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President of Ilaytl and murine cqrps officers reviewing a Imttailon of gendarmes In whose presence the pres
ident decorated marine corps officers for bravery. Tho gendarmerie of Ilaytl Is a hody of nntlvo soldiery led and
'taught by "noncoms" of tho United States marine corps.
Viennese Bled
By Smugglers
Traffic in Food Becomes Dvaily In
creasing Scandal in
the City.
White Flour 100 Crowns a Kilo and
Beef 80 Crowns a Pound Custom-Made
Clothes and Shoes
Quoted In Foreign Money.
Vienna. Smuggling of food and
other necessities or luxuries becomes
n dally Increasing scandal In this hun
gry city.
As the crown approaches the disap
pearing point In value, tho operations
of these Illicit "left-hand" traders
become bolder und more extensive. It
Is an old story now that anything can
bo bought for a price In Vienna. Tho
only now phase Is that tho prlco goes
up dally.
While tho city finds It difficult to sup
ply the bread ration of a loaf of coarse
black stuff, tho components of which
It would take a chemical analysis to
determine, n nearly double tho price
of early autumn, white dour can be
bought "by tho left hand" at about
100 crowns tho kilo (2.20 pounds).
(Sugar Almost Prohibitive.
American and Argentine tinned
corned beef can tie hnd, hut delivered
to one's room It costs about 80 or
00 crowns tho pound. White loaf
sugar from Czecho-Slovnkln Is avail
ablo at a prlco that means about one
week's wago of tho average ofllce man
or woman for a kilo.
Venison, mutton chops, goose, duck
nnd other meats are here, but they
represent three figures of crowns for
ono portion In restaurants. Seventy
Aviator Shaves and
Lathers an Onlooker
San Francisco, Carrying out
n bet with a fellow aviator, Ivan
Gntes, San Francisco premier
"police traffic ofllcer of the air,"
shaved himself 3,000 feet up In
the nlr recently.
Hut for tho fact that when ho
landed again on tho Marino, his
razor slipped and cut him on
tho car, that his shaving water
upset nnd splashed over tho by
standers, and that his brush, all
covered with lather, fell on tho
upturned face of one of the on
lookers, the shave was a big suc
cess. Gates had mado his bet with
Pilot L. do Arce.
On landing, Do Arce person
ally Inspected Gates' chin to see
whether ho bad mado a good Job
of It. no declared himself quite,
satisfied, saying that no expert
barber could have donu better.
Who Invented Ouija?
Brothers Ask Baltimore Court to
Settle Dispute.
Brothers, Apparently Lacking Faith
In Talking Board, Ask Judge
to Decide.
Baltimore. At tho moment that tho
ouija board, which some years ago ex
cited tho country nnd then virtually
disappeared, has again come Into tho
limelight throughout tho world, two
brothers nro engaged In litigation hero
over tho ownership of the patent.
Tho trlnl Is now in progress of tho
suit of Isanc Fuld, trading as tho
Southern Toy company, who Is ask
ing for nn Injunction to restrain his
brother, William Fuld, from dwlvlng
pecuniary profits through the sale of
the ouljn hoard.
Tho plalntlP i-worts thnt In 1001 he
thousand persons fought for 50,000
pounds of salt meat In n market snle
the other day.
For such things as shoes to order,
tailored clothing nnd similar things
tho price Is no longer quoted In
crowns, Tho dealers charge In dol-
Inrs, pounds sterling or francs, al
though this Is Illegal. They say they
must pay In foreign money for mate
rials and cannot sell In crowns. Tho
correspondent bought n suit In Oc
tober for 2,200 crowns. This week tho
same tailor asked the equivalent of
0.000 crowns In pounds sterling.
Remove Price Marks.
In the shops prlco marks have been
removed from articles. Tho whole re
tall trade Is trying to ndjust prices to
foreign exchnngo,, nnd thnt fluctuates
so rapidly that each sale is calculated
on tho dny's quotation from Zurich
Still Use
for Offenders
Delaware Only State in Union
Where Whipping Is
Law Designates the Number of Strokes
for the Various Felonies No Dis
tinction Made Between Petty
and Grand Larceny.
Wilmington, Del. Tho whipping
post has been abolished In Delaware,
but whipping still remains.
Instead of strapping offenders to
a post, they aro forced to stand
against a wall, with their hands out
stretched on either side.
Delaware Is tho only state In which
this form of punishment still Is per
mitted. In other states It was abol
ished long ago.
In Delaware even the pillory was
ubondoned only recently.
What Law Provides.
Here are the various felonies pun
ishable by whipping, and tho number
of strokes that the law provides for
each :
Horse-stealing Twenty lashes.
Larceny not more than twenty
Arson In Second Degree Not more
than twenty lashes.
Burning a Court-houso Where Of
ficial Records Are Kept Sixty lashes.
llouse-bronking Twenty lashes.
Highway Hobbery Twenty lashes.
Wlfo-heatlng Not more than thirty
Attempt to Havlsh Thirty lashes,
in addition to the whipping, the of
originated, manufactured ami placed
upon tho ninrket the board under tho
copyright namo of the oracle nnd
that later WUllnm Fuld started the
manufacture of tho ouljn board.
William Fuld asserts that he and
Isaac Fuld were In business together
years ago, and that the ouija board
Is the original talking board, and
claims that the oracle talking board
manufactured by Isaac Fuld Is a
copy of tho one placed on tho market
by lilin.
The Fulds about 28 years ago were
In charge of a wooden toy factory
known ns the Keunnrd Manufacturing
company nnd tho ouija board was one
of the devices they made to entertain
tho young. It quickly won tremen
dous popularity and so overshadowed
the business of the concern that tho
plant was largely devoted to tho mak
ing of tho ouija board.
Kot" Is the leading port of Japan,
(the Swiss franc rate governs local
When the passenger train service
throughout the country wns suspended
for ten days the bills of fare In the
restaurants and hotels furnished evi
dence of the extent of tho smuggling
business. Not only did most meats dis
appear, as well as green salads, hut the
prices went up correspondingly. Motor
cars are scarce and gasoline Is gov
ernment controlled, so even the ac
complished and resourceful smuggler
finds himself at a loss.
In the queues that formed In front
of ticket ofllces when train service re
sumed It Is said that by far the larg
est proportion of applicants were
smugglers anxious to rench the prov
inces and ohtnin the top prices for
fresh food supplies. How they cvndo
the food control permits at provincial
borders Is not explained.
Lease Islands for Fox Farms.
Cordova. Alaska. Dozens of small
Islands lying off southern Alaska nro
being used for fox fnrms. Twcnty-nlno
Islnnds In Prince William sound hnvo
been leased for the breeding of the
Ioacx. Fur buyers visit the Islands
every spring.
fenses are also punishable by Impris
onment. The most of tho stntutes merely
provide pennltles for the various of
fenses with no, provision that they
shall not bo Indicted upon women,
public opinion In Delaware will no
longer permit the lnshlng of women.
A majority of the offenders to bo
punished In thnt manner ur6 negroes,
but white men suffer It as well. Tho
whippings usually take place at tho
end of ench court term or, If the
tonus last more than one week, tho
whippings occur nt the end of each
week. They are administered by tho
warden of the Jail.
A curious feature of the law of
Delaware Is that it makes no distinc
tion between grand nnd petty larceny ;
the theft of a loaf of bread by a hun
gry man Is technically as serious a
crlmo as the stealing of $5,000 by a
hardened criminal.
There Is nothing In the law to pre
vent a Judge from sentencing the for
mer to be lashed on the hare back
with a cat-o'-nlne-tnlls, made of leath
er thongs.
See Nothing Brutal.
"I do not see anything hrutnl about
our form of punishment," former
Judge J. Frank Kail, counsel for and
a member of the County Workhouse
commission, said to me. "The men
are not bentcn severely, for the strokes
do not draw blood. No man who came
to see one of tho whippings, and who
was unprejudiced could Hnd anything
to object to In them.
"I do not know of any movement
to abolish whipping, and I do not
know nny citizens who would favor
such n thing. We feel thnt we know
what we ate doing, and we don't want
outsiders to dictate to us."
New York Pastor Inherits Residue of
Estate of Produce Broker's
New York. -Hequ-sts aggregating
more than $1,000,000 are left to tho
Uev. Henry Nntsch Furnnld as tho re
sult of his legal adoption In 1910, when
he was forty-one yenrs old, by Mrs.
Sarah S. Furnnld, who died, leaving
property estimated at more than
Mrs. Furnnld was the widow of
Francis P. Furnnld, member of tho
produce exchange, who died in jn)7,
giving ?300,000 to Columbia university
to erect Furnald hall In memory of
his son, Henry H. Furnald. who died
In 1002.
Mr. Natsch-Furnahl was a student
nt the Union Theological seminary
when he was adopted liy Mrs. Funiald.
and had been regarded us a son long
; before lie was ronlly adopted In 101(1,
when the law was passed peri-Itting
tie adoption ir pn-nns who had
J rent bed their urijurlty.
East Is Against West on St. Lawrence Improvement
WASHINGTON. The question whether or not It Is ndvlsnble to Improve
the St. Lawrence river so that ports on the Great Lakes will have access
eastward to the sea, wo that deep draft ocean-going freighters can load at Chi
cago and other lake ports Is now up
HEED ir-
on the commission. Tim United Stntes
s represented by Obadlah Garner, of Maine ; R. B. Glenn of North Carolina,
ind Clnrence D. Clark of Wyoming. The Canadians tire Charles A. McGrath,
. J. Powell and Sir William Hearst. Mr. Gardner Is chairman. The points
o be considered by the commission come under the following heads: (1) De
drablllty of the suggested waterway; (2) probable effect of the improvement
m the development of commerce, both on the Great Lakes and between lake
?orts nnd the seaboard; (3) inlluence of the Improvements on the Industrial
development on either side of tho border, it being estimated that fully 2,500,
)00 horse power can ho developed ; (4) effect on existing, or projected, water
routes between the Grent Lakes and the Atlantic, with special reference to
he New York barge canal.
During tho hearing at Buffalo it developed that representatives of the
New York barge cnnnl, together with Interests along Its line, are antagonistic
to tho proposed St. Lawrence development. All o those who represent the
West are In favor of the project.
Proud Congressmen Boast of Record Corn Yields
PROCEEDINGS that went in brief about like this produced much laughter
and npplnuse In the housa the other day: Rubey of Missouri began It
oy snylng: "Mr. Spenker, I ask unanimous consent to speak for about throe
minutes. I want to boost Missouri n ...
little. I have In my hand a letter
from the editor of n farm paper stat
ing that a prize of $1,000 for the best
five acres of corn In tho United States
has been awarded to J. R. Shelton of
Holdcn, Johnson county, Mo., the nv
jrage yield being 127 bushels an
Mr. Wood of Indiana. The same
Qrst prize that you are talking about
went to Washington. (Laughter.)
Mr. Bnnkhend. Mr. Speaker, I
want to sny to the gentleman from Missouri, who Is manifesting so much
state pride, that Alabama has tho record of 237 bushels. (Laughter.)
Mr. Kitchln. I want to say If they continue to encourage these farmers
In Missouri nnd In Alnbnma they may possibly get up to the record, eventually,
of North Carolina, which holds a record of 250 bushels per acre, tho largest
In the history of the country. (Laughter.)
Mr. Mann of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, It was reported to me tho other day
that a former member of this house, Joseph C. Sibley, had raised on 12 acres
of ground 331 bushels of corn to the acre.
Mr. Iladley. In the prize contest the first three prizes on wheat went to
tho stnte of Washington. Fred De Wilde, Oak Harbor, Wash., 83.00 bushels
per ncre; John Le Sourd, Coupeville, Wash., 81.33 bushels; Justus L. Hancock,
Coupevllle, Wash., 81.24 bushels.
Mr. Rubey. From what has been said by my colleagues, It looks like the
mistake I made wns In reporting my yield first. (Laughter.)
Mr. Hersey. Mr. Speaker, there were three- prizes offered last year for
the largest yield of an aero of potatoes and Aroostook county, In my dis
trict, obtained all three prizes. (Applause.)
Civil Service a "Scientific Raid on Treasury?"
A SERIOUS move to reorganize the vast civil service of the federal govern
ment on a scientific basis Involving a reclassification of Jobs and the elimi
nation of Inequalities of pay, Inefficiency of management and political Influ
ence Is In progress.
js& Nr.K t&&
some time ago described tho work of
tho commission ns "a scientific raid upon tho treasury." Many hold this view
and as a result strong opposition to the proposed legislation is expected, par
ticularly in view of tho present condition of the nation's finances.
"Equal pay for equal work," will bo tho rulo If congress adopts the pro
posals of the commission, whose report Is to form the basis of consideration
nf a readjustment of salaries to meet the Increased cost of living, a condition
which hn,s been denlt with crudely In the last two years by voting a bonus of
$240 n year to each civil employee.
One questionnaire was returned with tho notntlon: "This man has been
on the pay roll thirty yours, but Is an Invalid und has not been at his desk for
tho last ten years."
In one bureau stenographers were receiving 1,800 a year, while In an
other htirenu, which hnd been unnblo to Impress congress with Its necessities,
stenographers doing Identical work were receiving $000.
One of the recommendations wns to appoint a woman to the civil service
commission, It having been found that more than half of the federal employees
aro women.
Whaddymean by Saying "Maple Sugar" These Days?
THE sugar shortage nnd the approach of "sugar weather" led department
of agriculture experts to mnko the statement that many thousands of
American farmers throughout a region comprising more thon n score of
states In the eastern and northeastern
oart of the United States, art over
looking opportunities to got maplo su
?ar and sirup for homo use, as well ns
for sale, at very little cost.
While Americans commonly think
of the maple sugar Industry as con
tlned larRoly to circumscribed areas
In New England and New York, thero
are. as a matter of fact, many po
tential "sugar bushes" In the region
extmding as far south as- North Carolina and Tennesseo nnd westwnrd to
northern Missouri. Iowa and Mlnnesotu, as well as in Oregon and Washington.
In u good season a tree 15 inches In diameter will yield sullklent sun to
mnko from one to six qutirts of sirup, which In turn cun bo concentrated Into I
two to ten pounds of wugnr.
Discovery was mado by government Investigators of many groves of sugar !
maples In North Carolina, one of which Is probably larger than any now to
be found In New England. Tho owners, being unnwaro of the value of tho
trees from the maple sugar standpoint, had begun cutting there for lumber at
an average return of less than $1 a tree.
Lnwt season, upon suggestion of government experts, these groves were
tapped and yleldud sirup that sold for $-1 a gallon. Revelation of the potential
value of the groves Induced the owuers to plan more extensive operations for
this spring.
In enrnest. Ilenrlngs have begun nnd
the commissioners have decided to vis
It Chicago and other ports so thnt
they may he able to got the views o
shippers at first hand.
The first hearing of the Interna
tional waterways commission took
place) In Buffalo. As the proposed Im
provements nro along the houndnry
line between the United Stntes and
Cunnda, both nntlons are represented
The Joint commission on the re
classification of the 100,000 federal
employees In the District of Columbia
will report to congress a compre
hensive reform plan worked out with
the assistance of n staff of experts
from Arthur Young & Co., the Chicago
accounting concern which recently re
classified the 00,000 government em
ployees of Canada.
Representative Mann of Illinois
n'j.r 'tan, . m
1 I nsW
It rP
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