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No. 61
F. W. Rlnckor was off duty at his
drug store yesterday on account of
Mrs. Osborne and daughter of Goth
enburg, aro visiting Mrs. R. E.
"Woods .
Miss Holon Smith, who spent two
wooks in "Wood River returned homo
Mrs. John Wolnborgor returned Sun
day evening from a visit with relatives
In Omaha.
Arthur McCabe was called to Oma
ha yesterday morning to report for
naval duty.
For Sale Organ in good condition.
Suitablo for rural school purposes.
Prlco ?5.00. Inqulro at this office
Tho .celebration of the four hun
dredth annlvorsary of tho Reforma
tion which was held last weok by tho
Lutherans of Western Nebraska
closed a successful session Friday
ovening. Tho attendance was largo and
many delegates from adjoining towns
enjoyed tho meetings. President H. D.
Hover, Ph. D. delivered tho closing
address taking for his subjoct "Re
viving tho Reformation." Mrs. Eliza
beth Karr Langstou and' Earl Stamp
directed Uio musical program which
woro well rendered and very much ap
preciated. Tho picnic at the city park
on Friday afternoon was a suceas in
ovory particular and two hundred
woro convoyed there by auto. Splendid
lectures were given by Rov. F. S.
Draft Board Completes Its Work
Miss Rose McGuiro, of Omaha, camo Dol nnd Drs Krouger and Bergin.
a few days aco to visit her parents ::o::
Mr. and Mrs.
sevoral wooks.
Charles McGuiro for
F. H. Harrison and a, party of
young folks spent Sunday picnicking
in Morgan Canyon. Tho day was
spent in climbing hills and other out
of door amusements and a basket
lunch waa served.
Draft' Exemptions.
There seems to be considerable
missunderstanding as to tho powers
and duties of tho local boards undor
tho solective draft law.
There are but two classes in which
tho action of tho local board is final.
First Thoso who fail to pass tho
nhvsical . examination rpicnlvo their
The house on tlto W. R. Harding dlBoharge from tho boarJl
Morse was struck by lightning Frl
day evening and tho damage will ex
ceed five hundred dollars. The occu
pants of tho house were not injured.
Miss Hildegardo Clinton was hos
tess to a nuinbor of young ladles Fri
day afternloon at auction bridge.
Second Those that pass tho physi
cal examination and do not make any
claim for exemption aro certified for
servico by tho boaj-d.
Tho local board- have no Jurisdic
tion of exemptions undor the indus
trial occupation. Theso claims are
passed upon by the district board that
Guests of honor woro Misses Betty. moots in Omaha
Doyle and Sarah Rlsdino of Lincoln! claims for exemption on account of
and Daphino Strlcklor of Kearney. dependent relatives aro passed xpon
A special teachers' examination for ( by the local board subject to reviow
the Lincoln County teachers, In coun-(by the district board,
ty and professional subjects, also El-j There is no provision in tho law re
wood'a Sociology, will bo held Friday quiring the exemption of any drafted
and Saturday August 17th and 18th atnan on account of dopendent TOla
North Platte in tho high- school build- tives. Tho law places this matter In
ing. tho discretion of tho president and tho
Dr. C. F. Adams camo tho latter part; local boards aro governed in this
of last weok from Lincoln where he
received an appointment from Gover
nor Keith Neville nSjdontal surgeon:
v"of"thVDYndy Sixth with rank as first"
lloutonant. Ho will return to Lincoln
Mrs, Frank Armstrong and baby of
Portland, Ore., camo yesterday to vis
it Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong for
a few days while onroute to Dowagic,
Mich, to visit relatives, Mrs. Arm
strong was a resident of this city
sovon years ago.
A colored laborer giving his name
as Mayo was arrested Friday evoning
for assaulting a companion in a bunk
house east of town and striking him
with a lamp in such a manner as to
cause injuries to his stomach. Mayo
will bo amaigned in county court.
PIANO FOR SALE. Wo have had
feft on our hands at North Platte a
now strictly high class' piano, which
if taken at onioo will bo sold at a posi
tive bargain. Liberal terms. If inter
ested, do not fall to write Tho Denver
Music Company, Denver, Colo. GO-6
To Kent.
040 acres of hay land on shares 10
miles north of North Platto Joining the
Frod Kusor land. Renter to get two
thirds of hay in stack. "Write at once
to L. C. Crandall, Lincoln, Nebr. tf.
matter by tho rules and regulations
made by tho president.
Under those rules and regulations
the local board cannot arbitrarily de
cide that a drafted man shall be ex
cused from servico, because ho may
have wifo, children or dependent par.
onts unless It further appears to their
satisfaction that such dependents
would beccmo a public charge, in case
he was taken.
Any pe-rs-n rc?c'.v!rr; notice that his
c'.z'va. fcr exemption cn account of do
pendents has boon donied by the lo
cal board has tho right to appeal from
tho decision of thelocal board to tho
district board where ho can present
additional evidence to bring his case
within tho rule laid down by the presi
In all cases whore tho local board
excuses a drafted man from servico
on ac'count of dependents, tho govern
jnent automatically appeals from such
decision to tho district board.
: :o: :
Mr. and Mrs. Ben "Wilson who woro
Vjsltlng tho A. J. Nealo family in
Stapleton returned homo a fow days
Mrs, Dan Newmoyor left Friday
evening for a visit with tho homo
folks in Sutherland.
After several days of woik Uie draft
board completed tnolr work yesterday
witn tne totlowing result:
No. discharged 42
ixomptlon ciuluis refused G4
iSot nsKiug exemption 61)
Thoso not filing exemption claims:
rank Oicott, iVortti Platto
Loo Fountain, fvouth Platto
William C. Woouring, North Platte
Elinor Wilcox Shanor, Maxwell
Arvo Potorson isorui Platto
Unas. Loroy Perkins, North Platto
Frank Duncan Kunpp, Maxwell
Ernost Raymond Casoy, Nortn Platte
William Smith Mccoru, llorshoy
Ernest McCord, NoHh Platte
Julian Petes,- sutlienand
Axel Carl Larson, North Platto
Anioa Audrow Ross, North Platte
Cyril Paul Donegan, North Platto
Julian Andrado, Sutherland
Puiuil John Thomson, North Platto
Ernest LoRoy Borry, Wallace
Leo Wilson "Bird, North Platto
Clifford Ekstrom, Brady
Jo.emlah Snyder, Maxwoll
Thomas Edwin Waugh, North Platte
Floyd Morton Young, Sutherland
Robort Charles Johnston, N. Platto
Alanaclo Bolazquez, Horshey
Carl Ernest Westenfcld, North Platto
Isaac Edward Folk, Brady
Harry P. Conklin, North Platto
Georgo Wing, North Platto
Nels Chris Nolson, Curtis
John Haoso, Sutherland..
John Palmer Eve's, North Platto
Alfredo Rodiquoz, Sutherland
Orion Loroy Lum, Dickens
Clarence C McNcal, Brady
Otto Gowecko, Farnam
Richard Henry Dill, North Platto
Rayo Razo, North Platto
David A. Clark, Brady
Herbert Alvin Leach, Sutherland
Salvador Broms, Sutherland
Aurll Victor Larson, Dickens
Robert Emmott Stobblns, N. Platto
Elmer Ray Smith, North Platto
Jose Angol Gongalez, Horshey
Hipolite Gonzale3, Sarben
Jesse Burton Harris, North Platto
William Jacob Irvin,.Wallaco
Henry Miller, Hershoy
John Picking, North Platte
John Mathew Thomnann M Plntto
Frances Eugene Palmer, Sutherland
iiorman unas, iiorsnoy
Earl Jacob Eshelman. Horshnv
Milo Marshall Dancer, North Platto
Clifford Jiulius Schoolcraft, Maxwell
Clarence, Edgar Shnul, North Platto
Tip... Tt.. .i I . ,
nuy aiuurur, luirnum,
Frank Clair Stuart, North Platte
John Nolas, North Platte.
List oj Thoso Exempted.
Elmer A. Crosby, Sutherland
Ulyssis G. Phillips, Wallace
Boyd Elmer McGulre, N. Platte
Ge"brge A. Morgan, Wallaco
Nels Forstedt, North Platte
Henry E. Lee, North Platte
John Malsuse, Hershoy
Bert Edwin Ward, North Platto
Archie Bradley, North Platte
Ray A. Lincoln, North Platto
William E. Gregory, North Platte
Jim Yama, North Platto
Clyde W. Dark, Dickens
Roy V. Gaunt, North Platte
Carl J. Cornelius, Brady
Stove Colo, North Platto
Charles L. McKo?.n, Horshey
George SIvits, North Platto
Georgo V. Brownfield,' Horshey
James Halvas, North Platte
mn v i mm ...
Aluminum Cooking Utensils
ARE light in weight, bright as silver and absolutely
pure and wholesome. Have no enamel or plating
to wear off, the finish being the natural finish of the
"Saluco" ware retains heat longer than other vessels
and are absolutely the best you can buy.
Thomas T. McCabe, North Platto
Walter Eshelman, North Platto
Gooigo F. Saundors, Horshey
Georgo W. Klonk, North Platto
Oscar John Sandall, North Platte
Georgo E. Schiltz, North Platto
Patrick F. McEvoy, North Platte
Will E. Hudson llorshoy
Edwin E. Wright, North Platto
Borgstrom, Soth, Brady
K. Korl, North Platte
Eli W. Hanson, North Platto
L, C. Sawyor, North Platte
Lloyd Powers, North Platto
Ray Smith, Wollilcot
James W. Inmnn, North Plat'o
Thomas D. Ogdon, Maxwell
John Randall Babbitt, North Platto
James Ray Dorrnm, North Platto
John Schnoitor, Horshey
Earnest C. Rldlngor, North Platto.
K. George Chlros, North Platto
Thoso whoso exemptions woro re
jected: Ray Robort Miller, Suthorland
Ray Hazon Widnor, Sutherland
David Charles Fenthors, Maxwoll
Herman Tlmmer, North Platto
Chostor Ellsworth, North Platto
Arthur D. Wimborly, North Platto
Harry A. Potter, North Platto
Louis G. McNool, Suthorland
Horman A. Surbor, North Platto
Jesso A. Millar, Wallaco
Jamos Nath Walkor, North Platto
James C. Baker, North Platto '
Martin F. Meyer, Paxton
Guy W. Yoke, Dickons
Wnlter L. Falk, North Platto
, Nick Camblin, Brady
George W. Roborts, Maxwell
1 Albin Erickson, Brady
Carl Harris, Wallaco
Vomon E. Adklnson, Gothenburg
Lewis W. Bennott, Wallaco
Christian H. Schlmol, Maxwell '
Major C. Walz, North Platto
Poter McGinloy, Sutherland
Jefferson C. Newman, Wallace
Mark McConnell, Hershey
George H. Duke, North Platte'
Loroy Carrigan, North Platto
Carl A. Larson, Ingham
John M. Deckor, North Platto
ieonnra a. nanus, Farnam
Benjamin Dikeman, Sutherland
. Harry C. Vian, Ingham
Charlos Petersi Suthorland
Will J. Luschen, Wollflcot
Carroll F. Bliss, Sutherland
Gumar C. Young, Brady
John Carl Hollman, North Platto
Poter Christian Sutter, Hershoy
Clarence H. Newman Dickons .
Leonard B. Redmond, North Platto
Charlio G. Russell, North Platttf
Warren A. Doollttlo, North Plntto
Jonal Mlzuno, North Plntto
Georgo H. Bacon, North Platto
Richard Dam'ghorty, Sutherland
Luroy F. Soules North Plntto
John E. Gilman, Brady
Sam'l G. Poulos, North Platte
Lesllo R. Wood, North Platto
William D. Spurrier, North Platto
Albert A, Glnnpp, Grady
AubloA. Hotchkiss, North Platto
Howard B. Combs, Bignell
Howard J. Diener, North Plntto
Gilbert V. Anderson, North Platto
Bort Miller. North Platte
Noah F. Harrison, North Platte
George A. Anion. North Platte
Oscar C. Oman, Farnam
Jesso Androw Robinson, Wellfieot
Lawronco Zollara. Maywood
Leslie D. Sims, Wollfleet.
Selected for Training Cnmp
Threo North Plntto mon havo been
fioloctod as mombors of the second
squad to bo sont to tho offlcors train
ing camp at Ft. Snolllng. Thoy nro
Minor Hlnmnn, lato ownor of tho
Overland gnrago and resldont of this
city slnco birth; Oron E. Garrison, a
freight conductor on tho Union Pn-
lcinc, and for many years a resident of
North Plntto; and Harry P. Conklin, n
traveling man who was formerly em
ployed as clork In the Rexnll drug
storo. Ray Tlgho, who Is now with tho
aviation corps in Texas, has been
nnmod ns altornntc.
Ilinman, Conklin and Garrison will
loavo for Ft. Snolllng August 27th.
IS'otlco to Bidders.
Soalcd bids will bo rocolved by tho
City of North Platto, for tho construc
tion of a two-story brick Flro Station
at North Plattor Nebraska. All bids
to ho filed with tho City Clork on or
lirvfnrn Antrnot 97 101 "7 nf flvn n'nlrnr
P. m. .
Plans and specifications may bo had
at tho offtco of B. M. Reynolds, archi
tect North Platto, Nebraska.
Tho Mayor and Council reservo tho
right to rojoct any and nil bids.
Gl-4 City Clork.
H. I. Block has 'returnod from a
threo weeks' visit In Now York and
Chicago on business.
Allon Atchison has returned from
Kearney whero ho visited tho home
folks for several days! ,
Mrs. C. H . Kuhns, of Maxwoll, camo
yesterday morning to visit with Mrs.
Ray Kuhns this weok.
Archdeacon J. J. Bowkor left Sun
day ovonlng for eastern towns to Bpond
tho greater part of this weok.
Paul Nolan Is assisting in tho Nyal
drug storo during the absence of Jas
Elliott, who Is visiting in Colorado.
Mrs. William Jeffors, of Omaha,
spent tho week ond as Uio guest of Mr.
and Mrs. E. F. Scoborgor and roln-
tivos. 1
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Basso and par
ty of Norfolk ware horo tho latter
part of last wook while enrouto west
by auto.
Lloyd Gummero of tho Rlnckor drug
storo, who has been visiting in Estos
Park and other points west, will re
tnurn today.
J. E. Nelson, of Tho Leader, left
Sunday ovoning for Chicago to spond
sovoral wdoks purchasing fall and
winter goods.
Mrs. Kato Toohor and son Charles,
of Schuyler, camo last wook to visit
tho former's parents Mr. and Mrs
Charlos McGuiro.
A. M. Kulchom Is assisting in of-
flco work at tho Hotol McCabo this
wook during tho absonco of C. 0
Wolngand In Colorado,
TJio following appointments wero
mado to North Platto man from Ft
Snolllng yestorday. Robort Gantt, Dr.
T. J. Kerr and A. W. Bullard woro
selected as lloutonants of tho 2d in
-: :o
E. C. Knowlos and L t T - "
former a harbor and tho latter an
omployo of tho U. P, ticket offlco nt
Hershoy, woro arrested and arraign
ed in county court yostorday aftor-
noon. Knowles was charged with
being drunk and disordorly and plead
guilty. Lnfleur waa charged with us
ing and disposing of flftoen gallons of
liquor from a Bdpply which had been
stored in tho freight room at Hershoy
slnco May 1st. Ho pload not guilty
and tho caso was continued until Mon
Wanted Clorks for 10c Storo. Ap
ply to W. J. O'Connor C, 10 and 2Cc
Henry S. Haskina filed for bank
ruptcy in tho district court last wook.
Liabilities aro $4325.07 and assets
Miss' Eliso Scamon la spending this'
week in Cha'ppoll whllo enrouto homo
from Estoa Park.
Wanted Boy for Stock Room. Ap
ply to W. J. O'Connor f, 10 and 25c
Tho File tor Divorce Snturdnr
Charles T. Pargcon filed sult for
dlvoico from Ethel Pnrgeon in tho
district court last week, charging
ndultory. Thoy wore marrlod at Dandy
January 21st, 1010 and in 1916 sho
willfully abandoned tho plaintiff and
conductod hcrsolf in an immoral man
nor. Four children wero born to this
union. Thoy nro Loroy born in 1911,
Glon born in 1912, Roxlo born in 1914,
Dnisy born In 1917. Tho plaintiff asks
tho custody of Loroy arid Roxy and
asks tho marriage contract annulled.
Maytlo Lass has filed Bult in tho
district court for dlvorco from Georgo
I. Lass on tho grounds of abandon
ment and non-support. They woro
married nt Suporlor Aug. 27, 1911 and
In Nov. 1913 ho deserted tho plaintiff
and has alnco rofusod to support hor
although In th photography business
In Sndlin, Knns., and oapablo of sup
porting his family. Tho plaintiff with
hor two children Horbort aged flvo
and Robblu aged throo has boon
obliged to earn hor own living and
mnko hor homo with hor parents.
Sh asks alimony and tho custody of
hor sons.
lVnntcd Hint to Holler for Flnff.
Tom Heskott, of Suthorland, waa ,
flnod $5.00 and costs in tho county
court Saturday for striking Carl
Lunkwitz, a G-ormnn living on Bird
wood cirook. Heskott Insisted that
Lunkwitz holler for tho stars and
stripes, and Lunkwitz said ho didn't
know whethor ho would or not. "Woll
thon," said Heskott, "I'll glvo you
something to hollor for," and pasted
him a couplo blows In tho face. The
Judgo remitted tho flno and Heskott
paid tho costs amounting to $3.30.
Having boon called Kb eorvico in
Uio army which may continue uiftil
tho war onds. I' wish to state thatll
ndcounts duo mo will bo paid to Mrs.
T. Korr. All parties knowing thom
solvo8 indebted to mo will plcaso call
nt tho offlco or remit by mall at once.
T. J. KERR, M.'D.
Miss Clara Bockos", of Gorrard, O ,
'who camo hero rocently to visit hox
brothor James Becker, will mako hor
homo in this city.
Attornoy James Keofo has boon ap
pointed county attornoy to succoed
P. R. Halllgan, now captain of Co. E.
Miss Annio Kramph and Mrs. Geo
T. Field returned this morning from a
trip of ton dnys in Colorado points.
Frank Hatch loft this morning for
Mt. Ida, Kansas, to visit Mrs. IlaTcl
who has been thero sevornl weeks.
Miss Josio O'Haro and nephew
John O'Keefo will loavo thig wook for
Omaha whero tho latter will tako
treatmont for his oyos.
Dr. Ebbltt of Alllanco, is spending
a row . days visiting ur. n. Aicuauo.
Tho gcntlomen wero formerly friends
in County Louth, Ireland.
Girl stenographer, capable of taking
dictation in short hand. Apply at
Mrs. Ryan, of Council Bluffs, for
merly Miss Martha Ackorman of this
olty, camo a fow dayB ago to visit hor
parents Mr. and Mrs. August Ackor
man for sovoral weeks.
Miss Amanda Wolngand of Rosa-
villo, 111., who spent sovoral wooks
with hor siBtors Mrs. Charlos Stamp
and Mrs. Louis Potorson roturriod
homo yestorday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Junk, of Choy
onno, camo last week to visit with tho
lattor's mothor Mrs. Georgo Arguo,
Mr. Junk roturnod homo this morning
niid Mrs. Junk will remain anothor
You aro invltod to a "Tea" at threo
o'.lock Thursday afternoon In tho
pai'lors of tho Methodist church. An
Interesting progrnm will bo given in
ch ding solos Miss Esther Antonldes
and readings by Miss Sara Kolly.
Thf o will also bo sovoral novol on-
tortaining featuros. A cordial invi
tation ia extonded to all rogardlosB of
church denomination.
Ronl I'Htato, Flro, Tornado and Hull
Insruanco. Special Agents Globo
Life Insurance Company.
Conior Front and Dowoy Sts., Upstairs
riiono Red 572. North rmttc, Neb,
While. They Last.
Ladies Brown Kid 8 inch Lace Boot with Cloth
Top to match. $7.00 value jG QQ
Same as above Block Vamp, Gray $C AA
Cloth Top tPO.UU
D. and F. Shoe Store.
Just plain carelessness
That is what ruins a good watch.
You can safely let your watch run a year
without having it cleaned and oiled.
When you wait longer, you're damaging
your watch.
Bring it to Clinton's today and have it
examined. If it needs any attention it
will be saving money to huve it done
It is always economy to have Clinton
do. your watch and clock repairing because
y&u get perfect work guaranteed and the
charge is the lowest for which perfect
work can possibly be done.
Graduate Optician,
, " At Uio Sign of Uio Big .Ring.