The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, December 05, 1902, Image 1

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to ' -.;i
. ' - w r , r i j
1 or
4 ' K
Ifh" '
i ? .
k .-
K '
mm .?
i free With Each
X One Decorative Plate l
1 I
J 35 lbs. Sugar, best . ...Ji.oo J
3 cans June Peas .30 a
3 cans Cream Corn.. ....... ,30
J 50 lbs. Select Flour. . . , 1.30 J
81 lb. Japan Ter, best Co
10 lbs. Prunes 50
1 5 lbs, Oat Meal, bulk 25 J
2 -x lbs. Best Rio Coffee. .-. 45
2 lbs, Mixed Nuts ...,. .40
2 ' 5
i, Total............. $5.00
" Above Combination No. 2 for
X Cash. Everything guaranteed first- 9
class. No changes allowed. Look
at our Xmas display.
I Alliance Grocery Go:
Minnesota High
Grade Fancy
Patent Flour,
The Best Flour on
Earth. -Sold"
Only by,. ...
, .., Uentist, opera house.
Be sure U C C. & C. and see fchcir
U.i stockof saddles.
Collins & Morrison, saddles, always in
in stock at Clough & Collins.
For Salk About 1100 head, of eWs-and
600 lambs. MiKtf Elmore.
Sheridan coal, Canon lump, nut and
Aker'scoal W. James.
...Any stock of harness in stock or imade
' toorder. Clough & Collins.
v A second hand buggy for sale.
; . . J. W. RlCHAXJ&SON.
That New Book on the Jits Horn Ilasln
Is off the press and ready for distribution.
It' is a little bit the best publication (de
scriptive of this wonderful section sf Wy
oming yet issued. It-' gives brief glimpses
of its farms, gardens, cattle ranches, ivri-
gating canals, oil fields and a word about
,the golden opportunities. Illustrated by
thirty-one splendid half-tones from phato
. .graphs. Free to any address on request.
J. Francis, G. P. A'., Burlington Route,
Omaha, Nebraska. n-zui
, ' riiids It Very Satisfactory.
, " Lincoln, Neb,, June 21, 1302.
Mr. Landy Clark Agent:
' -'Dear Sir In reply to your inquiry as to
'.how iTegard Sheridan coal. I will say after
'having tried it during the past winter in
-furnace, kitchen .range aud in fire place, -I
. 1iave found it satisfactory jn all three.
Being almost smokeless and having the
t '' property of holding fire for a long time in
fact, until every vestige of coal is con
sumed, I,.have found it very satisfactory
for use in a furnace dSsignedvfor hard coal.
Its cleanliness together with its property
.. of holding fire makes it desirable for use
in kitchen range and in grate.
' Respectfully,
E. T. Hartley.
Notice of incorporation of the Mollrlng.
Itom Live Stook Company.
NotlCA Is hereby given of tho lncoriHiratlou
of tho Mollrlnjc-Itosa Llvo Btoclt Company,
' AlUuuco, Hox liutto county, Klinukn,
titutll be the principal pluco of truusnctlng
' tho business of said corixrutlon.
Tho uaturo of tho business to bo transacted
Jy corporation thull te to buy, sell und rulso
lfvdstoek. To purchase und hold landu for
tliuiiurposeof rutaluif, growing, produclngaud
. Kratlng Jlvo stock. To pledge live stock and
land for furthering the purposo und IntercMt
of tho corporation and loan monoy upon live
Mockund ranch lands und to hold bills re
:l'I vablo In any munnur to promote the lntcr
ust of said corporation.
Tho capital stock of nuld corporation 14
(-J),000, 30 por cent, to bo nubscrlltod and paid
before thu commencing of business. The re
mainder to bo paid us rciiulred by U10 Hoard
of Directors. . '
. " mr.
Ilia tlmo of commencing biulness Novem
bor 1st. UKti Paid coriniratlou to continue
durlug tho perlcHl of ten yciirs.
sixth. ' i
The hlghoht nraoittit of Iudebtulues4 at any
tl mo bhull not bo nioro than $ 5,000.
Tho affairs of Kild corporation hhall bo coiW
nucteii uy a amaru 01 uirvciors or not nioro
than llvo und from suld Directors t)mll bo
uhtrton it I'reydent, Treasurer and (leneral
Datwt Alliance, Jbraska, Dccembor 4th,
MoLLmsc-UoiJA lave Stock Coupasv.
E. S. Wildy is ftt Scottsbluff today.
No letter was recefved fro Dr, Horn
this weefe.
The recent cold snap ma'de fine skating
on Broncho lake.
H. C. Armstrong and father were Craw
ford visitors Tuesday.
Harry Mollring was shaking hands with
his many friends the first of the week.
P, B. Fitch, Hemingford's popular
druggist, was in the city Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs, N. Fronapfel visited rela
tives north of Hemingford the first of 1 the
B. E. Johnson and John Sauerwine re
turned from Omahatoday, having marketed
cattle there; '
U. N, Hoskins returned Wednesday
from Long Pine, where he spent Thanks
giving with his patents. '
Rev. G. Bernard Clark returned Tues
day from Laramie, Wyo., where he had
spent about a week holding services.
M. A. Shay and family returned this
morning from their extended stay in" "the
past and will again make .their -home here.
H. A. Mark, our , late photogrpher,
rqade a flying trip to Hemingford yester
day in the interest of the Alliance Art,
Studio. ' . "4
Mr. and. Mrs. Henry Wiulen were in
from Liberty precinct Tuesday. Mr.
Wintcn isjiow able to get around with the
assistance of v. cane.
Regular service? at the M. E, church
Sunday. Morning subject, 'Christian'
Fruitfulness;" evening, "'The Gfver, Gift
and Why." All invitedT
W..M. FcskeTiariToidl A. M. Mil
ler and W. F.. Walker were down from,
Hemingford Saturday to attend the sale of
the Hemingford mill property. . '
We have decided to close out the stock
of mouldings and art goods of the late
Mark's Studio. There aret some rare
bargains. Alliance Art Studio.
Rev, J. C. Sloan went to Marstaad Mon
day to perform the marriage ceremoay of
a son of J. T. Richardson to Miss BUache
Richey, Avell known young people that
place, . . w- !
- W. M. Whitfield has opened lik new
grocery in the Corbin building. Mr. Whit
field has been engaged in business at Peru
for a number of years. Read 'bis ad in
this issue.
The Fjrst Presbyterian church services
are held in Bell's halt. Preachingxia Sun
day at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor at
6:45 P m '
Attorney Mitchell went down to Bridge
port Tuesday on legal business -and went
from there to Scottsbluff to represent Mrs."
Haynes in her case against Hulkurt for
cattta rustling, .
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Foley Sunday, November 30, be
cause of which her, parents have been re
ceiving congratulations and her papa's
friends have been receiving cigars.
The Shakespeare' club met Wednesday
with Mrs. A. Mdntyre. Tuesday is the
regular day for the meetings, but the meet
ing was held one day later this week be
cause of the funeral services for the vice
president, Mrs. Zollinger, Ieing held Tues
day. WWWW.
Sunday at the Baptist church. G. C,
Jeffers, pastor: Morning discourse., "Re
ligion, a Life:" evening sermon. "The
Danger of. Supposition;" Sunday schbol at
jo d'clock; Juniors meet at 3.' C. E . megt
iug 6:45, Mrs. Jeffers, leader; mid-week
prayer service Thursday evening. A we
come to all services. ' . " ' 1
The Business Men's club gave a dancing
party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. if,
Rumer last Friday eveqfnj; previous to
their departure to Fairfield, Iowa, where
they go to make their home, Many guests
were present and it is reported a most
pleasant affair. Mrs. Rumer and ilie
children. Jelt Saturday, Mr. Rumer accom
panying them to Omaha and then return
ing to settle up his business here.
A. G. Bixler, who" has been jn the city
the past two at three months represent
ing the Knight-Campbell Musio Co. ofH
Denver, has gone to Crawford in the com
pany's interests.' He sold a $285 Cable
piano to the high school while here and
assisted them in making the purchase by I
getting up the oratorio, Queen Esther"
Mr. Bixler made many friends while here
who wish him success wherever his work
may call him. S
A meeting of the business men of Alli
ance and stockmen of this vicinity was
held in the Business Men's club rooms last
evening to discuss the fence question and
lease bill. It was the unanimous opinion
that the removal of the fences would be
detrimental to the interests of not only the
stockmen but all lines of business depend
ent on the stock interests for support.
Another meeting will be held in the near
future to further, discuss the question.
m1 A High r Compliment.
Edgar Howard says in' tfto Cotutnbtis -Telegram:
newspaper, typographically, is'vcry prone to 1)0 clean in its edi
torial utterances and local paragraphs, and tills fact is clearly il
ltistrfttcd in tho' McCook Tribune and AlliancoHcrald, tho press
of the state placing thoso two-sheets very near tho van in tho mat
ter of pergonal appearance;!, Tho Tribune is considered one of
leading republican papers of t,he state. Tho Herald appreciates
this compliment, for Edgar Howard is himself competent to judge.
Ho is a newspaper man himself1, and nil ho has said of the Tribune
and Tho Herald applies with oven more force to tho Columbus
Telegram. Praise from Judge Edgar Howard is praiso.indced.
T ;K K K & ? K K J? ? & & is" tf
Yes, we raise the sugar beef, "
In Nebraska,
And the very best of, wheat, ,
.In Nebraska.
Fat and juicy white-faced steers
Heart and mind of, mankind cheers,"
And. "we havo no time for tears, ! ?
In Nebraska. '- ,-$
!;.. ... V tl - ,.! '!"?'.
.tftiiies ana muesoi weu-cnoDcu cjij
r. 1U ouim, . m
'; Chuck up fullis plenty'vshorn,
- In Nebraska, "'it ;
Ve can feed the world all right $$
S With tho stuff we have jn sight,, aa
nd our hearts aregay and' light, ." M
In Nebraska.
Yes, woVe doing mighty well
In Nebraska.
So stand up and loudly yell
For Nebraska:- '
Everybody up and root, ,
Grab a horn and lolidty tool. , ."
" Forth the, praises of BoxrButte s
In Nebraska.- ', ' ' ,
. Wi M. M.
Ills Presence. In an Of t lctaL Way, 1 Obnox
Ions to Our Stockmen.,
Colonel JohnS. Mosby arrived in the city
yesterday fronv Omaha and has taken up
his abode at the Hila Grand, Mr. MosbV
! not Inclined to talk of his.hustaefts here
rel$Wh,ere,..and.wfcia aske:by;vaTIert!t1nteD removing fromheity; What
representative as to'how long hVexpected in their plans Mr. McDermott's
presentativc as to how long he expected
to remain in Alliance, replied "You'll have
to ask President Roosevelt about that."
It seems (hat the President should take
the Colonel with him on some of his hear
hunting expeditions instead of sending him
out here to annoy onr stockmen and injure
one'of the state's greatest industries, or
better yet, let Mr, Roosevelt forego tho
pleasure of a bear hunt and take tho time
. . ......
to come out tiere ana investigate me;
outrages' those cattle barons are com-
mitting. It's np to you, Mr. Roosevelt.
Successful SoclnJ at Clctnnn.
Editor The Hbkald: The enterfai
ment and box social given by the Anti-Slang
society of Cleman, at the home of E. S,
Owen, ThaEttegiving evening, was consid
ered a complete success by those in attend
ance. Autumnal stage decorations en
hanced the effect of a well-rendered pro
grant. V '
Following the entertainment, some
three score end ten persons testified to the
culinary ability of the fair sex of- Cleman
and vieinitr. The boxes were auctioned
off by Jack Uignoll and netted 82375.
This sum w0 be used in the purchase cf a
dictionary acd map3 for the Cleman schaol,
of which Mil Flossie Hickman is teacher,
-''.'' '
. Attention. Old Soldictn!
There will be a pieeting of Geo. Dayien
post held in Sell's hall on Saturday, De
cember 13 t t p, m. All oMoldieTs,
whethciMTiembers of the .post or not, sas
requested to be present. .
W. R. Wilcox. Com,
Al. Wixer. ivdjt. -'
The Hemingford flour mill and alLprop
erty belonging to tho firm of Miller &
Wildy was soM by the receiver at tlie
court house last Saturday, The mill wasi
bid in by A, M. Millqr at $3.75o. E. S.
Wildy bought the dwelling in Heming
ford, tlje store' building in Alliance and
the book accounts, Mr, Miller expects to
pperate the mill son. The business lias
been jn litigation fer the last year and a
half and the final settlement is a source of
gratification to the owners as weir as to
the people, who desire to see the mill
started up again, ;"""
A yery pretty wedding took place at.teh
home of Mr. Robert May in Simonson's
addition on Monday eveningat 7 o'clock,
when Mr. Robert Bowman of this place
and Miss Maggie Hoaglyn of Nebo. Ill,,
were Joined iq holy wedlock. Mr. Bow
man has resided here since in June last,
working in the shops. Miss Hoaglyn ar
rived 9a No. 41 from Illinois Monday
morning. The wedding tbok place at Mr.
May's as stated, only his family being
present, liev. Jeffers tied the knot. The
newly wedded couple will ftop at Mr.
May's until a suitable houss.can be found,
when they will establish a home for them
selves. The Herald extend, .congratulations.
A clenn
W. K l JO 0 JO JO K K K t? K" JO K"
Pcto MoDermott Dcnd.
Tho.peoplo of Alliance were shocked last
Tuesday when the, word came that Peto
McDormott had died Monday afternoon in
Salt Lake City, Mr. McDermott left here
a short time ago in goo"d health for Salt
Lake where he had been offered a position
as engineer with a run between Salt Lake
and, tigden. When found in his room
Monday nfternoon he had been dead seven
hpurs and t is said that apoplexy was tho
causo of his .death.
Deceased was about 42 years of ago and
"a hearty, robust man. He was an engi
neer running out of Alliance for ten years.
His remains arrived Thursday morning
arid were tnken charge of by tho A. O. U.
V of which he was a member, and were
taken to tho homo in this city where they
lay till night and were then shipped to
Washington, Kansas, the home of his par
ents.'accompanFed by his wife and daugh
ter and J , P, Rcardon.
Mr..McDermott and his family have
gained many warm friends during their
residence here who feel deep sorrow for
the death of their friend qud keenest sym
pathy for his grief stricken wife and
daughter who are almost prostrated by this
sudden and terrible blow. He was a kind
husband and father, a staunch and loyal
friend, and we join in the general regret
for his death. ' '
Mrs, and Miss McDermott had otcourso
death may havo caused The Herald has
not learned.
llcnth After ,ona Illness..
Mrs. Eunice Morton Zollinger, wife of
William E, Zollinger, died at her home on
oorth Box Butto avenue about 3 o'clock
Sunday morning after nn illness of over
two months. She was stricken with tv-
,.,,,.. e. , . .,
phoid fever September 24. the di
y., . .,! .: L,.L ,
sease re
v ,,.
.. -.,. , , . , .
literary and social circles where her loss Is
deeply felt for she was loved and esteemed
by all who became acquainted with her.
She leaves a hnsband and three children,
Edward, aged eleven; Marguerite, aged
nine and William, nged five. One child,
a daughter, Kathcrine, died Jlxmt a year
ago, beinf then two years old.
Funeral services were held nt the resi
dence Tuesday afternoon conducted by
Rev. H. P. V. Bogue of the First Presby
terian chuach of which the deceased was a
member. The family is under quarantine,
one of the children being ill with scarlet
fever, henco yery many who would hjjve
paid the last tribute of regard for their de
parted friend were not permitted to do so.
The body was laid to rest in Greenwood
cemetery.1 , ,
Hcsolutloiw on tho Iicnth of 3!r. W, '..
Zollinger. ' ,
Wiibreas, It has ,$csaed -our Heavenly
Father to remove from our midst our .Sister
and fellow-member. Mrs. Eunice Zpl linger,
therefore be ii - -. Y
Rksqlvkd, That .we, the members at
the Shakspeare club, dosire to put on
record our high appreciation of her, not
only as an earnest, zealous .member, but -as
the founder pf the Shakspeare club;
That her absence will be keenly fait at
liho club, and we extend Io the husband and
aaotherless children our roost sincere and
(heartfelt sympathy.
j. . . , M rs. McIntVrk,
V, , . Mrs. Grippeth,
Mrs. BCK,
. Conductor" Jirown Jiadly Injured.
Conductor E.Jty. Brown received severe
injured at Ardmb're last Saturday night
by a forcod jump of about forty feet. Ho
was standing on a car of coal thathad
been pushed to the top of the chute and
was going over. Seeing the car could not
be stopped, he tried to save himself from
a worse fate by Jumping from the car to
the ground below. A portion of ihe load
of coal fell upon hjm, al and the com
bined result was his left hip broken and
leg badly bruised and his left arm. wrist
and hand broken. He was brought' to his
home in ("bjcifyaud In spite of his-num-erous
Jujuriejs i getting on Very well and
his complete recovery seenjs assured, al
though it will be a good while, before he is
mts on the rdd.
P, Kiu&ley Was down from Hemingford.
For Salb-'-A small ranch. Inquifo of
L. A. Berry, Alliance, Ncb ;
Claude Brown has taken employment
in the shops as machinist's helper.
. Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly of Scotts
bluff were Allianco "visitors Monday.
. Robt. Graham camo in iom Omaha
yesterday where he shipped cMle.
Articles of incorporation of ihSMoUring
Rosa Live Stock Company aropibllsh'ed
in this issue.
Miss Ina Bellwood is a guest, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Schlll of Lit
clla this week. '
F. N. Young lias bought the-old Cleve
land place just west of town, paying $1,150
therefor, Hd expects to occupy it soon.
G, F, Copper, editor of tho North Platte
Independent-Era,' spent Tuesday in tho
city. Ho made The. Herald a fraternal
Sheriff Reed went to Iowa Tuesday on
personal business. He .Is ejtpectcd homo
tomorrow. - s
T. H. McCandless was down from his
ranch yesterday, having, .business buforo
tho county commissibners.' ". -xV. , ,
Folr Rknt rour. furnished room?,
together or separate. ' -
W. E. (UM.irm
Mr, and Mrs. Thos. and Miss Elsie
Darling departed Wednesday morning for
Los Angeles, Cnl where they will spend
the winter, 7 - '
J. L, Thomas is assisting Geo, Darling
in the furniture store. It. is difficult to
find n more reliable and agreeable man
than Mr. Thomas, r ,A
Schuyler, tho young son or Mr. and Mrs.
B. F. Gilman, was taken down with scarlet
fever " Tuesday. The house- Is under
quarantine regulations.
Stove Laravea, of Rushvlllo, a railroad
contractor, who has just completed a job
of road building on tho new Elkhorn ex
tension to Bonesteel, is In the city,
Ernest Lloydjaa experienced dry goods,
salesman, arrived 'yefdalrohtiYortW'
accept a position in Norton's establish
ment. Mr, Lloyd is a friend of Glen
Miller. j
There will be an oyster the
United Presbyterian church Friday even
ing, December 12. Oysters, cake, salads,
pickles nnd coffee will be served. Every
body is cordially invited,
J. W. Broshar and W, C. Phillips. The
Herald's enterprising correspondent at
Canton, were in the city Monday trans
acting business. This was Mr, Broshar's
first visit to Alliance in two years,
Robert Pause, jr., representing the
Pabst Brewing Co., was in the city Mon
day attending to business matters with
H. C Armstrong, the company's agent
hero. Mr. Pause is a pleasant gentleman
to meet
Dr. H, B. Miller who arrived a few
weeks ago from Cumberland, Maryland,
hai decided to. remain permanently and
practice his profession here. Ha has
moved his family into tho Anderson resi
dence on Big Horn avenue. Dr. Miller
Teslded at Nonpareil for three years prior
to 1889 and is well known to many of the
early settlers who are pleased to see him
return. He still owns a large amount of
real estate in this county. His profes
sional card appears in this issue.
Father Rebach, of Crawford, met with a
serious nccident last Saturday night, while
on hi way to the depot to take a train for
Hemingford, where he was to have held
services the following day. Tho railroad
company was making some change in, the
yards necessitating the digging of a. ditch
in the yards, which was left unprotected
by a danger signal, and he fell into it,
breaking his. leg. Father Galviq went up
to see him Monday and reports him to bo
resting as comfortably as can be expected.
Colonel John S. Mosby. who is fn Omaha
on business of (he general land office, of
which he is a special agent, has iust re
ceived from Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
ot Massachusetts, a letter enclosing an in
vitation to be present on "Grant night"
next April. The Middlesex is one of the
most exclusive of all the New Eneland
clubs, and its "nights" are events of moro
than ordinary import. President Champ
lih of tho club writes to Colonel Mosby:
"We would like to add your name to the
roll of distinguished guests. The members
of the club, the republicans of Massachu
setts, and the people of Boston would Jjo
glad to see and welcome you. I bee to
assure you that this invitation is not perr
lunctory and formal. We earnestly desire
that you may be able to accem it."
Colonel Mosby is at present of the opinion
that communications may safely be ad
dressed . to him in care of the Middlesex
cjub, B.oston, Mass., on tho night of
April 27, 1003, for ho certainly exnects to
be present on that night.- -Omaha Bee.
1'ninllv Oroccrlcit.
well Sorted
Clothing at cost, at the Fair Store.
See Mrs. Regan's sew line.of cloaks.
-, y.'
Call and see Norton's new clothing.
Thoso neckties are dandies) at Nortec's
Cash paid for hides. Clouoh & Cou-
I am prepared to winter about forty head
of cattle on my ranch nearDunlap. Plenty
of feed and water and best of care. ,
V Bame, Dunlap, Neb.
Notice Hereafter no goods are to bo
charged to tho Brockett saloon except on
my order, H. C. Ajimstong.
Dated October t8, 1902.
I desire to take ttuabout X50 head of caf
tie to winter at my place, four miles south
east of Lawn . Good range, plenty ot hay
and water Jos. Kapbr,
Lawn, Neb.
Col, W, H. McCann, former register of
the United StateVland office at' Chadron,
was in the city yesterday on his return
from a trip to the sand hills. While at
one of the small towns east of Alliance.
Mr." McCann met an acquaintance who
greeted him as "Colonel," Bystanders
-mistook the Chadron min for Col. Mosby
and the news spread quickly that the dis
inguished "government fence destroyer"
wai there. The citizens became excited
and were eager to get sight of the sup
posed Mosby while the ranchmen who had
government land fenced shrugged their
shoulders and volunteered to take down
their fences. Things were "becoming pretty
warm about the time McCann established
his identity. Col. -McCnnn and yCol,
Mosby resemble edch somewhat fn p
pcarance. I'or 'Sale.
. Meat market in lively town. .JTwo rail
roads, Union Pacific round .house and
shop. A good opening for right party.
Address Box,iQ,
Sidney, Neb.
My entire stock of clotbing, hats,
.paps, shoes and furnishing goods is
now on sale at actual cost. I- 'auV go
ing out of business and have hlV, my
fixtures also on sale at cost. k '
500 Men's Suits at cost. "
190 Bovs' Suits at cost .
soo Overcoats at cost. worth of Furnishings at cost,
1,500 worth of Shoes at cost.
$700 worth of Shirts at cost. 1
450 worth of Underwear at pojy ' -S160
worth of Trunks and 6rInsrAt
cost. ' ;v
Overclothes, Gloves, Mitten's..;' Tew-
elry, ftain Coats,. Overshoes, J&eggins,
Comforts and Blankets, etaaftga for
just what .they cfjst at fylfoleVale.uQ
freight added. ' " ' ' 'T "
J. 1". FiEMJNC.