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Bdltor and Business Manager.
dU ■ -— - ■
School Superintendents of
Cherokee County Take
United Action
Cherokee, Ia_, Sept. . ~< Special.)
•--The advisory council of superlrt'
tendents, having as members Coun
ty Superintendent Lunkhauser, the
superintendent of the consolidated
school at Aurelia, Larrabee, Grand
Meadow, Washta, Quimby, Meriden
and Cleghorn and of the Marcus In
dependent high school, in a special
called session have decided to re
strict publicity and prominence be
stowed upon purely athletic work In
their schools and to insure equal or
greater publicity and prominence for
■cholaristlc work.
The action is taken In response
to the attitude of patrons of the
schools who object to greater ex
penditure of money and time for
work In the various gymnastics
rather than In the agricultural and
vocational departments. There is
no purpose to abolish athletics. While
not all the consolidated schools will
have football teams the oounty
basketball tournament will be held
as usual.
In line with the action In the
other towns, Cherokee high has add
ed a year In agriculture for animal
husbandry and has a course in
household mechanics. Cherokee high
will devote the usual attention to
Teachers of rural schools in Cher
okee county have arranged for
monthly sessions of township study
centers and a monthly school to be
held at the court house for the
study of civics, economics, physics
and algebra.
Men Sent Up From Cedar
Rapids Were Wanted
In Other Places
Cedar Rapids. la.. Sept "« (Spc
dal)—Byron Lamb and Alton Cong
well, wanted in Minneapolis, Waterloo
an (lather cities Car automobile thefts,
wer# sentenosd to 20 years'imprison
ment at Fort Madison penitentary
here Monday afternoon when they
pied guilty to larceny of an automo
bile belonging to W. E. Sharpe and
to burglary of the Henry Schafer
Swage 10 daye ago. They were ar
rested at Ames, September 4. when
attempting to got away with the car
ana garage loot.
Hawardeen Young People
Are Off For Collogo.
Hawarden, la., Sept., \ (Special)—
Larger numbers thavi is usual of
Hawarden young people are departing
this fall to take up college work. Lee
Bader, Gordon Meeter, Barton Schoe
neman and Mias Trenna Scott go to
Grinnell college; Cheater Schoenman
and Robert Mull go to Shattuck Mili
tary academy ; Miss Lois Mull goes to
St. Mary's collogo, at Farbault, Minn.;
Everett Peterson and tho Misses Mar
garet and Alice Erlcson go to the
State Agricultural college, at Amea;
Miss Helep Lambertson has already
departed for Slnsinawa, Wle.; Mias
Flora Sumner will enter Stephen's
collage, at Columbia, Mo.; James
Searlo goes ts the Nebraska Univer
sity; Burton Earll. to ths Des Moines
university; Horaoe Moble and ths
Missas Zita Granberg and Fern John- v
son go to the University of South
Dakota; Alvin Johnson, Proctor W.
Maynard and ths Misses Flora
Schoeneman, Grace Paramore, and
Evelyn Peterson will enter the Uni
versity of Iowa. Frederick McAllister
will attend the University of Southern
Lyon County Red Cross x
Quota Quickly Raised.
Rock Rapids, la., Bept. - (pedal)
—Twenty four hours after receiving
notice that Lyon county's quota for
the Japanese relief fund vras 1800,
N. B. detman, chairman for Lyon
county, had that sum sn the way to
central headquarters of the American
Rad Cross In Chlcsgs.
Twenty-Two Baby Beeves
For Inter-State Fair
Cherokee, la., Sept. '^-(Special)
—Cherokee County Baby Beef club
will eater M calves la the Inter-State
at Sioux City, leaded by Johnny
Dawson's gold medal Angus. The
entries will represent Angus, Here
ford and Shorthorn, vltk the latter
breed predominating. Among the
entries will be B. Bauman’s second
prise, and Mary Keister’s third prise
shorthorns. The ‘Keister’s Twins,”
aged 12, Mary and Margaret of Au
relia, placed third and eighth In a
list of 28 at Pilot-Rock. The entries
to be sent to Sioux City are all good.
Probably no pigs will be sent from
Cherokee county until the Inter
State raises the ante on awards.
There Is better prospect of gains In
showing at Pilot-Rock.
Stats Ownsd Dairy Bull
Is Championship Winnsr.
Cherokee, la.. Sept. - (Special)—
Cherokee Cornuoopia,, bred on the
Cherokee state farm and sold to fhs
Independence state farm, winner f
national championship of dairy bulls
In 1*22, winner of state championship
for Holstein a^d dairy bulls at Iowa
state fair, 1*23, has won the Minne
sota championship and will be enter
ed In^the^mtlr *| contest at St. Paul
Detroit Men Held Following
Killing of Ogollola, Neb.
Real Estate Dealer t
Ogallala, Neb., Sept. ^ -Grover C.
Redman, real estate dealer of this
place, is dead and two tourists, said
to be from Detroit, Mich, are In
jail here facing murder charges, as
a result of a roadside argument over
a pair of pliers said to have been
borrowed from the Detroit tourist by i
Rodman, when his automobile light
ing system failed at Brule near here
Wednesday or midnight.
Rodman was run over by a car and
twice shot, though the Injury caused
by the car passing'over him was the
cause of death It was said.
The argument occurred about mid
night Wednesday night according to j
Sheriff F. M. Jump. The lights of |
Rodman's car went out. He accosted
a passing car In which Merle Warden
and Harry Carlson of Detroit were
riding, asking for the loan of pliers
to fix his lights, which they are said
to have refused, and continued their
Journey to Brule. Here Rodman, who
had followed them in the car of Dr.
'Benjamin of Lodgepole, Neb., again
lenoountered the Detroiters and it is
presumed the previous argument was
| Dr. Benjamin who was in his car
{some distance away heard two shots
;ln quick succession and investiga
ting found Rodman dying In the rood,
having been run over by an auto
mobile and having two bullet wounds
In his body.
, Before Rodman's death, he denied
j having mounted the running board
of the Detroiters car.
Owen and Carlson were overtaken
west of here and denied any knowl
edge of the shooting, but were held
for questioning when a pistol con
taining two empty shells was found
in their car.
James A. Rodman, a brother of the
dead man Is vice president of the
Northwestern Life Insurance com
pany with headqquaters In Omaha.
a- i i
Omaha, Neb., Sept. -Scott Mal
lard, following his confession of hav
ing robbed the safe In the office of
his father, couny attroney Hartlng
ton. Neb., was returned to that place
this morning.
"I am glad It is over; I have made
my confession and will take my
medicine" he said on departing. He
refused to say why he took the money
other than needed It." He dented
that he was prompted to deed be
cause of a girl.
Mallard said In his confession ac
cording to officers, t{jat he and Edwin
Cahow, an Omaha youth he met here,
were both in the office at the time
of the robbery and that Cahow held
matches for him to locate the com
Cahow is In a Council Bluffs hos
pital under surveillance.
Young Mallard Rock
Omaha, Neb. Sept.-—Mother love
lost In a battle with the love of her
Child for that of a foster mother, when
District Judge E. I- Day gave Mrs.
Mary Kerrigan the custody of Doris,
11 year old, child of Mrs. Iva Ganna
way, Judge Day declared be was in
fluenced to a great degree In his de
cision by the wishes of the little girl
who declared she would prefer to live
with her foster-mother. When the
decision was announced, Doris ran to
Mrs. Kerrigan’s arms and then skip
ped lightly buck to the bench and
thanked the judge. The mother was
not present when the verdict was an
Today’s decision ended, for the pre
sent at least, one of the most bitterly
contested suits ever held in Omaha
courts. Doris was adopted by Mrs.
Kerrigan several years ago, testimony
showed, and In an effort to retain
custody of her child, Mrs. Qannaway
filed suit, charging that the home of
Mrs. Kerrigan was an “unlit place for
her daughter to remain." The mother
also charged that she had permitted
the adoption understanding that she
could gain possession of her daughter
anytime. Mrs. Kerrigan In turn tes
tified that the mother was "unfit for
the duties and responsibilities of
Attorneys for Mrs. Gannaway de
clared that an appeal would be made
to the supreme court.
Lincoln, Neb.. Sept.. --Special)—
State Auditor Marsh said Thursday,
he is up holding the three claims
filed by employes of the state depart
ment of public worka They are held
for investigation because the amount
of traveling expenses seems to be
large. Division Engineer R. O. Green
put in a claim for automobile hire
amounting to 8292.90 for the month
of August, A. G. Johnson wants 8281.
40 for the use of his automobile in
August and Earl F. Ketchum asks
8205.50 fQr the same month.
1 V
Norfolk. Neb.. Sept. —- (Special)
—Committees are making great pre
parations for Norfolk’s annual
Harvestlval which Is to be held
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
September. 98. 27 and 28. There will
bo all manner of wild west stunts,
free show, balloon races, baseball
dames, dancing, etc., each day.
Old Indian of Omaha Triba
to Lead Expedition Into
Bad Lands
Norfolk, Neb~Septr"* —(Speaclal)
*->Jlm Bird, member of theClSiaha In
dian tribe In Thurston county, Ne
braska, honorably discharged from
the American army as scout during
the battles with the Sioux Indians,
wants another chance to find four
sacks of nuggets which he declares he
and two Santee Scouts buried under
a tree >n the Bad Danis of South
Dakota 40 years ago. A number of
Norfolk men, interested In the old
Indian's story are planning to fit up
an expedition to locate the gold.
Eight years age Indian Agent Mon
koe, who is now agent of the Cheyen
pe agency fitting up an expedition
to find the gold, but Scout Bird de
clares he was taken into the Bad
Minds in an automobile and lost feis
bearings. He wants a horse and
(plenty of time for the second ex
pedition and declares he will find the
The old scout who Is past 80 years
of age now, declares he is not after
the gold from selfish point of view.
He has plenty of money. Govern
ment allotments to his family brining
him into wealth estimated at $100,000.
He states he wants a chance to scout
around and find the tree and the gold
in order to prove hla story Is true.
He says he wants that done before
he passes on to the happy hunting
Lincoln County, Nebraska,
People Claim Funds Have
Been Misappropriated
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. ' (Special)—
Lincoln county citizens have asked
Governor Bryan, if he is vested with
the authority, to suspend County
Commissioner T. M. Cohagen from
office. The commissioner is now un
der indictment on five counts charg
ing misappropriating county funds.
The citizens contend that warrants
were drawn upon claims which should
not have been allowed and there
fore they argue that the county com
missioner is guilty of a failure tto en
force a law which provides that war
rants shall be drawn only on claims
that have been properly allowed.
Farmer's Wife Swallows
Poison, Is Soon Dead,,
Gibbon,g Neb., Sept. : '—Mrs. La
Vergne Carlson, about z* years old,
committed suicide at her home Sun_
day night at 9 o’clock by taking pois
on. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson and their
small son lived on a farm northwest
of Gibbon.
Mrs. Carlson seemed in the best of
spirits during the day, when she hap
pened to be in the fields talking to
the men. Mr. Carlson - worked late
and after supper laid down with the
baby to rest while his wife washed
dishes. Shs hurried into the room
after a trip down cellar.
“I'm affraid, I’m afraid!" she cried.
Alrmed at her tone her husband leap
ed upnd asked what she was afraid
of. I’ve taken poinson,” she re
plied. After calling a doctor Mr.
Carlson tried to administer emetics
and antidotes but without success, in
15 minutes his wife was dead.
Thurston County Fair
To Bs Hold This Wssk.
WalthiU, Neb., Sept. ' (Special)—.
Wednesday, September 12, will be en
try day at the Thurston County Fair.
From all indications, the exkilts in all
departments will be far more numer
ous than ever before. On Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, there will be
ball games, races, band concerts nnd
free acta. The winners of the ball
game Thursday will play the winners
of the Friday game on Saturday. Fri
day la children’s day, and a special
program is arranging for 11 of the
kchoo children of the county. Music
will be furnished by the Decatur
band onu Thursday, and by the Wait
hill Concert band, on Friday and
Cigaret Dealers Must
Cancel Own 8tampg
Pierre, S. D., Sept '^-(Special.)—
State Treasurer I* N. Driscoll an
nounced Saturday morning that In
future dealers in cigaretts In South
Dakota will be required to cancel
their own revenue stamps by which
the state collects a tax on cigarettes.
The stamps will be considered can
celled when dealer stamps face of
revenue stamps with h<s permit num
ber may be put in by pen and ink
until suitable stamp Is procured for
the piu-pose. It has been found im
possible to cancel the stamps in the
treasurer's office and get them out in
time to keep the dealers supplied,
and it Is believed that the state has
been losing some revenue in this
Frightened Cow Badly
Injures Nebraska Farmer
Bloomfield, Neb., Sept. (Special)
e-Peter Eckman, a farmer living out
In the Addison vicinity, suffered a
broken hip and other injuries when a
cow which he was milking became
excited, plunged about and fell upon
hi m.I t la said that a cat ran under
the cow and that this frightened her.
dyjd'daB(a ...I'yntPAO AfiooOret
Neb. Guarantee Fund Com
mission Not Satisfied With
Receiver’s Action
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. -Tfte. state
banking department announcing that
the guarantee fund commission and
the banking department have ob
jected to the sale in court at Broken
Bow of assets of the failed People's
State Bank of Anbel, Neb., because
the assets, consisting of papers and
real estate said to have been valued
at $72,000 had been made by Receiver
Emery F. Bush for $4,756, for the
papers, and $6,750 for the real estate.
K. Mackey, Ainsley, Neb., buyer of
the failed bank’s paper assets, John
David, buyer of the real estate assets
and Mr. Bush, the receiver will be
notified that a new sale is to held,
the banking department announced.
Governor Still on Trail
Of Coal Profiteers
Lincoln, Neb. Sept. —(Special)
—Governor Bryan of Nebraska an
nounced that he has "started ship
1 mentn of coal to two cities in Ne
braska." He stated that Mayor B.
O. Youl, of Wymore, Neb., and a
business man of tha tcity had call
ed on him recently and announced
that Wymore was about to take up
title selling of coal at reduced prices,
and that following the city’s decision
to do this dealers had cut the price
of coal, which should be selling at
$12.50 a ton to (8.25.
The governor did no* state what
two Nebraska cities he has ordered
coal for, but declared that he had
agents in Illinois who were making
observations as to lower priced coal
foiy the eastern half of Nebraska and
that a representative of the state
was in Colorado with the intention
of providing western Nebraska w’ith
coal at reduced prices, in the event
municipalities in that"section asked
for coal from the governor.
Child Prefer* to Stay
With Her Foster Mother.
Omaha, Neb., Sept -Asked
make one of life’s hardest decisions
—whether she would prefer to live
with her foster mother or her real
mother—little Doris Kerrigan, 11
years old, told Judge Day in district
court that ishe wanted the love of
the forster parent, Mrs. Mary Ker
rigan, in preference to tihat of her
mother, Mrs Iva Gannaway. The
two women have been conducting a
bitter legal battle for several days, 1
the mother seeking to regain custody
on the grounds that Mrs. Kerrigan
was "unfit for the duties of mother
hood.” Although Judge Day re
served decision in the case it is |x
pected by interested persons that
Mrs. Kerrigan will emerge victor
ious solely upon the child's verdict,
Contend Paroled Man
Cannot Be Extradited
Lincoln, Neb, Sept. (Special)—
Whether a paroled prisoner^ from
Nebraska is subject to extradition for
a crime alleged to have been com
mitted, in another state wds argued
before the state board of pardons and
paroles at the state penitentiary
Tuesday. The case was that of Wal
• ter Benford, 20 years old, who was
sentenced to from one to 10 years in
the Nebraska prison on conviction of
automobile stealing at Omaha. Since
his parole it developed that Benford
is wanted at Des Moines, Iowa, for al- j
leged car stealing, and further that
he is charged with robberies in Des
Moines, and Kansas City. One of
Benford’s alleged accomplices, Ray
Saunders, who was paroled 60 days
ago, is now in Iowa, serving time, it
was said, for car stealing.
Recognizes Man Who
Robbed Him At Alliance.
Lincoln, Neb, Sept. * (Special)—
Elk Teal was the central figure in a
stop-thief chase here today, when a
colored train porter named Ash
ford recognized him as one of the
three negroes who had held him up
at Alliance the other night. A large
crowd of men and boys ran Teal to
earth and the colored porter found
him wearing his watch and stick
pin. Two other negroes were later
rounded up by the police as the oth
er members of the gang.
Omaha Raiees Quota
For Jap Quake Sufferers
Omaha, Neh.. Sept. —Oreaha
went over Wednesday In Its $16,M0
Red Cross drive for Japanese relief
and was congratulated by Walter
Davidson, manager of the Central
division, the $803,MO quota of which
has exceeded itself by nfhay thou
sands since last reports. State head
quarters here announced $30,000 of
the oustate’s $50,000 quota has been
subscribed. All but 23 state chapters
have reported their subscription as
sured. The Japanese-American as
sociation of North Platte made up
largely of Japanese laborers donated
$1,525. Their women folk also con
tributed $270 for relief of fellow coun
Ministers Of County
Form An Association
Plainview, Neb, Sept. . (Special)
—The ministers ef all the denomina
tions in Pierce county met at Pierce
Monday afternoon, and perfected
their permanent organization to be
known as the Pierce County Mini
sters* association. Rev. J. Q. Russell,
of Osmond, was elected president and
Rev. 8. J. Tilden Sloan, of Plainview.
secretary. It was voted to hold' the
October meeting in Plainview.
Omaha Man Says He Was
Injured $50,000 By His
Recent Arrest
Omaha, Neb., Sept. r—Louis Mar
goline, president and manager of the
Allen Filter Service company has
filed suit for $50,000 against city
Commissioner J. B. Hummel, Patrol
man, Charles Dalk and Police Cap
tain George Allen, alleging false v
rest, in connection with his water
dealings during the recent muddy
water epidemic.
Margoline alleges stories of his ar
rest were broadcast over news which
injured his reputation having he
said, received letters from Friends in
New York, quoting that he had sold
water in the poorer districts at five
cents a quart, Margoline is in the
water business. During the shortage
however, he alleges police unaquaint
ed with hie arrangements with the
city to obtain spring water from
Elmwood park for distribution at
nominal cost, had by arrest placed
him in false position.
Nebraska, However, Shows
Big Increases in Sheep,
Hogs Cattle and Mules
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. ' (Special)—
Prof. L. W. Chase, animal husbandry
expert at the agricultural college, has
Just completed a survey of the live
stock of the state. He finds that only'
in the number of horses, which has
decreased 2.4 per cent, has there been
any falling off. He finds these in
creases: Sheep, 40 per cent; hogs,
20.7; beef cattle, 10; dairy cattle, 13.8,
and mules, 7.5 per cent.
Most of the bumper crop of corn
will be fed to cattle .and hogs, and
he says that the whole situation indi
cates to him that the state is in a
prosperous condition.
One House Legislature
Petition Is Announced.
Lincoln, Neb., 8ept> ' -An initl
tlve petition which if put into effect
would give Nebraska a one house
legislature was made public Tues
day by Otto Mutz, former state sena
tor of this city, who with the assist
ance of attorneys drafted the peti
tion. %
Mr. Mutz, in making public the
petition, declared that he will start
a campaign soon in this county, and
will later visit each county in the
state in the itnerest af the petition.
The petition asks the amendment of
the state constitution, article 1 sec
tion 3, so that the legislative powers
of the state will be vested in on*
house, to be known as the state legis
lature, and whose membership would
not exceed 100. This is the present
membership of the Nebraska house
of representatives.
New Marriage Law
Has Little Effect.
Columbus, Neb., Sept. —In spite
of the complaints from surrounding
counties that the new marriage law
of the state has greatly reduced the
number of couples seeking licenses
at the count Beats, Columbus, after
the first brief slump, seems to have
experienced, but a small decrease in
the number of licenses issued. Coun
ty Judge Gibbon points out that one
of the probable reasons for the com
paratively small decrease Is the fact
that this county has a large popula
tion of people of the Catholic and
Lutheran faiths. It is an established
custom in the Cathloic church for
marriage bans to be published for
three weeks in advance, wile young
folks of the Lutheran faith incline a
big weddings at the bride's home.
' Claims Bad Booze
Was Cause Of Murdar
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. (Special)—
Andrew Johnson, who drew from 12
to 14 months for killing William Jur
ging at North Bend on October 26,
1922, has appealed to the supreme
court, claiming that the evidence does
not Justify the verdict of guilt and
that it was clearly shown that he
was temporarily insane through the
excessive use of liquor. The two
men were old arontec and partners
in a gardening enterprise. They got
hold of some bad liquor, and at the
end Of the drinking bout Jurglng was
dead and Jefcasoa in jail. He says
that he has bo recollection of any
trouble with Jurglng. Hiss atorney
contends that the poisoned liquor had
deprived him ef all mental responsi
bility and had made him incapable
of forming aay intent to commit a
Fremont Woman Safe 1
In Earthquake Zone i
Fremont, Neb., Sept. —Agnes
Melln, Colon, Neb., woman, who has
been teaching in the Mary Colby
Baptist school at Yokohama, is safe,
according to a cablegram received
by her sister, Mrs. A. B. Johnson.
Farm Bureau Proects
Are To Be Visited.
Dakota City. Neb., Sept. ^(Spe
cial)—Farm bureau projee < now
under way In Dakota count? will be
studied 1 a nautomoblle to-_ to the
various projects next Saturday, start
ing from the court house at 8:*0 a.
m. The various projects will be vis
ited and time taken to have each one
thorough inspected and explained. A
basket dinner, with speaking and
music will be had at noon in Stephen
Hansen’s pasture, two and one-hair
miles southwest of Goodwin
Senator McGowan Ask»
Governor Bryan to Send
Sttate Agents to Town
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. '—State Sen
ator J. C. McGowan or "Norfolk, call
ed upon Governor Bryan Monday
with the intention of asking the
governor to send state enforcement
agents to Norfolk to break up an
alleged “bootleg trust," which tber
senator says exists there. Governor
Bryan, however, was leaving the
office to go to Omaha when Sena
tor McGowan arrived, and had only
a short talk with the senator.
Senator McGowan stated that
there existed In Norfolk a bootleg
ging ring which local authorities:
were apparently unable to cope with
State Auditor of Nebraska
Resists Bridge Concern’s
.Efforts to Get at Cash
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. ( Special >
—State Auditor Marsh has filed with
the supreme court an answer to th»
claim of the Western Bridge & Con
struction company, filed there as »•
test case, to determine if the roacfc
contractors must wait till the legis
lature meets before they can get the
money due them for work done prior
to the present biennium. The audi
tor says that all the state money ap
nium has been exhausted, and shrdf.
propriated for the previous biennium*
has been exhausted, and that none*
of the funds appropriated for the cur
rent .biennium are available for thi»
use. The only money the state will,
concede to be available is that which
is due from the federal government,,
and Is expected to be turned in short
Appeals Guaranty Law
Case To Supreme Court:
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. ~ (Special>
—Receiver Ackerman, of the Ameri
can State bank of Aurora, has lod
ged an appeal with the supreme court:
from an order of the district court
In allowing three claims aggregatingr
$21,000. One was in favor of the
North American Life Insurance com
pany for $15,000 liberty bonds it hadR
deposited with the bank on the soli
citation of its managing officer, CL
W. Wentz, now in state’s prison, ancE
which Wentz sold and deposited the
proceeds to his personal account. An
other was for $5,537, premium on at.
surety bond that Wentz received ast=
agent of the Maryland Causualty
company, and which he deposited tc
his personal account. The third was*
an overdraft for $510 on the Cltyr
National of Lincoln. 911 are admit
ted to be general claims, but tine
question is whether the deposit guar
anty fund is liable.
City Of Lincoln To
Handls Own Gasolinm
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. (Special*
—The city on Lincoln nas invited!
bids from wholesalers of gasoline foi~
200,000 gallons, approximately, yearly
City Commissioner Cowgill recently*
was authorized to establish a muni
cipal filling station to supply the
needs of the municipality—operated^
trucks and cars. It is not intended,
to compete with private station or
sell by retail. It is estimated by the>
city engineer that gasoline can be*
bought by wholesale for the city for*
12 cents a gallon. The present retail!
price in Lincoln Is 16 1-4 cents.
- 4 ^ ■
Honey Bee Crawls Into
Woman’s Ear, Removed!..
Columbus, Neb., Sept. "-—Driver*
almost frantic by a honsp «*ee that
had crawled into her ear, Mrs. WV.
H. Dunham, Detroit, Mich, tourist,
rushed to a local physician’s office
arriving in time It is believed to saves
the hearing in She ear. Fortunately,.
the bee had not yet stung the woman,
although the doctor declared it hadt
almost entered her head entirely.
After removing the stinger from the
Insect, the danger was passed and ther
bee was removed.
Few Preachers Apply
For Railroad Passes..
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. * (Special)—
Six ministers onl yhave so far beer*,
favored with annual passes on Neb
raska railroads under the new law
according to reports filled with the
state railway commission. The Union
Pacific is the only railroad that isr.
issuing these annuals. The favore<T
ministers are Rev. I. B. Schrecken
gast, head of Nebraska Wesleyan
university, Lincoln; Rev. C. C. Gis—
sell, of Omaha and Rev. M. E. Gil
bert of Kearney, both Methodists; C.
A. Musselman, traveling secretary
for the railroad Y. M. C. A., and Revs..
John S. Palubickl and Joseph Duhe
mal, Catholics of Omaha.
Body of Aged Nebraska
Man Found in Yard
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. ~ -The body
of Joseph Sels, 77 years old, was
found In his yard about 34 feet from
the bouse in which he lived alone.
Neighbors expressed the belief that ,
the aged man had been cutting weeds
in his yard and when he jtecame ill,
from the effects of the heat, attempt
ed to get te the house, and died on
the way. A key to the house wan
found In the dead man’s hand, and
a scythe was found near the body.
He was last seen about 10 o’clock
Saturday mornksg.