The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 27, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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The man holding the paper In the rear of the group is President Castro of Venezuela. Around him are the chief diplomatists of Venezuela, Castro's
cabinet officers, who are the chief advisers of the czarlike president. These are the men who are now considering the latest phase of the Venezuelan
crisis. The situation Is largely in their hands. This halftone Is made from an authentic original flashlight photograph never before published.
(Continued from page two.)
"Audrey," at the Madison Square, in
which Eleanor Robson has the title role,
is proving an exceptionally strong pro
duction, and has continued to draw
large houses from the start.
Mabelle Gilman is making such a dis
tinct hit at the Bijou in "The Mocking
Bird," that she expects to remain in
New York indefinitely.
The two other musical shows, "The
Silver Slipper," at the Broadway, and
"Sally in Our Alley." at the New York,
are both enjoying great popularity.
Aubrey Bouclcault, with "Heidelberg,"
will soon succeed "Weedon Grossmith at
the Princess, where "The Night of the
Party" has been a charming attraction
for the past three months.
J. K. Hacketfs "Crisis" is proving one
of the strongest things he has yet done,
and the noted star's performances are
attended nightly by the most critical
At Mrs. Osborne's "Fad and Folly"
has demonstrated itself an easy winner.
This has come to be the favorite resort
for society women who like to see the
glass held up to nature, and their own
frallitles made the butt of the player's
satire and the public scorn.
"Ninety and Nine" continues more
than a ninety days' wonder at the Acad
emy, where it is packing the house in a
phenomenal way.
- "Der Kuss" has been successfully pro
duced by Manager Conried at the Irving
Place theatre. The play ranks high In
Hungarian literature. It is a romantic
comedy, with an absorbing plot and po
etic dialogue. It is handsomely present
ed by a strong cast
The Circle theatre has opened with an
excellent stock company, which will pre
sent a new bill each week. Miss Bijou
Fernondez Is the leading lady, and a suc
cession of strong Broadway successes Is
to be produced.
Miss Elizabeth Tyree began rehearsals
for "Gretna Green," the romantic com
edy by Grace Livingston Furnlss, in
which Miss Tyree will make her first ap
pearance as a star at the Madison Square
theatre on January 5th. Miss Tyree's
company includes Scott Craven, prances
Gaunt, Robert Hickman, Eva Vincent,
Frank Matthieu, Georgie Lawrence,
Robert Broderlck, Harris Forbes and
At the American theatre the attraction
for next week Is "Slaves of Russia," a
powerful melodrama.
E. H. Sothern's impending production
of "Hamlet," to take place at the Garden
theatre. New York, Dec 29th, Sir Henry
Irving has released Miss Celia Loftus,
who 'had been playing with him for a
year in England. She will play the part
of Ophelia. Miss Loftus, since she has
appeared in vaudeville shows at 11,000 a
week, later in Daniel Frohman's com
pany, at Daly's theatre, subsequently
with E. H. Sothern, and last year with
Sir Henry Irving in England, has devel
oped into an actress of admirable qual
ities. "My Friend From India," "As You
Like It," and "Cleopatra" are among the
forthcoming productions at the Colum
bia theatre, Brooklyn, where the new
stock company Is meeting with much
The headline act at Keith's for the
coming week will be one of especial In
terest to the children. This Is Techow's
wonderful performing cats, who give a'
truly marvelous exhibition of feline In
telligence. Cushman, Holcomb and Cur
tis present a very laughable singing
sketch entitled "The New Teacher,"
which affords these three clever people
ample opportunity for the display of
their talents In the lines of both music
and comedy. HERBERT E. CLAMP.
& & &
A friend of mine who was at dinner
with me one evening, making his way
homeward with some difficulty, came in
contact with a tree, the only tree In
the street. He fell backward a step.
then returned to the effort, and met the
tree again. This time he sat upon the
sidewalk and put both hands to his
head and cried: "Lost! lost! lost! in an
Impenetrable forest."
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Little Elsie anxiously Santa Claus
does not go around In an automobile,
does he, mamma?
Mamma "Why, certainly not, he atlll
drives his reindeer.
Little Elsie, with a sigh of relief Oh,
I'm so glad. Tommy told me he used
an automobile and I know there are no
repair shops open at night.
"Oh, no," said the wise and worldly
minded husband to the friend of his
bachelor days, "I never smoke the cigars
my wife gives me on Christmas. You
see I" the lid of his left eye lay dead
on his cheek for a brief fraction of
time "I know the ropes."
Mabel Do you expect many Christmas
presents this year, dear?
Maude Not many; you see all the pa
pers published an account of papa's
failure last week.
"Does he claim to know much about
women?" "No; he says they are beyond
his comprehension." "Then he's mar
ried." Chicago Evening Post.
This is Puerto Cabello, the Venezuelan seaport, where the allies delivered their first blow against Venezuela. The shelling of the fortification of this place
has provoked a great deal of adverse criticism In "Washington and some of the European capitals. Even in London the general opinion holds that the step
was unnecessarily harsh and sever. The citizens of Puerto Cabello are still In a state of howling Indignation at the summary measure.