The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, May 13, 1913, Image 1

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C; The contractor will start
For the next
Rocking Chairs
Dining Chairs
Dressing Tables
Side Boards
China Closets
Dining Tables
Serving Tables
Library Tables
Sewing Tables
Card Tables
Kitchen Tables
Kitchen Cabinets
Writing Desks
Smoking Stands
A New One to Our
Former Townsman
One of the moat unusaual offers ever
tendered by railroad employe that of
contributing a part of their monthly
wages to assist, the company for which
they are working has been made by a
Urge number of clerks, engineers, con
ductors and others connoctod with tho
Illinois Central system.
A request that they be permitted to
donate one or more day's pay in order
to aid the company In making repairs
' rendered necossary by the recent tor
nado in Omaha and widespread damage
caused by floods in tho south was re
ceived from tho employes by Vice
President W. L. Park. In declining the
offer Mr. Park issued tho following
"In all my railroad experience in the
ranks and as an officer, 1 never have
encountored so unselfish and loyal an
offer, that these men should voluntarily
tender their mito to assist 'their
company (and I use, the word 'thoir
advisedly, for such men are really part
ners in the institution) is an evidence
of such patriotic loyalty and self-nbne-
gallon mai i niu iiii-imcu . " "
that it is unparalleled in railroad his
tory." Notice to Parents.
From North Platte City Ordinance
Article 10, Section 234:
It shall bo unlawful for any person
under the Bgo of 17 years to be found
upon any public street or alloy within
the city of North Platte after the hours
of 9 o'clock p. m. unless accompanied
by parent or guardian or unless upon
some lawful errand or business.
Also, I desire to call attention to the
state law in regard to minors, or persons
under 16 years of age running, automo
hllna in the city limits. This will be
nnforced in this city. By Order of
- .l
Chief of Police.
Mothers' Day.
The Presbyterian church observed
"Mothers' Day" last Sunday. The
building was crowded. The Ladies'
Aid presented to each a lurgo white
carnation. The choir sang beautiful
mothor songs and as the great con
niri!nn ininoil In the refrain of "Tell
Mother I'll be There" and "Home
Sweot Home." thora was scarcely a dry
eye. One and all said: "The most im
pressive service wo have over held.
Fine Plants For Sale.
Cabbages, tomatoos and sweet po
tatoes 50c per 100. Express paid. Or
ders filled promptly. '
Clyde Siiallenhkgeh,
Herahoy, Nobr.
' '
Mrs. Ernest Boyd and children, who
spent several weeks in Cozad withTela
ttves, have returned home.
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must close Saturday night
five days the following articles will be
Local and Personal
Miss Elsio Langford spent Friday in
Everett Evans transacted business in
Omaha last week.
Miss Irene McGee spent the weokend
with relatives in Brady.
Mrs. Sara Holdsn went to Ogalalla
Saturday to visit friends.
J. B. Elliott has returned from an
extended visit in Floiida.
Dave Pattee went to Ashland Satur
day afternoon to visit relatives.
Attorney Albert Muldoon spent the
latter part of last woek in Ogalalla.
Harry Duncan, of Cozad, catno yes
terday mosning to visit Ralph Ford.
Ed. Fox, of Garfield Table, has just
purchased aBuick 25 touring car
Pu Ifamnmnn. of Kidnev. snent Sat
urday as tho guest of Rev. McDaid.
Mrs. Philip Fent, of Council Bluffs, is
visiting her mother Mrs. Mary Baker.
James Shaeffer returned Saturday
morning from a business visit in Omaha.
T? T. Mnnndu rntnrnorl. th latter
part of last week from Excolsior Springs.
F. T. Watts transacted business in
the south east part of tho county Fri-
For Rent after Juno 1st, a five room
house. $12 per.month, 203 South Wal
nut. 31-4
Tho Yeoman lodge is organizing a
ball team and will begin practice this
Mrs. Charles Perkins and family went
to Denver Friday afternoon to spond a
few days.
F. A. Braughn, agent for tho W. O.
W., is transacting business in Horshey
this weok.
F. C. Hoxie returned to Ogalalla yes
terday morning after visiting his fumily
lor several ouys.
Mrs. Sam Adams, of Kalamazo, for
merly of this city, is visiting Mr. nnd
Mrs. Chas. Stevfe.
Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Churchill went
to Denver Saturday afternoon to visit
friends for a few uy3.
Tln1i nf Tf nflfnntr fntnn lin
Saturday evening to visit Charles Rey
nold tUIU UU1UI llil-UUS.
Ray Murray, of Lincoln, spent the
woek end in town transacting business
and visiting his mother.
Miss Cclia Gorham, of Grand Island,
is expected today to visit her sister
Mra. W. A. Buchfinck.
Mrs. V. T. Berry, of Omaha who
visited Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Grlmos
last week returned home Friday afternoon.
Just Five IVIore Days of
work on our building Monday morning.
per cent
i ms d
Campaigned Three Years
With a Woman.
Last week the daily papors gave an
account of an individual going under the
name of Albort D. Cashier, who had
served in the civil war and whoso
identity as to sex had but recently been
discovered. Local interest attuches to
the story for tho reason that this indivi
dual, who now turns out to be a woman,
served in the same company with Capt.
Ja8. S. Robbins, of Wallace, during tho
war, nnd was as well known to Captains
Robbins as any other member of tho
company. When she entered tho sor
vice she was about twenty years of age,
was of stout, stocky build, and on long
or forced marches kept paco without
falter, and on tho firing lino was as
brave and determined as any.
There was nothing in her actions to
indicate that she was a woman, other
than that she insisted on "messing"
alone, but as many soldiers demanded
this privilege, no attention was paid to
it. She was mustered out in 18G5, and a
fow years later was placed on tho pen
sion rolls of the government. She is
now a demented inmata of the soldiers'
homo at Quincy, III.
The assets of this association exceed
the sum of half a million dollars. The
reduction of the rate jf interest to bor
rowers has increused the demand for
loans; and in order to meot this demand
the association will issuo a limited
amounted of its PAID UP STOCK.
Money invested in this paid up stock
draws six per cent fhterest, payable
soml-annually, and may bo withdrawn
at any timo upon thirty days notice,
such notice being waivod where thore
are funds in tho treasury to meet the
T. C. PATTEHSON, President.
Samuel Goozee, Secretary.
Prof. Garlichs' musical at tho hall
Wednesday evening was ono of tho
most enjoyable entertainments of the
season. Tho professor a without doubt
the bost musical instructor in this part
of the state, and tho well executod
numbers of the program by tho little
folks throughly demonstrated this fact.
Ono of his little pupils from North
Platte played somo difficult selectionn
on the violin. Tho whole program was
a musical treat. The school board has
secured Mr. Garlichs for next term and
among tho new features planned by
him, will be organization and instruction
of a band at tho hchool. Brady Vindi
cator Dr. D. T, Quigley wont to Omaha
last night to attend tho stnte modicul
association, of which ho has been vice
president during the past year.
Mrs. Frank Cox returned to Suther
land Saturday morning after spending
several days with friends.
' 6
ale Closes
Local and Personal.
Martin Leafdale, of Potter, has boon
in, town for several days, having
business before the United States land
Rov. and Mrs. Charles Chapmnn
wore called to Cincinnutti yesterday
morning by the death of the letter's
Mrs. William Morgan," of Ogalalla,
who visited her mothor Mm. A. S.
Chamberlain last woek, left Fiiday
Mrs. Miller and daughter Blanche, of
Chappell, who visited Miss Maude
Miller last weok, left Sunday evening
for Aurora.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meston formorly
of this city, who have-resided in Raw
lins for several months, returnod horo
Mrs. George Kanoff and daughters, of
Grand Island, who have been visiting
her sister Mrs. Andrew Scharman, will
louvo tomorrow.
Mrs. M. K. McNamara of Pooria,
Illinois, who spent a month with her
Hon Charles McNamaru, will loave to
morrow morning.
Chas. Pass, W. R. Maloney, Frank
Dornn and W. J. Landgraf wont to
Hastings Sunday evening to attend tho
K. C. convention. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Rov Cottrell will leave
this weok for St. Joo, Kansas City nnd
other eastern points to visit relatives
for several woeks.
Mrs. W. M. Cunningham formerly of
this city, came from St. Joe Saturday
to visit Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Rinckor
and othor frionds. CTL.W.
Rev. J. W. Hill, formorly pastor of
the Presbyterian church at Gandy, and
well known in North Platte, Is now
located at Kunosaw.
Harry Johnson, formerly of this city,
who has made his home In Omaha for
n number of years, is visiting his,
brother Charles Johnson.
Miss Anna Erricson, formerly of this
city, who has boen toachintr in Rocky
Ford, Colo., is expected the latter part
of this month to visit frionds. .. v.ta.H'a
Harry Huffman, Dell Bonner and
Mrs. Earl Stamp want to Pax ton Sat
urday morning to play for tho May
ball! which was held there the snmu
P. J. Gihnan will shortly take a trip
to the forks of tho Birdwood, where
those two great Sioux chiefs, Spotted
Tail nnd Two Strike, woro camped
when ho first came to North Platte.
D. W. Hayes, of tho state normal of
Peru, writes that he will bo pleased to
address the eighth grado graduatos at
their commencement on June 4th at the
sold at from 20 to 50
Mrs. P. J. Gllman, Mrs. R. D. Bilge,
Mrs. F. W. Rinckor, Miss Annio
Krnmnh nnd Rov. C. F. Chnpman, re
turnod Friday from attending the Epis
copal convocation hi Hastings. Th6 at
tendance was moro general than over
before and much interest was ovinoed.
Rev. Chapman was olected nltornnte
clerical delegato to tho general conven
tion which will be hold in Now York in
Though tho roads woro hoavy, many
farmers camo to town yosterday in
their automobiles, in fact tho cars
standing on tho strcots and at tho show
grounds gave evldenco of tho largo
number owned by country residonts.
Mr. nnd Mrsr Florin Muchlinskl nnd
daughtor will go to Omaha Thursday to
visit the former's parents.
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L jB also, whon tho telephone) bell I
(1!!!!!! I 1SS1 rings after you have "turned
ffiC2yKp Or do you answer tb,o call
fwTOTl' from nn oxtousion ' set"- in
aKBfJIfJi! yur bedroom?
k VtfvisH y Ks is mm. )gJ I
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rryv ni ; vv sj ipsa 8
8 406 -NT H
No. 32
Our sale
Gasoline Stoves
Oil Stoves
Parlor Suits
Carpet Sweepers
Cedar Chests
Shirt Waist Boxes
Curtain Stretchers
Piano Benches
Washing Machines
Sewing Machines
A numbof of young ladies hnvo writ
ten to mo asking for a place to stay
during the Junior Normal whoro they
can work for thoir board nnd room.
These are worthy young pooplo nnd wo
desire to plnco as many as possible. If
you can take ono of these young ladles
during Juno and July and givo hor board
and room or allow her part pay on either,
it will be appreciated and will help hor
get tho wotk of the Junior Normal.
Cleo Cmaitell, County Supt.
Edward Mulcahy, formorly of this
city, camo down from Cheyenno Satur
day to visit frionds in town.
CyTtussoll left Suturday morning for
Omalm to visit his wife who is talcing
trontment in n hospital thore.