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No. 60
The first air craft to arrive In North
Platto on Its own power, reached hore
at, noon yesterday, coming from Lin
coln in charge of two young aviators
who had been In the government air
service These young men are E. L.
Slonlger and H. E. Gleason, tho form
er acting as pilot and tho latter aa
mechanician, although the latter Is al
so an experienced air man.
Theso aviators selected tho govern
ment aviation field east of tho North
river bridge as their flight ground.
Tho piano encircled tho city early, In
tho afternoon at a height of about
1200 feet, and this was tho first In
timation of Its presence. It was Im
Ed Reynolds, of Edwards-Reynolds
Co., ib spending this week with frlcntta
In Ik'aver City.
Kodaks and films at the Rcxall.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morey leavo to
morrow for Idaho Springs, whoro thoy
will spond two woeks. '
Mrs. Edward Park, of Peoria, is vis
iting her sister Mrs. B. B. Baker, hav
ing arrived yestordny.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Johnson returned
Wednesday from an uuto trip to Den
ver and other Colorado points.
W. V. Hoagland and family returned
home yesterday from an extended auto
trip In Estes Park and points in Col-
Frank Qossel. nsied twcnty-eichtJ i Washington, August 7. With oil of
employed as a locomotive fireman, wns, Qio law-enforcement machinery i.t tho
drowned yesterday afternoon at the. Rovornment at work proparlng crlml
Scott swimming pool at tho south i Iv
or ffrldgo Gesscl, who was an oxpert
swimmer, had been in tho water for
some time, and had tnvum across tho
mediately noised about that tho Diane i orai'0-
camo hero as a commercial venture! A. P. Whlto and Joo Fllllon roturnud
and that passengers would be carried Wednesday from nn auto trip to Ien-
nt tho rate of $15 per flight of fifteen ver, Colorado Springs und Estes 1 arv,
nilnutes duration, and immediately
tho flight field was the mecca for a
number of our people who not only
wanted to see the plane but to enjoy
a ride. Flvo trips were made during
nal prosecution of tho "big five" pack
ers and all food hoarders, Prosidont
Wilson this afternoon line d up tho
gtovornmental forces for tho uoxt stop
pool sovoral times.. On his return tho to rorco down tho cost of living. Tho
last time across ho cried out that ho president presided over a conference
had been seized with cranina. A! of the various cabinet offlcorB and do-
young boy near him who had a stick In! partraont chiefs nt which tho ontlro
his hand extended It toward Goasol.
who took hold of It, but ho cither ro
lcaacd his hold or tho stick was brok
en. Guard Jones was on tho ground,
but before Gessel could be reached he
sank beneath the water. Fearing that might drown and that a physi
cian would bo needed ono of tho bath
ers Jumped Into an, auto, drove to town
and home by the way of Laramie and
Miss Laura Murray returned Wed'
ne8dayq from the University of Chi
cago where she had boon taking a,
ii . . . r j i..Af r ...... '
tho afternoon. Those who made the special course of instruction for acv
son, Dr. W. T. Pritchard, Matt Slias
and Andy Scharmann.
Tho plone Is well handled by the
pilot and it certainly sails gracefully
through tho air.
It Is tho intention cf tho aviators to
remain In town over Sunday and will
.carry passengers each day If the air
conditions aro right.
' ::o::
Burglars Frightened Awny.
E. R. Goodman In putting up his car
"Wednesday night noticed a car stand
ing In tho alley with a man at the
whoel. Mr. Goodman asked the fellow
If he was in trouble, to which ho re
plied that ho was not, that ho was
waiting for a man. In tho meantime
Mrs. Goodman had ascended the front
stops, and as she did so a man ran
from cover at the dark sldo of tho
Iioubo. Undoubtedly It was tho In
tention to break Into the Goodman
; -q; ;
T. C. Patterson Doing Nicely.
Word cf T. C. Patterson Is that he Is
dolns nicely. Ho left the hosDital
about a week ago, Is at a convales-',
cent hotel, and expects to soon re
ceive his discharge. However, ho will
rmatn at Rochester until he regains
Ills strength, a period which is of
course Indefinite.
Tho best waists for women made In
America to sell at $1, $1.50 and $2.50
aro to bo found at The Leader Mer
cantile Co.'s. , , ' .
S. H. Comlskey was the guest of
Julius Pizcr yesterday while enronte
from the east to his home In Choyenno.
To' closo out wo tell all tho little
suit-? at 20 per cent off tho former low
prices. Buy now for futuro needs at'
Tho Leader Mercantile Co. s.
Mcsdames Guy Popejoy, Harry Cra
mer and H. E. Mitchell will entertain
at a luncheon at the Union Pacific din
ing hall today complimentary to Mrs.
Ralph Smith, who leaves for Idaho
So far as can be learned tho corn
crop prospects In every portion of
Lincoln county Is away above normal
tho best prospects W6 have had In ten
or more years During the past week
rain has fallen In all parts of the
county. Tho earler planted com Is
now in tho roasting ear stage.
Exclusive agency for the Hartman
wardrobe trunks. The best that's
made. Tho Leader Mercantile Co.
The race track at the city park is
being rebuilt, raised several Inches
'and the turns built up and given the
firoper slope. It will require pretty
Ivoly work to get the track worked
down for the fall races, but the fair
officials aro confident that it will be
in ship shape by that time. 1
No ball game is scheduled for noxt
Sunday; In fact It Is doubtful if ve
will have any nioro games other than
by tca ns, of tho church league. The
money raised by subscription has been
exhausted, the greater part of which
went toward preparing the grounds nt
the city., park, However, the church
league teams aro playing very' good
ball they, aro fast enough to satisfy
the average fan and tho admission is
subject was discussed. This after
noon's couforonco was preliminary to,
tllo president's appearance before con
gress tomorrow afternoon. j
Administration officials wcro re
sponsible for tho statement that "tho
pjoaldont was astounded" at tho fig-'
uros already presented to him show-!
Ing how ,tho public Is being gouged In l
secured Dr. Kefr. and when tho latter I tho prices of food and clothlnir. Ho'
arrived tho body had been taken ro'.u;ia"s directed that every agency of the I
tho water after lying on tho bottom of; government dovoto all of Its efforts
tho Jako but a short time somj any, to restoring Bano prices and nominal
not more than five minutes. Tho pal- prosecutions already forecast aro to
mometer was applied, but all efforts bd carried Into localities where pro
at rccossltatlon woro fruitless. j flteorlng is taking place, according to
Tho deceased was a nephew of Mrs. Attornoy General Palmor. i
A. W. McKeown, a splendid young' President Wilson had his address to
man of clean habits and well thoaght coperess containing his recommonda
of by all who knew him. Ho returned tldns for necessary remedial leglsla
from army servico about two months iion practically prepared. But thoro
ago. -wdre Bonio points upon which ho had
::o:: 'not yet tnndo up his mind and he
Robbery Occurs Yesterday. wanted tho advico of men who have
An outfit car standing near tho old been probing tho situation before com
rouui.houso and occupied by Union pletlng the document.
Pacific employes was broken Into yes- It was intimated that certain of tho
torday afternoon and two suits of suggestions would bo vory radical and
clothes, a valise and other nrtlcles cortaln to meet with sharp opposition
taken. The robbery was not dlscovor- ln certain legislative quarters. Tho
ed uor reported until several hours greatest possible secrecy jvas thrown
naa eiapsea ana uio mier una mnue around tho message.
his g-etaway without leaving a clow,
Additional Precautions nt Pool.
Tho Welfare Board held a meeting' S0ld his north hills ranch to John P,
T?nWTif Trim! TlOnla
Tho first of tho week Clarence Moore
last eveplng to Investigate tho drown
ing which occurred nt the lake yester
Primrose, of Sutherland. This ranch
contains 3,000 acres and the consld-
AI1 Roads Mny bo Tied Up
With 2,000,000 mombors of various
railroad omploycs' brothorhoods united
In demands on tho government for 'in
creased wages or cut in cost of living,
450.000 mombors of brothorhoods of j
cents, ireigm unuuiers, express nnu
bthor employes begin voting today on
question of immediate strike.
Virtually all railroads in tho west
nro ordered to accept freight subject
to delay on account of spreading strlko
of Federated Railway Shopmen. Pres
ident of tho union predicts traffic will
bo discontinued in three days.
With n gonoral strlko of Donvor
shopmen scheduled for 10 o'clock Fri
day morning, 800 omploycs of tho Un
ion Pacific road boat tho ordor by
walking out of tho company's shops at
Fortieth nvenuo and Williams street
at 9:45 Thursday morning.
Co-operation botwoen tho four great
brothorhoods engineers, firomon, con
ductors and trainmen for tho first
time several years ago proved tho
power of united action In passago of
tho Adamson act. -
Tho present situation wns said to
bo similar, but Inflnltoly moro danger
ous. Not only aro tho four brother
hoods Involved, but all tho other un
ions also which have to deal with tho
malntonnnco of oqulpmont and tho
moving of trains.
Seeks n Divorce '
Emma Padgett has filed hor petition
In tho district court asking for a di
vorce from hor husband Lorou Pad
gett. Tho plaintiff recites that they
woro married In Lexington In Decem
ber, 191?. that hor husband ontored
tho military servico In April, 1918, and
was discharged last April; that slnco
his nlschargo ho has refused to rosumo
his marital relationship and has told
hor that ho will never llvo with hor
again and that ho refuses to contrib
ute to hor support Tho defendant,
sho furthor nvors, Is living with his
paronts at Wollfloot.
day afternoon, and to throw about the oration was $33,000
I t Jill 1 1 V 1 '
pool additional safeguards, it was
decided by the board to ropo off the
deepest portion of tho pool and pro
hibit nn entrance thereto.
Hcrslioy Neb.,
Friday Evening, August 8(h.
Tickets $1.00, plus war tax-
W. H. Jenkins bought of John Fow-
!or 'section 1-12-32, lying southeast of
Hetghey. Tho consideration was
$9,300, or $14.00 per ncre.
Fred and Ed. Hcln bought of Peter,
Jepsen tho NW& of section 23-13-32,
south of Hershey and the consideration!
was $70.00 per acre. W. R. Brooks,
tho local rea estate man, handled the
two' attcr deals. Hcrslioy Times..
First Lutheran Church.
Morning worship 8:30 o'clock, spe- Jack Husband left today for Schuy-
clal sermon. Sunday school at ono ler und Omaha, whoro ho will visit
o'clock. REV. C, F. KOCH, Pastor, j relatives for sovoral days.
::o:: Thurston Woodhurst left this morn-
Mrs. R. A. Garman left Wednesday . lnsrif or Kearney whore ho will snond
night for oi woek's. visit wltlu relatlves
Bungalow aprons on sale at 95c,
$1.19, $1.45 and up'
Mercantile Co.'s.
a wjjpk visiting Mr .and Mrs. Tolof
('sen, and his brother Shcrwbod.
M. J. Forbes has returned from'tb?
at Tho Leader east where ho went to buy furnlturo
for t'ie Derryberrv & Forbes store.
Hcrslioy News.
(From Tho Times.)
Mrs. D. O. Lowry and Mrs. H. P.
Callaway purchased tho Montgomery
tostaurant tho first of tho weok. Mrs.
J. TL Malfly will have charge.
A card recolved by H. Y. Brewer
stated that his son Fay, who has boon
with tho army of occupation 'in Ger
many, had landed at Newport News on
tho third.
Little Dorothea Moore, who recent
ly had hor arm broken and re-set, was
brought homo from the hospital at
North Platto tho first of the week and
Is .lotting along nicely.
Ed Waro, of Choyenno, returned
homo Sunday after a week's visit with
HorBhey relatives. Ed has sold his
homostead north of Cheyenne and ex
pects to move t Hershey soon to make
his homo.
G. L. Mudd and family returned this
morning from a month's sojourn in
tho mountains. They visited Denver,
Eldorado City, Manltou and other cit
ies during their trio and had a vory
enjoyable trip.
Church of Our Saviour Eniscoiml.
Older of dlvlno services for noxt
Holv communion 7:30 a. m. 4
Sunday school 9:45 a', m.
Morning prayer and. sermon 11 a. m
Sunday school on north sldo 3 p m.
All tho summer wash dresses now.
on salo at 20 per cent oft tho former
low prlcos at The Leader Mercantile 1
"Blackie's Redemption"
Fatty Arbuckle Comedy, a
"Pretty Smooth"
Fatty Arbuckle Comedy. ;
"The Sawdust Doll"
Pearl Whif . ,
The Droppin
Plush Sofa
Should be enough noise to cause you to read every word of this ad.
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when sale opens and a 5 per cent discount on all lots sold on August 15th, providing your contract is signed and money paid downjg
before 9:00 o clock P. M. of August 15th. The sale opens at 8:00 o clock in the morning and closes at 9:00
o'clock P. M. of the same day. Positively none of the above discounts allowed after 9:00 o'clock P. M. Come or
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North Platte, Nebraska, l
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