The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, July 25, 1922, Image 7

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Heating Process Begins as Fer
mentation Produced by
Growth of Bacteria.
Danger of Spontaneous Combustion
Must Be Anticipated Before
Feed Is Stored Moisture
Is Controlling Factor.
The risk of lire from spontaneous
combustion In mows mul stacks may
lie done awny with almost entirely If
hay Is put up only when properly
cured, says the United States De
partment of Agriculture. To the
chemist and bacteriologist there Is
nothing mysterious about these fires.
The heating process begins us a fer
mentation produced by the growth of
bacteria In moist hay. When condi
tions nro right the temperature mounts
until the organisms that started tho
process are killed; from then on the
heating Is the result of chemical ac
tion a slow oxidation when It Is
away from contact with the air and a
rapid oxidation, or fire, when. the heat
ing area breaks through to the open
When one of these fires breaks out
there may be time to save the live
stock, unless It occurs without warn
ing In the night, but there Is small
chance of saving the structure and
the feed stored In It. The danger of
spontaneous combustion must bo an
ticipated before the feed is stored.
Most farmers know when hay Is cured
properly, but because of threatening
weather or for some other reason
some men compromise and put in feed
thnt still contains too much moisture,
sometimes giving themselves a false
sense of security by scattering suit
in the mow or stack. Moisture Is the
controlling factor, whether It Is rain
that has fallen on tho rut hay or wa
ter within the stems makes no. differ
ence. If the moisture content Is low
enough the hay will not heat to the
danger point.
Alfalfa a Trouble-Maker.
Alfalfa and clover and other hays
made from rather succulent plunts
cause the most troublo from heat
ing, and they should be given par
ticular care in curing. In some parts
of the country where rains are fre
quent at haying time It Is hard to
get hay Into Ideal condition. Some
farmers cure it In cocks and use can
vas caps, but this is expensive in time
nnd rauterinls. In humid regions the
danger from" spontaneous combustion
In mows nnd stacks may be lessened
by tho, use of a box-like ventilator,
a skeleton tube 12 to 15 inches square
nnd of any length desired, depending
upon the size of the mow or stack.
The corners are 2 by 4 inches and the
crosspleces 1 by 3 inches placed close
enough together to keep the hay from
falling through and blocking the air
passage. Diagonal braces are placed
in the box nt Intervnls to keep It
from collapsing under the weight of
the hay. These ventilators are usual
ly placed across the mow at Intervals
of 7 or S feet.
In some localities curing frnmes or
tripods are used to hasten curing.
They keep the hay loose and up off tho
ground so thut the air may circulate
freely through it.
Stirring Is Worst Thing.
When n mow or stack has become
badly heated there Is a strong tempta
tion to go In nnd stir up the hay,
but often this is the worst thing that
can be done. Admitting air to tho
hot center of fermentation may be
Just the thing needed to stnrt a fire.
If air does not get in a part of the hay
may be charred without starting a
fire; graduully the mow cools nnd the
only loss Is the hay that has been car
bonized. However, In the enrly stages
when tho liny is heating It Is some
times ndvlsnble to move hay from ono
mow to another or to restack. But bo
sure It Is not too hot.
Slow combustion Inside the mow can
be detected by a peculiar sooty odor
or by smoke that Is Irritating to the
Danger of spontaneous combustion
is not confined to hny. It may occur
In damp fodder nnd straw, as well
as in bins of moist grain nnd seeds.
Garden Implement Easily Made From
an Old Spade Cut Out Wedged
Shaped Portion.
A very useful cnbbage cutter can bo
made from an old spade. In the first
place, a wedge-shaped portion is cut
Tho Sharp Edges of the V Sever the
Cabbage From Its Stalk.
from tho spade, as 1b shown In tho pic
ture. The edges of this are then sharp
ened with a file.
In using tho cutter, the open part ifl
pressed ngulnst the stump of the cab
bage. When this is cut through, tho
cabbage falls on the spade and can
then be tossed Into a cart. 8. Leon
urd Bastin in Popular Science Monthly.
Rodent-Control Specialists
Local Authorities.
Counties Divided Into Zones and
Money Ralsd to Give to Men and
Boys as Prizes for Killing
Largest Number.
(Frcparcd tr tbs United Btatea Department
of Agriculture.)
Six hundred and seventy thousand
rata wero killed In tho extermination
drives In Texas , last year. County
agents employed co-operatlvcly by tlio
United Stntes Dcpnumcnt of Agricul
ture, state agricultural colleges, and
tho counties promoted many of the
campaigns with the help of members
of local farm bureaus and chambers
of commerce and under tho general
supervision of biological survey rodent
control specialists.
Some counties were divided Into
zones and money was raised to bo
given as prizes to men, boys, and
schools killing the largest number of
rats. Tho county superintendent of
A Few of the Thousands of Rats
Killed In Rat Extermination Cam
schools nnd school teachers assisted
particularly In stimulating the Interest
of the pupils.
The most rats were killed in Den
ton county. The boy having tho great
est number to his credit killed 15,000
In six weeks. In Wllllnmson county
another boy killed 009 In two weeks.
It Is estimated that the rats aver.
nged about a half a pound each, mak
ing about 1G7 tons of rats killed dur
ing the campaign. It is nlso estimated
that each rat, had It lived a year,
would on an nverage huve eaten or dam
aged property worth $1.00, making the
results of the campaign worth appro
Imately 5070,000.
To Fry Until Thoroughly Delicious and
Crisp, Though Unburned, Is Not
Frying bacon so that It Is thorough
ly delicious and crisp, though un
burned, Is not such a hard thing to
accomplish as hns sometimes been
supposed. According to the office of
home economics of tho United Stntes
Department of Agriculture, it makes
no difference whether the cooking Is
fast or slow, and to keep pouring off
the fat as It tries out Is more work
than Is really necessary for n perfect
ly good result.
Trying bacon so that it Is crisp la
chiefly n matter of getting the water
and excess fat out of It. In order not
to burn It, ono should bo very careful
that neither the bacon nor the fat lnl
the pan becomes overheated. Through
out the process the fat should remain
a light brown color nnd should not be
allowed to get dark brown. It Is
easier to cook bacon slowly thnn to
cook it fast, hecnuse it Is easier to
keep the fat a uniform pnle color when
ono takes plenty of time for the
Bacon to be crisp does not need to
drain while It Is cooking. It can even
be fried in deep fat with excellent re
sults. After It is cooked nnd before
It Is taken from the pun It should
be thoroughly drained while still hot;
then it should be served nt once.
Entomologists Recommend Drenching
Nests With Boiling Water
or Using Kerosene.
To get rid of lawn ants entomolo
gists of the United Stntes Department
of Agriculture suggest drenching the
nests with boiling water or pouring In
a small quantity of kerosene oil. Sim
ilar treatment may be applied to nests
between or beneath paving stones,
Sprnylng the lawn with kerosene
emulsion or with very strong soap
wash Is also recommended. For large
ant nests disulphld of carbon injected
Into the nest by means of an oil can
or small syrlngo Is recommended to
kill the ants. , The fumes of disulphld
of carbon have a very dlsngrceblo
odor, and are Inflammable, but they
are not Injurious to higher anlmnls In
tho open air.
Chicks Confined Continually In Brooder
Do Not Secure Proper Amount
of Exercise.
Healthy chicks nre very active.
Chicks that are confined In a brooder
house continually are not apt to have
sufficient exercise, which frequently
gives rise to too picking, fenther pull
ing and other brooder evils. Free
range gives them something to do and
keeps them healthy.
Not Good Plan to Get Them Too
Near Cow Barn Must Be Clean,
Airy and Dust-Proof.
Milk houses must be clean, niry
dust-proof plnccs, frco from nil in
sects nnd bad odors. They should
not open directly Into tho bnrn, but
It Is equally Injudicious to build them
a very great dlsthnco away from tho
barn. Prompt remdvnl and quick
cooling nre the main points to ob
serve lu handling milk. Put the milk
house on a well-drained spot and
away from rubbish heaps, inanurti
plies and fly-breeding places. Tho
outer walls, If of concrete, should bo
from 0 to S Inches thick; if of brick,
Milk House Suitable for a Ten to
Twenty-Cow Dairy.
0 Inches; If of tile, 8 Inches; If of
stone, 14 to 18 Inches; and If of
wood frame, 0 Inches.
Authorities say thnt particular care
should be exercised In constructing
milk house floors. Concreto Is by far
the best material for this purpose, as
It resists moisture, decay and wear.
Concrete floors should be built of a
base made up of ono pnrt cement,
three parts sharp, clean sand and flvo
parts stone. This base should be
about five inches thick and should bo
covered with a top coat one Inch
thick made by mixing one part cement
and two parti sand. The top coat
should be troweled hard and smooth.
Form of Ordinance Drawn to Guide
Communities In Framing Prac
ticable Law.
(Prepared bjr the United States Department
ot Agriculture.)
In properly safeguarding tho milk
supply of a community, tho enactment
of a suitable and enforceable law Is
usually the first step, according to a
reprint of department bulletin 585, "A
Guide for Formulating a Milk Ordi
nance," Just Issued by the United
States Department of Agriculture.
Milk, In Its composition and nnturnl
qualities, is a most useful and accept
able food, but may acquire one form
or another of Insanitary taint on its
way from tho cow to tho consumer;
and It is not always possible to re
quire either producers or distributors
to observe all tho precautions which
science hns shown to be necessary,
unless there is a law to back them up.
Tho public and officials of a city
realizing this need may sometimes, In
their zeal to make tho new regulations
strict enough, go too fnr and Insert
provisions that cannot readily bo en
forced or ndmtnstered. Even health
department officials may not be fa
miliar with all phases of this subject,
unless they have already been engaged
In tho enforcement of milk regula
tions; and In any case, whether the
city Is Just starting milk regulation or
Is revising Its ordinances to bring
them up to date, it is desirable to take
advantage of the experlenco of other
The United States Department of
Agriculture has drawn up a form of
ordinance to guide communities In
framing a finished and practicable
law. Copies of tho bulletin may bo
had free upon application to the de
partment at Washington, D. C.
Not Only Lessens Output, but Tends
to Disturb Functional Activity
of Animal.
Early milking morning or evening
ono day and later milking morning or
evening unother day not only lessens
tho output of milk, hut tends to dis
turb functional activity and prevents
a maximum yield for the luctatlon
Ground Corn, Oats, Bran and Ollmeal
Is Recommended for Those Un
der Six Months.
For calves under six months old In
good condition nnd having a soft, mel
low hide, a mixture of 80 pounds
ground corn, 80 pounds ground oats,
80 pounds bran and 10 pounds ollmeal,
fed threo to five pounds dully, Is rec
ommended. Hard to Get Flow Back.
If n cow's milk flow Is allowed to go
down through neglect, poor feed or
any other cnuse, It Is almost Impos
sible to get the flow back up to tho
first mark.
Milk Only Good Cows.
Milk more cows but by ull that's
sensible, mtlk only good cows.
Cause of 8trlngy Milk,
Stringy milk does not occur fre
quently unless the cows drink water
from stagnant pools, etc.
Pinned Under Overturned Auto
She Is Strangled to Death
Before Husband's Eyes.
Franklin, Pa. While her husband
vainly tried to lift n automobile
which had overturned and pinned her
neck beneath the running board, Mm.
William Howser, forty-Might, stran
gled to death before his eyes.
Mrs. Ilowser was able to talk with
him for a time, but ns the heavy car
settled In the soft earth her breath
became slower, nnd she died as he
etrove In desperation to lift u weight
he could not budge.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fcrringtona,
wb" Wftro also occupants of the car,
Struggles In Vain to Free Wlfo.
suffered injuries nnd were unable to
assist Ilowser In his efforts.
Howse was driving so fast at a
bend thnt' he was unable to make the
turn. The car shot to one side of the
road and went over an eight-foot em
bankment. Ilowser and the Ferrlng
tons wero thrown clear of the car,
but Mrs. Dowser was caught under It
when It lnnded, upside down. The
running board rested on her neck.
Alleged Confidence Men Find Many
Rich Suckers Political Leader
Under Suspicion.
Okmulgee, Okla. An alleged confi
dence gnme, In which three men are
charged with having offered $1 bills
for snle at the rate of 12 cents ench,
finding n lively market, but falling to
deliver the cheap money nfter they had
received their price, was uncovered
here with the arrest pf "Jack" Gard
ner of Muskogee on chnrges of fraud
uud robbery. '
Warrants also have been Issued for
the arrest of Robert Smith, pool hall
operator and former political leader In
Okmulgee county, and Bert Davis of
Tulsa on similar charges.
They are alleged to have said they
received a large number of $1 bills
from the banks falling In this section,
nnd that, to handle the money conveni
ently, they had to have It In large dc
omlnatlous. They offered eight $1 bills
for $1, taking $20 nnd $50 bills In puy
ment, according to tho county attor
ney's olllce.
Officers Alleged to Have Tried to At
tack Women Prisoners at East
St. Louis.
East St. Louis, 111. An affidavit
that two police officers hud attempted
to attack a woman prisoner at head
quarters has been made public by Itev.
W. It. Evans. He is chairman of a
citizens committee Interested In
charges of brutality against police.
Resignation of Chief of Police Mulcon
nery, Chief of Detectives Neville and
seven other olllclnls was demanded by
the outgoing board of fire anil police
commissioners, following an investiga
tion of brutality charges, one of which
was that John Campanella, a prisoner,
had been beaten to death, but on ud
vico thnt the action was Illegal they
are holding over.
; Jailbreaker Is Trapped
' by Cat .and Sardines J
J Sacramento, Cnl. A cat an1 ,
n can of sardines stood between
Frank Owen, Folsom state penl- ,
tentlary convict, according to J
' the' testimony f Owen, on trial
' on the charge of escaping. J
' Owen made a cache of food t
nnd bedding under an old stulr- J
t way of a guard's house. t
lie planned to remain there a J
t week or ten days, but on the t
fourth day he opened a can of J
t sardines, which attracted u cat.
The cat tried to gain entrance
t to the hiding place and Owen,
i fearing the animal's action J
might lead te his detection, t
J mude n break for liberty. J
lie was caugnt a tew mues
' from the prison.
F Rain WatJInTI
Pure Soap f A
1 Girls who pride themselves AlW A
rf on their appearance know Vl y? jdM
Nra the value of a smooth and NL S 5$3
I fragrant skin. . .Three gen- Ne-" yr $$$A
R erations of lovely women
If have set an example in using "&j J vTLu&S:
V the pure cleansing lather of
Li Cashmere Bouquet Soap WpjP?
Luxuriou Lasting Refined it T yvcfji
Jtjfa "YourSlctn ii So Fragrant jW
No idea ever triumphed Just he
cnuse It was right. It took man power
'to put It over.
Doollttlo avenue does not crosg Knsy
Baby Carnages CFiimituro
Ask Your Local Dealer
for 32-Page
trated Booklet
The Lloyd Manufacturing Company
WtuuxoJ-WaktfitU Co.)
Dcpt E
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for Economical Transportation,
The World's Lowest Priced
QUALITY Light Delivery Car
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The Greatest Dollar Value in the
Commercial Car Market
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Costs no more to buy and keep titan a tenm, but does the work of two teams
and saves one driver.
With two extra seats makes a fine bus or jitney for Hvery, hotel or school uses.
Can be had with special panel body at very reasonable cost.
Comparisons Sell Chevrolet
STRUCTION. Strong, Quiot
Spiral Bevel Gears.
Standard Transmission three
speeds forward and one reverse.
Standard Braking System foot
service brake, hand emergency brake.
StandardElectricalSystem Start
er, storage battery, electric lights.
Standard Cooling System pump
circulation, large, honey-comb radia
tor and fan.
Standard Doors two on roadster
coupe, and light delivery, four on
touring and sedan.
Standard Instrument Board
speedometer, ammeter, oil pressure
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Learning from the experlenco of
others Is Hko having a baby hand you
Fresh, sweet, whlto, dainty clothes
for bnby, If you use Red Cross Ball
Illuc. Never streaks or injures them.
All good grocers sell it. Advertise
ment Just So.
"Why were you exceeding the speed
"Judge, I was taking a visiting;
friend to tho station."
"Guess I can't lino you, then. Wa
nre told to speed the parting guest"
Cutlcura Comforts Baby's Skin
When red, rough nnd itching, by hot
Cutlcura Ointment. Also make uso
I now nnd then of thnt exquisitely scented,
I dusting powder, Cuticurn Talcum, ono
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Dish washing being hateful, why
Isn't It done by Itinerants, like lawn
gauge, lighting and starting switch;
and choke pull.
Standard Type of Carburetor, with
exhaust heater.
Powerful, Valvo-In-Hoad Motor
the same type as used in successful
cars selling at much higher prices.
Demountable Rims with extra
Full Weather Pro too tion Water
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Many Other Advantages which will
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