The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 06, 1902, Page 5, Image 5

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Miss Anne Stuart snent the wmIt tn
Mrs. Carl Funke entertained T. nn.
hemlennes this week.
Miss Hayden gave the third -of her
studio teas this afternoon.
Mrs. A. Cornell entertained the Batten
burg club Thursday afternoon.
" Phi Delta Phi. the law fraternity, gave
a dance last night at Walsh hall.
Mrs. John B. "Wright has returned
from a six weeks visit in Chicago.
Mrs. C. W. Toevs will give a five
o'clock tea Wednesday the seventeenth.
Mrs. G. W. Rhpdes is entertaining Miss
Thompson of Santa Barbara. California.
The University club will elve a dance
lext Friday evening at Fraternity hall.
The Lincoln Light Infantry gave a
dance In Fraternity hall Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Boggs will enter
tain La Veta whist club Tuesday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mayer will en
tertain the Unity club Wednesday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Burr of New York
city are guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Mrs. A. M. Putnam is the guest of
Omaha friends and will remain over
Mrs. A. R. Mitchell Is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Morris Deutsch, in Horton,
Mr. and Mrs. Shular of New York are
over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Yates.
Mrs. William Hardivicke of Kansas
City is the guest of her mother, Mrs.
Mr. Frueauff, a society man of Denver,
was a guest at the Putnam party
Thursday night.
The W. T. M. will give a party at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Evans next
Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Geer are guests of
their daughter, Mrs. James Bruce
Mitchell, in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. I. V. Reasoner enter
tained the Dooleys last evening at their
home, 1100 C street.
Mr. Willard Yates has returned from
Cherry county, where he has been spend
ing some time on a ranch.
The young ladles of the L. M. H. will
entertain at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Hatch Friday evening.
"Chocolates' are now quite the rage
instead of "teas." and basket parties are
taking the place of kensingtons.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Seacrest enter
tained a few friends informally at din
ner last evening. Covers were laid for
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDonald gave a
luncheon Sunday evening for Mrs. Bal
lantine of California. Covers were laid
for ten.
Miss Etta Bates, who has been the
guest of Miss Mabel Hays for six weeks,
has returned to her home in Tacoma,
Miss Gladys Garoutte and Miss Flor
ence Parks h&ve sent out cards for a
dancing party at Walsh hall on Thurs
day evening, December eighteenth.
Miss Agnes Doyle and Miss Marie Mc
Donald of St. Joseph, two of Miss Burr's
bridesmaids, will arrive tomorrow and
will be guests of Mrs. Lewis Marshall.
3ir. ana jiih. t. . -n " .
tain the L, A. kenslngton members and
their husbands this evening at six-hand
euchre. A luncheon will be served after
the games.
The marriage of Miss Etta Foote of
this city to Mr. H. B. Sevier of Shreve
port, Louisiana, will be celebrated in
January at the home of the bride's par
ents In Greenville, Texas.
Mrs. Rollin Miles will arrive in Lin
coln the last of this month from her
home In Burlington, Vermont, and will
be the guest of her brother and his wife,
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Marshall.
Miss Jean Tuttle gave a children's
party on Wednesday in honor of Miss
Selma WIggenhorn of Ashland. The
guests were members of Kappa Alpha
Theta sorority.
Miss Cochrane entertained informally
yesterday afternoon in compliment to
Miss Hutchinson of Iowa City. Christ
mas sewing and gay chatter interested
the guests. A 'delicious luncheon was
A number of ladies are organizing a
card club to meet regularly in the aft
ernoons at the commercial club. Six
handed euchre will be played and the
commercial club chef will furnish re
freshments. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Foster gave a din
ner Wednesday evening in honor of
their guest, Mrs. Carney of Victor, Colo
rado. The decorations were pink roses.
, pink candles and pink shades. Covers
were laid for fourteen.
The marriage of Miss Maude Ervin to
Mr. Charles H. Ashton will be celebrat
ed next Wednesday evening at eight
o'clock at the residence of the bride's
mother. None but relatives and a few
immediate friends will attend.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Garoutte enter
tained the J. O. C. club Monday even
ing. Guests Desldes club members were
Messieurs and Mesdames J. L. Kellogg,
Paul Clark, O. M. Stonebraker, C. F.
Harpham, Park Garoutte and Miss Bes
sie Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wilson gave a
dinner to twenty guests Tuesday even
ing. The dining table was adorned with
American beauties In tall cut-glass vases
and lighted with white candles In silver
candelabra. The smaller tables used
had for centrepieces baskets of Ameri
can beauties.
Miss McClure, who has been the guest
of her sister, Mrs. W. F. Kelley, for six
weeks, has gone to her home in Mt.
Pleasant, Iowa. If the weather at
Christmas time will permit. Miss Mc
Clure. with her father and mother, will
return to spend the holidays with Mr.
and Mrs. Kelley.
Reverend F. S. Stein entertained the
Round Table Monday evening.
The Century club will meet Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. M. H. Garten.
Mrs. Howard Burns entertained, the :
Taka art club Wednesday afternoon.
The Athenea club met yesterday with
Mrs. H. H. Harley. Mrs.- A. R. Talbot
talked of St. Petersburg.
Mr. J. L. Teeters entertained the Lay
men's club Tuesday evening. Doctor P.
L. Hall talked on "The Anthracite Coal
Chapter K of P. E. O. met Monday
evening with Mrs. Jennie Hager. Mrs.
Russell was the leader, with "Home
Making as a Social Art" for her subject.
The Des Moines Woman's club is to
have a new club house. The stock com
pany plan of raising the money will be
followed, and the shares will be fixed
at twenty-flve dollars each.
The Alexandra club, the only exclu
sively woman's club In Ireland, Is in a
flourishIng"cond!tlon. A third house will
shortly be added to the two already oc
cupied, the membership having so In
creased that the twenty-nine bedrooms
which the club will soon have at Its dis
posal are sorely needed.
The book club held its annual sale of
books at the home of Mrs. C. G. Crit
tenden this morning. Each year this
sale of books which have been read dur
ing the year occurs, the book3 going to
the highest bidders, then the purchasing
committee Invests in a new supply for
the use of the club the coming year.
3r &
The W. R. P. C. club met with Mrs.
Crulkshank. 420 South Fourteenth
MISS MINNIE F. BECKER, of Columbus. Neb.
Secretary of the Nebraska Federation of Woman's clubs.
street, on Wednesday. Roll-call was re
sponded to by quotations from Edgar
Allen Poe, and Mrs. Karges gave a bio
graphical sketch of tnis poet. A bio
graphical sketch of Lafayette was given
by Mrs. Kempton, tho history lesson was
conducted by Mrs. Huzlnger.
W f& TP
The meeting of tho Woman's club
Monday afternoon will be in charge of
the art department. There will be an
exhibit of pictures, baskets, pyrography,
ceramics, wood carving, and bo forth,
nil done by members of the club. Mrs.
E. Lewis Baker will sing "Ella Stella
Consldente," by Robaudl. with flute ob
ligato by Mr. Baker. Miss Josephine
Poynter will recite "The Red Fan," with
musical accompaniment.
Woman's rights before the law Is a
subject which has been widely discussed
before the various clubs of late. A
prominent attorney, speaking recently
before the Irving Park Sorosls, among
other things said: "You women have
carried the day so far in everything you
have attempted to do. and you can have
anything you want in the way of legis
lation. You can have the ballot, too. If
you want it and ask for it."
It has been decided by the Interna
tional Council of Women for Christian
and Patriotic Sen-ice that it will take
action as a body in opposing the election
of Reed Smoot, the senatorial nominee
from Utah. The members of the Inter
national Council give It as their opinion
that, whether personally Mr. Smoot Is or
Is not a polygamlst, the seating of any
member of the Mormon Church In the
United States senate would be Inadvis
able. The Lotos club met on Thursday with
Mrs. W. B. Ogden. Mrs. Ogden led In
the discussion of the servant question.
The discussion was a very interesting
one and was participated In by nearly
all who were present, but the ladles say
that the servant problem Is still an open
question. Besides club members those
present were Mrs. F. D. Levering. Miss
Ronndy. and Mrs. Thompson of Califor
nia. The annua! banquet of the club
will be given February the eighth.
The home department of the Woman's
club met Thursday afternoon. Miss
Bouton talked on domestic science re
lating to the home. Cleanliness, order,
economy, were the subdivisions of the
subject. Miss Bouton spoke of the work
being accomplished by the domestic sci
ence department at the university. The
students of that department are giving
Instructions in the Central and Belmont
schools and have under their Instruction
one hundred and fifty children. At the
next meeting of the department Mrs. W.
H. Bognall will talk on "Adulteration
of Foods."
Sorosls met with Mrs. A. R. Hill, Tues
day afternoon. The hostess was also
the leader and gave a delightful ex
position of "Scottish Music" A his
torical sketch was followed by the char
acteristics of Scottish music and song.
Then Scottish psalmody and dance
music were taken up. Gaelic music was
spoken of as the music of the Highlands
to distinguish it from that of the Low
lands. Instrumental illustrations of the
characteristics were given by the leader,
and vocal Illustrations by Miss Wilson,
who sang with expression, "Bonnie
Dcon." "Gala Water." "Farewell to
Lochaber," "Wearln Awa uenn" and
"The Flowers o the Forest." The fact
that the leader was Scotch added much
to the Interest of the program. Scotch
short bread and tea were served In ac
cordance with tho national custom.
The executive board of the General
Federation of Women's Clubs met last
week in Washington for several days
session. Mrs. Dlmies T. S. Denison pre
sided, and all of the fifteen members of
the board were present. The principal
business consisted of arrangements for
the next biennial convention, and the
selection of the convention city. Invita
tions having come from St. Louis, Min
neapolis, St. Paul. Chicago, and New
York. It was decided that the biennial
convention of 1904 should be held In New
convention of 1304 should be held In St.
Louis. Mrs. Anna D. West of Massa
chusetts was made chairman of the pro
gram committee for the next biennial,
and Mrs. Noyes of Milwaukee, chair
man of the biennial committee. The
membership committee was appointed
by the executive committee prior to the
meeting and is as follows: Chairman.
Mrs. Emma M. Van Vechten. Cedar
Rapids, Iowa: Hrs. Draper Smith. Oma-