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No. 8
Miss Graco O'Neill has resigned her!
.nosltlon at the O'Conor store.
Jack Foster, formorly of thin' city,
Is reported to bo vory 111 In Omaha. !
J. V. Romlgh, tho auto man, Is
transacting business In Gothenburg
iui Rev Gleaaon, of Ogalalla. who irpont
'jack of Interest on Putt of Citizens; gOVOral days hero returned homo Wcd
1s Responsible for tho Present 'noedny ovenlng.
Demoralized Condition of our
Flro Fighting Force.
I Miss Abblo Foster was 1 called to
, Omaha tho first of this weok by tho
I Veterans' 1,n!1 m'11 Attended.
Tno' third annual ball of th0 Span
' lsh "War Votornna was held Weunowlay
I ovonlng at tho Lloyd opora house and
tho attondnnco was one of the largost
of this soason. BuntlnK In tho nation.
j nl colors was drapoa on the balcony
MEETS AND and walls nnd at Intervals a large
Mark Atchison and wlfo will lcavo
this wook for Rochoster, Minn., to
spend a couplo of wcoks.
Thje girls' domestic science club
will hold an oxchnngn in Derryborry
! flhlold In tho red white nnd bluo wis & Foruos window Saturday.
I used. Tho Stamp orchostra furnished
nn onioyablo program of popular
Authority Given to Assemblo the
Flonts, Closo Contract With tho
Amusement Company nnd At.
for Indian Rattle.
dances and
ono o'clock.
danoing continued until
Tho usual concert which
nronnrwlml ihn rmntitmr of tlin linll nn
. . t -
iormor occasions was omriieu, ,nu
thn tlmo dovotod to dancing. Large
Hags were loworod from tho gallory
across tho hall whllo the orchestra
Thn stato flro Insncctor has called illness of her father.
thn attention of tho mayor and council iov. Ives of Ocalalla camo yostsr
to thn condition of tho North Platto juy niomlng to spond a few days with iq hnnklnc tho North Platto Soml-Cen
flro department, which ho suggests is Archdeacon Bowkor, i tonnlal celebration hold a meeting at
Inadequate to properly protect a city, Mfmdav nrocram at Uio Keith tho Hotel McCabo Wednesday evening
of this size. Ho recommends ni had submitted to them reports of
equipment and tho origan zation ( pcn , screen story of a vital tho progress that has been mads by
three companies, ono of which, with "nXrlnc W S Hart and tho President J. 13. McDonald and Socre
nronor equipment, should bo located' Uiomo, featuring W. S. Hart, an tno irm Mooney. Thu secretary
1 XXnrm'nlv directs atton- Nest," with Chas Murray and Louise had with him ai 1 mu enao at I flnanclal success and those In charge
Tho Inspector simply directs atton F d correspondence which li0 hns had with . comnii.non.0(i
tlon to a condition that Is known to azonua. (amusement companies, with promot-jaro 10 ue complimented.
1111 VUU U1U tUUTUiiauuw v. Wtfcjio - iU6 WJV wiv D QTS Hill UQBlBntirB UL (Jlt'UlilUU UUUIO
fairs, namely that tho flro department i stoin heifor at the Substation on tho w!H. nriirlnntors of pyrotechnic ills-
-k . . .1 It rtn 1 1 !-. I.. 1 OA .1 - A . " " " . . . . . ...
Tho twenty-five business fho "s ar SngNe. UannerV'
fm& "i?. JNSSS? v ZLi:lt A Shilling, Leonard Rab.n.on,
A. E. Bell, Arthur Hammond
and thplr assistants left nothing un
doo which would add to tho ploasuro
of tho attendants. Tho advance slo
of tlckota was vory gratifying aiui this
amount was doubled by tickets sold
i hi uiouoor. uio uau was a social anil
I Marrk'il Fifty-Six Yenrs.
i.. i u iir. iiiin iirs. .mini wnrmiv. ni
is at present in a moro uumuiaimuu i zau. nay ol nor tmiuuu ou-uuj iubl, ijiu-,- ni,lvR nn,i -tvitli tlioao wno voiuntcor, r it t , , , i t
condition than it has boon for years J duced in one official day of 24 hours, Sggesfisrio pS "J:
This Is not tho fault of tho present; 0n February 4, 100 pounds or approx- batti0 of Summit Springs. This Indian jf??"
chlof nor tho hnndfu.1 of men who arei mmtoly 12.5 gallons of milk. At 10 batt which was to have formed on J " 14,. wl! L a- ;
members, but rather to tho lak. cents per quart her day's production i f"nt,,ro8 0f tho show to have r?nCf?T n?nnm3 a'
of interest on tho part of citizens gen- would amount to a total value of SB. ! Si " .,i L Polnnnl had been! .woro : okfIold. Mo., Fob-
city, by their votes, refused to Issue
bonds for a city hall In which it was!
propostfd to provide quarters for the
men and tho apparatus. It was only
natural that this refusal should dis
courago thoso who had provlously tak
en a wlde-awako interest in the do
.partment. They argued, and .reason
ably so, that If tho citizens generally
did not appreciate the department suf
ficiently to provido quarters for it,
they had no right to expect the mem
bers to devote without pay, their time
to an organization that was hardly no
ticed by tho people Hence the loss
in membership and tho lack of interest
Not as an alarmist, but as one In-
v v " T , : ucen swsuu uy y u. uuo . v, ruary 7Ui, 1801, and camo to this city
wun Tii,K iinnnrtmoiit otnro formnriv worked out In detail, ana tniougn uio , 10 , . ... .. ...
uv-i-u.. v...v... ...... - , , . i " loin, mill i uiii) -uyu voura liva.1
conducted by W. T. Banks, who ro- kindness of John Baker tho complete I Qn R nnch northonat ot town ,
ccntly left for Calif fornla, has been scenario has hogn forwaidod to Jaonnto tho city about a dozen years ago.
avciuuvi;. i ma ft, ..... .-.r
an opportunity to work up the scones
numoer ou aiupruvuiuuuia umu i- J"k , . . x.,. V" latter nttnminu tlintr nco
erallv and tho disinclination on the
part of the younger clement to associ
ate themselves with tho department.
mi.- .Unlmlnnt nil rf iUn 111 nnl linra 11 1T1 J . ' . . . mx. I . 1 If- 1t.Knii
UUL1UIU11H.IUU v.. ..iv. ."" """f , l...m1.,1 1... nnnra -oiirl KVnlllr OOprprn.TV. -1 illl. iUUUUV.Y. . t 11. ...... . ..... .
Uv .. r-- -- - : I mm, j(r OC :lninrOVOniOniS UOUa JJi- 1 JUUI, tl IIIUI nim IU HIV.C uvui.ii.. n . ,,Hnlnlim t llr, nirn vnoUr.lm,
iorlor and interior are boing mado ed by tho lato Col. Cody. This b
and the amount of stock carried will which several hundred Indians ana of wcoka aml thls prcoluuei tho p0B.
bo greatly Increased. i soldiers will engage, and which will sU)Ult nf a colflbrnUon of the wd,lln!
-vi -v rr i in rnnnivna ni Tint (Miinnr;!-1 . . ...
Tho Junior class of tho high school "X ,U v anniversary, nut during tno tiny many
has in preparation a lulnstrol show laid at U' 8XtB COnBn,t",tt-
tnat win do given rnw 'b cltv nark and vlowed from tho grand
noxt wook February lutn, in tne m, rni,tr. win nnnnhvif. with
senior high school auditorium. The pyrotechnic display each evening
lloims ChrckH Arrive
last tlmo wo attended a minsiroisy j800 havlnc been nnnronrlatcd for the' , x " "
given by tho students we thought It I,S?S ,)eon nPPrPttieu lor 11,0 ; on Pacific to omp oyos who received
very ciever, uio leuiurua uuuig uusumi
and thn characters well taken. It Is
probable Uio show next week will bo
... I lnHn thnn S1S00 lnot vnni nrrlvnrl Mila
and tho characters "well taken. It I. t7 USeiont & IZ'T ,aW, bD,"B to"
...1.1. n. i., vt .0v win Un lno 1 arricr muauiitni iv "l ; dav. Each chock ronreaonts ten ner-
It. D. Blrgo has been In Omaha for
Bovoral days past attending tho con
vention ot tho stato lumber doulors'
Mrs. Owon O'Nell and family will
movo this wook to Green Itlvor. Mr.
O'Noll hna boon omployod thero for
sovoral months.
Victor F. Bock, who had boen 'em
ployed as nn urchitoct In Omaha for
nlno years, arrived In North Platte
this week to locato permanently.
At a mooting of tho Nobraska as
sociation of abstractors, held in Lin
coin thts wook, O. B. Eldor, of this
olty. was olectod ono ot tho five vlco
prosldonts. Mr. and Mrs. Alox Fonwlck went to
Omaha this morning whero Mr. Fon
wlck will bo "looked over" by Dr.
Joiiob preparatory to being placed on
tho pension list.
Mrs. J. D. Cox, of thts city, was In
Grand Island) Tuoadny attondlng tho
marrlogo of hor slater, Miss Eva Mulr,
of Sutherland, to Chas. E. Wallnco, of
Filloy, Nob. Tho couplo will reeido
In tho lattor placo.
Tho ladles of tho Mothodlst aid so
ciety will again mnko nn offort to so
curo tho $100 offered by Today's Mag
azln0 for subscriptions. Tho ladles
havo earned this sum twlco boforo
and aro anxious to succeed ngnln as It
will assist thom In raising their shnro
of tho expenso of tho now church
building. If those who doslro to ro
now their subscriptions will please
glvo tho renewal to any of tho Motho
dlst ladles It will bo greatly appreci
ated. Tho ladlos doslro to secure the
required number boforo April 1st. na
aftor that dato tho prlc0 will bo raiso,i
from 50 cents to 75 conts a year. 8-2
ii rnn rn nn nrnoimin iiv i nm ti ii 1 1 ii i in v . ..
fully as amuslngrand enjoyable. . t or tori In number am high class J 01 1110 sn,nry earnca uur,n mst
Superintendent Snyder returned not hooche coochlo girls, plantation i Th'0 total numb0P of clicclta recotVod
from Omaha Wednesday wheVo Wo , singers, snnko caters and other cheap! at th,8 tcmlnll WB U r hundred
mado arrangements with Dr. B. B. acts usually furnished by carnival i thov aVQraird above S7f. each
makes T hsta ement that under nreT- Davis' Omaha's chief surgeon to mate companles-but novelties tnat are real mnk, t t , &- -$25 000
makes the statement tnat under prea- f Ho ste n-Fresian heifers of tho ly interesting and worth while. Tlie This ironorositv on tho nart of tho
Z lJ&J'St; Substation with Rag Apple Korndyko paraphemalla for .one aU alone weighs' v 5' 'pUyould T ,er-
- ' Zr 'nr, r ; Boon, a. 3500 pounu uu. n is i u oioyon ions. , wueiaii oi u.uS0 talnly ,bo-and undoubtedly la r
" , r' ."""Tii bull that Dr. uavis uougut ior zouu win ne given inter. 1 clnted bv tlio omnloveq
lack of eff clency and equipment thous- "n rn ln ,,., tha Fri03iand Tho ronroductlon of two blocks ofi cintco oy uio employes.
o hmq r f Ari In rn xim-rfli nAnnrtir lo . . . . . . ,i ' i t 1 '
i. .ii K.i'-y Dairy Farm liord. Tins neru is con- iront street na it appeareu in tne verv
liable to completf, loss any day or any; sldere(1 by many breeders as tho best early days will prove highly IntoresU
niSht. uorA Hniatiilii-'PrpnInn rjittlo In the insr This scene has boon verv accur-
It Is tlmo that citizens generally, es. ofrit. ,,. sorvIr.n fpn nf Rair Annie atolv drnwi an,i the. buildlnc fronts
Korndyko Boon Is $100.00. I will bo an exact duplicate of tho orlg-
I Innl rpiiln nlfttA nnstvm mill Iia
Bombs to the right of hhto ei toomCrt
peclally tho larger, holders of city
property, wake up to real conditions
as It relates to flro protection
fc... Frank "Winn Injured. -
Frank' D. " "Winn, of Kearney, fori
many years a North Platte- railroad
man, was seriously Injured Wednes
day when ho was run Into by an nuto
whllo riding his wheel. Winn suffered
th loft of him. bombs in his pocket. ""Mu ""i " "vu ia broken collar bono, a wrenched
Tiinsdnv last wns snm. hltr flnv In i i, i.ic Uml. lmmha In hla hnt. w."11-!1 -o.uuu topieH win do primed iur hnRi. nd manv cuts nn
j ' ' ... uuuiua in mo iu...u w ... a -j ... - - r .lietrlliiitfnri in r nml ivlrlfi
Omaha, as on that particular day tho bomba everywhere and John Barry-. d""6"tI0" nlarf or fhB twelve elortrloal
stockyards of that city led every other m0ro nearly expires with fright and dwfg8 ;0,r.. t thf do
placo In the world on tho receipts of terror when ho finds himself elected J'J
livestock fbr one day, with over 51,000 by a band of nihilists to assassinate ffinncl work on them win
.tul,uihi iiin iivnnn vjil i tiiiiii. iiihmmi i ii m im i hi? iiiicuiunL iiiiui - .
. i --nil,, lamo win uo in ii u puKuiiiiL ox loame
Mrs. C. F. Spencer, of this city, car. king tormIna or,wh C,n''V , emigrant wagons. Towbnvs and Jv
tate president of the P. E. O., was he Is "nB Jn wo rid but a terrl J d,anB rcrrcsontIn thp pIonoor (lfU.r
back nnd many cuts and brulsos. For
several hours following tho accident
ho was In a semi-conscious condition
Sunday schools 10 a. m.
Morning worship 11 n. m, Mr. Cram
state presmenr. oi tne r. n. u., vas , ... -r. - . - mans representing tno woncr uavt
tho guest of tho Gothenburg chapter ? u, c0,0, B10? .u'", ' " "i lV,V,'.7 , and then In contrast will bo tho auto
Tuesday evc-nlng. as was also Mrs. gni 3.1tuu" ;' hTonv ilmdl110 w'"1 occupants arravod ln
Kill an, of Kearney, stato organizer. ,'TT7 i i T thn
A four course dinner was served at Raymond Hitchcock who played the
n. 1 , m.. t t t.i Dart of Hannibal Butts ln tho play on
II1U 11U1MU Wl 1,11 O. 3 U. U Ulllllllr,. - . . . . .! , l,nl XI
The Fifth Nebraska regiment of
which tho North Platto company Is a. the- making of tho film was hard onlV""8', ? 'r " Ja, "T.V
Tl. r ,. U .nolJia rrnn.l ntltor. nifau uimi, nil, .
" 7, " I ' r't,,.u I in a tent 80x120 feet in nrra. T'if
l.lllllliciil. lui mu luai. u. uo
: :o: :
more win oo in tno pageant ox teams.. Jvm Bnnk ml .Mnrnsnlnm Flrt.
Patriotic sorvlco In tho evening. Mr,
White will speak on "Likenesses be
tween Abraham Lincoln and Josus
evening clothes, and other evldoncci
of advanced civilization of tho neopl"
Tho uindnrnna,.'lau and tho Quoon'a
part, arrived at Fort Crook yesterday
from Llano Grande, just seven months
to a dav from tho tlmo It left Lincoln
July 9th for border service. Tho reg
iment comprises 597 mon and fifty of
ficers. It Is unoertaln how lone the
regiment will remain at Fort Crook
boforo being mustered out
Piano nt n Bargain.
Customer near North Platte, Nebr.,
Is unable to finish payments' on piano
contract. Wo will turn piano over to
'first satisfactory party who will pay
Mrs. Deo Ranoy, of Wallaco, spent! balance either cash or five dollars per
tho firBt of tho week visiting hor par-; month. Wrlto Schmollor & Mueller
onts, Mr. and Mrs. Greeley Bundy. piano Co., Omaha, ..eb.
How much success can you ever
expect in this life unless you learn
to save NOW?
Your future can he as great as
you make it, hut the right start
means everything.
Do not pass our new Saving
Plan lightly hy. It is a wise plan
devised hy thoughttul and
successful men.
It has led thousands of hoys to
start life on the principles that
have led to sure husiness success
and happiness.
Bring your savings to the
McDonald Slate Bank on atur-
queon will be selected by a voto of tho
pooplo, each vote cast costlfie tho de
positor ono cont. nnd the BUccesBful
contestant will bo awarded a $200 dia
mond ring. Thoro will be ladlos-in-waltlng
ns well as matrons to the
quoon. Thoro will also bo a king,
whoso Idontlty will not bo disclosed
uufll tho coronntlon ceremony, which
will precede tho ball.
Tho North Platto hand, tho Parker
Co. handi and two others to bo en
gaged will give concerts at Intervals
during tho days nnd evenings.
Mnnv minor features aro bolng
workod out and thorn Is no question
tlmt tV lat weok of June will prove
ono of tho greatest wooks westorn No
braska has evor known.
To handle tho different phases of
the work, nlno committees will bo
solected, and tho chairman of each of
these committees will form the execu
tlvo board.
who ; was arrested
jonii ray,
You are welcome here.
$1? Donald State Bank
Submarines nro Busy.
Washington, Fob. 8. Lloyd's roport
ior tno tnirdi day or Germany's now
submarlnn campaign shows that the
undorsoa boats aro maintaining the
average or destruction sot by tho Ber
lin naval exports an nccossary to
success. Tho third day's renorted
Iossos totaled 27,985 tons and tho Tiro-
coding two days' totallod CC.C00.
At such a rate the destruction of,
1,000,000 tons a month, which Is the
Gorman aim, t would seom about to be
accomplished. Gorman naval exports
contend that sucji an avorago would
cut England off from the world and
end tho war by Its starvation.
It Is realized hero, however, that
tho British government Is not lack
ing In measuros to koop the sea lanes
opon and thnt -thoso will becomn ap
parent as tho campaign progresses. It
Is pointed that whllo Uio world knows
of tho losses of merchant shins. It
knows little, If anything at all, about
tno iossos or tho submarine HotlllaB.
: :o: :
Stock and Dnlry Farm for Sale.
010 acres lornted 7 nillns north of
SFnxwcIl, well and windmill, tnllos
of fencing, C." ncros In cultivation,
balance liny and pasture. I'rlco six
dollars per ncrc. Tonus S1G00.00 cash
nnd balance on easy terms, six per
rout interest. There is n big bnrpaln
In this property.
Mrs. Georgo White, of Sutherland,
Is visiting this wook with Mrs. Htigh
Sheriff A. J. Salisbury hns returned
'from Lincoln whore ho accompanied
jloy Rbborts to tho penitentiary
William Nunn,
recently for assaulting
plead guilty ln tho county court yos-
torday. Ho was fined five dollars and
costs and bolng unnblo to pay was tak
en back to Jail to servo his sentence.
Undertaker W. R. Maloney was call
ed to Paxton yostorday to tako charge
-of tho body of James Burns who died
or nioou poisoning at tno ago oi sjxiy-
feven. Ho wag a larmor in tnat vicin
Jack Hartor was granted a divorce
ln tho district court Tuosdoy a ftor
noon from Porla- Ramsey Harter to
whom ho was married August 13
1913 ln Allianco. Tho deXendant Iuib
resided in Denvor for several yentra
past nnd refused to locntp hore. Tho
grounds for tho ulvorco wore aimn
County Attorney Halllgan and Mrs,
Hantaan loft Wednesday olftornoon
for Omaha and Lincoln. Tho former
had been called to take charge of Com
pany B at Ft. Crook and tho latter will
visit hor parents. Attorney J. J. Hal-
llgan has been appointed as deputy
county attorney to act during tno an
sence of Ills son
Now that Wo have a paved section
tho noxt move is to purchase a sweep
Ing machlno The Htroot commissioner
has boon directed to ascertain tho coat
; of a suitably swoopor. It was ovor
thus; ono Investment calls for anothor.
We ropapor tho rooms of our homos
'hen concludo that the bright cloan
v.-alls mnko our furnlturo look shab
':v and wo buy now furnlturo. So with
t iQ Improvements ot a city.
Tho ordlnnnco which provldos for
r arrowing residential streets to thlr
t- six feet ln proposed paving dls
f cts wns road for tho firBt tlmo at
t; council mooting Tuesday and will
b furthor considered at tho noxt rog
ul ' mooting. By making tho streets
tlr ly-slx foot Instead of allowing thom
to n'mnln forty-six foot, will sav
abf.'it olghty dollars to each owner o
J. F. French, colored porter on train
.No. 13 was arrosted hero this morning
for assaulting tho natws agent on tho
train. Ho will bo glvon a hoarlng In
tho county court this aftoruoon.
Tho I. O. O. F. lodgo hold n meet
ing last ovonlng at which they took
ln a olaBS ot forty-one. Twonty-sov-oh
of thoso woro local pooplo and tho
remainder woro residents of Dickens
nnd Wallace.
It Is announced that tho co-opora-tlvo
grocery In tho Bratt building on
Locust Btroet will opon next weok. A
momborshlp of 400 is claimed, each
of whom pny n dollar a month with
tho promise that goods will bo sold to
thom nt actual cost, tho $400 per month
rocolvcd from tho momborshlp sup
posedly paying tho oporntlug ox
ponsos. Each purchasor must deliv
er tho goods ho buys.
At a meeting tho foro part of this
week hold by tho Suburban Irrigation
District offlcors for tho current year
wor0 doctwl in tho first district as
follows: Director, Charles MoDonnld;
trensuror, J. G. Beolor; assessor,
Charles Wymnn. Two other districts
nro to bo heard from boforo tho votes
can bo canvassed, which will bo Mon
day aftoruoon. Tho dlstrlpt Is com
posed of eight thousand acres.
Tho officers of tho North Platto
band stato that unless some arrange
monts nro mado ln tho jionr future to
glvo thom financial support that tho
regular summer band concorts will bo
discontinued. It Is not tholr Inten
tion to disband, howovor, but will c6n
tlnuo to practlco in order to play on
public occasions and It tho necessary
funds for music Is glvon thom they
will bo pleased to hold tho concerts
ovcry week.
F. j. PIENUn & CO. . f
Keni KBtato and Insurance
Como and see us for town lota In
different parts of the city. Good In
vestments on easy terms. Housed for
sale and ront. Wo havo also good bar
gains ln farms and ranchos.
Cor. Front and Dowev StB.. upnUlrs.
Tfe 1ft HTo
By ii
a s":ty-slx foot lot, and leavo tho strcot
plenty wldo for all purposos.
For Snlo
CC foot lot on west Sixth streot. Sldo
walk in, sowor and gas In alloy. $100
down, balanco easy payments. O. It.
Airents Robinson, 322 west Second. G-4j
ss riorence lnacnay.
This Friday Evening, 8 o'clok.
Prelude and Fuge in D minor Bach
(a) Gondolied Nevin
(b) At Twilight Fryshujer
(c) Humoriskc- 1 Dvorak
11th Hungarian Rhapsody Liszt
March Poptificnle ..... . Lcmmens
Sunset ' Dudley Buck
Midsummer Caprice. Johnston
(a) Andantino in D , Lemure
(b) The Rosary ... . '. . . Goss-Custord-Nevin
Trombone solo Selected
Marche Militairo ; ; Gounod
H, .,,-,, ..X,.-. .,, juiZ'.-y. . ;
and who, along with millions of families,
are now being told of tho merits of
we wish to announce that
We Carry the Complete' Line
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Clmpol in Woods Luno
FalllnK Wators Truax
Clriind Concert March. Wollenlmupt
Ilunitiirlan Hliupsody(No.S) . .I.lHtz
ljova and FlowerB Alilrloli
Martha Pantaslo Dorn
On tho Moudow , Llolmur
I'oat and I'onHnrft Huppo
Traumorol nnd Homanzo.. Schumann
MlMororo Vordl
AIoonllKht Honutu Ueotliovon
iioturn or Hprlnt; Alouiiintf
HilMtlo Danco llowoll
Hoarf Da nco Chamlnudo
Second valse uodnrd
Hhopliord'H Droam llolns
Soxtotto Lucia Ilohm
Sonata Pathellquo Roothoven
Twilight Uevorlo Ouy.
l'oot and I'oHMant .Suiuo
Hhnnlwiril llnv WllHOn
Vulu Uloui) , MiirKls Qui Vivo Qalop ,...Qanz
Hllvr fitniH liohin Bequldllla Hoiim
Zfimpa Ovorturo , ....Herold
l'uro as Snow .LanBo
Humorouquo Dvorak
Traumorol Hchumanir
Sliuiilo ConfesHlon Thoino
Spring Rontr Mendelssohn
Hroiiado , Schubort
Flowor Sontr '. ..Lange
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