The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, August 05, 1904, Image 8

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HffRra, Per
PHHHQPTatmd Osscn
1 ftSfiV tlnlans.
-I if? l36 '''"' European
jLfMfJpooplcB, namely,
II IL Greeks, gypslos,
iliir Swedes, Germans.
i IJJJP C a u c a b 1 a n h,
namely, GeorglatiB,
Lcsghl, KistiB and
Finnish people, noventeen divisions.
Tartar peoples, nlno divisions.
MongolH, ton (HvIhIoiib, including the
AIiiub or "Hniry Kurlles," and all
other people of oriental blood In Si
beria and in the Pnclllc provinces.
Based on the last general census of
the cmplro, tho present estimated nu
merical atrongth of tho principal di
visions of population Is as follows:
Slavonic people, including tho Poles,
Sorvlans ami Bulgarians, 90,000,000;
Tartars, including tho Uabegs and
eight other divisions, 10,000,000; Cau
casian races, 7,000,000; Turkestan nnd
Trans-Caspian people, 5,000,000; Jows,
1, 500,000; Roumanians, including tho
Karakalpak and Sorbs,, 4,000,000;
Lcsghl, Georgians and Ossentlnlnns,
3,500,000; Armenians and other Iran
ian races, 2,100,000; Germans, 1,300,
000; Mongolians, Including tho Alnus,
or "Hairy Kurlles," and nil other peo
ple of orlontal blood, 1.000,000;
Swedes, 300,000; Gypsies, Persians,
Kurds and SartB, 270,000; Samoyodes,
30,000; all other races, about 1,00,000.
In 1899, beforo Russia had advanced
to occupy Mongolia and Manchuria,
Vladimir Holstrcm of tho St. Peters
burg Vledomoatl wroto tho follow
ing for tho New York Independent:
"Tho groat czar of Moscow, Ivan
tho Terrible, who nearly 150 years
before Peter tho Great had sketched
out tor that Russian reformer his plan
of action, fought Swcdon and Poland
In the west and subdued tho Tartar
kingdoms of Kaznn and Astrakhan In
the cast. The name of Russia rang
throughout tho whole of Asia, and her
chief princes and tho khan of Siberia
voluntarily acknowledge tho Biiprora
ncy of Russia, sending ambassadors
to Moscow and paying tribute to tho
czar. . . .
"After tho conquest of tho Tnrtar
kingdom of Kazan, In 1552, tho suprem
acy of Russia was acknowledged by
tho numerous tribes of Bashkirs dwel
ling eastward of tho Volga and form
ing a link with tho tribes toward tho
Aral sea. Russia's possession of west
ern Siberia was nssured to her In leas
than halt a century. In tho same
uondorful way Russia's progress
across Siberia to tho very Bhores of
tho Pacltlc was accomplished in llttlo
more than 50 years.
"About 1G04 Russia entered Into a
mutually binding agreement with a
powerful Mongolian khan of southern
Siberia to keep open access to China.
Soon afterward, In 1C19, tho emperor
of China sent his first ombnssy to
Russia. In 1C38 tea was first intro
duced into Europo (In this matter
Russia was beforo England). During
the next twenty years all tho regions
to tho north and northwest of Siberia,
all its northern river system nnd tho
Arctic coast were explorod.
"A Cossack expedition, 730 strong,
dispatched from Yakutsk, reached tho
rhor Amur, and following Its course,
discovered, in 1C43, tho straits of Tar
tary and tho sea of Okhotsk. Now
tho wholo of Siberia was in Russia's
bands; everywhere, on tho principal
rivers, up to the Arctic circle and be
yond It, and tho natives acknowledged
Russian supremacy and paid tril-ute.
"A"n adventurous trader from Ya
kutsk conceived tho Idea of opon'.ng
for Russia tho region about tho Amur
and tho Shllka rlvors. and gathering
togethor a following of 150 men with
two cannons, accomplished In somo
two yenrs tho task. This took place
pW .. i urn .. i- ,i .
I kingdoms
uo Asiatic continent
7y broken up, yot con-
with various tribes of tho
Entlnucd through the scv-
In, eighteenth and well on Into
Inetcenth century, tho Kaznks
vlng more trouble. These Knzaks
nro of Turkic (not Osmanll) origin
nnd nro nearly related to tho Cos
sacks, on tho ono hand nnd tho Rus
slnn Kirghiz tribes on tho other.
"Tholr power was finally broken
when In tho second half of tho pres
ent century tho Russians subdued
Turkestan, conquered tho Khanato of
Khiva, took Tashkent and Samark
and nnd brought under their sway tho
khnnntca cf Bokhara and Kokan,
thereby rounding out their posses
sions in central Asia.
"There was no special plan adopt
ed for this wonderful progress
through two continents. It devclopod
ltsolf under tho pressuro of clrcum-
stances nnd tho Influence of that host
of guides Instinct. Cossacks, traders
and Bottlers spread over tho plains of
Siberia nnd tho stoppes of centrnl
Asia by way of that rlvpr system
which 1b Siberia's greatest opportu
nity and her best chanco for tho at
tainment of a wondorful degree of
prosperity. Tho ultimate object of
this expansion was that Russia wns
always seeking for an outlet to the
open sea.
"During thoso hundred years Rus
sia has devoted herself to developing
tho lncxlmustlblo natural wealth of
Slboria, but as yet with no great suc
cess, comparatively Bpeaklng. Wo are
now In possession of a great oraplro
which extends from tho Ural moun
tains to tho far East and covers an
area of nearly 5,312,000 square miles,
I. o., about forty-four times as large
ns Great Britain and Ireland. But it
must bo borno In mind that these fig-
uios are merely approximate. The
population of Siberia Includes many
thousnnds of Catholics, Protestants
nnd Jews, nnd a greater number still
of Mahometans and heathens.
"Russia's Asiatic possessions have a
splendid future beforo them. Tho
country Is well known to abound In'
mineral wealth. In tho old days of
undeveloped communications nnd a
primitive state of Industry tho trade
of Siberia with Russia amounted to
somo $(50,000,000 to $70,000,000 annu
ally. "Practically, all tho towns of Si
beria aro trading centers, but, after
Vladivostok and Irkutsk, this is espe
cially tho case, In western Siberia. It
Is only now thnt, thanks to tho rail
way, Siberia Is coming Into close ma
terial conduct with European Russia.
Tho natives, numbering nearly 2,000,
000, the Russians, Poles, Finns nnd
Germans enjoy tho advantages of mil
scums, BChools and theaters built for
their instruction; Tomsk prides Itself
on Its university. In short, Siberia
is in full swing
nnd only needs
more energetic
men and moro of
tho creative forco
of capital to at
tain to a marvel
ous development
of her possibili
ties In tho spheres
of trade and In
dustry. "Tho conclu
sions wo have ar
rived at are that
In the past Russlr
has r e n d e r o t
enormous service
to mankind In
keeping in check
the barbarians of
Asia, and finally,
through incessant
strife, by break
ing up their empires; that Russia's
expansion In Asia was and is an In
stinctive movement boding peace, It
Is a natural peaceful .development,
which besides Russia Is to bo found
in two moro cases only China and
tho United States; that It is useless
to opposo Russia in Asia and groatly
preferable to asaoclato onesolf with
her In hor policy; obstacles may bo
raised in Russia's path at all points,
but tho force of circumstances will in
the long run sweep them all away."
Nine Gored Walklna Skirt.
o walking skirt that flares with
v'ect freedom about tho feet yet is
ug over the hips Is a favorite of tho
eason and Is likely to retain all Its
vogue for a long tlmo to come, Inas
much ns It Is eminently graceful nnd
becoming ns well as comfortable In
tho case of tho model each altcrnato
goro Is different, tho front, center
sldo nnd back gores being plain whllo
tho Intervening ones nro mado In two
sections each, tho lower portions be
ing box, plaited. All materials suit-
Design by May Manton.
able for street wear and heavy
enough to be mado in tailor stylo aro
appropriate, linen, tho moro substan
tial veilings, cheviot and all tho fa
miliar cloth, taffetas and tho like, but
tho original Is mado of brown canvas
veiling stitched with cortlcolll silk
and trimmed with bands of silk head
ed by fancy braid.
Tho skirt is cut in nine gores.
Thoso at sldo front and sldo back
aro mado with plain upper and box
plaited lower portions and at tho
edge of each plain goro Is a narrow
plait which conceals tho seam.
Tho quantity of material required
for tho medium size 1b 10 yards 21
inches wide, 84 yards 27 Inches wide
or 4 ynrds 44 Inches wide, with 2
yards each of Bilk banding and braid
to trim as illustrated.
Silken Gown Supreme.
Tho silken gown reigns supremo for
almost all occasions; but for tho for
mal gown for vleltlng, dinner and
reception purposes there Is absolute
ly nothing which can tako its place.
And tho way In which tho real laces,
thoso of bold and well-raised designs,
aro used to supplement tho richness
of the silk, Is not by any menns tho
least of their attractions. A recent
gown shows tho new radium satin
mossallno a white shot with faint
yellow, pale pink and hint of mauvo
In different lights combined with a
heavy mesh polnto Arabo In tho now
yellowish tint which blends so softly
with white. Tho corsage, which fas
tens In tho back, la of tho laco with
an overlaid yoke of tho radium satin,
this llkowlse furnishing tho very full
puff sleeve, which Is met at the elbow
by a laco cuff. The present fancy for
panel effects 1b neon In tho front de
sign of lace, where tho panel Is split
to admit the tiny yoke of satin. The
fit over tho hips la attained with dart
shaped tucks, and tho bouffantry at
tho foot Is cleverly maintained with a
group of lingerie and silk rullles
sowed Inside tho skirt at the foot.
Blouse or Shirt Waist.
Box plaited effects aro exceeding!;!
fashlonnblo and any combination ot
thoso of full length with shorter
tucks Is suro to mnko a satisfactory
waUt. Tho full length plaits givo tho
cng lines that always aro deslrablo
whllo tho shorter
tucks provide be
coming fulness.
This very excel
lent model Is
adapted to a wldo
range of materials
but Is shown In
whlto mercerized
madras, tho collar
and cuffs being of
tho material fin
ished with fancy
stitches, Tho back
ns illustrated is
blousod slightly over belt but can
be drawn down snugly whenever pre
ferred. Tho waist consists of tho fitting lin
ing, fronts and back and Is fitted by
means of shoulder and under-arm
seams. Tho effect of tho box plaits
is obtained by wldo tucks which aro
turned ono outward and one Inward in
each group and tho closing is maria
invisibly at tho center front. Tho
sleeves aro wldo ind full below tho
elbows, but tucked to fit snugly above
nnd aro finished with straight cuffs.
Tho novel stock Is a feature nnd it
adapted not to this waist alone, but
also to tho separato ones which are
always In demand.
The quantity of material required
for tho medium steo is 6V1- yards 21
Inches wide, 4 yards 27 inches wldo
or 3S yards 44 inchos wide.
A Delicious Dessert.
Whipped cream with a fig border
makes a delicious finishing touch to
a luncheon or dinner. Tho only dif
ficult part Is tho making of the bor
der. Here i the slmploet mot hod:
Put .i pound of figs, cut up very
small Into a .stowing pan with ono
pint of u liter. ', 'liiucts of loaf
Nlne-Gorcd Walking Skirt a General
Favorite Shirt Waist with Box
Plaited Effect Recipe for Casser
ole of Lamb and Rice.
sugar and a little lemon rind. Cook
In tho oven for two hours. Rub this
through a slevo (removing the lemon
rind), and add to it half an ounco of
gelatine. As it begins to cool stir in
a quarter of a gill of cream. Have
rendy , border mold, masked with
Jolly and decorated with chopped
almonds and pistachios, fill it with
tho fig puree, and place on Ice to set.
Whip half a gill of cream and sweet
en It to taste. Turn out tho mold In
a cold dish and fill tho center with
Girl's Dress.
Slmplo frocks are always smart for
llttlo girls and those of tho ono piece
sort, or mado with waist and skirt
in one, nro peculiarly well liked for
play tlmo and school wear. This one
includes a big sailor collar, which is
always becoming to childish figures,
and can bo mado
from a variety of
materials, being
quite appropriate
to slmplo wools as
well as linen and
cotton fabrics, but
as shown tho ma
terial Is bluo linen
chambray, tho col
lar and shield of
whlto with trim
ming of bluo nnd
whlto braid.
Tho dress Is
mado with fronts and backs and
shaped by means of shoulder and un-der-arm
seams. Tho box plaits aro
laid for Its entire length and at each
under-arm scam aro additional Invert
ed plaits in the skirt that provide tho
necessary fulness. The neck Is fin
ished with tho collar and tho shield
Is attached beneath, the right side be
ing stitched permanently, tho left but
toned Into place. Tho sleeves aro
tucked to form box plaits to tho el
bows and form full puffs below and
aro gathered Into straight cuffs.
Tho quantity of material required
for tho medium size (8 years) is 5
yards 27 inches wide, 4 yards 32
Inches wide or 3 yards 44 , Inches
wide, with -i yard of contrasting
material 27 Inches wide for collar,
cuffs and shield and 4 yards of
braid to trim as Illustrated.
Milk kept In a shallow basin will
remain sweet for a longer tlmo than
If kept In n deep jug.
If a tablospoonful of pnraflln bo
added to the pall of hot water used
for washing tiles it will both cleanse
and brighten them.
A fine wntorproof blacking for
shoes is made by mixing by heat one
half pound of tallow, one-eighth pound
of beeswax, one gill of ncatsfoot oil.
with ono-quarter of an ounco of lamp
black. FOR WEE
Slmplo llttlo frccks made with
cpaulettos always aro becoming to
In white. This one is full bolow a
prettily shaped yoke and Includes
rc wuo ohlldron and aro shown In
attractive colored fabrics as well as
vide. fll slwsvw The. model i?
I iWk
s--i lwAr-yii
J - n X' " "-v Jl
If a button is sowed over a pin laid
crosswise over tho holes there will
be less strain on tho material and
the button will stay on longer, espe
cially If tho garment is laundered fre
quently. For a quick hot application remove
tho chimney from a lighted lamp, slip
Into an old Btocklng and apply to tho
pain. If steam Is required wrap a
damp warm pleco of flannel abdut tho
To wash a corset romove tho steels,
then lay tho corset on n table or
board and scrub with a stiff brush,
using a lather made of whlto soap.
Rinse beneath a tap with cold water,
pull straight, and allow to drv.
The Strawberry Tint.
Ono of tho prettiest new colors pro
duced this season Is reminiscent of tho
old fashioned "crushed strawberry"
tint. In silk voile It is quite irresisti
ble, and it makes the most charming
frocks." One suit that looked extreme
ly well consisted of a cloth skirt plait
ed Into a quaintly shaped hip yoke, and
a knitted Jersey coat, both of this
lovely rosy pink color; both coat and
skirt matched exactly and tho effect
was charming.
Gooseberry Sauce.
Allow half pound of brown sugar
to pound of fruit. Cook tho fruit until
perfectly tender, then add tho sugai
and cook twenty minutes. Just as
they are finished cooking add a table
spoonful of brandy for each pound of
fruit, and Into each Jar put a pleco
of thin lemon rind.
Fringe remains.
Panel effects are noted.
Puffings figure on sheer frocks.
Whole laco dresses arc In high fa
vor. Pastilles of velvot aro by no means
Laco coats are lovely In cream
color. , ,
Embroidery of all rich sorts Is In
"Boleros and ctons aro too becoming
to part with. -
Draped girdles, trim and snug, are
as good as over.
Dotted Swisses aro stand-bys for
summer dresses.
Sheer white India linen is both
pretty and useful.
Cascado bunches of small flowers
aro lovely on hats.
Grass-green tulle and bluets wero
seen on a hat recently.
Linen In tho natural color Is to bo
In as high favor as ever.
Shawl-like shoulder wraps aro
among tho graceful features.
mado of Persian lawn with yoke of
tucking, epaulettes and banding of
embroidery. To make tho dross for a
child of two years of age will be re
quired 2 yards of material 27 or 2
yards 32 inches wide, with yard
of tucking, 4 yards of Insertion and 1
ynrd of ombroldery 4 inches wldo.
Rings Returned, but Fees Never.
"Somo girls aro addicted to tho
habit of returning tholr engagement
rings after tho break," remarked tho
Observer of Events and Things, "but
no minister that wo ever heard of
thought for a rainuto of giving back
tho marriage feo."
8ummere at Lake George.
George Cary Eggleston, tho well
known novelist and man of letters.)
is spending the summer at Lako
George, whero his home Is noxt tho
former home and library of his
brother, tho lato Edward Eggleston.
Bamboo Good for Scaffolding.
Tho French consul at Batavla rec
ommends bamboo aB a flno material
for constructing builders' scaffolding.
Its power of resistance Is very great
and It will not rot, but becomes
stronger with age.
Work for a God.
To mnko somo nook of creation a
llttlo fruit-fuller, better; to make
somo human hearts a llttlo wiser,
manfuller, happier, moro blessed, less
accursed! It is work for a god.-
Arriving at a Verdict.
Kushcqua, Pa., Aug. 1. (Special)
In this section of Pennsylvania thero
l.i a growing belief that for such Kid
ney Diseases as Rheumatism and
Lame Back there is only ono suro
euro nnd that Is Dodd's Kidney Pills.
This belief grows from such cases as
that of Mrs. M. L. Daviaon of this
place. Sho tells tho story herself as
"I have Buffered from Rheumatism
for thirty years and find that Dodd's
Kidney Pills have done mo moro good
than any medlclno I havo ever taken.
I was nlso bothered with Lamo Back
nnd I can only say that my back
hasn't bothered mo slnco I took
Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Considering that Mrs. Davison only
took two boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills,
the result would bo considered won
derful If It wero not that others aro
reporting similar results dally. Kushe
qua is fast arriving at a verdict that
"Dodd's Kidney Pills aro tho ono Buro
euro for i:heumatlsm."
Anomalous as It may seem, It Is
sweot to suffer when tho suffering Is
for those wo love.
$100 Reward, $100.
The renders of this paper will be pleased to team
(bat tbere It at lean one dreaded disease tbat science
lis beea ablo to cure In all its stages, and tbat U
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tbe only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, require! n constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, acting dlrectlr upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of tho disease, and string tbe patient
strength by building up tbe cunttitutlun and insist
ing natnre In doing Its work. The proprietors hao
so much faith In Its curative powers that they oSer
Ono Hundred Dollars for any caso tbat It fall to
cure. fe-:nd for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by all DrugKlsts, 70c. j
Take Hall's Family rills for consMpaUoc '
s A fast young man Is apt to be slow
about getting away from a bar.
The Defiance Starch Co. will give
25 Indies a round-trp ticket to tho St
Louis exposition to fivo ladles In
each of the following states: Illinois,
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missou
ri who will Bend in tho largest number
of trade marks cut from a 10-ccnt, 16
ounco package of Defiance cold water
laundry starch. This means from your
own homo, anywhere In tho abovo
named states. These trado marks must
bo mailed to and received by tho De
fiance Starch Co., Omaha, Nob., beforo
September 1st, 1904. October and No
vember will bo tho best months to
visit the exposition. Remember that
Dcflanco is tho only starch put up 10
oz. (a full pound) to tho package.
You get one-third moro starch for tho
same money than of any other kind,
and Dcflanco never sticks to tho Iron.
Tho tickets to tho exposition will bo
sent by registered mall September 5th.
Starch for salo by all dealers.
If you are looking for a man with
brains, call on a butcher.
More Flexible and Lasting,
won't shake out or blow out; by using
Defiance Starch you obtain better re
sults than poslble with any other
brand and one-third more for same
Thero is such a tiling as carrying
your thanks too far.
Mm. ITInglotr's Soothing Syrnp.
Tor rblldrcn teething, softens tbe gurus, reduces ftj.
nomination, tllays pala, cures wind collu. Uc a botUe.
The well man soon forgets tho sick
man's promises.
CITO poraa-nently cured. No fits or nerrcasness arte
ri I ilnt day's me of Dr. Kline's Oreat NerTB Hutor
Br. Rend for Fit Eli 83. OO trial bottle and treatise.
Us. 11. U. Kuxs,Ltd.,fM Arch Street, I'hlladelphla, r
It's awful slow work getting popu
lar with your wife's relatives.
Important to Mothors.
Examlno carefully every bottle of CASTOkIA,
a safo nnd suro remedy for Infants nnd children,
and eeo that it
Bean the
Signature of
In Uso For Over 30 Yeara.
Tao Kind Yon Havo Always Bought
Even a man who will tako a tip on
a horse race and bet on It Is seldom
rash enough to ask a man to dlnnor
without first consulting his wlfo about
It. Now York Press.
It's mighty good practlco to bo in
Iovo with a woman you can't marry,
because It has already happened to
After looking upon the wlno when
it is red many a bookkeeper loses. his
Happy is tho man who works pro
vided ho doesn't work the wrong
When a man bogins to tako whisky
la a medicine ho soon becomes a
chronic invalid.
kfr i