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And the Leading Daily Papers.
c -
NO. 10.
FOR 1894. I
Santa Fc Depot at Woodward Bobbed
of Over $10,000.
Our Spring stock has arrived and all of our departments are so chuck full that we are unable to get
all the goods on the shelves, and were- obliged to stop some of the goods on the road, and in order to
make more room we will for five days commencing FRIDAY, MARCH 16th, hold the Greatest Slaughter
Sale ever known in this locality, and we hope all will take advantage of the sale. Look at these prices:
Taken From Hit Room at the Hotel byTrri
Masked Men and Made to Open the
Depot Safe Bank Robbers
at Giilcshurg-.
The best MEN'S
HOE. ever3 ma
m jf - - r
It 'it 9
Inquire of your shoe c
Plaid and Striped Suitings, double fold, regular price 25 cents,
at this sale for 12J cents a yard.
Light colored Spring Suitings, in plain and stripes, regular 50
cent goods, at 19 cents per yard.
Ten cent Spring Outing Flannel at 6 cents per 3-ard.
For Friday and Saturday only, 10 yards of Light Prints for 25
cents, only ten yards to each customer.
A beautiful line of Spring "Veilings, worth from 20 to 30 cents
a yard, your choice at this sale for 10 cents a yard.
Boys and Girls fast black seamless hose, sizes from 5J to 13
years, regular price 25 cents, for this sale at 15 cents a pair.
Ladies' fast black seamless hose, regular 25-cent goods, at this
sale three pairs for 50 cents.
Red Table Cloth at 14 cents per yard.
The very best Amoskeag Ginghams at 4 3 cents per 3'ard.
100 pairs Ladies' Dongola Button Shoes, regular price $2.09, at
this sale for SI. 40 per pair.
All our $1.75, S2 and $2.25 Oxford Ties at this sale for $1.25
per pair.
Children's Shoes at the greatest sacrifice ever known.
Ladies' cloth top button or lace shoes, former price $3.00 and
$3.25, your choice at $2-25 a pair.
Men's Sateen Calf Shoes, in lace and congress, shoe store
prices $2.25, at this sale for $1.40 a pair.
Gents' Zeodo Calf Shoes, regular price $3.25, now $2.00 a pair.
Gents' Kangaroo Shoes, lace or congress, in French or London
Toes, regular price 4.25 per pair, at this sale for 2.25 per pair.
Boys' Outing Flanel Waists, light or dark, sizes 4 to 13 j'ears,
regular price 25 cents, our price 15 cents.
Gents' Outing Flannel Shirts, regular price 50 cents, at this
sale 25 cents.
Remember we handle only new, clean and reliable goods and guarantee every article in our store. We
have just received a beautiful line of Cut Glass, Oil Paintings and Silverware which we give away with
every purchase amounting to $5.00 and upwards.
I Grady Block
mm mm -mm- mwmm vh bbbb
The only cheap store with good goods in Lincoln county.
North Platte National Bank,
All business intrusted lo us handled promptly, carcf ully, and at lowest rales.
C. F. II
etry, for these delineations are so diver
sified that they do not offer an adequate
element of classification that is a point
wbich no ouo disputes. Thereforo the
finger tip process should bo considered
as affording supplementary information
only, capable at tho most of replacing
"Moreover, does not Mr. P. Galton
himself say that the examination of
these impressions can be properly made
only by means of photographic enlarge-"
ments? Then why not photograph the
man himself whoso measurements have
just been taken?
'-I must own, however, that up to tho
present I have always postponed the full
trial of the finger tip process on account
of tho unpleasantness of sending all my
Dr. BcrtiUon on His Aclhroponictrlcal
Method llcscd on Anatomical Science.
Would Kimble the Polico of Ail Countries
to Hunt Down Malefactors.
Dr. Aiphonso Bertillon, tho author of
tho French system for tho identification
of criminal?, writes as follows in re
gard to tho best means for making it of
general use by tho police of tho largo
capitals of Europe:
"The growing ease and rapidity of
communication bctwren the great cities ( subiects before tho court with their fin-
of Europe have so lessened distances that 1 gers m0TQ or ieS3 blackened, for every
thcdntcrccurso.betwf en.thp polico of the i body knows bow viscous printing in-fe
and how difficult to get off. .never
theless I have quito determined, if
the process should become customary
in England, to petition tho minister of
tho interior and the prefect of police for
the requisite authority to add it to the
anthropometric description so great is
the imporranco that 1 attach to interna
tional uniformity in police communica
tions." New York Herald,
Guthrie, O. T., March 13. United
States Marshal Nix got the following
jelegram from Superintendent Rucdes ol
the Santa Fe road: ."Station Agent llusl?
r.t Woodward, O. T., was taken from his
room at the hotel about 1 a. in. by twe
robbers and made to go to the dpot and
open the safe and deliver the contents.
There was a package of money from
"Leavenworth for the Foil Supply pay
master, about $10,000. One package ol
nioney and checks for Wellington and
about 40 railroad money.
'The following is a description of thc
robbers: One is 5 feet, 10 inches tall. CO
years qjd, slim, dark, -weight 110 pcturls;
mustache, closely built, dark brown
shirt, dark slouch hat, rather heavy
voice. The other is 5 feet, 7 inches tall,
2o years old, about two weeks growth of
beard, weight lt) pounds; pants in boots,
check handkerchief atout his neck; dark
Gait," sack coat; dark complexion.
i This latter was the bailor. They ware
ou red, bay horses and rode off from the
stock: yards in southeast direction."
iuarsmu xnix nas ordered ousapossa
at woodward to trail the robbers.
Tragedy at Tort Worth.
Font Worth, Tex., March r.i. Jiut
after '.' a. m. R. M. Page, president of
the Merchant-' National b:mk, in a room
in the Hirschfield building, shot and
killed A. B. Smith, formerly cushier of
thasame bank. Page was alone in a
roSm'jiow being used by tli2 bank to
wind up its affairs, when Smith, who
had been in the adjoining ofiic2 of Cap
tain T. A. Tidball, entered to talk to
Page about bank a Hairs. What words
passed no one but Paga kuov., but al
most immediately shooting commenced,
four or live shots being fired. Smith was
shot through
the groiu, dying instantly.
Xtioton.i T-tt Jvrnsy Strikers.
Pateiwox, N. J., March The
striking silk dyers marched, to the works
of Simon & Auger, broke down the
doors and forced the workmen out of the
establishment. Thoy threw the unfin
ished silk on the floor, turned on the
steam in the tubs and burned a large
quantity of the nnt?ri,.l. They
then proceeded to the dye house of
Richard. J. Berdan. The owner threat
ened to shoot the first man who entered
the place, but the crowd took no notice
of his threat and invaded liis premises
and ordered tho operators to ceas- work.
Policemen are guarding all tlr; dye
Hior&-iii -the citjfc-- - -
i - r - - - '
Order by telephone from Newton's Book Store
Di N. McCABE, Prop. J. E. EUSH, Manager.
Successor to J. Q. Th;ickor.J
orders from the country and
the line of the Union
Pacific Railway Solicited.
J. F. HiNflM
Farm : Implements,
Windmills, Harness, Etc,
Warehouse on West Front Street.
frequent. London, for example, may
now be said to extend as far r.3 Paris,
and Brnsst'ls is practically a suburb of
the French capital. lu the midst of
these daily exchanges of good services
where is the officer who baa not longed
for tho creation of an international de
scriptive or distinctive mark, signal
eltiques method and language?
"In the other branches of human ac
tivity, especially m electricity, con
gresses have, in proportion to the nec
essity, supplied this want of a universal
understanding. It is tha? that tho elec
trical units watt, ampere, volt, etc.
have been created and unanimously
adoptrd. Why should not tho polico of
civilized or policed, for it is all one
countries do as much for the description
and notation of the different shapes of
forehead, nose, color of tho eye, etc.?
'There exist under the name of hip
pology whole treatises filled with words
of English origin for tho description of
the coat and tho points of the horse.
For the description of the human being
all secma Irft to c;h:mce. Nothing was
attempted in this direction until the ap
pointment by Mr. Asqnith of tea com
mission for comparing the different
methods of identification and descrip
tion. ''This commission found at Paris, by
tjio Ejdo of a system of measurement
which has borne scmo little testimony
everywhere, a yerj carefully considered
method of describing the human body,
and tho face in particular. There is in
this neither invention nor personal pro
prietorship. 2iiy intervention has con
sisted in transporting and adapting to
the wants of tho police the procedures
of description in uso in anatomical sci
ences, and particularly in anthropology.
"Anthropometry, pioperlyso called,
is only a part of that whole knowledge
necessary in tracking criminals, and 'its
sole aim is to supply a basis of classi
fication. ' One hi able by means of tho
inetrical information supplied by it to
plassify several hnudrd thousand indi
vidual notifications. But let mo hasten '
a say that thrso notifications should
h.eins'ejves. always bo accompanied by
m abstract of particular marks found
! upon the person examined, and it is this
( last document much moro than tho
agicemcnt of measurements which is
j appealed to to give judicial certainty to
I an ulterior identification.
''At Paris fihotoyranlB of the nerson
t in profilo anil lull face are added, which
by themselves also afford tho certainty
pf identification. Thus the elements of
) certainty are not wanting. A photo
graphy or Impression Qf the car wonld
alone suffice to establish an identity. It
is, as a matter of fact, impossible among
100,000 individuals to find two cara ex
actly alike except in the case of twin
Bat a Consul Osco Dlsde tiio Famous Turk
ish Givcry or Kcspect Him.
Some tinio ago thcro died in Adrian
ople one of tho most famous and origi
nal of tho subjects of tho sultan of Tur
key. Ho was Hadshi Achmed Izzet,
pasha governor general of the valayet,
or province, bordering on tho Black sea.
Hadshi Izzet was an ideal Turk of tho
old school, a strange mixturo of Solo
monliko wisdom and childish foolish
ness, energy and apathy, cruelty and
mere-, truth and deceit, generosity and
In tho oyea of tho ruler and contem
poraries he was n hero, and it was with
a purpose clear to many that his majes
ty appointed him governor general of
Adrianople and kept him for as many
years at the head of that important prov
ince tho gateway of the Ottoman em
pire. Tho pasha was born more than 90
years ago and rapidly climbed to places
commensurate with his namo and the in
fluence of his family. Atthetimo of his
death he was tho dean of tho Turkish
I Almost countless aro tho anecdotes
told of tho pasha, who was known and
respected from the Turkish Dan to the
Turkish Beersheba. His hatred of the
"Christian dogs," as ho always called
tho people of tho west, was boundless.
It was invariably his custom, when
forco of circumstances obliged him to
give his hand to a " dog, " to wash it
upon withdrawal while in, the presence
of his guest. It is said that" Hadshi
Izzet lr,id aside his habit only once.
1 Ono day a consul of ono of the greatest
European countries was obliged to seek
an audience with the saltan's lieutenant
in governmental affairs. Ho had al
. ready been insulted onco by tho pasha's
; washing his hands after the greeting
' and determined that he should not be so
treated a second time if he could possi
bly prevent it. ThVconsul was a thor
ough master of the Tnrkish tongue, and
for this reason had a great advantage
over many of his colleagues.
When the servant of Hadshi Izzet re
ceived him at tho pqlaco threshold, hp
spoko as follows in a voice which ho
know would reach the ears of tho gov
ernor in his office near by:
"Go and tell thy master that I wish
to speak to him. Say to him that I
shall also do him tho honor to givo him
my hand, but shall crack my hat over
wash his i;lcr.t at Onlcsliitrs:.
'GAlssbukg, March VS. The gang of
bank robbers that has within a month
made five attempts to crack safes here
planned to rob another last night. The
police, hearing of the plan, rurrounded
the oEnce, hnh the robbers had :i falling
out among themse'.vs and postponed the
robb3ry. One of thsm, Frank B?unison.
an ex-convict, was arrested at hi3 home
and drills and other apparatus found in
his po33er-s:on.
Senator Feller's Resolution oh Sugar Spec
ulation Laid on the Table.
Washington, March 6. A somewhat
amusing episode enlivened the senate
proceedings Tuesday inaugurated by
benator Berry s personal explanation. A
New York newspaper has included him
in a group of portraits of nine Democratic
senators whom it charged with being
"obstructionists ' to the tariff bill. Mr.
i Berry denied he had ever been anything
but an earnest advocate of the bill, and
on all occasions had advised its speedy
report to the senate without modifica
tion. His explanation was followed
by explanations from Messrs. Faulkner,
Harris, McLaurin and Morgan, which
led to much amusement in the senate !
on mZ&SSTjff: Have the exclusive agency for the sale of these Shoes
continued Tnesday in the house, the
feature of the day being General
Sickle's speech criticising the action of
Commissioner Lochren. Before the
debate began the resolution for the in
vestigation of Judge Jenkins writ of in
junction against the Northern Pacific
railroad wa3 passed.
Washington, March Y. An exciting
and interesting debate was precipitated
in the senate Wednesday by Mr. Harris'
motion for the second reading of the
seigniorage bill. This was opposed by
Mr. Sherman who moved its reference to
the finance committee and in course of
a strong speech in opposition to the bill
eaid its object was to divert trust funds
from their legitimate purpose a thing
which in Ohio would 1 a penitentiary
offense. His motion wa3 defeated and
the bill taken up 03 imfmished business
and almost before any one was aware of
what had happened it passed ii3 third
reading and was on the point of passing.
Then its opponents recovered from their
surprise and endeavored to prevent its
passage, and on request of Senator Sher
man it went over until Thursday. In
the morning hour Mr. Morgan introduced
a resolution calling on the president for
information as to the occupancy of Blue-
neias, Nicaragua by tho British. This
was agreed to. Then the house bill ap
propriating tfUjWiu tor saving the Kear
in North Platte. Come and see them.
i at Kenwood. Pa., with n Imidslidp.
TOLD IN A FEW WORDS 1 The Business Men's club at Hot Springs
nave auopteti resolutions inviting Jfresi-
' dent Cleveland and Secretarv HoItsj Smith
ever i o uiurtrtiiNia n all atu i iuhs and Daniel S. Lamont to visit the Springs-
cimiiAni?pn .
The Many Happenings of Seven Days Ke-
ilnceil From Columns to Linen Kvery
thinj; ljat Facts Eliminated For Our
Readers Convenience.
Wednesday, March 7.
Large numbers of hoes have been stolen
recently from farmers living near Pella,
The Illinois state Democratic convention
will be held nt Springfield on June 27.
Chief Seavoy of the Omaha police is
making a determined fight against gambling.
Judson Newton. Xauvoo, Ills., died
shortly after he and a companion hnd
drank a gallon of wine.
District rneetincs will he held through
Indiana to exemplify the? recent work of
the Knights of Pvthias.
Eight members of the new jury to try
the roster case have been secured at Mad
ison, Wis.
Minnesota's new gold field is said to be
no place for men with pick and shovel,
surge passed as did the bill nonnitHi owing to the quartz formation
General O. O. Howard to ncrrot fmm rrs- Blackniau, police commissioner of
the French government the dP4,H,m nf Leavenworth, Kan., has ordered a variety
commander of the Legion of Honor.
Washington, .March 7. After five
theater to leave town,
"What is believed to be a scheme to rob
the government of timber lands has been
Rnrsard Had
Ka:;s.vs City,
S'jarrii confirmed the report
Riparian Ttijli..
March 1:3. Judge
of referee
E. H. Sliles in favor of the pkvntifi in
the suit of A. A. Burgard and others
aain3t Simoon K. Howe, involving the
possession of the island in the Missouri
river oppostta Armour's packing house.
The island contains ;J"3 acres of valuable
land, and was washed up several years
ago by t!i3 changing of tho channel of
the river. Burgard had reparian rights
to tho land and Howe was a squatter.
dajs of debate the pension appropriation developed at Kolfe, la.
hill rtwnr nnn Af.n .-.nir. i I 1 7
-v-07'wvinuiar .James Y. Hayes, general secretary-
.j ..jiiim, luviaiuu. treasurer ot the Kniihts of Ijilinr. thinb
:, juarca The resnma- the future is bright for labor.
non oi senator White (La.) was an- Hou. John "W. Blue of Marion. Kv..
i rr -i . !. . ... ' '
nouuceti xiiursuay morning. Senator wu,le conver!4ing witu Governor lirown
Pefxer denied a newspaper report that he wns struck blind and speechless.
and benator Kyle had complained of un- Mrs- UoTa Lram of Sheldon, la., has
fair treatment by the finance committee. BUe" 1ev- Ur-.uonerty and Dr. w. p.
The senate passed the hill for tho ilc .V."ucot w,mw uamages lor alleged
of unsold portions of the Umatilla reser
vation in Oregon.
At the expiration of the morning hour
the Bland seigniorage bill was laid be
fore tne senate as unfinished business.
Mr. Sherman bitterly onixwod the send
ing mil ami expressed the hone the mo
tion to reconsider wonld prevail, as he
wanted tho bill open to amendments.
JUr, ri arris claimed that tho bill had
reached its nresont star thvnnh im
regular channels of the senate procedure ImL' Jete(1 the petition of S,170 tnxpay-
andheknewof no reason whv tho bill er? a?, , 'J? taeni to "Pinnate WOO to
should not df-nnsA.! nf -m e-a.neenng laooratory ati-ur-
UU UlllVCRllT,
A cyclone at Kich Hill, Mo., destroyed
many dwellings, barns, fences and in
flicted great damage.
Cooper's wagon factory and the Carr,
Ryder and Engler sash factory in Du
buque, In., resumed work.
Columbiana county. Ohio, is bankrupt
and courts have adjourned in conse
quence. Land depreciation caused the
County commissioners nt Lnfavette.
disposed of within :50 min
utes. Ho would not consent t: recon
sider tne hill until the majority bv vca
and nay vote decided it.
nr.. ct.
mi. jiu.-miiiii, tin ominous irown on
his brow, and speaking in an earnest, de
terminal tone, reiterated the hope that
tne motion oi: benator Alhson wonld pre
vail, for there was no disposition in his
part of the chamber to prevent the pass
age of the bill. He was followed by Sen
ators iotige and Iiiggm3. The bill went
over without action.
Washixotox, March 9. Senator Pef-
fer, at the opening of the session Friday.
Father Xolan and prominent Catholics
of Sioux Falls, S. D., have been cited to i
appear before Mgr. Sntolli to show why I
Mother Superior Stanislaus should not be j
reinstated in the parochial school.
Thursday, March 8.
Henry "Wntterson lectured nt Tuscola,
Ills., for the benefit of the high school.
Second hearing of the Franklin will con
test has been commenced nt Xnshville.
At Muucie, Intl., n 5-year-old boy at
tempted to couple some enrs and wns so
badly hurt that he niny die.
An incendiary made a fruitless attempt
ouereu a resolution proviumg for a com- to destroy the main building of the nor-
uuucu 10 examine enarges m various nial school nt Geneseo, Ills.
newspapers that certain senators had Tho city council of "Wellsville, O., has
utilized knowledge gained officially for reduced the salaries of mnyor, solicitor
ueanng m sugar stocK3 and had madp "u" ul,,cl "l ponce neariy one-nan.
Impeaching an Alabama .Tudjje.
Chattanooga, March W. The grand
jury at Scottsboro, Ala., lias reported a
bill recommending the impeachment of
Jr.dg 1 J. B. Talley of the Ninth Alabama
circuit court, accusing him of aiding and
abat'ing the Skelton boys in murdering
Canker It. C. Ross.
Charged Willi Kmbazzlinx .SI.1.O0O.
Denver, March 1:5. E. R. Walters,
chief clerk to Superintendent Bryant of
the Colorado Midland railway was ar
rested today, charged
about 15,000.
with embezzling
Merchant Tailor,
.1ST 32
embracing all the nqw designs, kept ou hand and made to order.
Spruce Street, between Fifth and Sixth, '
"The creat advantage of adding to tho
authropometrical notification a complete Is cars if ho attempts to
descrintivo nhotosnranh of a nerson i3 hands after shaking mine."
that tho police arc provided with a doer;- i Te. servant started away, tq announce
jrient -yvhich, in case of a 'fresh ofiense, tho visitor to his master. Bat tho goy
pf escape, etc. i can be looked to to ren-' crnpr had already heard tho message
der tho "greatest "possible assistance. J nnd came, smiling, toward tho daring
,sIt may bo well to add to these ele- , consul. Whilo he placed his right hand
ments "of information, clearly independ- In that of the foreign representative he
ent of ono another measurement, par- said: "That wa3 right. You please me,
ticular marks and profile photograph . effendi. Yon at least have courage."
which, together, 10 years' experience Tho hands were not washed until the
has shown to be absolutely infallible consul had left the palace. San Fran-
a fourth element, 'finger tip impres- cisco Chronicle.
sions' (1'impression des filigrammes du . Tho Kniie wasiYii iugiit.
ponce). It goes without paying that I Dumlej (who had been asked to carv
ee. no majofdifficnlty in it.. But I am the duck "and is meeting with poor suc.
ftfraid that -the exercise of tho process cess) Whew!
iiiay at-t first sight appear much moro' Landhdy--Isnt the knifa sharp, Sir.
iimple than5 it really is. In. the firsj: Dumley? I liad it ground today,
place", lef me repeat bat the finger tip, Dumley The Imife is all right, ilra,
prpcess neither doea away with nor re- Henricks. You ought to have had the
places, in any way judicial anthrqpom- dnck ground.. London Tit-Bit.
T.- Abo'.ibli tho House of Lords.
London, March i. In the house of
commons Mr. Labonchere's amendment
to abolish the house of lords was passed
by n vote of 147 to M.j in spito of the op
position of the government.
Itiihltcr V.'orlis to Cloic Uow:,
Xew Haven, Conn., March V). The
Cnndeo llnbher company has notified its
employes that it will shut down its works
on Saturday and will not open until
April 20. v
22lrs?lvicity on the Kric Canal.
Au:.vxv. March Vit Permission to
ns.) electriuity as a motive power on the
Eii3 can il has been granted the Cataract
General Electric company of Niagara
I'onnd Dead In a Chair.
Kansas City. March la.-Ernst Woyt
was found dead in a chair at Wo3t &
Lewis' upholstering establishment. He
had swallowed a lare dose of laudanum.
large gains. In reply to Mr, Morrill. Mr.
Peffer stated lie had no personal knowl
edge of tne charges, and at his request
tne resolution was tabled tc-mporarilv.
Ihe senate agreed to vote on Bland's
Dissension has been caused in the Iowii
Oratorical association owing to a disposi
tion by the smaller colleges to run things.
After an idleness of 20 ye.irs, the Dan-
town distillery in Macon county. Ills..
will lio aro rfnrl nn wit Y sit? I. An.-.A:. r
BPimiim-im. l.ill of ' 1- rpi .1 ... 7. 1 " -Vi
o""o A. m, KtAi xnauuy. iuo trallons.
. r,. T , -mm- I -
.ftn.u,u., .uurcn r.'.Mr. liian- John Wairncr. a nioneer of Palo Alto
ciiaru me newiy apixnnted senator from county, la., shot and kille-d himself at
.Louisiana was presented to the senate at fcmuietsburg.
xne opening oi mat bouy Monday and Ane ellaws in Donulns county.
took the oath of office. Tim rpsnlnlirm His., held a reunion at Tuscoln. Everv
of Senator Peffer calling for an invpK. lo(1K wus represented.
gation as to senators speculating in Wall . Tlie trial of Janies Cheyne for the mur-
streetwas. on motion of Mr. Rn, ?.e-r r iwbert Mnrphy was commenced at
laiil lm tnl.k i, ., t 00 nrr " U'J-.l, in.
T t 1 . .w.v vl. W LU W.I mva I J,.., 41.
In support of this motion, Mr. Gorman deserng" a SeeTaThe
cnaracrenzed tne charges as based unon CharlestowiistntAnrfemi
1 1 - - " i ? wvwuvuiiuuv
iuiu Miumci uununii) ul consiuer- I m nnowicr aicempc to escape.
ituuu. 1 .Illvnil!flr nfllra nmu)iJ n .
The seigniorage bill yas then taken up was found to have the smallpox af
id Mr. Vilas, resumed his speech in on- ter hnndreds of persons had been exposed.
positipn to the measure.
The Missouri state board of equaliza-
3Ir. Alhson of Iowa made tho speech iiontsittin2"t JefTerson City, desires to
which he was not well enough to deliver Z from offlcials of counties,
lost Friday. In tho course of his ne M-1-and T. has abolished the of-
rcmarks he said- Tf , rQ flc? .of superintendent of bridges and
remarks he said: "If the Democrat
party is willing to pass this bill, author-.
V11 1 1 ' humui. a who has been speechless for uacx 01 mem, tnev aro willmi? tn rnvf.r..ii ti, r i.-
bniUUi.gto tako effect March 1;".
Miss Aufrelina Iitmb of Goshen
12 years, re-
-. . ...... 1
110 that wuicn they- have never done le- through a violent fit of coughintr.
lore the issue of fiat money." The Emporia (Kan.) city council rased
V.nn it tviT- VVI14- F f .lnHnl .l X- T I n.. .1... . .
v....... m vHuii-ui vAjiuiauyuuvutaicu "'"iutc utcr me mayors veto pro- 3Ian Killed In Florida.
Cro.ut Rapids, March Id. A telegram
announces that A. J. Tengeman, a weal
thy citizen of Blairstown, la., was shot
and killed by a negro at Sebastian, Fla.
A iletajitcd Assassination In Arkansas.
Prxs Bixff, Ark., March 13. A
cov:.irdl3- attempt to assassinate J. T.
Hc-ryey was made by a man as yet nn-
the passage of the bill, he wonld have
been glad to have seen the proposed
amendments discussed and voted on, but
it was also true that the friends of the bill
(iftheywerq in. the majority) had the
right to pass the bill as it was. At the
conclusion of his speech the senate ad
Washlvgto.v, March 12. The day in 'jnnrt.
hibiting the sale of cigarettes or cigarette
Prisoners in jail at Hot Springs organ
ized a "kangaroo" court, tried one of
their number, found him guilty and gave
him 175 lashes.
Friday, March 9.
Rivalry among milkmen at Belvirfen.
lis., has reduced the price to 3 cents a
tne house was devoted entirely to the
consideration of a bill relating to the
ciciiaiuii ui iuu iime ior allowing a
street railroad m tins aty to change its.
system of motive power.
President Will Sign It.
Washington. March 13. It is expect
ed at the postoffice department thai 'the,
president will sign tle parcels post treaty
with Newfoundland todaj'.
Crisp yot a Candidate for Senator,
Washington, March l'J.r-Spe'aker-Crisp
is not regarded by his friends as a
pandidate. for the United States senate to
succeed Senator Colquitt,
Stewart Talks For Bland's Bill.
Washington, March 13. In the senate
Mr. Stewart (Nov.) spoke in support of
the Bland seigniorage bill.
Br, Ceorgc L. Miller Nominated.
Washington, March 13. Presidential
nominations: George L. Miller of Ne
braska, to be surveyor of customs for the
port of Omaha, Neb.
Postmasters Robert N. Locke, Pierre,
Y. D.; John Flattery, Oklahoma Qity
I). T.; George M. Masters, DeSinet, S.D.
Prudent Taylor Tendered a Iteccptioa,
Topeka, Mrch 13. Dr. James M,
taylor, president of Vassar college was
tendered a reception, by the citizens of
Against Carlisle's Plan.
Washington, March 13. Representa-
Lewis 11. Evans of Marensro. O.. miw!
thelike Shore railroad for -?25,000 for
personal injuries at Cleveland in 1892.
Jefferson Freeze, the oldest member of
the Masonic order in Seneca county died
nthishomeinBloomville, O., in his 8oth
After debating nearly half a ikv nn tin.
biennial sessions bill the Ohio senate again
postponed the measure.
Catholic archbishops are issuing dinlo-
masto institutions that contributed to
the success of the world's fair educational
The 2-year-old child of Dr. J. W. Ruck-
cr at Shelbyville, Ind., got into his pres
cription case and took n large dose of
morphine pellets. It died two hours
The board of survey examined tha
United States ship Yorktown and will re
commend repairs that will take two
months before the Yorktown can be tent
to the Bering sea.
The mar.agement of the Southern rol-
tive Bingham is preparing to urge ling mill at Terrc Haute, Ind., which em
amendments to appropriation bills by ployesfiW men, will make a 10 per cent cut
which the government wonld be pro- Mon,lny in wages of heaters and finishers,
hibited from carrying out Secretary Car-' Hubbard, George Jones and Thomas
lisle's plan ofprinting its own postage Heed, trainmen on a freight train on the
stamps. ': Fort yne railroad, were injured when
the train was awcot into the Beaver river
Governor Stone of Missouri commuted
the sentences of six juvenile prisoners by
transff rring them from the penitentiary
to the reform school at Boonville.
Saturday, March 10.
Tom Laviu, a Joliet convict, was scalded
to death by the explosion of some new
T. Murphy, of Council Bluffs, was ap
pointed cadet at West Point for the Ninth
Iowa district.
Many "strip" settlers will lose their
claims if a recent decision of the general
land office is sustained.
Albert Bierstadt, the American laud
scape painter, was married to Mrs. Mary
E. Stewart at New York.
It was discovered that Philip Petrlc,
who committed suicide near Logansport,
Ind., had murdered his wife.
A bill has been introduced in the New
York legislature to make hazing as prac
ticed at colleges a criminal offense.
Dr. W. A. Harris, of Monee, 111., has re
ported two cases of smallpox near the vil
lage in the family of O. M. Morehouse.
J. H. Hammond, S. B. Culp and W. G.
McColley addressed the Michigan Christ
ian missionary convention at Hartford.
Miss Addie Wilson has been awarded
S8.000 ngaint the Elgin, 111., City Strsst
Car company for injuries sustained last
P. M. Isenz, ex -city treasurer of New
Whatcom, Wash., was found guilty of
embezzlement of ?X,000 of the city's
It is reported that Senator David B.
Hill, of New York, is to marry Miss
Letty Scott, a niece of Vice President
Thomas Smith was killed and several
workmen injured by the wreckiug of a
log train of the A. J. Niemer lumber
camps near Waldo, Ark.
S. S. St. John, of Kearney, Neb., is be
ing tried by the supreme court for con
tempt in refusing to pay $31,000 to the re
ceiver of the Commercial and Savings
Bank of Kearney. The defendant al
leges that he was unable to pay more
than $12,000.
Walter Guy Furnald, who is accused of
.stealing $10,000 worth of diamonds fronva
pawnbroker in San Francisco, Cnl., has
been held for trial there in $.1,000 bonds.
Mrs. Garner and her son, who were ar
rested with Furnald in Los Angeles, Cal.,
were discharged.
Monday, March IS.
Harrison Stone was run over and killed
by a Rock Island train at Anita, la.
Captain A. Frietich intends to sail from
Milwaukee for Sweden in April in a 13-ton
Commissioner Lamoreanx's decision re
garding land grants affects vast private
infaKUitu in Iw. I nl-n Clin...!.. I .. C ..
L 111. 1 Ml IV i : . I II I ITl 1111 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I
Mayor Denny, of Indianapolis, has or
dered the arrest of labor leaders who in
dulge in incendiary speeches to the un
employed. For breaking up an experience meeting
of members of his Hock Rev. Miltou
Hasket, of Gwynville, Ind., was arrested
and fined.
William R. Grace, the well-known
anti-snapper, will probably be the mayor
alty candidate of the New York Democ
racy next November.
Martin Miller was captured at Omaha,
Neb. He is charged with killing and rob
bing F. J. Ribak, a grocer, last Monday
A bright meteor was seen by many peo
ple at Monmouth, 111. It shot across the
sky from southeast to northwest.
George Hoover, aged 73, was found dead
in bed at Moewequa, 111. Heart disease
is assigned as the cause of death.
James Harlan, of Sigourney, la., whose
son was sent to the penitentiary for crim
inal assault, has brooded over the dis
grace until he is insane.
Henry J. Ellicott, of Wnshingron, D.
C, whose design has been accepted, will
be given the contract for a bronze eques
trian statue of General W. S. Hancock.
John Peters, of Etna Mills, Cal., and
Rudolph Junlrhis, r. miner of Weaver
ville, Cal., were caught in a nnowslidu on.
Salmon mountain and killed.
District Court Clerk Skirving at
O'Neill, Neb., has been declared ousted,
but he refuses to surrender his position
without further process of law.
A woman calling herse-I?Mrs. E. J,.
Hall, of Philadelphia, was arrested at.
Alton, 111., for failing to pay hoard for '
herself and four children at the Hotel
Madison during the last six weeks.
Major Calvin Hood, of Emporia, is a
candidate for the Republican nomination
for the linked States senate from Kan
sas. Tuesday, March 1.
James McConnell, a miner, fell IK) feet
down the shaft of u mine at Cripple Creek,
Colo. He will die.
W. Evans, a farmer living near Grinnell,
Iowa, fell from his wagon and broke his
Michael Altifilish and John Kegler, 15-year-old
boys, were drowned while cross
ing the river at Bellevue, Iowa.
The 2-year-old son of E. B. Shepherd,
of Columbus, Ohio, ate concentrated lie
and will probably die from the effects.
Antone Turk, an Austrian, about 35
years old, blew out the gas in the St.
Nicholas hotel in Joliet, 111., and was
The lKMly of George Ash, who was
drowned last October at Dallas City, III.,
was found in the Mississippi at Alton, 111.,
and identified by papers.
Mrs. L. D Coffey, of Brazil, Ind., wife
of Judge Coffey, of the Indiana supreme
court, was thrown from the carriage in a
runaway, and it is feared she was injured
J. L. W. Merrill, of Kansas City, is to
contest the will of his uncle, J. L. Woods,
of Cleveland, Ohio.
At Atchison, Kan., the Missouri river i.-
cutting a new channel, endangering prop
erty valued at ?1 ,500,000.
An investigation at Cleveland,. Ohio
shows that Assistant Fire Chief Speddj
sold his influence to contractors.
Control of the mammoth artesian well!
at Chamberlain. S. Dbas heen lost and.
surrounding property is in danger;
Steel works, covering 800 acres of land:
and employing 3,000 men will be removed
from Johnston,.Pa.. to Cleveland,. Ohio.