The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 15, 1920, Image 12

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SemMSJcrkly Erfbune.
WILSON TOUT, Editor mid Publisher.
Ono l'enr, In ndrnnco $2.00
Entered at tho North Platto, Nebraska
Poatofflco as Socond Clans Matter.
FJtlDAV, OCTOIIKJl loth, 11)20.
Cltlzons may not know tho roal
tnciii nbout tho wntor ayatcm In North
Platte but If anyone wants to know
tUh condition of things, lie should
fet the Information before the elec
tion noxt Tuosday. We have eleotod
Mr roprosentntivo to tho Council
and It In their business to know all
nbout J.hls department of tho city j
govornnient. Ask your Councilman
bout it. He will toll you to vote for
the bonds. Ho will toll you that tho
wator ratos Is just sufflclont to pay
serious, Thoro Is just ono pump be
tween tho prcsont condition and a
comploto shutdown of tho plant. Un
sanitary conditions provull In somo
parts of tho city because- tho residents
of thoso parts do not havo city water
nnd cannot bo served until the mains
are extended. In othor parts, tho
lorvlco is poor bocauso of too small
mains. Tho fire station needs atten
tion. Tho Income from the prcsont
watr rates Is Just sufficient to pay
tho running oxponsos. With tho do
oUno in prices of coal and materials,
a different condition will exist. Until
then, thoro docs not seem to bo any
other way of mooting tho .emergency,
except ,to glvo tho Mayor and Council
added funds for improvements and
ropalrs. Tho only way to got these
funds Ih by Issuing bonds. Wo should
got back of tho city government nnd
vpto thoso bonds by a majority that
will satisfy purchasers that tho people
of North Platto aro behind these
brtnds. Thou thoy will soil and work
can bo commoncod that will placo us
Ih better shapo for noxt season. Ite
incmhor to voto for tho bonds Tues
day, Oct. 19th.
For tho first time In tho history of
North Platto High School a football
team has gono out of town to play a
-game and Ip ticcompnniod by Its own
'baud. Tho Cadet Hand, forty strong,
bpurdec' tho early train ycs'tordjny
nvjrninfj and will furnish tho spirit
lht Is expected to bring rlctory to
tho (pniii. . It was a big undertaking
to carry tho band on this trip but
when tho pupils and teachers unite
on -a rroi'osltlon It cannot bo too big
.tqbn done. Wo commend the spirit
rossn ln; onr approval of tho proprie
ty of such a trip until wo learn tho
fronts on tho boys and on tho school.
j ::o::
J. C. Strahorn today presented The
Trjbuiio with a copy of tho Chicago
Thnos which was printed when -tho
editor of Tho Trlbuno wnB only six
woka old. Tho price of tho Dally
nntl.Funi'uy dollverud nt that tlmo was
$1 G.00. The front pago contains n
ppe;cfi by Wirt. M. Everts' and a full
column of pootry by Bayard Taylor,
. Tho Philadelphia Centennial was bo-
This week. Frank Strolborg and
,Gu Brnntlng each shipped a pig to
tho Lutheran Orphnnago at Stroma
burg as a gift. Frank says
tho boys thoro llko to ralso pigs and
two Isn't onough. Othors might do tho
tho samo thing that those mon did.
1:30 Central High School Teacher's
3:00 IC P. Hall Lady Trainmen
7:d0 Crystal Challengo of the Law
7:30 Kolth Gladys Slaytor and Tho
Uluo Bonnet
7:30 Sun Tho Vlgllnntos
9:00 K. C. Hall Danco
9:00 Baptist Church Teacher's In
stltuto ,
1:80 Contral School Audltdrlum
Tonohor's Instltuto
2:30 Kolth Matinee
7:80 Crystal Loarnln' of Jim Hon
ton 7:30 Keith Blue Bontiot
7:30 Sun Blue Stroak McCoy
9:4B Lutheran Sunday School
0:1B Baptist Sunday School
9:40 Episcopal Sunday School
9:4Ti Christian Sunday School
9:45 Methodist Sunday School
10:00 Presbytorlan Sunday School
11:00 Baptist "Triumph of Faith"
11:00 Methodist "Tho Incomparable
11:00 Christian "Our Weakness In
11:00 Lutheran "Qualifications and
Duties of Church Councllmen"
0:30 Chrlstlnn a E.
0:30 Baptist B. Y. P. U.
0:30 Presbyterian C. E.
0:30 Methodist Ep worth Lcaguo
7:30 Baptist nov. and Mrs. Dudley.
v Missionaries to Burmali
7:30 Christian "Tho Greatest Vic
tory of History"
7:30 Mothodlst "Dives and Lazarus'
8:00 Lutheran "Tho Potter nnd tho
2:30 Fireman Hall Homo Economic
Department of Twentieth Century
7:30 Keith Green Flamo
7:30! Crystal LcarnlnTof Jim Ben
ton 7:30 Sun Tangled Thrends
9:00 K. C. Hall Amorlcan Legion
My namo having been filed with tho
County Clerk of Lincoln County for
tho office of County Commissioner In
tho Third District: This being tho sec
ond tlmo I havo been drafted for this
offlco I wnnt my friends to know I
fully appreciate all that has been
I will accept this nomination and
am n live candldato from this time
until tho polls close- If I am elected,
I will rondor to( tho voters of Lincoln
County my best efforts In filling tho
offlco of County- Commissioner.
Horshoy, Nobr.
Want Ads
For Rent 2-Room houso. Inquire
812 So. Chestnut.
Wnnled Flromon. 'North
Light! and Powor Co.
Tor Sale Call
ducks, Photic
W, L. Park, formerly with tho Union
iPaclflc R. R. and later with the Il
linois Central and now giving his full
tlmo to tho Fcdornl Railway Labor
Board, passed through North Platto
. yostorday, on his way to Denver whoro
ho will hold a labor meeting.
Tho Homo Economics Department
of tho Twentieth Century Club will
. meet Monday afternoon Instead of
( Tuesday. Tho program has boon
worked out by Mrs. it. F. cotterou,
tho chairman of tho Commlttoo and
promises to bo n good one. It will
begin nt 2:30 at Fireman Hall.
Mm. ' An Important Detail I
w of Sales
P Tho clerking of your auction sales Is an
v-iKSS3 Important dotall. Upon tho clerk doponds
Bajarecuw- 1,1 a lnrg0 Jrtonsuro tho real success of tho
STATfcU" - .
Tho offlcors of this bank aro fully oxpor-
i lonced nnd capnblo In this brancli of bank-
, ing and their past succossos mako them of
especial valuo to you at Uils time.
Como In and lot ub help you plan your
snlo from beginning to end
f' , The Platte Valley State Bank
l'or Sale An outbuilding." 109 W.
Socond St.
l'or Rent Ono slooplug room. In
quire J L' caro of Trlbuno.
Tor Sale 70 bushel grain body for
truck. Phone 1031W.
For. Sale Grant Six car In good,
shape. Call at 114 E. Ninth at.
For Rent Fivo room houso for rent
furnished. Apply at GIG E. 6th St. after
sevon o'clock In evening.
For Sale Ono No. 5 Radiant Homo
hard coal stove. 220 W. Sixth St.. A.
O. Kocken.
Wanted All kinds of sowing and
dressmaking. Prices very reasonable.
314 S. Walnut. Call for Mrs. Brown.
For Rent 2 furnished and heated
bedrooms In private- homo. Call
For Rent: Six room houso In good
condition, modern except heat. G08 W.
5th. Phone 1G9W.
Wanted Janitor at Prcsbytorlai
Church. Apply and furnish referen
ces to J. C. Hollman, Brodbeck Bldg.
Wanted Three corn shuckers with
or wlthotu wagons. Phono or write
J. H. Marovish. North Platte.
For Sale Second Hand Cadillac car
GO gallon air-tight tin tank. Inqulro
D. C. Congdon.
For Sale: CO ft. corner lot In 1000
block on East 5th St. Phono 537 or
call at 1109 East 4th.
Ono Jersey cow or calf for sale or
trade on Ford car. Phone 719W. or
call at 1003 W. 8th.
Onions for Sale 1 mllo north and
Vt mllo east of Platte Valley School
Wanted Experienced girl for Gen
eral housework. Mrs. J. S. Twincm,
Phone 283. 71tf
For Snlo A quarter section Platto
hay land, all good for alfalfa.'. $75.00
per acre. Box 172, North Platte, Neb.
call at 1109 East 4th.
For Sale Farm well Imprpovedy
Four hundred acres. Ten miles south
west of-North Platte. Caro G. M. C.
For Sale Malo pigs. It Is getting
time to buy your malo hogs. I havo
a fow good ones. Cmo nnd see mo.
Frank Strolborg, North Platte.
"Wnntcd Two hundred horses to
winter. Best of feed and sheds. Ono
dollar a month. Phono or write J. II.
Marovish, North Platto
Strayed Dark Iron grny mare from
the farm on tho Blrdwood sometlmo
in May. 4-years old, weight about 1400
Guy Coleman, North Platto.
Wanted A compotent School girl Ui
assist with general houso work after
school hours nnd on Saturday. In
qulro at tho A, T. Johnston Dept.
For Sale: Six hundred acres of farm
grazing land.. North of Flats. Good
ImprovomentSi windmill and tank.
Cuts nbout fifty tons of hay. Address
Mlnnlo Zehr, Flats, Nebraska.
For Sale Storo fixtures, fivo floor
show cases, fivo 16-foot wall cases,
ono ribbon case, ono threat cabinet,
two 16-foot counters, ono Elliott but
ton fastening machine. NELSON &
CO. 717 No. Locust.
Wanted: Horses to wintor nnd pas
turo. Two sections for horses to run
on and two wells for watering. Ono
section has never been feed oft of.
Inqulro C. SODACOTT. North Platto.
Genl. Del.
Wautcd A Lonely Young man 'of
good character, small means and car,
would llko to meet somo young lady,
no objections to young widow. Object
friendship, possibly matrimony. Ad
dross LL caro Tribune.
For Sale Early Ohio Potatoes, good
keepors for wintor use will dollvor In
ton bushel lots nt $1.20 per bushel or
$1.00 at tho farm. Roy R. Spurrier.
Elmwood farm. RR1 Phono Horshoy
lost, Strayed or Stolen Black
saddlo horso, woight nbout 1200 lbs.,
whlto spot on forehead, whlto saddle
mark on back no brand. Reward.
Notify D. M. Loypoldt, North Plntto
or J. C. Mooro, Horshoy.
For Salo All modern homo built
for ownor's home. Eight rooms and
bath, oak floors, full basement, doublo
garage nil now. On account of monoy
condition will soil nt a bargain If sold
For Snlc: Whlto Loghorn, Barred
Rock, WhltcWyandotto and S. C. R.
I. Rod cockerels Good vigorous
birds of Exhibition quality. Hatched
from Unl. of. Nebr.. trapnostod, pedi
greed stock. Prlco $3.00 each until
Novj 1st. Also havo a fow S. C. R. I.
Red lions for salo at' $2. 50 each. Fifty
White Loghorns hens nt $3 each.
Fresh oggs retailed at Plant. Poultry
Department, Unl. of Nebr. Exp. Substation,-
North Plntto.
Wanted: Young man with book
keoplng ability, capable of handling a
growing buslnoss proposition near No
Platto. Married man prof orrcd. Good
opportunity for ambitious young man.
Apply in writing to W. F. Caro Trib
une. Lost A pair of brown kid gloves
on tho street. ' Reward. Return to this
Vigorous and likable whimsical
and human ready to laugh or to fight
at tho drop of a hat that's HARRY
CAREY In his latest big production
"BLUE STREAK McCOY." A stirring
outdoors story rich with romanco and
winding up with ono of tho most des
Jperato fights you evor ' saw on tho
screen. Don't miss this picture it's
tho real thing.
AIso 2 Reel Comedy Galo llcnr
Notice of First Sleeting of Creditors.
In tho District Court of the Unlte.d
States, for the District of Nebraska,
Non.i Platto Division.
In tho Matter of John, R. Thomas,
Caso No. 50, In Bankruptcy, Volun
tary Petition..
To tho Creditors of John R. Thomas,
of North Platte, of tho County of Lin
coln, in the District aforesaid.
Notlco Is hereby given that on the
Gth day of October, A. D., 1920, the
said John R. Thomas was duly ad
judicated bankrupt, nnd that the first
meeting of his creditors will bo held
nt the Office of the Referee In Bank
ruptcy, nt North Plntto, Llncpln Coun
ty, Nebraska, In said District on tlic
"0th day of Oct. 1920, at 10 o'clock a.
m.. at which tlmo the said creditors
may attend) rrovo their claims, ap
point tho trustee, examine tho bank
rupt, and transact such other business
as may properly come before tho said
l)15-lwk Rofereo In Bankruptcy.
rrrT a -t
"The Vigilantes"
A love story of the Great West
in the Days of "49"
The WindoWaTrimmer
Al St. John Comedy
''Blue Streak McCoy"
Don't Chase Your Wife
Tangled Threads"
Radium Mystery
Delicious food because really cooked
and because all Juices nnd flavors aro
retained by the SECHRIST PRES
SURE COOKER. Pressuro forces 259
degrees of heat to very center of meat
and vegetables, cooking ovory partlclo
tonder and djgestlblo In 1-3 usual tlmo
Navy bonus In 30 mlnutos. Govern
ment nnd domostlc scientists recom
mend pressuro cooking and canning.
Mndo of rolldlPplnto aluminum. Free
booklot with roclpos.
Demonstrator hero dlroct from fac
tory will cook 3 year old chicken ten
dor in Iosb than an hour in our win
At The Sun Saturday
Reduce the High Cost of Living by trading at
The A. T. Johnson Department Store.
Specials For Saturday
Fancy Patent Flour, guaranteed . . . . . '. $3.00
Potatoes per bushel . $1.25
No. 1 Michigan II. P. Navy, Beans,' 3 lbs 25c
Butter Nut Codee, 3 lbs $1.45
Macaroni and Spaghetti, 3 pkgs 25c
Wisconsin Early June Peas, 2 cans .....'... . 35c
Fancy Iowa Corn, '2 cans 35c
White Karo Syrup, 1 gal..; $1.05
Dark Karo Syrup, 1 gal ; 90c
Canned Milk, 3 cans , . : 25c
Baking Soda, 3 pkgs 25c
Come in and take advantage of our Special
Reduction in Millinery and Dry Goods.
The A. T. Johnson Dept. Store.
Special Sales of
Ginghams, Outing Flannels
and Bleached Muslin.
25c per Yard.
-5-10 & 25c Store.
Keith Theatre Program
MATINEE 2:30 P. M.
Admission General 28c. ' Children 15c.
Price including tax.
Billy Rhodes Comedy in Blue Bonnet.
Evening Prices 35c, 25c, 15c Including tax.
Special Attraction
J. Warren Kerrigan
Admission 40c ard 30c Children 15c
Prices Include War Tax
OCT. 16th. Como in nnd have n taste.
soon. Call at S01 E. 3rd St., North