,
wastilnatoav Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Utah,
California ItrUIsti Colombia, and tho Pacific
Northwest In general, aro being Illustrated.
The subscription prlco Is only $2.50. It Is not
only the cheapest lllaetratcd magazine In the
United States, but contains articles and en
ennlngs of great Interest to every resident of
this region, which can set bo found in any
other publication.
Subscribers, for 16W receive a Jarco supple
ment every month. Tte first one Is a beauti
ful oleograph, ot the Krttraiico to the Colum
bia Klvvr.'v printed hi cine colors, and each
of tho others represents somo feature of our
ubllmo scenery, Tho supplements aro alone
worth more than tbo prlco of the magazine.
Try It for lf8, and after reading, send It to
your friends elsewhere, Yoa will find It bota
enlcrtfilnlntf ami Instructive.
L. SAMUEU PablUher.
rrt-tnsetast, l"oftlsrjd,Orfcon. .
The Shortest, Quickest and Best
Route to
Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City,
St, Louis, Cincinnati, Washington,
Baltimore, Mew York and Boston.
CsT-For further Information. Folders, etc., rail
on or address
Olty Ticket Agent, Cor. O nnd 12th st.
D IJADCOCK, Depot Ticket Agent.
All tho l'ATTEKNS you with to u-e durlns tha
year, for nothing, (a saving of from JJ.00 to $1.U0, b
subecrlblug for
WilhTweUe Orders for Cul Paper Patterns of
your own selection and of any slzo-
OT nil tlio HtlnornxlncM. i
Tine, and llousmmui iiattsiu.
Jllmtrnteil with Orlgiunl Hlrrl Jingrnv
ing, l'lioto(irnvtrr$, Oil l'lcttire !
fine irooiteiilt, mulilnt'U tho JUotlelMaga
lne of America.
liach Mn;axlno contains a coupon order entitling holder to tho selection of any pattern Illustrated
la tho fdahlon department In that number, nnd In
in- of tin tUcs manufactured, making patterns
Ijrlnz tho year of thn valuo of oierthrco dollars.
IlKVIOIlKsrs MONTHLY Is Justly entitled Iho
l7orld' Model MuruiIuc. Tho Urgent In Form, tho
Urgct In Circulation, and tho bet TWO Dollar
Family Mncaztne lsmcil. lHSSnlll bo Iho Twenty,
fimrili year ot lie piihllcntlou, and It stands at t&4
hold of Family l'erlodlcals. It contains 78 page.
laro (iiinrto, HVitllV IntUrs, tlegantly printed ond
fully Illustrated, Published by w, Jcnnlug
Ucmoreit, New York
And by Special Agreement Com t
blnod vrlth tho ' 4
Capitol City Courier at $3.25 Per Year,
. dl'j
UltiiUjIllttjlMKM. '- ik.1
, 1.
.. ,A.tM