The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, March 04, 1913, Image 5

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$fe. heed, tiejBfaebird for ouiiappiness "
Hat Pins, Collar Pins,
in our show windows.
, Our new' line of Spring
forward and bck, Barretts,
mesn Dags ancuvanity cases.
DIXON, The Jeweler,
U. P. Watch Inspector.
Graduate Dentist.
Offlprt nvnr flin AfrtTlnrinM
ft State Bonk. S
Local and Personal
Master J. D. Lonergan is ill with the
Mrs. W. D. Waldo returned Saturday
evening from Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dillon left yes
torday morning for Spoar.
Clydo Trotter, of Brady, is spending
this week in town on businoss.
Attorneys Carl Holhmam is trans
acting business in Grant this week.
Philip Pizer loft for Ogalalla' yester
day morning after visiting here for a
week past.
Mike McFadden, of Paxton, visited
the McGovern family :ho latter part
of last week. ,
Harry Porter left yesterday Jnorning
for eastern Nebraska to transact busi
for a few days.
C. E. Mullen, of Overton, spent the
first of this week visiting his sister
Mrs. Tim Hanifln.
J. D. the infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Greison who was dangerously ill, is
much improved.
Simon Brogan, of Paxton, spent the
week end in town visiting friends and
transacting business. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harwell, late
of Brady, came hore last week1 with the
intention of locating.
Miner Hinman has returned from
Omaha whore ho combined business
and pleasure for a week.
Mrs. Carl Lintz left last evening for
St. Joe and Kansas City to buy spring
styles for her millinerystore. ',
William kortlange, of 'Omaha, spent
the week end in town on business and
visiting the Waltemath family.
H. M. Hirsh, of New York, arrived
here yesterday morning to accept a po
sition as salesman in the Leader.
Attorney Wilcox, Judge Grimes and
court reporter Cary went to .Chappell
yesterday morning on legal business.
A marriage liconsa was granted Sat
urday afternoon to William Schwanza
and Miss Rosa Town, both of Maxwell.
A. P. Kelly returned yesterday morn
ing from Omaha whore he attended the
automobile show and transacted business.
fa " J
Buick Shortage Coming.
Mr. Davig'of this firtfr has just returned from Buick
headquarters with the announcement that Buicks
are selling at an alarming rate: that three-fourths
of the Buick factory's output for 1913 has been SOLD
and DELIVERED; that the Lincoln branch has re
ceived over 1000 of the new model Buick cars: that
we may not be able to get all of the 150 Buick cars
which we have purchased.
There were a number of disappointed Buick
buyers last summer. Profit by their pxperience
and order now. The spring rush will make it hard
for you to secure a Buick a little later.
J oil TffrlmnTPm m
Brooches, etc. See them
Jewelery, Hair Combs,
Aigretts. See nur new
Misses Hannah Young and Florine
Lucas spent the week end in Suther
land. Mrs. Claronce Browih, of Hershoy, is
visiting hur mother Mrs. Leonard
Senator Hoagland camo up from Lin
coln Saturday and remained until Sun
day night.
Harry Worrell, of Sutherland, spent
tho latter part of last week in this city
visiting friends.
Mr. Troup, of Kearney, who visited
his son Harry Troup and wife last week,
left Sunday evening.
Mrs. Giddeon Winkleman who has
been visiting in Fremont for several
weeks, is oxpected home today.
Miss Nella Rea, of tho local teaching
staff, left at noon Saturday for a short
visit with relatives in Loxington.,
MiBS Blanche Omar, of Brady, came
Saturday morning to visit Mr. and Mrs.
John Jones and Miss Irene McGeo.
Miss Fern Garrison returned Satur
day from Kansas City where she spent
four weeks in a wholesale millinery.
Mrs. Edward Robinson who had been
visiting in Iowa sincoJXmas, returned
home the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brady, of
Iowa, arrived here Friday to visit the
Sheody family and will probably locate
Mrs. J. V. Robinson, of Iowa, who
formerly lived here, came Saturday to
visit her sons Robert and Edward Rob
inson. Mrs. Burnett, of Rawlins, formerly
of this city, anived here Saturday
morning to visil her sister Irs. Fred
Leslie Fristo, of Dickens, transacted
'business in town the latter part of last
week and marketed a load of cattle at
Miss May Winters and Mrs. Freda
Remington returned Sunday evening
from a short visit in Lincoln with
Dr. Walter Crook roturned Sunday
evening from tho Omaha auto show
and a short visit with relatives in
Carroll, la.
If you are looking for real estate
you are looking for C. F. Temple, for
he has it, all kinds.
Mrs. Osborne, of Cozad, who had
been visiting her daughter Mrs. E.
Sanders returned homo the latter part
of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Jensen ye en
joying a visit from tho latter's sister
Miss Mollie Peniston of Rawlins, form
erly of this city. .
The Forest Reserve.
The North Platto forest resor'yo,
which Congressman Kinkald, In a letter
to Tho Tribune, says will probably be
opened to sotttlemcnt October 1st next,
is located In the west part of McPher
son and Grant counties and consists of
about 370,000 acros. "I he greater part
of tho land that north of town eigh
teen milei -la in the Broken Bow land
district and tho remainder in the North
Platte district'. There are about 175
sections in thfs land district. Mr. Kin
kaid's letter indicates that tho entries
will be under. tho 640 acre act. Th
land as a whqlo in rough and sandy and
better adapted for grazing purposes
than for farming.
Biddie Kane Passes Away.
Biddio Kane died at tho Nevillo rosi
denoo Sunday evening at Ave o'clock at
the ago of about soventy-nine. Death
followed an illness of several weeks,
and was due to physicial troubles of
advanced ago.
In point of continuous rcsidonce, tho
deceased was North Platto's oldest
resident, coming here with tho M. C.
Keith family in the latter part of tho
sixties. When but a young girl her
parents died, and aha was given a homo
by Mr. and Mrs. Keith, who wero then
residents of Now York State. Later tho
family moved to St. Joo, Mo., whero
Biddie accompanied them, and then
about 1868 the family removed to North
Platto and tho deceased hud since re
sided here. When M. C. Keith died,
provisions wero mado in his will for tho
support of Biddio ns long as sho lived,
and after Mr. Keith's death she contin
ued to make her home with tho grand
son M. Keith Neville.
Though for so many years a resident
of our ciy, comparatively few of our
people knew her personally, her friends
being limited to members of tho house
hold and a few of the nenrcr neighbors.
Of late years sho had been a recluso in
her homo and it is said she had not been
on tho up town streets for a dozen or
more years.
Tho funeral was held from the
Catholic church this morning.
To you Mr. House Buyer who is
lookimg for one of the finest houses in
North Platte at a bargain price.
The Alphnnso Picard residence on E.
6th St., only 7 blocks out has just been
dropped to $4300.00 for quick sale.
7 rooms, bath, closets and 8 ft base
ment under whole house, whole down
stairs finished in oak, evon pantry.
li lots on northeast corner. See me
at once about this property.
C: F. Temple.
Rev. Favoright Resigns Pastorate.
North Platte Nob., March 2, 1913.
To tho First Baptist church,
My dear people:
In the wisdom and providencoof God,
tho time is at hand for the ties, that
havo bound us so closely in fellowship
and service for so long a time, to be
This stop has not beon taken hastily
nor unadvisedly, nor until tho Lord pro
vided other workers, who are just now
available to carry tho work right for
ward. For a good many months constant
prayer has been offered for the Spirits'
guidance in t'hi3 matter. It will be
strictly true to say that purely a sense
of duty has kept us at our post for
more than a year past. The sure guid
ing hand of Qqq, and your answering
loyalty and devotion have mado it im
possible for us to leave sooner, though
personal inclination has pressed hard at
times, and other Macedonian cries have
Until our work wns done, and other
available, loadors wero forth coming to
do a greater work we could not leave.
The church equipment and church life
ushers in a new era, and tho Lord pro
vides new loaders. There are higher
heights yet to attain and your devotion,
consecration, loyalty, co-opuration and
unfailing support will bring about
greater achievement 'and multiplied
Beloved, hard and painful as is the
task, I hereby offer my resignation as
pastor of this church, to take effect not
later thaa May 1, 1913.
Kindly take action on this next "Wed
nesday evening, March 5th.
Mait Sincerely Yours,
In the interests of this church and
the Kingdom of God.
R. B. Favowght.
We aro now handling Bunting's San
itary sweet cream, in bottles, and
guarantee every ounce to "whip".
Price 20 cents per pint; 40 cent por
quart. Can furnish large quantities
any time. Try this and bo convinced it
s tho best in town.
10-10 E. T. KEUHEit.
AlvinElias spent Sunday with friends
in Lcxiugton.
Attorney George Gibbs spent Sunday
with friends in Grand Island.
Jnmoti Baker returned Sunday even
ing from a short visit in Lexington.
Miss Mabel StotTord went to Paxton
yesterday morning to visit friends.
Homer Rector was a yisitor in Suth
erland tho first part of this woek.
Tho S. O. C. Club will meet tomorrow
afternoon with Mrs. Lawhead.
Fireman Norman Connelly returned
Sunday evening from a short visit in
Lots in Fairview Ad
dition On Sale
Lots in Fairview Addition to North
Platte, hotter known as tho old fair
grounds, will be for sale on and after
March 5th, 1913, by F. J. Diener & Co.,
Room 3, McDonald block, corner Dowey
and Front Sts.
This addition lies east of the Scouts
Rest Addition about three blocks west
from the now round house, convenient
for parties wishing location near round
house and machine shops, also good in
vestment for speculators. To your ad
vantage to investigate this. Lots are
on high dry ground, and will be for sale
at tho tollowing prices.
Cornor lots from $110 to $115, inside
lots from $80 to $90. Terms if not cash.
$10 to $j5ddwn, balance $5 to $10 per
month as doslrcd and agreed upon. 10
percent discount for cash. Now Is your
chanco to secure good lots at low prices.
Do not delay ns values on this kind of
property are. sure to advance soon. Come
early and make your choice, as there
will be a great demand for theso desir
able lpts.
Parties wishing to buy lots will bo
given free transportation. Call or
phono Red 572. F. J. DiENER & Co.
Real Estate & Insurance.
Kearney Woman to Have an Election.
Koarncy appears to bo full of suf
fragettes, and just now the question of
wet or dry occupies their serious atten
tion Of course, a majority of them
are ferninst the wet proposition, and a
novel plan to be carried out is to give
the women of tho town a chanco to
voice their sentiments on the wet and
dry iBsue, prior to tho regular city olec
tion. It is the plan of tho women's auxili
ary that a special election be held on
March 8 at which tho women only will
bo allowed to cast their vote. Election
booths will be established at regular
given points and ballots printed and
polls oponed the same as city elections.
This'plan has been tried in other cities
and proved o most effective way of
gotting a straw vote upon tho question.
For Sale My property at 323 Wes
8th Street. Geo. S. Baskins.
Attorney Jamos Keefe went to
Deuel county yesterday on legal bus
iness. Edward Murphy, of Brady, was
among the business callers it town yes
terday, Miss Alice Plummer, of Maxwell, Is
spending a few days in this city with
The L. O. T. M. will hold a ten cent
social at tho I. O. O. F. hall Saturday
The Lady Maccabees have rented tho
I. O. O. F. hall and will hold their
meetings there in futuro.
Mr. and Frank Winkleman are ex
pected home this week from an ex
tended visit in Fremont with relatives.
Missss Ninn Mnrcott and Gladys
Swnncut, of Brady, wero guests of tho
former's sister Miss Nona Marcott the
last of last week.
Homestead Land.
Central California. Foothills. Good land,
wator, wood, range. No snow, no
storms, seldom frost.
Springs, streams, big oaks. Full
directions for locating yourself, includ
ing copy of latest government town
ship plat $1.00. Worth $100.00 to any
one having homestead right. No re
mittance, no answer. A. Kenoyer
(Locator) Hanford, California. 8-0
For Solo Black Perchoron stallion,
coming threo years old, weight 1650 lbs.
Can furnish papora if desired. Address
JaBi Klmmelj North Bend, Nebraska,
R. R. No. 1.
Nursery Stock
iCatalpa Speciosa, genuine, $3.00
to $10.00 per 1000.
Strawberry Plants $5.00 per 1000
Concord Grapes No. 1, $3.00
per 100.
"Apple Trees, 4-5 feet 200 for 10.
JFiheline of nursery stock on hand
-$rke fpr price list today.
;'';' Qate City.Nuraery,
1802 Farnam St. Omaha, Neb
r . The Old Reliable
When your clothes need pressing,
cleaning and repairing, let the Old Re
liable Tailor do it-and do it right' Wo
have been doing this work In North
Platto for thirty years, know how to
do it and do It the way it should bo
TUni .nn n i I n f ..! ....
r. j. imujDrvjcK.
Entrance north of tho Nynl drug store.
Serial No, 06U5.
Department of the Interior,
U, B. Land Ofllce at North J'latte, Nebr."
I'eb. 25, 1913.
Notice I hereby iriven that Edwaiil Itlmn,
of North I'lnttc, Nebr., who, on February B,
1910, made , Homeitead Entry No.
04&'J6, for NEWVnd tho EX of HEM. Section
2. twp. 15, N, nruSO, wut of the 6th I'rjnclual
Meridian, has Mix) Mlotlco of Intention to make
final three year proof, to catabllsh claim to tho
land abovo described, before the reKlater and
recelvi r, at North l'latte, Nebr., on the i!Sth
day of April 1913.
Claimant name as wltneoes: John Heaven,
Robert Keevea, Frank Hood, Henry Grtelcy,
all of North I'lattc, Nebr
ml-0 J. E. Evnn. Register.
Local and Personal.
Wllcoxson's Employment Agency fur
nislios nil kinds of help free, 'phono 90.
Office hours 9 a, m to 4 p. m. 100-
Julius Pizer returned Sunday oventng
from Chicago and othor eastern points
whoro ho spent ten days purchasing
summer goodB.
Attorney J. G. Bcoler ' returned the
last of last woek from Broken Bow and
hns since boan confined to tho houso
with a siege of grippe.
Wanted Girl for general housework.
Mm. H. C. Brock, 711 W. 4th St. tf
Miss Flo Deny, of Alamosa, an ac
complished muslccian who visitod Miss
Nell Bratt last week, left tho latter
part of last woek.
W. S. Ross, of Myrtle, says ho does
not remombor n winter in the past
twenty-fivo yoara when prairie chickens
were so plentiful. This would indicato
a big crop of the birds next fall.
No. 14, six room cottago on west
Sixth sjroot, fine lot and young treos,
good location nhd'ehoap. $2100.00.
' C. F. Temple.
Prof. Lcouhardt, who has been nway
for somo time, stopped ovor in North
Platto Saturday nnd his many friends
havo induced him to tuno pianos onco
more for tho pcoplo of this city. Those
who want Mr. Lconhardt will please
call at Mr. Clinton's store.
No. 34, 5 room cottaco on south Lo
cust street, onoof tho boat locations in
tho south part of town. Only four
blocks from central school. Nico lawn
and trees, sheds and chicken house.
Some forestry shade trees and n few
fruit trees. This property is one of
the best bargains wo have ovor had.
Prico $2500.00. C. F. TEMPLE.
What are You Paying
We Sell-
20 lbs Grnnulatod beatoi if
Sugar al.UU
18 lbs Grnnulatod canof rj
Sugar, for 5I.UU.
Tomntoes, full sizo can ja
standard per can 1 UC
Corn standard per ''an 7c rr?
1 cans for DC
Quaker Oats large pkg. . 2uC
Quaker Oats small pkg.. IOC
E. C. Corn Flakes 4 pkg.. 25C
Broken Rico per lb 0C
Rico Jap type 4 lbs for. . . 2uC '
Prunes smhll size per lb.... 0C
Corn Starch per pkg JJJC
Gloss Starch por pkg '. C
Corn Starch Kingsfords per o
Pkg , OC
Silver Gloss Starch por pkg oC
"feast Foam 4c pkg 3 for. . 1 ()C
Lewis Lyo per can oC
Eagle Lyo por can oC
American Lye por can oC
We pay cash for your butter and eggs.
ikox Department Stc
The Waste of the
1 Wash Tub.
Talk about waste I One of tho biggest wastes In the
world Is when a woman stands nta wash tub and tries
to do tho work of a modern power laundry. Wash tub
washing moans wasto of time nnd monoy. It is bad
for tho clothos and worse for the washwoman to wash
clothes properly; they should be sent to a laundry thnt
uses up to date equipments.
Auto Delivery
Offers torosidents of, nnd visitors to, North Platto, tho most
finely appointed service In Western Ncbrnika, and with this
is a menu that cannot bo excelled for tho prico. Regular
moans aro served and short ovders can bo obtaine'd any
hour day or night.
Opposite U. P. Depot.
Miss Cora Scai;fff of St. Louis, ar
rlvod yesterday afternoon to accept a
position as trimmor in tho " Leader
millinory. '
North Platto had. the distinction of
being tho coldest pofnt of any of tho
government weather bureaus reporting;
nnd these bureaus covor tho entire
country. Tho temperature recorded
eighteen below zero, but it was so calm
thnt tl'o cold was not keenly folt.
Investigation of tho Union PncifW
collision at Koarnoy shows that
tho engineer had left the train ih
charge of tho flromnn and had, gone t6
lunch when tho collision took placo in
the yards. Conductor Mitchell, who was
reported seriously hurt, was not in
Tho Blankcnburg boys.who for nnum
bor of years have resided on their ranch
at Gnnnott, havo moved to tho Cary
property in tho Fourth ward, wjlch
moy rccenuy purcnasca. xney nave
leased tho ranch to W. A. Fay, fof
Maxwell. Mrs. BUkenburg will mnk)'
her homo with her sons.
Tho amateur vaudevlllo act given at
tho Keith theatre Friday evening by
Company Q entitled "Tho Movies" is
said to havo been very clover and ox
ceptionally well ronderod by tho dozen
young men who took part.
Miss Nella RIdgway, daughter oty
W. RIdgway, a former North Platto
resident, is one of tho -four applicants
for the postmnstershlp at Lexington,
Her opponents are Miss Jacobson at
present a clerk in tho ofllpo, O. K.
Jones and Thomas Mahcr. Jonos has
tho endorsement of tho county central
for Groceries?
Fels Nnptha Soap per cake. DC
Soda Crackers largo boxes l
perlb 02C
Oyster Crackers largo l
boxes per lb , 0-C
K. C. Baking Powder 2o
ozcan ,. Z)C
Royal Baking Powder 10 ig
ozcan 4DC
Dr. Prices Baking Powdor ip
1G ozcan 4DC
Kraut percan, lUC
Hominy per can lUC
Pink Salmon per can )C
Sweet Potatoes per can. . I 2G
Potatoes 15c peck por rt
bushel, ....?...... DUG
Coffee fair grade, por lb.. . DC
California Fruits in good n
syrup por cant Z)0
Coconnut best grade Jib i g
puckngo per pkg IDC
Evnporated Apples 'per
Horso Shoo Tobacco, per 1 p
ib. 45c
Spear Head Tobacco por 1 a
lb 4DC
Stnr Tobacco per lb. . ,j . . 45C
J.T. Tobacco por lb 40C
Phone 77