The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 27, 1923, Image 7

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filOUX CITY PTC. CO., NO. 52-1923.
Coolidge Has Advantage In Still Hunt
For Delegates; Proposal Not for Him
From the New York World.
The Coolidge political organization is to be like the Federal
Reserve System or the Ford car-distributing plan. Despatches
from Washington present details. The country is to be divided
into regions. In the capital of each will be a regional manner,
head of the local hunt but responsible to a central committee head
ed by Charles D. Hilles of New York. George Harvey will be an
unofficial but very alert master of the hounds.
In Washington the president’s secretary, Mr. Slemp, will have
a roving command of the Southern field, where the hunter who
knows how to bring down delegates must thread the mazes of the
blue-gum forest and paddle noiselessly up the old bayou. While
bo doing he must arrange to get to each point ahead of Hiram
Johnson’s equally skilled Southern woodsman, Frank H. Hitch
The president himself, although soon to become “an active
candidate," will not “personally participate" in the regional act
ivities of his organization. His message will be his platform, his
acts his recor.d. Senator Johnson and Le Follette and Governor
Pinchot of Pennsylvania might be glad to swap their so-called per
sonal participation in their own candidacies for President Coo
lidge ’s method. Only, one has to be President to do it that wal.
Not so elaborate but just as earnest is Mr. Johnson’s cam
paigning system. His activities will be divided into three groups;
political, headed by Mr. Hitchcock and ranging in much the same
territory that the Union commanders fought over; popular, headed
by committees of dilettante radicals; and personal, headed by Mr.
Johnson himself.
The personal movement was begun before the Cook County
Real Estate Board last week; the popular movement has heen at
work for eleven years: and the first gun in the political movement
was fired at Speaker Machold when Mr. Johnson’s New York
manager proposed a presidential preference primary for the state.
To grant it, he promised, would mean republican victory in New
York for ten years and Johnson support of a possible other vic
tory. To deny it would mean democratic control of this state
for a “generation."
The Coolidge forces, figuring that they will get 20 years the
worst of it either way, may be expected to decline the proposal.
Slaving, Dreaming of Frontier Mothers
Back of Middlewest Civilization Today
lioiucu v^uiun. iu iuu na w rcjo,
The mothers of the frontier! They felt the oncoming of another day
for their children. No life was so laborious, no situation so unpropitlous,
no poverty so deep that they did not through a divine gift of prophecy
see beyond the gloom a better day for their children. In the smoky over
heated kitchens, struggling to feed the “gangs” of harvesters and thrash
ers, as they washed and mopped and baked and brewed and spun and
wove and knit and boiled soap and mended and cut and basted and sewed
and strained milk and skimmed cream and churned and worked over but
ter, catching now and then an opportunity to read while rocking a child
tc sleep, drinking in once in a while a bit of poetry from the sky or the
cloud or the flower; they were haloed like suns of progress for their fami
lies and for the nation, as they worked and planned and assumed for
themselves a higher and higher culture of its sort.—all for their children.
We build monuments in the public square for the soldiers of our wars;
but where is the monument for the Kate McConkeys who made possible
so much of the good which is represented by the public square itself?
Unless it is a monument not made with hands, in our hearts and souls,
none can ever exist which can be in any way adequate.
Any Anthracite Relief Must Come
Through Regulations in Pennsylvania
From the Minneapolis Journal.
Governor Preus is on his way to attend Governor Pinchot's
conference of anthracite-using states. Minnesota, should, of
course, make her voice heard that gathering, which is to meet
in Pennsylvania, home of the < nthracite monopoly.
But, as Governor Cox of Massachusetts pointed out in a
letter of reply to Governor Pinchot, “the remedy for the present
injustice seems to be wholly within the control of Pennsylvania."
Indeed, Governor Pinchot is likely to have this truth hurled
at him from many directions in gubernational discussion. He
will be told in varying tones of voice that Pennsylvania has the
cure for most of the hard coal extortion in her own hands, and
that it is high time she began to administer her natural monopoly
with some regard to the rights of the people of other states.
Governor Cox enumerated three things that the Legislature
of Pennsylvania ought to do:
Repeal the unjust tax which the State now levies on every
shoveful of anthracite that is mined;
Repeal the restrictive legislation on mine employment, and thus
increase the volume of production; and
Fix a definite standard of qualitiy and e^ze fvr the protection of
Fix a definite standard of quality and size for the protection
of consumers.
Minnesota criticism of the tonnage tax on hard coal in
Pennsylvania will probably provoke the retort that Minnesota
has a tonnage tax on iron ore. The cases are not parallel, how
ever. Pennsylvania has a monopoly of hard coal, while Minne
sota iron ore must meet competition. The hard coal tax of 50 cents
a ton means that at least oO cents is added to the price of every
ton sold to consumers. The iron ore tax is taken out of profits,
and does not increase the cost of products to the consumer.
Pennsylvania is directly taxing every burner of hard coal.
The employment restrictions are such as to give the Miners'
Union a practical monopoly of the labor of taking the coal out of
the ground. They mean that a strike is always effective, no mat
ter what is justice.
The lack of standards of quality and size is responsible for
sale of much unburnable slate under the guise of anthracite, and
for other losses. Since Pennsylvania has all the available an
thracite within her borders, she should take pride in seeing that
it is properly graded and inspected, just as Minnesota for so
many years has guarded her grain shipments.
The prohibition party is to hold Its na
tional convention In Columbus, O., It
Is announced. It will be held prior to
June 10, acccording to present plans.
Governor General Leonard Wood of
the Philippines has been visiting the
Dutch island of Java at the request of
the state department. He has just re
turned to Manila.
Los Angeles, as a result of a recent
"blue law” fight between the moving pic
ture colony and some of the church lead
ers, has started a revision and codifica
tion of city ordinances. Many antiquated
regulations have bean found still in
Los Angeles.—Men In the United
States Navy need better living condi
tions and "decent and reasonable
comfort," says Vice Admiral H. A.
Wiley, now In San Pedre, who has
sent a report to thlse effect to the
Secretary of the Navy. Desertions
are due to uncomfortable and un
pleasant conditions, declares Vice
Admiral Wiley. He also believes the
navy should not try to atttract men
with "See the Wordr" signs when the
navy Is doim* little or no traveling
under the present polldy.
Young Mr. Leeds is coming back
with his wife, the little Greek prin
cess, to live here and spend his in
come o.' $t,0o0,000 a year.
What would you do with $1,000,000
a year ? And wThat would your
chances be of dbing anything really
worth while if your father had started
you in life w ith that kind of a handi
A two-year-old race horse with
1.000 pounds of lead chained to hi*
off hind leg wouldn’t have much
chance of winning a race.
—1 ♦ -.
Recent study of cancer shows the
vicious growth within the body to be
a separate existence, stimulated by
its own excretions, and growing with
the furious energy of embryonic life.
Cutting out or destroying with X
rays or radium is the only cure now.
But a way may be found to cneck
growth and bring about cancer de
struction by scientific control ol
growth stimulating substances. Can
cer is to some extent! an embryo in
the wrong place, a body within ths
Philadelphia.—There are more than
1,000,000 under-nourished children in
Germany who must be supplied with
food at once if their lives are to be
saved, according to Dr. Wilbur K.
Thomas, executive secretary of the
American Friends Service commis
"The Quaker Relief will have sole
charge of feeding children In Ger
many this winter," Dr. Thocas said.
"The complicated and Internal and
International political sitution makes
It Imperative that a non-partlsm
neutral agency have charge of this
"It has always been our policy to
withdraw from a country as soon as
we believe the relief problem there
could be met by native organizations.
We are going back to Germany be
cause our own Investigators and rep
resentatives of the German govern
ment reported the exlstance of a des
perate sitution."
Henry T. Brown of Moorestown,
N. J., has been selected to take charge
of the Quaker Relief In Germany and
will sail for Europe1 within a short
Big Group of Suicides
Caused by Gambling
Paris.—Two more must be added
to this year’s crop of seven gambling
Three of these suicides, one a
woman, were reported from Monte
Carlo. Two were allegedly the re
sult of reverses at Deauville. One
occurred In the Vosges after a week
of losses In tho Casino at Vittel.
None were French or American.
The two latest were Poles—Jean
Wagner and Maurice Zidorkowskl.
They lost their entire fortunes at
Vichy, a place where one goes to re
gain health, and then shot themselves
in a field, having first put on new
clothes and white gloves.
The Man Men Admire.
Martin Russell In the Continental edi
tion of the London Mall.
We like the generous man. When
we are "broke" he suggests we "do
a show” at his expense. He knows
we'd do the same for him. We don't
like the man who. Just because he
knows we are "hroke,” suggests that
It would be as well to be home early
after all! We notice little things
like clgarets. If he hands around
his case we like him. If he
What a man says about woman Is
always eagerly listened to by other
men. In a few words he can give
us a very ood Idea of his outlook on
the opposite sex. If he Is constant
ly talking of the women he has met
we give him a wide herth. We no
tice how he treats his own mother
end sister and Judge accordingly.
We admire the man who turns
himself out well—the man who looks
smart In every circumstance. We
like to see him nicely shaven and
clean about the head. The fact that
a man Is dressed better tnan we are
does not make us envy him. Indeed,
he has our admiration. But wo do
dislike any eccentricities In dress.
We are rather down on the man who
goes the limit in the matter of
The man who does things has our
admiration. It doesn’t (matter In
what way. If he makes a successful
business deal, or creates a running
record, or marries a charming girl,
we admire him. But we dislike the
"lounge lizard” type—the man who Is
too lazy to work, who regards all
sport as a "beastly fag," who hangs
about dance halls all his time, and
who talks cheaply about girls.
We like the man who doesn’t keep
airing his opinion in a loud and
audible voice. We regard It as bad
form. The ''loud" man Is awful,
whatever form his "loudness” takes.
Providing he Is generous, gentlemanly
with girls, smart in appearance,
makes something of his life, and is
not self-assertive, a man can exact
every ounce of admiration from his
masculine friends.
■.-. » ^ 9 - n
The Hour of Peace
From the American Legion Weekly.
A newly-arrived guest at one of those
resorts called "Paradise Inn” was at
tempting to write a letter, but great
swarms of flies followed him about
until he lost patience and sought the
"Hang it all, man,” he exploded.
“Here I’ve been trying all morning to
dodge these files. I’ve tried It in your
parlor, your front veranda, up in mv
room and out under the trees. Where
the Sam Hill can I go to shake off
these pests?”.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you." replied
the unperturbed inkeeper. "You Just
sit down anywhere and be patient for
a spell. The minute the dinner bell
rings the files will all make a break for
the dining room.”
Alike, But Different.
From the Qhicago Nows
The personnel manager of a telephone
company sent for a new operator and
asked her what sort of work she was
doing before she began to preside at
a switchboard.
“I sold movie tickets,” faltered the
new girl.
“I thought so.” said the manager.
“Now, don’t get offended. Just a word
of advice. With us 'you say ‘Number,
please?’ Not 'How many?’ The phrnses
are very much alike and yet there’s a
Changed Coinage.
From The Chicago News.
The head of an export firm hunted up
his Junior partner and complained: “Our
correspondent in Russia says that soap
wrappers and cigarette coupons are no
longer going as money.”
“Seems to me ho is getting very fussy
all of a sudden,” snorted the junior
partner. "What's his kick?”
"Being printed on paper, he claimed
they lack intrinsic value.”
“All right. We’ll ship tin tags.”
Lee De Forest, engineer, h is been pre
sented the medal of honor for 1S22 by
the institute of radio engineers, for his
Invention of the audion.
Bing For It.
From the Chicago News
A debtor. oi» being sued, acknowl
edged that he had borrowed the money,
but declared that the plaintiff knew
at the time that It was a “Kathleen
Mavourneen loan.”
“A Kathleen Mavourneen loan?”
questioned the magistrate, with a
puxsied look.
“That’s it, yeur -honor—one of the ‘it
may be for years, and It may be for
eves' sort.”
With 4,000.000 players through the Uni
ted States, billiards boasts of more ac
tual participants than any other sport.
/f Trmn»pTtatl»m
Quality Cars at
Quantity Prices
Chevrolet now leads all high-grade cars in
number sold.
Our new low prices have been made possible
through doubling our productive capacity.
We are now operating twelve mammoth manu
facturing and assembly plants throughout the
United States in which thousands of skilled work
men are turning out 2500 Chevrolets per day.
See Chevrolet First
Notwithstanding our recent big reduction in price* the
quality and equipment of our car* have been steadily la- >
creased, until today Chevrolet stands beyond comparison
as the best dollar value of any car sold at any price and th*
most economical car to maintain. ,
Chevrolet Motor Co., Detroit, Michigan
Division of Qcnrral Motor, Corporation
Superior Road,ter.$490 * Commercial Cars
Superior Touring.495 Superior Commercial Cha..ia . . *395
Superior Utility Coup* . . . . 640 Superior Light Delivery ... 49*
Superior Sedan. 795 Utility Espre,* Truck Chaaiie . 550
All price, /. o. b. Flint, Michigan
"" J —-- ' ■ " ■ ..
Criticism doesn’t blockade a new
style In clothes. Talk about persecu
tion ! Fashion thrives under it.
A Simple, Safe, Sure Remedy
for all local aches and pains due to
taking cold or over exertion Is an
Allcock’s Plaster.—Adv.
A woman need never be jealous of
a man who Is miserly.
Keep Well! Avoid Sickness.
Take Brnndreth Pills. One or two at
bed time will cleanse the system, purify
the blood and keep you well.—Adv.
If the under dog doesn’t howl he Is
pretty safe to bet on.
Watch Cuticura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cuticura Ointment.
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cuticura Soap and hot water. It
Is wonderful what Cuticura will do
for poor complexions, dandruff, Itching
and red, rough hands.—Advertisement.
The less money a man has the fewer
friends bother him.
Flowery Stuff, You Ninny.
Betty (sentimental) — 1 suppose
you've rend “To n Wood Violetl”
Mr. Hohnhedd—Never. What do
you rend to ’em?—Boston Transcript.
Hall's Catarrh
Medicine Treatment,both
local and internal, and has been success
ful in the treatment of Catarrh for over
forty years. Sold by all druggists.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio
hook-ups containing 22 tested circuit* for get
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Haulsnd Mfg. Co., lake A Jeff, tts., Chkage
bsM——I II • I ——ss———W
A limn always tells his wife that
good husbands are made by letting
them have their own way.
Smile artificially in the right frame
of mind and presently the smile will
be felt inside.
SAY “BAYER” when you buy-^0M<Me
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians fot
Colds Headache Neuralgia Lumbago
Paia [Toothache Neuritis Rheumatism
i 2Hh “B*yer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy “Bayer” boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin la tbs trad# mark of Barer Manufcctore of MoaoaceUcacldester of Saiieplleacld
Two pleasant ways
to relieve a cough
Take your choice and suit
your taste. S-B—or Menthol
. flavor. A sure relief for coughs.
colds and hoarseness. Put one 1
in your mouth at bedtime. it
trade Always keep a box on hand. mark ||
1 _Famous sine* 1847_ (ssany
iSICK headache]
Take a good dose of Carter’s Little liver Pills §
then take 2 er 3 for a few nights after. They restore ■