The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, June 23, 1910, Image 6

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Geo. D. Darling
Alliance, Neb. '
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Estray Notice
One large Short-horn bull is at m
plage, eighteen miles nest of Alliance,
Owner may have same by proving pi op
ei ty ayd, paying, charge-, ,
17 4t lVtomie. He. .mt;ford, Nebi
Successful Fruit Grower
One of The Herald's Sheridan county
subscribers, Jules Sandoz, who is well
known tic a successful fruit grower,
was in Alliance last week and guv? the
editor some interesting information
about Ills twentv acre orchard and his
experiments. The trees in his orchard
consist principally of apple, plum and
cherry, all of which do well- He has
a large amount of small fruit, also,
such as currants, 'gooseberries, rasp
berries, etc The trees have been
bearing well Tor a number of ears, un
til this ear the crop will be small on
account of the late freeze which killed
most of the tree fruit, .although there
will be a proliSc crop of small fruit as
Mr. Saudoz does not regret the loss
of fruit by freezing this year, as it will
give the trees a much needed rest,
which they have earned by bearing
heavily for a long time. ,
He gave us some information that
we think will be interesting to many of
our readers aud that may be of value
to some of them who wish to grow fruit
in this country.. We had always be
fore supposed that the Sandoz orchard
was on low bottom land, but he in
forms us that it is situated on a hillside
varying from twenty to sixty feet to
water. Another tact that surprised us
is that the trees on the highef ground
do better than those in the lowe3t part
of the orchard. He believes that' fruit
trees in this country will do better on
sloping ground than on the level
Any kind of slope will do, but a north'
west slope is preferred.
A very important fact, and oue that
should be remembered by persons who
contemplate starting an orchard, is
that while many kinds of fruit do well,
some varieties that thrive in other
countries will not grow here success
fully. As au illustration, Mr. Sandoz
tried six different kinds of raspberries;
five ot them proved to be a failure,
while the sixth grows and bears splen
didly. Will They Pay ?
That is the question that is asked so
many times by doubting ones who
would like to carry insurance hut thev
allow their doubts and suspicious to
cheat them out of one of the gieatest
blessings bestowed upou man or wo
man, The following .testimonials will set
at rest all doubts in the mind of any
sensible petson:
Alliance, Nebraska, June to, 1910.
Western Life and Accident Co.,
Denver, Colorado.
Gentlemen I received jour check in full
payment for my recent illness and wish to
thank you for same, and the prompt
manner in which you responded to my
claim ' Fred E Morrison,
320 W Wyo Ave.
Alliance, Nebraska, June 9, 1910
Western Life and Accident Co ,
Denver, Colorado,
Gentlemen : I hereby acknowledge receipt
of your check covering my recent illness
in which I was operated upon for appen
dicitis. I shall ever speak a good word for
the Western Lite aud Accident Co
Mhs. Geo C Hau.
Western Life and Accident Co.,
Denver, Colorado.
Gentlemen- My claim in your company
amounting to $56 00 for accident was re
ceived promptly and wis.t to thank you
for your prompt method of helping your
members when in distress
Thomas Jackson,
Alliance, Nebr
Western Life and Accident Co.,
Denver. Coloratlo.
Dear Sirs; Mr claim against vour com
pany received and I want to thauk you
for your kind attention which was satis
factory in every wav, and for the small
cost of pohev. I think it is something
everyone should have. Respectfully
yours John Hard
Alliance, Nebr.
Ve pav while von live: others pay
when you die. Which is better?
See Dr. Willis Covle, General
Mauager, 211 E. Wyo. St., Alliance,
Repair Work
Sewing Machines and
Have secured th services of a prac
tical mechanic and can j-umautee all
work done by him. Don't .titist vour
work to tiavellinu repair men. Tint
man will be here' permatteiitlv. Re
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Drugs and Jewelry
Information for School Boards
County Superintendent Miss Delhi
Heed bus received u circular giving the
following rule in regurd to the reports
of the s-uhool bo'irds. The meetinub of
all boards of directors are to he held
on the lust Monday in June. The fol
lowing will assist greutly in getting .up
the reports,
1. The eensus report must be made
under oath. Notice that the census
should be reported uurier the item
"number of children in the district be
tween five and t.weuty-one years of
ago " The director's report of census
must be made under oath us required
by law.
:.'. Report Hoys, Girls Total
"Average Daily Attendance" may he
taken from the "Term Summary," ns
recorded in the register, or from the
duplicate Hied witli the couuty superin
tendent. In ull census, enrollment,
und uttenduuee statistics, report boys,
girls, total.
3.- Joint District. In the case of a
ioiut district, wire should be taken to
report the "Census" of only that part
ot the district which lies within vour
county: and the report for such joint
disttielof finances, indebtedness, en
rollment, etc., in short ull items except
the ''census' should, to prevent dupli
cation in our table of statistics, be re
ported only from the couuty in which
the school house is located, or if there
be no school house in the district, from
the county iu which the director re
sides. 4. Summary. Make report of 'Gen
eral Statistics" in figures, and exact.
Do not Use "some", "but fev", "nearly
all," uud such indefinite terms.
5. New Library Law, The School
Library Law thut becume effective in
July, l'.t07, provides tha the school
board or the school trustees of every
school district within thW state shall
set aside uiiuuully fioui the general
funds collected for the ue of the dis
trict the sum of ten cents per pupil, to
be Invested annually in books other
thau the reirulur text boalts.
0. Kecouuneuded List of Hooks for
Libraries. Attention Is called to the
'Twenty-five Hooks Hecommeiided for
a Kurul School Library for 11M0-1I," In
bulletin No. 0, which hits recently been
issued by this department. A sutticieut
number of copies of this Hulletiu will
be sent to county snperinteudeuts to
pluce oue in the bunds of every teacher
in Xebrusku. Any teacher or school
officer who fails to secure a copy of
Bulletin No. (j may secure one from the
county superintendent, or by address
ing the state superintendent,
7. Graded Schools. The new uuuuul
report blanks which are belug prepar
ed bj this department cull fur addition
al information In regard to graded
schools. -I'lider this head couuty
superintendents uie requested to report
fur each of the graded schools of their
respective counties, tl) Total number
of pupils enrolled in grades from 1 to 8
inclusive ('J) Total uumber of pupils
enrolled in the high school. (3) The
number ot graduates for the current
jurur, giving in each case boys, girls,
s Slate Aid to Weult School 1)1-
fhpp opriutiog $?'. lion to aid weak t
VI I Ha liCIIMU IIICMin ,j(jmwv ...
hViiooi tiis'i'i ., the purpose ui
ptwvidi n a ira'-t tiw monttisot seh.ul
J Anffistart your I
u 1 ih tit y
in all districts of the state that are un
able to malutuin the same out of their
own resources with a legally qualified
teacher. Districts formed since March
29. lUO'J. containing less than twenty
sections of laud are not allowed state
uid under the provisions of this law.
Districts that expect to qualify for
state uid. should, at the anutml meet
ing, vote to hold at least five months
of school, and also vote school tuxes iu
un amount equal to 35 mills on the
dollar of assessed valuation. Count
superintendents are required under the
law to make their reports to the stute
superintendent on or bclnre the second
Monday in October, hein-e school (I'f
trlct otllcers should niaitc their reports
us soon after the annual meetiug ua
possible iu order that the eniny
superintendent may have time to audit
the accounts of such '"KM-iets and flic
the same with this department withju
the time prescribed by law. The next
apportionment of tne ate aid fund
will be made December "JO, 1UIU
tf. Ortiflc'ition -A special examination
for life certificates -mi couuty certlfl
cates wnl be offered on- Wednesa,.
July 27, and Thursdav; July 28. No
examination iu life eertiHc ite subjects
will be offered at the time of the regu
lar July examination, July l,r uud lit.
Questions will be sent to all county
superiuteudents. The examination
will be at the option of the county
superintendent. Those who desire to
give this examination will make the
needed local announcement, and will
give Friday's program on Wednesday
aud Saturday's program on Thursdav.
EC. HISUOl, State Supt.'
Juno II, llUO .
One of the First Factories
Iu mentioning Alliance's manufact
uring establishments, the lu)t would
not be complete without naming Louis
Buechseiihteiu's cigar iactoiy at 213
Box Butte avenue, tie not only lias a
ldige home patronage, but his goods
are sold iu quite a number of other
tonus iu this part of the west, including
Crawford, Nebr., Hdgemont uud Hot
Springs, S. D.. aud on the Guernsey
line as far west as' Torringtou, Wyo.
Mr. Busecsenstein came to this city
at the very beginning of its existence
in 1888, establishing the factory which
lie is still running, although the loca
tion has been changed during the
twenty two years since it started. He
is not only interested in his omi busi
ness, but also takes an in tei est in the
vatious enterprises that are designed
to piumote the city's general welfare
uud place it iu the front rank of Ne
braska cities. The people of Alliance
recognize him as one of the leading
business men, fls an indication of which
was his 1 lection to the office f mayor
a few eurs Mtice-
Small Blaze
A gasoline stove used iu the oflice of
Dr. Helville 011 the second floor of the
Bhetnii block exploded Tuesday after
nrwjii. It was thrown out u the win
d w and what might have been a
serious fire averted, The fue depart-
rut responded with mual pr n ptness
& k:
. C.BOn
but luckily there was no work for
Admitted to Bar
We mean by the above that Alliance
has another full-fledged attorney, A.F.
Baldridge having been admitted ' to
practice at Lincoln last week. This
news came as a distinct surprise to
manv of his frieuds who were not
aware that he was planning to apply'
for admission to the bar, although they
kuew that he was familiar with letral
I learning. We predict for Mr. Bald-
ridge a successful career as an at
torney. Married
Miss Edna Barnes and Mr. Frank
M. Vaughn were united iu marriage 011
Sunday afternoon. July igth. by Rev.
Dr. Bogtie at his home in Alliance.
Thev are both popular Alliance people
and The Herald joins in extending con
gratulations to them.
Pref. Hayes Visits Alliance
Prof. D. W. Haves had occasion to
meet with the State Board of Educa
Hon at Chadroy last week, and of
course returned to eastern Nebraska
via Alliance, stopping here for a brief
visit with friends and to attend to some
business matters last Thursday... Ho
and his family will always receive a
most cordial welcome when visiting
this city.
h Hive
The Aifiance Racket Store
210 Box Butte Ave.
Big Stock of
New Goods at
Prices Lower
than Elsewhere
.dafSKnrflfcltW fl
HHRioVtiftr.wCS uHHBBIhi rtSsHflft 1
5.2131 p
VMfcWA'jH'-'-'ir jflwwwi-'