The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 13, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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days ago, when the conversation turned
to the "horseless age." Trolley cars,
automobiles, and airships bad their share
of the talk, when one of the party, a
young man well known In New York
clubland, said: "I wonder If they wilt
ever Invent sllverless dinners."
"Sllverless dinners!" exclaimed the
"Yes; dinners at which one will not
have to bother with knives, forks, or
spoons; where everything: will be pre
pared in such fashion that one can.
simply take it in his fingers and still not
require a pail of water alongside of him."
"I doubt it," said another. "In fact, I
don't see how such a thing could very
well be."
"Well," continued the man who had
made the proposition, "I am willing to
wager the cost of a dinner that I can get
up one which you will call excellent, and
we won't have a piece of silver on the
33e wager was at once taken, and the
3g man sought the chef. Next night
me five men were again together, and
srch had brought a woman to pass
Judgment on the meal. It consisted of
eight courses, and all those present
voted It a perfect success. The menu
was as follows:
Oysters on the half -shell, to be eaten
from the shells.
, . Consomme in cups.
it FV i&b T101 a uce on the side.
.Half of a baked squab, with the leg in pa-
-r ww ,percap.
xmt chops, with the ends in paper cap.
Stuffed celery.
Ice-cream sandwiches. Coffee.
New York Times.
In honor of her husband's birthday,
Mrs. John B. Wright gave a large dinner
Thursday evening. The two large round
tables at which the guests were seated,
the one placed in the dining room, the
other in the library, were arranged with
the same exquisite taste which is always
displayed at Mrs. Wright's parties. In
the centre of the table was a hand
painted lamp with the most beautiful
pink tiger Illy shade, which was just scat
to Mrs. Wright from Paris. The lamp
stood on a mirror and around It, reflected
In the mirror, were pink candles tinder
silk shades. The tables were further
adorned with pink roses and ferns and
the bon-bon boxes were in the shape of
pink chrysanthemums. The names of the
ladles spelled backwards were written
on cards and a card was handed to
each gentleman upon his arrival, who in
this way found his partner for dinner.
Lea Bohemlennes and their husbands
were present, and from out of town the
following: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bjirr,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Baum, Mrs. A. O. Bee
son, Mrs. Thomas W. Griffith, Mrs. Olive
Watson and Mrs. Ballantlne.
Tuesday evening. In the ordinary at
the Lincoln hotel, a dinner was given by
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel C. Burr for Miss
Burr, Mr. Meadows and their bridal
party. A large table, accommodating ten
persons, stood at one side of the room
and was half surrounded by a semicircle
of five small tables. The decorations
were of unusual beauty. In the center
of the large table was a large mound of
American beauties encircled with
maiden-hair fern. Outside of this
mound were crystal candlesticks bear
ing white candles arranged in a five
pointed star. The star was outlined with
ferns. The points of the star extended
to the edge of the table and two persons
were seated between each of the two
points. On each of the small tables were
two candles In crystal sticks, and be
tween the guests were long-stemmed
American beauties extending from the
floor above the table. The nlntA rants
were done in water-colors by "a New
York artist. They were heart-shaped
and the decorations were typical of a
wedding. Thirty persons were present at
the dinner.
On Monday and Tuesday afternoons of
this week, Mrs. C H. Gordon gave ken
atagtoas. In anticipation of the ap
proaching Christmas season, the house
was adorned lavishly with holly, which
formed arches over the doors, was fas
tened to the balustrade with ribbons,
which matched the scarlet berries, and
was arranged in bouquets placed advan
tageously. A. luncheon was served each
afternoon. A feature of the Tuesday
party was a Christmas story told in a
captivating manner by Mrs. Caroline
Phillips. Superintendent and Mrs. Gor
don gave a dinner Monday evening.
Small tables were used for the repast.
Quests were Reverend and Mrs. F. I.
Wharton. Dean and Mrs. E. W. Davis,
Profs er and Mrs. W. G. I Taylor.
Prefssser and Mrs. W. I. Sheets, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Miller. Mrs. Warren J.
Ketfer, Mrs. Iwry of Chicago, and Dec
Phi Delta Theta gave a theatre party
Thursday evening.
Phi Gamma Delta will give a party
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hatch entertained
the !. M. H. last evening.
The University Club gave a dance at
Fraternity hall last night.
The Saturday night club will give a
dance next Saturday night.
The Pershing Rifles will give their an
nual hop next Friday evening.
Mrs. E. J. Burkett will give a one
o'clock luncheon next Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gerhart will en
tertain the V. V. club tonight-
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark entertained
"The Jokers" Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Foster entertained
the C D. F. clr.b last evening.
Phi Kappa PsI will give a dancing
party tonight at the chapter house.
The active members of Delta Gamma
sorority will enjoy a Christmas party at
the chapter house before separating for
the holiday vacation.
Kappa Sigma gave a smoker last night
at the chapter house. There were twenty
five members of the fraternity present
and ten guests.
- Mrs. F. M. Johnson has issued invita
tions for a luncheon to be given Mon
day, the twenty-second, in compliment
to Mrs. Spielman of Chicago.
Mrs. A. G. Beeson and her daughter
Katharine, who were in town to attend
the Burr-Meadows wedding, returned to
their home in Omaha yesterday.
Mrs. Phillip Campbell of Custer county,
who has been the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Milton Scott, for several weeks,
left for Hastings on Wednesday.
Mrs. Henry Gund entertained in a de
lightfully Informal manner last Saturday
In honor of Mrs. L. C. Pace of Montana.
About a dozen ladles were present.
Mr. Oscar Garelssen, the well known
and popular Omaha singer, who has
been heard here several times, will go to
New York the first of the year to reside
mmmmmmmmnmT CBismmmmmmmmmH
One of Lincoln's well-known matrons.
Mrs. C F. Harpham will entertain the
L. A. kenBlngton Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Boggs entertained
La Veta whist club Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Charles H. Sharp is the guest of
Mrs. John S. Finch, 1950 Euclid avenue.
A number of Kappa girls constituted a
box party at the Oliver Thursday even
ing. Mrs. D. E. Thompson will give a lunch
eon to Les Bohemlennes next Wednes
day. Mr. J. M. Guile is in Washington, D. C,
where he went as delegate from the anti
saloon league.
Mrs. Tobias Castor has gone to Cali
fornia for the winter, hoping that the
change will benefit her .health.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Curtice gave a
family dinner in honor of Miss Burr last
Sunday. Covers were laid for fifteen.
Mrs. J. M. Jaques will give a recep
tion next Thursday in honor of her sis
ter, Mrs. J. L. Parsons of Connecticut.
Mrs. S. C. Ballantlne, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Leon
ard, started for her home in Seattle yes
terday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mason Keefer
will give a reception next Friday evening
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles How
7 Delta Upsllon gave its fifth annual
banquet Tuesday evening at the chapter
house, 1437 S street. Cut flowers, ferns
and the fraternity colors were lavishly,
used in decorating. A nine-course din
ner was served. Previous to the dinner
new members were Initiated. The fol
lowing were the toasts: "Chapter
Policy," H. O. Rowlands. Colgate, '72;
"The Scarlet and the Cream," F. M.
Lipp, Nebraska, '03; "Our Chapter House
loe (jeaTi aid Dairy o. -
Manufacturers of the
Finest Quality of
Prompt delivery. Satisfaction guar
anteed. 133 So. 12th St Phone 90S.
An Elegant Line of
Crane's Papers
Phone 68.
127 South 11th St.
Accomplished in all the details of the art,
Takes care of Pianos steadily, and fur
nishes estimates on extensive repairs.
Refers to a discriminating clientele,
and desires especially the cultivation of
such a field.
Orders may be left with
or addressed
P. O. BOX 287. Lincoln. Neb.
Fur Garments
143 So. -Twelfth Street.
First National Bank
Capital J300.000.00
Surplus and Profits, . 118,319.41
Deposits 2,746.287.00
S. H. Burnham, , A. J. Sawyer,
President, Vice-President
H. 8. Freeman. Cashier.
H. B. Evans. Frank Parks.
Ass't Cashier. Ass't Cashier
The Dr. Benj.F-JBailey Sanatoriuip
Is not a hospital, not a hotel, bat a some. The buBdlng to situated on a sightly hill st Normal,
and to reached by the can of the LtBoaln street raflway,beng onlr 28 minutes ride from the besl
aess center of the city. It to thoroughly equipped and beautifully furnished. Every eleetrio
current useful in the treatment of the sick to need, and Ideal Turkish, Russian, and Medicated
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TM m. r. ally Mirlttaa, Lincoln, H
ard Artton.