The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 25, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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The Courier
Published Every Saturday
Entared In the Postofflce at Lincoln u second
clasa matter.
Tit?TPiinKilBn8lnMs0Oe0 21
"LEPH0NE Edltcilal Rooms 80
Per annum, In advance, 1L00
Single Copy, .06
M. B. Lowrie. S. R. Reese. H. B. Sar
son. Miss Anna Bishop and Miss Hen
rietta Reese, all of Omaha.
Mrs. Hildeman, recent, of Ord. and
Doctor Minerva Newbecker.
ft &
The patrons' association of the Cap
itol school held the first meeting of the
year Thursday afternoon. There were
about seventy-five ladies present to
listen to the thoughtful. Intelligent talk
of Doctor Katherlne B. Wolf upon
"The First Five Years of a Child's
Life." At the next meeting Mr. Fow
ler, state superintendent of public In
struction, will speak upon "The 'Essen-'
tials in a Public School Education."
TTie work laid out for the remainder
of the year is as follows:
November fifteenth Mr. Fowler.
"Foods for the Growing Child," Miss
Rosa Bouton. ''The Very Little Chil
dren," Mrs. C. F. Ladd. "What and
How Much Should Our Children
Read." Mrs. T. C. Munjcer: and "What
is the Ideal Mother's Love," by Mrs.
C. H. Elmendorf. "The Period of Ado
lescence," Mrs. Inland Wheeler. "Man
ual Training," by Dean Ellery Davis.
"Music in Our Schools," by Professor
Sheetz. The patrons of the Capital
school have derived much benefit from
these meetings, and It is to be hoped
that soon every school in the city will
have a like organization where the
forces of home and school may meet
not for criticism, but for mutual bene
fit: &
Mrs. F. M. Hall, president of the
Woman's club, will be at home to all
members of the club Monday after
noon. The members whose names be
gin with any letter of the alphabet
from A to M inclusive, are requested
to go to the reception between the
hours of three and four o'clock, those
whose initial letter comes from N to
Z Inclusive will be expected between
the hours of four and five o'clock".
Mrs. Hall's preparations for this re
ception are on an elaborate plan. The
decorations will be exceptionally beau
tiful, and a distinct color scheme will
be carried out in each room, both up
stairs and down. A most effective p'.an
has been devised for the dining room
and it will be literally a bower of
verdure and bloom. Mrs. Hall hopes
to greet all members of the club for
the eeason of 1902-03 during the after
noon. The Lotos club met Thursday after
noon with the president, Mrs. C. E.
Bessey. Professor W. G. L. Taylor,
who returned a few weeks ago from a
European trip, talked of foods used In
France and Germany. He spoke of the
good quality of vegetables in France
and of the' skill with which they are
prepared, a delicious dressing being
generally used on them. Mr. Taylor's '
landlady went out one day and bought
one tomato, and by using a dressing
for it, she made it serve a family of
six persons. Fish is used extensively
in France, often with a saffron dres
sing. Horse meat is used In France, and
when served at hotels Is frankly an
nounced as such on the bills of fare.
Mr. TayIor paid it a negative compli
ment by saying It was .not so very
More meat is used In Germany than,
in France, and beer is used instead of
A social hour club for the young
ladies of the Lincoln academy, is be
ing planned by Mrs. T. M. Hodgman.
The club will meet every two weeks at
Mrs. Hodgman's home. 700 North Six
teenth street. Talks will be given by
prominent women of the city on dress,
manners, health, nmuEements, and
other practical topics.
At the next regular meetins of the
Matinee Muslcale, which will occur
November tenth, a plana and song re
cital will be given by Mrs. Wl'l Owen
Jones and Mrs. Mark Wood?. The
names of these two ladles on a pro
gram insures a delightful concert.
a- &
At n.French theatre one evening dur
ing the performance of a play by Sou
met, a spectator was observed to be
slumbering. "Look." said Dumas to the
author, who was sitting near him. "you
see the effect produced by your trag
edy!" Next evening at the same theatre
It happened that the play was one of
Dumas' own. and It happened also
that a gentleman In the stalls was
overpowered by sleened. Soumet. being
present, noticed this, and with infinite
satisfaction, tapping Dumas on the
shoulder and pointing to the offender,
he said. "Please notice, my dear Du
mas, that your plays can send people
to sleep as well as mine." "Not at all,"
was the ready answer: "that's our
friend of yesterday: he has not waked
up yet!"
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A Newcastle man, who seldom at
tends church, was persuaded to hear a
cermon and was much impressed. "You
ure never "too old to learn." he re
marked confidentially to a friend. "Now
I always thought Sodom and Gomor
rah were husband and wife, and I find
they were nothing but two cities."
American Weekly.
With a stupendous triumph in New
York to his credit, Mr. Tynan In his
portrayal of "Robert Emmet," In the
play of that name, will tour the country.
akes short reads.
aa ' jLnd light loads.
Wood for everything
that runs on wheels.
Sld Everywhere.
Lincoln's Progressive Store
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Parents miss oppor-
A "viv i. uniiu l" viumjvii. tumties to save as
wen as miss oest styies wnen iney neglect to iook tnrougn tnis stocK oi
rtfr&W Irl
Children's JacKets and Full Length Coats
SkK EtiB J4-50
57 TME.r tmSm .flpSEfefe.
mmmmtws. S5.00 ? HHvlKx
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& iljflliaw MmKQ&sL iMMifa JMHHHHHHI p
TflJ HBMH MBf IHHV $6.50
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.-' 245 ? SSBs91-3bIB9 rBT
M 209 " BP
s 17.50 mk m mg
LHbb Wbf
BV -
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m-'.' "
Jaunty JacKets for the Little Folks
57 Child's box jacket, made of beaver cloth, high
collar, 4 buttons, braid trimmed, colors blue,
red, and castor. Sizes 6 to 12 years $3 95
73 Child's Monte Carlo coat, made of all wool
kersey, tailor stitched, 6 fancy pearl but
tons, colors navy and castor. Sizes 6 to 12
.years 5 00
81 Child's box coat, made of beaver cloth, cape
collar, trimmed with fancy braid in scroll
effect, colors brown, castor, navy, and red.
Sizes 6 to 12 years 4 50
121 Child's long cloak, made of beaver cloth, 2
shoulder capes, cuffs, tailor stitched and vel
vet piped, 6 buttons, colors castor and navy.
Sizes6 tol2years $6 50
209 Child's long cloak, made of kersey, sailor col
lar and turn-back cuffs, trimmed with fancy
braid and fancy stitching, colors red, castor,
andnavy. Sizes 6 to 12 years.. 7 50
245 Child's long cloak, made of beaver cloth,
pointed V-shape cape collar, tailor stitched,
colors navy blue, red, and castor. Sizes 6
to 12 years 5 95
ll 'I