The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 27, 1903, Image 7

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I Mrs. Anderson, a
i J- r t t
wwivxib. x-xnucibun, a prominent society ym
woman 01 Jacksonville, Ia., daughter ot
'Recorder of Deeds, West, who witnessed
her signature to the following letter, praises
Lydia E. Piiikham's Vegetable Compound.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkiiah: TheTotvro but few wives and mothers who
havo not at times endured agonies and such, pain as only women know.
JLvnsh such women lcaow tho value of Iiydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. It is a Temarkablo medicine, different in action from any
lever know and thoroughly reliable.
"I havo scon cases whero women doctored for years without perma
nent benefit, who were cured in less than three months after taking your
Vegetable) Compound, while others who were chronio and ineurablo
camo out cured, happy, and in perfect health after a thorough treatment
j -with this medicine. I havo nover used it myself without gaining great
is. iow uusuh xusiorcs my screngtu ana appetite, ana tones up
system. Your medicine has been tried-find fnnnd frun. hnnnn
tho entire
I fully endorse
onvule, Fla.
it." JVIits. It A. Axveslbox, 225 Washington St., Jack-
31rs. Ucod, 2425 E. Cumberland St, Philadelphia, Pa., says :
&VHI ""Wm
JKm fA 9
"When womon are troubled with
-ncsa, leuuorrncaa, displacement-or ulceration of the womb, that bearing-down
seeling, inflammation of -the ovaries; backache, flatulence, general debility,
indigestion, and norvous prostration, they should remember thero la one tried
nd true remedy. Lydia's Vegetable Compound at onco
removes such troubles.
The experience and testimony of some of the most noted
wtnnen of America so to prove, beyond a question, that JLydla E.
JMnlclmm's Vegetable Compound will correct all such trouble at
onoe by removing the cause and restoring tho organs to a healthy
and normal condition. If in doubt, write Mrs. Pinkham at JLynn,
Ifflass, .as thousands do. Her advice is free and helpful.
No other medicine for womon in tho world has received such wide
spread and unqualified .endorsement. No other medicine lias such a
record, ot cures .ot female troubles, liefuse to buy any substitute.
SEAdf) FORFEIT If we cannot forthwith produce the original letter ndilpjtwwot ,
Jn"t 1 9 1 1 1 1 "dots teufinonlabi, which -will prore their nbsoluto genuinely is.
WWII lo-dla K. l'lnkhain Medicine- Ca, Xornu, JIui.
(rcir dp ij coLLarsniLB other)
A substitute for and superior to mustard or arrjr
other plaster, and will not blister tho most
delicate skin. The pain-allaying and curative
qualities of this article are wondeilul. It will
stop the toothache at once, and relieve Inad
ache and sciatica. We recommend it as tho best
and talest external counter! rritant known, nUo
as .an external remedy for pains in the chest
and stomach and all rheumatic neuralcic end
couty complaints. A trial will prove what ine
claim for it, and it will bo found to be invalu
able in the household. Many people say "it is
the best of all your preparations." Price 1A
cents, at all dructists or other dealers, or by
sending this (mount to us in postaiiostamp we
will send you a tube by mail. No article should
be accepted by the public unless the same
carries our label, -as otherwise it is notscnuine.
17 State Street. New Vojtx Citt.
mi en ns nTUiHft
Gautfitred to ketp you
. ary. i oe oeti waurproor
i Clotnias tatb world. Uct
i only tn (tntili lb.
i Bina inn won c cracx,
I rml or t itlckr. All
liei, all ttilu, (or Ml
' klodiof work.
' If nvt st dolcri, writ, to
Cut CtmbrMf , Btu.
on Jewelry and Watches anvo you SM. Send for
FltbK Catalogue and -ur h bariraln for yourelf
and friends. CARBON D1AM0MD CO.,Byracuie,H.Y.
are Invited to settle In Ibe stale of llsr) land, wbcro
they will fiudadellEutful and bculthy climate, flrit
class markets for tbelr product aud plenty of land
at reasonable prices. Map and desi-rlptle pamph
lets will bo sent free on application to
fec'iSUta Board o(' Immigration. BALTIMORE. MD.
mado by
St. Jacobs
- '. - :Vj
vV;'-.-"" :1
prominent society p
11 t,1 . --
"Dear Mrs. PnmnAai: I feel it my duty
to write and tell you tho good I have received
from Lydia 21 Pinkhain's Vcgetablo Com
"I have been a great sufferer with female
trouble, trying different doctors and medicines
with no benefit. Two vcars a tro I went under
an operation, and it left mo in a very weak
Condition. I had stomach trouble. KnrVlrnr1iP
palpitation of the heart, and was very
rvous; in lact, l -ached all over. I find
yours is tho only medicino that reaches
such troubles, and would chcorfullv rec
ommend Iiydia E.Plnkham's Vcgetablo
Compound to all suffering women.
irregular or painful menstruation. -weaTc-
There is always room for a man of
force, and he makes room for many.
No chromos ot otieap premiums,
but a better quality and one-third
more of Defiance Starch for the same
price of, other starches
Babies cry most when they realize
that they Ioo like some of their rela
tions. Clear -white rlotnes aro a sign that the
houfcokeoiwr uses Itotl Cross Halt Blue.
Largo a oz. packago, 5 cents.
A thankful man owes a courtesy
ever; tho unthankful but when he
needs It. Bon Johnson.
IdpnotbelieTol'lso'sCure for Consumption
has en equal for coukIis and colds. Jons i"
Ilorsit, Trinity Springs, Ind., Feb. 15, 1D0O.
Pig is Boy's Pet.
Dr. N. It. Cook of Brooks, No., pro
vided a queer pet for his little son
Tom this summer. It was nothing
else than a clean little white pig.
Everywhere that Tom went the pig
followed him.
To the housewife who has not yet
become acquainted with the now
things of everyday use In the market
and who is reasonably satisfied with
tho old, wo would suggest that a trial
of Defiance Cold Water Starch bo
made at once. Not alone becauso it
is guaranteed by the manufacturers
to be superior to any other brand,
but becauso each 10c package con
tains 1C ozs., while all the other kinds
contain but 12 ozs. It Is safe to say
that tho lady who once uses Defiance
Starch will use no other. Quality
and quantity must win.
Our duty Is to be useful, not accord
ing to our desires, but -according to
our powers. Amlcl.
The never ending cures of
and Bruises
Stamp it the
perfect remedy
Penalty cf Wealth.
wonitn 113 lift penalties, cnw me
trlto philosopher.
"Voi," nruwered Mr. Cumrox.
"wealth Is what compels n mnn to ant
fancy cooking tho whole year round
Instehd or having cakes hot from tho
grlddlo and homo-made preserves."
Mr, m insiitn-'n ritinrs rtyrn
For children terthloir. toivns low irnin. redaeet rt
CunuialHiu, allnr pain. rnr mud polio. 33c bottle.
He Remembered.
,Mr. Sububs Good niornlng, Mr.
Mlldow. Don't you remumbor tlmt I
nsked you to bring me some ulco frosh
Amos Mlldow Oh, yea; I hain't for
got It. I told 'Mainly 'bout It n month
back, an' she's boon savin' of 'om ever
"World'a TaJr."
A St. Louis World's Fair Informa
tion Bureau ban been established at
ICOF Farnnin St.. Omaha. Nob., In
charge of Harry 12. Mooroa. whore all
Information will bo cheerfully fur
nished froo of charge
Marhma'n Anflel. '
"Now, Wlillo,-' said tho caroful
mother, "I don't want you to associ
ate with those Smith boys thoy are
so rough and rude."
"Not f me, thoy ain't. Why, 1
picked a fight an' licked 'em as soon
as I struck do neighborhood."
E JTC permnnent i-iirvti tvo an or nfrotinem uttoj
IIS witrntifar'xuaeni lir Kiiue'K Unfit Servo IteKtor
rr Kvml I ritKli! ('.!.ftO trial i-oltl" nmt treotlao.
Uit.lL It kLwr, L(d..ui ArcltPtreut. l'MUitc!i.tila.'-
Tree Within a Tree.
At Moulton, South Lincolnshire,
Eng., thero Is a willow tree which,
in consequence of having been bo
headed and having reached an old
age, has become hollow nnd rotten
From a seed which has dropped into
the hollow n healthy sycamore tree
has giown to a height of ten feet.
Superior quality nnd extra quantity
must win. This Is why Defiance
Starch is taking the place of all
Fashion Notes.
A belt novelty Is ono or crushed
leather with small medallions united
by chains In imitation of metal gir
dles. Ermine 13 employed as a trimming
for all descriptions of garments nnd Is
frequently mingled with mink and
The Henri Deux hat with pointed
peak, high crown and sharply turned
up brim at tho hack, Is greatly In
favor just now.
Becomlngnesa Is tnc first rule with
regard to a veil, and for general wear
tho most becoming Is a fine diamond
meshed not without spots.
Improved Propeller Blades.
Covering steel propeller blades with
thin Bheet brass or copper to protect
them from corrosion has been suc
cessfully accomplished by an English
shipbuilding firm. Tho sheathing is
closely Imbedded to tho surface eb
neath, with specially constructed
Joints at the leading apd following
edges of tho blades. While the ex
periment was made simply to over
come corrosion it has been found by
actual tests that the steamers of the
Clan Line which have had their pro
pellers thus sheathed have shown con
siderably better speeds with less coal
consumption than sister vessels fitted
with cast Iron propoliers. ThiB is
probably due to the decreased friction
of the wnter under tho action of the
revolving blades.
A Remarkable Woman.
Kokomo, Ind., Nov. 23. Mrs. Anna
M, Willla of thlB place, a charming old
'ady of 74 years, has given for publi
cation a very inte-esting letter.
Mrs Willis Is widely known and
highly respected and tho recommenda
tion she gives Is well worth tho con
sideration of anyone who maybe In
terested. Mrs. Willis' address Is R. R.
No. C. Kokomo. Her letter roads as
"I havo been troubled with Kidney
trouble for 20 years. It waB so bad
that It affected my heart and my back.
It hurt so that I could not get up
when down, and I began to think that
1 would be past doing anything. I
was recommended to get Dodd's Kid
ney Pills and purchased some at tho
arug store of Mr. G. E. Meek. After
JBlng several boxes I was completely
restored. I feel 20 years younger,
and I am able to do all the usual work
!n the house and garden which a per
son who lives on the farm has to do,
although 1 am 74 years of age."
It's no nse a man's trying to be holy
unless ho has made up his mind to be
The road of prejudice never leads
to the realm of, truth.
Dish Washing in Winter.
Housekeepers naturally dread dish wash
ing In winter. ovtltiK to tho fact that It
chaps the hands anil renders them hard
nnd roueli. Much of the Injury, however,
results from the use of Impure soai. If
.Ivory Soaji Is used In wachlns dishes and
tho hands are carefully rinsed and dried,
they will not chup.-H. It. PAItKEIt.
Difficulties are meant to rouse, not
discourage. Charming.
It is a cheap makeshift to mock at
what you cannot make.
Old Sofas, Backs ot Chairs, etc., can
be dyed with PUTNAM FADELESS
Our phrases aro but tho garraeuts
of truth.
Otudenti Are Better Prepared for
It has boon currently roportod this
fall by Instructors and others in the
collogos nnd normal schools of No
hraska that novor before In tho history
of the state havo the members of tho
freshman classes boon ro woll pre
pared for their studios. Tho rumors
Interested State Superintendent Kov
lcr to such nu oxtcnt Hint under date
of October 2f ho sent tho following
letter to tho heads of tho Btato uni
versity, tho slnto normal school, four
of tho loading colleges of the fltnto
nnd tho three lnrgost normal schools:
"Tho claim has boon mado that tho
students entering tho collages and nor
mal schools of Nohrnska this fall aro
better prepared for tho work thoy aro
to do in those- Inntitutlons than ovor
before. TIiIb 1b n matterof great In
terest to mo, und I would be pleased
to receive from you at nn early date
nn expression ot your opinion. Aro
tho matrlculatos of 1903-4 hotter pre
pared to tnko up colloglnto work In
your Institution than those of past
years? In other wouls, dOos your-Institution
not need to mnlntnin ns
much preparatory or academic work
this fall ns In previous years for Its
freshmen classes? If this condition'
bo true, what conclusion do you draw
from It?"
Frcmontcrs May Have to Eat Plain
Chicken Thanksgiving. ,
FREMONT -Fromontorn mny havo
to fall hack on chickens this year for
their Thanksgiving dinners, on ac
count ot tho prices that aro being
asked for turkcyo. Twenty cents a
pound Is what tho doalora say thoy
will havo to charge. Too much wet
woathcr during tho simmicr la given
uh tho' cause, of tho dull condition In
the turkey market. Many of the
young fowls wero drowned during tho
August and September Hoods, and oven
tho older birds on some farms o.
their lives.
But tho crop of chickens, duckB nnd
gecso Is fully up to tho average. Wlillo
the heavy rnlns were -playhfg havoo
with turkeys, thoy wore Just what
pleased ducks and gecso. Those are
prabtlcally as sdcculent nnd todthfiomo
as" turkeys, and will be sold at for
mer prices, or about 12 , cents a
pound for young stuff. Thus It Will
be unnecessary to cut out tho Thanks
giving dinner because tho American
bird has' not been able to withstand
the Nebraska climate.
Husks Corn for Wager.
DAKOTA CITY George Hlrsch
bach, the champion corn busker of
this section, has wagered with an
Iowa man that ho can husk and crib
150 bushels of corn In ton hours. The
contest will bo pulled oft about
Collision on the Elkhorn.
VALENTINE Train No. G, cast
bound on the Elkhorn, stopped at
Crookston for water and a cattle train
following crashed Into the rear,
Gmashlng the sleopor so it had to be
left. Nobody was hurt, but tho pas
songers were badiy frightened and
shaken up.
Looking Into Harbert Case.
LINCOLN Govornor Mickey has
ordered an investigation In tlio case of
J. C. Harbert, fireman nt the Kearney
industrial school, who has been arrest
ed by the Boatrlce police while In com
pany with a young Beatrice girl who,
upon bolng "scolded" by her mother
for being too often with Harbert,
knocked her parent down nnd choked
her. Harbert has a wife at Kearney.
If found guilty ho will be discharged
from the employ of the state.
Hay Stacks Burned.
NELSON A steam thresher en
gine passing along the road by Frank
Spurck's hay Holds set fire to tho
grass and boforo It could bo extin
guished threo large hay Btacks, about
thirty tons, had been consumed.
Highwayman's Victim Dead.
RED CLOUD John Anshutz, the
farmor who was hold up by a high
wayman and shot near his home in
Kansas, thirteon miles southwest ot
here, died from his wounds.
Safe in Bank Blown.
LYONS Tho safe in tho First Na
tional hank hore was blown nt 2
o'clock in tho morning. Tho robbers
secured '$2,000, of which $1,500 .was in
bills, $400 in gold and $100 in silver.
Tho robbers wore not soon by any ono.
At tho eaitern edgo of town they
stole a team from tho barn of E. II.
Harondoeu, n farmor, and drovo east
ward. The bank safo and all tho
furniture. In tho bank woro utterly
Charles F. Hlggtiw of Omaha died
uddonly In his clmlr while serving at
a. Juror.
Tho now union dopot In Fremont
will bo lendy for occupancy In Do
combor. For stealing four turkoya two men
In CnsB county wero eontoncod to Im
prisonment for thirty days.
Death Ib announced of II. A. Bur
rill of Fremont, who had rosido3
thero for twenty-flvo yoaro.
Nonr Decatur, Albert Fullor, n farm
or boy, 17 yearn old, was dnngorously
hurt by tho explosion of n gun wlillo
out hunting.
Typhoid nnd Bcnrlot favor are prev
alent at Papllllon. Thero have been
several fatalities from typhoid. School
has been closed for a period.
Washington dispatch: The sonato
In oxecutlvo session conflrmod tho
following nomination: Church Howe,
Nebraska, consul general at Antwerp.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George 41 Norton ol
Beatrlco celebrated their sixtieth wed
ding anniversary. Thoy havo boon
residents of that city for a groat many
Tho Clark Automatic Telephone
company of Sioux City Is putting hi
n rural tolephono lino to run out from
Dakota City, covering a distance or
about thirty miles.
W. J. Dresser, tho man who gaVo
himself up to Sheriff Baumnn of Dodgo
county, stating that he was an escaped
convict from tho Iowa Btato penlton
tlary, was roloased. It wan learned
from tho Iowa authorities that Dresser
hnd been releasod on pnrolo, but had
violated tho terms ot IiIb rplonse.
A young man by tho nnmo of Don
nldEon, living flvo milos southwest of
Pnlmer. while in the field husking
corn nccldcntly discharged a gun with
the muzzle towards him. Tho entire
charge, nfter passing through tho end
gate of the wagon box, lodged in his
side. A favorable outromo Is doubt
ful. Tho Jury In tho caso of Robert Wag
ner vs. tho city of Columbus returned
n verdict awarding tho plaintiff dam
ages In tho sum of $400. Wagner fell
on a defective sidewalk laBt March
and sued tho clly for $5,000. Judg
ment was entered on tho vordlct and
tho amount will probably bo paul with
out any furthor litigation.
On account of insufficient room to
accommodate the now ofllcos of clerk
of tho district cpurt and assessor tho
commissioners of Sarpy county havo
decided to enlarge the court house.
Burglars attempted, oarly In tho
morning to enter tho rosldonco of
Mrs. Ida Bell at Yorkbut when they
heard the many burglar alarm bells
and Baw tho entire house Immediately
lighted from cellar to garret they do
camped. John Crown, nn aged Tcsldcnt of To
cumseh, narrowly escaped losing his
life under tho wheels of a" moylng
Btock train. Tho train wan doing
some switching In tho yards, and wts
backing down over the street cross
ing when the old gontlemnn attempted
to cross. The moving cars struck him
In the back and knocked him down,
and would havo crossed over his body
had It not been for tho prompt action
of F. A. Thlcle, who happened to be
standing near.
An extra freight train, west bound,
was wrecked on tho Rock Island near'
Lewlston. Eight cars left tho track
and rolled down an embankment fifty
feet high. The carB were loaded with
coal, potatoes and lumber.
Advices rccolved by stockmen at the
union stock yards In South Omaha are
to tho effect that no tarlft legislation
whatsoever, affecting western inter
ests, will bo accomplished this winter:
This broad statement appears to In
elude the Cuban treaty which western
boot growing Interests nfllrm will se
riously damago the beet sugar Indus:
try in Colorado and Nebraska.
Judge Baxter has signed a decree In
tho foreclosure suit brought by Eliza
B. Patrick on the home property of
Former Senator John M. Thurston,
Thorwald," nt 2-ltli and Farnam
streets, Omaha. Suit was brought on
a $12,000 mortgage, which with Inter
est amounts to $13,152.20. Judgment
Ib rondarod for that amount, but the
defendant 13 given twenty days in
which to make payment, before tho
property will bo ordered sold.
One of tho most prominent citizens
and Grand Army men ofOscooIa met
with a sevore accident. Ho was
trimming trees nnd In pulling down a
limb while Btnnding In a wagon ho
frlghtonod tho horses and they ran.
Mr. Pulvor was thrown to tho ground,
striking on his head and shouldors.
Mrs. Anna M. Ludoraan has com
menced suit against 'August .Moeller,
a saloon keeper at Goehuor, and his
bondsmon. Tor $5,000 for soiling hor
husband liquor by .-which sho saya he
has beon made an habitual drunkard.
W. J. Hill.
Justice of tho
Peace, Con
cord. N. C ,
says- "Donn'n
Kidney Pills
proved a vory
efllctoiit rem
edy In my
case I used
them for dis
ordered kid
neys and back
ache, from
Which I had experienced n rtroat deal
of trouble and pain Tho kldnoy se
cretions were very Irregular, dark
colored and full of sediment. Tho
Pills cleared It all up and I havo not
hnd an actio In my back lnco tnklm;
tho last doso. My health generally
Is Improved a groat deal." Foster
Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y For enlo
by nil dealers, prlco 50 cents per bur.
for the- t-ct'i. It nrovents decay. It
linrileni tlio n'traj tail parifteu tho
breath nnd mouth.
vsun I!
Kany who formerly smoked 10? Cigars now srcoft
Tour Jobber or direct from ractorjr, Peoria. 111.
Looking for a Skull.
It Is relntod that a woman, who vln
Ited tho British museum rccontly, said
to an attendant: "I havo beon look-'
Ing nboift for a skull of Oliver Crom
woll. Havo you no skull of Crom
well hero?" "No, madam," tho at
tendant answered. "How very odd,"
sho exclaimed; "thoy havo a flno ono
In tho museum at Oxford."
$100 Reward, $100.
Tho readers of this rt)r will ha pleased to learn,
that thero Is at leant ono dreaded disease that science
liAsheen able to euro In all It stages, aud that Is
OaUrrli. Halt's Catarrh Cure la the Only poslttvn
euro now known to tho tneaicsl fraternity. Catarrh,
be nit a constitutions! disease, rwinlrcs a constitu
tional treatment. Hsll'it Caturrh Cure is taken In
trrnallr. aUltiK directly upon the Wood end mucous
surfaces of tho system, theroby drstroylnir the
fonndaWn ot the dlicano, and giving thu pUtd-nt
lire ii Hi by building up the constitution and toiMiag
nature In dolna Its work. The proprietors have w
much faith In Its curatlvo powers, that tbey olTor
Uno Hundred Hollars for any oasetbatu falls to cure.
Send for Hat of testimonial..
Ad.lros V. J. CIIKNF.T & CO., Toledo, O.
Fold by drmwIsts.-Mc.
Hall's Family rills nro the best.
Figures Regarding Jews.
Tho Jewish year book for tho your'
ijCC4, which ban Just been published by
the Jewish Publishing society ot
America, and edited by CyruB Adler,
t;lvos some Interesting figures about
tho numerical growth of the race in
this country. Now York now has tho
Inrgest Jewish population of any of
tho states, with 500,000, and then como
Pennsylvania and Illinois; with Massa
chusetts fourth, with GO.000. The to
tal Jewish immigration through tho
ports of New York, Philadelphia and
Baltimore for tho past twelve yearn
has been 701,598, nnd during tho past
year 58,079 arrived at the port of Now
York olono. Among these were 30,
536 Rudslan, 18,113 Austrian, 8,314
Roumanian, and only 527 German
Jews. Tho total Jewish population of
the United States Is now 1.127,208,
while there are only 270,014 in tho
British emplro.
Sculptor Changed De&lqn.
Whllo wo are all sensitive to ridi
cule, artists are particularly ho.
Quito recently a eolebrated sculptor
was modeling a statue of ono of tho
most noted officers of tho civil wni"
the horso prancing, tho general with
his hat off, and tho rest of tho ordi
nary conception, with tho added fea
ture that a soldier was leading tho
horso by tho bridle and carrying In
his hand a branch of laurel. Tho
branch was first moleded as' a wreath,
but a negro messenger looking at it
nsked the artist what the "life pro
server" was for, and tho Bculptor im
mediately chnngod tho wreath to tho
bunch of laurel.
What Proper Food Does for Both
Mind and Body.
Physical health, mental health, in
deed almost everything good on thla
eatth depend in groat measure upon
proper food.
Without health nothing is worth
while and health can be won almost
every time by proper feeding on tho
scientific food Grape-Nuts.
A California trained nurse provedt
this: "Threo years ago I was token
very sick, my work as a trained nurse
having worn me out both in body and
mind, nnd medicine failed to rellovo
mo at all. After seeing a number cf,
Hhyslcluns and specialists and getting'
no rehof 1 was very much discouraged1
and felt that I would die of general'
nervous and physical collapse.
"My condition was bo bad I never
imagined food would help mo but on
the advice of a friend I tried Grape
Nuts. Tho first package brought mo
bo much relief that I quit tho modl
clne3 and used Grapo-Nuta steadilyi
threo times a day. Tho result was,
that within G months I had so com
pletely regained my strength nndj
health that I was back nursing again'
and I feel tho Improvement in my
brain power just as plainly as I do in
physical strength.
"Aftor my own wonderful experi
ence with Grape-Nuts I havo recom
mended It to ray patients with splen
did success and It has worked wonders
in tho cases of many Invalids whom I
havo lUtendod professionally." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Look In oaoh package for a copy of
tho famous llttlo book "The Road to