The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, April 05, 1951, SECTION 2, Page 9, Image 9

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Rev. Wm. H. Cowger, pastor
Second Sunday after Easter,
April 8, 9 a.m. Sermon: “Grace to
Church school, Sunday, 10 a.m.
Wednesday, May 2, 8:15 pm.,
you have the opportunity of
hearing one of the world’s great
est organists — Richard Elsasser.
If you want to see Neligh get
wonderful music, help this ven
ture to the best of your ability.
This is another community pro
ject by the churches of Neligh.
Deanery meeting at Trinity
Episcopal church, Norfolk, for
f all Guild and auxiliary members
beginning with holy communion
at 10 a.m., Thursday, April 13.
Start to make plans now to at
tend. There will be no Guild on
April 11 so you can plan to attend
at Norfolk.
Annual council ol the diocese
of Nebraska at St. James church,
Fremont, Wednesday and Thurs
day, May 9 and 10. Guest speak
er will be Very Rev. Paul Rob
erts, dean of St. John’s cathedral,
Denver, Colo.
God grant that this confused
world may look unto Jesus and
* by fellowship with Him through
His church may find the true
brotherhood out of chaos and
peace and the power to bring
hatred, and spiritual strength out
of human frailty. The church has
not failed; but we have lived fee
ble lives apart from the well
spring of life, our Saviour, Jesus
Christ. He comes to us again this
Eastertide in great triumph. Let
us, like the disciples of old, be
truly glad to see Him. May His
words change the weakness of
our lives into towers of strength.
Listen, He speaks to you, my
friends: “Peace be unto you.”
Rev. Melvin Grosenbach, pastor
April 5, 8 p.m.: Victory prayer
y meeting. Pray with us for the
betterment of our war, crime and
political situations.
April 8: Sunday - school, 10
a.m.; worship, 11 a.m.; praise ser
vice, 7:30 p.m.; young people’s
meeting, 8 p.m.; message by the
pastor, 8:30 p.m.
April 18: The sound color
film, “God of Creation,” 8 p.m.
Marvels of astronomy and nat
ural science made clear through
lapse - time camera and micro
scope. These remarkable scenes:
Huge size and vast number of
heavenly bodies . . buds blos
soming in seconds . . . leaves
manufacturing their food . . .
caterpillar changing into butter
April 17: The sound color
I film, “Dust or Destiny.” Marvel
* ous mechanisms of the human
eye, ear and heart! Unerring
flight of homing pigeons! Fish
laying eggs on dry land! The
wonder of growing things! Amaz
ing, thrilling, awe inspiring!
April 19: The sound color film,
“God of the Atom.” Startlingly
different approach to atomic
bomb problem. Featured are ex
clusive photographs of equip
ment used in atomic research and
unusual photography showing
tremendous energies packed in a
tiny atom.
Freewill offering will be taken
for film rental.
You are invited to all of our
Rev. Ralph Gerber, pastor
Sunday, April 8: Sunday
school, 10 a.m.; worship, 11 a.m. i
Sermon by Rev. Ralph Cham
berlain, Presbyterian Sunday
school missionary for the synod
of Nebraska. Your pastor will re
turn to the pulpit on Sunday, Ap
ril 15.
Spring meet of the Niobrara
Presbyterial will be held at
Wayne on Monday and Tuesday,
April 16 and 17.
METHODIST (Chambers)
Rev. L. R. Hansberry, pastor
Sunday-school, 10:30 a.m.,
Clair Grimes, superintendent.
Worship, 11:30 a.m.
k There will be choir practice
following MYF Sunday evening.
The WSCS will meet today
CThursday) at the home of Mrs.
C. V. Robertson.
District youth rally will be at
Neligh April 8, and the district
conference at Wayne April 6th.
Rev. Orin Graff, pastor
Unified services every Sunday,
10 a.m.
Sermon Sunday, April 8: “How
God Counts Faith.”—Romans 4
I The Women’s society will meet
today (Thursday) in the church
basement at 2:30 p.m. Mrs. Alice
Wefso, Mrs. Wilbur Moon and
Mrs. Stanley Cobb will be the
Choir rehearsal tonight (Thurs
day), 7 o’clock.
Prayer meeting tonight (Thurs
day), 8 o’clock.
The session is planning evan
gelistic services for two weeks
beginning April 9. The services
will be conducted by Miss Mar
garet Hamill and Miss Eloise Ru
A. C. Utterback, pastor
Sunday, April 8:
Bible school at 10 a.m., with
classes for all ages. The adult
class will have a guest teacher,
Bro. Percy Kleeman, of Salem,
Ore. After the evening service,
Mr. Kleeman will show moving !
Lord’s supper, 11 a.m., follow
ed by a message from God’s Holy
Word. Evening service, 8 o’clock.
Workers will meet several
times during the week to finish
the interior decorating and hang
the new drapes. We welcome
those without a church home to
worship with us.—By Mrs. Don
ald Johring, secretary.
Rev. Melvin Grosenbach, pastor
April 8: Worship, 10 a.m.; Sun
day-school, 11 a.m.; young peo
ple’s service and Bible study,
7 30 p.m.
Prayer meeting each Wednes
day, 8 p.m.
Our 46th anniversary dates are
May 5 and 6. You are invited to
all of our services.
Jim Hytrek a
Soloist at Festival
STUART— Jim Hytrek, senior
in Stuart high school, sang a so
lo, “The Long Road,” in the eve
ning concert at the north-central
conference choral music festival
held in Valentine on Saturday,
March 31.
The concert was broadcast by
tape recording on Sunday, April
1, from 2 to 3 p.m. over KRVN at
About 35 boys and girls from
the high school music department
and their director, Allen Barnes,
represented Stuart at the festi
val. Soloists from here were Jim
Hytrek, Jim Hamik, Willis Berry,
Fred Coats and Esther Gans.
This was the third annual mu
sic festival and was attended by
360 students from high schools in
the north central Nebraska con
ference. The day was spent in
sectional rehearsals and the eve- ,
ning concert featured the massed
mixed chorus, girls’ chorus, boys’
chorus, and representative num
bers from the schools.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson
and family, of Lincoln, spent the
weekend with Mrs. Jackson’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. N e v e n
Ickes, Lionel and Dennie. Other
Sunday dinner guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Neven Ickes, jr., and
Mr. and Mrs. Soren Sorensen, jr.,
and Glenda.
Mr. and Mrs. Gailord Albright,
Lavonne and Sterling, of Page,
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stevens
and Tommy, of O^Nieill, spent
Saturday ervening at the O. J.
Hoffman home at Clearwater.
Mrs. Soren Sorensen spent the
weekend at Ainsworth with her
daughter, Miss Shirley Sorensen.
Richard Orcutt, Miss Sorensen,
Miss Iloe Oatman and Dean
Trumm brought Mrs. Sorensen
home Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Larson
and Lynn, Mrs. George Rost, Mrs.
Melvin Carson and Mrs. Orville
Kemper were Sioux City visitors
Tuesday, March 27.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Asher
were Sunday evening dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Stevens at O’Neill.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Bearinger,
of Orchard, were Sunday after
noon visitors at the Melvin Roach
‘ '.:' • • ' ..' . . .. ::: . ... '. . ’ •' - -
Carson School
Has Patrons Day
REDBIRD—Patrons’ day was
observed in the Carson school
Friuay, March 23.
Those present were: Mrs.
Claude Pickering, Monty and
Marlene, Mrs. Robert White, Mr.
and Mrs. Bernard Weber, of
Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Car
son, Mrs. Eddie Carson, Mrs. Ho
ward Slack, Mrs. Carrie Hunter,
Mrs. Mary Wolfe and Miss Lizzie
The patrons brought ice cream
and cake which was served for
lunch. Miss Maureen Weber is the
Other Redbird News
Mrs. Gay Hull planned a sur
prise birthday party for her hus
band Friday night, March 16,
but due to the storm only a few
were able to get there.
The Lee Wells family, of Lynch,
were Tuesday, March 13, supper
guests in the Clifford Wells
Robert Wells, Beryle Bessert,
and Richard Truax spent Thurs
day evening, March 22, with Gar
ry Wilson.
Several families from this com
munity attended the card party
at the lodge hall in Lynch Wed
nesday, March 21, sponsored by
the Three Links club. *
Herman Schollmeyer was a
Thursday, March 15, supper guest
in the Frank Carsten home.
Mr. and Mrs. Swede Sedivy
and son were “stormed in” at
the Gay Hull home over the
March 24 weekend.
Mrs. Lillian Baker, Barry and
Joan and the Bus Greene family,
of Lynch, surprised Mrs. Nick
Baker Tuesday evening, March
13, on her birthday anniversary.
Easter Sunday dinner guests
in the Bill Conard home were:
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Slack and
daughters, Etta Mae Wells, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Hiscocks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ross
and the Clifford Wells family
were Easter Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert White,
Ronnie and Sharlene were din
ned guests of her parents, the
Rav Wilsons, Easter Sunday. They
called in the Tom White home
that evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wyant and
boys called in the Charley Ross
home Easter Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
and Douglas, of Wagner, S. D.,
spent the Easter holidays with
her parents, the Art Bessert fam
ily. _
Kenneth Coventry and sons
went to Grand Island Monday
evening, March 26, where they
met Mrs. Coventry, who was re
turning from Denver, Colo.,
where she had spent a few days
visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Clark went
to Columbus Tuesday, March
27, where they met their son,
rom, who is spending a few days
here from the navy. Tom has just
finished his boot training.
The Coffee club met Tuesday,
March 27, with Mrs. Jennie Cros
ser for a regular meeting. Mrs.
Arthur Renner and Miss Abbie
Hanley were assistant hostesses.
A covered dish luncheon was
served at noon.
The Harmony club entertained
their husbands at a party Satur
day evening in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry McGraw. Various
games were played after which
Mrs. McGraw served lunch. The
Harmony club held a regular
meeting Tuesday afternoon with
Mrs. Harry McGraw. After a so
cial afternoon the hostess served
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Butler and
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Youngs and
children were visitors Sunday in
Mrs. Harold Brower ana
daughters left Sunday for their
home in Independence, Mo,, af
ter spending several days visiting
Mrs. Brower’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. N. Butler.
Mrs. Vem Wrede and son and
Mrs. Clarence Wrede, of O’Neill,
were Inman visitors Monday.
Mrs. James Coventry and son,
Bill, spent Thursday in Lynch
visiting relatives.
Mrs. Pete Cooper, of Orchard,
spent Thursday visiting in the
home of her mother, Mrs. Lottie
Harlan Morsbach and Gordon
Sholes, who are employed by the
telephone company, spent the
weekend visiting relatives and
Ted Kelley, of College Park,
Md., spent the weekend visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Kelley, sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Butterfield
md children spent Thursday in
Norfolk on business.
The Women’s Department of
he LDS church met Wednesday
iftemoon, March 28, in the Man
lel Crosser home. At the close of
he meeting, Mrs. Crosser served
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stevens
pent Monday in Battle Creek
usiting in the Robert Stevens
md Chester Smith homes.
Karl Keyes and Mr .and Mrs.
Clarence Hansen and children
pent Sunday in Norfolk visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith, of
3attle Creek, spent Sunday visit
ng her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
lari Stevens.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hynes left
'uesday to visit her parents, Mr.
nd Mrs. Ted Vickland, of Kan
as City, Mo., for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hart
vent to Kilgore Friday to visit
us father, who is ilL They re
imed Monday.
Mr*. Pea*e Get*
Check for $2,234
CELIA— Mrs. Blanche Spann
Pease, editor of The Frontier
Woman department, Saturday
was handed a check for $2,234 by
three representatives of the
Kraft Foods company. The cere
mony took place at the Council
: Oak store in Atkinson where
Mrs. Pease bought her margarine.
Mrs. Pease is a Celia farm wife.
Mrs. Pease was a successful
contestant in the Great Gilder
sleeve’s naming-the-twins radio
contest and was to have received
a Ford Victoria as a prize. How
ever, she took the cash in lieu of
the car because the family alrea
dy has a good car.
Her prize was first made public
W ednesday night, March 28, on a
radio network.
The week before her newspa
per writing had captured several
state prizes.
Mrs. Viola Maupin, of North
Platte, came Sunday to spend a
few weeks with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. H. Dierks. She’ was
accompanied by her son and
daughter, IMerle and Myra Maup
in, who continued on their way
to Lincoln where Miss Maupin
has employment and Merle at
tends the University of Nebras
Dinner guests Sunday eve
ning at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lyle Dierks were his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Dierks, and
his sister, Mrs. Viola Maupin, of
North Platte.
Mrs. R. B. Krachie is home
after spending the past week
visiting at the homes of her
daughters in Omaha.
O’Neill shoppers from Ewing
on Saturday were Miss Ina Ben
nett, Mrs. Clyde Allen and Mrs.
Elmer Bergstrom. Mrs. M. Mor
row accompanied them home
for the weekend. She is Miss
Bennett’s niece.
On Friday, Mrs. Elmer Berg
strom spent the day at Neligh
at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Francis Hoffman, and family.
Mrs. Gail Boies was surprised
on her birthday anniversary
March 28, when self-invited
guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Boies
and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lar
son, arrived for dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Boies and
niece, Katherine Bauer, spent
Sunday at the country home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bohn.
Mrs. Frank Vandersnick enter
tained the Pinochle club at her
home Thursday evening. Guests
were Mrs. John Vandersnick,
Mrs. Agnes Bartak and Mrs. John
Miller. Mrs. Agnes Bartak car
ried away all honors by winning
high score and the honor prize.
The hostess served a luncheon
when the games were finished.
The club will meet next time
with Mrs. J. Q. Archer.
Mrs. Myrtle Young, of Inman,
, returned home Sunday after
spending a few days at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kropp
and family.
On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Fry spent Sunday at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al
vin Gibson, and family in Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wolfe
and family, of Inman, accomp
anied by his mother, (Mrs. Wal
ter Jacox, spent Monday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Al
len and family. Mrs. Wolfe was
the honored guest at the birth
day dinner.
Mrs. Jessie Bittner, of Plain
view, was a weekend guest at
the home of her sister and hus
band, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Munn,
and family. They took her home
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kropp
and family drove to Neligh Sun- *
day to visit at the home of Mr. i
and Mrs. Roy Black and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunaway
moved to Hastings over the week
end where Bob has employment
in a defense plant. Their daugh
ter, Bonnie Beth, is the guest of i
her grandparents, Mr. and (Mrs. t
Earl Billings, this week.
Mrs. Leland Welke and Mrs.
James Boies entertained the YM
club at the Welke home Tuesday
evening, March 27. Pinochle was
played. Score winners who re- i
ceived prizes were Mrs. Gail]
Boies, Mrs. Arthur Kropp and
Mrs. Thos. Eacher. The door prize
went to Mrs. Ray Angus. Mrs.
Lyle Dierks was a guest. Refresh- i
ments were enjoyed after the
Mrs. Kitty Fry accompanied
her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn Fry, to McPherson, -Kans.,
on Thursday where she will re
main for a few weeks visit with
her son, Eldred Fry, and family.
On Sunday, March 25, (Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Lee entertained at a
family dinner. Guests were:
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sanders and
children, Merle and Wanda Lee,
of Omaha.
On Tuesday, March 27, Caro
line Bergstrom, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Bergstrom, cele
brated her second birthday anni
versary. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. San
ders, and children were supper
and evening guests.
Mrs. O. A. Kleckner, of Clear
water, was a guest at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fay
Doty, on Wednesday, March 28.
James Bartak, who lives south
west of Ewing, was marooned in
Ewing last week, due to road
conditions in the country. He was
a guest at the home of his grand
parents, Mr. and (Mrs. Alfonso
Beelaert, sr.
Mrs. Thos. King and children,
of Oswego, 111., were guests of
her mother, Mrs. W. H. Briggs,
over the Easter weekend. They
returned home Tuesday, March
Victor Kennedy, of Ord, was
an overnight guest of his grand
mother, Mrs. W. H. Briggs, on
Wednesday, March 28.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sturbaum
moved back to their farm north
of Ewing the past week after
spending the winter months in
Ewing. Their daughter and son
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Pol
lock, and family, who own the
vacated property, are now loca
ted, having moved from the liv
ing quarters which were in the
Pollock service station.
Mrs. Verne Goldin, of Aber
leen, S. D., is visiting her sister
md her husband, Mr. and Mrs.
3eorge Head this week.
M. B. Higgens was in Corree
ionville, la., Tuesday and Wed
lesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. DeBacker
eturned Wednesday from a four
lay stay in Omaha.
Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Eason at
tended a wedding in Omaha over
the weekend.
Mrs. Frank Hill, of Neligh,
left Monday after visiting her
ion-in-law and daughter, the
)ale Buekmasters, for about a
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Dean, of
-.incoln, visited their son and
iaughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Dean, and family for the
weekend. Other guests were hi*
aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs.
John Treffinger, of Colton, Cali!
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Pinkerm&ft
Calif., stopped in Wednesday,
March 28, to visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. Clarke. He
was enroute home from his wife’s
funeral in Rapid City, S. D.
Miss Beverly Johnson, north of
O’Neill, spent the weekend with
her cousin, Mary Joan Donlin.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gokie and
Helen are on a trip until about
June 1. They went South and
have visited New Mexico. They
plan to visit Mexico, California
and Oregon, too.
Miss Elja McCullough was'a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Larry
Johnson over the weekend. She
was a dinner guest of the How
ard Mansons Sunday.
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