The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, April 30, 1908, Image 8

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    VlltSH, .
We are Receiving Orders From all Over the State
Get in now while the going is good ! !
WHISKEY Former Prjce How Cut to
Kentucky Dew, per gal.
Sharpe Rye, per gal.
Calvert Rye, per gal.
Cognac, per gal.
Apricot, per gal.
Orange, per gal.
Blackberry, pergal.
Gin, per gal.
Angelica, per gal.
Port, per gal.
Sherry, per gal.
Tokay, per gal.
Few broken packages bottled Wines, 35 to 50 cents
jal. $4'5-
t , 3-oo
j J!
' ' $4.00
4 l4 . , 4'00
' v . '
t 1 " $3 00
All Case Goods, bottled in bond, from $8 to $9 per case in case lots
Broken Packages Whiskey, from 70c to $1.10
Limited Amount
Budweiser quarts
on hand. Will close them out at
(?? OS Per
7 J 9j& J case
These goods are all strictly first-class
We have no Junk to sell
1 s
.3 ,
. , S- 'fl-iif-
Prices Strictly Cash
The secret of a
fine foot is f ar more
in its dressing than
in its size or shape.
The Krippendorf
Oxfords gives the
foot just that trim
you so much de-
sire. 1 ry a pair.
$2.50 to $5
Estray Notice.
Want to know who claims horses
branded "T on right thigh.
R, M. Hampton.
railway notes and personals i
Operator F. Pierson is on the sick
Brnkcman G. P. Ehrhardt thas left
the service.
J. J. Fay lias been transferred to
Dcadwood as car inspector. '
Roadmaster D. E. Lynch of Edge
niont was in the city Tuesday.
E. M. Gregg' and family are visiting
fiiends at Lakeside this week.
Drakcman G. H. Young is spending
a few days in Scottsbluff with relatives.
G. H. Wright will leave in a few
days for a brief pleasure trip to Denver.
Mrs. W. E. Janes left Monday for a
few weeks visit with her parents in
Lyons, Colo.
L. H. Mosher left Tuesday on 44 for
Omaha to attend a meeting of the
Knight Templars.
Engineer C. 15. Gibson and wife are
spending a few days in Denver this
week with relatives.
Engineer A. H. Robbins and family
arc on an extended visit with friends
and relatives in Aurora. ,
Superintendent L. 13. Allen is mak
ing an inspection trip over the Sheri
dan division this week.
E. P. Bracken passed through Alli
ance on 41 Sunday from Brookficld,
Mo., to make arrangements to move
family from Sheridan, Mr. Bracken
was formerly superintendent at Sheri
dan and is now superintendent at
Conductor L. T. Halvesstadt has
been transferred to Ravenna, and has
moved his family to that place.
H. E. Geist, stenographer in the
foreman's office, spent a few days in
Denver last week, returning Tuesday.
Brakeman A. H. Davis has taken a
sixty days leave of absence and will
make au extended trip to the coast go
ing via Seattle.
L. Bartlett iu in. Chicago this week
attending a meeting of the operating
officers to be held Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday.
Engineer M. F. Nolan sustained a
very severe sprained ankle last Satur
day. Mr. Nolan made the trip to Ra
District Court.
The regular spring term of court will
convene on Monday, May 18. There
are about forty cases on the docket,
eighteen of which are equity and fore
closure cases and eight actions for
divorce. The latter are:
Minnie C. Sward vs. Carl August
Emil Sward
"A Woman of Mystery."
An intensely inttesting and facinate
ing drama in the Phelan opera house,
Friday night, May 1.
Alliance is fortunate in seeming a
company of such merit as the one under
direction of Mr. Roy D. Way who pre
sents the noted English actress Miss
Courtenay Morgan with ail able com-
William M.Wilson vs. Mis'souri Anna I l,an'often P,a'ers in tlie dutiful
iUon. I diama A Woman of Mystery" in the
Phelan opera house Friday night, May
Amelia Johnson vs. Emmet Johnson.
Myrtle L. Robinson vs. Clarence J.
Helena Ridgell vs. William S. Ridgell.
Edna A. Maycock vs. Thos. G. May
cock. Mary Helebrant vs. Frank Helebrant.
Celia R. Zimmerman vs. George E.
venna' and back and is now resting . J, H. Vaughan.
S. H. Desch.
J Jataes Dougherty.
Jos. Henricks.
A. P. Brown.
for , C. W. Spacht.
Newcastle to pay Mr. Severn's parents j Gard Nelson.
Fireman H. J. Severns and wife were
in the city a few days the first of the
week and left on 41 Wednesday
Hereford Bulls
1 have a Car of Registered Hereford
Bulls in Alliance which will be sold at
the Checkered Front Barn. These are
strictly high-grade animals. Come and
look them over.
a visit.
'B. C. Anderson returned Monday on
43 from a brief trip to Lincoln and
Omaha. Ben witnessed a few base
ball games while there and says he
thinks Lincoln will win thn nnnnant
this year.
Five cars of company coal was de
railed at Northport Tuesday afternoon,
in a freight train coming north in
charge of Conductor Ayres. The cause
of the accident s as yet unknown but
is presumed that some ot the brake
rigging broke and dropped on the rails
causing the accident.
A large number of persons braved
the windstorm of last Sunday and
walked across the viaduct to the round
house to get a glimpse of the new Mal
let compound encii.e No. iqoG. This
engine has twelve drive wheels with
two cylinders on each side and weighs
353 tons and will be used as a helper
engine on Crawford hill. The shop
men were obliged to disconnect the
tank in order to get the engine into the
roundhouse. Engine 1007 of the same
type arrived here Tuesday. These en
gines will be eenumbered into the class
"T" series of the"Q" and will the 4001
and 4002. ,wwwwvwwww.
Card of Thanks,
Harry Kelley.
Ed. Curry.
Peter Swanson.
C. S Danforth.
J. S. Kaper.
C. E. Phillips.
Ralph T. Watson.
Harry Highland.
Chas. A, Posvar.
O. L. Drake.
W. S. Acheson.
R. H. West.
H. S. Raymond.
Chris Boness,
Emery Abley.
Eugene Sights.
F. N. Young.
1. This is one of Mille Bernhard's
gieat successes which has thrilled
audiences of thousands of people
throughout all parts of the civilized
world and it will be faithfully repro
duced in Alliance Friday night, hand
somely mounted and gorgeously cos
tumed. It is a beautiful playy, a beau
tiful story and has a strong caste to
present it properly. Those failing to
attend will miss a treat in the line of a
high-class drama. Prices have been
reduced to 75, 50 and 35 cents with a
special rate of 25 cents for children. It
is specially requested that those hav
ing small babies will arrange for some
one to care for them at home, should
they desire to attend, for this is a play
that is intensely facinating and any dis
traction will spoil the play for any one
desirous of getting the full effect from
It. .ww
Well Drilling.
I am now prepared to put down tubu
lar wells, deep or shallow. Satisfaction
gnaranteed. For further information
inquire at The Herald office or of
Robert Littick,
Long Lake, Neb.
The Star Store
Highlanders Will Dance.
The Royal Highlanders will celebrate
the eleventh anniversary of the order
in, Alliance with a grand ball in the
opera house next Monday evening,
May 4. An admission of only 25 cents
will be charged to defray expenses and
a cordial invitation is extended to all.
Music by Kelly's orchestra.
A. S. Bent
We desire to return our smcerest
thanks to the many kind friends aud
neighbors who so kindly assisted us at
the time of the illness and death of our
beloved daughter, Esther Marian.
Mr. and Mrs, E. M. Gregg.
Weekly Report of Payments Toward
the Erection of the School Building.
Following is the amount of money
received for the Sisters' Academy and
bywhom paid. Much of this is only
part payment of subscriptions. The
committee is now out collecting and the
amount received will be published
Previously acknowledged, S7t7'55
Jack Barry 10.00
W. L, McNamara 100.00
Kettle River Stone Co 50.00
A few hints from Alliance's bargain center. Never
were we better prepared to take care of your wants at
prices much less than you are accustomed to pay.
Amoskeag staple check ginghams regular i2c value, our low price a yd 7c
Fancy dress ginghams sold by many stores at 15c. our low price a yd 1
Very best standard prints, black, blue, red and gray worth 7c, our low
price a yd Be.
Good unbleached towling 15c value, our low price a yd 10c.
Good glass towling worth I2c, our low price a yd 10c
Extra heavy huck towels wotrh 65c a pair, our low price each 19c, a pair 35c.
Most complete line of back and side combs, hat pins,
sash pins, belt buckles, belt pins; veil pins, cuff pins
and hand bags ever shown and at prices astonishingly
low. jf & & & Come and see them
The Star Store
Special Sale
Dress hats. A nice line of "Merry Widows" just re
ceived. Lakies' Skirts, and all the latest styles in
Mexican drawn work.
mrs. smnoNs