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'ft' Young Man in Trouble.
* Nollgh , Null. , Mari-h 27.--Special tc
The NUWH : Pearl It. Itnnilall , win
Cllllma to ImVO beetl ViBltlllg lilt
nwuullioiirt three inllt-H cast of Cluiir
water , > ml who him rulutlvcu at Wes1
Point , was picked up hero yestort'nj '
morning nliout 3 o'clock by Offleei
JnekBon on request of thu authorltlui
of Clenrwator. Ho walked Ihu entln
distance to thin city and IH churgei
with attomptjng to beat a hotel : uu
livery bill , which amount IH given a
$10. When llandall watt confrontee
by I. 10. AtkliiH and Constable Thotnp
HOII for fhuncdlatu settlement lie dU
not hesitate In giving them a clu'cl
on one of the Woflt Point bnnka foi
the amount. Becoming suspicious the ]
telephoned to the bank officials tun
found that no person by the naini
given had any account there , nor dli
they know of any such person. Han
dull had Atkins communicate with i
cousin at West Point yesterday inorr.
Ilig , who stated that ho would bo ii
Nollgh on the evening train to sotili
the matter.
The friend did not appear and th
prisoner was taken to Clearwatcr thl
South Norfolk.
Herman Shorpenlng arrived horn
from a week's visit with his brothe
in Hoone , Iowa.
.lake ChrlHtonsen bus returned horn
from ii few days visit in Sioux Clt ;
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Tamtam left fo
a few days stay In Chicago.
Miss Helen Walker of Ininnii wa
here last evening on business.
H. 11. llurnham left for Chadroi
last evening after a week's visit wit !
his aunt here.
Stealinc Ride ; Is Hurt.
NeliRh , Neb. , March 27. Special t
The News : Two young men , Frei
Furchncr and Dave Bignian of , .las
per , Minn. , arrived In Brunswick Mon
day. They were secrete ! In n box ca
containing railroad ties with the Intel
tlon of being taken out of town ye <
tcrday morning by a freight. Dm
ing the switching process one of th
ties rolled onto young Furchnor , In
Jurlng him quite seriously. It is o
such a nature that ho is now In ;
plaster cast. The Injured young ma :
Is but 16 years of age.
Jay Purley shipped Monday ono o
the finest cars of horses over shlppei
out of Ewing. They were conslgnei
to parties at Dlxon , 111.
Mrs. Rev. O. Eggleston returnei
"homo Saturday from a visit to Battl
Creek with her daughter , Mrs. Chai
les Hanson.
Will Snyder ono of our successfti
farmers shipped a car of fine hog
George Brewer and family move
Into the John May house while the lal
tor moved Into the Sharp residenc
recently acquired In the Neligh hous
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whitney an
children o Battle Creek visited Sa
urday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
P. M. Conger.
Auctioneer Wright was a passei
ger Sunday to Omaha.
J. S. Perry leaves Wednesday on
business trip to West Point.
E. B. Slujp and family who trade
for Neligh property left for that plac
Mr. A. Kllgore was called to low
last week on the sad Intelligence froi
there that his mother was not e :
pected to live.
Mrs. L. T. Newman returned Sa
urday from a week's visit In Kansas
The Graves Bros , sale last Saturdn
on account of the inclemency of tli
weather , only brought reasouabl
prices. Tom Guilty of O'Neill and i
Garnet of Sioux City were among tli
chief buyers. Ray Tinkle of Woe
Lake , Neb. , purchased the llerefoi
bull Gentry Lars 35th , a fine indlvi
ual weighing 1700 Ibs. A span i
mules brought $400.
The seating capacity of the ne
Block yards pavilllon has been llxre
at HOO.
Milton Van Doran left Monday fi
Merrlman , Neb. , where he lias
Kinkaid claim. His family will leai
The many friends of Mrs. E.
Spittler will bo glad to loam that si
is gradually convalescing.
Veterinary Surgeon Trussell w ;
called to No-ligh Sunday.
Dan Grady arrived home Frldi
from LaCrosse , Wis. , and Minneaj
Us , Minn. , where ho had been on
scouting expedition.
Bert Vcrsaw purenased S.iturdi
from John Berigan forty lead of pei
greed Shorthorn cattle , including t
herd bull , Red Sultan , a fine indlv
mil. Mr. Versa w is a cattleman ai
knows what ho is about.
Ernest Cracher of Delolt townsli
went to O'Neill Monday as a Jurymr
This is his second week.
Mrs. John Berigan went to Oma
Sunday to visit her son who was
cently operated upon and who
learn has commenced to Improve.
Miss Nellie Robinson came up fr <
Norfolk Wednesday and visited w
her parents , Mr. and Mrs. Jud Ri
Inson until Sunday.
J. L. Roll was a Sund&y visitor
Is in Jail for Beating Hotels.
Neligh , Neb. , March 27. Special
The News : J. B. Young was nrrc
ed yesterday afternoon by Offlc
Jackson on a complaint filed
Charles Beer of Oakdale , who charg
him with beating his hotel bill , whi
Amounted to $12. Ho appeared befc
Police Judge Cassady , pleaded gul
and was sentenced to thirty days
Several weeks ago ho landed
Battle Creek and Meadow Grove , n
iBterlng at each town under the nai
of McDonald , representing himself
be a land buyer and having In 1
possession moro money than soi
people had hay. His plan was
make U emphatically known In I
town that he was in a position to pay
cash for all the land he purchased
It goeti without saving that the land
iigentB were exceedingly busy showing
the prospective buyer their vuriouu
farms. For some unkonwn reason hi
failed to buy from any of the ngontfi
In the places mentioned and being In
such haste to leave town forgot tc
settle his hotel bills.
His next stop was Oakdale , where
he registered under the name ol
Young. D. B. Otis of the State banli
was visited and the man's flow of the
English language very shortly con
vlnced the assistant cashier that he
was business all the way through. Hi
WIIH pleased to make his acquaintance
and assured him that ho had the besl
land In Antelope county at his dls
posal. Landlord Beers became BUS
picuous on account of the stranger's
various excuses , and when paymeni
for his hotel bill was demanded , stat
ed that ho would Immediately call in
the bank and secure the money. Hi
failed to find the bank and took , !
tie pass for Nellgh.
Young arrived hero moro than t
cck ago and his failure to registei
t the Atlantic hotel was the enl ;
anon that ho had not been arrestci
everal days ago. And only on a pro
etiso that he was a personal frient
f If. S. Payne was this trivial mat
er overlooked by the landlord.
In a couple of days the "land buyer' '
ad been informed that T. S. Pextoi
ml R. S. Payne of the Atlas bank o
ils dty had abundance of farm lam
i their possession that they wouli
ladly convert Into cash. Both o
icso men were Interviewed by tin
trnnger and each felt certain that In
ould land the buyer , and at om
mo It seemed that hard feeling !
ould not bo averted between Reubet
ml Tom as to who's land Young win
oing to purchase , because each hai
onated quite liberally for livery bin
nil cigars. Before any deal was con
ummated , however , the arrest wai
uide. During his stay in this clt ;
t the Atlantic hotel , he had not pali
or his board and room.
Eighty-two Miners Perished.
Blueflold , W. Va. ( March 27. Elgli
y-two were killed by the gas explc
Ion in the Jed Coal and Coke com
iany's mine at Jed , W. Va. , about si :
illes from here. Only eleven mei
scaped alive and ono of these dlei
vlthln an hour after being brought the
ho surface.
Nebraska Unsettled weather witl
robably rain tonight or Thursday.
South Dakota Generally fair tc
Ight and Thursday except unsettle !
eather In south portion.
Dr. Beattle Leaves Neligh.
Neligh , Neb. , March 27. Special the <
ho News : Dr. D. W. Beattio hai
iven up his medical practice In thli
ity and left yesterday afternoon fo
s'orden , Neb. , where he Intends Ic
atlng and making his future home
Ir. Beattle has large land interests Ii
lint vicinity and says that the pros
ects In Keya Palm county at thi
line arc very bright. It is statei
hat the family will not leave Neligl
ntil after the close of school.
Neligh Store Sold.
Neligh , Neb. , March 27. Special t
'ho ' News : D. Cook of Unlverslt ;
'laQo ' purchased this week and is non \
n possession of the Anderson mei
antile store. The old firm has bee :
n Nellgh for more than twenty years
Brunswick Hit by a Fire.
Brunswick , Neb. , March 27. Sp
ial to The News : A $30,000 fir
wept through Brunswick at midnighi
The following buildings burned :
Salmon Bros , store and stock. Stoc
vorth $18,000 to $20,000 ; Insurance
15,000 ; building worth about $3,000.
Brunswick hotel , frame , wort
about $3,000.
A. J. Brown estate harness shoj
The Brown building saved the nort
side of town. A bucket brigade did hi
role work fighting the fire. The fir
started in the second floor of the Sa
non store , where the Salmon broil
ers lived.
Considerable plate glass all eve
town was broken by the heat. Tli
Brown building was built by the ma
who was murdered in his home hei
i year and a half ago and for whlc
Joe McKay was sentenced to life ii
prisonment and later granted a ne
McAllister In Race.
Neligh , Neb. , March 27. Special
The-News : John M. McAllister hi
returned from his recent trip to Ca
fornla and has filed as a candidate c
the republican ticket for the nomin
tlon of county assessor.
New Mexico Deadlock Unbroken.
Santa Fe , N. M. , March 2G. Tl
seventh ballot taken today for Unit *
States senator did not break the dea
Tries Suicide in Poorhouse.
Pierce , Neb. , March 27. Special
The News : Carl Schalrlow , aged (
an Inmate of the county poor fai
near here , tried to end his life
cutting his throat last night. T
wound was sewed up. It is not kno\
today whether ho will recover or n
Max Schwichtenberg.
Pierce , Neb. , March 27. Special
The News. Max Schwlchtenborg , !
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Augi
Schwichtenberg , pioneers living nc
Pierce , died last night in St. Jose
i hospital , Omaha , following an ope :
3 tlon for appendicitis. Funeral arrant
nients have not been made.
John Harms Assigns.
Bonesteol , S. D. , March 27. Spec
to The News : John Harms , ono
a the largest merchants of this ci
a finished Invoking his stock of gooi
B and the amount of his Invoice w :
o his real estate amounting ; to abe
o $20,000 was turned over to Trustee
o 0. Hayes of Omaha for dlstrlbutl
among his creditors , numbering about
sixteen to twenty , with a liability of
about $12,000. The creditors hope to
keep this slock out of the bank r up toy
courts , In an earnest attempt to make
it pay out.
King Won't Leave London.
London , March 20. King George to
day cancelled the arrangements for
his visit to Liverpool to attend thu
grand national stceplo chase on Frl-
day , March 29. Telegraphing to Lord
Derby , with whom ho had intended
to stay , King George said :
"Tho continuance of this disastrous
coal strike makes It Impossible foi
mo to make any plans to leave Lon.
don. "
E. Straight of Hosklns was here.
P. 13. Carberry returned from n
business trip at Long Pine.
Judge A. A. Welch enronto from
Madison to his home at Wayne was
Mr. and Mrs. John Koonlgslel'i , whc
Imvo spent six months In Texas am'
Old Mexico , will return to Norfolk
Thursday or Friday.
Evensong and Litany at Trinltj
church this evening at 7:30. :
Former Street Commissioner Wll
Ham Uecker and Carl Llehrmnn re
turned from a six weeks' business
trip at Dallas , S. D.
A meeting of the Northwosten
Safety committee was held in the of
fice of Superintendent C. II. Reynold !
yesterday afternoon.
Archie Bennett , formerly of Mea
dow Grove , has moved to the housi
formerly occupied by Ed. Stanficli
at Hayes avenue and Seventh street
Mr. Bennett moved to Norfolk It
farmer wagons and reports the road :
between that town and this city In i
frightful condition.
Two men were arrested last nighi
by the police but neither of them was
taken before the judge for trial. One
a cook in a local restaurant , wo *
found drunk , but released on nppllca
tlon of friends this morning. The
other was booked as a "sleeper. "
The habit of transferring a stovi
without putting out the fire proved ;
failure yesterday afternoon when on <
of the men handling the stove fount
it to be too hot and loosened his hold
causing the stove to fall off the side
walk , the fire being dispersed on tin
cement sidewalk.
Canadian geese , a largo flock o
thorn , got their supper and lodging It
Norfolk's vicinity last night. L. Ses
sions watched the geese hunting foi
food early last evening and at I
o'clock this morning they were flylnt
above the city. Mr. Sessions alst
heard a humming .bird this morning.
S. H. Grant and' his daughter Misi
Addio Grant went to M.adison to vlsl
relatives. Mr. Grant and his daughte :
will leave Norfolk on April 11 fo :
Seattle where they will spend tin
summer with relatives. Tiie Order o
Eastern Star will give a farewell re
ception to Mr. Grant and his daughte
Thursday night.
The second class within a fev
weeks will be Initiated Into the niys
terles of the Ben Hur lodge nex
M.onday night.x A banquet , will bi
held after the work is conferred. Thli
second class will be larger than thi
first , say Ben Hur organizers whi
have been busy In the city for thi
past few months.
Deep , sticky mud causes the" flri
department officers to fear trouble Ii
case of fire. Several emergency team
arc held to haul the heavy fire wngor
should It get stuck in the mud. 1
wagon filled with sand became stall
ed on North Fourth street late TUCJ
day afternoon and It required si
horses to pull It out.
Strawberries , tomatoes and othe
fancy hothouse products will be see :
in local stores before Easter , sa
grocers. At present strawberries ar
selling for 55 cents a quart while te
matoes go at 20 cents a pound. Ne\
potatoes made their appearance i
local stores and are selling for $
per bushel. Radishes are also her
and sell for 5 cents a bunch.
The executive committee of the fin
men's tournament will hold a meettn
in the city hall at 7:30 : tills eveniiii
A meeting was to have been held hu
Friday but the absence of one of th
members caused the meeting to h
postponed until tonight. The ex-off
cio members are asked to bo prose :
at all meetings held by the conunlttci
The appointment of committees is t
be the feature of tonight's work.
George Bender of Oelwein , la. , wh
will open a grocery store In the ol
candy factory building and who hr
moved to 503 South Eleventh stree
has received a shipment of about 5 (
bed springs from a bed spring factoi
which ho purchased recently at I
dependence , la. When Mr. Bend <
bought the factory ho came In posse
slon of several thousand sets of thes
springs. Ho In turn sold the factoi
at public auction.
Mrs. Mary Walters arrived In Nc
folk yesterday intending to make hi
homo with Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Dea
She did not know until she reachi
the city of the death of Mrs. De ;
ten days ago. Mrs. Walters was fc
merly Mrs. Willis Dean , her husbni
having been the elder son of Mr. at
Mrs. S. G. Dean. Mrs. Walters' se
end husband , Dr. F. G. Walters , nil
formerly of Norfolk , died some tin
ago in Los Angeles.
A. T. Hutchlnson of the A. L. K
Han Co. , returned last night fro
Valley , Neb. , where he attended
directors meeting of a seed house
which ho Is a director. Mr. Hutchi
son reports that much fear is ontt
tallied at Valley and Waterloo ov
the flood stage of the Platte rlv
which Is thirty feet high at the m
rowed channel at the Burllngti
bridge at Fremont. The Ice is thlrt
six inches thick and a gorge Is fori
ing. Blasting has been going on f
a week , but It Is not believed th
this will save the lowlands arout
Valley from a flood. The Elkhorn
river , says Mr. Hutchlnson , is in good
shape and ho can see no danger of a
flood In this vicinity.
Levl S. Beemer.
The death of Levl S. Beemer , for
twenty-seven years a resident of Nor
folk , occurred at his homo on Braascli
avenue at I ! o'clock Wednesday morn
ing , following a prolonged illness. Ik
was 77 years of age. The funeral will
bo held from the home Thursday af
ternoon at 2:30 : o'clock. The Math
ewson post , G. A. R. , will attend the
funeral in a body , Mr. Boomer hav
ing fought In the civil war.
Levl S. Beemer was born Fob. B
1S35 , at Scotland , Canada. On June
C. 1802 , ho was married to Mary C
Young and came to Iowa to live
Later ho moved to Fremont and It
1882 took a claim north of Meado\\
Grove , Neb. Ho came to Norfolk Ii
Some years ago Mr. Boomer losi
his sight and for the past sovera
months ho has not been well.
There arc four sons and two daughters
tors surviving. The sons are : Jesse
Mortimer and Ben of Kansas City
and Harry of Norfolk. The daughters
Rosclla of Kansas City and Mrs. Cor :
Munson of Norfolk.
i Elevator Men Meet.
J. W. Sliortliill of Aurora , state secretary
rotary of the Farmers Co-operatlvi
Elevator association , after holdlni
successful local meetings at Hastings
Beatrice and other Nebraska cities ,
held a similar successful local meet
ing in the Commercial club room
Tuesday afternoon and evening whlcl
was attended by about thirty elevate
men of this vicinity. John Phinne.v
manager of the Farmers Grain am
Live Stock company of this city , am
other local elevator men deliverei
brief addresses.
The meeting was an informal om
and the feature of the discussions , win
mutual insurance and taxation. /
local organization will be formed a
some later date. Among those pros
cut were : Hans Selek , Elgin ; D. I >
Henry , Elgin ; E. Gaily , Elgin ; Ricli
ard Olmer , Humphrey ; Thomas Wet
tier , Humphrey ; Charles Busay Wake
field ; I. II. Weaver , Wakefield ; G
F. Llesman , Hadar ; C. P. Lundegraw
Wausa ; Joseph Wolf , Pierce- ; . F
Kulil , Pierce ; Allen Hopkins , Neligh
Fred Terry , Warnerville ; J. F. Dedet
man , M. McGrail , John Phlnney , Hei
man Buettow , Fred Lau , E. Koehn
Ernest Raasch , Carl Drofke , Fran !
Tannehill , Fred Braasch , Norfolk.
One Thief is Well Known Here.
Charles H.Pllger , formerly cor
nected with the local police force
visited the city jail last evening am
Identified one of the thieves capturei
by Sam Rosenthal. The Identtflei
man was arrested by Pilger six year
ago. He had broken out of jail a
Pilger , Neb. ' , at the time and escape *
to this city with a bullet hole thr&ugl
his ami" as the result of being she
with a 45-callber revolver , by the Pll
ger marshal. Mr. Pilger declared th
wound at that time was dangerous.
The man last night refused shov
Mr. Pilger the scar and denied eve
having -been shot. The same mai
was identified by Patrolman Living
ston as the tramp who broke into
South Norfolk home some years ag
and terrorized the wife of a railroa
man. The tramp believed the worna :
to bo alone and his arrest fol'owe '
the punishment he received at th
hands of the irate husband who wa
In another room.
The same man was arrested at on
time jn a beer vault where he con
manded a gang of ten tramps wh
solicited "beer" funds by terrorlzin
women In the residence portions c
the city. The men will be prosecu
ed by County Attorney James Nichol
who reached the city.
James Manning , was the name gi' '
en by the thief who seems to be we
.known by the police , when he was a :
raigned before Judge Eiseley. II
gave bis home at Nebraska City. Job
Foley , giving Canada as his liomi
'was brought before the judge at th
same time. Both men pleaded guilt
to the charge of stealing $15 wort
of clothing from the Bee Hlvo stoi
but denied that they stole silk froi
the Fair store. _ They were fined $ . "
and costs , each , and were taken t
Madison by Sheriff Smith today. .The
were unable to pay their fine and wl
spend the time in the county jail.
Arizona Legislature Files Protei
Against Former Governor.
Phoenix , Arix. , March 27. The A
izonii legislature by an overwhelmir
majority adopted resolutions objoc
ing to tlie appointment of former te
ritorial Gov. Richard Sloan /to / h
United States judge for the distri
of Arizona.
Mr. Sloan was attacked In speecln
made by democratic members. Sen
tor T. Hughes of Tucson charged th :
Sloan was supported by the railroat
"who hoped , through him , to test tl
right and powers of the state ra
road commission. "
Senator Alonzo Hubbell , republic !
of , Apache county , defended Sloa
characterized the resolution as belt
Intended to "ruin Sloan's character
and declared Us adoption "merely
partisan act. "
River Nine Miles Wide There.
Keokuk , .la. , March 27. The snu
town of Gregory , Mo. , twelve mil
south of Keokuk , Is reported
have been Inundated uy the riv
which rose out of its batiks betwei
Alexandria and Gregory. Accordit
to reports four houses are ( loath
down the river and people are ( lech
from the town. A huge Ice gorge o
poslto the town has caused hundrei
of acres of lowlands to bo floode
Through trains between Keokuk ai
St. Louis are annulled. The river
Gregory is said to bo nine miles wli
and the gorge which has formed
fifty feet high.
But That's Not Fair.
Burke , S. D. , March 27. Spring
Editor , The Ne > ws : Bnrko bouts then
all In seeing the first signs of spring
A meadow lurk was seen by severa
farmers here about Feb. 1. If thai
ditto Is In danger of being cdlpset
by competitors , It can bo set bad
further and still bo In the bounds o :
truthfulness. For proof and explana
tlon , a meadow lark wintered hen
In nn 'old homesteader's shack neai
his farm. It was scon often durliif
the winter at different farm houses
searching for food and water. Gralt
was thrown out wherever It made i
visit. Yesterday It came up to tin
house and gave us the first numboi
of its spring recital. Neighbors hen
will corroborate this. Bnrko dial
letiges any other community to hen
it. Yours respectfully , Bahara Stocl
Congressman Lobeck of Nebrask ;
Introduces a Resolution.
Washington , March 2S. Represen
tntlve Lobeck of Nebraska , democrat
today Introduced a resolution in th <
house calling on the attorney genera
for all the correspondence and infoi
niatlon so far gathered In the Inlet
national Harvester company case am
u report on how the proceedings ar
progressing. .Air. Lobeck Introduce !
a resolution of inquiry last June am
hearings on | it were conducted a
the time by the rules committee.
"The attorney general nppcnrci
personally before the comnilttei
then , " relates the resolution introduc
ed today , "and stated that a legn
action would bo taken to dissolve th
corporation on account of violntio
of 'tho anti-trust act.
"Up to' this time no action seem
to have been taken by the attorne ;
general. "
Mr. Lobeck declared the people o
the west were demanding to kno\
what steps were being taken to dls
solve the so-called "harvester trust.
The resolution was referred to th
rules committee but Mr. Lobeck gav
warning that if action on it were dc
ayed ho would ask the house to ut
lertako an investigation on its ow
That Horse Trade Again.
Verdel , Neb. , March 28. Arlthmei
C Editor , The News : Why so nine
urmoil in Valentine over a triflln
ransactlon when you have all th
mrtieulars at hand. A man sells
lorse for $90. He buys , him bac
for $80 , and sells him again for $10 (
mil throws the entire community ii
to an argument as to whether he ha
undo $30 or only $20 on' the tw
Why.don't you ask the man who
10 mad.e ? is he like some othe
lealers ; can't you trust his veracit
n this case ?
It isn't necessary ; you have al
.ho particulars at hand.
Perhaps he doesn't know himself
with all this turmoil , he may be
ittle dazed and not know just wher
ic is at.
Ho may think hehas made $3 (
and may continue making such deal
spending all his Imaginary profits a
10 proceeds , and finally , find himsel
n a hole with nothing to do bu
blame the "high cost of living , " a
others have before.
The safest way I know of is t
count your money after each tram
action. In this case It works out I
the following manner.
Value of horse $ 0
Baught back at 8
Profit on 1st deal 1
Sold again at $10
Add 1st profit 1
Total amount received 11
Value of horse U
Total profit i
I. A. Lownes.
Sheriff Smith Here Serving Summer
Upon the Men Chosen.
Sheriff C. S. Smith is hero servin
summons on the new list of juroi
drawn for the district court jury tria
The new jury must report at Mad
son on April 29. Among those wli
were served summons were : Robe :
Dales , Tilden ; J. R. Dow , Meade
Grove ; Nick Dohman , Humphrey ; ,
W. Fitch , Newman Grove ; Anton Gn
ser , Emerlck ; George GIllenkerQho
Lindsay ; Lewis Hines , Meade
Grove ; James O'Brien , Tllden ; J.
Orr , Battle Creek ; O. A. Sundewna
Madison ; Fred Schilling , Madison ; 1
P. Sutlcy , Meadow Grove ; W. I
Tledgen , Battle Creek ; Wlllla
Thompson , Madison ; Floyd Warrlc
Madison ; Balser Werner , Batt
Creek ; Fred Byerly , Sam Bouton , Joli
T. DInkel , John Guild , John Ilagge
meycr , Melvln B. Homer , F. L. M
Glnnls , William Roker , Norfolk.
Bryan Attacks Mr. Hitchcock.
W. J. Bryan delivered n speech :
Norfolk last night in defense of h
opposition to Gov. Harmon for tl
democratic presinemmt noininatlt
and in defense of bin declaration tin
If Nebraska democrats Instruct f <
Harmon and elect Bryan delegate-r
largo to the Baltimore convention , 1
will resign. It was a reply to tl
Omaha World-Herald's attaeUf upc
Mr. Bryan for this stand. The Worl
Herald has questioned his democrac
declaring him a dictator Instead i
following his motto : "Lot the pcop
rule. "
Mr. Bryan declared Senator Hitc
cock is fighting him for personal re
sons. "Ho has hated mo over shu
I recommended the appointment <
your neighbor , William V. Allen , i
senator , llltcljcock wanted the n
polntmi'tit and 1 urged the governor
to abldo by the choice of the statu
legislature. Since then Hitchcock 1m *
hated tno although at times , for oh
vlous reasons , ho has concealed hi *
luitri'd. At time's I Imvo thought 1
had him n good democrat. Hut now
Instead of being an aristocrat , ho ha *
got Into the plutocratic class. HoV
a republican.
Mr. Uryan addressed a packed housi
at the Auditorium. He declared dem
ocracy Is growing faster than he bar
e > ver hoped to see It. He never hiu
hoped for the adoption of so many o
his Ideas. Ho never had hoped foi
such nn opportunity for democrat h
success ns Is offered by the republl
can split. But democrats must no
throw away their opportunity and re
turn to the ronctlonarlcH , ns they ilh
in 1901. The nomiiii'e- must be a pro
gresslve . lieIs "Indifferent" as be
tweeti Clark and Wilson but lu > salt
Morgan wants Harmon nominated am
that Harmon has always been "on th <
other side , " against the masses.
"Would Be Criminal Folly. "
Mr. Bryan said it would be us bin
"from policy as from principle" te
nomlna'o Harmon. "It would bo crlm
inal folly , " IKdeclared. .
Mr. Bryan sharply criticised Col
Roosevelt In his nice for a third term
"Will you tell me he Is only a recep
the candidate wlu-n 1m appoints i
chairman to go out and organize 'i
call' for him and then goes out mak
Ing speeches Hoc-king the place' '
Roosevelt says Taft's attmlnlslratloi
is a failure , lie iwysjXhere Is no othe :
man in the republican party able ti
save the party from defeat. He guar
unteed Tat't. Now ho breaks n prece
dent of over 100 year1 standing be
cause he thinks Taft Is a failure
What has Roosevelt done to deservi
an honor -that was denied to the founder
dor of this government , that was di :
nicd to Jefferson , that was denied ti
Grant ? And It was not a 'consecutive
term that Gen. Grant sought he hai
been out of office four years and hai
been around the world , llo was tin
greatest general of the greatest civi
war of history but the people did no
regard the two-term limit 11 'silly sen
tlnient , ' as Senator Beverldgo has du
clared it , at that time. I think tin
presidency should be limited to om
term. "
Mr. Bryan declared that when hi
was a candidate Wall ftreet offerei
him its support if he would conseti
to permit the money power to nanii
the supreme judges he should have ti
The Packers' Acquittal.
Mr. Bryan said the Chicago packer :
had been acquitted because the su
preme court wrote the word 'reason
able" into the anti-trust law.
Mr. Brayn said recent primary re
suits did not .indicate that the cal
for Roosevelt to break the third tern
precednt was by any means unanini
ous. lie said if the republicans want
ed a progressive , La Folletto was fa
and away ahead of Roosevelt ; tha
they were not In the same class.
During his speech , Mr. Bryan spok
for his already well known doctrines
He told of his pioneering for an ii
c6me tax , for publicity before elec
tion of campaign contributions , fo
publicity of recommendations for si
preme court appointments , for public
ity of the names of owners of now ;
papers , for reduction In the tariff am
free sugar and for low tolls throug
the Panama canal.
Mr. Bryan said ho agreed with hot
Taft and Roosevelt that each d <
Glares the other should not be nomit
When told of Col. Roosevelt's speec
in Chicago , advocating an Interstat
trust commission , he said : "Will h
put Perkins on it ? "
Friday Wouldn't Introduce.
Senator F. J. Hale introduced Mi
Bryan to the Norfolk audience. C. I
Durland , who was on the platfon
with other democrats , made a requea
of Mayor John Friday , that the lattei
as mayor of the city should intre
duce the speaker. Mayor Friday n
fused to do this , according to M
Mr. Durland was unwilling to sa
what reason Mayor Friday save hit
for refusing to introduce Mr. Bryai
"That gets down Into nersonal maters
tors , " Mr. Durland said. "He refu :
ed , as mayor of the city , to Introduc
Mr. Bryan. Ho did not decline t
go to the Oxnard hotel to meet M
Bryan but he said be wuild not ii
troduce him to the audio.ice. "
Mayor Friday , when asked his rei
sons for not Introducing .Mr. Brya
to the audience , declared tl'at he 1m
I not refused the 'honor.
" 1 did not refuse to introduc
him , " says the mayor. "I was calle
to the bridge north of the city wher
an Ice gorge had formed and It wr
Impossible for me to introduce bin
I returned from the river too late an
when I reached the Auditorial
where I listened to Bryan for a 11
tie while , ho was already speakini
A. J. Koenigstein asked me durln
the afternoon to be on the platfon
and I could not promise this. "
On the platform with Mr. Brya
were : Senator Halo , C. B. Durlam
J , II. Kemp , of Wayne , E. O. Garre
of Fremont , W. H. Weeks and A. .
The Bishop of Nellgh.
Neligh. Neb. , March 28. Special t
The News : The annual visitation e
Bishop Williams to St. Peter's Epl
copal church In Nellgh , on March 2. > t
goes Into history as one of the grea
est occasions of Its kind In this clt ;
In the afternoon the Bishop admh
Istored the apostolic rite of Holy Ba )
tlsm to four prominent Nellgh pci
pie , and at G o'clock , after a dellgh
ful dinner given In honor of th
Bishop by the ladles of the churcl
at which over thirty members of th
men's club were present , the BIsho
addressed the club and oy a rlsln
vote waa made an honorary mombe
of the same.
A very agreeable surprise awalte
the Bishop , when nt the beginning c
the horvlco , In response to the rec
tor's Invitation , twonty-tlirco persons *
came forward to re-col vo the sacra-
moiit of cnnflriniitlon.
The bishop's address on the HUhJort
of "Holy Baptism" In the afternoon
wast a most Instruct I vo ono , whllo hlt
message at the evening noylco was
Inspiring and Impressive. The alter
was beautifully decorated with Ameri
can beauty roses presented by Mrs
( ' . L. Wattles , also two now Candcla
bra. which were blessed by the Bish
op at the afternoon service , each of
which holds the symbolic lights of
the Hovon fold gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The confirmation class comprising
some of the most prominent people In
Nellgh. was the largest ever known
horo. The Bishop's Introductory re-
mnrktt were Instructive and certainly
showed the Import unco of a sacra
ment which comes to us but once In
a life time. His address was most In
spiring and many who had not listen
ed to the Bishop before , were heard
to express in tones of greatest satis
faction the benefits which they had
received In listening to his magnifi
cent presentation of the seven-fold
gifts. He dwelt largely upon the sym
bolism of seven and Its multiples , and
the thoughts which were so clearly
put. left , no doubt In the minds of the
congregation that tlm.so who were
privileged to receive the laying on of
hands worn Indeed blessed. e
At the dose of the evening service
the men repaired to the club rooms
and hold a business session at which
the HLshop was present and in a very
Interesting manner , gave a number of
Virginia Detectives Hope to Land Al
iens During the Day.
Illllsvllle , Va. . March 28. "Wo will
get them today , " was the promise
again this morning from the trail of
the Allen gang. Fifty-four men , mak
ing their way on foot through thick
ets * and over rough trails , began dos
ing In on the spot high up in the
Blue Ridge in which Sldna and Fiel
Allen and Wesley Edwards are sup
posed to bo at their last hiding place.
Across the North Carolina line at
Mount Airy , Sheriff Hiiynes of Snrry
county has n posse of fifty men await
ing word to Join the Virginia search-
crs. What use , if any , shall bo made
of this force will be decided In to
day's developments.
Notice of Referee's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale made
by the District Court of Madison
County , Nebraska , entered on the
25th day of March , 1912 , in an action
of partition in. which Elsie 'Moeller
and Robinette Eble are plaintiffs and
John Eble , Elizabeth Twiss , Fred
Twiss , Ida Truman , Henry C. Tru
man , Joanna Twiss , Aura Twiss , Char
les F. Eble , Katherlne Eble , Grace
Mast , George Eble. Blanche I. Eble ,
Joseph Eble , Anna Eble , Alice Bilke ,
Fred Bilke , Jessie Kelly , Willis Kel
ly , Geneva Eble , Ollio Sunderland.
William Sunderland , Emil Moeller ,
Palmer Wheelock Enterprise Com
pany , of Beatrice1 , Nebraska , Sunny
Slope Vineyard Company , Schlesin-
ger & Bender , Chicago Lumber Company -
pany , Shurtz & Jenkins. Albert L.
Eddenfield , Solomon G. Mayer , Flood
& Conklln Company and H. A. Pase-
walk , I will otfer the following de
scribed real estate , to-wit : Lots 2 ,
3 and 4 , of King's Second Subdivi
sion to Norfolk , In Madison County ,
Nebraska , and the following describ
ed tract of land : Commencing at
a point 234.1 feet East of the North
west corner of the Southwest Quar
ter of the Southwest Quarter of Sec
tion 23 , Township 24 , North , Range
1 , West of the Gth Principal Meri
dian , running thence East 349 feet ;
thence running South to the North
bank of the North Fork of the Elkhorn -
horn River ; from thence running
along the North bank of said stream
in a westerly direction to a point due
south of the place of beginning :
thence running north to the place of
beginning , being a part of the South
west Quarter ot the Southwest Quar
ter of sjiiid Section 23. Township 24 ,
North , Range 1 , West of the Gth
Principal .Meridian ; also a part of
the Northwest Quarter of the South
west Quarter of Section 23 , in Town
ship 24 , North , Range 1 , West of the
Sixth Principal Meridian , described
as follows : Beginning at a point
where the south line of King Avenue
in Norfolk , Nebraska , intersects with
the right of wo.y of the Chicago , Saint
Paul , Minneapolis and Omaha Rail
way Company ; running thence East
G5 feet to the Northwest corner of
Lot Ono ( II. in Block Ono (1) ( ) , of
King's Addition to Norfolk , Nebraska
ka ; running thence South 298 feet ;
running thence East 132 feet ; run
ning thence North 214 feet to the
right of way of said railway com
pany ; running thence in a northeast
erly direction along th.e east line of
said right of way to the place of be
ginning ; also the following described
real estate , to-wit : Commencing at
the Northwest corner of Lot Ono (1) ( ) .
Block One (1) ( ) , of King's Addition to
Norfolk , Nebraska , running thence
East 236 % feet ; running thence
South 3G8 feet ; running thence West
57 % feet ; running thence North 70
feet ; running thence West 179 feet ;
running thence North 298 feet to the
place of beginning , bolng all of said
Lot 1. in Block 1 , of King's Addi
tion to Norfolk , In Madison County.
Nebraska , except the south 70 feet
of the West 179 feet thereof , nil of
said real estate being In Madison
County , Nebraska , for sale , at pub
lic auction to the highest bidder on
the following terms , to-wlt : Cash
In hand , on April 29th , 1912 , at one
o'clock P. M. , nt the oust front door
of the Court House In the City of i j
Madison In said county , when and \ n
where duo attendance will be given
by the undersigned.
Dated this 2Gth day of March , 1912.
J. S , .Mathewson , Referee.

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