The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, February 03, 1910, Image 2

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1910 1 FEBRUARY fi9K
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A Concrete Block Residence.
A Frame and Cement House.
foundation of Brick, With Hard Wood Floors Esti
mated Cost, About $5,000.
Copyright, 1000, by A. C Edwards, (ilevelind. O.
Ousted Special Agent Still on
Witness Stand.
A Perfect Imitation of Natural Stone Architect'
Estimate of Total Cost, 35,500.
Copyrlflht, 1000, by the Thompson Architectural Compiny. Olein. N. Y.
Asserts That Representatives Klnkald
and McLachlen Held Coal Claims In
Alaska and That Balllnrjer Was At
torney for Fcmer Attack Made on
Land Commissioner Dennett Says
He Bcllcvss Him "Crooked."
Washington, Jan. 31. Louis 11. Ola
vis wns rocnllod nt the resumption of
tho Ralllngor-Plnchot congressional
Investigation committee hearing todaj
for cross-exnmlnntfon by nny of tlio
porsons against whom ho has made
ainvts last day on tho stand wan
full of interest. It dovelopod tho anl
.mua which long has existed between
tho land ofllco ami the forestry bureau
and the resentment- tho land olllco
people felt when Glavls called in "tho
forestry," aa they called it.
Tho witness declared that Repre
sentative McLachlnn of California and
Iloprescntnljvo Kinlcnld of Nebraska
wcro interested in Alaskan claims,
nnd that Bollinger, after becoming
commissioner of tho land office, had
acted as attorney for Klnkald.
Qlavls asserted tbat Dallinger had
suggested to him not to pursue an In
vestigation ngalnst Congressman Mc
Lachlnn, saying thoro had "been too
milch of that sort of thing in tho past."
"When, towards tho end of his testi
mony, dlavjB watf asked tho direct
question, if he thought Socrotary Dal
linger and Commissioner of tho Lnud
Ofllco Dennett wore in league to do
wrong In tho Alnsknn cases, lie re
plied: "Well, 1 thought the cases
would bo better protected wltn tliem
out of the way."
Glavis' ottnok seomed to center
more on Commissioner Dennott. He
snid he became convinced in the sum
mer or 1900 that "Dennett was
'crooked,' " and took Bteps to secure
curbon copies of letters Donnett was
writing back to Washington. Sovernl
of those letters were introduced in
Miners Favor General Strike If Oper
ators Refuse Increase.
IndiunnpoUs, Jan. 31. Ono of the
greatest Industrial battles in the I1I3
tory of tho "United States Impends, In
tho belief of tho lenders of tho United
Mino Workers of America. The, con
vention of the organization, which has
been in session in this city for wo
weoks, w.111 adjourn tonight and It i
probable that a majority or tho l.luj
delegates Immediately will depart for
Toledo for tho joint conference with
tho bituminous coal mine owners of
western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indi
ana, which will open tomorrow,
Thia C0UH.101H.U is Hiiei.lut.iil) fur
the purpose of negotiating a w j; con
tract for these districts, to go, into et
feet April 1. Out as the trl-statu con
tract 1 to be tho basis of uniform
contracts in nil tho other districts ot
tho United States nnd Canada, It may
be determined that most of all the soft
coal miners' representatives nssomolad
Lore should take part In tho Tclouo
Tho operators, according to reports,
will nol yield to tho miners' demands
for nn Increase .In wages, and some of
them have tuken the btand that oco
nomlc conditions warrant a decrease.
Tho sentiment of the national minors"
union Is unanimously for a general
strike If tho operators refuse an In
crease In wagcB of at least 10 per cent.
Explorer Holds Conference With New
York Banker.
Now York, Jan. 31. Commander
Peary had a conference with Jncob H.
Schiff, the banker, Peary said recent
ly that he would be glad to give his
advisory services to an Antarctic ex
pedition. Ho would not discuss his
conference with Sir. Schiff.
Tomorrow uovernor Hughes will
present a purse of $10,000 raised by
New Yorkers to Commander Penry,
as a national testimonial. The exer
cises are to be held under the auspices
of the Civic Federation.
Men of Northwest, It Is Said, Will Re.
turn to Work Next Monday.
Minneapolis, Jan. 31. Ono week
from today the bwltchmen of the
northwest, who have been on a strike
since Nov. 30, will return to work.
Practically all the strikers will be In
their old places. Thoy will resume
work with the wage question unsst
tied, but they will be governed by the
figures agreed upon In the Chicago
compromise conference.
Retired Official of Methodist Church
Dies in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Jan. 31. Bishop C. D.
Foss, retired, of the Methodist Epis
copal church, ono of the best known
clergymen 'n the country, died in tho
Hahnemann hospital, from a stroke of
paralysis, which seized him while rid
ing in a trolley car Jan. 18.
California lowans to Meet.
Artesla, Cal., Jan. 31. The Iowa as
soclatlon of southern California will
bold its annual picnic Feb. 22 at East
lake park, Los Angeles.
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Actor Being Sued for Divorce At
tempts Double Murder.
Chicago, Jan. 31. After shooting his
wife, Mrs. Alcta Scrvoss Dames, in
tiio head and his mother-in-law, Mrs.
Mary Servoss, in tho chest and fight
ing off two determined women who
clinched with him despite Ills rovolvor,
E. Waltor Ilarnos, Itinerant actor and
railroad man, mado his escape from
tho Hotel Wychmero and' Is now
sought by tho police.
This is Bald to bo the third tlmo In
five weeks Dames has placed his
wlfo'B life in jeopardy. Thoy wore
married alx months ago.
Mrs. Dames and Mrs. SorvoBs nro
at St. Luke's hospital. Tho wife was
hit by n bullet which entered behind
tho loft enr, after wounding tho left
hand, which she had instinctively
raised when Darnes leveled his re
volver. Tho bullet hns not been
found, but ns its course was toward
tho mouth, sho Is expected to recover.
Tho condition of Mrs. Scrvoss is con
sidered serlouB. Tho bullet, which
pierced' her right chest, has not been
locntod. Jealousy ot his wife, who
had filed suit for divorce and refused
a reconciliation, Is said to bo tho
cause of Dnrnes' attack.
One County Still Owing for Free Dlo
trlbutlon of Seed Made In 1895.
Topekn, Jnn. 31. Only one county
remains that has not paid up tho full
amount of its seed grain account with
the state. This is Soward county,
which owe3 $575.40. Haskell county
puld in last week $1G(!,11, tho amount
of Its debt to this fund.
In 1895 there were hard times In
Knnsns and many farmerB In tho west
ern part of tho Btato could not buy
seed wheat to saw. The legislature
appioprlated $100,000 to buy seed
grain. Tho seed was distributed to
the counties ns desired and' the coun
ties agreeing to pay tho cost and- to
reimburse the state Most of tho
counties paid np within a year or two,
hut Borne of tho western counties hnvo
been dragging along with the fund,
paying part as thoy could.
Rumor In New York That Western
Men Are Cutting Shipments.
Now York, Jan. 29. There was a
widespread understanding among re
tail dealers hero that western packerB
have decided to cut in half their ship
ments of cattlo to this city in an ef
fort to hold tho price of beef. Tho
packers denied it.
"So far as I know," said a repre
sentative of Swift & Co., "no orders
to discontinue luuo been received. Aa
for a reduction in shipments, that
might bo."
On tho other hand tho small deal
ers were equally positive that tho
packerB are only "talking big" and
that If the boycott continues conces
sions In wholesale prices must come.
Tho family trado In moats through
out tho city continues to dwindle nnd
prices nro fulling in consequence.
Shaft of Cherry Coal Pit Will Be Un
sealed This Week.
Cherry, 111., Feb. 1. Nearly every
woman in Cherry Is drawing her heart
strings tight to undergo the ordeal ot
exhumntlon dxpected this week, fol
lowing tho promised unsealing tomor
row of the St. Paul mine, In which
more than 200 coal miners have lain
entombed biuco Nov. 13, when fire
caused the death of some 350 men.
As It Is not certnln that the fire In
the mine is extinguished, nothing defi
nite toward the recovery of tho bod
ies will bo planned until experts, pro
tected with oxygen helmets, have ex
plored the shaft.
It Is though that about forty bodies
are floating on tho water In tho bot
tom of the mine. More than 200 other
corpses are said to be huddled In tho
second level.
Fatally Follows Meat Boycott in Pitts
burg Boarding House.
Pittsburg, Fob. 1. A dozen for
elgnors discussed the meat boycott at
breakfast In a Mulberry alley board
ing house, and all oxcopt MIc Skovlnc,
a Slav, agreed to eat no meat. Skov
lac, delighted with having the break
fast Btealc to himself, tackled it so
violently (hat he choked to death with
the first mouthful.
Would Enjoin Shirtwaist Strikers.
Philadelphia, Jan. 31. Ono of the
largest manufacturers of shirtwaists
in this city, whoso operatives are on
a Btrlke, applied for an Injunction to
restrain the Ladies' Shirtwaist union
from "picketing."
Slayer to Pay Penalty.
Toledo, Jan. 31. Thirty days after
the tragedy, Joseph J. Mackloy, a
switchman, was convicted of tho mur
der of Caroline Hunt. The jury did
not recommend mercy and tho penalty
Is death.
Three Officers Ousted for Using Club.
Now York. Jan. 29. Commissioner
Onker of tho police department dis
missed three men fiom the force for
brutal assaults upon citizens.
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This plan has been built from on a fifty foot front ami can be accommo
dated to n forty-five foot plot. The house shown in the photograph Is frame,
with tho second story covered with cement plastered panels. Dlntng room
la finished in Flemish onk, beamed celling, living room in birch, stained ma
hogany. Entrance hall, vestibule and stairway finished In golden oak nnd
kitchen In Georgia pine, natural. First story floors parquet except the kitchen,
which Is in mnple. Second floor flulsh is white enamel, mahogany and da.
oak, with plain oak floors. Plumbing, lighting nnd heating fixtures nnd nppu
rntus nro up to date. Contract price. $4,000. A. C. EDWARDS. Architect
Lawyer Will Aid Independent Men In
Standard Oil Fight.
Minneapolis, Jan. 31. Frank B.
Kellogg, who fought tho Standard Oil
company for the government, Is being
corsldered by the legislative commit
tee of tho Independent Petroleum
Marketers' association, as one of their
lawyers If thoy assail tho trust In the
courts in suits for damages.
The anti-trust campaign will be car
ried on with the housewives through
the local doalors. Huge placards, with
tho inscription, "Antitrust 0.11 sold
hero," will bo sent to every dealer
who handles the Independent product
Literature will bo given him to ais
tribute among housewives.
Doctors to Seek Proof' That Vaughan
Was Poisoned.
Monroe City, Mo., Jan. 31. Follow
Ing a conference of rolatlves and
friends of Professor J. T. Vnughnn,
Including his wife. It was announced
by J. H. Whltecotton, attorney for
Mrs. Vaughan, that her husband's
body will bo oxhumed this week.
Vaughan died last October at Kirks
vllle and the body will be exhumed
to determine whether he died from
poisoning or from natural causes.
Clark Vaughan, a brother of Prore3sor
Vaughan, said: "The statement that
the Vaughan family opposed exhuming
the body Is Incorrect. Wo have never
opposed It nor urged It, but now de
sire It"
Artist Christy's Wife Losea Suit.
Zanesvillo, O., Jan. 29.Probato
Judge II. C. Smith handed down his
dorlslon in tho famous Christy case, In
which Mrs. Howard Chandler Christy
sought, by habeas corpua proceedings,
to secure the custody of tholr daugh
ter, Natalie. The court awarded the
child to the father, Howard Chandler
Best Equipped, Most UptoDate Exclusive
Meat Market in Western Nebraska
Shop open from 6:30 a. m. to 7 p. m.; Saturday and pay days
open till 9 p. m.; not open on Sunday during winter
Prompt Attention to Phone Orders
We purchase good dressed beef and pork in the carcass. Call
at our shop before selling
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Vrtu-J. II
The orrntmentnl design shown with faithful detail in tho photograph wot
originally built from at Little Valley. N. Y. The color of tho block is imita
tion of Medina sandstone and is often taken for genuine by persons well
acquainted with the natural stone. Size 28.0 by 43.0 without bay; 33.8
by 40.8 feet with bay and without veranda. The first floor has five good sized
rooms besides the hall. The room back of the living room enn be nsed either
for library or bedroom. Second floor has four bedrooms with ample closet
room. This residence can be constructed for about $5,500, including heatlug,
lighting and plumbing.
I. W. Herman, Prop.
Miss Rose C Herman
Cashier and Bookkeeper
Jos. Skala, . Meat Cutter
Jake H. Herman Stock Buyer
Louis Skala ( Sausatemakers
John Herman ) and Butchers
Wm. C Herman Delivery Boy
Day Cunningham Delivery Boy
Phone 131
Residence Phone, 375
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