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NOETH ,MTTE,.: HPEASEjU TUESDA, .EYEp&fi,.. MGES,. .189.5..
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: : Ui ;? v.tiU it4n .1'
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fliDfor Sk.-oiiIv one 'dollar's .worth to each' customer.
We have forty remnants of Henriettas,, in, all colors, ibr-
h mer urices Tanging from fo 6o 'cents ter vara, .select your
choice at 22 cents per yard.
T;h e 'Or eat - CI osi n ;
fetsile af-the '
f,.j Mr. Pizer lias left for the Eastern markets to
'purchase his Fall and. Winter stock. He left in
stmctions to sell everything in .stock Begardless
W Oost, as we fie'eji tli-room for the new goods.
The sale -will commence!
J)ry Golds' department 21 yards i'estunlpleached Muslin
Shoe department We. expect to . receive thousands of
hi All Ctitnmnr jrnrtrlc tliof ot-tk 1r mrpr irp ffnitlff rVnlir
Mr- . .
M pairs in a few days, and therefore must have room.
B We still. have afewtan and black Oxfords, former prices
.Mufroni $2.2$ to S.-25;. .vour choice marked. on .our table atSi.35.
j; J ri -i. l. a.1 c '
xjaaies nne onoes, witn. patent upb, lormer piiue num
Q. 2. to $2.25, going at ;.this sale for 1.45.
M - 1 r Pi 1 4. - i i. i. j t
vjne lot ivien s otraw iiau tu tiuac uut at o uws..&uuia.
Boys Waists, we still "have 'some on hand,- former price
925 cents, must now go at 12 cents; ,50-cent , waists af 25 cts.
'- -cent waists at 8 cents.
R '. W ;rtTI ltnv n fpw Mpn's fthir. "former rjrice ;o cents.
nowvgpmg for'25 cents.
Hpping to see you -all, we are
Yours for Great Bargains, ,
;'J .. 1-
i. : -.
&?k '" Capita. S8CMM0.00.
IjW. Surplus, c - ;- ; -'
a - ir.i 1 J .Mti int 3.. : t
: SltlWS: e. m. f;
rfflffl&mm abthub;
ssKSn:; . .
LEFLAISG, Pres't.;
A' General Banking Business Transacted,.
Wiley MatKews, of Dickens, was
shaking hands with his friends In town
Saturday .and .incidentally giving it out
that he would be a candidate for sheriff
before the republican convention.
August jl8th has oeen selected, as
the date for the production of the "Little
Tycoon" at the opera bouse. The "tak
ing the principal parts are said, to have
reached a fair degree of perfection.
John Herrod received Saturday a
carload of Washburn's superlative flour,
a brand that has a large sale in this city
by reason of its fine quality. Mr. Herrod
is sole agent in this, city for this flour. .
Prank Sullivan, who had been visit
ing his parents for sevoral days, left for
the east Saturday to go into training for
the national foot races to be held, at
Brockton, Mass., the early part of next
Ashley jPeters, living north pf town
is now marketing sweet corn from a ei
acre field "which he planted early in the
spring.. He estimates, that he will realize
at least one hundred dollars, from the
field. . .'..,. . .
At the Barnum high-five party. Fri
day evening, which proved, a very; ipleas-:
ant event, the head prizes were awarded
to Mrs.Keith,Mr.,and Seeberger and the
secondary ones to . Airs . - Bare an.d Mr.
Hinrpan . . , , . . .. x
Mrs. G. T. .Field on -Friday- evening
entertained at a dinner "party .the' how
resident members of the company which
produced-4iThat Box of Cigarette", one
year ago The occasion was much en
joyed by the guests.
H. Often," who has, been experiment
ing with b?e culture, aoldone -hundred.
pounds of ,honeyto the local dealers Sat
urday . It was a fine grade of the article.
We understand Mr. 'Otton is well pleased
with the result of his efforts in this di
rection. Arthur Hoagland, aocompanied by a
'cousin residing in Lincoln, left Sunday
for trip to Colorado upon their bicycles
They will visit Denver, aud a number of
other cities in the state. They expecfed.
19 reach Dehver"by Wednesday." " ,
The 'Ouest ion:
your form and at a price rib!
higher than is usually asked,
for reaHy-made garments,
wniilri von r
... ",r-" .j ,
The Lincoln county ;techer4 jn
"stitute'corivneain seaiibtt at ttie
court hduse yesterday itfoxningwith;
ah: enroliment 'of 'de hundred,)
whiphJiumber- wilt likely be in-
cfeasea to-'daj. ." ' ..'I I
T The daily progTanteis as fol
lows: 8:36 tor 8:4f opening exer
cises; 8j45 to 93(fc!numbersfJ Mrs.
Jenkins; 7:30 toiO- rea'dihg, Mr.
Valentiner J10:15 to f 10:30. recess;!
10:30 to li-15, geography, Mrs: Jen
kins; 11:15 to 12, school 'manage
ment, !Mr. Valentine; 1:30 to :15,
literature,' llr. Valentine, 2:15 to 3.
history of 'education',' MrsC Jenkins.
To-night, Tuesday,- at eight!
o'clock, in file court-room, Mrs. Jen
kins will ' give" an illustrated talk,
upon Paris." This will be 'followed
by some pictures of Italy to supple-
. . 11-1 i. tt: 'j'
ment ner taiK last ycai. rucuus
are cordially invited to visit us
during the dally sessbns and tins
evening. '"Friday afternoon Miss
Pike will talk to the teachers upon
the subject of physical training, and
will give U reading in - Keith's
iufhe eVehing.
: The teachers enroUed'up t6 yes
terday afternoon wereas follows;
Edith Hutchlns
Minnie Sorenson
Nellie Lonergan
Grace Duncan
Elizabeth Bratt
Anna Kebhausen
Sarah J Ferguson
Mayme O'Hare
E D Snyder .
Kale McGlohe. ,
Gertrude Baker
Jennie Bostwiok
Allfe Beach
Maggie King
Eunice Babbitt
Neleye Grace
Berenice Searle
Bortha Peters
Gertie Tobas
Anna M Pargeop
Tillie Blankenburg
Jennie Hansen
Florence Dowd
- Jennie" Carlson
Xellio Austin
. J'ennie Frazter
- Jennie" White '
W'PStirbbB -
Geo McMichael.;. Patterson
G B Campbell ' Lulu, Davis
Ida Walker " 'ilda Vonji3oet '
-Lizzio Burke-' ' n Evea J FenWick-
Lillio Stone ;! j .Eunice Johnston.
Mabel Johnson ' Mjna.Snell "
A'dimt Frazier' ' " 01ifo4E Muir '
Allie Hoed . 'T Page r
EsfollaMcCain ' Ar Ngoml Johns
i.'i,. . Kersiatf Kafltpmeier
'Msy?D61ap -irMagsartSgetit,
.Maucle Nickerson 'MaryidfoBan
Ellen M(5Uullougli
Salena Holcomb Hattie Myers
. J.C.McJi.. v
HEsHEy , .
Jtssio Ware .... .WmJQtortet,'.
ELIZABETrri - - ;,
i. Yes .or. No?
The Royal Tailors, of- Ghi-
offer the .opportunity.
"The Better the
The. Occasion
They say
Grade the Bigger the Trade, "
Shoe Store.
Iurder to svpTioes for money we will offer our:la4ief! , j t , . ..
iiue Ludlow Shoes;, ' ' 4 "
..itegirpriceQOtoat '
.Here Is a chance to. have a fine shoe for aUittle-.nioney.
All our Men's $3.50 Shoes at $2.25. .
W ShrTuoy's fine lace and button shoes, the best made, . , : . .
$2.50 Shoe at $1.65-$1.65 Shoe $1. ' ; ;
A large line of Ladies', Misses' aud; Children's' - Slippers
will be sold at prices that will . .. . .",
-Save yon 1-3 to 1-2 ofyour money; , " !
GmidreuShpes, the best goods that money can buy, will
slaughtered at the sapie rate.
Qtten's noe store, ,
Good Teamsi J
' - " .
. ImM kmmMiw for k hmm Mh
and the force of the argument
is seen irr the fact that they
are doing business in .almost
every nook and corner of the
United States. "
They- have .thousands o.t cus
tomers for whom year after
year they are making Business
Suits.- Dress . uits, Overcoats
anythjng-everything, that
inters into the stylish . make
up of the outer map.
Facilities and -Methods :
1 5 3 qr . :
They have the compietest
tacilities of any tailoring" estab
lishment in the world. All
work is done expeditiously
and when 'tis done Jtis well
Faultless vork makes faith
ful frienefs. Their patrons stick
They do business with their
eyes opeq, they are progres
sive. Clothing made by them
is always up-to-date in fit, fin
ish and form.
i -
Northwest comer of Courthouse square. f- tCK
Nona Garrispji
Hetbsrt Votaw
Clara Sfump. .
Bertha' Daifey
Jessie Wait . Lena Crabtree
Jennie McNicol :. Qscar Jyeel
Emma LaVuriere KntieiJiV;ariere
Wesley Lewis 1 Lilian Lewis
Mollio Tinsman Stella Kenoyer
CE Kockjoy, Lena; JeBie Vroroan,
Vromnnr Nellie Martin, Pnxtbn; Emma
Frolkeyj Garfield; Lucy Sulliyjinf Nich
ols; Ada Hardin, Whittiet'.IfobtSomers,
Buchanan; E G Dukes, Wallace; Agnes
Costin.Willow; E J Johnson, Dickens;
Kate Hoehn, Lexington; Bertha Boss,
Birdw.qpdj.Qpcjlia Ericsson, Gothenburg.
w-rr. u.' -
A rogoi8h,llaugblnK, pnanlnff-.tcaBf,
.Unt ijrhatift eays I shall aot .tglltw
itnil wbat aho" does yoiL inay as.weH
Bo sure ia seldoWtioHO to please,
.Yet -when J threaten Mctnbel j t,
'Vfith penalties sovero and high
Her sonny smiies my frowns dispel.
Her wheedling ways my anger; queU;
Sho seems the judge, the culprit L
No mercy ehoweth Mctabel, -t
' Yet street tho fate her wor'iraparta.
Last night sho sentenced me to dwell
"captive" in the deepest cell
. "Fprever of her heart of heart3:
New York Sun,
rhp Tflck They ysts to Circumvent tho
EveT Watcliful Dealers.
A diamoud dealer recently interview
ed gave soino of his experiences as fol
lows: "Afswweeks ago a foreigner
2ame into my store nudesired to see
rings. After choosing for a long time he
picked out one valued at $18. He made
me a ridiculously low offer, which I
naturally refused. He then desired, tfl
see two other rings-r-ono, 3 sapplrir6 and
the other a diamond, ring exhibited in
the show window. "WhihY I reached into
the window for them I'dbserved, in the
mirror on one side 'of- -the window how
the stranger slipped away two rings,
2acb.worth $150 I $4 uot trirn;aroundt
but went to tho. door, opened aud then,
locked it. If I had turned around, the
GoiNG-BACJC TO TE thief would have thrown pepper and.
OrtotVat OnF;TTn Te tt ' my eyes ana ran awy wica. n
UKIGESAL QUESTION, IS IT A noHceman was soon in the
YES PR No? place, The hief had the pepper and
' Needn't ; ef"6 to Chicag-o to d readJ' f hr hand
1 - -j fjr t i ' "Anotner time a tniei aropped two
place your Qrder, Needn t eyen intQ pmhreiia, and atanother
Wrlf e-, - time apother slipped one into a hole in
Just Step into the WilcOX tKjove. A very common trick of dia-
rtment htore and have looses, which are thereupon hand! to
your, measure taken. Y ou him lying, upon awaiter He breathes
will find the prices as low as ' ftP them, nnd thereby geew to get one
or more into his mouth. Others study
you pay for the same o-oods the lying in the show window and
rarl Adrift have onp made exactfy to pattern de-
reaay maae. scribed. The cold is eood. but the icwel
tfWe: also have a special, f3 P0- tbe com9" 1x1 tUght
me obL-onauctors', Bremen's,- ru-ZsSt
eai of the great failure of Fitzgerald, Spreckels & Cooffc. .:
$500000. These goods-ai;a now-tbeing clo&ed out at sheriff -srsaTe--
ri "Ylou. Jiav.e all r
H. C, Renhie purchased $3,000 worth of these goods
and will place them on sale partly on Friday and Saturday, and the remainder of fine
goods on the following week. G-oods which wholesale cost was from 1 .to 1.10 will
be sold for. 65 cents. Fine all-wool fiero-pe in all colors and black. wortfrOne Dollar,
will go at 35 cents; and fine Flannels, all wool, also Tricots, will go at 35 cents, worth
from 65 to.75 cents. Fine Persian dress patterns, not one pattern the same, worth
2.50 per yard, at One Dollar per yard, all silk and wool. This is the , Greatest Op-
a ' nn 1 ! 1 i t t It M -
porxuuvcy ever oirerea to tne;puoiic, ana we asK you to can ana see
Bargains Never before so Cheap.
Mohols and Horshey ITews.
J. B. McKee of this place and V.
13. Parks of North Platte left Mon
day by team for Humanville, Polk
county, Missouri on a land explor
ing expedition. They expect to
be gone from four to six weeks,
it we are not mistaken we saw.
the forms of C. Iv. Patterson and G.
R. Hammond pass up the grade last
Sunday in a carrage drawn by a
span of "flyers." Still we may have
been mistaken as the sun was over
shadowed by a light cloud about
thatitime. .
, Captain C. F; Shermaun and Miss
Mable McNamara of Nortjr Platte
passed down tlie line, last Sunday
evening on their way home alter a
pleasant trip up the valley as far as
Frank Zook and family returned
from the far west Saturday night
where they went last spring. They
are now .stopping with her parents
over north 4 on a ditch farm.
D. W. Baker and C. F. Iddings
of the Platte were up in this coun
try looking after canal business a
days since. fly
Rev. .Robinson one of the parade
who are conducting
revival meetings in MinaS& Marvin.
The Qreatest
and Best
Line o
1 Clothing,
FufnishiDg Goods, t
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
in Fact Everything
Gents' Wearing Apparel
1 '-
Greatly Reduced Rates
NWrlT'PlaltereafchlToledoLWte; 3 lnSft
valley school honse TTast isuaay
It is stated that a couple of dash
ing young ladies of this locality
made a "smash" at the"dance in
Hershey a few nights since.
- We understand that Miss Nora
Hollingsworth of Wallace is the
guest of her brother Tyler and
family at this place.
Walter IJoagland and lady of the
county seat were viewing the sights
up in the valley last Sunday.
A hne rain took this, country by aur
priBO last Thursday night, which did
much good to corn and potatoes on "dry
The Sutherland meat wagon, makes
semi-weekly trips down through this
section at present.
Brusce and Wray Stuart, of tho Platte,
are visitmg their grandma, Mrs. Brown,
at this place.
Oversner Lokor, of the old canal, had
business at tho Platte the latter part of
last week, .
Ben McMichael, of tho hub, erected a
uew granery aud also a porch over the
south door of the residence upon the
Koily ranch last week,
This weoU wlH wind up the cutting of
small grain in the valley unless itshould
be a few fields of very late grain.
We have been told lately that some of
the parties who moved from tho south
sandhills upon Paxton & Hershey land
last winter and spring, will take their
departure for other climes this fall.
Emigrant wagous t y tho dozens are
daily passing down tho lino, returning
from Colorado. Wyoming and other
western points, and eu route far tho
eastern part of tfyis state, Iowa and Mis
As usual a large and appreciative aud
ience greeted W. J. Crusen at this place
last Sunday.
Rev. Graves and family, pf North
Platte, passed up the grade- Friday.
Wo were informed the other day that
a man by the name of Banks, fom
Lodge Pole, bad rented the town sito
store building at Hershey and would put
in a general stock of merohandise at
once, t y
Cecil Tuell and mother-in-law, of Som
erset, were calling on friends in this
locality the first of this week.
Work on the foundation for the new
school building at this place will begin
this week.
The majority of farmers in the valley
are in a hurry to thresh their grain owing
to scarcity of feed.
Jake Zeigler, a young gent who. work?
upon the section at tis place, was mar
ried to a MJso Anderson from the south
side at North Platte recontly. He is
constructing a "soddy" upon land owned
&35b3r JAVA.
by R. W. Calhoun near the station,
where they will reside when completed.
Last week Supt. Seeberger could have
been seen at the head of the old canal
clad in a thin sweater, overalls, chip hat
and without shoes or socks upon his feet
and seemingly as happy as a fish in high,
water, working "like a nailer" with the
rest of the gang in repairing the dam to
the canal, which was completed in due
time, greatly to the relief of those resid
ing along the ditch whose corn and
potatoes were suffering for water.
Ed Sali3bury returned home Wednes
day, from his visit to the irrigated farms
west of North Platte, and reports that
everything is in fine condition there.
Says he never saw finer crops. He thinks
irrigation the proper thing. Gandy
Ed Richards, of Brady Island, was in
the city Tuesday and brought in a
sample of his oata that he raised on the
Island, without irrigation, that measured
(5 feet i inches in height and were well
filled. He has thirty acres of those oats
and they bid fair to make ninoty bushels
to the aore. Gothenburg Independent.
The outcome of the Iiodge Pole beer
stealing case is as follows, according the
Express: T. C. Everingham and I, H.
Barrett have been discharged from the
employ of the Union Pacific for alleged
complicity in the beer case, and night
operator Cowdin has been notified that
ho must pay for the beer because it was
taken while he was on duty.
Maurace Vaughan, h.e night operator
of tho U. P. a this city was changed to
North Platte this weok. He went down
Tuesday evening to prepare a place for
Mrs. Vaughan and son, who will join
him in about two weeks. Their absence
will be felt socially by the many f ren.dja
they have made vybilo reading in thjs.
city. Sidiiey Toranhn
"Have you observed," said a merchant
to a customer, "the handsome advertise
ment I have on a fence between Red
Cloud and Ivondale?" "o," replied
the customer, "but if you will send the
fence around to my house I will try and
read the announcement. I read the
papers and I haven't time to. go around
reading bill boards." And the merchant
scratched his head. Red Cloud Chief.
Our town has been considerably ex
cited during the past week over the
enforcement of the Sunday closing law.
Last week constable Wellner warned
all the merchants that any one found
selling anything on Sunday would be
prosecuted. Jas. McMullan was arrested
Monday for violating the law but was
released Tuesday after a trial which de
clared him not guilty. Sidney Poniard.
School districts Nos. 18 and 19, in Burt
precinct, have a number of warrants
outstanding but no inhabitants to pay
taxes to redeem tho same, only one per
son liviDg in the territory comprising
the two districts. The districts are dead
so to speak, and it looks as if they were
in need of an administrator, a receiver,
or something of that kind. Persons
owning land in these districts will soma
day have the outstanding paper to pay.
School officers are in the habit of issu
ing school orders regardless of whether
there is a levy to pay them or not, which
is wrong. A county can only issue war
rants to 85 per cent of the levy, and if
more are issued the officers issuing the
same are personally liable for the amount.
The courts would probably hold that
school officers could not issue warrants
beyond the amount the tax levy would
raise, and any issued beyond that amount
would be the obligation of the officers
individually and cot the dislrict. Gandy
CuHfornia contracting for $30,000,000
worth of now railroads shows that tho.
wnuoa oKue aoosa'i. propose to put up,,
tbe shutters.
I. --TV-,