The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, March 12, 1912, Image 1

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foicf oof7 D. NockeTeferficiv&been
he richest' man m tfte Worfcf fffie had
Spent he first money he earned P
' He put it in the: Bank
When John I). Rockefeller went into the oil
fields, he wont therewith Two Thousand Dollars
that he hnd saved nnd with which he was rondy
to tnlce n (rood business ohtinoe. HAD HIS JSOT
hnvo been nble to tnlce the business olxance that
led to his stupendous fortune. John D. JRooce
follor was no different from other fabulously
logical results of THEIR FIRST SAVJATGS.
Do YOUR banking with US.
The First National Bank,
The .Largest Uunlcin Western JSebrusIta.
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Mrs. N. F. Clough will leave
for an extended visit in Ogalalla
Mrs. Frank Winkleman loft,
morninc for Sidney to spend a
days with relatives and friends.
Everett Smith, of Garfield precinct,
has moved to this city and will make
this his headquarters while running a
.medicine wagon.
For Rent Small bungalow and 12
-acres of land fitted for gardening and
chicken raising; 6 miles from town.
Phone 26.
Mrs. Bruce Brown, of Hastings, who
-visited her husband last week, was
called back Sunday by the serious illness
of her father.
Herbert Votaw returned to Denver
.yesterday afternoon, having come down
last week to attend the funeral of the
lata Mrs. Charles Heridy.
Upon complaint of B. L. Robinson,
Union Pacific watchman, two VonEaton
boys ages 14 and 12 were arrested for
.stealing one hundred and fifty pounds
of coal from the local yards Saturday.
"The case was tried in County Judge
Grant's court yesterday morning and
the testimony showed tho children to
be delinquent and neglected and they
were put out on a peace bond of $50.
Ed. Yates, Thomas Gutherlees George
LqDoyt and James Guynan left this
morning, for a ten days' hunting trip up
the branch. '
A new orchestra under the direction
6f Prof E. A. Garlisch has been organ
ized and will be composed of twenty of
the most accomplished musicians in the
city. It will be Known as the Philhar
monic orchestra.
Mrs. Marion Gilbert of Denver is
being tried for poisoning her husband
William Gilbert. Tho latter resided here
about twenty years ago and on account
of frequently visiting the Lloyd skating
rink was called "Skates" Gilbert At
that timo he was employed as brake
man. The village of Maxwell, has granted
a twenty-year franchise to H. D. Jer
gensen for an electric light system.
The village has contracted for six
eighty-candle power Tungsten
run all night,, at $2.50 per month.
The price for private lights has
not yet been determined.
Last evening tho Catholic Girls' club
held a kensington nnd business meeting
at the home of Miss Nell Hanifin. A
nicely prepared two course lunch was
served. Assisting the hostel's wore
Misses Gcnia Maloney, Blancho Fonda,
Hanna Keliher and Mrs. Harry Guther
less. Misses Barbara McGuiro and
Ancelino Herrod were taken into the
Attorney Carl Hohlman spent yester
day in Lexington on business.
Mrs. Clark Buchanan will entertain
the Twentieth Century club today.
Mrs. John McGowan returned last
night from a weok'a visit in Grand
W. W. Burr returned Sunday even
ing from his trip on the seed corn
Miss Ora Hall will entertain the
Young Ladies Kensington Club this
Will Cary camo up from Omaha to
visit relatives nnd transact business
Miss Evn Capps loft yesterday for
Thomas county, where she will begin a
spring term of school.
Mrs. E. R. Goodman will recejvo tho
Travel and Study club on Thursday
evening of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cunningham
attended tho U. C. T. banquet nnu ball
at Grand Island Saturday evening.
Mrs. James Hart will return tonight
from Rochester, 111., where sho was
called by the death of Ivr sister.
The Methodist aid society will meet
Thursday afternoon at the homo of Mrs.
E. W. Crane, west Second street.
F. H. Brodfield state deputy for the
A. 0. U. W. left today after spending
a few days with Dr. W. J. Redfield.
For Rent 8 rooms for light house 1
keeping. 720 W. 2nd.
Mrs. W. T. Banks will entertain the
Wide Awake of the Christian church
class at her home this evening.
Miss Motter, one of the nurses a5 the
Twinem hospital, returned Saturday
from a two weeks' stay in Omaha. -
Tho Kirkgestner family who resided
hero several years ago have returned
to tho city from Colorado and will
. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rawlins left
for Omaha Sunday after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Luther Tucker a few days.
Dr. O. H. Cresseler will go to
Omaha the latter part of this week to
attend a metting of tho executive
committee of the state dental as
sociation. Money to loan on real estate.
Mrs,-D. M. Tatum entertained twenty
ladies in a pleasant manner yeBterdajr
afternoon. The affair was in t the
nature of a surprise to her sister Mrs.
Hollingshead, who has been her guest
for several months.
The Christian church has engaged
Mrs. D, K. Livingston, of Rhode Island,
to speak in this city on tho Evening of
the 20th and 21st. She is a peer of Mrs.
Armour, of Georgia. Further informa
tion will be given in Friday's issue.
For Sule Two passenger automobile
in fine shape. Must sell. Address P. O.
box 263. tf
A million and a half workers idle, tho
industry of the country threatened with
complete paralysis if tho conditions do
not change, the pric6 of bread and
other foodstuffs advancing, thousands
already feeling the pangs of hunger
children "going without breakfasts to
school, great industrial properties going
to ruin through inability to prevent
their deterioration, the railway services
reduced to a minimum that is th6 con
dition of things in England, Scotland
and Wales, and the coal strike is only
ten days old.
Feed is Scarce. I
Owing to tho long continued severo '
weather, feed for cattle is getting
scarce, and a numbor of farmers and
stock growers nre up against a serious '
proposition. Hay is being hauled from
the valley to tho hills to supply tho I
needs of those whohnvc fed up their sup
ply of forage. As liny is worth twelve '
dollars per ton, those forced to buy nre
anxiously awaiting a cassation of snow
Feisterraan Brought to Hospital.
W. A Feistormnn, who wns shot nt
his home in Garden county last week,
mention of which was made in Friday's
issue, was brought to this city Friday
and placed in the P. & S. hospital for
treatment. The steel jacketed bullet,
which wn3 from a 30-30 gun, passed
through Feistcrman'e loft hand, thence
through his abdomen nnd splintered tho
bone in his right nrm and lodged there.
The ball was located by the x-ray and
Mass Convention.
Elsewhere appears a call for a re
publican mass convention nt tho court
house this evening for the purposo of
placing in nomination candidates for
city offices. Tho retiring councilmen
nre Tracy, Frazier, Donaldson nnd
Buchanan, And tho members of the
school board who retire are Rasmussen,
Schiller and Becler, and in nddition
Bullnrd hns resigned.
But little interest has so far been
evinced in the election, tho only feature
being discussed is tho licenso or no
license proposition.
Have a few choice loans of $300.00
and upwards. If looking for something
safe, paying good rate of semi-annual
interest, see them.
Of Ladies9 Dress Skirts
From March 16th to March the 23rd.
We will offer between these dates, or while they last, about sixty
Ladies1 Skirts that are not of the newest style but that are of good appear
ance and made from fine-grades of Dress Goods. None of these Skirts were
sold for less than five dollars and most of them from eight to ten dollars
each. They are certainly bargains at the following prices;
$1.98 $2.48 $3.48
Each Each. Each.
Remember these will be put on sale Saturday and meanwhile will be
shown in our south window.
Wilcox Department Store.
Rev. Williams Will Resign.
At the morning service last Sun
day, Rev. Georgo F. Williams, pastor
of tho Presbyterian church, announced
that he would tender his resignation nt
tho annual congregational meeting to
bo held this month. This resignation is
to take effect Sunday, April 9th.
Several weeks ngo Rev. Williams
received a call from tho Presbyterian
church nt Columbus, Neb., and his
proposed resignation is evidonco that
ho will accept tho call. The Columbus
churcn nas a largor membership, tho
salary is somewhat larger and tho field
for work is more extensive.
The resignation of Rev. Williams
will cauBe much regret amoung our
Favors Court 'House and Tcddv.
Editor Tribune: , ,
I, believe in a progressive movement.
I am in favor of a newcourt houso be
cause 1 uon t behove in spending money
to fix that old ono to make a safe place
for all records, but I am also in fnvor
of Teddy Roosevelt Bv readintr Tho
Tribune one would suppose ho had no
support in Lincoln county because he ia
willing to answer the pcoplo'scall. Ho
did not succeed himself, as he said he
would not do, but now, after his retire
ment, he has a right to accopt the call.
wnen tne populists were in clover
years ago a good friend of mine and
myself cast tho only two republican
votes in Nowell precinct. Roosevelt
will have ono voto at tho primary, if
no more. S. J. Kocit.
Elks Will Hold a Fair.
At a remilnrmeetinc of the B. P. O.
Elks last evening it was voted to hold
a fair for three ovonings, tho dates of
which will probably bo April 18th, 19th
and 20th, tho latter day being tho first
anniversary of tho dedication of tho
homo. There will be booths for tho sale
of various articles, voting contests,
dancing and other forms of amusement.
It will bo made tho biggest thing of tho
kind ever nttempted in tho city.
The annual election of lodge officers
took place last eveningwith tho follow
ing result: Exalted ruler, R. C.
kangiorci; esteemed leading knight,
Frank McGovern; esteemed loyal
knight, O. E Elder; esteemed lecturing
knight, Chas. P. Clinton; secretary,
F-, T. Redmond treasurer, Harry
Dixon; tyler, Clyde Fristo, trustee, J.
B. McDonald; delegate to Grnnd Lodge,
E. H. Evans; alternate delegate E. F.
F. E. Buliard. who had been in Kan
sas City, returned Saturdny, but will
return to tho Missouri metropolis m a
few days.
Notice Is hereby (riven tlint on Tunuluv. thn "ml
day of April, JD12, a general election will bo held
in tne city or North I'lattc. Lincoln county.
Nebraska, between tho hours of 9 o'clock, n. m.
and 7 o'clock, p. m., In tho First ward at the liono
house in said ward, In the Second ward In tho
commissioner's room In the court houso In said
ward. In the Third Ward at the hose houso In
said ward and In the Fourth Ward at tho hoso
nouse in saw ward, at which election there will
bo elected:
Ono Councilman from tho First Ward to serve
two years,
Ono Councilman from the Second Ward to servo
two years,
Ono Councilman from tho Third Ward to servo
two years,
Ono Councilman from tho Fourth Word to
serve two years.
Two members of tho School Hoard for tho
school district of the city of North Platte, for tho
terms of three years,
One member of tho School Hoard for the school
district of the city of North Tlatte for the term
of two years.
One member of tho School Hoard for tho school
district for the city of North Platte, for the term
of one year.
And ono Water Commissioner for the city of
North I'lattc, to serve one year.
And, whereas, thirty legal resident voters of
the city of North Platte, have filed a petition with
the mayor and city council of the city of North
Platte, Nebraska, praying- for tho submission of
the question of license or no license, to tho electors
of the city of North Platte, Nebraska, and by
virtue thcreof.sald question Is hereby submitted
to said electors.
The ballots used at said election shall have
written or printed thereon:
FOR Issuing liquor licences In the city of
North Platte, Nebraska."
'AGAINST Issuing liquor licenses In the city of
North Platte, Nebraska."
Those voting in favor of Issuing liquor licenses
shall mark their ballot with an X opposite tho
paragraph beginning "For issuing liquor licenses
In the city of North Platto, Nebraska."
Those voting against said proposition shall
mark their ballot with an X opposite the para
graph beginning "AGAINST Issuing liquor
licenses In the city of North Platte, Nebraska.
Signed this 11th day of March, 1912.
bealJ Tiios. C. Patterson, Mayor,
Attest: Chas. F. Temple. City Clerk.
Listen! One of
our new rkts
will mcvke your
Heed, h&ppy
jnsrae bm out
Look at your old hat.
Is the sweat leather greasy; is the band slick,
has it lost its color and shape.
If your hat is no longer comfortable for any
one of those reasons "chucfc" it and come buy a
new one.
Top yourself off with one of our toppy hats.
Come to us for your furnishing goods and
clothing; you will be clothed with "up-right" cloth
ing at "doiun-right" honest prices.
Everything for Men.,
i '
McDonald Bank Bldg, North Platte, Nebraska.
Junior Normal Teachers.
Stato Sunt. Delzell has named tho
following instructors for tho Junior
Normal, which opens in June in this
city: Cloo Chappoll, Wilson Tout, North
Plntte; D. F, Dickcrson, Lexington;
L. A. Quivoy, Coznd; Maude Mollyncaux,
North Platto; G. B. Williams, Lincoln;
A. R. Nichols, Elm Creek; P. M.
Whitehead, Gothenburg.
Some very cheap residences and
vacant lots. This is the time to buy.
Chas. P. Ross, formerly of this city,
who somo time ago mado n filing for
water power riglits from tho Plntto
river at Fremont, haB had his right
contested by eastern parties. This pro
ject of Mr. Ross is u big thing, and if
carried out would involvo tho expendi
ture of n million dollars or more. Tho
contestants claim that Ross mado the
filing for speculative purposes and has
never mado any effort towards carrying
out his proposed plan. Ross denies this
and says that ho is going ahead with
the organization of his company for tho
building of the power plant.
Mrs. Anna Beyforth is expected homo
today from San Francisco whoro sho
spent tho past three, months with
Houses, rooms, safe deposit boxes
and storage room with responsible
parties. See Bratt & Goodman.
Socialist Lecture Tonight,
"Tho Trust Bustors", this and a doz
en other phases of the subject will bo
disCUSSOd DvMilaT. Mnvnnrrl nrT.lniriVo
Opera Houso this evenincr. March
LJth . Sho is n highly educnted woman.
Sho llRH OfTPIinlpcl vnrimm nnlnlfo In Vm
Unitarian church and wns for five years
uio leuuing cuitonai writer on tho
Rocky Mountain Nowb nnd Denver
Times. Tho North American Review
places her among tho most distinguished
graduates of Cornell University, In
addition to being a scholnr, Mrs. May
nard is everywhero praised for the
vivid manner in which she prosenta her
subicct. Her lectures are delivered
with wonderful dramntic power,
Until you secure a fire insurance
policy written by Bratt & Goodman.
Last Attraction Tonight.
Colonel Shields, who is to closo tho
Lyceum course nt the Keith this even
ing, writes that ho will bo hero on
timo unless tho trains hold him back.
Evers holder of a season ticket should
bo on hand and hear this great lecture.
Ho will talk on our wild birds nnd ani
mals and will tell of tho nrozess of ex
termination which hns been going on in
the pnst and the plans for protection
of valuable Bpecics in tho future. Tho
pictures are grand. Children will en
joy them and will get a life lesson in
JcindneBS to animals and protection of
tho young. Bring tickets marked "F"
General admission 50c. Lecture starts
nt8:30 central time.
The Wunderhose
The best Hose made for men and boys.
Guaranteed for four months ....
Four pairs in a box $1.00
AH colors. See our Show Window.
The guarantee reads:
BE IT KNOWN that we, the Chattanooga Knitting
Mills, will replace, without charge, any or all of the
four pairs of hose sold herewith, that fail . to wear
without mending in the heel, toe or sole, for four
months from date of purchase.