The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1920, Image 1

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No. 12
S U P F. 1 1 1 X T K N 1 E N T OF U. l
A. W. Woodruff, superintendent of
tho Wyoming division with headquar
ters at Choycnnc, passed through yes
terday to Omaha where he goes to ac
cept the offlco of general superinten
dent of tho Union Pacific, accepting
tho vacancy occassloned by, tho return
of E. II. Hnmlll to tho Northwestern
road. Mr. Woodruff will bo succeeded
as suporintondont of tho western dis
trict by M. C. Duffy, who occupied tho
position whilo Mr. Woodruff was In
army service overseas.
North Platto emplpyes of tho Wyo
ming division will regret to lose Mr.
Woodruff as ho is vory popular with
them and is considered not only an
efficient railroad official but a prince
of a man. Uusiness men of North
Platto will also regret him leaving the
Wyoming division, as their business
relations with him have always been
pleasant and satisfactory. As general
superintendent ho will not visit North
Platte so frequently as ho did whilo
division superintendent.
Wanted Housekeeper. Inqulro at
Style Shop for Mrs. Popojoy.
Keith, Tonight.
in a bluo shirt lead
'The Shark
the athletic actor in a tale of tho
bounding deep.
The Sunshine Comedy
Hungry Lions and Tender
crammed with thrills and side split
ting laughter.
Something peppy at the KEITH
Monday and Tuesday.
"A Tempermental Wife"
She had picked her husband from all the men in the world be
cause he wouldn't look at onother woman and then she dis
covered his secret he had a stenographer--The Brute!
Prices $1.00 to $2.00JPlus war tax.jj Seat Sale Wednesday 2 p.m.
Book by
Music by mm
Special Augmented "Flo-Flo" Orchestra. New York Cast of
Players and Beauty Chorus. Captivating Music. Stunning Gowns.
40 People 40. A characteristic John Cort Production.
Mail Orders filled Now. 8:15 Curtain.
Damage Suit Dismissed.
Engineers George Austin and Jake
Smith returned last evening from
Grand Island where they had been
called as witnesses in a damage case
against tho Union Pacific. In Decem
ber, 1017, Engineer Austin while pull
ing a night train struck a bunch of
cattle which had congregated on tho
tracks and killed forty-five head. The
ownor of the cattlo brought suit and
tho caso camo up for hearing Wednes
day and was dismissed before Messrs
Austin and Smith were called to tho
witness stand.
Tho Victor Fashion Hook in ready,
showing wonderful values in the San
son's liitcst and most approved styles
In women's and misses' high class
suits, coats, drosses, skirts, waists
and petticoats. Ready to wear and
made to measure. The styles are ,
beautiful and the materials of the
Illicit all wool grades to be had. It !
will l)t a pleasuro to you to look (
through this wonderful line which .
can bo seen at 412 Oak street, or
phone black B24 for an appointment. '
Mrs. Janet MncKay, agent for Victor j
Ladles' Tailoring Co., Chicago. Per-1
feet fit, prompt service and satisfac
tion guaranteed and prices always the
-: :o: :-
J. B. Hemphill was badly bruised
last evening when ho fell down the
stairs leading to the basement In the
building which Is jointly occupied by
his job printing shop and tho Null bi
cycle shop. Mr. Hemphill was at
once conveyed to tho General hospital
for treatment.
Saturday will bo tho last day of tho
uuicn Auction saio at mo ueauur
Mercantile Co. Coats, Suits, Dresses
and skirts in I! groups; group' 1 is
$2.00 today; group 2 is $12.00 today
and group 3 is $22.00 today. Price de
creases 5100 on each garment each
day. ,
The Episcopal Guild will hold a food
exchange In tho Derryborry & Forbes
window, Saturday, February 2S. 12-2
Wanted to buy, a reed sulky car,
phone Black 1011.
Bingo! Bluie!
North Platte
, TV v
r 1 , if,, i j F -
Martin Brestel and Blanche M
Fowlos, both of Brady, woro grantee',
a marriage Hcouso by Judge Wood
burst Wednesday.
The newest fashions In coats, suits,
dresses, blouses, etc., aro now being
shown at Block's.
Paul Harrington spent Monday h
Denver attending a meeting of the
stockholders of tho Hibernian Bank
and was elected a director of that in
stitution. ' Complete stock of spring's newest
creations in suits, couts,, dresses and
blouses at Block's.
There !s much hay In the Platte val
ley yet to bo moved, due to lack of de
mand In both the eastern and weaterr
markets. Buyers are offering ?ir
per ton on car.
For Sale Plymouth rock rooster
Phono 221. tf
J. B. Young, commercial manager
for the Westorn Union telegraph com
pany, has purchased of S. U Derry
berry the property at B10 south Lo
cust street.
Don't delay, but come to the Dutch
Auction Sale at The Leader. Satur
day Is the last day of tho sale. Price
decreases $1.00 per day on each gar
ment. Greatest values of tho season.
The last of the furnishings of tlie
Trotter show room woro moved from
tho Hnrrlngton building today. There
are a half dozen applicants for tho
building, two or three of whom are
out of town parties, but up to today no
selection of a tenant had been made by
Paul Harrington.
If you want to see what is new In
milady's spring apparel, Block's Is
tho place to look.
Before a raco is run, betting is the
most attractive of sports, but after
wards well. Go to the Crystal and
see Tom Moore in "Lord and Lady
Algy." It has some of the best sport
in It you have seen In many a day. Bo
there Saturday afternoon and evening
and Monday.
The Stylo Shop windows are full of
beautiful now Madam Flanders
The Loyal Workers Sunday school
class of the Christian church held a
farewell party Wednesday evening for
their teacher, Mrs. A. A. Craig. The
evening was spent in playing games,
with an elaborate lunch to mark the
end fthofuh. 'The blass'presented
Mrs. Craig with a set of salad forks
as a token of their esteom and appre
ciation of her work with tho class, Mr.'
and Mrs. Craig will leave next week to
make their home on a farm near Den
ver. Private Sale.
I will sell at private sale 45 head of
cattlo; 2 cows one Jersey and one
Shorthorn coming fresh; 15 yearling
calves, 28 heifers coming two years,
4 head of horses, 3 colts and farm im
plements. Call at 412 oast Front
streot or wrlto mo at General Doliv-,
cry. C. SODICOTT. 9-4
Wator Commissioner Welch has
placed on exhibit In a window of tho
Groon blllnrd hall a mnp of tho pro
posed water main extensions, togeth
er with that portion of tho city that
Is served by six Inch mains, tho lo
calities that have but two Inch mains,
and the soctlpn that has no wator ser
vice. Tho notations on tho map stato
that there aro G92 consumors on the
fi-lnch mains, 760 on 2-Inch mains, and
thoro aro 1G1 rosldoncoa that have no
service. Tho proposed extensions are
sinteu to no tiurtoon and two-tenths I
miles In longth. or equivalent to lav-'
ing a 6-Inch main from the Union IV
olilc depot in this city to a point one1
mile wost of the dopot In Hershoy.
Tho cost of the extension and the
replacing of small mains by larger
ones is estimated by Comlsslonor
Welch at $150,000 If the pipe is pur-'
cuusM in tho Immediate future; if.
the work is delayed tho cost will im i
greater a pipe is advancing In price. .
AVliile there may bo some who will
oppose a bond Issue of ?150.000. a big ,
majority, no doubt roalizo tho neces
sity of those extensions and will fnvnr 1
tho bonds. In fact ovory one of the
B92 consumors who havo had tho
benefit of service from 6-inch mains
should not hesitato to holp out the
consumors who have lnul tn lio nmi.
tont with tho poor Bervlce obtained 1
irom -mcn mains and the resiUonts
who havo had no service, for tho
consumers who havo had poor service
and tho residents who havo had no
sorvico have boon paying tho samo
taxes in proportion to tho valuo of
their property as havo the residents
who have enjoyed that excellent ser
vice rendered by a ,6-lnch main.
Masons Attention.
All Masons and Eastern Stars are
invited to tho celebration of tho Gold
en Jubilee of Platto Valley Lodge No.
32 'A. F. and A. M. and tho Twefth
annlvorsary of tho dedication of the
Temple, Monday Fob. 23, at 8 p. m.
Former North Hatters Picnic.
Writing from Long Reach, Calif.,
under date of February lGth, C. J.
McNamara says:
"We attonded a North Platto picnic
at rSycamoro Park In Los Angolos,
yesterday, thanks to tho notlco In Thr
Tribune, and had a grand time. It
wns ouito a treat to see so many
homo folks.
.Mr." DoolltUo. tho official r-ensii'
'MOTnorator, counted orer two hun
dreduso you may know wo had a good
sized crowd.
Tho Nebraska state picnic will bo
held at tho saino place on Fob. 29th."
: :o: :
Tho True Worth Aprons and House
Dresses handled by B. T. Tramp and
Sons are truly worth all wo ask for
thorn In overy respect.
Miss Maymo McGeo, of Hrady, visit,
ed friends In town yesterday.
Clothes By
Your Clothes Satisfaction Is
Guaranteed In This Store.
You lake no chance when you buy your
clothes here. A definite guarantee of sat
isfaction is back of everything wc sell.
We are more particular about your satis
faction than anything else because we re
alize that satisfied customers make a bus
iness grow continually.
And consequently we at all times arc
conscienctiously striving to satisfy our
customers by having the foremost styles.
The most desirable and exclusive fabrics
and patterns, the finest grade of tailoring
and by pricing all our clothes right.
We are doing all these things in offering
They satisfy the most critical judge ol
good clothes. They are especially noted
for their style and the styles worked into
them so that it will last as long as the
' clothes.
Lh(! Subjects Arc Discussed.
Tho Paront-Teachor association of
the Washington school met Wednes
day aftornoon. Mrs. Harry, Cramer
spoko to tho mothers nbout tho neces
sity of increased salaries for tho
teachers. She explained how tho dol
lar of today Is equal to only nbout
forty-seven conts of yostordny. In or
der to got tho qualified, oxporlcnccd
teacher It Is necessary to pay thorn as
much as thoy might earn In an offlco.
"Defects of School Children's Byes'
were oxplalno by Mr. Dixon. Ho show
ed how Importnnt It was to glvo eye
strain or any defect Immediate atten
tion. "The Underslept Child." by Mrs
Crosby cvought to attention the many
points that aro sometimes neglected
concerning a child's sleep.
Children from six to twelve years
need ton hours sleep and those from
twelve on should havo at least eight
hours sleep. To Insure, restful sloop
one must have plenty of fresh air.
Mrs. J. H. Uedtlold spoko on tho sub
ject of "What Should bo Done For the
Handlcappod or Subnormal Child of
our School." She emphasized tho
three types of sub-normals, and tho
special attention each one required.
This subjoct brought up a discus
sion of tho "Opportunity Itoom," Hint
Is found in so nrtuiy city schools of
todny. In thin room they aro taught
hand work so that such pupils may
earn a living In that manner.
Tho onrollmont of tho association Is
now sixty-four mombors.
I'nrcnl-Tencher Association.
Tho mooting of tho Paront-Teachor
association of tho Jofforson school
was well attended. Tho spenkors were
full of enthusiasm and spoko on sub
jects of vital Interest. Mrs. A. C. Hull
tendered hor resignation as presldont
of tho association and Mrs. W. C.
Sholvcr was elected to nil tho vacancy1
Mrs. A. N. Durbln wns elected vice
president. ::o:;
Sales of City Properly.
Tho H. & S. Agency report having
mnde sales of tho following city prop
erty: Win. LynVan to Albort Raush,
residence property at COO south Ash;
Will Powell to Mrs. D. M. Brooks,
residence property, at 610 oast Sixth;
P. C. Petersen to B J. Wilson property
at 1003 west Tenth; S. II. Derryborry
to J. 11 Young residence at 310 south
Locust. Also a number of lots In
Rellovuo addition.
-: :o: :-
Vhj)tlior,xou arqroady to buy your
Hprlngngarment or not you are wel
come to call and lnspoct tho most
beautiful and greatest display of
spring garments over brought to this
city. Illock's.
J. .1. Wilcox loft this morning for
Chicago and St. Joe to purchnso spring
Tho nowost fashions In coats, suits,
dresses, blouses, etc., aro now belnj'i
shown at Block's.
The House of Kuppenheimer
Tilt Uoutt (it ktipfiLlitlaiu
Platto Valley Lodgo No. 32, A. F. &
A. M., will noxt Monday colobrato tho
fiftieth annlvorsnry of Its Institution
and tho twelfth nnnlvorsnry of tho
dedication of tho Mnsonlc temple
Platto Valley Lodge was organized at
1-ort McPherson through tho efforts o
officers of iho Fifth Cavalry in De
cember, 18G9, nnd tho first mooting
was hold on tho second iloor of tho
Charles McDonald sutler store on tho
evening or Januury 12th. 1870. Since
then tho lodge has been a continuous
and growing organization.
Tho annulversary program Monday
will fenturo addresses by Attorney E
M. Carr. Miss Nell tlartmnn nnd oth
ers, music by Stamp's orchestra and
vocal and piano peloctlons. Following
and the Iloor will be cleared for
Ihiskct Hall Lasl l-icnln
A basket ball game botwoou tho boys
teams or tho Parochial school and tho
Junior high school wbb played in the
basement of tho formor school last ov
ontng with tho result that tho Junior
high won by a scoro of fifty to twenty.
Tho parochial school was outclassed
In all stages of tho gamo.
"A TompermenVui Wifo" with Con
stnnco Talmadgo, at tho Kolth Monday
and Tuesday Is a sad, sweet story of a
maid who would wed a man
who would gazo on no femi
nine chnmiB but hor own'. Sho
sallies forth Into tho wldo world In
pursuit of hlm, finds him, captures
him nnd then oh thonl Sho boglns to
to find out things nbout men, tho
wretches I nnd hor own man in partic
ular. You know Constanco, so come.
Nnsh Hairy Farm at Cheyenne, n'yo.
320 acros two miles south of Union
Dopot. Well Improved, with good
house, bams, etc. Two artoslan wells
furnish an abundnnco of puro wator;
120 acres In cultivation last year, In
cluding1 good stand nlfnlfa. All lovol
bottom land and best of soli. All
necessary farm machinery and imple
ments go with place. $5,000 will
hundlo this pined nnd terms can be
arranged on balance. . Possession
glvon Immediately If desired, f
Liberty Land Co., North Platto, Nob
Offlco rhono. 128.
' :;o:;
Plckard China, Dixon, tho Jowolor.
Mrs. M. Henry Gilfoyl
Instructor in
, and
Phono Red 1101
Resldonco Studio 108 Wost 3rd St.
if V