The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 18, 1920, Image 7

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    "V ,.Ar 1'.'
' Wiowood
1 JWve
Good luck does not come to you; you must go AFTER it.
When you LOOK prosperous you have a better opportun
ity to BE prosperous; because you are "sized up" by the way
you appear. t
Then come in and buy some of our good jewelry with your
spare money. " It will help you to appear well ariT will be a
Ernest IUncker went yesterday to
Keystone on business.
Clinton has the stock for the Juno
Bride. MG-2
J. J. Halllgan went to Northport
yesterday on legal business.
W. T. Wilcox left yesterday for
N'orthport on legal business.
" Dr. Howard Yost, Dentist, Twlnom
Building. Fliono 307. 77tf
Ellen McGovern went to Ogalalla
yesterday to attend the Round-Up.
Walter Shilling and George Webber
went to Ogalalla yesterday to attend
tho Round-Up.
Tho Old Lino Life Man,
lies. Phone 1138. Offlco Phone G12.1
Mrs. J. Tucker returned yesterday
from Beatrice wheroshe "visited rela-"
tives for three weeks.
When In North Platte stop at the
New Hotel Palace and Cafe. You will
bo treated well. B8tf
Miss Jano dishing, who has boon
visiting at the G. A. Tarkln'gton home
left for Portland, Oregon, yesterdny.
A big shipment of trlcoletto blouses
just arrived which are Included in
our sale. E. T.JTRAMP & SONS.
George Larkln resigned his position
with tho Nebraska Telephone Com
pany and left yesterday for Grand Is
land. Mrs. M. Emerick, of Torrlngton,
Wyo., left yesterday after visiting at
the homo of her paronts Mr. arid Mrs.
J. D. Cole.
Tho Store Wide ' Sale of 20 OFF
at Tho Leader Mor. Co. is fast draw
ing to a close. Be aura and attend
before the close.
When she decided she was losing
out In tho lottery of love she washed
her face and won a husband. Seo
Blllio Burko in "Wanted a Husband"
at tho Keith Monday and Tuesday.
Leota Hulton celebrated her four
teenth birthday on the 14th of Juno
by. enternlning a number of friends
at her home.
For Itnnt. Furnished 4-rnnm nnnrt
mont from Juno 1st to Aug. 1st. In a
good location. Phoriofll05. 39tf
Miss Bonnie JanoMurphy, of Call
fornla, is expected tho latter part of
this week to visit at tho homo of her
sister Mrs. C. V. Turplo.
T.tflflnlf. wlm hn lioon nttonil-
ing Creighton college Pin Omaha, re
turned yesterday anuMvlll visit at the
Dr. Dent homo during tho summer.
Word was received, from Denver by
friends of Mrs. Seth, Sherwood that
she is suffering from- a paralytic
stroke. She was a former resident
Our sale has proven very success
ful, duo to the fact Uiat we have had
only first class merchandise at real
sale prices. E. T. TRAMP & SONS.
Henry Olson, auto mechanic, has
leased shop room in the rear (of tho
Van Cleave blacksmith shop, and be
Ing provided with room for eight curs,
is well prepared to do your car repair
Skirts mado to your order, latest in
stylo fit guaranteed. You can select
any material you wish and we'll make
it up to your measure at $3.00 Special.
This offer is for this WEEK ONLY
so come in at onco and get a date for
fitting. Tho Leader Mor. Co.
One disturbing feature at the week
ly band concerts is tho practice of auto
owners starting their engines during
the rendition of a selection. This
proves very, annoying to the audience
as woll as to members of tho band and
should bo discontinued. If you desire
to leave tho park in your car, do so fro
tweon the program numbers.
Most wonderful house dresses on
sale at $2.45, $3.95 and $4.85. Tho
kind you'll buv to sco them at Tho
Leader Mor. Co.
The Final Word is "Theo."
In each season there is one style that stands
out above all others. "Theo" arrived a little
late, but almost instantly won first place.
There are several variations, but none
prettier than the one we illustrate here.
The "Theo" comes in black kid leather, black
and brown suede with high or low heel.
Also in the new baby French heel in Jjlack
and brown kid leather.
William Wobfl? President of the American Woolen
Co. was recently indicated on several counts for prof--'
it'iering. A few days lalcr Illcases were-lhtwn oiu
of court. This man controls the clothing siluatidn'of
this country and does anyone beleive you can lower " .
... . . the price -of clothes as long as tha ' Chief. Profiteer of i
; the bunch is allowed to go unpunished?, k ,-
: '' 'l' Every clothing merchant who expects to be in bus1 '
p . iiiess this Fall has already placed orders at an advan-
" ceol twenty to thirty percent. This means that GOOD
. CLOTHES will retail this Fall at $60.00 to $110.00 ;
' " for a Suit. Can you afford these prices?
O Collegian Clothe 1920
DotIJ Aiilcr & Sons Company
That's why we urge you to take advantage of our great
STOCK REDACTION SAL while it lasts and buy the every best
Clothes made at the remarkable price reductions of
to One-Halt Off Regular Prices.
1 rl
.Our Shoe Stock is heavy and we offer choice of this fine;- r,
assortment of &igh Grade Shoes for men at ONEtTHIRD OFF.
This Sale means a Great Saving to You. Its human to save
and we expect to see interest increase daily as long as this sale
wards-Reynolds Co.
Prank Elliott spent Wednesday In
"Wallaco on business.
Charles Edwards, who hus boon 111
for some time, Is Improving.
Mrs. A. W. Wlmberly left yesterday
for Omaha to visit for a week.
Mrs. Fred Tctro, of Brady, was visit
ing friends In the city Wednesday.
Tho Rexall handles tho goods. 14 tf
Mr. and Mrs. Joyco spont yesterday
in Ogalalla attending tho Round-Up.
Mrs. Ed Ludsvlg, of Arlington, Is
visiting Miss Esther Cohagon for a
few days.
Mrs. A. Cralglo left yesterday for
Oakland, Calif., to spend a couplo of
Tho largest assortment of hand
painted china can bo found at Clin
ton, Tho Jeweler. 4C-2
Mrs. G. M. Supnnchlck left yester
day for Grand Island whero sho will
visit relatives.
Mrs. Holmer Gray nd Helen Gray
loft yesterday for Ogalalla to attend
tho Round-Up.
Try our 30c coffeo. McMIchaol's
Grocery. 42-8
Miss Janet McDonald, who had been
visiting friends In Now York, returned
homo yesterday.
Mrs. W. E. Snollng, of Sau Diego,
California, came Wednesday, ovonlng
to visit Mrs. N. Kloln.
Georgo Weir, a former North Platto
boy, Is spending today In town whllo
onrouto to western points.
What Is homo without a clock?
Clinton, tho Jowcler. 40-2
Mrs. J. C. Hopkins and Mrs. C. M,
York loft yesterday for Central City
to spond a couplo of weeks.
Harold Durko wont to Donvor Wed
nesday whoro ho has accepted a posi
tion in a bank.
Now lot of whnt's latost in skirts
and waists lust recoivod nt THE
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bornauo and Mr.
Mrs. R. M. Huntor loft yostorday for
Bayard. Ncbr., to vlmt for a few days.
Kami Concert Program.
Tho North Platto Band undor di
rection of Earl Stamp, will play tho
following program, Friday, Juno 18th
at 8 p. in., in tho court houso park.
'Press' March W. P. Chambers
Mazurka Russo 'La Ozarlno
L. Ganno
'Soronado' ...Moskowskl
Overture 'Golden Drauon'
- King
Waltz 'Dluo Danubrt' Strauss
Four Part Suite 'Atlantls'Safrnnek
Maroho 'Mllltairo' rP. Schubert
Selection Tho Red Widow-Gobcst
March 'flJi R'ogtlmont' ,Losoy,
Autolsts aro requested Co kindly
refrain from starling tholr engines
during tho rendition of any of tho
concert numbers.
Will you please co-oporato with tho
chairman and the peoplo in your ro
spectlvo wards in completing tho
clean-up campaign. Many peoplo
havo dono their work 100, but thcro
ii ro many places that will not yet puss
nspoctlon. Wo, as cltlzonss Hko a
dean place with all tho surroundings
neat In nppearanco, and to this end
Juno 21st to Juno 30th each year has
boon designated at tho ton weed days.
I thoroforo ask your co-operation
ti ml support and urge you as good
citizens to cut all tho weeds In your
alloy, Btroot and around vour promi
ses. Tho survey committee will start
its final work about July 9th and I
mn sure you want your placo to pass
a crodlblo Inspection and receive your
card. It remain vours for a weodlosB
and cloanlesH town.
, Yours. .
Country Club Dance.
Tho first social functlpn at the
Country Club was hold Wednesday
evening when thirty-ono couples at
tended tho dancing and card party. A
few of tho attendants playod cardB, but
to a big majority dancing appealed tho
strongost. Tho party wns voted a very
pleasant ovont.
I am tho only, authorized roprescu
tatlvo in this vicinity for tho origi
nal Logan Knitting Factory, of Lo
gan, Utuli, manufacturers of the fa
mous Utah mado-to.-jneanuro woolen
and silk undorwear, sweaters, mack
ImiwB, mon's suits, raincoats, flannol
shirts, blankots, leather vests, ladles'
scarfs, sllpovors, otc. This is my only
stop hero, and I am taking orders for
Immediate and fall dellvory..Tho goods
aro paid for when delivered In tho
This Is my sovonth week in North
Platto with only, a short time Iongor
to stay. Hundreds havo already taken
advnntago of my short stay hero. I
am always at tho hotel ovonings from
0:30 to 9:30 and during tho day by
appolntmont. Saturdays I nm at tho
hotel tho wholo day to. accommodate
the many fnrmors nnd out-of- town
peoplo who como Into town to do their
Try tho now way of buying your
clothes direct from tho factory and
aavo monoy nnd disappointments.
D. A. FREEDMAN, Pnlaco Ilotol.
Phono 40.
Bargain In Used Fords.
1 Ford Touring M17 $107.00.
1 Ford Touring 1917 $210.00.
1. Ford Touring 1918 f 450.00.
This car with winter top In good con
dltlon Hosseers and other accessories.
, General Chairman.
Thousands of dollars aro saved to
the pooplo at tho Storo Wide Salo of
20 OFF everything In tho storo from'
fallcos und Threads to Coats, Suits
and Millinery at Tho Loader Mer. Co
Skirts mado to vour ordor, latest In
styles fit guaranteed. You can Bolect
any matorlal vou wish and wo'Il mako
It up to your moasuro at $3.00 Spoclal.
This offer Is for this WEEK ONLY
so como In nt onco and got n dato for
fitting. Tho Loador Mor. Co.
Try tho Roxall first, it. -pays. 14tf
Mrs. C. W. Raskins, who Is visiting
In Wllllumsport, Pn., wrltos that pota
toos aro spiling thorn for $2.10 por
buHhol. Now potntoos. tho only kind
obtalnnblo, aro nolllng In tho locnl
market for fifteen renin a pound.
Dollars and the Woman
Also 2 reel comedy,
"The Parcel Post Husband"
The Lion and the lamfc
Also Big V Comedy
A Sporting Chance
Also 11th Eyesode of Elmo
Commencing Monday matinee will
start ot 2 p. in. ench day except
Saturday Jl:45 p. m, Two shows
oftornoon and night.