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recently. Let me sell your
place.—R. H. Parker, O’Neill.
Nebr. 12-tf
FOR SALE: Several good farms
And three good ranches.—R. H.
Parker, O’Neill, Nebr. 8-tf
WANTED—Two girls for general
housework.—Write to Mrs. W. J.
Froelich, O’Neill, Nebr. 31-2*
I HAVE MONEY to loan on farms
and ranches and city property
at 4 Vi % interast.—R. H. Parker,
O’Neill, Nebr. 8-tf
cient handling of your live
stock, insured responsibility and
prompt returns of proceeds?
Then consign to FRANK E.
SCOTT COM. CO., Sioux City,
la., the firm with a 31 year record
for dependability. 26-tf
your own Permanent with Charm
Kurl Kit. Complete equipment,
including 40 curlers and shampoo.
Easy to do, absolutely harmless.
Praised by thousands, including
June Lang, glamorous movie star.
Money refunded if not satisfied.
—Johnson Drugs. 21-15
{First publication Dec. 9, 1943)
Julius D. Ct-onin, Attorney
Estate No. 3043
In the County Court of Holt
County, Nebraska, December 7,
In the Matter of the Estate of
John Dlouhy, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested in said estate
that a petition has been filed in
said Court for the appointment
of Mary Dlouhy as Administratrix
of said estate, and will be heard
December 30, 1943, at 10 o’clock
A. M„ at the County Court Room
in ONeill, Nebraska.
31- 3 County Judge.
{First publication Dec. 16, 1943)
Julius D. Cronin, Attorney.
Estate No. 3034
In the County Court of Holt
County, Nebraska, December 14,
In the matter of the Estate of
James Nickels, Deceased.
James Nichels, Deceased.
CREDITORS of said estate are
hereby notified that) the time lim
ited for presenting claims against
said estate is April 6, 1944, and for
the payment of debts is December
14, 1944, and that on January 6,
1944, und on April 7, 1944, at 10
o’clock A. M„ each day, I will be
at the County Court Room in said
County to receive, examine, hear,
allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly filed.
32- 3 County Judge.
/[First publication Dec. 2, 1943)
To: The D»*nton and Hopkins
Investment Company, a corpor
ation; Anton Bezposka; and All
persons having of claiming any
interest in the Southeast Quarter
of Section 33, Township 30 North,
Range 13, Wiwtro£lhe 6th P. M.,
in Holt Coun’ty.^tfibraska, real
names unknown.' 1 1
You and eaoh of jtou are hereby
notified that on the 24th day of
November, 1943, Frank J. Weber,
as Plaintiff filed his petition in
the District Court of Holt County,
Nebraska, against you and others
as defendants, the object and
prayer of Plaintiff’s cause of
action as set forth in said petition
feeing as follows: To foreclose
■ county treasurer's tax sale certi
ficate No. 415 executed and de
livered to the County of Holt on
i first day of September, 1941, by
tthe county treasurer of Holt
County, Nebraska, at county
treasurer’s private tax sale for
itfae years 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937,
1938, and 1939, and by said County
*of Holt assigned to the Plaintiff
for the taxes for the years 1934,
1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939,
(Me* PHm 77
Complete X-Ray Equipment
CHaaeea Correctly Fitted
Residence (Dr. Brown, tSl
Phones ) Dr. French. *41
For Reliable Insurance
L. G. Gillespie Agency
Phone, Office 28 1
O'Neill : Nebraska |
Insurance of AU Kinds, Real
Estate and Rentals
P. H. A. Loans @4Vt%
Offlco Phone 106 Res. 136
said tax sale certificate covering
the real estate hereinabove de
Said petition prays for an ac
counting of the amount due the
plaintiff upon said tax sale certifi
cate; that the plaintiff may be
decreed to have a first lien upon
the above described real estate for
the amount due him thereon; that
the equity of redemption and
other interests of each and all of
the defendants in said action in
said real estate be forever barred
and foreclosed; that the real es
tate herein above described be
sold as upon execution to satisfy
the amount found due the plain
tiff upon his said tax sale certifi
cate; interest, costs and attorney
fees, and for general equitable
You are required to answer
said petition on or before the 10th
day of January, 1944.
Dated December 1st, 1943.
FRANK J. WEBER, Plaintiff.
By Wm. C. Smith, Jr.,
30-4 His Attorney.
(First publication Dec. 16, 1943
By virtue of an order directed
to me by the District Court of
Holt County, Nebraska, in the
case wherein Mary Jenkins is
plaintiff and Frank A Carter, et.
al., are defendants, (being case
numbered 14012), ordering me to
sell at public vendue at the Front
Door of the Court House in the
City of O’Neill, Nebraska, th6
following described real estate,
Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 13 and
14 in Block 16, Hazelet’s Ad
dition to O’Neill, Nebraska.
South 45 feet of Lots 9, 10,
11 and 12 in Block 17, Haze
let’s Addition to O’Neill, Ne
braska, and part of the South
east Quarter of the Southwest
Quarter of Section Thirty,
Township Twenty-nine, North
Range Eleven, more particu
larly described as follows:
Commencing at a point 45
feet east of the Southwest
corner of Block 17, Hazelet’s
Addition to O’Neill, Nebraska,
thence south 463 feet more or
less to the section line on the
south side of said Section
Thirty, Township Twenty
nine, North, Range Eleven,
thence east along said section
line 557 feet thence north 463
feet thence west 557 feet to
place of beginning being part
of the West Half of the South
east Quarter of the Southwest
Quarter of Section Thirty,
Township T w e n t y-n i n e,
North, Range Eleven, Holt
County, Nebraska, being all
of Blocks 19 and 20 of Haze
let’s Addition to city of*
O’Neill, Nebraska, except Lots
8 and 9 in Block 20 in said ad
dition to the City of O'Neill,
Holt County, Nebraska, and
All of Section Ten; West
Half of the Northeast Quar
ter; East Half of the North
west Quarter; Northwest
Quarter of the North
west Quarter of Section
Fourteen; North Half of the
Northeast Quarter: Northeast
Quarter of the Northwest
Quarter of Section Fifteen;
Southwest Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Sec
tion Three, except about five
acres according to the platted
road off the west thereof; two
and one-half acres of ground
off the south side of the South
Half of the Southeast Quarter
of Section Four, being a strip
of land 33 and one-third rods
east and west and 12 rods
north and south measured
from the southeast corner of
Section Four, all in Township
Twenty-five, North, Range
Fourteen West of the Sixth
P. M., Holt County, Nebraska.
Southwest Quarter; South
west Quarter of the Southeast
Quarter of Section Two; East
Half of the Southeast Quar
ter; Southwest Quarter of the
Southeast Quarter; Southeast
Quarter of the Southwest
Quarter of Section Three,
Township Twenty-five, North,
Range Fourteen, 'Vest of the
Sixth P. M., Holt County, Ne
for cash subject to unpaid
taxes and any existing leases,
I will offer said above described
real estate for sale and will sell
tht same to the highest bidder for
cash on the 17th day of January,
A. D„ 1944, at the hour of one
o’clock P. M., at the Front Door
of the Court House in the City of
O'Neill, Nebraska, when and
where due attention will be given
by the undersigned Sole Referee.
Said sale will remain open one
Dated this 16th day of De
cember, A. D., 1943.
Sole Referee.
Julius D. Cronin,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Council Proceedings
O’Neill, Nebr., December 7, 1943.
i Council met in regular session.
| Present: Mayor Kersenbrock, and
Councilmen Johnson, Yantzi, Mel
' vin, Wallace and Bosn.
Meeting was called to order by
the mayor.
Minutes of the previous meet
ing read and approved.
City Treasurer’s statement for
the month of November read and
Upon motion the following bills
were allowed on the Gteneral
Roy Lowery $ 57.76
Chester Calkins 117.96
Bert Peterson .- 90.40
Bob Cook 103.40
J. B. Grady 20.00
J. D. Cronin 30.00
L. G. Gillespie 22.30
Lohaus Motor Company 7.52
A. V. Virgin 2.05
Spelts-Ray Lumber Co. ... 3.99
L. G. Gillespie .. 16.33
Ralph Scofield 7.00
The Texas Company 30.69
Lohaus Motor Company 5.13
Con. Public Power Co. 235.75
R. E Calvert 1.50
R. H. Shriner . 5.43
Frank Clements . 4,00
Upon motion the following bills
were allowed on the Water Fund:
G. E. Miles _ _...$ 4.00
Jesse Scofield-117.96
J. B. Grady.._ 10.00
N. W. Bell Tel. Co_ 7.65
The Texas Company 68.00
Int. Mach. & Supply Co. ... 1.88
Ralph Scofield . 46.50
Mary Miles _„_ 29.64
Con. Public Power Co.. 11.00
Motion by Johnson, seconded by
Bosn. that the City Treasurer
transfer $2,008.20 from the Liquor
License Fund to the City General
Fund. Motion carried.
Motion by Melvin, seconded by
Wallace, that the following insur
ance policies be accepted: $2500.00
on the pump and engine house,
premium $16.33, Gillespie agent,
policy number OFW 2900. $1000.00
on building at airport, premium
$22.30, Gillespie agent, policy No.
386558. $300.00 on the tool house
in City Park, R. H. Shriner, agent,
premium $5.43, policy No. 24087.
Motion carried.
Upon motion the council ad
journed, subject to the call of the
J. B. Grady, City Clerk.
AAA News Notes
At the county convention of the
Holt county AAA, on December
9, the following were elected by
the delegates present to hold
oiTice for the 1944 program year:
Harry E. Ressell, Chairman;
Fred R. Mack, vice chairman; A1
J. Sauser, regular member; Otto
L. Terill, first alternate; Ora R
Yarges, second alternate.
Listed below, in regular order,
(chairman, vice chairman, regu
lar member) are the returns from
the Community elections for the
year 1944:
Antelope-Iowa—LuVern Var.
Conett, Orville T. Kemper, Lynd
ley J. Crumley.
Atkinson—Joseph W. Rocke,
Warren W. Marr, Sylvester R.
Chambers-Shamrock — Joseph
T. Serck. Clarence C. Young, Her
man R. Holcomb.
Clcveland-Dustin—Charles M.
Mulford, Elmer C. Allyn, William
J. Meusch.
Conley—Adelbert Fauquier, Le
on C. Hertel, Joseph E. Koci.
Deloit—Leo R. Funk. Frank P.
Miller, Adolph B. Latzel.
Ewing-Golden—Doyal D. Wise
man, Martin G. Helmricks, Joseph
P. Kaczor.
Verdigris—Frank W. Cronk,
Otto L. Terrill, Walter E. Snyder.
Swan-Josie—Claude C. Lier
man, Louis W. Barthel, Ira W.
Fairview-Wyoming—Harold L.
For Best Results
and satisfactory returns,
bring your livestock
to the
O’Neill Livestock Com. Co.
Phone 2 O’Neill, Nebraska
We Sell Every Monday
Frontier’s Honor Roll
H. J. Hammond
W. R. Shaw
J. J. Harrington, new
John Davidson
Mrs. James Davidson
Ralph Prill
C. E. Stout
Mrs. W. H. Hungerford, new
Joseph Weibel
Hank Martin,new
Lloyd Phelps
L. E. Downey •
Jean Griffith Jones
Karl L. Keyes
Joe Jerabeh
W. F. Grothe
Paul Schwisow
Walter Hudson
T. Set. Edw. G. Ohde, new
Frank Darr
T. F, Gallagher
Frank Pierce
Arthur Cowperthwaite
D. E. Bowen
Fred W. RLstow, new
John Joseph Donlm
Gilman, Ernest P. Johnson, Clyde
H. Widniqq.
Grattan—John T. Murray, Or
ville Morrow, Leonard G. Shoe
Greeq Valley, Holt Creek and
Francis—Arthur'I. Pacha, Edward
A. Bouska, Edward H. Friedel.
Inman—JLeo P. Mossman, Ver
non J. Davis, Chester C. Youngs.
Lake-McClure—Magne B. Gor
anson, James M. Hawk, Seth L.
Paddock—Sam R. Robertson,
Fred W. Lindberg, George D,
Emmet-Pleasant View—Walter
F. Rice, Joseph Wagman, Ira L.
Steel Creek—Ralph E. Nighten
gale, Herscbel H. Miles, Richard
B. Marston.
Rock Falls—Henry E. Vequist,
William Grutsch, Ren J. Kroupa.
Sand Creek—Patrick W. Kil
murry, George H. Beck, Charles
W. Sloan.
Coleman-Saratoga—Romaine J.
Rohde, Ulysses E. Owen, John F.
Scott—August H. Oberle, Frank
W. McDonald, Harvey C. Krug
Willowdaje—William Derick
son, Elmer A. Juracek, Nels A.
Sheridan—.James A. Beck, Rob
ert M. Martens, Francis J. Hanel.
Shields—John D. Pruss, Ed M.
Murray, John J. Schmidt.
Stuart—Ora R. Yarges, George
H. Wallinger, Florian J. Scholz.
Harry E. Ressell, Chairman,
Holt County AAA.
Pleasant Day Club
The Pleasant Day Club met at
the home of Mrs. Leona Pinnt
on November 30. There were
ten members present. Two new
members, Mrs. W. P. Carroll and
Mrs. Doug Bacon were taken into
our club.
After a covered dish luncheon
plans were made for a Christmas
party to be held at the home of
Mrs. Lloyd Johnson, Saturday
evening, December 18. The les
son, “Morale in the Home” was
given by the leaders. It was a
round table discussion by every
one and proved most interesting.
The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Della Vciquist in January.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to all neighbors and friends
for the sympathy extended to us,
during the illness and following
the death of our beloved husband
and father.—Mrs. W. G. Morrow
and Family.
Dr. Fisher, Dentist. 24tf
Cliff Lundgrer\/made a business
trip to Omaha oii Tuesday.
Mrs. Helen Simar spent Sunday
in Atkinson visiting Mrs. Ida M.
Miss Helen Biglin and Mrs.
Hugh Birmingham went to Sioux
City on Friday.
The O’Neill Womens Club met
at the home of Mrs. L. A. Burgess
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Mattie Soukup left Friday
for Omaha where she will re
ceive medical treatment.
Miss Barbara Bradley returned
to her home in St. Joseph Mo.,
on Saturday after visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Anton Toy and family.
m __
Ban On Gift Of
Hams Is Lifted
The ban on gifts of hams, jel
lies, preserves and other rationed
foods was lifted today by the OPA
and a further effort made to make
rationing fit the practical needs
of American families.
This action means such gifts
will be permitted this Christmas,
the first under war-time ration
ing of many important foodstuffs,
and will assist charitable organi
zations in carrying out their tra
ditional gift-giving at this season.
In addition shoes may be given
away point-free beginning today.
Henceforth housewives may give
rationed foods bought with their
own ration stamps to other con
sumers or to charitable organiza
tions. Charitable organizations re
ceiving these rationed foods from
individuals may distribute them
to needy families without collect
ing ration stamps.
In announcing the change, Dis
trict OPA Director M. E. Raw
ling said: “There were some per
fectly good reasons for the old
rule against giving rationed goods
without collecting stamps, but
they were outweighed by the ar
guments for making this ration
ing program just as simple and
practical as possible for Ameri
can families. Under the new plan
we’re free to do as we please with
the food we buy with our ration
Rawlings said that while the
change becomes effective with the
Christmas season, it will continue
in effect indefinitely.
The gift provision does not ap
ply in any way to denltrs. jobbers,
manufacturers or other commer
cial food handlers.
■ • • . **' <■ r8&
200 HEAD
-y ^ _id:__
Regular Cattle and Hog Sale
| -* •"* ' , i v -f .• (j. • |
Every Saturday «
- n : , f ,y
! -*-- ' — —
! . .. • ••
Ed Evans and Bill Brugger, Auctioneers I
Buv Wanser, Manager I
Mrs. J. J. Harrington returned
Friday from Omaha, where she
had been visiting relatives and
friends for a few days.
Mrs. Charles Moss reurned home
Sunday from Scribner where she
had been visiting her son and wife,
also visited friends in Omaha be
Lt. and Mrs. Hugh McKenna. She
fore returning home.
Ed Hancock returned Friday
from Omaha, where he had attend
ed the meeting of the County
Officials organization.
H. A. 1-c John Osenbaugh, Jr.,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Osen
baugh of this city, has recently
been transferred from San Diego,
Cal., to Norman, Oklahoma. He
is in the Navy.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leach were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard Larson and family on
Miss Mary Jareske, of Yankton,
S. D., spent the week-end here
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Jeraske.
The employees of the various
offices in the court house annex
had a Christmas party at the
Golden Hotel Wednesday evening.
Dinner was served at 7:30. The
dining room was decorated in
keeping with the holiday spirit.
Santa Claus was present and pre
sented gifts to the employees.
Mrs. Henry Lohaus entertained
I the Martez Club at a 7:00 o’clock
! dinner at the M and M Tuesday
evening, followed by cards at her
home Mrs. Homer Mullen and
Mrs. Ed Campbell won high score.
H. J. Riggs, of Omaha, spent
Sunday and Monday here on bus
Mrs. H. J. Hammond returned
Friday from Omaha, where she
had been visiting her daughter,
Margaret, and other relatives and
Miss Mildred Stuart spent the
week-end in Page visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Stuart.
H. H. Combs, of Stansberry,
Mo., and W. B. Evans, of King
City Mo., spent Tuesday and Wed
nesday here on business.
Oliver Hill returned Saturday
from Orchard where he had been
visiting his brother, Leonard Hill.
William Bruegman, Jr., son of
Mr. and Mrs. William Bruegman
of this city, went over to Des
Moines on December 4 and was
sworn in as a member of the Mer
chant Marines, and is now wait
ing his call to duty.
Pharmacists Mate 2-c Eldon Pra
witz of Dallas, Texas, spent Sat
urday here visiting friends.
Romaine Saunders, the sage of
the southwest, came up from his
ranch home south of Amelia Tues
day morning and spent the day
looking after business matters
and visiting old/ friends.
Circle No. 1 of the Presbyterian
church held their annual Christ
mas party at the home of Mrs.
Enard Leach last Wednesday eve
ning with thirty-five people pres
ent. A delicious dinner was served.
Clem Cuddy, of the Navy See
bees, arrived Tuesday from Mare
Island, Cal., to visit relatives and
friends. His wife, who is making
her home in Omaha, came up here
with him.
Mrs. Hazel Scharping received
word Friday of the death of her
mother, Mrs. A. H. Lease, of Bell,
Mo. Mrs. Lease had been seri
ously ill for the past several
Pvt. Jerry Toy returned to Fay
ettville, Arkansas, on Saturday,
after a week’s visit with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Toy, Sr.,
and other relatives and friends.
He is taking the Army specialized
training course at the University
of Arkansas.
Ivan Merwyn French, son of
Dr. and Mrs. O. W. French of this
city, has been given the rank of
First Lieutenant in the Medical
Corps, according to a war depart
ment announcement. He is tak
ing medicine at Creighton Univer
sity in Omaha.
Miss Doris Harvey spent Sun
day in Page visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey and
other relatives and friends.
Miss Lois Bahm left Sunday
for her home in Lincoln after vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Anton Toy and
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Yantzi en
tertained the Sunday Evening
Bridge Club last Sunday evening.
Pvt. James Harty, Camp Elkins,
W. V., came Wednesday to visit
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Harty and other relatives and
Seaman 1-c William O’Connell,
son of Dr. and Mrs. F. A. O’Con
nell of this city, is now stationed
at Nuroton, Conn..
John Sullivan, Sr., returned
Sunday to his home in Grand Is
land, after visiting his son who
was here on furlough from Cali
Aviation Student Gene Me Ken
na, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
McKenna of this city, has been
accepted for bombardier training
and is now at Santa Ana, Cal.
Lt. (S G) Arthur Mullen and
wife of Washington, D. C., visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Harty last Saturday. Lt. Mul
len is a grandson of James Mul
len, one of the pioneer residents
of Holt county, and is a nephew
of the late Arthur F. Mullen.
R. E. Spelts of Loup City and
daughter, Eva Bell, spent Tues
day here visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Spelts.
Mrs. R. E. Miles and daughter,
Betty Jean, returned to their
home in Chambers on Monday,
after visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Miles and family and other rel
atives and friends.
Pvt. William Biglin, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Biglin of this city,
is now at the University of Cali
fornia, at Berkley. He is a mem
ber of the Army Specialized
training plan.
The members of Garfield Lodge,
No. 95, A. F. and A. M. at their
regular meeting last Thursday
evening elected the following of
ficers for the ensuing year: Lyndle
Stout, W. M.; R. D. Spindler, S.
W.; K. D. Fenderson, secretary;
H. L. Lindberg, treasurer; H. E.
Asher, J. W.
Mrs. Edna Selden of Valentine
arrived today to spend the Christ
mas holidays visiting her sister
and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Fay Miles.
Miss Lanone Miles spent the
week-end here visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Miles,
and other relatives and friends.
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