The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, December 30, 1904, Image 2

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T. J. O'Keefo, Publisher.
A colony of 5,000 Italians Is to lo
cato In Missouri.
Slight oarthquako shocks havo
been felt In portions of Panama.
Thcro Is much typhoid among Ger
man troops In Southeast Africa.
Total pnhl admissions to tho
Woild's fair 12.80 1.C1C.
Tho Stool Bolt association In Now
York has decided to ndvanco tho
prlco of bolts ?i per ton.
Much of tho Influx of Immigration
at tho present tlmo is of an uudeslr
ablo character.
King Charles and Queen Amelia
nrrlved at Lisbon on thoJr roturn
from their visits to Great Britain and
A dispatch from Glasgow says tho
Canadian Pacific railroad has ordered
three largo high speed steamships
from Falrchlld & Co.
Tho Nebraska hen Is getting busy
about thrco weeks ahead of tlmo and
ns a result tho prlco of eggs Is de
creasing from day to day.
Gcorgo I Shoup, former United
Slates senator from Idaho, died at his
homo In Boise In his sixty-eighth
year, after an Illness lasting several
Emperor Nicholas has purchased
tho entlro srlvnto collection of Vcr
cstchagln's pictures, which It was an
nounced had been offered for sulo at
auction, for JGO.000.
Tho Urltlah steamer Tottenham has
been chartered at San Francisco to
railroad building material to Chemul
po to bo used In ropalrlng tho Harbin
branch of tho Siberian railroad.
President Hoosovelt has accepted an
Invitation to attend tho Lincoln day
dinner to bo given by tho republican
club of Now York on February 12.
Tho president will deliver nn nddross.
Tho houso of Hoo-Hoo, which was
erected on tho World's fair grounds
at a cost of $25,000, Is bolng torn
down preparatory to being sent to
Cuba, whero It will bo used as a
Major E. II. Hardin, who was court
martialcd on n chargo of neglect In
pot having a sufllclcnt guard at Malto
prison, from which thlrty-thrco natlvo
prisoners escaped, was acquitted at
A physician at Rogers, Ark., Is au
thority for tho statement that MIs"b
Carrlo Sawney, residing thrco miles
louthwest of tho city, has abstalncn
from food for forty-eight days with
ao ill offcctH.
At Pittsburg, Pa., Charles M. Reed
f Erlo, supposed to bo a millionaire,
was declared to bo a bankrupt by Jo
seph Dufllngton In tho United States
district court Reed's liabilities aro
nearly $1,000,000
At a special meeting of tho share
holders of tho Grand Trunk railroad
it was agreed to guaranteo tho lssuo
i)f J7.G00.000 I per cent gold bonds for
tho construction of tho Lako Superior
branch of tho road.
Captain John J. Pershing, Flfteonth
ravalry, has been selected by tho war
department as military nttacho at To
klo, Japan, to succeed Lieutenant
Colonel Wood, whoso term of foreign
duty has expired.
Princo Fushlml was entertained In
Now York at tho unlvorslty at a din
ner given by General Stewart L.
Woodford, formerly minister to Spain.
Tho dinner was private and thoro
wero no speeches.
Rev. Frederick W. Pitts of St.
Stephen's Episcopal church, Boston,
has rccolvcd notlco of his appoint
ment as canon of Christ church cath
edral, St. Louis. Ho is undecided as
to his acceptance.
Tho houso committee on lnterslnto
and forolgn commcrco lias authorised
a favorable report on tho Vrccland
bill, making it unlawful to stamp tho
words "United States assay" ou gold
or silver used In arts.
Belgium's national pavilion at tho
World's fair is tho first of tho forolgn
buildings upon which tho work of de
molition has begun. This structure
Is partly of steel, tno framework con
sisting of tnat material.
Tho annul register of tho United
States naval academy for tho year
1904-05 shows tho number of midship
men in tho academy ,to bo 823, tho
largest number In tho institution at
tho end of a scholastic year.
Professor II. K. Wolfe, principal of
the Lincoln, Nob., high school, has
been offered and accepted tho chair
of philosophy and pedagogy at tho
University of Montana. Ho will as
sumo his duties in February.
Tho Italian government has ordered
tho Immedlato execution of those re
pairs upon St. Mark's at Venice,
which aro of an urgent character, and
that everything necessary bo dono to
prevent any damage to tho Basilica.
Gifts amounting to $437,370 wero
announced by President Harper at tho
fifty-third quartorly convocation of tho
Uulverslty of Chicago. John D.
Rockefeller gave $245,000 for current
expenses and $00,000 for Improve
ments to tho heating plant
Tho Harvard university catalogue
for 1904-05, Issued a few days ago,
chows Harvard's registration this
year, exclusive of tho summer school
and Radcllffe college, to bo 4,136, as
compared with 4,328 last year, or a
lots of 192 In tha university.
News in Brief
Total Vote Shows a Decrease of 460,
078 Compared With Four Years Ago
Parker Carried 13 States, Bryan
17, McKlnley 28, Roosevelt 32.
CHICAGO Tho official canvass of
tho votes enst November 8 for presi
dential electors was completed Thurs
day, when tho result was announced
In Minnesota, North Dakota and
Watfilngton. Tho Associated Press
Is thcroforo nblo to present tho first
table giving tho official voto of all
tho forty-flvo states. Tho total voto
is 13,508,490, against 13,908,574 in
1900, a decronsc of 4C0.078.
Tho ballots wero divided as follows:
Roosovelt (Hop.) 7.G27.C32
Parker (Dom.) C.080,054
Debs (Soc.) 391,587
Swallow (Pro.) 2C0.303
Watson (Pop.) 114.G37
Corrogan ,Soc. Labor) 33,453
Holcomb (continental labor) 830
Roosovelt received over all, 1,716,
7C8, and over Parker, 2,517,578. In
1900 McKlnley had IC7.01C moro than
nil tho other candidates, and 859,984
moro than Bryan. Tho voto for
Roosovelt was 409,822 moro than for
McKlnloy, whllo that for Parker was
1,277,772 less than that for Bryan.
McKlnley polled moro votes than
Roosovelt In Alabama, Georgln, Ken
tucky, Louisiana, Mnlno, Maryland,
Mississippi, New Hampshire, North
Carolina, South Cnrolina, Tcnncsseo,
Toxas and Virginia. Roosevelt got
moro than McKlnloy In tho other
thirteen states.
Parker received moro than Bryan
In Delaware, Georgia, Mississippi,
New Jersey, Now York, Rhodo Island,
South Carolina and West Virginia,
whllo Bryan got moro than Parker In
tho remaining thirty-seven states.
Tho republicans mndo gains over
their voto In 1900 In thirty-two states
and tho official figures show losses In
thirteen. Tho totnl gains of tho re
publicans woro 732,048, pnd tho total
losses, 312,219; making tho net gain
Tho democrats polled moro votes In
eight Btatcs than In 1900, but less In
thirty-seven. Their total gains wero
80,792 and tho total losses 1,291,101;
net loss 1.2G0.G99.
Roosovolt carried thirty-two states,
against twenty-eight for McKlnley,
and has 33G (ocloral votes under tho
apportionment of 1900. McKlnley
had 292 under tho apportionment of
1890, thcro having boon nn addition of
twenty-nlno by tho lust apportion
ment. Parker carried thirteen Btates,
against seventeen by Bryan, and has'
140 electoral votes., Bryan had 1G5
under tho apportionment In forco In
Watson received his largest vote In
Georgia, tho total voto of that Bta'c
being 22.GGI, with 20.508 In Nebraska,
being nearly one-third of his agre
gate, 114.C37. Barker polled 50,218 In
Tho prohibition voto In 1900 was
20S.791, in November 2G0.303, a gain
of G1.512.
Russian Reports Say 203-Meter Hill Is
Again In Their Possession.
patkln has telegraphed to tho general
staff that ho has received a report
from Chlncso sources to tho effect
that tho Russians havo recaptured
203-Meter hill at Port Arthur, with
the guns mounted by tho Japanese.
Kuropatkln's dispatch, which Is
dated Dec. 31, also reports further
reconnolssanco of boti. tho Russians
and Japanese, but ?ays they were not
productive of Impoitant results.
Tho weather at tho front Is sunny
and tho thermometer registers 14 de
grees fahrenheit.
The war office has no additional In
formation regarding General Kuropat
kln's report that tho Russians havo
recaptured 203-Meter hill, but tho offi
cials consider It certain that tho com-mnnder-In-chlof
would not havo sent
tho report unless It camo through ex
ceptionally reliable channels.
Deputy Sheriff Among Those Adjudg
ed Guilty of Contempt.
DENVER Tho supremo court ad
judged Leonard Rogers, William G.
Adams, Louis Hamburg and Thomas
Kinsley guilty of contempt for con
duct In tho second precinct of tho
Seventh ward In this city at the re
cent election in violation of tho court's
Injunctive order. Each was glvon a
Jail sentence and a fine.
Tho court announced that tho evi
dence showed that Rogers, Adams and
Hamburg had prevented tho appoint
ment of a republican clerk, and Kins
ley had ejected tho supremo court
watcher from tho polls. Rogers is a
deputy Blierlff and was a candidate on
tho democratic ticket for the stato
senate Kinsley Is a prize lighter
Needed Money Is In Sight.
COLUMBUS, O. Tho executlvo
committee of tho American Anti
Saloon lcaguo closed Its mooting hero
yesterday after laying plans to oxtend
tho organization Into districts which
havo not horotoforo been ponotrated.
It was announced that tho loaguo now
has In sight sufficient funds to carry
out all its plans for tho coming year.
John G. Wooloy of Chicago was pres
ent and submitted a proposition to
consolidate all tho temperance papers
of tho country, which was taken under
The President Committed to Railroad
WASHINGTON Prosldent Rooso
volt discussed with several callers the
proposed legislation regarding tho
question of railroad freight rebates
and tho qucsUon of empowering the
Intcrstnto commerco commission with
nuthorlty to adjust freight rates
whero found to bo excessive Among
thoso who talked with tho president
wero Secretary Morton and E. P.
Bacon, chairman of tho executive
committee of tho Interstate commerce
Tho prosldent Is anxious that legis
lation In tho Interest of shippers be
onnctcd nt tho earliest possible dato
and tho matter has been conslderea
by him with many of his recent call
ers. It was stated by ono of tho
president's callers that Attorney Gen
eral Moody now was engaged In tho
preparation of a bill which, substan
tially, would embody tho views of tho
administration on tho question, and
that tho mea8uro would bo presented
to congress probably soon nftcr tho
holiday recess. Tho president has
announced that tho bill ho is willing
to Hupport must ho fair to both tho
railroads and tho people. Ho believes
that tho Initial steps toward tho de
sired legislation should bo taken at
tho present session of congress, and,
If possible, that the legislation pro
posed Bhould be crystallzed Into law
nt tills time.
Senator Heyburn of Idaho had an
extended talk with tho president on
tho subject of federal chnrtcrs for
corporations doing nn Interstate com
merco business. Tho senator Indi
cated his Intention to Introduce in
tho senate after tho holiday recess a
mcasuro providing for tho Incorpora
tion under United States laws of all
corporations. Tho bill as prepared
by Senator Heyburn will provide that
corporations now In existence must
tako out federal charters and that
such corporations as may bo organ
ized thereafter shall Incorporate under
federal laws. All such corporations
will bo under tho supervision of tho
department of commerco and labor
through tho bureau of corporations.
The bill has not boon matured thor
oughly yet, but Senator Heyburn
hopes to havo It ready for Introduc
tion Immediately after tho holidays.
Meanderlngs of Old Muddy Cannot
Take It Away.
WASHINGTON Tho supremo court
of the United States decided tho boun
dary caso between tho states of Mis
souil and Nebraska In favor of tho
stato of Nebraska. The caso Involved
tho question as to whether a change
of tho course of tho Missouri river
had tho effect of changing land which
had theretofore been on the west side
of tho river, to the east side of tho
river, from tho jurisdiction of Ne
braska to tho jurisdiction of Missouri,
but tho court held that it did not. Tho
opinion wns by Justice Harlan, hold
ing thnt tho boundary must remain In
tho mlddlo of the old channel as be
foro tho change.
Tho tract of land thnt caused tho
controversy is known as MeKisIck's
Island, lying between Nemaha county,
Nebraska, and Atchison county, Mis
souri. The controversy originated In
18G7. Previous to that year tho is
land wns regarded as Indisputably In
Nebraska. Tho river at that point was
in tho shnpo of an ox yoko, and on
tho night of July 5 of that year tho
water broke across tho land lying in
ono of tho bendB, thus throwing tho
land on tho east, Instead of tho west
sldo, of tho livor. The claim was
made by tho Nebraska authorities that
this was made by the digging of a
In his opinion Justlco Harlan ex
pressed his opinion ndmlttlng that con
gress had not Intended by its act ad
mitting Missouri into tho union to
change tho established rule and mako
tho varying channels of the Missouri
river tho western boundary of that
'Missouri," ho added, "does not dls
puto tho fact that when Nebraska was
admitted Into tho union tho body of
land described In tho present record
as McKl8slck's island, or Island pre
cinct, wns In Nebraska. It Is equally
clear that these lands did not cease
to bo within tho limits of Nebraska
by reason of tho subject nvulslon."
Tho final decreo U postponed pre
pared for thirty days to allow tho Mis
ourl and Nebraska authorities to
agroo as to tho location of tho center
of the old channel.
After the Beef Combine.
KANSAS CITY Horbort Knox
Smith, acting commissioner of corpo
rations of tho department of com
merce and labor, has written to ',
number of Kansas City meat dealers
for additional testimony regarding tho
operations of tho local packers who
are members of tho alleged beef com
bine. A representative of tho depart
ment was horo recently gathering sta
tistics from tho local butchers.
Nebraska Pension Bills.
WASHINGTON Every member of
tho Nobraska delegation has Intro
duced many pension bills during the
congress which will close March 4
with satisfactory roflults. Tho fow
bills which havo parsed this month
woro soma of tho holflovers introduced
last winter. It 13 sijfo to predict that
nono of tho ponslop bills Introduced
this month will ass .botW houses
this session, and n that caso every
bill Introduced thps session must bo
reintroduced nexrf winter. Possibly a
very meritorious Iblll may succeed.
Alleges that the Bureaus of the Com
missioner of Corporations Furnish
Means by Which People Engaged
In Interstate Business Can Be Con
trolled. WASHINGTON Tho first annual
report of tho commissioner of corpora
tions wns submitted to congress Wed
nesday by Commissioner Garfield. Ho
says no satisfactory reform Is to be
expected under tho state system of
Incorporation; thnt tho federal govern
ment has at Its command sufficient
power to remedy existing conditions
In Its control of interstate commerce.
Ho therefore BUggosts that congress
consider tho advisability of enacting a
law for tho legislative regulation of
Interstate and forolgn commerco tin
der a license of franchise, which In
general Bhould provide as follows:
"Tho granting of a federal franchiso
or license to engage In Interstate com
merce. "Tho Imposition of all necessary re
quirements ns to corporato organiza
tion and management ns a condition
of tho retention of such franchises or
"The prohibition o? all corporations
and corporato agencies from engag
ing In lntcrstato and foreign com
merco without such federal franchiso
or license.
"Tho full protection of tho grantees
of such franchise or license who obey
tho laws applicable thereto.
"Tho right to rcfuso or withdraw
such franchiso or license In caso of
violation of law, with appropriate right
of judicial appeal to pi event ahuso of
power by the administrative officers."
Commissioner Garfield says tho
bureau under tho direction of the sec
retary of commerce and labor, affords
tho npproprlote machinery for tho ad
ministration of such a law.
Resolution in House Calling for In
formation. WASHINGTON Representative
Bartholdt (Mo.), In accordanco with
the action of tho international peace
congress at Boston, requesting him to
Introduce a resolution in congress
calling for certain statistics relative
to tho cost of wars, Introduced a con
current resolution instructing tho sec
retary oi commerce and labor to col
lect and compile statistics on tho cost
of wars In all countries from 1800
down to tho present time; the amount
pftd for pensions, and other allow
ances to soldlors and sailors engaged
In such wars; tho amount paid to hos
pitals and retreats for disabled sol
diers and sailors; tho amount of prop
erty destroyed in such wnrs by land
and sea; tho additional cost of main
taining armies and navies In time of
peace, to each nation during that
period; an approximate estimate of
tho indirect expenses and damages by
such wars to the health and prosper
ity of each nation resulting from such
wnrs, and tho number of killed, wound
ed and disabled ou each sldo during
such wars. Tho resolution provides
that tho statstlcs bo printed and dis
tributed under the direction of con
gress in tills and other countries, as
preliminary to an international pcaco
congress to bo held In Washington or
Tho Hague, July 0, 190G.
Encouraging Report From General
In Philippines.
WASHINGTON Brigadier General
lUinnnll commanding the department
of Luzon, Phillpplno islands, in his
annual rerort to tho war department
says that tho general health of the
troops Is excellent, the dtsnppcaranco
of cholera having romoved one of tho
greatest sources of anxiety. The Im
proved health conditions nro said to
bo duo to tho construction of new
posts, tho absenro of hard field ser
vice, tho drinking of distilled water
and enforced nbstlncnco from native
fruits and uncooked vegetables. It is
recommended that continuous servlco
in tho Philippines bo limited to two
years in order to avert nervous break
down which is said to bo quite com
mon among tho white troops in tho
Wants Better Examinations.
WASHINGTON Announcement
was made at tho stato department
Thursday that tho govornment has for
tho second tlmo called upon Venezuela
to explain tho arbitrary expulsion
from that country of A. F. Jaurette,
n newspaper man nt Caracas, Tho
first explanation offered by President
Castro was altogether unsatisfactory.
England Annexes Islands.
SYDNEY, N. S. W. Two British
warships havo sailed for the Tonga
Islands with tho purpose, it is an
nounced, of annexing them.
Mrs. Powell Not Guilty.
WAYNE, Neb. District court is In
session this week. Judgo Boyd pre
siding. Tho caso of tho Stato vs.
Mrs. Kemp Powell, In which tho de
fendant is charged with an attempt to
murdor her husband by shooting him
with a revolvor at thoir home four
teen miles southwest of Wayno, about
five months ago, inflicting a danger
ous wound, was heard. Mr Powell
was taken to tho hospital at Omaha,
where under medical aid he recovered.
Mrs. Powell was acquitted.
Men In High Places Said to Be In
volved. WASHINGTON Tho Post says:
Senator Mitchell and Represcntatlvo
Blnger Hnrmann of Oregon left Wash
ington last night for Portland to ap
pear before the federal grand Jury and
faco charges which they have been
advised Implicated them in Oregon
land frauds.
Both Senator Mitchell and Mr. Har
mann declare In most positive terms
that they aro absolutely Innocent and
havo nothing to fear from returning
to Oregon. Both assert with equal
posltlveness that tho time has come
when "this outrageous persecution
must stqp." They will Insist upon their
right to go before the grand jury and
mako answer to all charges that may
bo mado against them, confident that
they will bo able to establish thoir
Innocence. They expect to havo a
hearing on Saturday.
When asked last night why ho had
decided to return to Portland at this
tlmo after declining to go as a wit
ness when summoned by subpoenas a
week ago, Senator Mitchell said:
"I was advised yesterday by tele
grams from Portland thnt It was re
ported there that Puter, Watson and
others of tho gang had mado confes
sions implicating me and that there
would be an effort mado to Indict mo
and Hermann before the Jury which
meets tomorrow. A week ago, when
I was called as a witness, I had no
intimation that it was claimed that I
was Implicated In any way and I did
not feel It my duty to go and sacrifice
public business, but tho moment I was
advised that I was being attacked
personally I concluded I was Justified
In sacrificing public business and
everything else to go and defend my
character against assaults that I know
to bo without any foundation what
ever." Senator Mitchell sent this telegram
yesterday to District Attorney Hall
and Assistant Attorney General
"I will bo In Portland next Satur
day. I demand thorough Investigation
before giand jury of all charges, if
any, against me. I also demand right
to appear as witness before grand
Representative Hermann before
leaving mado this statement:
"Information having been received
thnt there was a probability that an
attempt would be made to lnvolvo
Senator Mitchell and myself In tho
grand jury Investigation as to land
frauds In Oregon. I believe It to bo
my duty to proceed to Portland and
there ask tho privilege of meeting any
charges which may be preferred."
Both Senator Mitchell and Mr. Her
mann say, continues the Post, that i-o
movement against them has been dl
roced by Secretary Hitchcock and at
tribute it to his personal hostility to
ward them.
Two Members of Executive Board of
National Association Discharged.
WASHINGTON Postmaster Gener
al Wynne on Wednesday removed two
more rural carriers for alleged efforts
to influence legislation, tho employes
being H. E. Nlvln of Berthold, Colo.,
and J. W. Whitehead of Medina, O.
Nlvln Is chairman of the executlvo
board of tho National Rural Carriers'
association. Whitehead also is a mem
ber of tho executive board and Is sec
retary of tho Ohio stato organization
ot. the carriers. The executive board
held a meeting In St. Louis, as tho re
suit of whose instructions President
Cunningham of tho association is said
to havo called ou the members of the
national committee of both the re
publican and democratic parties to as
certain what support they would give
to tho Interest of tho carriers. The
plans for this organization carried on
before tho November election by
President Cunningham and Secretary
TuniDcr, both of whom wero recently
dlsmls-ed as tho result of an Investiga
tion of their work, were, It is charged
by tho postal authorities, approve
and endorsed by Nlvln and White
Hope United States Will Not Aban
don Arbitration.
ST. PETERSBURG Considerable
surprise is manifested at the foreign
offico regarding tho reports from Eng
lish sources representing tho Wash
ington govornment as disposed to
abandon tho Russlnn-Amerlcan arbi
tration treaty because of the char
acter of the modifications proposed by
Russia. Emperor Nicholas Is sincerely
anxious to conclude a treaty with tho
United States. It is pointed out that
tho modifications proposed aro direct
ly modeled on tho arbitration treaties
provided for by The Hague conven
tion, slightly amplifying tho Anglo
French model, which practically con
fines arbitration to the interpretation
of treaties and juridical questions.
Russia has already negotiated similar
treaties with Belgium and Sweden
nud Norway and desires to mako
others with the larger European
Steel Trust Prices.
NEW YORK Tho leading steel
manufacturers were In session In Jer
sey City amy reaffirmed the present
price of $2-1' per ton on steel billets.
It Is believed, however, that an ad
vance of $2 per ton will be made In
this product soon after tho new year.
Following tho meeting of tho billet
manufacturers members of tho
structural steel combination met In
(his city and, according to tho best
Information, reaffirmed the present
price for their products. It is known
that conditions favor higher prices.
Lights on Brooklyn Bridge.
There aro three lights on tho Brook
lyn bridge which are never seen by
those who havo occasion to uso th
bridgo at night, but those three light
mean much to tho masters of sailing
vessels whoso masts approach or ex'
ceed tho 135 feet between tho cento
of tho 6pan and tho water. One of thrf
three Is directly In tho center of thd
span and marks the highest point, thrf
other two nro at each sldo of tho cen
ter light, about 10 feet from tho tow
crs, and mark the danger limit
Lord Rosebery's "Good Story."
In a recent English biography ap
pears an anecdote told In tho charac
teristic English manlier. Tho write.4
remarks: 'Lord Rosebery told a very"
good story (for ho Is always amusing)
about a gentleman who was traveling
In tho southern United States. The
visitor was being shaved by a negro
barber and noticed tho oxtremo blunt
ness of tho razor.
'"Yes. sir,' said tho barber, It 1b
vury blunt, Bar; I was out last night
wld tho boys."'
Newspaper Circulation.
A statistician has learned that the
annual aggregation of tho circulation
of the papers of the world Is estimated
to bo 12,000,000,000 copies. To grasp
the Idea of this magnltudo we may
state that It would cover no fewer
than 10,450 squaro miles of surface ;
that It is printed on 781,250 tons of
paper; nnd, further, that if tho num
ber (12,000,000,000) represented, in
stead of copies, seconds, i. would tako
more than 333 years for them to
Found at Last.
Hensley, Ark., Dec. 2Gth. (Special)
That a sure cure for Backacho would
bo a priceless boon to the people, and
especially the women of Amorlca, is
admitted by all interested in medical
matters, and Mrs. Suo Williams of
this place is certain she has sound in
Dodd's Kidney Pills the long-looked
for cure.
"I am 38 years old." Mrs. Williams
Bays, "and I hnvo suffered with tho
Backacho very much for thrco
or four years. I havo been treated
by good physicians and got no relief,
but thanks to God. I have found a euro
xt last and It is Dodd's Kidnoy Pills
I have taken only ono box nnd it has
dono mo more good than all the doc
tors In three or four years. I want
all sufferers from Backacho to know
that they can get Dodd's Kidnoy Pills
and get well."
Backacho is ono of tho first symp
toms of Kidney Disease. Guard against
Brlght's Disease or Rheumatism by
curing It with Dodd's Kidney Pills.
To Train Servants.
Hamburg Is to have a school for
training servants. It is not intended
to compete with existing schools
which provide training in domestic
science for girls of well-to-do fami
lies. Every housekeeper should know
that If they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry uso they
will save not only time, because It
never sticks to the iron, but because
each package contains 1G oz. one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in -pound pack
ages, and tho price is the samo. 10
cents. Then again because Defiance
Starch Is free from all Injurious chem
icals. If your grocer tries to cell you a
12-oz. package It Is because he has
a stock on hand which he wishes to
dispose of before he put3 In Defiance.
Ho knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package In large let
ters and figures "16 ozs." Demand
Defiance and save much time and
money and the annoyance of the Iron
sticking. Defiance never sticks.
Purity of the Mind.
You can no moro filter your mind
Into purity than you can compress it
into calmness; you must keep it pure
if you havo it pure, and throw no
atones Into It if you would havo It
quiet Ruskin.
$100 Reward, $100.
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Cupid is a sorry leader; after lead
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Statesmen who "also ran" are nat
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It Is a good deal easier to stir up
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